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Anime News Service – March 1-8 Anime News

3-8-01—- Big O Official

Excerpted from the press release:

There’s A New Giant Robot On The Block BIG O Joins Toonami Line-up on Cartoon Network on April 2

Cartoon Network will premiere BIG O (TV-Y7/FV) on Monday, April 2 at 5:30 p.m. (ET, PST) as part of the Toonami action-adventure programming block. This marks the first time that the Japanese animated series will appear on American television. BIG O will replace Outlaw Star in the Toonami line-up. BIG O takes place 40 years after a mysterious occurrence known only as “The Event” has destroyed Paradigm City and erased the memories of its citizens. Although Paradigm City has since recovered, it maintains an austere existence under police rule and its citizens are forever questioning what happened to them 40 years ago. Roger Smith, also known as The Negotiator, travels through Paradigm City’s bleak urban landscape, rubbing elbows with both shady criminals and captains of industry. He solves problems on behalf of his clients, while he struggles with his own mysterious past. In his quest to safeguard Paradigm City, the Negotiator is assisted by Norman, his loyal butler, Dorothy, an android companion and BIG O, a towering robot.

Toonami, Cartoon Network’s popular afternoon action-adventure programming block airs weekdays 4-7p.m. (ET, PT) and features programs like Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, Gundam Wing, Tenchi Muyo!, Outlaw Star and Ronin Warriors. Intermittently throughout the three-hour programming block, Toonami features popular music, computer generated 3-D animation segments and the block’s host, TOM, an animated character who inhabits the space vessel Absolution.

3-8-01—- Irwin Toy Bought Out

Irwin Toy, license holder for Dragonball Z action figures, announced Tuesday, March 6 that it had been acquired by Livgroup Investments Ltd., a private holding company. Livgroup bought 100% of Irwin stock, for which they paid $6.25 per share, for a total of nearly $55 million, a figure which includes the debt they assumed from Irwin. This announcement comes nearly a week after rumors that Irwin was in negotiations to sell. There was speculation that one of hte major US toy companies, such as Hasbor or Mattel, was the potential buyer; however, Livgroup Investments, owned by investor Richard Ivey and consumer products specialist Jean-René Halde, turned out to be the buyer. Mr. Halde, who has experience in consumer products companies throughout Canada, will step in as new CEO.

“What I like is that they’ve gone from, 10 years ago, basically being a distributor of products in Canada to today being a manufacturer of exclusive products which seem to be doing well in the U.S. and other countries,” Mr. Halde said.


3-8-01—- X Suspended In Animerica Extra

From the Viz release:

The serialization of X/1999 has been suspended in the manga anthology Animerica Extra starting in Volume 4, Number 5. We apologize for the suspension, especially during a crucial point in the plot, but we must adhere to the terms in our contract for publishing X/1999. Our licensing department is working to bring the title back to Animerica Extra for Volume, 4, Number 9 and to be sure that this type of problem can be prevented in the future.

3-8-01—- DBZ Manga Uncut Update

According to Viz via Planet Namek:

AND NOW…A SHOCKING MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR! As most of you know, back in Dragon Ball Part 3 #3, we announced that due to parental complaints the Dragon Ball manga was going to be “edited” for content. Soon after that, we got hundreds of letters and e-mails begging us not to censor the manga. An online petition to bring back uncensored Dragon Ball was set up by Julian Grybowski, and soon got more than 10, 000 signatures. We listened to your suggestions, and now we are proud to announce:


After much consideration, we’ve decided that this is the best way to do it. Many of you suggested this (too many to thank you all individually), and you can see the label on this comic and on Dragon Ball Vol. 4 which came out in February. Also, we will soon be reprinting Dragon Ball Vol. 1-3 and re-inserting the material which was censored in the graphic novel version. You can tell which is the uncensored version because it’ll have the “13 and Up” label in the lower right corner. The censored graphic novels will not be reprinted and will soon be unavailable.

Because of this label, you might not be able to find Dragon Ball graphic novels at certain large chain stores. (You should still be able to find Dragon Ball Z.) However, we at Viz have decided that this trade-off is worth it-it’s better to keep Toriyama’s spirit intact. Our thanks go out to all the fans who signed the petition and wrote us intelligent letters saying what you think-it’s because of you and all the other Dragon Ball readers that this happened.

3-8-01—- Financial Stance Of Tokuma

According to Anime News Network:

Speaking with Nippon Keizai Shimbun (“Japan Economic Newswire”) in an interview published on March 8th, Matsushita Takeyoshi, the new president of Tokuma, announced the sale of several divisions in order to cut the company’s 100 billion yen (US$840 million)debt, which includes a 5 billion yen operating deficit for the 1999 fiscal year. He said that it should take the company 4-5 years to pay off its debt.

Tokuma has already sold its Direct TV assets, as well as cut back its operation in BS and CATV. Their movie division, Daiei will also suspend all major production for a while.

On the other hand, Tokuma is launching 3 new magazines geared towards female students and middle aged people. And most importantly to Anime fans, Tokuma will not be selling Studio Ghibli. It is expected that Ghibli will turn a profit with Miyazaki’s latest film, Sen to Chihiro.

3-8-01—- Sen To Chihiro Image Album

A post to the mailing list mentions the image Album of Studio Ghibli’s latest film, “Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi” will be released on April 4, 2001. The cover can be viewed here.


TKCA-72100, 3000 yen (incl. tax)
The first press comes with: Super Picture Label. Sleeve case.
Tokuma Japan Communications.
1. Ano hi no Kawa he (To the River of That Day), music by Hisaishi, song by Uumi
2. Yoru ga Kuru (The Night is Coming), music by Hisaishi
3. Kamigami-sama (Gods), lyrics by Miyazaki, music by Hisaishi, song by Shizuru Ootaka
4. Yuya, lyrics by Miyazaki, music by Hisaishi, song by Tsunehiko Kamijo (voice of Gonza in Mononoke and Mama Aiuto Boss in Porco Rosso)
5. Fusigi no Kuni no Jyuunin (People in the Wonderland), music by Hisaishi
6. Samishii, Samishii (I’m lonely, lonely), Lyrics by Miyazaki, music by Hisaishi, song by Monsieur Kamayatsu.
7. Solitude, music by Hisaishi
8. Umi (Sea), Music by Hisaishi
9. Shiroi Ryu (White Dragon), Lyrics by Miyazaki, music by Hisaishi, Song by RIKKI
10. Chihiro no Warutsu (Waltz of Chihiro), music by Hisaishi.

3-8-01—- Ghost In The Shell Figures Updates is reporting on Toycom’s highly popular Ghost In The Shell 12″ Action Figures with a inventory almost entirely sold out.

Quantities On-Hand is as follows:

Y27002 Camouflage Version – 456 Left (38 Case’s)

Y27003 Black Suit – 480 Left (40 Case’s).

Both come with loads of articulation and accessories. SRP of $24.99 each.

3-8-01—- Animate USA Website

Animate USA has launched their American web site at

ANIMATE USA’s online-shop is now open for business! Please come by and check out our initial offerings of everything from Cowboy Bebop, Trigun (including Vash’s glasses and gloves!), Love Hina and WeiB Kreuz, among many others! Check back often as we will be adding new items every week!

3-8-01—- ADV Updates

ADV Films has updated on the web with word that their Gasaraki website has added an exclusive interview with a mechanical designers of the TA suits, Mr. Yutaka Izubuchi. Volumes 4 and 5 are pushed back until further notice.

Sailor Moon: Green Eyed Monsters plus And in this corner, Sailor Venus have been delayed to May 1st. The company will be adding in special collectors items into those upcoming chapters in the series.

3-8-01—- Avalon Headed To U.S.

Thanks to Daniel for the following:

According to AICN, Miramax has picked up Avalon for North American distribution later this year. There’s no word on whether it will be dubbed or subbed, but Harry can be seen defending the need for a sub.

3-8-01—- DBZ Cast At AKon

Planet Namek is reporting FUNimation’s American DBZ voice actors will appear at this year’s Project A-Kon convention.

3-8-01—- Rhino Anime Releases

Kidscreen Magazine has revealed that Rhino Video will begin releasing the classic Inhumanoids, Visionaries, Robotix, and Battle of the Planets in June.

3-8-01—- New Anime Series

Chance – Triangle Session Three girls, who don’t concern one another, aim at to become singers.

Galaxy Angel (Sky PerfecTV, Apr.7) This is aired on Sky PerfecTV

Comic Party: The Dreamcast game of the same name spun off this anime. However, Sega decided to stop the production of Dreamcast.

Shin Shirayuki-Hime Densetsu – Preetia (The Legend of New Snow White – Preetia) Himeno saves the world from “disaster” with seven knights

Source: Anihabara

3-8-01—- New DVD Releases

Anime On DVD is reporting via listing by The Right Stuf, Project A-ko Vs 1/2: Uncivil Wars on 6/12 for 29.99$ with a running time of 104 minutes. Pokemon Vol. #42 and Vol. #43 on 5/29 for 24.95$, Fushigi Yugi OVA box set on 5/29 for 74.95$ with a running time of 295 minutes, Fencer of Minerva on 6/12 for 29.99$ and a running time of 135 minutes, and the Bastard DVD Limited Edition with Action Figure is due out on 6/5 with a running time of 180 minutes for 49.95$. The DVD sans figure is 29.99$.

TRSI has mentioned the dub VHS version of Nadia Vol. #1 is due on 6/19.The DVD release is still some ways off.

Kishin Corps/Geo-Armor has been delayed to 5/22 and Pure Love has bee pushed back to 6/12.

3-8-01—- El Hazard RPG

RPG makers, Guardians Of Order has announced it will be reproducing a RPG based on El Hazard. In association with Pioneer Entertainment (USA) Inc., it was announced today that it will release the EL-HAZARD ROLE-PLAYING GAME AND RESOURCE BOOK in July 2001.

3-8-01—- Akira Site Open For Business

The official Pioneer website is up and running now.

3-8-01—- Sakura Con Announcement

From the official release:

Sakura Con is pleased to announce as our First Japanese Guest of Honor AIC (Anime International Company) Creator/Director, Hiroki Hayashi.

Mr. Hayashi started in the animation industry as an animator for classic titles such as Thundercats and Silverhawks, then later moved on to direct anime classics including Bubblegum Crisis OAV 4, Gall Force 2, Sol Bianca 1 and 2 (which he was also the creator of). Mr. Hayashi’s real break came when he worked with Mr. Masaki Kajishima as co-creator and director on Tenchi Muyo for Pioneer LDC Japan. Mr. Hayashi also provided lead direction for a show which he worked on before in a slightly different incarnation, Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040. Since the success of Tenchi Muyo, Mr. Hayashi has continued to create great titles such as El Hazard: the Magnificent World, Battle Athletes and Black Heaven. Accompanying Mr. Hiroki Hayashi to Sakura Con will be the CG (Computer Graphics) Director for his new project, Magical Witchland, Mr. Mitsutaka Iguchi.

Sakura Con welcomes Returning Guest Doug Smith to Sakura Con 2001 for a second year. Doug’s claim to fame was providing the voice of Kintaro Oe for Goldenboy. But long before Doug discovered voice acting was really his “thing”, he was a graphic designer for A.D.V. – this meant he worked on those pretty video tape box covers. After voicing Kintaro, Doug soon found himself voicing minor roles in numerous A.D.V titles such as Bubblegum Crisis 2040, Evangelion, Sorcerer Hunters, Slayers: The Motion Picture and Gamera.

After leaving A.D.V., Doug was spotted doing freelance graphic design work. Most recently however, Doug was “adopted” into the Studio Ironcat family where his artwork can be seen on the covers of Ironcat titles including the Futaba-kun Change graphic novel.

And as always, Doug is still looking forward to his next voice acting role.

Also, be sure to check out our new bulletin board at:

Sakura Con
April 27-April 29, 2001
Everett Holiday Inn and Convention Center
Everett, WA

3-8-01—- Big Apple Anime Fest Information

From the official announcement:

Big Apple Anime Fest to Rock NYC Halloween Weekend!

NEW YORK, NY – March 6, 2001 – The Big Apple Anime Fest, a weekend of anime manga culture and fun, is scheduled to launch on Friday, October 26, 2001, and continue until Sunday, October 28, at New York City’s Directors Guild Theater and the Japan Society, among other venues to be announced.

Organized by an open consortium of industry participants, the Big Apple Anime Fest will combine film festival screenings and awards with traditional fan convention favorites such as screening rooms, guest of honor autograph sessions, creative panels and a costume masquerade. “We have the backing of many of the companies involved in the anime and manga industry” said Justin Sevakis, BAAF’s Manager of Fan Relations.

The current guest list includes Sailor Moon and Utena director, Kunihiko Ikuhara, Ghost in the Shell producer Mitsuhisa Ishikawa, famed manga artist Toshio Maeda (Legend of the Overfiend), and La Blue Girl producer, Tetsuya Ikeda. “Mr. Ikuhara will visit New York in late April to begin publicity activities on behalf of BAAF,” Sevakis added.

Organizations already supporting BAAF include, Atman Co., Bandai, Be-Papas, Binary Media Works, BitMedia, Central Park Media Corp., Cinemagnetics Video and Film Laboratories, Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, HoriPro, Japan Society, Mediacopy, Production I.G., The Media Coalition, Tri-Plex, Inc., Studio Go! and Studio Toshio. Many more are expected to finalize their participation over the next several months, as more details are made available.

Final program details and registration information will be finalized in early summer. Advertising and promotion to the fan community will begin around Labor Day.

Current information may be obtained from the BAAF website:, which will be updated as new details are finalized.

For further information, contact:

3-7-01—- Gundam Formula 91 Japanese DVD Release Details

A few months shy of the 10th year anniversary of the original VHS/LD release of Studio Sunrise’s Gundam F91, the theatrical feature is now headed to DVD for the first time ever in Japan. The DVD reportedly utilizes a new film print, and will be released as a two version set (theater open edition (115 minutes) and complete edition (120 minutes)). The DVD is due March 25th of 2001, audio is Dolby Digital, each disc is single sided – 2 layer, vista Size, retail is 6,000 Yen. Original jacket illustration is provided by the film’s mecha designer, Japanese subs are included, and an 8 page color booklet will make into the the limited version along with theater trailers, promotional footage and TV commercials.

3-7-01—- First Annual Akars

From the press release:


LOS ANGELES, CA- Akadot ( is holding their first annual Akars this month. Akars echoes the Academy Awards by honoring the best of last year’s US-released anime. Akadot appeals to the fan community and mainstream anime watchers alike to vote or write in favorites for 2000. Votes will be accepted until noon(PST) of March 23. To vote for your favorites please go to

3-7-01—- DVD Updates

Anime On DVD is reporting it has received the new release info from Media Blasters which indicates the second Magic Knights Rayearth Box packaging may be similar to the Japanese DVDs boxes for Card Captor Sakura and Mamotte Shugogotten. The boxes are reportedly nice and fairly thick that have the opening that “falls out” forward.

The latest Image Entertainment update lists Crest of the Stars Vol. #1 with a 5/15 street date, Outlaw Star Collection 3 has moved back to 4/3. Rurouni Kenshin Vol. #5 and Sailor Victory have both slid to a 3/13 release. Generator Gawl Vol. #3 is now listed for a 3/27 street release.

Arc the Lad is scheduled for released on dubbed VHS, and bilingual DVD on 4/17. Cross promotion with the video game is a possibility. Lost Universe: Volume 6 (five episodes) is out on 4/10. Martian Successor Nadesico: Paradigm Shifts and Neon Genesis Evangelion Collection 0:6 will be release 4/17.

Bubblegum Crisis 2040 Vol. #5 (of 6) with 5 episodes has been slated for release by ADV on 5/15.

3-6-01—- Studio Proteus FAQ Update

Manga translators, Studio Proteus, have updated their online FAQ here.

3-6-01—- Adachi Mitsuru Celebration

Mitsuru Adachi, the name behind so many legendary titles like “H2”, “Touch” and “Miyuki”, celebrates his 30th year in the Japanese manga industry this year. In commemoration of this occasion…

“Time Capsule” Special Limited Edition Boxset

Adachi will be releasing limited edition boxsets, with consists of “Season’s Album” & “Love Letter” artbooks (featuring illustrations of Adachi’s creations), “A’s Scrap Book” (featuring everything Adachi related as well as concept arts and character continuum section) and a lithograph of “Touch”. In a nutshell, 529 pages worth of wholesome Adachi goodness and an ultra special lithograph for a mere ¥28,800, but orders are limited to ONLY 3,333 sets O_O;; Hurry up and pre-order at the Websunday site NOW!

“Adachi Mitsuru no Sekai” Art Exhibition

Also, an art exhibition, featuring Adachi’s collection of original sketches and illustrations accumulated during his 30 years as an manga artist, will be held from April 18th till May 6th at the Odakyu Museum located at Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Source: Anime Dream

3-6-01—- Amano’s World Updates

From the Amano’s World release:

There is some really exciting stuff ahead on the Amanosworld site. We’re working on a Weekly Amano that will feature some work that Amano has done recently for a film. Amano also recently introduced a new character in the Weekly Amano section. It is a funny little caricature that seems to resemble Amano, but with somewhat different proportions.

We have recently decided to reduce the number of items in our store so that we can concentrate on bringing in some new items. In the future, the store will consist entirely of items available nowhere else. We’re really excited about the new stuff we’re working on bringing to the store. But before we remove the items, we wanted to let you know so that if you were thinking about getting any of the items, you will still have time to place your order.

The items that will no longer be sold through the Amanosworld Store are: “POEMS” art book “Vampire Hunter D” art book “Marchen” fairy tale art book and “Biten” art book

All of these items will be available until March 18.

3-6-01—- DBZ News

Source: DBZ Kingdom

From The press release: Allaire Corporation, a leading provider of software for companies building their business on the Web, today announced that Allaire ColdFusion has been implemented to power the highly-interactive game site, Score’s Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game site leverages the advanced multimedia design environment of Macromedia Flash powered by a combination of the Macromedia Generator and Allaire ColdFusion application servers to provide a dynamic, highly interactive animated site that allows visitors an entertaining way to learn more about Score’s popular Dragon Ball Z card game. The highly popular Dragon Ball Z Web site ( also currently utilizes both Allaire and Macromedia products to deliver a highly dynamic and rich Web site. Irwin and FUNimation are developing new original DBZ figures and vehicles. You can get a sneak peek at these new toys that will be heading to the U.S. market in the future here. Not only are the 5″ figures more lifelike than ever, in addition Irwin plans to release awesome new vehicles scaled to the action figures. Irwin plans to include impressive never before seen Capsule Corp. Die Cast Vehicles with 1″ Figures, a Trunks Time Capsule with exclusive Trunks 5″ Figure, Striking Z Fighters, Secret SaiyanWarriors, 12″ Action Figures featuring new characters, Special 9″ Collectors Figures, Model Kits and new Deluxe Series Figures with Kamehameha blasts.

3-6-01—- FFX Single Info

Square has announced more info on the upcoming single CD featuring FFX’s theme song performed by Okinawa singer RIKKI, the coupling track will be a previous FF series theme, open to vote on Square’s Playonline website. The mid-term results of the voting is as follows- 1st place: “Theme of Aerith” (FFVII, 634 votes), 2nd place: “Battle at Big Bridge” (FFV, 149 votes), 3rd place: “Aria Di Mezzo Carattere” (FFVI, 137 votes).

3-6-01—- Hiroshi Interview has just posted a new interview with Hiroshi Aro of Studio Ironcat. His works include Futaba-kun Change, you can view it here.

3-6-01—- Crouching Tiger Graphic Novel

Comics Continuum reports Image Comics publisher Jim Valentino has announced American comics Image has secured the rights from Sony for a comic book adapting Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. The movie will be adapted into a graphic novel timed to coincide with the October DVD release. Creators have yet to be finalized, according to Image marketing director Anthony Bozzi, but they will be coming from Art Asylum’s staff. Art Asylum’s Digger said that there will be 4-5 toys, and a piece of the graphic novel will accompany each. “We don’t want it to be a straight adaptation, but it will be very pretty to read,” Digger said. “It will have a lot of sword play and will be very passionate.”

3-6-01—- New Slam Dunk Update

Anime News Network has confirmed with Japanese sources that new release of Slam Dunk, out March 19th are not Slam Dunk 2, they are new collections of the previous material with minor edits and higher production quality used in the paper and binding.

3-6-01—- Sailor Moon S Movie On Cartoon Network is listing April 13, for the American commercial cable premiere of the second Sailor Moon Movie directed by Kunihiko Ikuhara, “Sailor Moon S: Hearts in Ice”. Look for it tentatively on that date in the 5:00 – 6:30 PM EST/PST timeslot.

3-6-01—- Art Of Gundam Wing

Diamond Comics mentions Viz will be release the 96 page The Art of Gundam Wing, it will retail at $19.95. The book will feature Wing art from Sunrise, including full-color and pencil renderings of characters, and mecha.

3-6-01—- Love Hina Special

Anihabara is reporting a Love Hina special will be aired in Japan on April 1st.

3-6-01—- Gundam Tour

Kidscreen is running a new article on the Bandai “Gundam Tour” which will tour the US. The Gundam Tour will take place in a 52-foot “Mobile Invasion” truck. The truck’s decorum is similar to that of a Space Station Mobile Suit Factory. Monitors along the walls and at kiosks will play clips of Gundam episodes and battle scenes, while visitors may browse information about both Gundam Timelines. Playstation 2’s equipped with Gundam games will be available to play outside the “Factory”. Bill Beebe, Bandai’s senior VP of Sales and Marketting, claims that model kit seminars are arguably the most attractive feature of the Tour. With the expectation of high model kit sales, Bandai is also planning a Gundam “earn your rank” promo. According to Beebe, there are 23 medals to collect, each with a rank and skill level for each type of Gundam model completed. “You spend a week putting one of these models together,” he says, “and now you have a pin showing you have achieved that rank… like Boy Scout badges.” Although no dates or locations have been made public on, this article mentions the Tour will stop at “extreme games events, anime expos, and Comicons”. Expect to see it in 25 markets from March through September at TRU and Wal-Mart stores.

Source: Anime News Network

3-6-01—- Newtype Online Update

Newtype Online has updated with the latest March issue. Argentosoma is profiled with illustrations from mecha designer Kimitoshi Yamane, new images from For the Barrel are included, and a Cowboy Bebop movie feature on set designer Shiho Takeuchi and mecha designer Kimitoshi Yamane is posted.

3-5-01—- Cowboy Bebop Movie News

According to UMJAMS Anime News:

The new logo for the Cowboy Bebop: Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door can be seen online here The logo is designed by the Mach 55 Go design team, who is responsible for the very memorable cover of Memories (here) as well as Spriggan, and Big O

From Cowboy, translated using

The designer who produces is paragraph 55 of Mach by which all the jacket designs like the television series etc. of (*bibapp*) are handled of course. [It] finishes. It is scheduled to complete the visual images united from this design for the future. Croton who sets this original volume illustration which Mr. Kawamoto handles together with this logo, becomes poster, and overflows in Japan. It is the enjoyment that such a day comes now. [It] asked paragraph 55 of Mach of just the completion of the logo as the extra chapter for the questionnaire with such (*wake*) this time. Here is essential. The logo answers whether completed it in what process no lock the presentiment of the content of this volume.

Title logo of ‘Door in COWBOY BEBOP heaven’finally decided. Let’s introduce it here because Mr. Uesugi in paragraph 55 of Mach who produced this title logo answered the questionnaire because [it] became an announcement with COWBOYBEBOP.COM in advance of each medium at this time.

Q:The subtitle of the movie : about ‘Door in the heaven’
A:The kiss, AEROSMITH, and the queen, etc. including Stones came, and the following thought how [it] went out and were unexpected with ???? and Bob Dylan. Though seem It is ???? “Gans in the younger generation than the supervisor and I”.
Q: What order existed from the south producer and supervisor Watanabe though it was a logo of ‘Door in the heaven’
A: It was said, ‘[It] wanted fat and dirty feeling’from south PD by ‘[It] did not install with Mali Chin in the double column setting but developing by “COWBOY BEBOP” and one line was ? there was power according to a wide screen of the movie’and supervisor Watanabe.
Q: I wonder whether the order is received, and [it] was produced by [it] in what image then.
A: It is wide, and it is fat and dirty feeling.
Q: I wonder about how many kinds of the idea [it] was shown by the time a formal logo is decided.
A: The design of a Japanese “Door in the heaven” at this point fixes almost and is ??? . though three kinds of designs are presented as (*tataki*) stand, one was chosen first from among that. In addition, four patterns are made there, and the one that the English part was replaced as another one preliminary idea is prepared. After all, [it] decided it to it designed carving the print before and adding the hand to the made English logo somewhat newly.
Q: [It] asks for the yell to the (*bibapp*) theater version.
A: ‘Door in heaven’to which scale will been improved further in theater version than TV version[It] terribly expects it. It is really early and is seeing ??? ?. The guide of ??? preview association does not come or …… though waited. lengthen the neck

3-5-01—- Anime Figures News is reporting on Toycom’s upcoming GITS 2: Man-Machine Interface figure, it can be viewed here.

Alfrex Co. Ltd., the sole company in the world to produce a figure which uses Jidaigeki (samurai drama) from Japanese culture as a theme, and is the first company in the figure industry to show high motivation in making these types of figures. Selecting great actors from Jidaigeki, Alfrex uses the concept of Japanese culture to introduce a figure with exceptional quality and an exact similarity to the person. This project was begun to show the people of the world the splendor, beauty, and intriguing points of Japanese (Jidaigeki) culture. These are expensive (approximately $149 each)- but EXTREMELY nice 12″ action figures. The figures include Samurai Power Up Costume, Defeated Characters (Kinzo and Ginji), Kogarshi Monjiro, Kyokushin Syoukei Mtsui, Lone Wolf and Cub, Mondo Nakamura, Nenbutsu no Tetsu, Hanzou Hattori, Jyubei Yagyu, Toshiro Mifune, the Seven Samurai, and, The Heel (Akudaikan). Images can be seen here.

2-4-01—- DVD News

The Right Stuf is reporting that originally scheduled for release on 3/27/01, Tokyo Pop has announced that Spring & Chaos DVD will be delayed until 5/29/01.

Anime ON DVD has been updated with details that on 5/22, the first two volumes of Robotech will be released. On each disc will be 6 episodes (150 minutes each) and each will retail for $14.95. Instead of the proposed 2 discs + disc of extras mini box sets, ADV is reportedly going to do one large box set at the end, that everyone will be able to get ahold of. No word on the extras DVD yet.

Cardcaptor Sakura Vol. #3 (subtitled) will be released on 5/8 with four more episodes at $29.99. The dub only edition of Cardcaptors Vol. #3 and Cardcaptors Vol. #4 will also arrive on 5/8 but with only three edited episodes and a price of $24.95.

ADV Films has restarted it’s monthly anime Cool Anime Special deals. This month’s special features a complete set of Bubblegum Crisis 2040 on VHS, Gamera, Orochi, Monster Rancher DVDs, Lost Universe DVDs, Dirty Pair Flash 1 DVD, or the Cutey Honey DVDs.

3-4-01—- Anime Central Guest

A post has been made to the Anime Central mailing list mentioning the latest confirmed guest for the con, voice actress Wendee Lee (Faye from Cowboy Bebop, Suzuka from Outlaw Star).

3-3-01—- Eva Movies Not Getting Wide Release

According to Anime News Network Manga Entertainment has decided not to go ahead with a large theatrical release of the Evangelion movies. Manga will release the DVD and VHS versions in the U.S. sometime this summer. Theatrically, it will be available for some anime conventions and art house theatres, etc.

3-3-01—- Animerica Correction

According to Anime Nation

It has come to our attention that the current issue of Animerica Magazine, volume 9, issue 2, contains a major editorial error which we’d like to point out to avoid any confusion. Animerica has a small article promoting the upcoming release of Amon Saga from Manga Entertainment on March 27th. The text of the article and the attached picture feature Amon: Apocalypse of Devilman. The new Devilman OAV has not been licensed for distribution in the US yet. The Amon Saga scheduled for release from Manga Entertainment later this month is not Amon Devilman. Amon Saga is an 80 minute long theatrical fantasy film from 1986 featuring character designs by Yoshitaka Amano. It has no relation whatsoever to Devilman or Go Nagai besides the coincidental use of the name “Amon.”

3-3-01—- AnimeFringe Update

From the official release:

The latest issue of Animefringe: Online Anime Magazine ( ) is now available featuring a Toy Themed issue. Here is the complete rundown:

Animefringe Vol.2 #3 – March 2001 FEATURES: First up is our cover story, ‘Macross in the key of LEGO’ – An over-the-top look at the obsession to build anime related models… just with LEGOs.

Then in ‘Transformers The Comic: An Interview With Pat Lee’ we go straight to the source and find out the skinny on why Dreamwave Products wants the Transformers property so much.

Our monthly editorial Chasing Otakuism features special guest Lee Bourgeois’s tale of how anime changed his life and how he got into the business of selling goods. It’s a real humanitarian story, and strangely it proves that the otaku experience is universal.

And finally, we unveil a new section here at Animefringe called ‘Anime Briefs’ – a section dedicated to giving you sight into some of the hottest new series that are in getting some serious hype. This month we have info on the TV Series Kidou Tenshi Angelic Layer and Parappa The Rapper.

– Sailor Moon S – Heart Collection I DVD
– Amazing Nurse Nanako Vol.3 – The Last Spiral DVD
– Street Fighter Alpha: The Movie DVD
– Transformers Beast Wars II: Movie Edition – Lion Convoy in Danger
– Pokemon Puzzle Challenge (Game Boy)
– Ah! My Goddess: Yellow Submarine Action Figure Series
– Cardcaptors: Official Clow Book with Clow Cards

Plus a new Web Showcase, more Word Searches, and much more.

NEXT ISSUE: Animefringe will return April 1, 2001 in Animefringe Vol.2 #4. You have my word… NO April fools issue.

3-3-01—– Ghibli Related Book

ANN is reporting that according to the Studio Ghibli official site, they will publish a revised and enlarged edition of Otsuka Yasuo’s autobiography Sakuga Asemamire (“Animators all of a sweat”). Otsuka is best known as animation supervisor for Miyazaki’s Cagliostro. The original edition was published in 1983 in Japan and has been out of print for more than ten years.

The site mentions the book size will be A5 with 256 pages (8 in color), the book will retail at 1,900 Yen.

3-3-01—- Slam Dunk 2 News

Slam Dunk 2 will be coming soon, and Vol. 1 and 2 are almost complete. More information can be found on Takehiko Inoue’s page here.

3-3-01—- Yamato Typing Game Sequel

The Space Battleship Yamato Typing Wave Motion computer game was released in Japan in December where it was widely received by fans becoming very popular, the publisher NEXT has just announced a sequel is now in development, titled “Special Heroes Space Battleship Yamato Typing Warp”. Due on March 23, at 4900 Yen, this time the story will deal with the 1st story of the TV series. The new title will be compatible with Machintosh (MacOS 8.1 or more). A special correspinding 3D Movie Collection featuring 3D CGI video used in the game will be released at 3900 Yen, the 3D models for this game are said to be very highly admired by creator Reiji Matsumoto. A special “Analyzer electronic calculator” will also be sold with the collection. A special collection set will be sold with several DVD’s of the animation along with a special mousepad. Retail on the set is 8800 Yen.

3-3-01—- Puni Puni Addition

Source: UMJAMS Anime News

According a post to the Excel Saga mailing list. The DVD of the series has a promo trailer for the new spinoff series called “Puni Puni Poemi” is an Excel Saga spoof of magical girl shows. Poemi is described as a chibi-Excel, looking a bit like Sakura of Card Captor Sakura. Her best friend is Futaba-chan, who looks like a chib-Hyatt (the sullen looking girl with dark blue hair). Poemi’s family are slaughters by an alien, and she ends up living with Futaba. According to the post “Futaba’s family name is something I can’t read made of the kanji “ware” and “mamoru”. It means “protect our people”, and it’s a good name, because Futaba and her sisters are an “Earth Defense Family” (have you seen that anime? ^_^ ) Futaba and her six sisters are supposed to protect Earth against alien invaders” “(Poemi eventually turns into a magical girl… I think she found a magical fish, killed it with a kitchen knife and made herself a henshin wand with the fishbone. ^_^ Guess she didn’t want a stupid fish as a magical mascot… ^_^ “

Futaba’s family includes Futaba and her six sisters: Nanase, age 28, office lady, the second sister, age 22 has a part-time job at a store, Itsue, age 19, in college. Runs the S&M club and dresses like a S&M Queen, the fourth sister, age 18 looks like grown-up Hyatt except for her bigger bust, Natsuki age 15 in junior high school, Futaba age 10 in elementary school and Hitomi age 3 in kindergarten.

The cast includes

Kobayashi Yumiko is Poemi (Kobayashi Excel in Excel Saga, Sarah Macdogal in Love Hina). Imai Yuka (Wakaba of Utena, Otaru of Saber Marionette) is Futaba. Hisakawa Aya is Nanase (Skuld of Ah My Goddess, Kero-Chan of Card Captor Sakura, Yohko of Devil Hunter Yohko, Miki of Utena, Sailor Mercury of Sailor Moon) Kawakami Tomoko (Utena of Utena) is the second EDF sister. Mitsuishi Kotono is Itsue (Excel in Excel Saga, Mink of Dragon Half, Misato of Evangelion, Pixy of Monster Rancher/Farmer, Sailor Moon).

3-2-01—- DBZ Potentials

DBZ Info has some interesting insight on the recent Cartoon Network Press conference. See the full report on the site’s “what’s new” button. Some interesting information:

“Okay, here’s what you REALLY want to hear. Toonami info. Six “new” anime series will debut on Toonami before the year is through, and they are: *drumroll please* Outlaw Star (duh), Mobile Suit Gundam (The original series that started it all!!!!), Pilot Candidate, Big O, Gundam 8s AND as I reported just a week ago, although talks are NOT finished yet, DRAGON BALL. Yes that’s right. We’ll come full circle and start with Son as a child again. Cartoon Network’s VP of Programming has told me that they really want to do Dragon Ball as opposed to GT, despite the fact that so many fans want GT, because there’s a lot more to work with, (just about a hundred episode more). So there you have it. Cartoon Network has already aquired the last 96 episodes of DBZ and the series will finish up before the year is over. The new episodes of DBZ will be airring this coming summer. Also, expect to see some other anime around the Toonami block as well. Escaflowne will be in there, and the n! etwork is delving into the possibility of Cowboy Bebop. They’d need to edit the series….naturally….and they don’t want to show it in a heavily edited format, (quite honorable of them I must say. Ashame others aren’t/weren’t like that *cough cough* FUNi *cough cough*). On the side of edits, CN really really REALLY wants to make an adult oriented section of programming. But apparently children are watching the station at all times, (wierd), so it’s still a no-go as of now.”

Really short blurb here, even though this could go on for a long time. is doing great. And the Toonami interactive event over the summer was so popular that 4 more have been planned. One dealing with Toonami, another with Scooby, another with The Powerpuff Girls and The Big Pick 2.

As I previously reported, the creator of Dexter’s Lab, Genndy Tartakovsky, has a new series in the works. And I’m proud to announce the name of the series, Samurai Jack. It is a departure from the extreme goofiness of Dexter’s Lab and will be a pretty deep series. Every episode will feature a new dramatic event or character for Jack to interact with and will be done in traditional Japanese film style, (prolonged moments of silence, split screen on characters’ faces, etc.), think Akira Kurosawa. Genndy claims to have read many samurai books and studied films such as Lawrence of Arabia to prepare for the authentic and cinematic feel of the series. Now that I’ve built it up to be something very serious, deep and dramatic, let me topple that tower by revealing the plot. Jack is a samurai warrior, placed in the distant future by the shape-shifting magician Aku. The future is a bleak place ruled by Aku and his robot warlords. Jack will travel across the land, searching for a! portal to send him home. Sounds great! And to tell you the truth, IT LOOKS REALLY GREAT!!! Look for it starting August of this year.

I was lucky enough to meet with Mr. Tartakovsky and ask him a few questions, (not to mention get his autograph!). Although he is not the creator of The Powerpuff Girls, he worked extensively on the series with its father Craig and told me that yes, many scenes in Powerpuff Girls were directly influenced by fights in Dragon Ball Z, particularly the episode where Princess first shows up. He also said that he’s a pretty big anime fan in general and was highly influenced by Speed Racer, (something any Dexter’s Lab fan could probablly have guessed). He currently has no other projects in the works except…..except what you ask? What else could he possibly be working on? Do you really want to know? Are you sure? Okay! There will be 13 new episodes of Dexter’s Laboratory to finish off the series for good! Huzzah!

By the way, speaking of Powerpuff Girls, remember that BIG announcement I was telling you about? Well, here it is: prepare for Powerpuff Girls The Movie! Release date unconfirmed as of now. As I’m writing this, I’m happily munching on a bowl of Powerpuff Girls cereal which will be released next month as a limited edition. It’s actually kind of cute. It crackles in your mouth. Seriously. Like Pop Rocks. It’s like Rice Crispies with red, blue and green mounds that contain…uh…pop-in-your-mouth-things. It’s kind of cute. “

Reference: UMJAMS Anime News

3-2-01—- Fanboy Entertainment To Publish THE COPYBOOK TALES

According to Fanboy’s website:

Fanboy To Publish THE COPYBOOK TALES Collection

The wait is over, THE COPYBOOK TALES is back! This May, J. Torres and Tim Levins’ critically acclaimed comic series, THE COPYBOOK TALES, will be collected in a massive 240-page trade paperback collection from Fanboy Entertainment.

“Four years ago, I was in San Jose attending APE. J. Torres was there promoting his series THE COPYBOOK TALES from Slave Labor Graphics. When I admitted I hadn’t read the series, J. conned me into buying the whole run,” explains Fanboy’s C.B. Cebulski. “Prior to going to the SLG party that night, I went back to the hotel and read the whole TCT run, knowing I’d be seeing J. at the party later. Needless to say, I loved the series and spent a better part of the evening talking to him about it.”

THE COPYBOOK TALES, a humorous semi-autobiographical six-issue series abou 80s kids reluctantly growing up in the 90s, struck a nostalgic chord with readers across North America. THE COPYBOOK TALES COLLECTION will reprint every story and piece of art ever produced for the breakout series by J. Torres (ALISON DARE, SIDEKICKS) and Tim Levins (BATMAN: GOTHAM ADVENTURES). It will also include an all-new Copybook tale, the first new material produced for the series in years.

THE COPYBOOK TALES follows the lives of two aspiring twentysomething comic creators trying to break into “the biz.” For inspiration, the writer, Jamie, turns to his old journals (his copybooks) where he recorded his tales of youth, growing up in the 80s. In the pages of his copybooks, Jamie reminisces on his pop culture past, reliving the days of playing Pac-Man, breakdancing to Run DMC and trying to unravel the mystery of the Rubik’s Cube. Over the course of the series we see how the lives of the younger Jamie and “the three Mikes” (his high school buddies) parallel that of the now grown-up Jamie and his comic collaborator Thatcher as they move into maturity, deal with “the adult world” and search for a comic book publishing deal. We follow as Jamie as he reluctantly comes of age, looks back on the wacky, tacky 80s and realizes how all his past experiences shaped him into the neurotic but lovable geek he is today.

“This is the first time any of my work has ever been collected, and I think it’s totally awesome. It’s also fitting that it’s Copybook being collected and that Fanboy’s doing the collecting.”, comments writer J. Torres. “Anyone who’s read Copybook before knows it’s a fanboy’s comic, after all. And if they allow people like Boy George and Gary Coleman to attempt a comeback, why not us? For my next trick: I’m bringing leg-warmers back in style!”

“Looking back on THE COPYBOOK TALES makes me realize how much fun I had working on this series, and how much I miss these characters! I’ve had people tell me that they can relate to the world of COPYBOOK — “I went through the same thing as Jamie!” or “I knew someone EXACTLY like Mike Stone in high school!” — and I think that’s the greatest strength of the series.”, artist Tim Levins points out. “Reading TCT is almost like reading a chronicle of my own adolescence — not because I’m one of the series’ creators, but because I collected comics, I hung out with friends in high school, and I was once a teenager. If readers fit any one of these criteria, they’re sure to enjoy THE COPYBOOK TALES.”

THE COPYBOOK TALES COLLECTION will collect the six issues of the fan-favorite Slave Labor series, the five self-published minicomics, all the TCT covers, pin-ups, promotional artwork, other odds and ends, as well as all the short stories from other books such as the SPX anthology, including the now-classic “How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love John Byrne.” The collection will also feature an all-new cover, unused never-before-seen material, plus the aforementioned all-new Copybook Tales story.

A special preview and “taste test” of THE COPYBOOK TALES will be posted soon at

3-2-01—- Tylor OAV’s On Int’l Channel

Fanboy has learned that the Irresponsible Captain Tylor OVA anime series will be broadcast on the International Channel beginning this April. No exact dates and times have been specified yet but the information will be forthcoming. Be sure to check the official Tylor website at as I’m sure details and updates will be posted there shortly.

Source: Fanboy Entertainment

3-1-01—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Bandai will release SD Gundam Hero Daikessen: Knight Vs Warrior for PlayStation on March 1, for 2800 yen. An action battle RPG featuring fully customizable characters, over 300 parts are available in the game. This game supports the WonderWave, for exchanging data between the WonderSwan and PlayStation version of the game, original parts can be obtained using the WonderWave.

Bandai has just released a new Digimon battle game for PlayStation on February 22, called Pocket Digimon World: Cool & Nature Battle Disc. This game allows you to pick your favorite characters and battle with other Digimons in the Digiworld, similar to Nintendo’s Pokemon Stadium. All the characters are redrawn in 3DCG, you can train and breed the Digimons in the PocketStation, and exchange data with Digimon Adventure 1 & 2 for.the WonderSwan Color. This game also contain CG movie version of the scenes from the anime series.

Bandai will release SD Gundam Hero Daikessen: Knight Vs Warrior for PlayStation on March 1, for 2800 yen. An action battle RPG featuring fully customizable characters, over 300 parts are available in the game. This game supports the WonderWave, for exchanging data between the WonderSwan and PlayStation version of the game, original parts can be obtained using the WonderWave.

Bandai has just released a new Digimon battle game for PlayStation on February 22, called Pocket Digimon World: Cool & Nature Battle Disc. This game allows you to pick your favorite characters and battle with other Digimons in the Digiworld, similar to Nintendo’s Pokemon Stadium. All the characters are redrawn in 3DCG, you can train and breed the Digimons in the PocketStation, and exchange data with Digimon Adventure 1 & 2 for.the WonderSwan Color. This game also contain CG movie version of the scenes from the anime series.

Bandai has released some new screens of their Dreamcast online battle game Gundam Battle Online. This real time network battle simulation game is scheduled for release this spring, for 6800 yen. In the game you play as a commander, putting out instructions to battleships and movable units, and lead the army to victory. It is possible to create your own team, by forming a group of 12 pilots, you can also choose the face of each. A single player mode is available for those who wish to play offline, Bandai also mentioned that the game will not support the DC broadband adaptor. 5000 trial demo of the game will be giving out in Japan this March, you can try out the free online battle services during the month of March.

Source: Magic Box

3-1-01—- Giant Robo Figures has been updated with details and images of a New Toycom 8″ Die-Cast/ ABS figure of Giant Robo. Made of almost 2 pounds of Die-Cast and durable ABS, the figure has a high amount of detail and comes in two styles, Bazooka and Missile. Both feature 8 points of articulation and come with a 2″ Ginrei statue. Packaged in an acetate-window box. This will be a Limited Manufacturing Run. Pre-Orders must be in by March 15th, with the figure shipping from Toycom June 2001. MSRP of $44.95.

3-1-01—- Studio Pierrot Merchandise News

The Studio Pierrot mailing list update had passed around the following:

Studio Pierrot’s merchandise line, Pierrot Project, has an outlet in the US! ( will be carrying character goods from certain Studio Pierrot titles such as “Creamy Mami” and “Saiyuki.” For the time being, the selection is limited, but it will be expanded based on comments and input from fans.

Please let us know what items you would like to see on the site.

Thank you,

3-1-01—- Yaoi Con Release

Excerpted from the official release:

[Press Release] – San Francisco, CA (02/26/01): Biseinen-ya is proud to present the first convention in North America dedicated to the yaoi genre — Yaoi-Con 2001. This historic event will be held at the Radisson Miyako Hotel in the heart of San Francisco’s Japantown on September 1st and 2nd, 2001. The Radisson Miyako Hotel features Asian influenced decor and is just minutes away from all the sights, sounds and shopping that “everyone’s favorite city” offers.

Yaoi-Con will bring fans and professionals of this genre together so they can share their interests, as well as participate in unique activities and events. Our expected attendance is 800 adults with 90% being female fans of manga (Japanese comic books) and anime (Japanese animation). Due to the mature nature of the material presented in this convention all attendees must be 18 years old or above by September 1, 2001. We will ask for age verification during registration. The cost of registration for the convention is $40 until May 1, and $50 May 1 – July 31.

Guests for Yaoi-Con 2001 include the wonderful artist You Higuri, who created the fan favorite, Seimaden, as well as Ludwig, and her most recent release Gorgeous Carat. Other special guests include Shinjuku Nishiguchi Side and Azusa Kurokawa. Both of these artists are well-established doujinshi artists in Japan and have had their work published in popular yaoi magazines such as Reijin. They will all be making their first American convention appearances at Yaoi-Con, which promises to make this an extra special event.

To learn more about Yaoi-Con — Please download our Press Information Kit a: Or visit our website at:


Kim PR/Premium Supervisor for Yaoi-Con 2001

3-1-01—- Cinescape Anime Column

Cinescape — “Fandom’s Magazine of Cool Movies/TV/New Media” and one of the market’s leading publications covering science fiction and action-oriented television, film and video — is launching a new column, written by Jeff Berkwits, devoted to anime in their March/April issue (street date: 2/27/01). The first installment, titled “Game Shows,” examines productions such as SiN, Tekken and Street Fighter Alpha that started out as video games before being adapted into anime productions. The column is accompanied by a sidebar that features brief reviews of recent anime titles. Berkwits has written about anime in the past for Cinescape and other publications, including Wicked, The Illinois Entertainer, and, among others. The column is currently scheduled to appear in each issue of the bimonthly publication.

3-1-01—- Kia Asamiya Art Auction

According to Fanboy Entertainment:

Some of the comics world’s biggest names are going on the block at the Orlando MegaCon this weekend. ACTOR, (A Commitment To Our Roots) a new nonprofit organization dedicated to helping out old-time comic creators in financial trouble, is conducting a fund-raising comic art auction, and many of the top artists in the industry have lent their work to the cause. The auction kicks off at 6:30 PM on Saturday, March 3, in room 212 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Japanese manga artist Kia Asamiya (Dark Angel:Phoenix Resurrection, Steam Detectives) will be one of the many creators contributing original artwork to the cause. In honor of aging Joker creator Jerry Robinson, Mr. Asamiya drew an original Batman and the Joker piece which will be part of Saturday’s auction. Asamiya is currently illustrating the Batman manga for the Japanese market. He also contributed signed copies of his Image Comics’ manga series Dark Angel: Phoenix Resurrection.

3-1-01—- Mobius Klein To Add Color Pages

Excerpted from the press release:

MÖBIUS KLEIN #1 To Add Color Pages No price change but book to be delayed

New York, NY – Due to production problems, Fanboy Entertainment’s MÖBIUS KLEIN #1 has been delayed. While we regret the delay, we think that the solution we have decided upon to fix the problem will please fans who have been patiently waiting for Kia Asamiya’s new manga series to ship. MÖBIUS KLEIN #1 will now include eight FULL COLOR pages of artwork while still retaining its original cover price of $2.95.

The first eight pages of MÖBIUS KLEIN #1 were originally penciled, inked and fully colored by Kia Asamiya. Our initial plan was to reprint these pages in black and white in the English language edition. We converted the color pages to black and white, retouched and lettered them and off they went. However, in final production, they were printing much too dark no matter what we tried. I discussed the matter over with Asamiya-sensei and our production people and we reached a decision we think will make fans happy. We are now going to print these pages in their original colored format!

Unfortunately, as we now have to go through and re-prep all the pages in color, MÖBIUS KLEIN #1 is going to be delayed a few more weeks. Additionally, including color pages mean increased printing costs. However, the increased cost will NOT be passed on to fans. Fanboy is going to eat the difference of adding the color pages. The cover price will remain the same. The fans have been waiting for this book. It is late already. Adding the color pages while keeping the original cover price unchanged is our way of thanking the fans for their understanding and patience with us.

3-1-01—- FF Merchandise

The The GIA is reporting A Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within watch will soon be available. The Seiko-manufactured movie tie-in will retail for $250 US ($380 Canadian). Square will be offering a line of Final Fantasy X jewelry akin to the FF VIII Griever necklace. Three items, all silver, will be availble: Tidus’ heirloom pendant (15,000 yen, or about $133 US) and ring emblazoned with the logo of his Blitzball team (9,800 yen, or $84 US), and Yuna’s necklace (20,000 yen, or $180 US).

3-1-01—- Ghibli Article

The Daily Yomiuri is running and article featuring interview with director Hayao Miyazaki here. According to the piece:

“We’re falling behind as usual,” Hayao Miyazaki says. At Studio Ghibli, where Princess Mononoke and other animation masterpieces were created, his staff is used to racing against time. It is in fact quite normal for them to start their work without waiting for Miyazaki to finish drawing storyboards. Miyazaki, a towering animation film figure, is currently working on the studio’s 11th feature, Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi, a story about a 10-year-old girl who becomes trapped in an alternate universe ruled by spirits and ghosts. The film is scheduled for release in July.

3-1-01—- RUN=DIM Details

Update on Idea Factory’s upcoming CGI 3D giant robot animation, the series begins running in Japan on TV Tokyo affiliates on 4/1 6:30-7:00. The story takes place on a future Earth of 2052, in the first half of the 21st century, the Antarctic ice sheet of the south pole has melted due to gloabal warming. This leads to rising sea levels worldwide, including Japan and the threat to the Japanese economy is serious. An independent unit from the Japanese Self Defense Force, named “JESAS” is created, composed of trained pilots of newly developed mobile suit type mecha called “RB”. Creator and writer on the series is Shingo Kuwana, direction is by Yasusuke Kato. A South Korean studio is co-producing the series. A maxi-single for RUN=DIM goes on sale April 25th and DVD release of the series begin on July 21. A Playstation 2 title is due from Idea Factory in May. At the Tokyo Game Show on March 30th a special RUN=DIM related event will take place.

3-1-01—- Raideen DVD BOX

Originally aired in Japan from April of 1975 to March of 1976, the brave robot Raideen TV series is headed to DVD for the first time in Japan with the release of DVD MEMORIAL BOX 1.The set arrives March 25th in a 624 minute (eps. 1-26) set. Sound will be Dolby Digital (monaural) on 7 2 layered discs. Retail is 37,800 Yen. The set is loaded with extras including model image gallery, and a special seiyuu extra. Japanese subtitles are also on some portion of these discs. Also a very special 25 minute interview with director Tomino Yoshiyuki (The Creator Of Gundam) and 4 TV commercials are added along with a 48 page book.

3-1-01—- Gundam: Char’s Counter Attack DVD Release

The effective animation closure point of the original 0079 story of Amuro Ray And Char Aznable – Studio Sunrise’s 1988 feature, Gundam: Char’s Counter Attack is now headed to region 2 DVD on March 25th on a 124 minute Dolby Digital Surround, 2 layer disc. Retail will be 6,000 Yen. Included is original jacket art by the film’s character designer, Japanese subtitles, 8 page color booklet and special video extras from the films 1988 debut.

3-1-01—- Irwin To Be Purchased?

According to a post to Planet Namek It seems in this article, DBZ Toymaker Irwin may be purchased by another interest in the near future. It’s unclear how this will affect it’s Dragonball toy plans.