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Anime News Service – February 4-5 Anime News

2-5-02—- Berlinale 2002 Mini Report

Following up on an item relateing to the Berlinale 2002 festival, a huge thanks to Sven in Germany for this news:

I want to complete the news from the berlin film festival called “Berlinale 2002”.

On this film festival you can see TWO of the newest and hottest anime from japan: the record-anime “Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi” (engl. and german sub) and “Palumu no Ki” ( A Tree of Palme) (engl. sub). The last anime “Palumu no Ki” is not started in japan yet. So, the germans can see it as the first in the world. ^_^ To the japan films: on “Berlinale 2002” will be screening 11 films from japan or co-productions with japan. You can see it in the programm. The films are:

“KT” by Junji Sakamoto (jap./korean) – engl. sub
“Honogurai Mizuno Sokokara” (Dark Water) by Hideo Nakata (jap.) – engl. sub
“All about Lily Chou-Chou” by Shunji Iwai (jap.) – engl. sub
“Itai Futari” (A Painful Pair) by Hisashi Saito (jap.) – engl. sub
“GO” by Isao Yukisada (jap./ korean) – engl. sub
“Manzan Benigaki” by Ogawa Shinsuke, Peng Xiaolian (jap.) – german sub
“Hama Maiku” (“Namae no Nai Mori” and “Yokohama Mike” by Aoyama Shinji (jap.) – engl. sub
“Shurayuki Hime” (The Princess Blade) by Sato Shinsuke (jap.) – engl. sub
“Kasei no Kanon” (The Mars Canon) by Kazama Shiori (jap.) – german sub
“Enan no Musume” (Daughter from Yan’an) by Ikeya Kaoru (jap./ mandarin) – engl. sub

Programm download as .pdf format:
Click Here
The official Site: www.berlinale.de

2-5-02—- Animejin UK News

The below is as reported by Animejin all italicized text in this item Copyright Jonathan Weeks:

Pokemon Musical to tour UK:
The latest incarnation of Pokemon, the musical ‘Pokemon Live!’ is set to tour the UK in May.
The tour dates will include:
Glasgow Armadillo: 2nd-3rd May
Manchester Apollo: 4th-5th May
Brighton Centre: 7th May
Bournemouth International Centre: 8th May
London’s Hammersmith Apollo: 9th-11th May
Newcastle Telewest Arena: 12th May
Nottingham Arena: 14th May
Blackpool Opera House: 16th May
Birmingham NIA Academy: 17th-18th May
Cardiff International Arena: 19th May
Unfortunately, the actual content of the show is too cringe inducing to describe here.
Sources: Ana Nova

Minamicon closes registration
Every March, anime fans gather in Southampton for the annual Minamicon anime convention organised by the London Anime Club. This year, the event has proven so popular that the convention has sold all of its places in advance. The organisers are therefore asking anyone who is not already registered, not to turn up on the day as they will be unable to let them in.
Source: http://www.minamicon8.anime.org.uk

2-5-02—- Matrix Reloaded Updates

From Daniel-san, thanks goes out to him for this news:

This came in from Corona :

“On today’s edition of Entertainment Tonight there will be some kind of first look at The Matrix Reloaded. Exactly what will be shown on the pop culture program is unclear, but it’s bound to be of major interest to fans of the sci-fi franchise. “The sequel carves a continuation of [my character] Neo’s journey and his quest to find out the truth,” Keanu Reeves told ET at their website. “It’s more about the conflict with the machines and the humans.”

“Jada Pinkett-Smith will also get a chance to talk a bit. “These sequels are going to blast the original off the screen, and that’s exactly what the fans want,” the actress who plays Morpheus’ love interest, Niobi, had to say.Check your local listings for when today’s Entertainment Tonight airs in your neck of the woods. [Originally appeared on Entertainment Tonight’s website.]”

2-5-02—- Site Related: ANS Archive Expansion

In a further effort to build on site features, while one can always find the most current up to date news on our main page, more visitors are utilizing our archive and search features to find news from months or years past. News on the topics we cover are often missed by our efforts and also existed long before ANS and the internet and so we will no longer ignore this body of knowledge. As of today, ANS will begin expanding our archives back through time, adding news items from the past with no back limit. It’s our goal to build the largest news database on the topics we cover and we will soon be adding stories from weeks, months, years, decades, centuries-ago etc….. Readers who have news items from the past to contribute can do so by emailing them to Newtypex@prodigy.net.

2-5-02—- New OAV Series: Gate Keepers 21

A new website has launched to coincide with the announcement of the new Gatekeepers 21 OAV series. A joint production between Kadokawa, Bandai Visual and GONZO, Directing will be Yamaguchi Harashi, Character Designs by Keiji Goto, monster designs by Mahiro Maeda, mecha designs by Kawahara Tomohiro.

2-5-02—- Japanese Cinema News

Thanks to Daniel for this news:

Spirited Away will be one of the films competing at the Berlin film festival, along with “KT” (A Japanese/Korean co-production)and “Bridget”.(A French/Japanese co-production)

Source: AICN

www.whoisichi.com mentioned that Ichi the Killer will be playing at the Film Comment Selects in New York from February 18-28. The main site for Film Comment (Filmlinc) mentions that Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s “Barren Illusion” and “Pulse”,Makoto Shinozaki’s “Not Forgotten”, Hideo Nakata’s “Ring”, Nobuhiro Suwa’s “H-Story”, and Akihiko Shiota’s “Harmful Insect” will also be present.

This post states Viz’s theatrical releases for this year will be “Uzumaki”,[Check out the manga from Pulp.]Hideo Nakata’s “Chaos” and Katsushito Ishii’s “Shark Skin Man & Peach Hip Girl”. Unfortunately, no word on when exactly Dead or Alive will hit dvd, but a poster at Anime On DVD’s has mentioned that Patrick Macias is trying to insure the film will receive decent treatment.

Via Cinescape:

1)”The big news today is that last week…GMK…was shown to the suits at Sony. An insider attended the showing that will determine if GMK will have a theatrical release. The insider remarked he was impressed with the film but did have some concerns over certain parts of the film including the “suitmation” and other aspects, I will see if I can post some of these comments later. As for the other attendees he said they appeared to be hooked for the first 45 minutes but then abruptly left the screening 2/3 the way through. This concerned him of course but nonetheless it was confirmed later “…the suits at Sony liked GMK after all. Guess they can judge a movie’s merits based on only two thirds of it. :-)” Another screening is planned for the head of the division that handled the Godzilla 2000 project, MZ will update when that happens. Keep your fingers crossed! 2)”On a side note, it is confirmed that Sony will indeed be releasing GXM on DVD in the future….

3)”GODZILLA – MOTHRA – KING GHIDORAH will be screened at the 2002 American Film Market, a trade event in which the the buisness side of Hollywood make and break deals over film distributions. The event takes place in Santa Monica, California on Feb. 20-27. Over 600 films will be shown and GMK is among them. The website lists the show date on Feb 22 at 3:00pm at the Broadway Cineplex. The AFM is not a film festival but is open to anyone who wants to attend, they do sell one day passess but its $250. Click here for more info on AFM. (A major thanks to Richard Guillaume for the tip!…

4)”ASIAN FANTASY FILM EXPO 3: KANEKO RETURNS AFFE 3 (June 15 & 16 2002) announced its guest line up for this year. Shusuke Kaneko, director of GMK will make his second appearance at AFFE. Other guests include: Teruyoshi Nakano, director of such films as GODZILLA VS. HEDORAH and TERROR OF MECHAGODZILLA; Shinichi Yokokawa, head of Bandai’s toy development; Carl Craig, start of GAMERA VS. VIRUS; and Bob Eggleton, famous sci-fi artist including Godzilla. Check out the AFFE website for more information.

5)”French Godzilla fan Philippe Eude sent in a collection of great Godzilla icons covering all the films for you to download. Check the links below for ZIP file (for Windows) and a Stuffit file (for Mac)containing all the icons. Philippe asks that if the icons are distributed to be please use the files he made and keep the readme file included. Enjoy!

6)”Like the new Fan Fiction section (check the menu) MZ’s own Eavesdropper is heading up the new Kaiju Fan Art section of MZ’s message board where you can share your best artwork and get great tips from experienced artists. If you have something to share and want to be part of Eavesdropper’s “best of” collection drop by the board today. In the meantime check out the awesome Kamen Rider work that Mark Jones sent in.”

2-5-02—- New Lupin OAV

Based on Monkey Punch’s Lupin III franchise comes this announcement of a new 50 minute OAV on the crest of the 30th anniversary celebrated in October. A new OVA is planned with the roughly translated title “Lupin III World – The Magic Teacher Who Has Lived”. Reportedly this OAV will be set in tone along the lines of the very first Lupin TV series which is renowed for it’s “harder” tone compared to more recent works. April 3rd will see it arrive on DVD from 8500 Yen from VAP. First press copies include 3 discs total, the OAV DVD, a soundtrack CD and CD-ROM with desktop accessories. Extras include Secret Ending which can only be accessed after viewing the animation once through, Art Gallery, Original Monkey Punch / Seiyuu audio Interview, Japanese Subtitles, Dolby 5.1CH and DTS specification. VAP’s official site for the latest Lupin III OAV includes images and other details surronding this title. The story will focus on the return of a character from the original TV sereis and the stage will be the Mediterranean.

Director: Mamoru Hamatsu (BT’X, Samurai Troopers, Arislan Series Director)
Script: Aya Katsuragi (BT’X scenario, )
Storyboard: Mamoru Hamatsu
Character Design: Akira Hirayama
Art Supervisor: Takashi Miyano
Photography Supervision:
Satoru Otsubo Compilation: T.D.B
Acoustic Supervision: Satoshi Kato
Music Supervision: Kiyoshi Suzuki
Music: Yuji Ono

Lupin III: Kanachi Kurita
Jigen Daisuke: Obayashi Kiyoshi
Ishikawa Goemon: Inoue Makio

2-5-02—- Chobits TV Release Info

CLAMP’s Official Site has updated with release details for the Chobits TV series. It’s scheduled to begin it’s run on 4-2-02 from 26:20 on TBS. Directing is Morio Asaka, Character Designer is Tsune Abe, Acoustic Supervisor is Masafumi Mima, Animation Production by Madhouse, Opening Theme by Round Table entitled “Let Me Be With You”, Music by Victor Entertainment.

Cast inckudes Kikuko Inoue, Megumi Toyoguchi, Ryoka Yuki, Tomiko Orikasa, Kuwashima Houko and Michie Tanaka.

2-5-02—- Hideaki Anno To Wed

Thanks to Yukio-san (Dead Shot ClubISDN Fanclub) for this news:

Director Hideaki Anno of “EVANGELION” got married.//

Marriage of Mr. Hideaki Anno (41) who directed the big hit animation movie “EVANGELION” was announced on February 4. A partner is Mrs. A (30) who was working in the manufacture company which this supervisor founded, and holds a ceremony in Tokyo and Meiji-jingu on April 27. The matrimonial report is also finished together with all of two persons in the parents’ home of a supervisor’s Yamaguchi Prefecture. A ceremony is held only in relatives. The place of increasingly the activity at the time of advance and marriage is likely to be extended also to a documentary film recently.

Director Anno says that he is talking in “(to mass communications )thing like having you take up –.”

Also in the Japanese motion-picture world, Director anno was called singular genius and he has sent out the popular work one after another with peculiar feeling.

“Difficult words”, a “story”, “the hint precisely spread around”, “suffering of characters”, etc. attracted attention, and “new generation EVANGELION” which started from television animation and developed even into the movie attracted young men.

The young intellectual developed the dispute on the personal computer, and the overheating situation was called “EVA phenomenon.”

Then, Writer Ryu Murakami’s (49) novel “Love & pop” on the theme of a girls’ high school student’s compensated dating was dramatic-film-ized in 1997. The photography using the epoch-making digital camera was challenged those days.

In “shiki-jitsu” in 2000, Mr. shunji iwai (39) of the film director known for a “swallow tail” was appointed as an actor, and it was observed.

Now, Director Anno has started preparation of new work. As an image writer who has dealt with both animation and a dramatic film, the place of activity spreads out rapidly. At the time of marriage, a polish is likely to start the new style increasingly.

// Hideaki Anno. May 22, 1960, birth in Ube-city, Yamaguchi prefecture.

Image-related work is begun during the Osaka Tokyo Gakugei University enrollment in school.

It will take charge of Director Hayao Miyazaki’s “Naushika”‘s original picture in 83. It comes out with “aim at the top” as a supervisor in 1988. The television series animation for 95 years “new generation EVANGELION” attracts attention. Two works, the object for theaters “a new world Evan GERION apostle rebirth” and “THE END OF EVANGELION”, will be a big hit in 97. Blood type A.

Source: Nikkan Sports

2-5-02—- 3rd One Piece Movie Wraps Production – Release Information

On February 3rd, production on the 3rd One Piece film wrapped in Japan with a press conference and staff and cast meeting. Slated for release in Japan this spring, the ending theme has confirmed to be recorded by the unit, DASEIN. Opening day has been determined as March 2nd via Toei. Last summer’s One Piece feature drew a reported 3 million attendees and topped the chart for top grossing domestic market films released in Japan throughout 2001.

2-4-02—- Toshiba Releases RD-X1 DVD Player / Recorder

In Japan, Toshiba has released it’s RD-X1 HDD&DVD-RAM/DVD-R 4.7 unit. Central features include a massive 80 GB Hard Disk Drive which can store video program contents.

2-4-02—- Gundam Live Events News

According to Newtype Asylum:

Bandai (Japan), in association with Fujikyu Highland Amusement Park, have released the limited edtion 1/144 HGUC RGM-79 GM “Gundam The Ride” package. This special package is released exclusively for Fujikyu Highland’s Gundam The Ride (GTR) amusement park ride in Tokyo, Japan, it features two 1/144 HGUC GM with special ‘Jack the Halloween’ MS Team markings for Adam Stingray and Jack Beard’s units, plus the exclusive 1/144 EFSF’s Space Launch escape boat as shown in GTR’s animation. This package is available only at GTR’s Gundam Shop for ¥1800 and is currently available in Hong Kong at the airpost price of HK$380

In addition, Gundam fans in Japan will a chance to experience and participate in the historic “Sieg Zeon” live recording event during the “New Century Tokyo International Animation Fair on Sunday Feb 17, 2002 at Tokyo’s Big Sight convention centure. Participants (in large group) will be gathered at the event’s Bandai booth to record the classic “Sieg Zeon” chant which will be recorded live and used onto GG – Zeon’s Independence War’s animation segment. “Sieg Zeon!”…”

2-4-02—- Anime Daisuki Returns

Anime Daisuki has returned giving readers the inside look at the newest TV / OAV / Movie animation coming out in Japan, it can be accessed minus bandwidth chomping video clips here:


2-4-02—- New Pioneer Related Sites

Pioneer Animation has updated announcing new site openings for Adventures Of The Mini Goddesses and Card Captors The Movie.

2-4-02—- February 2002 UK Anime FAQ

Jonathan Weeks has posted his Feb. 2002 edition of the UK Anime FAQ.

2-4-02—- Hideaki Anno On Animate / Movic Project Anime Tenchou

Following other efforts (Broccoli / Gamers – DiGi Charat) of anime / character merchandisers branding their original creations and selling anime, manga, goods surrounding them comes a new effort by Animate and Movic, now titled Project Anime Tenchou. Famed Evangelion director Hideaki Anno directs this new series which was officially confirmed to be publicly broadcasted in Japan on Jan.13th – 14th’s ANIMATE EXPO at Ikebukuro’s Sunshine Tower. According to the U.S. Animate branch site it will also be showing on screens at the Los Angeles branch soon and goods will also go on sale.

Meito Anizawa – Tomokazu Seki
President Takahashi – Jurouta Kosugi
Lamica Hoshii – Miki Nagasawa
Guy Denki – Shinichirou Miki
Touya Dougenzaka – Takehito Koyasu
Mel Rose – Hiroaki Hirata
Narration – Kazuhiko Shimamoto
Theme song: “Anime Tenchou”
Song – Tomokazu Seki
Lyrics – Kazuhiko Shimamoto
Music – Cublic

Original Story / Character Design – Kazuhiko Shimamoto
Animation Character design / Continuity / Screen Play / Art Director – Hiroyuki Imaishi
Executive Director – Hideaki Anno
Concept Work – MOVIC
Production – ANIMATE
Animation Production – GAINAX

2-4-02—– Italian Broadcast Items

According to our reader in Italy, Mon-chan, Love Hina is currently being broadcast by the Rai2 network, however according to Mon the policy of Rai and Mediaset is to censor some anime. Rai currently shows Magic Circle Guru Guru, love hina and da da da. Mediaset has hano yori dango which will show in 2002.

2-4-02—- Netherlands News Roundup

A huge thanks to Leon of the Netherlands-based publication, Aniway Magazine:

New year, new company, new titles

In a surprise move, the J-Pop Foundation has announced that they will sell some DVD’s themselves on their Anime2002 convention. The big news is that, next to the familiar MangaDVD titles, some brand new releases by Dynamic Visions (DV) are to be sold as well. These include: Serial Experiments Lain, Golden Boy, Aika. Blue Sub 6 and the Kenshin ova. This is surely great news for Dutch speaking fans who have been denied new titles for too long. When and how the DV releases wil be sold through regular shops is not yet announced. Expect more details after the convention, as there will be an industry panel involving DV.

IFFR promotional material sparks controverse

Ichi The Killer has made some waves during the recently concluded International Film Festival of Rotterdam (IFFR). It would seem so when half the audience leaves during the movie, but there was an unexpected side effect: In it’s promotional material, the IFFR claimed that “A man like Takashi Miike won’t be forgotten soon by Rotterdam. During this edition, he’s represented by not less than four movies. One of them is ‘Ichi The Killer’, a real-life Mangamovie, saturated with violence that we have come to expect from the Japanese animation genre”. Some Dutch newspapers have literally copied this text, thus enforcing the fact’ that all Japanese animation contains explicit material such as this. A rather large paper used the headline “How depraved can the Japanese soul become?”. Not surprisingly, Avalon slipped by quietly, receiving virtually no coverage, as did the three ‘milder’ films by Takashi Miike.

New issue of AniWay on sale

Dutch speaking fans can finally pick up the new issue of AniWay. Production was hampered by technical problems, resulting in a small delay. Starting this issue, AniWay is distributed throughout all of Holland. Issue eight focuses on fantasy anime such as Record of Lodoss War and features a comic short by Japanese artist Toshi Unoki titled “The Harry Preciousss Game”. Cover art is handled by Bookie-chan of Tanuki Studios and can be seen here:

2-4-02—- Takashi Miike Interview

MidnightEye has conducted a small interview with Takashi Miike during this year’s Rotterdam Film Festival. Check out this link and scroll down to find the interview.

Thanks to Nick for the referal

2-4-02—- @Manbow Matsuri

Inoue Kikuko will perform her second @manbow Matsuri on 4-29 at Yakult Hall in Shinbashi. 2 sessions will occur on that day featuring the seiyuu.

2-4-02—- AutoWeek Report On Initial D

The American automobile magazine, AutoWeek has, in it’s Feb 4, ’02 issue “…But Wait, There’s More” column found on page 44, made teh following mention of the Initial D animation:

Media-crity II – Yeah, we know /Knight Rider/ had less plot

/Initial D/ is a Japanese animated cartoon about street racing — sort of /Speed Racer/ meets /The Fast and the Furious/. Instead of Speed and his powerful Mach 5, /Initial D/ stars 17-year-old tofu delivery boy Takumi and an ’86 Toyota Corolla. The story line: Takumi hones driving skills delivering the tasty food-like goo on a route that covers hairpin turns on Mount Akina. In a chance meeting Takumi faces street racing’s notorious Keisuke… and beats him! Suddenly, challengers came looking for the famous “Eight-Six of Mount Akina.” That’s the story line in its entirety. We smell a TV series and maybe even a full-length feature as negotiations are underway to bring /Initial D/ to American TV.