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Anime News Service – February 22-March 7 Anime News

3-7-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Square has announced that it’s upcoming PSX RPG, Final Fantasy IX is currently set for release in Japan in July. PS2’s FF X is due out in Japan next spring.

3-7-00—- Kubrick Medicom Evangelion Toys On The Way

Medicom has slated the release of three new Kubrick sets of figures from Neon Genesis Evangelion, the toys will go on sale in Japan in June.

3-7-00—- March Import Anime DVD Listings

DVD Anime releases scheduled for release this month in Japan: (All prices listed in Yen):

Cyber Team in Akihabara Pata-Pi 6 5229
Kareshi Kanojo No Jijo OP. 4 5229
Akazukin ChaCha DVD BOX 3 28350
Koutetsu Tenshi Kurumi DVD-3 6090
Excel Saga (Road to Excel Saga) 1 First-pressing limited BOX Edition 6090
Senkaiden Houshin Engi Vol.5 6930
Shojo Kakumei UTENA (Revolutionary Girl Utena) (Theatrical Feature) 7875
OVA Tokimeki Memorial Vol. 1 6090
OVA Tokimeki Memorial Vol. 2 6090
Nanako’s Anatomy Report opr. V The Last Spiral_Former Part 6090
TENCHI MUYO (Kaikoki) DVD-BOX First Press Limited Edition 25200
TENCHI MUYO (Kaikoki) [Chikyu-hen] DVD-BOX First Press Limited Edition 20160
TENCHI MUYO (Kaikoki) [Ucyu-hen] DVD-BOX First Press Limited Edition 20160
Serial Experiments Lain DVD-BOX Resurrection First Press Limited Edition 29400
Maison (Mezon) Ikkoku DVD 24-Limited pressing 121800
Golden Boy 5+6 4935
Sotsugyosei 3 6090
Mujinto Monogatari XX 2 (Tales from the Desert Island) XX 2 7140
Doukyusei 2 7+8 4935
Dragon Night 4 3+4 4935
Ninpo Midare Karakuri 1 + 2 4935
Angelique-Shiroi Tsubasa no Memoir-[Making]
Urusei Yatsura: Only You (Un-cut Theatrical Feature) 6090
Neolanga Vol.12 6090
BETTERMAN VOL.8 Limited Box Edition 6090
BETTERMAN VOL.8 Regular Edition 6090
TRIGUN D-6 7140
Rurouni Kenshin-Meiji Kenkaku Romantan 24 5775
Rurouni Kenshin-Meiji Kenkaku Romantan 25 5775
Rurouni Kenshin-Meiji Kenkaku Romantan 26 5775
WILD ARMS Twilight Venom Vol. 3 6300
Chikyu Bouei Kigyo Die Gard 3 6090
Gaogaiger FINAL02 – Destroyer god ”Decisive battle in storm” 6090
Karakuri-soushi Ayatsuri Sakon 2 8190
Karakuri-soushi Ayatsuri Sakon 2 8190
Excel Saga (Road to Excel Saga) 2 6090
Theatrical Freatures LUPIN III : Kutabare Nostradames 5040
Theatrical Freatures LUPIN III : DEAD OR ALIVE 5040
MASTER KEATON File 10 6090
Boogiepop Phantom evolution 1 6090
Magic Monkey(Saiyuuki) 5040
Ninpu Kamui Gaiden (The Dagger of Kamui) Vol. 6 5250
Gigantor (Tetsujin 28go) Vol. 7 5250
Gigantor (Tetsujin 28go) Vol. 8 5250
Yusei Shonen Papy Vol. 2 5250
Yusei Shonen Papy Vol. 3 5250
Starship Girl Yamamoto Yohko: Mission 7 5880
Cyber Team In Akihabara The Movie 2011 nen no natsuyasumi 7875
DiGiCharat Vol. 1 4935
Kakyusei The Director’s Cut Vol. 7 6090
Jibaku kun 4 6930
Ima Sokoniiru Boku Vol.4 5775
Nanako’s Anatomy Report (Kaitai Shinsho) opr.VI The Last Spiral Later Part 6090
Beast Wars Metals: TRANSFORMERS DVD-BOX 1 (First-pressing Limited Release) 18900
Iketeru futari 7140
SOL BIANCA 4 – Cuarto- 6090
SHIN (New) TENCHI MUYO! TV 21-23 6090
SHIN (New) TENCHI MUYO! TV 24-26 6090
Magical girl PRETTY SAMY TV 1-4 6090
Magical girl PRETTY SAMY TV5-7 6090
Shin Hakkenden Vol. 8 7140
BURN-UP EXCESS DVD vol. 5 3990
BURN-UP EXCESS DVD vol. 6 3990
Ao no 6 go Vol. 4 [MINASOKO] (Last) 6825
Tenshi ni Narumon! (Angel’s Web) Vol. 8 6300
Eden’s Bowy Episode 8 6300 Release 3/25/2000
Angel Links Vol. 7 (Last) 5250
Power Stone 7 (Last) 8190
Cyber Star 6 5250
Maho Tsukai-Tai! Vol. 5 6300
Turn A Gundam 4 8190
Stellar Buster Mito (The Adventures of Space Pirate Mito) 2 Queens Vol.3 5250
Macross DVD Collection MACROSS PLUS 2 10290
Macross DVD Collection The Super Dimension Fortress MACROSS 2 15750
Little Princess 1 3990
Little Princess 2 3990
Little Princess 3 3990
Mugen no Ryvius Vol. 1 5250
Ao no 6 go Vol.4 [MINASOKO] (Last) 6825
Vampire Miyu Integral 7 5040
ORGUSS DVD-BOX [First Limited Edtion] 42630

3-7-00—- March Import Anime Laserdisc Listings

Laserdisc Anime releases scheduled for release this month in Japan: (All prices listed in Yen):

Koutetsu Tenshi Kurumi LD-3 6090
TV Animation Series Houshin Engi Vol. 5 6930
Steam Detectives Rinrin Box 23100
Nanako’s Anatomy Report opr.V The Last Spiral_Former Part 6090
Cyber Formula SIN Round 5 5040
Urusei Yatsura, the TV series: Complete Edition 242697
Trouble Chocolate ACT.2 7140
Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo 2 Satsuriku no Deep Blue 4935
Kaito Jeanne Vol.6 5775
BETTERMAN VOL.8 Regular Edition 6090
MASTER KEATON File 10 8190
Boogiepop Phantom evolution 1 6090
Starship Girl Yamamoto Yohko: Mission 7 5880
Danguiser (Choushinki Dangaiza) Vol.3
Kakyusei Director’s Cut Vol. 7 6090
Nanako’s Anatomy Report(Kaitai Shinsho) opr.VI The Last Spiral Later Part 6090
SOL BIANCA 4-Cuarto- 6090
Ima Sokoniiru Boku Vol. 4 5775
Bibanca no Daiboken 4935
MELTYLANCER The Animation CODE:006 [Hoshi no kanatae…] (Last) 6090
Tenshi ni Narumon! (Angel’s Web) Vol. 8 6300
Eden’s Bowy Episode 8 6300
Angel Links Vol. 7 (Last) 5250
Power Stone 7 (Last) 8190
Cyber Star 6 5250
Maho Tsukai-Tai! Vol. 5 6300
Turn A Gundam 4 8190
Stellar Buster Mito (The Adventures of Space Pirate Mito) 2 Queens Vol.3 5250
BLACK JACK Vol. 8 [Midori no Omoi] 6300
Vampire Miyu Integral 6 5040

3-6-00—- Final Fantasy Movie Website Launch

Square launched it’s official website for it’s upcoming CG theatrical feature, Final Fantasy, this morning. is visually impressive with many features and information related to the film.

3-6-00—- Gundam Wing Uncut To Air On Weeknights

On the heels of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing’s debut on Cartoon Network today, the uncut version of the series will air on weeknights beginning tonight at 12:00 AM.

3-6-00—- Card Captor Sakura TV Series American Broadcast Debut In Fall?

The current issue of LICENSE! Magazine includes a full color page ad for Clamp / Madhouse’s Cardcaptor Sakura TV Series, recently licensed by Nelvana. According to the ad, the series has now been named “Cardcaptors”. The ad gives all relevant contact infornation for licensing, advising readers to ‘Capture the Opportunity’. Most interesting is a large blurb in the ad that reads “Coming to TV Fall 2000”.

3-6-00—- Mobile Suit Gundam Wing To Mark First-Ever U.S. Television Broadcast Of Gundam

At 5:30 PM EST, today, Monday, March 6th, 2000, the U.S.-based Cartoon Network cable-television channel will broadcast episode 1 of Studio Sunrise and Bandai Entertainment’s Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. This will mark the first time that a Gundam Animation has aired in America in the franchise’s 20 years of existance. Originally created in 1978-79 by Yoshiyuki Tomino, Mobile Suit Gundam made a solid impact on the animation, comic book, toy, and model industries in Japan that can still be seen today.

In 1995, the 49-episode Shin Kidousenki (New Mobile Chronicle) Gundam Wing TV series began airing in Japan, with Direction by Masashi Ikeda, Story by Katsuyuki Sumisawa, Mechanical designs by Kunio Okawara, Hajime Katoki, Junya Ishigaki, and Character designs by Shuko Murase. Gundam Wing quickly gained popularity in Japan after it’s initial airdate, the series became a hit in Japan, spawning 3 additional OAV’s and a movie.

3-6-00—- Studio Ghibli And DVD

On the topic of Japanese Animation Studio Ghibli’s Policy on DVD, the following information was recently posted to the Mailing List:

The FAQ at the official Ghibli site (, in Japanese) has been updated.

Q: Are you going to release Ghibli films on DVD?
A: We have received many requests regarding DVD release. We are currently considering about it. We think that we can tell you a good news someday. So please wait a while more.

3-5-00—- Top Anime DVD Sales (Japan) (As Of 3-6)

1. Card Captor Sakura (Movie)
2. Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory Vol. 3
3. Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory Vol. 4
4. Card Captor Sakura 15
5. Card Captor Sakura 6
6. Sakura Wars (Sakura Taisen) Gokakenran Episode 2
7. Betterman Vol.7
8. Turn A Gundam 3
9. The Big O Vol.1
10. Maho Tsukai Tai TV Vol. 4
11. Starship Girl Yamamoto Yohko: Mission 6

3-5-00—- Top Manga Sales (Japan) (As Of 5-6)

1. Detective Conan 26
2. X 12
3. Kamikaze Kaitoh Jeanne 5
4. Love Hina 6
5. Hajime No Ippo 47
6. Kaiouki 3
7. Ryurouden 19
8. ARMS 11
9. Mars 12
10. Akechi Shounenno Kareinaru Jikenbo Kiss 6
11. One Piece 12
12. Shoot! Atsuki Challenge 7
13. Inu Yasya 10
14. Psychometrer Eiji 21
15. Kocha-Oji 9
16. Tenjoutenge 4
17. Shanimuni Go 4
18. Oujisamato Issho!
19. F Compo 11
20. HoshinEngi 18

3-5-00—- Top Video Game Sales (Japan) (As Of 3-6)

1. Sega GT Homogloation Special – DC
2. Mobile Suit Gundam Gihren’s Greed Blood Of Zeon – PSX
3. Gallop Racer 2000 – PSX
4. Pokemon Silver – GB
5. Vagrant Story – PSX
6. Pokemon Gold – GB
7. Biohazard Code Veronica – DC
8. Let’s Go By Airliner – PSX
9. Biohazard Gun Survivor – PSX
10. Azito 3 -PSX
11. Donkey Kong GB – GB
12. Popolocrois 2 – PSX
13. Donkey Kong 64 – N64
14. Pachislot Aruze Oukouku 2 – PSX
15. Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Mix – Dreamcast Edition – DC
16. Valkyrie Profile – PSX
17. Mario Party 2 – N64
18. Muscle Ranking Vol. 1 – PSX
19. Koneko Mo Issyo – PSX
20. Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Mix – PSX

3-5-00—- Top J-Pop Album Sales (Japan) (As Of 3-6)

1. “B’z The Mixture” – B’z
2. “Dreams Come True Greatest Hits: The Soul” – Dreams Come True
3. “Wallaby” – Histeric Blue
4. “Mellow” – Kyosuke Himuro
5. “Planet Shining” – M-Flo
6. “Super Eurobeat Presents Ayu-Ro Mix” – Ayumi Hamasaki
7. “Infinity 18 Vol. 1” – Ami Suzuki
8. “Foxtrot” – Nanase Aikawa
9. “Motor Man” – Super Bell “Z
10. “Love Is The Message” – Misia
11. “4” – Fair Warning
12. “Power” – Toshinori Yonekura
13. “Freedom” – Yuki Koyanagi
14. “Muzai Moratorium” – Ringo Shena
15. “Recycle: Greatest Hits Of Spitz” – Spitz
16. “Piaza” – Cascade
17. “Komatu Miho 3rd Everywhere” – Miho Komatu
18. “Genius 2000” – Namie Amuro

3-5-00—- Top J-Pop Single Sales (Japan) (As Of 3-6)

1. “Tsunami” – Southern All Stars
2. “Love Day After Tomorrow” – Mai Kuraki
3. “Konya Tukino Mieru Okani” – B’z
4. “Brand New Upper Ground” – Judy & Mary
5. “Bright Daylight” – Hiro
6. “Mago” – Ooizumi Ichirou
7. “Good Bye Yesterday” – Miki Imai
8. “Koino DanceSite” – Morning Musume
9. “Anatano Kisswo Kazomasyo You Were Mine” – Yuki Koyanagi
10. “Yesterday & Today / Raven” – Do As Infinity
11. “Sure” – Every Little Thing
12. “Gibusu” – Ringo Shena
13. “Time After Time” – Earth
14. “Anatano Kisswo Kazomasyo Opus II” – Yuki Koyanagi With Trans@K
15. “First Impression” – Yaen Feat.Ca
16. “Never Gonna Stop It” – Max
17. “Stairway” – Bluem Of Youth
18. “Sakurano Toki (Limited Edition)” – Aiko –
19. “Moter Man” – Super Bell “Z
20. “Risouno Shita” – Penicillin

3-5-00—- Sakura Festival 2000

Sakura Festival 2000 will be hosted on April 3rd at Tokyo Kousei Nenkin Kaikan. Tickets are to go on sale on the 18th of this month at 18, 1575 Yen per-ticket. The bevent will feature seiyuu Tange Sakura, Hisakawa Aya, Ogata Megumi, Seki Tomokazu, and Kumai Motoko.

3-5-00—- Tenchi TV Cartoon Network Dates

According to a recent Kidscreen article, on June 5th, the American cable TV channel, Cartoon Network’s Toonami block will be extended to three hours with the Tenchi Muyo TV series, it will take the 5:30 PM timeslot. Kidscreen also reports that Cartoon Network has acquired 66 (Tenchi Universe, Tenchi In Tokyo) half hour episodes of the series.

3-5-00—- Manga DVD Dates

Manga Entertainment’s coming soon page, lists a May 30th DVD release for the Blackjack movie at the price of $24.95.

DVD Express is currently listing Manga Entertainmant’s Devil Man, Castle of Cagliostro and Perfect Blue for a 4-25 release.

3-4-00—- Anime Chat will be hosting a chat with Johnathan Klein of New Generation Pictures and Talesin Jaffe an independent voice director on Saturday March 11th, 5:00 pm PST. New Generation Pictures has subtitled over 50 different titles for Pioneer, Urban Vision, Central Park Media, and the Right Stuff., they recently began dubbing for Pioneer. They will be discussing their latest dub ‘Nazca’ and upcoming projects 3X3 Eyes and Nanako. They will also be discussing what is involved in producing quality dubbing, the differences between dubbing and subbing, and how to make it in the anime voice business.

3-4-00—- Playstation 2 Released In Japan

7,000+ stores in Japan began selling Sony Computer Entertainment’s PlayStation 2 game console Saturday at 7 AM. In the Akihabara “electronics” district of Tokyo, hundreds were in line to pick the system up, waiting from overnight to as early as Thursday. Most retailers reportedly sold out of the unit in the first few hours. Several theft and crime-related incidents have been reported in the wake of the release. Among it’s many features, the Playstation 2 includes 128-bit graphics and DVD Playback.

3-3-00—- ADVision News

Title Announcements From The ADV Mailing List:

Lost Universe Volume 1 DVD
Order Cut-Off Date: TBA
Street Date: TBA
UPC# 702727004520
SRP $29.98
Approx. 100 minutes

When intergalactic private eye Millie Nocturne ends up on the block at a shady auction, her troubles are only beginning! Unwillingly partnered with Kain Blueriver, the cape-obsessed, psi-blade-bearing master of the Lost Ship Swordbreaker, and his lovely sidekick Canal, the saucy holographic image of his ship’s master computer, Millie finds herself stuck taking on any assignment that will keep the bill collectors at bay. Unfortunately, since most of the team’s assignments come from the mysterious Rail Claymore of the Universal Guardians, the crew of the Swordbreaker usually get stuck with the jobs so dirty that nobody else is willing to take them!

Special Features:

Languages: English, Japanese
Subtitles: English
Highly Interactive Menus
Scene Selection
12 Featured ADV Previews

Sakura Diaries Chapter 2 DVD
Order Cut-Off Date: TBA
Street Date: TBA
UPC# 702727003226
SRP $24.98
Approx. 90 minutes

Since the red-hot redhead Meiko only hangs with college studs, Touma tells her he was accepted into Keio University. Now all he has to do is show up at classes he’s not enrolled in and take tests he’ll never pass. But preppy Mashu also has the hots for Meiko, and he’s not buying Touma’s alleged academia. Love-struck Urara knows he’s lying too, and she’ll do anything to get Touma. But if she confronts him, will Touma come clean? Or will his anger take on a dangerous sexual edge? Find out, because in this second scorching chapter of Sakura Diaries, somebody’s going to get burned.

Special Features:

Languages: English, Japanese
Subtitles: English
Highly Interactive Menus
Scene Selection
12 Featured ADV Previews

3-3-00—- Pokemon: The First Movie American Boxoffice Update

Pokemon: The First Movie, in it’s 16th week of release in North America reportedly drew in under $43,000 over this past weekend, lowering it it from #58 to below #60 on the Daily Variety movie chart. As of last week, Pokemon had grossed $85,693,123.

3-2-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

In Sega Toys’ NGPC Bikkuriman 2000, a collection of mini game based on the Bikkuriman Anime, there are over 80 different seals players must colect. The Dreamcast Link Cable, can be used to share data with the upcoming Dreamcast version of Bikkuriman. The game is set for release in Japan no March 16th, listing at 3800 Yen.

Kid has announced a few new game-titles, Memories Off Pure, a love-adventure port for Dreamcast is expected out in Japan in June. Features include: CG movies, high resolution graphics, and NGPC link cable support. Memories Off Pure for Neo Geo Pocket Color is slated for Japanese release on April 27th, listing at 4800 Yen.

3-2-00—- Ranma On KTEH-54

KTEH-54 San Jose, California, has announced that they have acquired rights to air Viz’s Ranma 1/2 movies, “Big Trouble In Nekonron, China”, and “Nihao My Concubine”. “Big Trouble” will air on Sunday, March 12 at 9:33 P.M., “Nihao My Concubine” has not been scheduled as-yet.

3-2-00—- Animeigo Urusei Yatsura DVD Update

Animeigo has updated it’s website with the the following information on it’s upcoming Urusei Yatsura DVD releases:

“We anticipate that the first set (UY DVD 1-5) will be released mid-April, 2000 — though we are trying to do it faster than that. There are some uncertainties, because DVD production plant schedules are very tight. Subsequent sets will come out every 3 months or so.”

3-2-00—- Manga Announces More X Theater Dates

Manga Entertainment has released further American theatrical screening dates for X: The motion Picture. The new dates are listed below, one date listed indicates that is the first date of an open theatrical run. According to Manga, based on high attendence, the length of a respective theater run will be lengthened. A A city listed with two dates indicates the first is opening date and the second the pre-set closing date.

Expect more dates and cities to be added soon. Visit for more details on X.

MAR 10 Varsity Theater Seattle, WA
MAR 24 Cinema Village New York, NY
MAR 24-30 Nuart Theater Los Angeles, CA
MAR 24 Piper’s Alley Chicago, IL
APR 7-13 Ken Cinema San Diego, CA
APR 7 Kendall Square Cambridge, MA
APR 14 Dobie Theater Austin, TX
APR 21-27 Lumiere Theater San Francisco, CA
APR 21-25 UC Theater Berkeley, CA
APR 21 Rafael Film Center San Rafael, CA
APR 21 Camera Cinemas San Jose, CA

3-2-00—- Boy V.S. School Pokemon Case Update

As mentioned several weeks ago, an 11-year-old boy in California recently brought a case against his school after school officials confiscated, and subsequently (and allegedly) lost his collection of 161 Pokemon collectible game cards. On Tuesday, Contra Costa County Superior Court Judge John M. Allen has granted the boy, Rudy Donithan-Treat, a $1,500 judgment in the suit, the judge ruled that the school was responsible for the cards once officials had confiscated them.

“I’ll be able to get more Pokemon cards,” the 11-year-old said after the verdict was handed down.

3-2-00—- Digimon Footwear Coming

Brown Shoe Company, Inc., has announced that it will be developing and marketing a line of athletic shoes and play sandals featuring characters from the Digimon: Digital Monsters TV series. The Shoes and sandals will be aimed at boys, aged three to seven with a shoe size of nine to three.

3-2-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Tecmo of Japan’s upcoming card battler port, Monster Farm (Monster Rancher) Battle Card Professional for PSX will feature over 300 battle cards and 40 monster cards, players start with a deck of 53 cards, 3 monster cards and 50 battle cards. In-battle, the player must draw 5 cards and win against the opponents deck. The game is out in Japan, March 23rd, retailing at 5800 Yen.

A new e-mail program for Dreamcast, Hello Kitty Music Email, will be released by Sega this month, the program compiles Hello Kitty series fonts, images, music, and stationary to include in e-mail. The program will be released in Japan on March 23rd, retailing at 2800 Yen.

3-1-00—– Magic Knight Rayearth DVD Collection Price

Anime On DVD has reportedly confirmed that Media Blasters has raised the price of their upcoming Magic Knight Rayearth Memorial DVD Collection 1 from $130 to $150.

3-1-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Konami has said that they will be making an important announcement regarding hte Tokimeki Memorial series at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show 2000 Spring on April 1.

Sentimental Graffiti 2 for Dreamcast has been rescheduled for a Japanese release on April 27th.

Konami has announced 500,000 copies sold for it’s Dance Dance Revolution Mix: original sound track in Japan.

2-29-00—- American DVD News

Pioneer has announced the street date for the American release of Sailor Moon S The Movie: The Uncut Special Edition DVD as May 23rd.

According to Kazuki, a Pioneer representitve who made a post on the Anime On DVD Forum, Pioneer’s Catnapped! DVD, is to reportedly be in dual language format with English subtitles. All versions of Catnapped! will be unedited. Extras are to include character information and slide show image gallery.

The Right Stuf has posted the following DVD releases dates:

May 9th – Vol. 3 of Nazca
May 30th – Vol. 17: Picture Perfect, and Vol.18: Water Blast

2-29-00—- Tenchi On Cartoon Network

Several sources, including the Another Universe News,and Variety Online are reporting that the American Cable channel, Cartoon Network will expand it’s existing Toonami Block of programming by adding a Tenchi Muyo animation series at some point in the future.

2-29-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Japanese advertising agency, Dentsu and Nintendo, have announced a joint venture, “DN Cube”, to develop software for mobile game machines.

In Sega’s upcoming Gangagan Boy S Dreamcast microphone compatible action game, the goal is to capture 108 monsters that have escaped from a sealed dimension. With the mic, players must voice control Gangagan Boy to attack enemies, and capture monsters. The game is set for release in Japan on March 30th, listing at 4800 Yen.

2-28-00—- Gainax Commentary Track On Manga Wings DVD

AnimeOnDVD has posted a piece of information sent in by a fan that relates to a few members of Studio Gainax, and what other things they were doing while not in attendence as Guests Of Honor at this past weekend’s FanimeCon convention:

“While in town for Fanime Con, Gainax president & Wings Of Honneamise director Hiroyuki Yamaga and former Gainax animator (and Princess Maker game designer) Takami Akai recorded a commentary track at a studio Friday morning of the convention (8am-12), which will be appearing on the Wings DVD.”

2-28-00—- Director Of Blue Submarine No. 6 Announced As 1st Anime Expo 2000 Guest

The Anime Expo 2000 Anime convention has announced Mahiro Maeda as it’s first guest:

ANIME EXPO 2000 announces its first guest! Mr. Mahiro Maeda, the director of Blue Submarine No. 6 will be attending Anime Expo 2000!


Anime Expo is pleased to announce its first guest, Mr. Mahiro Maeda. A member of Gonzo Studios, Mr. Maeda is a director, designer, and illustrator. His most recent work was as director for the revolutionary series BLUE SUBMARINE NO. 6. Working with an all-star creative team, he also helped to bring the state-of-the-art 3D mechanical designs to life for this series.

Mr. Maeda has had a long history in the anime history, and has worked on such popular series as MACROSS, DO YOU REMEMBER LOVE?, ROBOT CARNIVAL, WINGS OF HONNEAMISE, the DAICON IV opening sequence, LAPUTA, GUNBUSTER, NADIA, LIKE THE CLOUD LIKE THE WIND, ONLY YESTERDAY, PORCO ROSSO, GIANT ROBO, YAMATO 2520, and the EVANGELION television series and movies.

In addition to his work as monster designer for EVANGELION, he also served as the monster designer for the live-action productions GAMERA I – III and ULTRAMAN POWERED.

As a member of Gonzo Studios, his work also extends into the area of video games, including GATE KEEPERS, BOUNTY SWORD, and LUNAR SILVER STAR STORY. Most recently, he also did the mecha design of Mahiro in TURN-A GUNDAM.

Anime Expo 2000 will be Mr. Maeda’s first U.S. convention appearance.

2-28-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Sega of Japan has announced a release date of May 25 for Sakura Taisen for Dreamcast, the double disc set will retail for 5800 Yen.

NEC Interchannel’s Dreamcast sim, Sentimental Graffiti 2 has been pushed back to an April release.

In Japan, Capcom plans to release a Windows PC port of Dino Crisis, which inludes a new Arrange Game and a new Operation Wipeout Internet mode. Release is slated for May 1st, listing at 5800 Yen.

Banpresto’s Super Robot Taisen Compact 2: Episode 1 – Kaleidoscopic of Ground – for WonderSwan, will be the first chapter in a trilogy, it includes terrestrial-based robots, from several existing series and completely new mobile suits. Players will be able to import characters from Super Robot Taisen Compact via the Link Cable. The game is slated for release on March 30th, with a listing-price of 4500 Yen.

2-28-00—- SKYPerfecTV To Absorb DirecTV Japan

Digital satellite broadcasting service DirecTV Japan Inc. is reportedly entering into final negotiations to move it’s subscribers to rival SKYPerfecTV and integrate both service’s operations.

2-27-00—- Top Anime DVD Sales (Japan) (As Of 2-28)

1. Koutetsu Tenshi Kurumi DVD-2
2. Gaogaiger Final OVA Vol. 1
3. Blue Gender Vol. 3

2-27-00—- Top Manga Sales (Japan) (As Of 2-28)

1. One Piece 12
2. Hoshin Engi 18
3. Yakumotatsu 13
4. Hikaru No Go 5
5. Mars 12
6. I’s 13
7. Green Hill 1
8. Wangan Midnight 16
9. Over Rev! 12
10. Kiss 6
11. Oishinbo 74
12. Shaman King 7
13. Meiryoutei Gotoh-Seizyurou 10
14. Vagabond 5
15. I’ll 8
16. Dokaben Professional Baseball Series 19
17. Gallery Fake 18
18. Azumanga Daioh 1
19. Crystal Dragon
20. 20th Century Boys

2-27-00—- Top Video Game Sales (Japan) (As Of 2-28)

1. Mobile Suit Gundam Gihren’s Greed Blood Of Zeon – PSX
2. Vagrant Story – PSX
3. Biohazard Code Veronica – DC
4. Pokemon Silver – GB
5. Pokemon Gold – GB
6. Biohazard Gun Survivor – PSX
7. Let’s Go By Airliner – PSX
8. Pop’n Music 3 Append Disc – PSX
9. Donkey Kong GB – GB
10. Popolocrois 2 – PSX
11. Koneko Mo Issyo – PSX
12. 007 Tomorrow Never Dies – PSX
13. Mario Party 2 – N64
14. Donkey Kong 64 – N64
15. Pop’n Music 3 Append Disc – DC
16. Valkyrie Profile – PSX
17. Pachislot Aruze Oukouku 2 – PSX
18. Doko Demo Issyo – PSX
19. Muscle Ranking Vol. 1 – PSX
20. G.I. Jockey 2000 – PSX

2-27-00—- Top J-Pop Album Sales (Japan) (As Of 2-28)

1. “Dreams Come True Greatest Hits: The Soul” – Dreams Come True
2. “Super Eurobeat Presents Ayu-Ro Mix” – Ayumi Hamasaki
3. “Foxtrot” – Nanase Aikawa
4. “Infinity 18 Vol. 1” – Ami Suzuki
5. “Komatu Miho 3rd – Everywhere -” – Miho Komatu
6. “Love Is The Message” – Misia
7. “Freedom” – Yuki Koyanagi
8. “Genius 2000” – Namie Amuro
9. “Recycle: Greatest Hits Of Spitz” – Spitz
10. “Muzai Moratorium” – Ringo Shena
11. “Fresh Brash Old Man” – Snail Lamp
12. “Magnum Collection 1999 Dear” – Masaharu Fukuyama
13. “No Regrets” – Pandora
14. “Loveppears” – Ayumi Hamasaki
15. “FB Best Eternal Trax” – Favourite Blue
16. “VOXXX” – Denki Groove
17. “Super Urobeat Presents Initial D Second Stage D Nonstop Selection” – Various Artists
18. “Zip Mania 1” – Various Artists
19. “Fieruteno Umito Tomoni Kiyu – The Last Of Romance -” – Lareine

2-27-00—- Top J-Pop Single Sales (Japan) (As Of 2-28)

1. “Tsunami” – Southern All Stars
2. “Bright Daylight” – Hiro
3. “Sure” – Every Little Thing
4. “Konya Tukino Mieru Okani” – B’z
5. “Love Day After Tomorrow” – Mai Kuraki
6. “Koino DanceSite” – Morning Musume
7. “Oasis” – Gackt
8. “Myaku” – Dir En Grey
9. “Never Gonna Stop” – Max
10. “Mago” – Ooizumi Ichirou
11. “Tokyo Illusion/Lucy” – ^ucifer
12. “Sakurano Toki” – Aiko –
13. “Good Bye Yesterday” – Miki Imai
14. “Gibusu” – Ringo Shena
15. “Let it Be” – SMAP
16. “First Impression” – Yaen Feat.Ca
17. “Anatano Kisswo Kazomasyo You Were Mine” – Yuki Koyanagi
18. “Neo Universe/ Finals” – L’Arc-En-Ciel
19. “Anatano Kisswo Kazomasyo Opus” – Yuki Koyanagi W/ Trans K
20. “Yawarakai Tuki” – Masayoshi Yamazaki

2-27-00—- Sunday FanimeCon News

The final day of this weekend’s FanimeCon Anime Convention, being hosted in Santa Clara California had some interesting revelations:

– Word out the Viz Communications pannel would seem to indicate that the Ranma 1/2 TV series could see a DVD release start later in the year. Pioneer reportedly has a lot of influence in what is being released on DVD from Viz. Bandai and Viz will be partnering on some marketing efforts, details are yet to be revealed. Viz is working hard at getting titles on television, The International Channel is reportedly interested in acquiring the rights to the English-subtitled version of the Ranma 1/2 TV series.

On Viz and Pokemon, the company is ready to issue a line of merchandise linked to the second Pokemon movie upon release in the United States. Toshi Yoshida, who was part of the Viz pannel joked, “We have a big Pikachu in the back and we milk it.”

Rumiko Takahashi may visit America, in celebration of the tenth anniversary of the release of her Ranma 1/2 series in the U.S., nothing is finalized but the hope is to have her appear at Comic-Con International in San Diego this summer.

– Jerry Chu of Bandai mentioned that more Gundam model kits will make their way into stores like Toys ‘R Us in the future.

In a concerted attempt to get more of it’s shows on TV, Bandai representitves recently attended the National Association of Television Program Executives convention in New Orleans, where they shopped series Vision of Escaflowne, Cowboy Bebop and Gundam to broadcasters.

Finally, Bandai could add a unspecified live-action series to it’s licenses, the title and details of which maybe announced at the Animazement convention, in Raleigh, North Carolina, occuring March 10-12. In Bandai’s future releases, fans can expect a gradual video-format release shift from VHS to DVD, Bandai plans to cut prices on some DVD’s (Blue Submarine will soon list for $20, as opposed to the current $25). With subtitles and English-language track available on DVD, there may be fewer sub-VHS releases in the future.

Sources: Anime On DVD, Fans View

2-27-00—- Trigun DVD Box Art Online

Pioneer has poste box art for the first DVD volume of the Trigun TV series.

2-27-00—- Fox Family Channel Ends “Anime Invasion” Block

The Fox Family Channel cable-telvision network has ended it’s 3-hour Sunday “Anime Invasion” programming block, in it’s place, a new 4-hour block, “Made in Japan” will now show. The new block will apparently consist of the following shows:

7:00 AM E.T. Megaman
8:00 AM E.T. Monster Ranchers
9:00 AM E.T. Flint The Time Detective
10:00 AM E.T. Digimon: Digital Monsters

2-27-00—- Osamu Tezuka Article

This article in today’s Asahi Shimbun, titled, “Comic Artist Was A Child Prodigy”, is comprehensive piece on Anime/Manga Master, Osamu Tezuka.

2-26-00—- Bandai Visual (Emotion) DVD News From Japan

In Japan, Bandai Visual (Emotion) has scheduled it’s Saber Marionette J to X DVD Box for release on May 5th, listing 22,600 Yen. The Vision Of Escaflowne – Perfect Vision DVD box-set, containing all 26 episodes (930 min. running time) is slated for release May 25th listing at 28,000 Yen.

2-26-00—- More News Out Of FanimeCon

More news items streaming out of this weekend’s FanimeCon Anime Convention, being hosted in Santa Clara California:

Fred Patten, promotions director for Streamline Productions, mentioned that the upcoming American CG Robotech 3000 TV series will be based loosely on the Americanized version of Macross and two other anime series. The series is currently being pitched to TV program executives for syndication and probably won’t air until 2001.

Macross seiyuu, singer, Mari Iijima has reportedly been hinting that she might cut back on her Anime convention appearances.

Source: Fans View

2-26-00—- Bandai News Out Of FanimeCon

Jerry Chu of Bandai Entertainment passes on news that Bandai has acquired the license for the Jubei-Chan TV series. The series is produced by Studio, Madhouse, and based on a story by Akitarou Daichi serialized in AX magazine, “Jubei-Chan Lovely Guntai No Himitsu”. Jiyu Nanoha, a junior high school student is made heir to the greatswordmaster, Yagyu Jubei’s “lovely eyepatch”, upon wearing the eyepatch, Jiyu transforms into “Jubei-chan” and takes on the master’s fighting abilities. Release of the series in America is scheduled for early Fall of this year, VHS and DVD formats are planned.

May will see the release of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing on VHS and DVD, Dubbed VHS will include 4 episodes per tape at $14.98, DVD will include 5 episodes per disc at $24.98. There will be no subtitled VHS of Gundam Wing released, the subtitled version will be on the DVD itself. Bandai Entertainment’s stand on subtitled VHS will be forthcoming.

Also in May, The Haunted Junction DVD collection will be released at $39.98, compiling the entire 12 episode series.

In June,The Vision of Escaflowne will see it’s American DVD debut. Both English dubbed VHS and DVD will be released simultanously.

For more information please visit and

2-25-00—- News Out Of FanimeCon

A number of news items have already began to stream out of this weekend’s FanimeCon Anime Convention, being hosted in Santa Clara California:

-Takami Akai and Hiroyuki Yamaga of Japnese software studio Gainax said that they are hard at work on their latest sim game, Princess Maker 4. Akai said, “We’re trying to rebuild the system from the ground up.” “Most difficult is that we want to make it simple and fun to play, but detailed and complex. Finding that balance is what we’re working on now.” On character design, Akai said, “If I draw a character five times, two times it’s not cute. I have to sit there until I make it my own and it’s cute five out of five times.”

-Steve Bennett of American Manga/Comic producer, Studio Ironcat mentioned collections of Crusher Joe, Vampire Miyu, Dragon Wing and Futaba-Kun Change, have remastered art and new translations, improvements from the original books. Next up from Ironcat are collections of Hyper Dolls and Ogenki Clinic.

Mark Hoffman and Kevin Bennett said that when the Vampire Miyu series ends, Ironcat will pick up the companion Vampire Yui series.

Shinpei Itoh, Hyper Dolls artist, and Senno Knife, the artist of the Valkyr series from Ironcat, mentioned they plan to attend Project: A-Kon in June. The visit may coincide with the publication of a new horror title from Knife, however, Bennett said, “We’re not sure if we’re willing to push the envelope that much. His stuff runs the gamut.”

Steve Bennett mentioned that the Gun Crisis series by Masaomi Kanzaki will be brought back, with an elaborated plotline.

Hoffman and Kevin Bennett also hinted that major Japanese companies could become involved with Ironcat at sometime in the future, but they are not ready to announce anyhting ath this time.

Source: Fans View

2-25-00—- Manga DVD U.K.

Manga U.K. lists the following United Kingdom DVD release information:

DVD …. Ghost in the Shell 28th FEB …. Perfect Blue 8th MAY …. “X” The Movie 12th JUN …. Evangelion The Movie 11th SEPT.

Manga DVD

Manga’s DVD’s will be released on 28th February 2000. The first will be Ghost in the Shell. Here is a list of what is to follow on DVD format… Perfect Blue, Ninja Scroll, X The Movie, Macross Plus The Movie, Patlabor 1, Platlabor 2, Angel Cop The Series, Evangelion The Movie, Streetfighter Alpha Movie, Akira, Streetfighter 2 The Animated Movie plus many more. All titles are subject to change…

2-25-00—- Sailor Moon Card Game

Dart Flipcards and Anime RPG producer, Guardians Of Order, are teaming up to produce a Sailor Moon Collectible Card Game expected to hit the American market starting in May.

The Card Game is easy-to-learn and multi-player oriented, 160 unique cards will be available in May, including 10 randomly-inserted foil chase cards. Game design is based on the Guardians Of Order Tri-Stat System game mechanic (incorporated into Guardians’ the Sailor Moon Role-Playing Game and Resource Book). The Premiere Edition, will only be available through hobby/game markets and specialty channels, packaged in 6 different 60 card Character Decks, a 60-card 2-player Starter Deck, and 11-card Booster Packs. Shortly thereafter, an Unlimited edition will be available through the mass-market.

2-25-00—- Sakura Bear

U.S.-based Beanie Babie-toy line producer, Ty Inc. will reportedly market a new stuffed toy bear in Japan named ”Sakura” in March.

2-25-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Bandai’s PSX Aura Battler Dunbine SRPG will be part adventure and part war simulation, consisting of 8 scenarios with multiple branchings in plot leading to various outcomes. Battle sequences are in full 3D. The game is slated for Japanese release on March 4, listing at 6800 Yen

Hudson plans to create games for NTT DoCoMo’s I-Mode mobile phones, that will be available begining in March with launch titles, Miracle GP, Morita Japanese Chess, and To the North: White Illumination. Players must register and pay a service-charge of 300 Yen/1 month, or 900 Yen/3 months, that includes unlimited access.

Rumors concerning a possible PSX emulator for Dreamcast that havecirculated for several months have re-surfaced in the videogame emulation community: According to the rumor, a major developer of emulation software is wrapping up work on a “Sega approved” emulator that will play Sony Playstation console software on the Sega Dreamcast console. The software could be unveiled at the upcoming E3 electronics convention.

2-25-00—- Voice Director For English-Language Rerelease Of 3×3 Eyes Announced

Jonathan Klein of New Generation Pictures has passed on the following information on the English-Language production of the 3×3 Eyes re-release:

New Generation Pictures and Pioneer Entertainment (USA) L.P. are happy to announce that the voice director for the English language re-release of both 3×3 Eyes OVA series will be Greg Weisman. For those of you unfamiliar with Greg Weisman, he was the creator, producer & writer of the successful, long running, U.S. Animated series, Gargoyles. A large number of Anime fans consider this American animated series to be the most “anime-like” with its complex characters and intricate tapestry of story lines that carry over from one episode to another. More recently, Greg has written and directed stories for other animated series such as Men In Black, Starship Troopers and the brand new computer generated animated series Max Steel, (which he also co-prouced) which premieres on the WB Network this weekend. Before getting involved in animation, Greg Weisman was also a comic book writer for DC Comics in the late 80’s where he wrote Captain Atom.

Both Pioneer Entertainment (USA) L.P. and New Generation Pictures feel that having Greg Weisman’s talent and experience to help produce this new English version of both 3×3 Eyes OVA series will be a major step forward in helping to improve the quality of dubbing and at the same time help to bring anime more into the mainstream of America.

3×3 Eyes will also be released in a VHS subtitled and DVD format. A release date has yet to announced but it will be probably released late Summer or early Fall. This new release will be uncut and unedited, unlike the previous Streamline Pictures version.

2-24-00—- SIN Voice Cast Announced-Production Details

ADV Films has updated it’s SIN: The Movie Behind The Scenes Page with comprehensive production data and a Real Video interview with the music composer from it’s SIN animated movie project:

SIN Production Team:

Production Studio: Phoenix Entertainment
Director: Yasunori Urata
Key Animator/Character Designer: Dan Kongouji
Producer: Yasuhito Yamaki
Visual Concepts Supervisor: Makoto Kobayashi

Voice Cast

Blade/ Yasutugu Ishii
Mancini/ Akio Otsuka
Jennifer Christina /Kikuko Inoue
Kait /Masako Katsuki
Tina /Yuriko Yamaguchi
Tim /Shinichiro Miki
Elexis Sinclaire /Kaori Yamagata
Elyse /Ayako Kawasumi
Lorenzo /Hidekatsu Shibata
HARDCORP Doctor /Tanmio Oki
Jimmy /Hiroya Ishimaru
Frederick /Takehiro Murozono
Commander /Masaru Ikeda
Reporter /Katsuhiro Harasawa
HC Member /Junji Maruyama
HC Member A /Naohiro Yamamoto

2-24-00—- Viz Manga News

-Viz Comics has announced it will relaunch it’s hard-edge Manga anthology magazine, Pulp, in June, with a new editorial staff, new columns and two new series. Readers can expect each issue from the re-launch, to be 50% bigger with additional pages, while retaining the retail-price of $5.95.

New features include: A photography series from internationally acclaimed photographer Nobobuyoshi Araki; New-release movie reviews by film critic Chuck Stephens; In-depth comic and manga reviews by novelist Heinz Insu Fenkl; Japanese tabloid gossip in the Millennium News Shock Hour by Japanese journalist Kon Issho; and New manga series including: Benkei in New York by Jiro Taniguchi and Natsuo Sekikawa; and Short Cuts, by Usumaru Furuya.

Pulp is recomended for Adult readers

-Viz Comics’s release of Kia Asamiya’s Silent Mobius: Catastrophe, the latest 6-issue installment of the manga, is set to hit the streets June, retailing at $2.95 in the U.S. and $4.50 in Canada.

“The year is 2028. The place is Tokyo. At the beginning of the 21st century the demonic Lucifer Hawks came from another dimension…and the human race needed new heroes. Meet the A.M.P., an elite force designed to deal with supernatural phenomena: six women with superhuman powers ready to do combat with the worst that future Tokyo has to offer.

In Catastrophe, meet the masterminds of evil: Maximillian Ganossa and Rosa Cheyenne, the sorcerers who plot with the Lucifer Hawks to open a gateway to the dark world of Nemesis. Now their plan is aimed at the fragile psyche of Katsumi Liqueur, A.M.P.’s most powerful magician and the inheritor of her father Gigelf Liqueur’s dark powers. Will Katsumi accept a marriage proposal from her longtime boyfriend, Robert DeVice? And will this cause a rift with her troubled A.M.P. teammate Kiddy Phenil? As a cyborg killer stalks the streets, the A.M.P. depends on Katsumi’s powers…but can she protect her future husband, who is only a mortal man?

2-24-00—- Dark Horse’s Super Manga Blast-Strong In March

Dark Horse’s new monthly manga anthology, Super Manga Blast, has taken top sales position of all Dark Horse manga titles, based on initial sales figures for March books, reported by Diamond Distribution.

Issue #2 is set for release on April 26th, compiling the talent of Kosuke Fujishima, Mohiro Kitoh, Makoto Kobayashi, Yuzo Takada, Hiroyuki Ututane, and Yo Morimoto.

2-24-00—- J-Pop / Seiyuu News

J-group, Judy And Mary’s upcoming vocal best album, “Fresh” is slated for release in Japan on March 23rd, listing for 3,059 Yen. “Fresh” will include 17 selected tracks from the group’s past 7 years of recordings.

2-24-00—- Fewture Models’ Devilman Action Figures

Fewture Models will begin marketing a set of action figures based on Go Nagai’s Devilman series on March 1st. The figures range in size from eight to fourteen inches, including characters, Amon, Tribal Amon, Akira Fudo, Tribal Devilman, Zenon and Ryo Asuka. Minus Tribal Amon and Tribal Devilman, figures will include bonus parts that can be assembled into a mystery action figure. An Image of the line can be seen here.

Source: Toy Mania

2-24-00—- Pokemon: The First Movie American Boxoffice Update

Pokemon: The First Movie, in it’s 15th week of release in North America drew in $66,364 over this past weekend, lowering it it from #51 to the #58 spot on the Daily Variety movie chart. To-date, Pokemon has grossed $85,693,123.

2-24-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Sega / Toshiba EMI’s Shen Mue Chapter 1: Yokosuka Original Soundtrack is set for a Japanese release on Feb. 26th, listing at 3200 Yen. The soundtrack consists of two CDs, containing 39 songs total, from the game.

Many market analysts see Sony’s incorporation of DVD into the PSX 2 as a potential catalyst of growth for the DVD market as a whole. Sony projects it will sell around 22 million PSX 2 units in Japan over the next five years.

Sega Music Network, has announced a partnership with Digital music firm, Liquid Audio, in the creation of a “Network Karaoke” project for Dreamcast. When unveiled, the project aims to let players download karaoke music and sony lyrics from the internet, and play them with the Dreamcast console. Liquid Audio will reportedly develop a new secured media format for the venture.

2-24-00—- Italian Scientists Investigate Pokemon Seizure Incident

A team of Italian scientists have proposed a solution, as to how an episode of Pokemon induced epileptic seizures in 685 Japanese children in 1997. Their analysis points to an abnormal brain response in these children to flashing lights featured in the cartoon, signaling a brain disorder known as photosensitive epilepsy. A brain mechanism responsible for controling reaction to visual information may be defective or absent in people who suffer from photosensitive epilepsy.

The Italian team points out that the disorder is rare, affecting between 0.5 – 0.8% of children between the ages of 4 – 14, they believe the form of epilepsy is increasing as a result of the growing availability and consumption of video-electronics devices, that could serve as as possible triggers.

Source: Nature Neuroscience 2000;3:259-263.

2-23-00—- Animeigo DVD Information

Posted To The AnimEigo DVD Mailing List By Robert Woodhead Of AnimEigo:

We’ve been battling bugs in the authoring system, not to mention bugs in my subtitling system (much as I hate to admit it!), trying to push DVD subtitles to the point we like them, plus a lot of unforeseen circumstances. It’s been a nightmare. We’ve done **7** check discs on UY (Urusei Yatsura) TV 1 getting things right.

The good news is, we are finally getting it up to speed. UY TV 1 is locked down, TV 2 is all done but the final check disc, TV 3 just went into authoring today, and Shin has used the extra time well, and has re-checked every line in all the episodes to bring the early stuff up to our current level of translation. We expect to be ready for replication mid March for the first set, and then we are going to be able to bang out a bunch of DVDs. The packaging is just about done, and we’ve reformatted the liner notes in our new “recipe card” format.

We are also bringing a second authoring house online to do more of our back catalog. Starting with a couple of minor titles to test them out, then if they work, they’ll stream out a bunch of product. We know where all the snags are.

I know that it sometimes seems like AnimEigo doesn’t get anything done, but it is not for lack of effort. Shin is working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week; we just got him a half-time minion and will be recruiting another one soon, just so that the poor boy will be able to work normal hours.

Best, R

2-23-00—- Viz News

Manga / Comics News for June from from Viz Communications:

The “Pokemon: Surf’s Up, Pikachu” graphic novel collects the limited manga series in one deluxe edition, containing 4 color pages reproducing the covers of the limited series, and 12+ additional b&w comic pages created specifically for the graphic novel. This is the final Pokemon manga work drawn by artist, Toshihiro Ono.

In Dragon Ball Part 3: “Legends say that whoever gathers all seven Dragon Balls will have their wish granted. In Dragon Ball Part 1, teenage inventor Bulma wanted to find them, and recruited the help of Son Goku, a naive super-strong boy with a monkey’s tail. After many adventures, Goku, Bulma, and their friends found the Dragon Balls and made their wish (although not the wish they had in mind). But Goku decided that what he really wanted was to become stronger. In Part 2, Goku trained under the Invincible Old Master and entered the “Strongest Under the Heavens” fighting tournament, only to just barely lose the final match…against the Old Master himself!

Goku has started a new quest to find the Dragon Balls…but he’s not the only one looking for them! The Red Ribbon, an evil organization that’d give James Bond a hard time, wants to use their power to rule the world. Can Goku survive Commander White’s tower of terrors, guarded by robots, ninjas, and Frankenstein’s monster? Can he beat the sinister soldiers of Commander Blue? Then, with Bulma and Kuririn in tow, the action moves to a jungle island where one of the last Dragon Balls is buried in an underwater pirate’s cave…guarded by deadly traps and unseen dangers! It’s adventure, humor and mayhem, Dragon Ball-style!”

Issues #1-13 (32 pages) are printed in the original Japanese format (text right to left), with English dialogue and sound effects. Issue #14, is an expanded 48-page issue.

2-23-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Continuing Protests by animal rights’ activists have prompted two game arcades, located in Tokyo, and Osaka respectively, this week, to remove the previously reported on “Submarine Catcher” game machines in which players try to capture live lobsters and other sea creatures.

ASCII’s upcoming PSX title, Torifels Mahou Gakuen, a “Taisen Ren’ai Simulation”, is out in Japan on 3/30, listing at 5800 Yen, it features a cast of well known seiyuu:

Ariel: Kikuchi Shiho
Eltz: Hayashibara Megumi
Castel: Shiratori Yuri
Kou: Kanai Mika
Noishu: Imai Yuka
Felden: Kasahara Hiroko
Rindel: Mitsuishi Kotono

2-22-00—- Anime Music News

A Jibakukun TV series mini-vocal album, “Jibakukun Song Collection” will be released in Japan on March 23rd, listing at 1,300 yen. The albun includes the series opening song, “Daremo Shiranai Chizude”, by Yumi Matsuzawa and 2 Two-Mix’s ending songs, “Last Tears” and “37.C Binetsu Senki”; and an extra data (cd-rom) track including character profiles, illustrations from the series, and Matsuzawa Yumi’s promotional video.

7 new Seraphim Call theme CD’s are set for release soon:
6 “coupling” CDs, each containing two songs, will sell for 1200 Yen each.
One theme song and BGM collection will sdell at 3800 Yen.
“Pairs” for the “Coupling” CDs:
1. Urara (Yamamoto Maria) and Yukina (Kasahara Hiroko)
2. Tanpopo (Kawata Taeko) and Kurumi (Kawasumi Ayako)
3. Chinami (Yajima Akiko) and Hatsumi (Itou Emiko)
4. Kasumi (Asakawa Yuu) and Ayano (Tsuruno Kyoko)
5. Ayaka (Sakuma Rei) and Sakura (Nishimura Chinami)
6. Shion (Nagasawa Miki) + song from eps. #12

Iwao Junko wil perform a concert on 4/22 and 4/23 at the Art Sphere hall in Tennouzu. Tickets will go on sale in Japan on 3/25. Box Seat (4 people) list at 25,000 Yen, S seats list at 5500 Yen.

2-22-00—- Mobile Suit Gundam Wing DVD & Dub VHS Release Announcements

From The Pioneer Entertainment Update:

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing – DVD Operation 1 DVD

The space colonies have grown tired of the oppressive rule by the Earth government, a corrupt organization ruled by people who have no real interest in the colonists or their well-being. Their rule is unjust and unfair, but not unopposed. Resistance forces in the colonies have created five special Mobile Suits (robot-like vehicles) called Gundams. Five young pilots have been selected to sneak these Gundams down to Earth and begin a guerilla campaign that will end the Earth government’s rule forever. These pilots appear little more than children, but they carry the hopes and dreams of thousands of people with them as they descend to Earth to fight for their freedom.

Bandai 10365 669198167096 $24.98 5/16/00 1670 13UP Stereo 125

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing – Shooting Stars VHS (Dub)

The space colonies have grown tired of the oppressive rule by the Earth government, a corrupt organization ruled by people who have no real interest in the colonists or their well-being. Their rule is unjust and unfair, but not unopposed. Resistance forces in the colonies have created five special Mobile Suits (robot-like vehicles) called Gundams. Five young pilots have been selected to sneak these Gundams down to Earth and begin a guerilla campaign that will end the Earth government’s rule forever. These pilots appear little more than children, but they carry the hopes and dreams of thousands of people with them as they descend to Earth to fight for their freedom.

Bandai 71115 669198165030 $14.98 5/16/00 1650 Stereo 100

2-22-00—- Official Miramax Princess Mononoke DVD Announcement

From The Ghiblink Mailing List:

The “Princess Mononoke” VHS and DVD will be released on June 13, 2000.

The DVD will have Japanese and English language tracks. English closed captions are also available.

The VHS will be the English dubbed version.

The bonus materials include the theatrical trailer and a featurette.

The correct run time is approx. 133 minutes.

BVHE is still developing the advertising/PR campaign.

I have no information on the DVD rights of the other Studio Ghibli titles.

If you’ve been holding back on pre-ordering, go do it now. Most DVD places on the web run a 40% off pre-order deal, so the movie will cost $19.99.

2-22-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Bandai is reportedly, currently producing a PSX 2 sequel to Mobile Suit Gundam: Giren’s Ambition.

Microcabin plans to market multi-color PocketStation shells in both opaque and transparent schemes of blue, pink, orange, purple, and yellow. The shells will sell for 680 Yen each, they go on sale in Japan on March 3rd.

2-22-00—- Digi Charat Video Release

Two Digi Charat DVD’s/videos compiling the TV series are slated for release in Japan in the next few months:

Di Gi Charat Vol. 1
Release: 3-24
Price: 4700 Yen
containing: episodes 1-8
Extras include Gamers TV Commercial (type 1), seiyuu discussion (part 1)
First press units include 5 Digi Charat trading cards

Di Gi Charat Vol. 2
Release: 4-26
Price: 4700 Yen
Containing: episodes 9-16
Extras include Gamers TV Commercial (type 2), seiyuu discussion (part 2)
First press units include 4 Digi Charat trading cards