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Anime News Service – February 26-28 Anime News

2-28-02—- Metreon Anime Screening Updates

San Francisco’s Metreon has announced free Anime screenigs will occur throughout 2002. More info can be obtained at Action Theatre at Metreon-A Sony Entertainment Center will be host to an ever-changing line-up of anime and action movies, and will present features from leading anime film makers throughout the year. Features from leading anime film and toy maker, Bandai Entertainment will screen in February and March.

From the creators of “Ghost in the Shell” and “Akira”, Action Theatre is proud to present the ADVANCE DVD SCREENING of
“Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade”

FRIDAY, March 1 at 7:30pm;
SATURDAY, March 2 at 1:00pm and 7:30pm
SUNDAY, March 3 at 5pm

Starting Friday, March 1, 2002 in Action Theatre, a limited number of “Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade” DVDs will be available for purchase before its national release date. You will also receive a free Jin-Roh poster with a purchase of a DVD, while supplies last.

Metreon.com’s Shopping page can be accessed here, check there for more info on the Bandai Shop at Action Theatre – a 500 square-foot retail space featuring anime products, toys, model kits and DVDs.

2-28-02—- Domestic Licensing Items

Also in this months Right Stuf Updates Pioneer Entertainment has raised the prices on the Armitage III: Dual Matrix DVD (Special Edition w/ltd edition lunchbox/figure). Although the company has yet to decide on the final costs they have temporarily raised the price of the set to $69.98.

Synch Point has mentioned to Right Stuf an indefinite delay for the release of I’m Gonna Be An Angel DVD. A pre June target date has been mentioned and a firm release date is expected for next month.

2-28-02—- Tenchi Muyo GXP Request Overload

According to the latest Right Stuf International update, (AIC), the Japanese producers of the Tenchi Muyo Series, have been swamped with so many requests from American fans for information on the release of the new series outside of Japan that they’ve had to post a message on their English website asking fans to stop asking. The company has promised to post everything they have regarding the English release as soon as it’s been licensed (which could be some time considering its just beginning production). For more info: http://www.aicanime.com/http://www.aicanime.com/

2-28-02—- Sen Confirmed Down Under

From Nausicaa.net via Daniel:

“Dale confirmed with Madman Entertainment that the firm is bringing “Spirited Away” to Australia:Madman is hoping to do a theatrical run hopefully in late 2002, with an Australian VHS/DVD release in early 2003. The above dates are very tentative at this stage, since this must be the biggest project Madman has ever done.”

2-28-02—- Best Motoring International Updates

For fans of the best selling Japanese motorsports video magazine, the staff of Best Motoring International will be in the U.S. in April to exhibit at the SEMA/International Auto Salon (http://www.ias2k2.com). BMI plans to bring along a very special car (and possibly a very special guest) from Spoon Sports.

Currently, the magazine releases it’s volumes on VHS video cassette, regarding some viewer questions asking about a possible DVD release, Cost, overall market demand and piracy are some of the issues that are holding BMI back from the transition.

Although BMI is currently focuses on the North American market, a PAL territory release may be pending. On requests for a driving techniques video BMI has mentioned it is under consideration.

BMI’s Official web site, linked above will be upgraded in the next several weeks with the Vol. 4 release promos, MPEG Library updates, new wallpaper downloads, redesigned forums and more.

2-28-02—- Truly Lost Treasure – Astroboy Episode 34 Among Discovered Cache Of Episodes Screening In Japan

A big thanks to Yukio-san (Dead Shot Club | ISDN Fanclub) for submitting the following:

From an article running at FUJI ZAK ZAK Evening News:

“A lost episode of “Astro boy” is broadcasted 39 years later.”

Masterpiece “Astro boy” of Mr. Osamu Tezuka broadcasted as the domestic anime series of the beginning of 1968. Episode 34 “Midoro ga numa” (Midoro marsh) called “a lost work” revives till now for 39 because film does not exist and lets you please with the former fan.
New program “BS entirely perfection collection” of NHK-BS2 digging up a one theme broadcasting it deeply. NHK features “hero of eternity, Astro boy” intensively in April from March, and the whole book broadcasts volume 25 minutes of “Midoro ga numa” (Midoro marsh) sealed by a program of this we April 3 (10:00 p.m.). As for the anime series of an atom, film of a 6 work is not discovered among all 193 stories.
English version of “Midoro ga numa” (Midoro marsh) was America, and it was discovered last year.
“Because it was the 50th year and wanted to make you the first theme of a new program by all means since comics of an atom appeared this year, I borrowed it with the sound tape which a MUSHI- production saved together and I revised digital and re-constructed” it (a NHK chief producer) Atom challenges a lizard of “Midoro marsh” which a story has advanced intelligence, and turned a person into a slave a fight. A lizard is the contents which an adult I prophesy that “mankind will fall sometime soon”, and to die is made to think about last. Between fans, the reason why a work by the same author product was considered to be “an illusion” has one more.
It “is the only work which “zero studio” made of Syoutaro ishinomori, Fijio akatsuka, Fujio / F / Fujiko, Jiro Tsunoda which lived with “Tokiwa sou” (Tokiwa Apartment) which is famous for a younger student of Mr. Tezuka” (enthusiast comics magazine editing person) Furthermore, from what was never broadcasted again, there was such a legend. “When Mr. Tezuka watched a preview, I have remained silent in pessimistic contents.”
Therefore the production staff minded it, and it was said that I disposed of Japanese version (enthusiast comics magazine editing person). As for I understand nobody truth, but “Astro boy” being a large masterpiece left with history of anime, it is certain. DVD complete works “Astro boy BOX2” which I ruled from Story 31 including “Midoro ga numa” (Midoro marsh) to Story 60 (Nippon Columbia) is released on March 1.

2-28-02—- Amano Elektra Painting Fetches $5000 In Chairity Auction

News in from the previous week’s Mega Con regarding the ACTOR auction of several items including a one of a kind painting of Elektra by Vampire Hunter D character designer Yoshitaka Amano. On Wednesday the group annouced the outstanding results of its latest fund-raisers at the Orlando MegaCon convention from February 23rd through 25th. ACTOR raised $50,000 over the weekend, with a major Saturday night auction as the centerpiece.

The auction totaled $45,000 with 183 lots donated by comic artists and writers, plus special lots donated by Miramax/Dimension Films and CrossGen Comics. ACTOR President Jim McLauchlin and Kevin Smith, writer and director of Miramax/Dimension’s “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back,” served as auctioneers. Auction highlights included:
o Yoshitaka Amano Elektra and Wolverine: The Redeemer painting: $5000
o Jerry Ordway Fawcett Collectors of America painting: $1600
o Frank Cho Wizard Edge cover: $1600
o Charles Vess Rose #3 cover: $1400
o Greg Land/Drew Geraci Sojourn #3 2-page spread: $1150
o CrossGen USS Theodore Roosevelt autographed prints: $1100
o Jim Lee unpublished Fairchild painting: $1000

A full list of auction results will be available on ACTOR’s Website at www.ACTORComicFund.org within one week. ACTOR Disbursement Committee member John Romita Sr. did drawings for donations, and comic model Diana Knight posed for pictures for donations. In all, ACTOR raised a total of over $50,000 for the weekend. “The entire MegaCon staff was a tremendous help, and the convention was outstanding,” concluded ACTOR President Jim McLauchlin. “We’re already looking forward to bigger and better things at MegaCon next year.”

2-28-02—- New Midnight Eye Japanese Cinema Items

From the Midnight Eye Update:


Movie of the Week: FIRE FESTIVAL
One of the relatively few good films made in the 80s, courtesy of the ever-intriguing Mitsuo Yanagimachi. http://www.midnighteye.com/reviews/firefest.shtml

Hiroyuki Nakano, the current king of wink-wink cinema, is back with another attempt at retro coolness. http://www.midnighteye.com/reviews/rdshadow.shtml

2-28-02—- Dead Or Alive Hits Canada

www.viz.com has updated mentioning Dead or Alive’ theatrical schedule, the movie will be shown at the following venue :

4/5-8 (Edmonton, Canada) Metro Cinema Society

2-28-02—- Viz May 2002 Offerings

Viz Communications, Inc. today announced its May product releases, which include the titles below. For complete information on these products, including series, title, author and pricing information, please read the full releases at http://www.viz.com/news/pressreleases/:

* Ongoing Monthly Series — Bastard!! #6 Fighter!!, Part 3 #1; Ceres, Celestial Legend, Part 2 #6; Dragon Ball, Part 4 #10; Dragon Ball Z, Part 5 #5; Inu-Yasha, Part 6 #13; Magical Pokémon Journey, Part 7 #3: Clefairy’s Blue Period; Medabots, Part 1 #3 & #4; Pokémon Adventures, Part 7 #2: Yellow Beginnings; Ranma 1/2, Part 11 #3; Silent Möbius: Turnabout, Part 10 #5; The Big O, Part 1 #4; Vagabond #7

* Neon Genesis Evangelion, Volume 7 #1 — Shinji thought he had found a reason to fight-to save his friends, but he watched helplessly as Gendo took over his own Eva Unit-01 and used it to beat and maul the Angel-possessed Unit-03 to death, together with the pilot Toji Suzuhara trapped inside it. Enraged, Shinji does what he never did in the anime-he takes a good swing at his father! Through with NERV, Shinji heads to the first train out of Tokyo-3, even as the mighty Angel Zeruel appears over the city.

* The All-New Tenchi Muyô! Part 1, #1 — In this debut issue, mysterious strangers investigate the Tenchi household-and find it stranger than they ever imagined! Meet Tenchi, half-human descendant of an alien swordsman; Ayeka and Sasami, princesses of planet Jurai; Mihoshi, space cop; Washu, the mad scientist; and Ryoko, a space pirate turned good! But will their secrets be exposed before a world that isn’t ready for superpowered aliens, cute cat-things that transform into giant spaceships, or high-tech sentient trees?

* Dragon Ball, Volume 8 — After the setbacks Goku’s dealt the Red Ribbon Army, Commander Red has hired Taopaipai, the world’s deadliest assassin, to kill him! To beat this powerful opponent, Goku must travel to the top of the miles-high Karin Tower to meet the hermit master Karin and get the magic elixir that can increase one’s strength tenfold! Even with the elixir, does Goku have the strength to beat Taopaipai? Then, the Red Ribbon Army has Goku’s Dragon Balls, but to get them, Goku will have to overcome incredible odds and launch a frontal attack on the Red Ribbon Army headquarters-by himself!

* El-Hazard, Volume 1 — After being whisked away to the magical world of El-Hazard, high school student Makoto Mizuhara finds himself in the center of a war between the forces of the Allied Kingdoms and inhuman denizens of the Bugrom Empire. After meeting the three elemental priestesses, defenders of the Allied Kingdoms, Makoto reunites with his teacher, Mr. Fujisawa, who was also transported to El-Hazard. Meanwhile, Katsuhiko Jinnai, Makoto’s classmate who was also transported to El-Hazard, leads the advance of the Bugrom Horde as debate rages in Roshtaria on whether or not to use the ancient superweapon known as “The Eye of God.” However, all may be for naught if Jinnai gets his hands on another weapon from El-Hazards dark past-the demon god Ifurita.

* Inu-Yasha, Volume 11 — When a would-be water god with a stolen spear of enormous power threatens to destroy a village, Inu-Yasha and company must find the real water god before it is too late! Then, the group comes across a decimated village with no clues as to who the culprit could be. With a swing of the Tetsusaiga and the crack of splintering wood, the culprit is revealed, which turns out to be a shock for Sango!

* Neon Genesis Evangelion, Book 6 — While conducting experiments on the Angel’s mysterious S² engine, NERV’s research base in Nevada instantly vanishes in a ball of fire – an ominous warning for those who delve into science better left untouched. Meanwhile, the all-new Unit-03 has arrived in Japan for field tests and the pilot is revealed to be none other than Shinji’s friend, Toji Suzuhara! But when Unit-03 reveals its true form as the Eighth Angel, Shinji, Rei and Asuka are ordered to destroy the aberrant Eva at all costs – even if it means killing the pilot.

* No Need for Tenchi, Volume 12: No Need For Endings — In this final volume, the Misaki household, breaching the barrier of time and space, mounts a daring rescue operation to save Ayeka and Sasami from the planet Oku-II. But Garyu’s control over Ayeka is stronger now than ever, and this time the princess will stop at nothing to follow her master’s new order-kill Tenchi Masaki! Can Tenchi bring Ayeka back to her senses without getting himself killed in the process?

* X/1999, Volume 7: Rhapsody — The sun rises at the dawn of a new millennium, but for mankind, it may be setting. Kamui’s aunt, Tokiko, is torn apart giving birth to the sacred sword that is Kamui’s birthright. The gory sight drives Kotori into madness, where she meets both her dead mother in the Sea of Tears, and the prophet Kakyo, who awakens her powers as a dream seer. Then, an earthquake shakes Tokyo, startling the Dragons of Heaven and Earth with the presence of one of their equals, the sorcerer Sakura-zukamori, hated enemy of the medium Subaru (from CLAMP’s Tokyo Babylon). But among all these people of power is the “other” Kamui-Kamui’s Twin Star.

2-28-02—- Blood Screenings

These are the places and times Blood: The Last Vampire will be screened at over the next two months:

According to Manga Entertainment:

2/28/02-3/4/02 ZED Cinema-Stuk Art Center Leuven Belgium

3/22/02-3/27/02 11th International Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart Germany

3/28/02-3/29/02 Cleveland Cinematheque Cleveland Ohio

2-28-02—- Asia Cinema News

Thanks to Nick for the following:

This is from Kung Fu Cult Cinema (www.kfccinema.com):

Versus DVD
From kss-movie.com
“April 26th will be an important date for all of us. It will mark the official Japanese release of the now cult movie Versus. With a 4700yen (around 35US$) , the disc will include an Audio Commentary with the Director and staff, a 27 minutes documentary on the making of the film, a 7-minute Versus Side Story ‘Nervous’ preview and 4-minutes of Trailers. The big news here is that the official Versus web site is now announcing the movie to have ENGLISH SUB!!There is no word on whether the extra features will be subtitled, or on the discs technical specifications at this time.”

‘Touch’ already a go for sequel before release
From news.yahoo.com/
“Michelle Yeoh’s romantic action-adventure “The Touch” is still in the editing room, but producer Mythical Films has greenlighted a $30 million sequel, likely to go into production during the coming year. The project will reunite the original production team, which includes Yeoh as star and producer, producer Thomas Chung, director Peter Pau and screenwriters Laurent Courtiaud, Julien Carbon and J.D. Zeik.

“The decision to make a sequel came after we saw the edit done by Marshall Harvey and Peter Pau,” said Chung, chairman of Han Entertainment Inc., which owns Mythical. “The more we saw, the more confident we were that when ‘The Touch’ comes out, it will be good. We didn’t want to rush the sequel, so we want to start planning early.” The Touch 2″ might pre-empt Mythical’s next planned project, “Hua Mulan,” a period action-drama in development. “The question of which comes first is still up in the air,” Chung said. “We will have a better idea after (this month’s) American Film Market.”

Like “Touch,” its sequel will be filmed mainly in China.”

Disturbing news
“Apparently that the HK company MegaStart his having distribution problem and can no longer deliver any shops right now. Some people are suspecting that Disney is behind all this and fro now we have no idea when this problem will be solved. As for Chinastar and Ocean Shore, they will apparently stop distributing movies on DVD and transfer their upcoming movies to…Mei HA. This is a really bad new since China Star was one of the best DVD distributors from HK. Also don’t forget to sign the PETITION again Disney treatment of HK movies.”

Tai Seng release Fist of Fury
From dvdreview.com
Lovers of the martial arts film are all familiar with the Bruce Lee classic, but fewer are aware of the 199e remake of Fist of Fury. The updated version is coming to DVD in April. Donnie Yen reprises the role of Chen Jun played by Yen’s real life hero Bruce Lee in this action packed remake of Lee’s classic film “The Chinese Connection!” When Chen’s master is poisoned by the Japanese, Chen vows revenge on the murderer. With stunning fights choreographed by Yen and the legendary Hung Yen Yen, “Fist of Fury” is filled with great recreations of the classic scenes from the original film, and it captures the spirit of the Bruce Lee classic as well as enchances the original with its amazing action.

A widescreen transfer and Dolby Digital 5.1 tracks in Mandarin and Cantonese will grace this DVD with optional English subtitles. An audio commentary will be included featuring Robin Shou. Other features include the making of “Fist of Fury” featurette, trailers and filmographies. Coming on April 30th, “Fist of Fury” will be priced at $19.95

Us to remake Korean movies
From MRKwang

“The remake right of the movie “My Sassy Girl” was sold to Dreamworks, that news was confirmed on 23rd. Feb. The profits would be Minimum Guarantee 750,000$ + 4% for whole world sale. “My Sassy Girl” remake would be written by Jessica Bendinger [Bring it on], and produced by Maverick Film. It would be 2nd. deal for a Korean movie remake to a Hollywood Major Studio, the first one was “My wife is Gangster”. At the same time, MGM got the right to the other Korean comedy “Hi, Dharma”, again for the remake, and the profits would be 300,000$ + 5% of whole world sale.”

2-27-02—- New Manga / Anime From Gainax – Boukyaku No Senritsu

New from GAiNAX and mangaka Karakura Shinji is the comic Boukyaku no Senritsu (Melody of Oblivion), it starts running in monthly Shonen Ace magazine from May, it focuses on the story of a high school student Bokka who meets a special girl, changing his life forever. An anime adaptation is in the planning stages.

2-27-02—- New Manga Website Officially Announced

From the Manga Entertainment Release:

Manga Entertainment Gives Website New Look

Chicago, IL (February 27, 2002) – Japanese animation company Manga Entertainment announces a new look in their website (www.manga.com) featuring a more multimedia feel, with Flash and CGI programming bringing more of a dynamic content. The site navigation is run via Javascript, which now has the ability to change multiple pages at the same time.

Manga’s Webmaster Ryan Landek and graphic designer Jason Novak created the site.

“Ryan and Jason have done an excellent job in taking the Manga site to a whole new level. The availability of new web software technologies has enabled them to develop this site in-house and to utilize their knowledge and creativity representing Manga in a very cool way. We know the fans will appreciate the new web site as it is much more user friendly, informative and fun.” Says Mike Egan, GM of Manga.

Among the features Manga has added: a “Flash Catalog” in a multimedia format; a “Sputnik7 Newsletter”; “Anime Links” – for fans to add their links to the page; “Downloads” – Wallpaper, images, etc.; “Manga TV” – to watch movies streamed online via Sputnik7.com; “In Theaters Now” – an up-to the date Theater listings.

2-27-02—- Another Macross Angle

The Sankei Shimbun has compiled a Japanese language account of Monday’s ruling regarding the Macross rights ruling.

2-27-02—- Hina Dolls Article

Hina Dolls are making their mark at a cultural festival in Japan, The Daily Yomiuri has details in a new piece.

2-27-02—- Mascots For Asian World Cup

The Mainichi Photo Journal for 2-27 has revealed The official souvenir mascot dolls of World Cup 2002, Nik in blue, Ato in yellow and Kaz in purple, are piled on a shelf in a Tokyo shop. Japan is hoping that this year’s World Cup, the first ever to be held in Asia, will give a boost to this recession-struck nation. The three mascots in various sizes are sold at between 600 yen and 4,200 yen.

2-26-02—- Jumbo Machinder Megazord?

Cool Japanese Toys has a investigative piece on the identity of a new U.S. exclusive toy from Bandai:

Surprise, surprise. As noted by HARVEY on the CoolJapaneseToys.com Message Board, a new toy has just hit the shelves of select Toys R Us stores. The item is called the WILD FORCE JUMBO MEGAZORD and is a giant, not-released-in-Japan toy of GAOKING from the sentai show GAORANGER. It’s important to note that this item essentially came out of nowhere.

2-26-02—- Anime / Manga Gaming

According to The Magic Box

Sammy will release Initial D: Another Stage for GameBoy Advance in mid-April, an adventure game based on the popular anime series Initial D. The game features a command based racing game, in which you have to use RPG like commands to control your car.

2-26-02—- Big Release News For Australia

According to the post to the Madman Entertainment Forum:

The following was on the av channel under a news heading happy birthday with a date of feb 26.

Madman Entertainment will be releasing the most comprehensive range of anime titles ever released in Australia including Evangelion Death and Rebirth, Spriggan Cowboy Bebop and without question the most anticipated anime feature film ever produced Sprited Away which has just collected the Golden Bear in Berlin and topped Titanics Box Office in Japan.

2-26-02—- New VHD Bloodlust Theaters

The Official Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust Site states Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust will be playing at the following venues:

The Cleveland Cinematheque – 3/14-3/15/02
Cleveland, OH

The Asian Film Festival of Dallas – 3/29/02
Dallas, TX

The Urban Institution of Contemporary Art – 4/11-4/13/02
Grand Rapids, MI

Sub Films Iowa State – 4/20/02
Ames, IA

2-26-02—- Japanese News Briefs

R2 DVD release of Volume 1 of Gatekeepers 21 OVA has been pushed back 1 month to April 2002 24th.

Sony has 15 and 30 second video previews of Rurouni Kenshin Seisou Hen episode 2.

A limited edition release of Generation Of Chaos Next is out April 25th packaged with a copy of the PS2 game of the same name for 8,800 Yen.

Nihei Tsutomu’s manga, BLAME!, is to be adapted to a movie. The manga runs in Kodansha’s monthly Afternoon.

Perhaps a sign of Japan’s realization that it’s pop cultural exports are vital industries, Nikkei BP has an article mentioning the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry along with the TV drama, anime and game industries will establish a unit to combat piracy in April.

Source: Natsume Maya

2-26-02—- Akira Psychoball Media

One can check out images of Akira Psychoball-for PS2-at Gamespot and movie clips also at Gamespot.

2-26-02—- Gundam Movie From Bandai Entertainment This Year

Speaking with Bandai Entertainment Representitive Jerry Chu today ANS has confirmed Escaflowne will not be the sole anime film the company will commit to theatrical release in America this year. A Gundam production of currently unknown classification will also be released to theaters at some point throughout 2002 – developing.

2-26-02—- Anime Tourist FLCL English Producer Interviews

From the release:Article: Behind the Scenes of FLCL Link: http://www.animetourist.com/article1039.html

In this behind the scenes look at FLCL as we talk with March Chandler (Director/Scriptwriter) and Rick Tetzlaff (Sound Engineer/mixer) about the challenges they had in translating difficult in-jokes and pop culture references, finding the right voice for the characters, working with Gainax, getting the sound right, their prior work Cowboy Bebop, and the new work they are doing on the Astro Boy series.

Joining Marc and Rick were Kari Wahlgren (Haruko) and Jennifer Sekiguchi (Mamimi). With these guests we discussed the challenges of voicing anime, ADR blues, their prior work, and learning Japanese in the booth.

For those who have already seen the series, the discussion on what some of the symbolism of the show means may be of interest.

Background info:

March Chandler is the Director/Scriptwriter for the US release of FLCL and Rick Tetzlaff is the Sound Engineer and Mixer. Kari Wahlgren is the English voice of Haruko and Jennifer Sekiguchi is the voice of Mamimi.

2-26-02—- Utada Takes School Leave – To Return Soon

Thanks to David at Colombia University for the following update on J-pop singer Hikaru Utada’s attendance at the college:

she spent a semester here at Columbia University (Columbia College, no less). Right now she seems to be on leave, but is supposed to be returning after touring some.

2-26-02—- Cruise In Last Samurai?

From Daniel via Corona:

“Variety reported today that Tom Cruise is close to working out a deal to to star in The Last Samurai. If the deal can be closed, this could become Cruise’s next project. Set in 19th century Japan, the actor would play an American soldier who is hired by the Japanese Emperor to train his troops in the ways of western warfare. As the character begins his task, he witnesses first-hand how the old feudal ways of the samurai are coming to an end.”

2-26-02—- More Robotech Flash Prizes

Robotech.com has announced more prizes are going out to fan favorite flash animation submissions.

2-26-02—- Angel Dust International Versions

Thanks to Initial D Fan1 for this news:

Here is the official news from Aoi-Nanase-san’s web site concerning the manga translation of Angel/Dust:
* ‘ ANGEL / DUST ‘ Chinese language edition sells! *
* Kadokawa Publishing Co., Ltd. NEWTYPE comics with translation language version ” of ANGEL / DUST “,
This time the Chinese language edition sells anew on January 1st of 2002. Increase edition is decisive.
Those where sale is planned until now, the Chinese language and the Korean language, are 5 national languages of French, German and the Italian language.
thank you for your support
(Inc.) Kadokawa Publishing Co., Ltd. home page URL www.kadokawa.co.jp/

2-26-02—- Update: New Space Cruiser Yamato

Thanks to Yukio-san (Dead Shot Club | ISDN Fanclub) for this item:

That “space cruiser YAMATO” which is a hit product of Reiji/matsumoto is broadcasted as the new work television series from October is announced on February 25. According to the staff, They seem to be preparing it with a title of “New space cruiser YAMATO” currently. A work says a stage of final stage about TV stations. Movie “New space cruiser YAMATO” shows “New space cruiser YAMATO” in August, next year and plans it and They have collaboration plan with overseas and rise.

Memorialized that Matsumoto received a prize by “an order of purple” in last autumn on February 25, and “the meeting which celebrated” it was held in inside Tokyo hotel, and about 1200 participated. Fujio/akatsuka of a comic artist was to inform you of a friend representative, but is absent by physical condition defectiveness. Mr. SakyouKomatsu of a writer acted as a substitute.

Source: http://www.sanspo.com/

2-26-02—-Yamauchi To Step Down At Nintendo?

“According to a report on Japanese Web site Manichi Interactive, Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi–who is now 74 years old–is considering stepping down from his position after the Nintendo shareholders meeting in June. However, a replacement has not been announced for Yamauchi, and he has continually pushed back his retirement, as his initial plan was to step down sometime in 2001. Yamauchi originally took control of Nintendo in 1949, when it was still actively involved in the playing card business.”

Source: Gamespot

2-26-02—- Animatrix Details

The Spring 2002 issue of Anime Invasion also states that 10 episodes of the Matrix anime are in the works, 5 of which will be written by the Wachowskis.

Thnaks To Daniel For The Heads Up.

2-26-02—- Nine Other Lupin Movies Announced For Domestic U.S. Release

Thanks to Daniel for the following:

The following is a list compiled from the Spring 2002 issue of Wizard’s Anime Invasion which also has a nice Lupin article you should check out. These films have been remembered with different titles among Lupin fans, so hopefully I will clarify which ones are which in the future. Until then, check out www.lupinencyclopedia.com for all your Lupin needs. Anyway, here goes:

1)”Voyage to Danger”, 2)”Dragon of Doom”, 3)”Harimao’s Treasure”4)”Farewell to Nostradamus”[One of the worst. It’s also the reason Monkey Punch returned to directing.] , 5)”Dead or Alive”[Monkey Punch’s first directorial effort with Lupin in 25 years!], 6)”Crisis in Tokyo”,[Megumi Hayashibara’s in this one.] 7)”The Columbus Files”, “8)Missed by a Dollar”, and 9)”Island of Assassin”[Aka, Walther P-38]

Funimation says each film will be released every 5-6 months after Gemini.

“Dragon of Doom” [I also forgot to mention this one’s alternate title is Burning Sword of Zantetsu, which means Goemon’s the main focus. It’s also the last Lupin movie long-time Lupin seiyuu Yasuo Yamada starred in before he passed away.]

Robert Stickles of the Lupin ML has informed me that the Lupin movie “Voyage to Danger” is the “Dark Order of Assassination” movie made in ’93.

2-26-02—- Godzilla GMK AFM Report

“The theater was about 30-35% full and also in attendance were Richard Pusateri, Steve Ryfle, Stuart Galbraith and Keith Aitken. Toho was represented by Shozo Watanabe, Masaharu Ina and Tetsushi Sudo…According to Mr. Ina (Toho-Los Angeles Gen. Manager) and Mr. Watanabe (Toho Int’l. Marketing and Sales Mgr.), talks with Sony/TriStar are still taking place and no deal has yet been inked. The event was geared towards distributors outside of North and South America. If a deal isn’t made between Toho and Sony, another well-known studio might be interested.”

Also, the reviewer seems to think GMK looked even better at AFM, even stating, “The brighter screen made the daytime cinematography of the battle between Baragon and Godzilla even more beautiful. It was definitely Academy Award-caliber stuff.”

To read more about GMK at AFM, check out Cinescape