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Anime News Service-Review: Initial D Fourth Stage: Project D Episodes 1-2

By Jonah Morgan

The latest season of Initial D started off 2 weeks ago in Japan, a friend of mine in Tokyo has been sending these. The car animation is now all cel shaded like this PS2 game that came out about a year ago. The first 2 episodes story arc deal with Takumi Fujiwara (AE86) and the younger Takahashi brother (Efini FD3S) racing an MX-5 and R32 GTR in Tochigi. They said in the show the Miata had 1.6 bored to 1.8 I think with some internal work. The touge course they are on has these deep uncovered gutters that run on both sides of the road that are really deep, like so deep that if Takumi tried to get a tire down in one and ride it like a rail it would spin him out. But unless he get his car to turn over this space he wont be able to pass the MX5, how he does it is pretty amazing as usual. Drift Legend Keichi Tsuchiya returns to oversee the racing physics and provide real world motorsports input. The end of the second episode has the latest competitor sitting on the hood of a Type R Civic. The new format for broadcast is 2 epsiodes at once on pay per view basis. Episodes 3 and 4 are expected to broadcast June 19th. OP and ED songs come via the cybertrance group Move who did the 1st 2 TV series themes.