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Anime News Service – January 8-10 Anime News


Newtype Japan has an online report from the production symposium held for the ‘Gallery Fake’ TV launch. The late night series began running from Jan. 8th on TV Tokyo. Mirroring the theme of the work, the event was held at the historic Okura Museum in Toranomon. The production staff and cast took stage talking about the series after the 1st epsiode was screened to visitors. Tachikawa Yo, the editor in chief of Big Comic Spiritts gave some history on the Gallery Fake manga which started running in the magazine’s Nov. 5th, 1990 issue. 278 stories have been produced over the next 14 years. 31 volumes have been released total and profits from the film release exceeds 10 million. Visit the official Gallery Fake website here.
– Anime Network has teamed with Oceanic Time Warner Cable to launch it’s programming lineup as part of Oceanic’s Video On Demand (VOD) package. Viewers can now tune into Channel 332 to access such fan-favorites as Chobits, Robotech, and Kaleidostar, among many other hit animated shows and specials.
ComingSoon.net interviews director James Cameron on his coming film Battle Angel and uncovers alot of information on the project not mentioned previously. Cameron mentions wanting to use special 3D camera system to shoot the film, with plans to release it to digital theaters in 2007. “So we’re in pre-production now on a movie called Battle Angel, which is based on a Japanese Manga series of graphic novels by an artist named Yukito Kishiro. It’s not in the sort of top ten of graphic novels in Japan; it’s a lesser known one, and we’re going to make Battle Angel over the next couple of years and release it in ’07.” According to the Titanic director the film’s story will focus on the first three books of the manga series “which means that it pulls forward the motorball story into the Ido, Alita, Hugo story, if you will.” A mix of CG and live action is planned with CG lead in Alita. Cameron goes on to expound upon his hopes for digital movie making and comments on the storyline of Vattle Angel: “It’s a father-daughter relationship story that just has the most insane action that you can imagine. It will be PG-13 — lots of blood, but it’s all blue.
– ADV Films announced on January 18, 2005 the feature-length Saiyuki: Requiem, The Motion Picture hits the street in a deluxe special edition DVD packed with bonus features. Saiyuki: Double Barrel Collection, Volume One follows on February 1, 2005. Saiyuki: Requiem, The Motion Picture ($29.98 SRP) is a DVD-only release including a 95-minute feature presented in English 5.1 and Japanese 5.1 with English subtitles. Extras include: character profiles and art gallery, interview with creator Kazuya Minekura, Japanese promos and TV spots, voice actor commentary with the men of Saiyuki, reversible cover, fold-out poster insert and ADV previews. Saiyuki: Double Barrel Collection Volume One ($29.98 SRP) is a 2-disc DVD-only release including 10 complete episodes presented on 2 DVDs. Audio is presented in English 5.1 and Japanese 2.0 with English subtitles. Extras include: cultural background notes, production sketches, cleaning opening and closing animation and ADV previews.
TV Shows On DVD reports The 3″ DVD format, known popularly as Mini-DVD, is taking off in the USA. Dedicated players for the format have been released and word out of CES indicates more companies are looking to support it. According to the article, anime companies led mini-dvd the charge in early 2004, with Funimation releasing discs of Yu-Gi-Oh, Dragonball GT, and others. ADV has also supported the format, and Media Blasters is just two weeks away from releasing Invader Zim – Mini-DVD #1: The Nightmare Begins and Invader Zim – Mini-DVD #2: Bestest Friend/NanoZim.
– The official website for Sunrise’ Gundam Seed Destiny has been updated with new character and story details.
– Gainax’s Top O Nare! 2 website has been updated with new details on characters.
– Sunrise is gearing up for it’s DVD release of Armored Trooper Votoms on DVD on the 20th. The official website has been updated at www.votoms.net with details from the title Root Of Ambition in it’s library section, Vol.3-4 jacket graphics have been added to the gallery, the streaming section has been updated with the 4th streaming trailer featuring the Quent part of the TV series, and finally the the goods section has updated.
The Long Beach Press Telegram profile’s the city’s slice of the anime industry, coming in the form of Geneon Entertainment. VP Jim Yardley is interviewed and it’s mentioned Geneon “recently did $100 million in annual sales.”
– Hayao Miyazaki’s Howl’s Moving Castle has drawn 2,164,000 in attendance in South Korea where it’s ran since the 23rd of December. Consequently, Howl has become the most viewed theatrically released Japanese film of all time there, surpassing the record established by Spirited Away (2.01 million). So far Japan and Korea are the only 2 countries the movie is screening in, in Japan it’s ran for 44days, drawing 10,000,000+ viewers.
Source: Chosun Illbo
– Updating the major story in Japan from this weekend, the first arrests took place Monday in the case of the Pirated Howl’s Moving Castle DVD’s. This time the sale was occuring in Hyogo prefecture where regional police openly observed transactions. A 35 year old man was arrested and charged with breaching the Copyright Act, 1000 pirate edition DVD’s were also confiscated. 300 pieces of the lot were pirate Howl’s Moving Castle units. Interstingly, according to the report, this is the first time an application of the patent law was applied by the police in the manner with strengthend penal regualtaions. The DVD’s were being sold for 1,000 Yen per unit and 1,500 Yen per two units. Source: Yahoo News
Broadcasting And Cable reports on Cartoon Network’s Toonami drawing it’s name from cartoon and tsunami and and examines the play on the Japanese word in relationship to the tragic events in south Asia 2 weeks ago. Cartoon Network’s General Manager Jim Samples is interviewed and he mentions viewer may wonder about the name but the network doest plan to change the title. Interestingly, in response to the catastrophe, CN pulled an episode of Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi which was to air the week of the event featuring the girls surfing a giant tsunami. CN plans a campaign to let viewers know how they can support the victims of the tsunami effected areas.
The Honolulu Star Bulletin reviews CMX’s Land Of The Blindfolded and among other things mentions: “(CMX’s series so far have the author’s first and last names printed in reverse order on the book, in the traditional Japanese style of first giving one’s family name.)
Peter “Peas” McEvilley’s new release Filters, on Kanpai Records, (Domo Music Group) is a sonic adventure ranging from downtempo to breakbeat. Each track contains a sample from legendary Japanese world music pioneer, Kitaro, which Peas seamlessly weaves into his original beats and melodies. McEvilley, who has produced and written songs for Hollywood Records, Miramax, ABC and many others, started work on this latest album last year after co-scoring a Japanese anime, Ninja Scroll, with Kitaro. Recognizing that Kitaro is one of the pioneers of electronic chill-out music, McEvilley decided to produce a full-length CD that would incorporate samples from Kitaro’s music into new, beat heavy, electronica tracks.
The New Yorker analyzes the works and methods of Hayao Miyazaki.


– Japanese blog site, Music Working Life has updated with a simply astonishing image grab of the tsunami generated by the great 9.0 Sumatra earthquake 2 weeks ago. You can view it here
– There’s a new best seller on the changing face of the Japanese language written by Yasuo Kitahara. Mondai Na Nihongo (‘Japanese In Question’) examines the colloquialisms of the language, constantly being influenced and modified by a younger generation. Selling 20,000 copies in less than one month the basis for the book came from Kotahara’s compilation of the National Language Dictionary in 2001. Sankei News
– Soreike! Gedou Otome Tai (Heresy Maiden Corps) has been announced to go into animation with the launch of the official website at www.gedou.net.
Digion Ltd. announced it’s developing MP3 authoring software for the PSP. At the present stage PSP corresponds to ATRAC3/ATRAC3plus standards.
– A recent hit with 30-40 year-old Japanese readers is the “Midget Book”. Reproductions of Japanese magazines from the 60’s have been published in this format including the lifestyle magazine Timeslip Glico. All original contents are perserved including appendix and ads, with some releases exceeding 100 pages. Measuring five centimeters in length and breadth Timeslip Gluico was released in Hokkaido last month for 315 yen. Although the sales are limited to this area presently, orders from across Japan have flowed into retail outlets in the northern island. The publisher mentioned seeking out the original magazines via online auctions for the source material. Source: Zak Zak
Zak Zak has a view from Japan on the High Definition DVD events occuring at this week’s CES with strong reinforcements appearing inside the Sony camp in the form of Electronic Arts and Vivendi Universal coming on board. As the article’s title states, U.S. game companies have rallied behind Sony’s Blu-Ray format. In addition, four other companies such as Texas Instruments Inc. and Sun Microsystems declared their support bringing the total team behind the standard exceeding 100 companies.
– The limited theatrical schedule and trailer for Beautiful Boxer, a film about a Muy Thai boxer who goes to tournaments to fulfill his dream of becoming a woman, is up at http://www.beautifulboxer-themovie.com/. Thanks to Daniel for the news.
The Mainichi discusses news out of CES where Halo 2 (X-Box) was announced to have sold 6.3 million copies. The game was relesed in November. A surprising 69 million hours of play time has been reached.
– Polaroid announced it would be acquired by the Minnesota firm, Petters Group Worldwide for 426 million dollars (about 45 billion yen). Polaroid developed it’s instant photography standard in 1948. According to Nikkei, Polaroid’s market standing was lost by the appearance of the digital camera. Annual sales peaked in 1991 amounting to three billion dollars.
Source: Nikkei News
– A new virtual “try on” computer visualization method was introduced at the “Long-Sleeved Dress Grand Festival Ceremony” in Aichi Prefecture. The “Computer Kimono Trying On System” is able to act as a virtual mirror of sorts without the client trying the clothing on in reality. Using a PC, young women’s images are fed into the program, allowing them to select an article of choice. Then using special processing and algorithims etc.. the computer can attach the dress to match the perportions of the womans body creating a virtual fit. 200 dresses and 100 belts are currently in the system database. The system will be licensed to retailers following the festival which runs through the 10th.
Source: Yahoo Japan
– According to the Association Of Retailers Of TV Game Software total world produced and shipped units of Sony’s PS2 exceeded 80 million last December. The console was released in 2000. Sales of the new, thinner PS2 have been very good worldwide. 85.8 million units are expected to be hit by March.
Studio Pierrot updated it’s official website with details for the pending release of the Clamp Campus Detectives DVD BOX. Collecting all 26 episodes, the box will include creditless OP-ED inside a specially-made carton box. Liner notes (24 page schedule) and character card are special features. Due on April 23, the BOX will retails at 26,000 Yen. Audio is Dolby Digital Stereo.
– Sekai De Ichiban Yasashi will be made into a drama. Popular in Kodansha’s Pocket Editions all volumes) very popular serialized by this magazine a drama was decided. Retitled Suu Tononnon, it begins February 7 on TBS 28. Source: Kiss Online
5 new PVC figures pluss a secret one from ROD The TV are due out in March.
– With hit dramas like Winter Sonata, Korean culture is making big impression in Japan now. This extends to the level where Korean language and culture are being taught with much popularity. Korean food and cooking methods are being taught in Fukuoka Prefecture, music and and dance are being taught in Saga Prefecture, virtual trips to the country are being undertaken in Yamagata Prefecture and animation and songs are being used for teaching material in Kobe City. Asahi Shimbun recently reported that more Japanese highschools were undertaking the teaching of Korean than German or French. Source: Chosun Illbo (Japanese)
– The 4th Nippon Otaku Award winners were announced Saturday (Jan. 8) night at Loft PLUS ONE theater. The award looked back on trends breaking the Otaku boundrys throughout 2004 and setting the stage 2005. Below are the winners:
Individual Prize – NINTENDO DS, Original Prize – Takara Jet Mole – Incredible Wife (The Incredibles) – Full Metal Alchemist – The Crayon Shin Chan The Movie – Maicchingu Machiko Sensei DVD BOX – Figyua Hou E Zoku – Kyou Shirou 2030 -Mameido merodei PichiPichi Picchi Pyua – Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex: Second GIG – PS2 Tetu28 Game – Futaba Channeru – MS IGLOO – Belleville Rendezvous – Shimotsuma Movie, Grand Prize – Netrunner OVA – Binchou Tan.
The ceremony will telecast On SkyPerfectTV MONDO21/CATV 279ch On January 22nd (1st part) and 23rd (2nd part).
The Daily Item mentions American retailers having luck selling some anime related items via kiosks which is a $10 billion a year business:
Operating with a lower overhead than traditional stores, many temporary vendors test the markets with trendy items and holiday merchandise with a short shelf life. This year, hot items include Yu-Gi-Oh products (Japanese animation toys and cards) for children, virtual reality games, Christmas decorations, personalized ornaments, jewelry, chocolate and calendars.
Indian Television profiles Playware Studios. The Indian based firm develops games and retains a graphics team who can develop graphics and animation in various styles including Retro, Chibi, Manga, Kitsch, Gothic, Classic, Disney.
Voice Of America reports on how a comic book project has improved literacy in New York schools. Manga has a role in this story as well.
– Drexel University’s student newspaper, The Triangle, talks anime film.
Contact Music previews a new underground club CD compilation gearing up for release in the UK titled Beatwave Japan. The disc will feature Lounge-style, Bossanova-inspired, 2-step, Big Beat, Deep House flavours, etc.. Artists include ELEKTEL, PYOKN, TREMORELA 7O?fCLOCK SHADOW, KOUSUKE OGAWA, SPORTCUT and Y-SONIQ. For more information: www.sonic360.com
The Orlando Sentinel reviews Peter Carey’s new book Wrong About Japan.
The Des Moines Register lists the release of Ghost In The Shell: Special Edition on DVD in it’s top 10 things to do this week.
Tokidoki Entertainment Journal is back with reviews of the latest anime, critiques on the current gaming industry, shopping guides for JRock, manga reviews, hilarious editorials, contests, discussions, oekaki, gaming and anime news, and much more.


– Castle Of Cagliostro and Berserk Art Director, Shichiro Kobayshi will illustrate a special calendar and postcards showing the scenery of the city of Koganei. The “Yellow Kanai Dealing Club” will sell the items. City citizens were polled on what areas of the city to include in the illustrations. Koganei Park and Nogawa Park were high contenders. Hiroshi Watanabe (Slayers Movies / OAVs – Orphen) will illustrate the characters.
Souce: Asahi News
– An animated film The Day Where The earth moved which chronicles the suffering and helping of victims of Hanshin-Awaji (Kobe) Earthquake will be screened in Nishinomiya City, Ikeda-cho on the eighth. The movie was produced in 1997. Several of the voice actors in the film endured the earthquake and their own tragic losses. Source: Kobe Shimbun
– BLEACH OP artists, Orange Range have enjoyed big success in Japan with the release of their album ‘musiQ’ released in December. Their new single Asterisk goes on sake February 23.
Source: Bounce
– Lighted character figures from Galaxy Express 999 have appeared recently along the national road in Yakuno-cho. The city’s planning group decided on the additions. The display inlcudes Matel and Tetsuro. Matel stands 3.7 meters in length and 2.7 meters in width using 2000 lamps.
Source: Kyoto Shimbun
– Preperations are being made for the 42nd Ice Festival (Obihiro). Snow used for elaborate ice images representing about 3000 metric tons will be in place by Jan. Conditions for this year’s festival are reportedly above average. In this year’s ice festival, large snow images will be made to resemble a whale and the animated cartoon characters. The creation of the sculptures begins on the 10th.
Source: Tokachi Mainichi Newspaper
– On January 7th Anpanman creator Takashi Yanase (85) was awarded The Kochi Newspaper Prize sponsored by Kochi newspaper and public welfare cultural enterprise group. The presentation occured in the author’s studio in Shijuku. One of Japan’s most popular, the Anpanman Museum, or Yanase Takashi Memorial Art Museum was opened in Kahoku-cho, Kochi Prefecture on July 21, 1996. The economic and cultural impact of Anpanman on the area of Kochi was recognized. Yanase was born in Kochi Prefecture in 1919. Anpanman began serializing in Frobel-kan’s monthly “Kinderbook” in 1973. He has in the past been honored with the Special Prize from The Association of Children’s Songwriters in Japan (1989) and the Grand Prize from the Japan Cartoonists’ Association (1990).
Source: Kochi News
– A sequel to NHK’s 26 episode animation TV series Morizo and Kiccoro will be made. The pair were made the mascot characters of the Aichi ExpoAichi Expo). The new series begins in March 15th nationwide.
Source: Yomiuri (Japanese)
– A large number of pirate DVD’s featuring Howl’s Moving Castle was found around Osaka recently. Studio Ghibli assumed a breach of the Copyright Act and started discussion about legal measures. The film which is still in theaters, was distributed in pirate form almost immediately upon release. The Osaka finds were thought to have been mastered from a video camera being snuck into a movie theater. The pirate packaging reads “arrival of goods just now”, and the retail price is 1000 Yen. Source: Yahoo Japan
– Seiyuu Iwao Junko (Evangelion – Horaki Hikari / Ayashi No Ceres – Ceres / Perfect Blue – Mima) started her private office site J-Island.
– Osaka Prefectual Police recently drafted the creation of an anti-MDMA (extasy) poster campaign. It’s being displayed widely in venues such as train stations. The illustration work was done by Lyrical Magic and you can view the resulting poster here.
– Congratualtions are in order for Project A-Kon founder, Meri Davis and her husband who succesfully delivered their baby girl Kimberly Marie Davis at 6:27 am on Tuesday Jan. 4th.
– A Chinese hacker group is suspected of attacking the website of the controversial Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo. The cyber attack began after Prime Minister Koizumi visited the shrine in August, 2001 and has been done intermittently according to the Yasukuni Shrine. Concentrated hits of 900,000 times per minute brought the site down 5 times last year.
Source: Yomuri (Japanese)
– When the topic of media inspired youth violence is mentioned in the west, the modern societal state of Japan is often used an example by opponents. Japan’s contrasting status as being a country with one of the lowest crime rates in the world and also producing some of the most graphically violent media has led many to believe the relationship cannot exist elsewhere. But now however, new data has come out that playing a videogame where the handsome hero defeats an enemy may increase the aggressiveness of some children. Research conducted by the Ochanomizu women’s university involved a 1 year study of 5th grade school students in Kanagawa and Niigata Prefecture. Five indices were measured of the course of the year concerning aggressiveness. An intellectual and physically handsome hero being present as the player character caused a measurable rise in hostility in a survey of 592 children. Remarkably, agressiveness decreased in children playing garaphically violent games. Source: Yomiuri (Japanese)
– Nikon announced this past week it will market a digital camera by the end of this year with wireless LAN capability. This means if you happen to have a computer in the vacinity similarly equipped and synced, you won’t even need storage media in the camera. The saturated digicam market in Japan has been demanding new features from the industry for these devices. The camera will be a COOLPIX brand compact type. Image transmission technology is being developed in cooperation with Microsoft of U.S. etc. Under the protocol, an image can be taken and then sent to PC or Printer in less than a few seconds. Source: Yomiuri (Japanese)
– The Jan. 7 update for Patrick Macias has a set report from Matt Alt as well some photos from Takashi Miike’s new movie, Yokai Daisenso. Thanks to Daniel for the link.
The Houston Chronicle reports Apple is absent from the ongoing CES show while some calling the PSP a potential rival to the i-pod:The U.S. version of the PSP, which was formally unveiled at CES after a successful launch last year in Japan, can accept a Sony Memory stick or what’s known as a UMD (Universal Media Disc) to play music. Enderle said this could become “the iPod killer” because it’s small, with a sharp, bright screen and can do both music and games. Japan’s ITMedia expounds upon this concept while going over the SCE presentation made at the show. SCE president, Kaz Hirai stated in the pres that the phrase that should be associated with PSP is not NINTENDO DS killer but IPod killer.
– There’s some concern in Japan over the uninsured status of a new Satellite, “Sunflower” that is scheduled to blast off next month. If the launch fails the loss will be around 16.3 billion Yen. Source: Chnichi News
– Japanese wrestling news. The International wrestling league FILA and mixed martial arts PRIDE announced a business tie-up so that Toakira Fukuda who is the sub-chairman of Japan wrestling society might manage professional of players from the 7th. Sydney Olympics gold medallist Ron Gardner (United States) entered PRIDE on December 31s last year. Sub-chairman Fukuda was executively associated with chairman Maltinetti of FILA that inspected the performance, and agreed to advance cooperation with other professional combative sports teams while FILA uniformly managed the professional of registered player performance participation. Source: Kyodo
Famitsu has an image and a preview of NAMCO and Bandai’s new jointly developed PS2 Gundam title. The game will center on the original 0079 one year world universe.
Sunrise has come out with DVD release information for Kidou Senshi Gundam MS IGLOO: Ichinen Sensou Hiwa (www.msigloo.net). The six-part CGI feature was previously screened at Bandai Museum in Japan. Episodes 1-2 will comprise DVD vol. 1 and be sold in Lawson stores nationwide from Feb. 1st. The story centers around Zion’s secret weapon MS. Each episode runs 30 minutes, encoded in Dolby Digital (5.1ch stereo) and 16:9 aspect ratio. Retail is 5,040 Yen.
The Official Lupin III Magazine mentions an expanded 172 page edition of their publication will devote alot of page space to content on the franchise’s 35th anniversary celebration.
Starchild is gearing up for it’s DVD BOX release of Ghost Sweeper Mikami slated for a January 26th release. On the same day a new vocal album will be released entitled “Gorgeous Songs”. Retail is 3,000 Yen.
Gamespot reports that for the second time in as many weeks, Nintendo revealed its trademark characters will appear in a non-Nintendo game. Nintendo and Konami today announced that the two gaming companies are co-developing a new Dance Dance Revolution for the Nintendo GameCube. Titled Dance Dance Revolution with Mario, it will be released in Japan this summer.
– NAMCO’s PSP Tales of Eternia port has been announced ant the offical website can be found here.
Studio Pierrot has some Naruto news and images from the just wrapped Jump Festival 2005 where several Shueisha manga magazines showcase their works. According to Pierrot, sales at their booth were good and the latest game title was demonstrated. Some of the staff behind Naruto and Bleach were on hand to meet fans.
– JVC music has posted it’s official website for Gundam Seed Destiny.
– A screening extension for the Kumonomukou (The Place Promised In Our Early Days) anime film released to theaters in November has been announced.
Trinet Entertainment has renewed it’s website for the Princess Hour TV series.
– Aniplex’s official website of Gakuen Alice has updated with news of a special limited production figure which can be had for those who reserve the 1st volume DVD in advance. Rleasing on 2/23, the figure edition will retail at 5,000 Yen.
– Character info for the 7th episode of Elfen Lied have been uploaded to VAP’s site.
GAINAX has began taking reservations for its DVD release of Korega Watashi No Goshujin Sama, set to broadcast on TBS digital – BS-i from the spring of 2005. Early content offerings include ED, PV and Cast & Staff interviews. Geneon Entertainment will release the disc on March 25th at 1,995 Yen.
– MMV has gone online with it’s offical Peach Girl animation website at www.mmv.co.jp/products/flyer/peachgirl.
– The official website for Kannaduki no Miko (TV) has updated with 2nd DVD volume details.
– As previously reported, the Sakura Taisen Spring Kayou Show 2005 began from the 7th in Tokyo featuring the gane, drama and anime seiyuu. In the play, fan service was paid in the form of performance of the songs “Let’s dream” and” “Because of love”. Source: Dengeki Online (several images from the performance can be viewed here)
Sakura-Taisen.com is prepping for the relase of the latest OVA volume on the 19th with and addition of a new wallpaper.
– The official website for the sanada10 scheduled to run via WOWOW from the 29th of January has posted 2 video trailers in Windows Media format.
– The TBS site for Zipang updated with 15th episode postrecording report and a sneak peek of the region 2 DVD BOX. Zipang is based on the original manga by Kaiji Kawaguchi (Silent Service, Eagle) which features a modern day Japanese air craft carrier which transported back in time to the scen of the Pacific theater conflict of WWII.
– TBS’ Rosen Maiden site has been updated with wallpaper, goods info and 10th episode postrecording report.
– BS-i’s coming AIR. December 28th-30th saw cosplay event bringing together some characters from TBS’ latest anime series at Palm Garden – TRICOLORE shop inside the Wanza Ariake Bay Mall in Tokyo. New series represented included AIR and Ah! My Goddess and screenings were held. The event went off very well, selling out according to the site’s event entry. In fact that after the event the business at the host cafe had lines stretching outside. A character introduction page for AIR has been added here. Story details including some keyframe image grabs have been uploaded here. The main character is a puppeteer who has been traveling with a moving show while showing people the art by the mysterious power that is called “Houjuts”.
– Konami has released some info on it’s new Madhouse produced anime work, Otogi Juushi Aka Zukin. Firstoff, a video trailer can be viewed at Konami TV. Secondly, the official website has updated with some staff and cast details: Character Design: tokusa hitoaji, Figure: Wataru Sasaki (blue oyster studio), Director: Tetsuro Araki, Screenplay: Shoji Yonemura, Character Design: Satoshi Tazaki, Art Setting: Yuji Ikehata, Music: Masuda Toshiro, OP Theme: Ever-Never-Land: Cotowacanade, Song: Tamura Yukari, ED theme: Clover: Marhy. Cast: Akazukin: Tamura Yukari.
– Ticket sale details on the remade Z Gundam film “A New Translation – Heirs To The Stars have been posted at Sunrise and Shochiku’s official website at www.z-gundam.net. Advance tickets for the summer release will be released from January 29th. For students they will be 1300 Yen and Children – 800 yen. A limited edition B2 size poster featuring Char, Cameyu and Amuro” version will be available in limited quaties to the early birds. Tickets can be had at in in Tokyo at the Shine Rebl theater in Ikebukuro, the Shinjuku Joy Cinema 3 and in Osaka at the Shine Rebl Umeda. The first new Gundam Film since 1998 screened early in October at the Tokyo Fantastic Film Festival 2004. The 50 episode Z Gundam TV series was originally aired in 1985. The new film serves as the 1st installment of a triliogy work taking the original TV series animation and splicing in new rendered scenes. A new digital processing technique known as “acing” was used to make the transitions between the new and old scenes appear seamless.
– GONZO uploaded initial information on it’s latest animation work, Project Solty, at www.solty.net. Some early staff details can be gathered there: Scenario: Kimuranobo (HIME/DANDOH), Character Design: Shuzilow.HA (Tsimbeshirez), Original Concept Design: Kenichi Sonoda (Gunsmith Cats, Bubblegum Crisis, Riding Bean).
– Details for the February 2005 issue of Comptiq Magazine have been posted at the official website and reveal the magazine is got a scoop on the planning of a second D.C. Dacapo TV series subtitled “Second Graduation”. A teaser cover image by Cherish can be viewed at the link.
Yahoo News mentioned that Chow Yun Fat and NY Yankees player Hideki “Godzilla” Matsui are donating to the tsunami victims. Courtesy to Daniel for the news submission.
The Chicago Sun Times has an article praising Yasujiro Ozu, in anticipation of a forthcoming retrospective. Thanks to Daniel for the link.