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Anime News Service – January 19-21 Anime News

1-21-01—- New Anime Central Guests

A staff member of Chicago’s Anime Central convention, Frank Sanchez, posted the following 2001 guest list, on the forum of Anime News Network:

In addition to:

Kia Asamiya – Character Designer – Nadesico, Silent Moebius

Yoshitoshi Abe – Character Designer for Serial Experiments Lain

We now have for Japanese guests:

Range Murata – Character Designer for Blue Submarine No. 6

Naoko Matsui – seiyuu with large track record in voice acting, some of her credits include Akane from Kimagure Orange Road, Rally Vincent from Riding Bean, and Azusa Shiratori from Ranma 1/2

Shin Nasagawa – From Squaresoft, Character Designer for Final Fantasy IX and the upcoming Final Fantasy X.

Yoshio Yamakawa – Also from Squaresoft, Monster Designer for Final Fantasy IX and the upcoming Final Fantasy X.

I’m really excited and I sure hope all of you are too. Hope this helps bring you over to Anime Central this year! ^_-

1-21-01—- DBZ Translator Article

Planet Namek has posted a new interview from this weekend with Steven J. Simmons, the translator for the subtitles of the DVDs. The interview is rather lengthy and answers many questions on the production.

1-21-01—- Toynami Robotech Toy Item

Excerpted from the newsgroup post:

Here is a post by Tom Bateman from earlier today over at the RDF HQ newsboard:

“Hey all,

I just wanted to let you know that I just conducted a very detailed interview with George Sohn, the President of Toynami, in which we discussed his company’s plans for upcoming ROBOTECH toys.

Its good to see that the keychains, morphers and figurines are getting a good response, but I wanted to tell you all that these items are just the beginning.

George and his company is hard at work creating the REAL VF-1 Valkyries and are shooting to have their first one out by this summer.

I would like to say more, but you’ll have to wait until George’s interview (which I am working on transcribing right now) to learn more. I plan to have it ready for the official launch of ROBOTECH.COM, coming VERY soon.


p.s. There is no way we would EVER remake that crappy Matchbox Veritech.”

1-21-01—- Battlefield Earth Anime Planned

Excerpted from this Publisher’s Weekly piece:A deal with Japan’s Pine Com International has been made for 20 hour-long animated films based on Battlefield Earth by L. Ron Hubbard; the deal, worked out between Javier Ruiz of Author Services and Sammy Sakoda of Pine Com, also includes rights to interactive games and a comic book series.

1-21-01—- Battle Royale Kubrick Figures Announced

Based on the characters from the controversial Japanese manga based film Battle Royale, come new Kubrick figures from Medicom. Each of the 3 figures retails at 905 Yen, is about 60mm tall, includes map card. When Map pieces A-C are combined a complete larger map is made. Damage stickers are included with 2 of the 3 figures. Commisioned by (BR) Manufacture Committee.

1-21-01—- Mainframe Animation Update

Mainframe Entertainment recenlty listed it’s current projects in this excerpt from the company’s latest press release:

Mainframe Entertainment Inc. is the world’s most prolific producer of computer animation for television, and is expanding into long-form CGI for feature films and interactive entertainment. Since 1994 Mainframe has had six computer animated television series on air in the North American market, on YTV, ABC, the Cartoon Network, Fox Kids and Fox Family Channel. The company is currently in production on 26 half-hour episodes of Action Man(TM), an all-CGI television series that began regularly scheduled broadcasts on Fox Kids and YTV in August and the all-new Heavy Gear(TM) television series, based on the popular video game. As well, the studio is in production on a large-format stereoscopic feature film based on Gulliver’s Travels for release in IMAX 3D theatres.

Source: DBZ Kingdom

1-20-01—- D-Boy At Toyfair

Figures.com reports D-Boy’s expected offerings for Toyfair include a Vash the Stampede piece, from Trigun: already 2 action figures and a collectible resin bust, will be getting the vinyl treatment! Stay tuned for more details!

*Nine Rings of Wu-Tang: been curious to what happened with this action figure line based on the hip hop rap group Wu Tang Clan? Well, the comic of which these are based on, is no longer- thus the delay. D-Boy does have plans to release two of the figures, however- Femme Kryle and Ghost Face Killa – both to kind of test the waters and see if fan interest is still there.

Dark Angel: characters from the original black and white manga by Kia Asamiya will be on display. The first series will include: Dark, Leen, Zen, and Tan.Size will be 1/8 scale, that’s between 8 and 10 inches tall, come equipped with a GOOD amount of articulation, base and accessories, and will come packaged in window boxes.

1-21-01—- Z.O.E. OVA Update

New staff details on the upcoming Zone Of Enders 2167 IDOLO OVA series follow below. The game version is produced by Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear Series), the plot occurs in the 22nd century in the Solar System. Mankind has established space colonies out to the orbit of Jupiter, a colony there named Antilla is the farthest human settlement from Earth and referred to as the end of the world, residents of Antilla are called “Enders” for this reason. A introvert boy living there, Leo Stenbuck accompanies his friends to a UN Space Force facility to steal from their junkyard and gets apprehended. At the same time a fanatical military regime on Mars called Z.O.E. hijacks the Antilla colony which becomes a battlefield. Leo witnesses the death of his friends who used to bully him, he feels responisble for their deaths and runs from the scene to find the reason of the colony’s hijacking the giant robot humanoid weapon “Jehuty”. The game system includes support for the analog stick, which enables free aerial movement. The game allows for the best camera angle when locking onto an enemy target.

The game is being touted as a “Robot Animation Simulator and features some industry veterans including Character Designer Nobuyoshi Nishimura who worked on Z Gundam for studio Sunrise in 1985, SD Gundam (1989), The Mobile Police Patlabor TV series (as illustration director) in 1989, V Gundam (1993 as illustration director), and Gundam Wing in 1995 (as illustration director). In 1996 he was the character designer and illustration director for Gundam X and joined KCE in 1998 where was a member of the motion crew for Metal Gear Solid for PSX. Mecha Designer, Yoji Shinakawa was the mecha and mechanical designer for Metal Gear Solid, the design of Jehuty and other “orbital frames” find theri roots in his school day sketchbooks.

OVA Production Data:

Director: Tetsuya Watanabe
Scenario: Shin Yoshida
Main, mechanical design: Tsutomu Suzuki/Tsutomu Miyazawa
Production: Sunrise
Sales: VAP
Price: 5,800 Yen
Time: 50 minutes
Release: March 1, 2001 – DVD

A first press premium ZOE package will also be released from March 1st at the retail price of 13,800 Yen. Included is special edit of Z.O.E 2167 IDOLO and PS2 game.

Distributor VAP has launched the project’s official website which includes DVD cover graphics.

1-21-01—- Tylor DVD Delay

Excerpted from the official Right Stuf Website

Tylor DVDs Delayed until 2/13
Thanks to production delays caused by the winter weather and a problem with one of the soundtracks, the street date for the Tylor DVD Box Sets has slipped to 2/13.

Right Stuf regrets any inconvenience this has caused to our customers, but we would rather delay the release of a title than have it ship with a below our high quality standards. We assure you that the sets will be shipping as soon as they become available.

1-21-01—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Dreamcast IGN has several Anime related items on it’s site tonight:

More info on Capcom’s upcoming Gundam game:

The game is best described as a combination of Virtual On and Spawn, and the action takes place from a third-person, behind-the-mech perspective. The game controls through a single joystick and four buttons – these enable you to attack, guard, fly, and dash around your opponents with ease. Fortunately, the camera does not bob and weave in a vomit-inducing manner (as was the case with Spawn), and the player can lock onto targets as long as they’re visible on the screen. While Virtual On put a big emphasis on range combat, Gundam is all about close-up fighting with bad-ass laser swords. The mech-on-mech action is beautiful to behold, and Gundam slices, dices, and spins through wonderfully-choreographed moves. The in-game camera scoots over to the side of your ‘bot for these sequences, giving you a more cinematic view of the graceful attacks. Best of all, you can select from a variety of weapons before the game begins – there are a variety of swords, shields, and ball-and-chain head-splitters. Image Media can be viewed here.

Also from IGN, the DC Sakura Wars III limited box is reviewed here:

the game will be made available as part of not just one, but two different limited edition sets. Set A will include a music box which mirrors an in-game item. Set B will include another one of those kick-ass special VMUs, this one made to resemble a portable version of the Kinematron communication device that will also be encountered in the game. Additionally, by reserving the game, gamers will be given a free poster.

A preview of the previously announced Card Captor Sakura DC can be read game can be viewed on IGN here.

The GIA has this FF X update where in an interview with Sweden’s Super Play magazine, Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi discussed more details on the future of the long-running RPG series. Details on Game system can be read here

In a Shenmue II update here including new screenshots, The GIA reports:

Shenmue The Movie’s recent unveiling ended with Ryo arriving in Hong Kong, then the words “The Story Goes On Shenmue II” appeared on the screen. Not one to miss out on a coup de grâce, Yu Suzuki greeted the closed session audience and followed by making known several new Shenmue II details. The highly anticipated title would be released sometime this year on 4 GD-ROMs. He also stated he wishes to release the game prior to the launch of Microsoft’s juggernaut, Xbox.

Along with the new screens, Gamewatch has confirmed the identity of the unnamed girl first seen in a Christmas card from Suzuki. Her name is Joey or Joy, rides a Honda Black Bird motorcycle, and should prove to be one of the main characters in Shenmue II. Whether or not she’ll be one of Ryo’s love interests remains to be seen.

Also from the GIA, the Phantasy Star Online Soundtrack details have been announced here. New PSO missions are on the way to Japanese fans, more on that here.

Another GIA report on it’s GBC Dragon Warrior Monsters title here mentions Enix has recently announced that the RPG has suffered a delay and one of the two versions of the game, Ruka’s Journey Begins, is now due out April 21st instead of March 20th; it will retail for 6400 yen ($55 US). The second version of the game, Iru’s Adventure, still does not have a release date, but it’s possible that it could be released alongside the Ruku version.

Update on Infogrames who signed an agreement with FUNimation to license game rights for the popular anime Dragon Ball Z. It is likely that the Dreamcast — which Infogrames has supported since the console’s launch — will see a Dragon Ball game before 2001 runs its course.

Infogrames will be stepping into the role that Japanese game company Bandai previously filled. In the mid-1990s, Bandai produced a series of god-awful Dragon Ball-based fighting games for the Sony PlayStation, including the piece of monkey dreck known as Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout.

This change in licensing rights should ensure that any upcoming Dragon Ball games outdo their predecessors in terms of quality. “Infogrames was the clear choice for publishing the next series of Dragon Ball Z games,” Gen Fukunaga, the president of FUNimation, said. “Their expertise in taking well-known licenses and bringing them to life, while representing the true integrity of the storyline and characters, will surely please our Dragon Ball Z fans.”

Source: http://www.dbz-kingdom.com

1-21-01—- CPM DVD Box Sets

Anime On DVD is reporting:

The folks at Central Park Media are releasing two new box sets in the coming months. Due out on 4/17 is the “Must Have Anime Mainstream DVD 4-Pack” which contains Wrath of the Ninja, Revolutionary Girl Utena Vol. #1, Darkside Blues and the upcoming Complete Shamanic Princess for the list price of 129.98$. Also due out on the same day is the “Must Have Anime Adult DVD 3-Pack” which will contain Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend, Midnight Panther and Demon Beast Invasion and will list for 89.98$. Obviously you won’t find the adult pack at your local mall retailer, and all of the releases are still available in single disc form.

1-21-01—- Earth Girl Ajuna Updates

Earth Girl Ajuna, the new anime TV series project written and supervised by Macross creator Shoji Kawamori tells the story of a young girl who sees the future in a dream and then goes about trying to change the world in the present to avoid the future she foresaw. Yoko Kanno will create original music for the series and production is through Bandai Visual. Ajuna is being touted as using state of the art animation production. In the story a girl’s encounter with an accident one summer, gives her a vision of a future Earth where she encounters male youth. In this future world mankind has apparently achieved a higher level of awareness where mind resonates with a surrounding “Aura of the Earth”. But timelessly there exists those wishing to use power to unjustly manipulate others, and a mecha called “Aura Suit” is used against to fight the attacking forces. Earth Girl Ajuna premiered in Japan on TV Tokyo Channel 12 on January 9th. The Network’s site for the series can be viewed here.

1-20-01—- Super Techno Arts DVD Items

Anime On DVD is reporting:

Regular reader and forum post John Andersen, aka Kyoya, posted some interesting new information today about the company Super Tecnho Arts, which is the US branch of APPP, which some of you may recall from the credits of some shows. They’ve been in the US for about two years now but have been working mostly on the audio for their Japanese releases at Skywalker Ranch as opposed to releasing things here, but they’re always planning, and planning is half the battle.

According to the post, “[…] a DVD release of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure here in the U.S., the rep from Super Techno Arts commented that the series could be released this year during the Summer or Fall on DVD. As of now, they are currently looking at several DVD mastering houses to do the work. Please note that this DVD release date is tentative. The DVD will feature Japanese with English subtitles, and an English dub track.”

Also mentioned, “[…] extras for the U.S. DVD release of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and the rep commented that the release could see interviews with the Japanese production staff and the Skywalker Sound production staff, along with animation storyboards. Again, the rep commented that this is all tentative.”

And here’s the interesting bit about a potential sequel to a completely unrelated show, “As for a U.S. DVD release of Robot Carnival, the rep said that they would like to release it on DVD, however, again this is still tentative. One juicy bit of news I was able to gather, is that APPP is currently thinking about a sequel to Robot Carnival, and again they are only discussing it, nothing has been set in stone.”

1-20-01—- Article: Pokemon Trading Market Collapses

An interesting recent New York Times article which can be read in the San Jose Mercury News here relates the experiences of several Pokemon trading card collectors who are facing a very real value decline in their holdings.

1-20-01—- Steel Angel Kurumi 2

Anihabara is reporting:

New Animes in April (additional one)
Koutetsu Tenshi Kurumi 2shiki[Steel Angel Kurumi MkII] (WOWOW) The stage changes from Taisho period to the present day. Kurumi MkII waked up by Naki, and they make new stories with Saki MkII and Karinka MkII, etc. (directed by Takahashi Naohito)

1-20-01—- Cartoon Fantasy Screening In L.A.

Excerpted from the release:

The Cartoon/Fantasy Organization (C/FO) of the Los Angeles area will be meeting Saturday, January 20, 2001

Program Schedule:

12:30 p.m. Doors Open
1:00 p.m. Open Programming
1:30 p.m. Cowboy Bebop – Episode 8 – Dubbed
2:00 p.m. Trigun – Episode 7 – Dubbed
2:30 p.m. Magic Knight Rayearth – Episode 6 – Dubbed
3:00 p.m. Slayers – Episode 22 – Subtitled or Dubbed
3:30 p.m. Legend of Black Heaven – Episode 4
4:00 p.m. Fushigi Yuugi – Episode 9 – Subtitled
4:30 p.m. Urusei Yatsura – Ataru Genji Goes to the Heian Capitol – Subtitled
5:00 p.m. Business meeting
6:00 p.m. Escaflowne – Episodes 1 – 4 – Subtitled or Dubbed, as preferred
8:00 p.m. Meeting Ends

The C/FO is a club primarily for the discussion and enjoyment of Japanese and American Animation. It meets the THIRD SATURDAY of each month.

The meeting place is located at the Los Angeles Science Fiction Society (L.A.S.F.S.) Clubhouse at:

LASFS 11513 Burbank Blvd.
North Hollywood, California

QUICK DIRECTIONS: Take the 101 Freeway from the West or South, or the 134 Freeway from the East to the intersection with the 170 (Hollywood) Freeway going North. Go two exits north on the 170 Freeway to the Burbank Blvd. exit. Go East on Burbank Blvd. about a quarter of a mile to the LASFS Clubhouse on the North side of the street at 11513 Burbank Blvd. The Clubhouse is located behind the main building. Maps are available at the WWW page at http://c_fo.tripod.com/

The Contact Person and Mailing Address is:

Cartoon/Fantasy Organization
c/o Fred Patten
11863 W. Jefferson Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90230

(310) 827-3335

A $2.00 donation at the door would be appreciated from non-members.

The Cartoon/Fantasy Organization WWW Page is at:


The E-mail address is: cfo5@juno.com

1-20-01—- Outlaw Star CN Episode 5 Edits

Excerpted from the newsgroup post by Kyle Pope:

Fred’s in trouble.

1. Swanzo’s “our relationship was pretty hot” changed to “our relationship was pretty great”.

2. Gene’s flashback to Hilda’s suicide replaced with scene of ships falling into Farfallous.

3. Blood removed from Aisha’s face.

4. Scene of Aisha licking the blood from her lip cut.

5. Gene’s “I’d rather eat shit” changed to “I’d rather eat crow”. (This is noted to explain Melfina’s sudden embarrassment.)

6. Gene’s “what the hell are you doing?” cut.

7. Scene of Jim giving Gene a Caster shell and Gene loading it cut.

8. Gene’s “up yours!” changed to “shut up”.

9. Jim telling Melfina that she doesn’t need to worry about Fred because she’s a girl cut. (Oh oh.)

Interestingly the preview had two scenes of Fred hugging Gene.

1-19-01—- FUNimation Announces Yu Yu Hakusho And Blue Gender

Excerpted from the official press release::

Blue Gender and Yu Yu Hakusho Announcement

New Anime

FUNimation will release two new series.

We are exhilarated to announce we will be releasing two new Japanese anime’s YuYuhakusho and Blue Gender.

We have already begun work these new series and are anxious to release them. It has been a wonderful pleasure to introduce Dragon Ball Z. We have loved every minute and greatly appreciate the embrace DBZ has received from fans.

It is our goal to continue to spur growth and appreciation for Japanese anime. The second step in this direction is the introduction of YuYuhakusho and Blue Gender.


YuYuhakusho is a series about young teenagers fighting in spirit worlds to save the earth. The main character is a 14 year old male named Yusuke, who possesses the spiritual energy Ki. In the elaborate stories of Yu Yu Hakusho, Yusuke is a troubled teen who has the instinctive gifts of psychic ability and a detective’s approach to puzzling situations. Among characters popular with fans of Yu Yu Hakusho are Hiei, a gruff friend who uses his incredible speed to win battles and fight for justice. Kurama, an aged fox trapped in a teen’s body, whose human mother taught him the lessons of compassion, love and sacrifice. Kuwabara is a big, loud and somewhat annoying teen with a good heart and keen instincts about people and situations.

FUNimation has high hopes for YuYuhakusho. Gen Fukunaga says, “I am crazy about this show. It is brilliantly crafted together. The series is extremely life like with each character having unique personalities. I think fans will catch themselves, as I did, gripped with different emotions throughout each scenario.” YuYuhakusho was extremely popular in Japan. In the 90’s is was the only series to rival Dragon Ball Z, which rewrote the record books.

Blue Gender

Blue Gender is a science fiction anime. This series contains graphic fighting scenes and is only for viewers over the age of 13. The Anime International Company (AIC) created Blue Gender. Other popular AIC creations include Ad Police, Bubblegum Crisis, Tenchi Muyo and Ah My Goddess!. The story begins with Yuji, the main character, awakening abruptly to an earth in peril. Yuji has been frozen for over two decades. A bug-like creature called Blue has taken over the world while Yuji was frozen. Yuji and Marlene, a young heroine who is an extraordinary warrior and pilot, travel through the earth trying to find means to journey into space so they can make it to a second earth where they can safely join other humans. Along the way they interact with other humans and must fight the Blue in order to stay alive. With original looking species, innovative action scenes and compelling character development Blue Gender will have you on the edge of your seat and begging for more. Gen Fukunaga comments on Blue Gender’s uniqueness saying, “It is unlike any anime fans in US have seen. Blue’s sci-fi flavor is something mature anime fans will want get a taste of.” Production will commence soon.

Stay tuned because we will be posting important updates concerning the new shows including news about web site development.

Blue Gender

Yu Yu Hakusho

1-19-01—- Polytechnic Meeting

Excerpted from the announcement:

Despite the forecasts for snow, Metro Anime and Polytechnic Anime Society are still holding a joint meeting tomorrow! Put on your snow boots and head for the subway. Polytechnic is a short walk from several major subway lines – which are listed below. So you can’t use the weather as an excuse for not showing up. ^_~
Anime Viewing
January 20, 2001 @ Polytechnic
Video 1 Video 2
Open Video 10:30 – 11:20 CardCaptor Sakura 36-37
Inital D 3-4 11:30 – 12:20 CardCaptor Sakura 38-39
Himiko Den 3-4 12:20 – 1:10 CardCaptor Sakura 40-41
*Open Video/Break*
Legend of Basara 3-4 2:00 – 2:50 CardCaptor Sakura 42-43
Ayashi no Ceres 3-4 2:50 – 3:40 CardCaptor Sakura 44-45
Angel Sanctuary OVA 2 4:15 – 4:45 CardCaptor Sakura 46
*note that Card Captor Sakura eps 36-46 is the second season in its entirety

– Upcoming Meetings –
February 16-18, 2001 @Katsucon
February 24, 2001 @MNN
Please join us at the Polytechnic University Dibner Library which can be found in MetroTech, Brooklyn, at the theoretical intersection of Myrtle and Lawrence.
Polytech is serviced by the 2,3,4,5,A,C,F,M,N,R,D,Q subway lines and the B54,61,75,57,67,26,51,38,52,25,41,37,45 busses. It is one of the most connected locations on the *planet* so there is no excuse for not going.
See http://pas.poly.edu/map.html for an area map.
Subway stop information (sorted by proximity)
A,C,F – Jay Street/Borough Hall
M,N,R – Lawrence St – MetroTech
2,3,4,5 – Borough Hall
D,Q – DeKalb Av

1-19-01—- DVD News

The Right Stuf reports via their site on the upcoming Tylor DVD set:

Thanks to production delays caused by the winter weather and a problem with one of the soundtracks, the street date for the Tylor DVD Box Sets has slipped to 2/13. Right Stuf regrets any inconvenience this has caused to our customers, but we would rather delay the release of a title than have it ship with a below our high quality standards. We assure you that the sets will be shipping as soon as they become available.

Anime On DVD reports:
According to two independent sources today that I find quite reliable, we’ve learned that starting this summer, CPM will be changing how they deal with their Anime 18, or hentai, DVD releases. Instead of the way things are going, with there being no subtitles but still providing Japanese language, they will be listening to fans wishes for subtitles on these titles and will change their existing method. While titles currently announced can’t be changed in time due to scheduling and other issues, this bodes well for future release of both Anime 18 and their regular titles. We’re extremely pleased to hear this if it does pan out and will probably revise our previous plans about not reviewing unsubbed CPM product.

1-19-01—- World’s Biggest Otaku Contest Winner

Excerpted from the official press release:

January 18, 2001 For Immediate Release
Contact: Ardith Santiago
Tel: 310.397.4713 ext. 111
World$B!G(Bs Biggest Otaku Contest Winner to be announced on January 19th
LOS ANGELES, CA- Akadot.com will be announcing the winner of the first annual World’s Biggest Otaku Contest on their website on January 19th. Applicants were asked to write an essay about why they think they are the world$B!G(Bs biggest Otaku. The top five essays will be posted on akadot.com. The first place winner will receive 7 DVDs of the winner$B!G(Bs choice (subject to availability), a manga artist starter kit, and an item signed by a secret anime celebrity. In addition to the prizes, the winner will also be visited by an akadot staff writer who will profile and document the life of the certified World’s Biggest Otaku.

1-19-01—- ADV Press

ADV Films released it’s February March announcements today.

1-19-01—- Article: Korean-Style Cyber Cafes Hit Japan

An interesting piece here from Asahi on a new wave of net cafes in Metropolitan Japan.

1-19-01—- Asia In Comics Article

The Daily Yomiuri has an article here on the previously mentioned Asia In Comics Event.

1-19-01—- Japanese ISDN And DSL Pricing

NTT East and West Japan have announced a price cut on their “Fritz ISDN” service from 4500 Yen a month to 3600 Yen from March 1. The Fritz ADSL service will 4600 Yen adding in the rental cost of the DSL modem.

1-19-01—- Music Visual Store Opens In Shibuya

An event hosted by Sony Music marked the launch of the company’s Music Visual Store in Tokyo’s youthful Shibuya ward Jan. 18th. Among the many events and exhibitions, clothes warn by memebers of the group Morning Musume in their PS2 Space Venus title are on display.

1-19-01—- Capcom’s Coming Mobile Phone Charger

Capcom is planning to release a new mobile phone charging device in Feb. that will most likely be deployed in public areas such as restaurants in Japan.

1-19-01—- ADV Items

From the official ADV Website:

The third, considerably long-awaited Evangelion DVD will be hitting stores 1/23, along with new volumes of Lost Universe, Nadesico, Sakura Diaries, Bubblegum Crisis 2040, Gasaraki, and Reboot. Big day indeed. As if that wasn’t enough, we’re also releasing Blood Reign: Curse of the Yoma and the first volume of Blue Seed the following week, on 1/30.

Even MORE Eva on DVD (or Fourth in February)

Because you can’t wait (and, frankly, who can?), we’re putting out the fourth volume of Evangelion on 2/13! Also, on the same day, keep on the lookout for the fourth volume of Bubblegum Crisis 2040 on DVD. Then, on 2/27, be ready for the fourth and final DVD volume of Sakura Diaries, the fourth volume of Nadesico, and the Gunsmith Cats: Bulletproof DVD.

1-19-01—- Outlaw Star Airtimes

Courtesy DVD Animania:

Looks like Cartoon Network is double-airing Outlaw Star. The series, which currently airs Monday-Friday at 6:30 PM on Cartoon Network, repeats the same (edited) episode six hours later at 12:30 AM, replacing the Tenchi Trilogy.

1-19-01—- Toonami Interview

Fantasticon’s Ken-san has posted an interview with Toonami’s Sean Akins. Included are revelations that the rollout of Mobile Suit Gundam has been delayed from April to a late Spring/early Summer release.

1-19-01—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Sony is already considering the PS3 and beyond according to this ZDnet article.
Here is a list of import games expected in February for PS, PS2, and DC.
FFX has been delayed in Japan, according to this piece, Square apparently wants to improve the overall quality of the game prior to release.
According to this ZDnet report, Nintendo is considering a new Pokemon title that’s compatible with GameCube and Gameboy Advance. The game should be out around 2002.
Longtime Tecmo fans will be interested to know that the company may release the PS2 Ninja Gaiden title at this year’s E3. More details can be read here.

From The GIA, Konami has finally unveiled the tracklist for the forthcoming North American release of Dance Dance Revolution. The North American release of Dance Dance Revolution will include all sixteen tracks from the original Japanese DDR, along with eight tracks from the 2nd Mix expansion disc and three from 3rd Mix. (Curiously, smile.dk’s Butterfly, perhaps the most popular DDR song, is nowhere to be seen.) The 27 tracks are as follows:

The Olivia Project – Have You Never Been Mellow
King Kong & D. Jungle Girls – Boom Boom Dollar
Dixies Gang – El Ritmo Tropical
N.M.R. – Let Them Move
N.M.R. featuring DJ Nagureo – 20, November
UZI-LAY – Put Your Faith In Me
UZI-LAY – Put Your Faith In Me (Jazzy Groove)
Naoki – Brilliant2U
Naoki – Brilliant2U Orchestra-Groov
Mr. Ed Jumps the Gun – Smoke
Mitsu-O! – Make It Better
X-Treme – My Fire
Jennifer – If You Were Here
Me & My – Dub-I-Dub
N.M.R. – Keep It Movin’
Captain T – La Señorita
Scotty D. – Drop the Bomb
S&K – Get Up ‘N Move
Hi-Rise – I Believe In Miracles
Naoki – Dynamite Rave
Re-Venge – Afronova
De-Sire – Trip Machine
De-Sire – SP-Trip Machine – Jungle Mix
180 – Paranoia
190 – Paranoia MAX Dirty Mix
2MB – Paranoia KCET Clean Mix

Other features draw mostly from the 3rd Mix disc. The Workout Mode, in which the game tracks the calories players burn, will be included in the North American release, as well as 3rd Mix’s new grading system. The intro FMV will also be taken from 3rd Mix. Dance Dance Revolution will also retail at a minimal price. The game itself will go for a suggested retail price of $29.99 US, while the dancing pad controller will sell for $49.99. However, the pad and game can be purchased together for a mere $59.99, saving consumers $20. Recently delayed from its original February date, Dance Dance Revolution now has a new release date. Expect to see the title ship sometime in March.

Also via the GIA:

Although Square has yet to make an official announcement, sources close to the company — like, really close — have revealed to our brothers-in-arms at Gamers.com that Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy IV will be coming to the U.S. PlayStation sometime during the first half of 2001. The PSX port of Chrono Trigger features anime sequences throughout the game, an “omake” mode with tons of extras, and even some new endings. The PSX version will likely use Ted Woolsey’s original SNES translation. The Japanese version of Final Fantasy IV differs significantly from the U.S. Final Fantasy II; the Japanese version has more mature language, a few cut subplots, additional items and abilities, and more. It remains to be seen if Square will simply add on to the original (awkward) translation or relocalize the game from scratch. If Square does relocalize the game, may we suggest the team responsible for the Final Fantasy V PSX port be kept very far away.

Sources close to Square did not suggest, however, that a wide rerelease of the SCEA-published Final Fantasy Tactics was in the works. Nothing of the sort was suggested! But if Square truly intends for 2001 to be the “Year of Final Fantasy,” then a rerelease of the hard-to-find strategy RPG would fit right in with their plans. Fit in really, really well, if you catch our unsuggestive drift.

And yet again courtesy the GIA:

Square today announced that the Japanese release of Final Fantasy X has been pushed back from its original spring release date. Despite Square’s numerous assurances that the game is almost complete, FF X will not debut until July 2001. “We decided to delay FFX’s release to elevate the title’s quality to an even higher level and fully realize some great features that will push the envelope on PlayStation 2 is capable of. We are currently making every available effort to get FFX into the hands of gamers by July this year,” Square explained.

As a result of the delay, Square has changed its earnings estimates for its 2000 fiscal year, which ends March 31st. The company’s original projections of a 2.5 billion yen (about $21.4 million US) profit have been drastically lowered to a estimated 3.4 billion yen ($29.1 million) loss.

Final Fantasy X will still likely arrive in North America release before the end of the year; Final Fantasy IX debuted last July and still arrived in the U.S. by November.

Enix has pushed back the release date of the Gameboy Color monster collection RPG Dragon Quest Monsters 2: Mysterious Key of Martha to April 12, the game will retail for 6400 yen.

Capcom will release Street Fighter Zero for GameBoy Color in Japan on March 30, for 4300 yen. The US version of the game Street Fighter Alpha was already released in the market in summer 2000.

Bandai announced that they have shipped a total of 450,000 copies of their popular PS2 action game Mobile Suit Gundam to the market, as of January 15.

Sega’s Sonic Team will be releasing a new mission pack for Phantasy Star Online on January 22, you can download the mission by accessing the PSO website within the game. There are 5 new missions in this update, including one offline mission and four new online missions. The US version of PSO is now scheduled to release on January 30, just like the Japanese version, a playable demo of Sonic Adventure 2 will be included in the game.

Sega will release the sequel of their graphic adventure game Love Hina: With a Smile Again for Dreamcast in Japan on March 29, for 5800 yen. The game is based on the popular anime Love Hina, featuring an original story with seven new scenarios. New elements in the game include Message card and Print Club collection.

SNK announced that they will release a new Neo Geo Pocket Color game called Super Real Mahjong Premium Collection in Japan in March, the game is developed by Seta and it is the first stripping Mahjong game for portable machine. The game is currently 95% completed and the game is recommended at age 18+. This version will feature a collection of animated characters from the arcade Super Real Mahjong series, plus original animation. There is also a new costumes for the characters and an Original Story Mode, in which the characters you encounter will undress every time when you win the match.

Banpresto will release Super Robot Taisen Alpha Gaiden for PlayStation in Japan on March 22, for 6980 yen. The latest installment of the popular robot battle simulation. This time the game features characters from 23 different anime / manga series, including Turn A Gundam, Gundam X, Gundam ZZ, Gundam 0083, Gundam W-Endless Waltz, Gundam X, Meka, Brager, Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger, Getta Robo, Macross Plus, and so on, plus Banpresto’s original characters. This game will support the WonderWave, for you to import new characters from the WonderSwan version of Super Robot Taisen Compact 2. These new characters will have exclusive techniques not found in other robots. A Limited Edition of the game will be released on the same day for 9800 yen, which includes illustration board, binder, case and memory card box.

Source: The Magic Box

1-19-01—- Ultraman Tiga Update

Cinescape has added information on the new Ultraman Tiga project:

“Set in the year 2010, this series features an Ultra hero who has three different forms: a standard fighting form in red, silver and purple, a flying form that is purple and silver, and super strong form in red and silver. Like previous TV shows going back to Ultraman, the title hero is a giant being who battles various and sundry monster menaces to our world. In his normal human form, he’s a guy named Daigo Madoka who is also a member of the scientific investigation and response team G.U.T.S. (Global Unlimited Task Squad), which is part of the world-wide Terrestrial Peace Consortium.”

1-19-01—- Bruce Lee Revival In Japan

Japan in the midst of a popularity boom of the legendary Martial Artist, Bruce Lee. Figures.com is reporting on new Bruce Lee Kubrick toys coming stateside via Diamond. The Medicom Kubrick set, the first of it’s kind to feature a sculpted head features three Bruce Lee’s- one wearing a black outfit to commemorate Enter The Dragon; one bare-chested with black pants to commeorate The Chinese Connection; and one wearing a red outfit to match the attire worn in Game of Death. Offered for pre-order in this month’s issue of Diamond Previews (4239/MEDKUB21) and shipping in original Japanese packaging. In stores 6/30/01 for $12.99.

Magic Box is reporting that E-Frontier has announced a new typing / fighting game for PC and MAC called Bruce Lee Da: Game of Death, scheduled to release in Japan on February 23, for 4800 yen. The game features the legendary martial artist Bruce Lee, during the battles you will have to type the words displayed on screen correctly to command Lee to attack and finish off his opponents. Since typing games have started showing up on home console, maybe this game will be ported over to PS2 or DC in the future.

According to this imdb piece, Bruce Lee’s Game of Death is being rereleased in Japan, re-edited with 40 minutes of new footage-courtesy of a Japanese company named Art Port Inc.-and will be shown “in Tokyo on Saturday and the rest of Japan on Jan.20.” The footage reportedly has ‘Lee and three other martial artists, “edited in strict accordance to an incomplete script and a series of sketches left by Lee.”‘

1-19-01—- Anime About.com Interview

Anime @ About.com has posted an Interview with Hiroki Hayashi & Kazuya Tanaka of AIC: Anime Guides Glenn & Kristyn talk with Hiroki Hayashi & Kazuya Tanaka of AIC. Best known in the US as the creator of El Hazard and the co-creator of Tenchi Muyo!, Hiroki Hayashi is a Producer/Director at AIC. Kazuya Tanaka is one of the few Sound Directors at AIC. In this interview, Mr Tanaka talks about his role as a Sound Director and Mr Hayashi talks about the creation of Tenchi Muyo and El-Hazard.

The article is posted here:

1-19-01—- Exclusive: Battle Royal U.S. Premiere Event Report

Regular contributor Daniel had the fortune yesterday evening of being an attendee at the U.S. Los Angeles premiere of the controversial Japanese manga based film, Battle Royale. He has compiled a report for ANS which can be read here.

1-19-01—- Viz May Releases

Viz Communications has sent out a press release of it’s May releases.

1-19-01—- NTT DoCoMo Unveils Revolutionary Java Applications Service

At a Tokyo Press Conference Thursday, Japan’s NTT DoCoMo fully unveiled it’s new “i-Appli” service for use with with i-mode mobile phones loaded with Java. The new 503i units will go on sale in Japan from Jan. 26th and 2 demo model phones of the new line, “Digital Mova F503i HYPER” manufactured and “Digital Mova P503i HYPER” by Matsushita were displayed. 32 applications including news, sports, stocks, weather will be available for access from the launch date. Many of these apps will be free but several will charge monthly fees between 100 – 300 Yen. Stand-alone apps which are downloaded to the phone and can be used without connection and others which work via connecting to a network will make up i-Appli compatible applets. 503i users will first have to access a content server, download compressed JAR file (limited in size to 10kb) and register them to their handsets prior to use. The compressed file aspect makes it worth mentioning that file storage space on these first generation 503i phones will be limited although the Fujitsu model mentioned above can store 50 such aplications. 17,870,000 I-Mode users were announced at the event and NTT projected it expects 20,000,000 with the release of 503i and it’s capabilities by the end of March of this year.

Game fans were treated to a number of new game applications simultaneously unveiled for use on the new phones. Here’s a rundown of some apps of note:

– Hello Kitty: Four sectioned app with interactive menus. “Type de mail expert” tests users typing speed. “Puzzle Puzzle” is a sliding puzzle game. “Action Land of Kitty” is an action game where gaining a high score is the goal. “Scroll Of Fortune-Telling Information On Kitty” is a fortune telling feature synchronized daily. Currently set for January 26 release at the monthly charge of 300 Yen.

– Sonic Cafe: Sega’s new Java application for 503i. 4 mini games can be downloaded, they include Nights and Samba De Amigo. Launch on January 26th, 300 Yen monthly charge.

– Hudson And ‘Star Soldier’: Hudson Soft announced releasing several games based on previous popular titles. An RPG is expected in April. ‘Morita Japanese Chess’ from launch.

– Taito: From Taito comes an i-mode port of classic games, Arkanoid, Space Invaders, Puzzle Bobble, Block Destroying and a digital pet named Minimal. New games in development include Golf, Fishing and racing titles. Launch from January 26th at 300 Yen monthly charge.

– Dowango: “Large millionaire”, “Ribarshi”, “Chess”, “Array by five eyes”, and “Pearl barley” are some network battle titles that pit player against player. Face graphic for each player can be selected freely. Dowango’s new server allows for random and pre arranged matches with the players of your choice.