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Anime News Service – January 11-18 Anime News

1-18-07 (9:18PM EST)—- Chiaki Kuriyama Digs Otaku Culture

In a Goo Movie article dated January 19th Japanese actress Chiaki Kuriyama (GoGo Yubari In Kill Bill) confessed commuting in Akihabara. The admission was made in front of 400 students at a commemoration talk show event for her latest movie held at Rikkyo St. Paul’s University in Tokyo on the 18th. When Kuriyama was asked by an otaku schoolboy, “Do you like manga?” she replied that she loved anime and manga and going to Akihabara manga cafes.

1-18-07 (6:47PM EST)—- Manga Author Ken Ishikawa Dead

Getta Robo creator and longtime Go Nagai student / collaborator Ken Ishikawa died of heart failure at 22:00 on Wednesday, November 15th. He was 58 years old. His current manga Comic Ran Twins had just appeared on the market on 11/13. In a November 16th internet diary entry, his friend and fellow mangaka Takachiho Haruka (Dirty Pair, Crusher Joe) says he first learned of Ishikawa’s death around 6 pm that day when he got an email from someone who asked if had heard the news. He of course hadn’t and phoned Go Nagai at 20:00 and got his answering machine. Nagai returned the call at 21:00 confirming the news and saying Ishikawa collapsed at his seat at a dinner banquet, after playing several rounds of golf. He was immediately given first aid, an ambulence was called and rushed him to the hospital but not in time to save his life. Examiners were hard pressed to explain his rather sudden death after looking at his body which did exhibit the traditional traits of heart disease, he had no prior warning signs or symptoms. Takachiho Haruka himself mentions having sat down to begin writing after the conversation but his head didn’t work at all and he was shaking considerably in light of the news. The creator’s wake was held the following Monday and his funeral, on Tuesday.

1-18-07 (5:45PM EST)—- Sahaquiel XX Figure Release

Hobby firm Wave has been continuing their unusual Apostles alternatives Shito XX Evangelion figure series with No.2 A-10 Sahaquiel XX. The the figure’s appearance is supposed to be shaped by how Ayamani Rei would have looked in her childhood. The PVC figure is 14-centimeters tall. The Prototype was crafted by Creation Group OWL and GAINAX. The concept image was created by Yoshizaki Minesya. Strett release date is the end of January.

1-18-07 (5:30PM EST)—- Evangelion Noh

On December 23rd, 2006, Gainax released a clip on their website of “Nou Mai Evangelion” combining their highly popular anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion and Japanese Noh theater. The main character was mixture of a traditional dancer and Eva Unito 01. The only performance occured at the noh music temple in saitama prefecture in Koshigayashi on December 17th. The theatrical event was part a series art projects commisioned by GAINAX called “EVA AT WORK“. The studio entrusted artists in various fields to make EVA a theme. The list includes Japanese style painters and tattoo artists. Additionally you can view the Noh clip at You Tube here and other Eva At Work examples here.

1-18-07 (5:09PM EST)—- Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro To Be Animated

Yusei Matsui’s Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro (Private Evil-Eye Nougami Neuro) will be animated in the form of a TV series. The supernatural detective story serializes in Weekly Shonen Jump. Beginning its run in February, 2005 8 collected volumes now exist on the market. A Drama CD was released on November 6, 2006 starring Takehito Koyasu as Neuro and Kana Ueda as Yako. Possibly seiyuu carryovers and other details are not available at this time. uragi. Yako Katsuragi’s father was murdered in a locked room. The mystery plunges Yako’s life into chaos until she meets a man named Neuro Nougami.

1-18-07 (4:43PM EST)—- Mr. FullSwing To Be Animated

Shinya Suzuki’s baseball themed manga Mr. FullSwing will be adapted to an animated TV series at some point in the near future. The manga is published by Shueisha. The news comes via TV spots airing in Japan.

1-18-07 (12:11PM EST)—- Winter TV Anime Season 2007 Class Picture

You can view a photographic collage, collecting screen grabs from 27 of the 28 anime and sentai related programs to begin running on Japanese television between January and March 2007 at this link.

1-18-07 (11:13AM EST)—- Kei Toume Art Exhibition

Mangka Kei Toume (Kurogane) will have her 3rd “Fuyu E Ten” (Picture in Winter) original art exhibiton hosted by Aoyama’s GOFA (Gallery Of Fantastic Art) from Saturday, February 24, 2007 – Sunday, March 11. 11:00-18:00. Admission fee is 500 Yen.

1-18-07 (11:13AM EST)—- Naoki Urasawa Defines Professionalism

For NHK’s Professional spotlight, 20th Century Boys, Monster mangka Naoki Urasawa gave his definition of a professional: “There must be a deadline. Isn’t it a person who can make their best effort by a deadline?”

1-18-07 (11:06AM EST)—- Mini Tezuka Manga

Sega Toys will make a limited release of their “Minikomi Tezuka Osamu Manga Zenshuu”. The miniature manga volumes 4.45×3.65 centimeters in size. A 200 volume series set (including Kimba, Ribbon Knight, etc.) will be sold in Japan for 73,500 yen on January 27th. 400 volumes in total are planned.

1-18-07 (10:39AM EST)—- Goshou Aoyama Manga Factory Opens In March

The Goshou Aoyama Manga Factory or Aoyama Tsuyoshi Akira Furusato Kan showcasing the works of the popular Great Detective Conan author opens in Tottori Prefecture, Kitasakae-cho on March 18th. The move is part of a construction initiative to make various landmarks in “Conan’s Hometown”. A number of tourism related efforts have also been efforts have also been carried out. The new facility will be divided into 6 zones including a cafeteria, show room of cartoon, anime and manga museum and shop. The city wants to bring 130,000 people into the pavillion in the fist year.

1-18-07 (10:00AM EST)—- Sylvanian Families 3DCG Japanese Animation

Nippon Columbia, ITOCHU Corporation, Epoch and Shogakukan will participate in the “Sylvanian Families” 3DCG animation production committee. The toy series has reached insane heights of popularity worldwide among girls over the years after first being sold in 1985. Total global sales are estimated at 78 million units. Accolades include winning the British Association of Toy Retailers award for Toy of the Year three years consecutively, from 1987 to 1989. The theme and worldview of the franchise is “Nature, Family, and Love”. It’s said the animation will convey all of these expressions vividly in 3D and the entire family will be able to enjoy the story. TV telecast and DVD sales in foreign countries outside Japan is planned for the future. sylvanian-families.jp

1-18-07 (9:58AM EST)—- Ichigo Marshmellow Trailer

A promotional video clip has gone up for the forthcoming Ichigo Mashmellow OVA due on February 23, 2007 at 6,090 Yen.

1-18-07 (9:30AM EST)—- Sola Anime Details

Scheduled for broadcast in Spring is the anime TV series tier of a new Crossmedia Seinen / Fantasy project titled Sola. Creator Hisaya Naoki created the work while Nanao Naru concieved the idea for the charcters. New details include Series director Tomoki Kobayashi (Utawarerumono), Script writer Hanada Jukki (Rozen Maiden), Anime chara designer Makoto Koga (ARIA The ANIMATION), Music by Toumajin Elements Garden, Animation production by Nomad, Copyright: Sola Project. A manga drawn by Abeno Chako will begin running in Januray 20th, 2007 issue of Dengeki Daioh. A Drama CD series and a PS2 game were announced at Comiket 71 and will follow.

1-18-07 (9:28AM EST)—- Last Unicorn Author Peter S. Beagle Interview

On Wednesday, January 24th at 12 noon Eastern/9 a.m. Pacific., the Robotech Space Station Liberty internet audio talkshow will be conducting a live interview with Hugo-winning fantasy author Peter S. Beagle. The topic of the interview will be Beagle’s career, including The Last Unicorn novel and movie, the Lord of the Rings animated movie, the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Sarek,” and more.

1-17-07 (8:12PM EST)—- RFID Tags In Your Manga

A demonstration which involved inserting UHF band wireless IC tags (costing 5 Yen apiece) into tankoubon manga books was held on July 1st, 2006 for the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry at Tosho Printing in Shizuoka Prefecture. Hot glue with a temperature around 200 degrees celsius is used to apply the RFID tags to the back cover spines of the books before the binding process begins. The main obstacle facing publishers wanting to implement the system for some time has been shielding the chips from being damaged by the extreme heat of the glue and shocks of various types of friction caused by rubbing against the flush resting paper. The tags themselves are the thickness of paper or around 0.2mm. The failure rate becuase of this as of the most recent test has reached about 4%. 10,000 tags can be applied to the same number of book covers in 1 hour. The manga publishing industry in Japan is looking at beginning to practically use IC tags in their products in 2007. The tags will replace or supplement barcodes, storing individual product information. Verification of the business model and the addressing of privacy concerns among customers will need to be looked at.

1-17-07 (7:49PM EST)—- Rahxephon Movie On HD-DVD

Watch Impress reports that besides all 26 epsiodes and the movie in DVD format, the 9 piece Rahxephon R2 DVD-BOX which releases in Japan on March 23, 2007 for 36,750 Yen will include a twin format disc with a HD DVD layer containing the Rahxephon anime film.

1-17-07 (7:29PM EST)—- Sgt. Frog Korea’s Most Popular Animation In 2006?

Many are saying Sunrise’s Sgt. Frog is overwhelmingly the most popular animation in South Korea in 2006 according to winnings in the Tooniverse Choice 2006 awards ceremony. There, the work took the best motion picture of the year, the best theater animation, and best female seiyuu prizes. The event was televised on the Tooniverse animation channel on the December 13th. Voting was done by visitors to the official website which recorded 12,860 participants.

1-17-07 (6:21PM EST)—- Amazon Otaku Store

Mega e-tailer Amazon.com Japan has launched a special otaku store collecting anime and manga related products on December 18th, 2006. Around 30,000 items are present in the store, searchable according to character / director, etc. Amazon has also apparently licensed Haruhi Suzumiya to appear on the store’s main banner.

1-17-07 (5:43PM EST)—- Osamu Tezuka Manga Made To Order

Contents Works will start a new service which allows consumers to mix and match their favorite Osamu Tezuka manga series into a “remix book” they are calling the “Osamu Tezuka On-Demand Magazine”. Kodansha, Shogakukan, Fuji Xerox, and Microsoft area all coming together to work on the project. Favorite works and episodes across 400 volumes can be selected to make your own perfect Tezuka book. Service begins in April, 2007.

1-17-07 (5:02PM EST)—- Afro Samurai Soundtrack Release On January 30th

KOCH Records announces the release of the soundtrack of Afro Samurai, a new animated miniseries which will premiere on Spike TV on January 4th, 2007. The soundtrack features an original score by RZA, plus tracks featuring Big Daddy Kane, GZA, Q-Tip, Talib Kweli and the extended Wu Tang Family. Afro Samurai is the animated epic, based on a graphic novel by Takashi Okazaki, of a black samurai’s hunt for the gunman who murdered his father. Academy Award-nominated actor Samuel L. Jackson stars as the uncompromising hero in this stylish series that crosses cultural boundaries as a fusion of animated samurai action and hip-hop culture.

The talented RZA is arguably best known as a musical mastermind and MC in the influential hip-hop group the Wu-Tang Clan followed by a solo career as a rapper and producer. He also has an increasing list of Hollywood credits including composing both of Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill movies, Jim Jarmusch’s Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai and Blade: Trinity, as well as Barbershop 2: Back in Business and Unleashed. RZA has also experienced motion picture success as an actor and was in Derailed, Coffee and Cigarettes, Scary Movie 3 and Ghost Dog.

“As a fan of martial art and old Japanese Samurai movies, I have always wanted to be a part of such creativity and to have my own spice added is even better. Many hip hop artists and musicians from the late 80’s to now have been inspired by this form of entertainment, and today’s animators have been stimulated by hip hop. But, usually these two forms of expression never meet in the same realm of artistry,” said RZA. “Afro Samurai offers me the opportunity to mix the innovational world of hip hop with the visual imagination of Japanese animation. The vibe of Afro Samurai is so soulful and cool, that when I was asked to compose the series my creative juices immediately reacted. I felt it was something meant for me to do; in many ways Afro and myself share the same spirit.”

1-17-07 (4:35PM EST)—- DOA Credit Cards

Tecmo has launched an official website for its Dead Or Alive 10th Anniversary credit cards. 3 different JCB and Mastercard illustrations are available.

1-17-07 (4:27PM EST)—- Anime / Manga Exhibits At Kawasaki City Museum

You can see a pic of the huge Tetsujin 28 being built at the Kawasaki City Museum at Town News-Sha. A world exhibition dedicated to mangaka Mitsuteru Yokoyama and Fujiko F Fujio of Doraemon fame is being held there this month.

1-17-07 (4:17PM EST)—- Slam Dunk Scholarship Site

We spent way too much time playing with the flash basketball on the front page but you can now see the official website for Takehiko Inoue and Shueisha’s SlamDunk basketball scholarships at: slamdunk-sc.shueisha.co.jp.

1-17-07 (3:50PM EST)—- JTBUSA Tokyo Anime Fair Tour

JTBUSA travel agency is organizing a tour to Tokyo, Japan between Mar. 22 – Mar. 29, 2007 for the Tokyo International Anime Fair. Speaking from personal experience, this is an event that all people interested in the work of this site and anime and manga fans in general should not miss. The itnenerary will include the following excusions: A exclusive Akihabara tour with SPECIAL GUEST, Mr.Nobuyuki Takahashi, President of Studio Hard Deluxe, Atereko (Dubbing) Experience in Shinjuku, Nakano Mandarake, Visiting JAPAN COSPLAY FESTIVAL at TOSHIMAEN, and of course the Anime Fair itself. The 8 day, 6 night trip includes air & land transport New York from $1,400.00 or just land transport if you can make it to Tokyo on your own, from $800. An optional side tour to the Ghibli Museum will be available for $60 extra.

1-17-07 (3:46PM EST)—- Young Animal: Harmful Book

Hakusensha’s monthly manga anthology Young Animal 2007 No. 1 got named a “harmful book” by the Kanagawa Prefecture government’s Kenmin Bu Seishounen Ka Chiiki Kankyou Han. According to the prefecture young people’s healthy social development is obstructed by such books which are routinely sought out and listed following Kanagawa’s juvenile protection promotion municipal law. The sale of such designated “harmful books” to youth are then prohibited.

1-17-07 (2:33PM EST)—- Tokyopop To Release 12 Kingdoms Novels

TOKYOPOP is pleased to unveil for the first-time ever in English the best-selling hit Japanese novel series The Twelve Kingdoms, the latest addition to the company’s rapidly growing line of serialized youth novels, releasing under the company’s Pop Fiction banner. The Twelve Kingdoms, (which inspired the exquisite 45-episode anime) is an epic saga in the vein of “Lord of the Rings,” full of drama, complex mythology, exciting battle sequences, and a masterfully executed, character-driven plot about Yoko, a shy high school girl thrust into the role of reluctant hero when she’s swept away into another realm and told she’s destined to rule.

Created by Fuyumi Ono, the legendary Japanese Twelve Kingdoms novels have sold more than 7 million copies worldwide, but have never been available to U.S. audiences in the English language … until now. Rife with civil and political upheaval, The Twelve Kingdoms: Sea of Shadow, the first volume of this epic seven-volume novel series, is set in a world reminiscent of ancient Chinese mythology, taking fans on a wild ride that will leave readers questioning the boundaries of reality and fantasy. Sea of Shadow marks TOKYOPOP’s first-ever hardcover novel and includes all-new, exclusive cover art created especially for this English edition by Akihiro Yamada, the series’ original Japanese illustrator.

Except for her red hair, Yoko Nakajima is a typical, obedient Japanese high-school student. Her life is fairly ordinary-that is, until Keiki, a unicorn in the guise of a young blond-haired boy, tells her that she is his master and must return to their kingdom. When the boy mysteriously vanishes, Yoko is left alone, confused, and wandering through a foreign land with nothing to help protect her save a magic sword and a magic stone. Lost in a strange land and with demons on her trail, Yoko begins her quest for both survival and self-discovery. According to Nicole Monastirsky, Pop Fiction Senior Editor, “Fuyumi Ono is a master storyteller who has combined equal parts teenage realism with mythological fantasy to create a tale so complex and beautiful that it leaves the reader speechless. TOKYOPOP is honored to bring this extraordinary epic to English-speaking readers everywhere. The hard cover edition of The Twelve Kingdoms: Sea of Shadow, with English translation by Alexander O. Smith (Vagrant Story, Final Fantasy X), is priced at $16.99 and will make its U.S. debut in bookstores everywhere in March, 2007.

1-17-07 (2:12PM EST)—- Emily Rodda Interviewed On Deltora Quest Anime

Livedoor recently interviewed Australian phantasy author Emily Rodda on her Deltora Quest novel series which has recently been adapted to anime in Japan. The TV series based on the books has become popular with school children debuted in Japan at 8 AM on Saturday, January 6, 2007 via TV Tokyo. Publication of the novel series has occured in 31 countries worldwide. The first volume was published in Australia in October, 2001. The third book in the series was recently announced. Iwasaki Books first published Deltora Quest in Japan in the autumn of 2003, and total series sales have reached four million. Rodda was in Japan recently and gave some impressions on the animation adaptation, saying “All my family loved the animation. I am very glad, and was very excited at watching the story in animated form. I think Naruto is cool.” “There was alot of action, and I liked the movement of the characters very much. And the monsters were also good. I think Children will like it very much. Characters were just as I have imagined as youths and not too old.” The author said that because of the high quality of the animation produced in Japan, she chose to allow her story to be animated there. Back and forth collaboration between the Japanese anime staff and the author were carried out through the produciton to ensure accuracy to the original. Rodda said Hiroyuki Nishimura’s chracter designs were exactly as she imagined the characters. She hopes Japanese viewers will enjoy the animation just as if they were reading the original novels. Pictures of Rodda at a Japanese book signing can be seen at the above link.

1-17-07 (1:00PM EST)—- Berserk Manga Returns

After about a 4 month break, Chapter 280 of Kentaro Miura’s manga serial Berserk has returned to the pages of “Young Animal” from the No. 2 issue which went on sale on 1/12.

1-17-07 (12:50PM EST)—- Aquarion OVA

Sousei no Aquarion is headed for an OVA conversion in early summer 2007. The official title is Uragiri no Tsubasa, production by Satelight. Several image grabs from the new work can be seen at the official website.

1-17-07 (11:30AM EST)—- Fate/Zero Visual Novel Phenomenon

At Comiket 71 Type-Moon and Nitro Plus hyped their jointly preduced prequel novel to Fate/Stay Night – Fate/Zero. The storyline occurs 10 years prior to the one presented in the 2004 game focusing on the events of the prior Holy Grail War. Volume 1 was out in Japan on December 12, 2006. The series has been adapted to a host mediums including anime, manga, printed novel, videogame, drama cd, etc.. Given its status as non-mainline / corporate, and indeed small and alternative game creator, grass roots fan support in Japan for Type-Moon and Fate/Stay Night is truly unprecedented. When released on January 30, 2004, Fate/stay night rapidly became one of the most popular visual novels in history, securing the title of “highest selling visual novel” in 2004. At winter Comic Market, 2006 reports were fans stood in line up to 3 hours to get a single print copy of a Fate book. Only 4 years ago Type-Moon was a mere club or circle. These DIY media creators used freely available software that makes it quite easy to create a visual novel style game and the plumetting prices for pressing CD-ROMs and packaged software. Amateur circles involved in making games in this way in Japan have been increasing rapidly. Distribution was initiated through Dojininshi channels like setting up a table or booth at Comiket where 50,000 people a day can be expected to attend over a 3 day period. Type-Moon’s Tsukihime started life in a similar way and was also later adapted to anime 2003, the same applies to their Kara no Kyoukai, which is headed for an anime film adaptation this year. www.fate-zero.com

1-17-07 (11:25AM EST)—- Haruhi Suzumiya Volume 7 Cover

The official cover image for Haruhi Suzumiya TV R2 DVD Volume 7 has been postedat the official Japanese fanclub website.

1-17-07 (11:05AM EST)—- Jesus Film Goes Anime

Originally distributed in 1979 by Warner Brothers in theaters nationwide, the two-hour “JESUS” film is not only the most widely-distributed, but also the most translated film in history—with more than 900 separate language translations and more than 6 billion exposures globally, topping Oscar greats Gone with the Wind, The Sound of Music, The Lion King, Titanic, and The Wizard of Oz. Now plans are on the table to adapt the story to anime. The JESUS Film’s Chief of Staff Greg Gregiore says, “A number of different things that we’re doing have to do with innovation, or with taking the assets of the JESUS Film that we have and repurposing those assets.” “We’re taking the audio tracks that we have translated and re-recorded over these past 26 years and putting new visuals to that. And, we’re working on right now an Anime version of the JESUS Film.” It’ll be a bit different than the current film, says Gregiore. “We will reorder the events and make more of a story and a dramatic film out of it. But, we’re still using God’s word as recorded in the book of Luke, we’re using the same dialogue loops that were used in the original JESUS Film.” While the completion of the project is more than two years away, Gregoire says, “That visual with a new musical score, new sound effects and use of the same dialogue, so in effect when we complete the film we will be able to simultaneously release it in over 900 languages.” Because it’s already translated. Two short segments are going to be field tested soon. Pray that God will allow the new project to be completed quickly and on budget. www.jesusfilm.org

1-17-07 (10:53AM EST)—- TV Tokyo Spring 2007 Anime Season

Television Tokyo Channel 12 Ltd. has announced around 15 new anime series are scheduled to begin in April, 2007. 4 new programs are scheduled to run in the evening, 8 at and around midnight and 3 in the mornings on the weekend. A number of programs will change time frames as well.

1-16-07 (8:01PM EST)—- DramaQueen Announces New Manga / Site

Last week, DramaQueen announced a new title at Ohayocon in Ohio. During the panels at Ohayocon, DramaQueen gave the audience a sneak preview of a new title that they have acquired: Devil x Devil by Sawauchi Sachiyo A deliciously sexy comedy about less then angelic angels and the devils who fall for them. This is the first of Sawauchi Sachiyo’s manga to be translated into English, and we at DramaQueen are confident you will enjoy this title as much as we do. New Website Launch With a new year starting DramaQueen decided to give its on-line face a through makeover for the new season. The redesigned website has been tweaked and fine tuned to become the ultimate resource for all things DramaQueen, keeping you up to date with current affairs and all the future releases and projects the team is working on to keep you hanging on the edge of your seats. We hope everyone enjoys the new look and finds it as fun and exciting as we do. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you in the future as we continue to bring you high quality titles and yaoi from the DramaQueen catalogue.

1-16-07 (3:06PM EST)—- New Dr. Slump Film Planned

According to an announcement made in the February, 2007 issue of Shonen Jump, Akira Toriyama’s manga Dr. Slump will be adapted to a new film. The issue went on sale on 1/6.

1-16-07 (2:34PM EST)—- Atsushi Yamasaki Killed In Car Accident

H-manga artist Atsushi Yamasaki died on Dec. 23rd from complications and injuries sustained in a car accident occuring on Dec. 3rd. Yamasaki’s works were widely published by Akaneshinsha and Tenma Comics. His last collected release was Let’s Play Love Love H With Me! which hit the market on December 15th.

1-16-07 (1:41PM EST)—- Yoshimoto Kogyo Enters Manga Field

Daily Sports reports entertainment agency Yoshimoto Kogyo is “making a raid on the manga field”. On January 4th firm president Isao Yoshino gave a speach at the Swiss hotel Namhae Osaka where the new Comic Yoshimoto magazine was announced. 20-25 different serials all penned by professional mangaka will be published therein. Seried plots will be based around member celebrities of the agency. The circulation will be a twice a month affair and 250,000 debut issues will be printed this spring. The predetermined price is 320-340 Yen per B5 sized magazine. The sales network will consist of such bookstores and convenience stores nationwide. Subsidiary Yoshimoto Books will be formed in March established by existing publisher “Crocodilian Books” and joint contributions for the new magazine will begin. Yoshino plans to have the company invest 500 million Yen on the project. So far, Keizo Ueda (Yaoh: Night King) has signed up to draw a serial. The target demographic are men 20-40-years old.

1-16-07 (11:25AM EST)—- Comic SPA! Launches

Japanese publisher Fusosha’s visual subculture geared magazine SPA! has spun off the manga anthology Comic SPA! EXTRA A number of well known mangaka have were assembled to provide content, they include: Nishihara Rieko, Tatsuya Egawa (Golden Boy), Matsuo Suzuki, Kawai Katsuo and Saruyama Hagenosuke. Release occured on December 28th, 2006, retail price was 500 Yen.

1-16-07 (10:38AM EST)—- Ghibli Distributes Western Animation (Continued)

On January 16th Studio Ghibli fully announced details of its intention to move into the distribution of various western animation works in Japan. A press event was held at the museum in Mitaka. Their special Shibuya theater for the main screenings will be provided by Angelica Corp where King And Bird showed in 2006. Buena Vista Home Entertainment will take charge of DVD distribution. Motohiro Hatanaka who has casted Ghibli works since Mononoke Hime will head casting. The plan is to roll out a new work strategically during the long holiday periods in different seasons. It’s currently undecided whether all works picked up for theater runs will see a DVD release.

1-16-07 (10:22AM EST)—- Akiba Fest After Report

A first of its kind, the Akiba Fest “Christmas Cosplay Concert Ball” made for the perfect holiday Japanese Pop-Culture event! Attracting upward of 300 attendees, Akiba Fest’s end of the year “Christmas Cosplay Concert Ball” made history by ushering in a new one-of-a-kind Japanese Pop Culture event. With a gala setting complete with Christmas themed decorations, food, a cosplay contest and solid Japanese entertainment from the Jrock duo UNICORN TABLE, and Japanese cosplay idol, MAI, Akiba Fest offered the audience something new and Exciting. Akiba Fest marked the American debut of UNICORN TABLE. Sponsors included KJennings Scion of Springfield, VA, Scion Evolution and Bandai Visual U.S.A

1-16-07 (10:09AM EST)—- Death Note Movie 2: The Last Name DVD Release

The second live action Death Note film “The Last Name” will be released on R2 DVD in Japan on March 14th for 3,570 Yen. Movies 1 and 2 will also be sold as a set including a special booklet, disc case and third bonus disc with extra footage and features for 7,140 Yen. Distribution through VAP.

1-16-07 (8:31AM EST)—- Hollywood Ghost In The Shell Film Coming

Production I.G has announced they have secured a deal to act as an agent and actively begin putting things into place to make a Live Action Ghost In The Shell film come together in Hollywood, USA. The studio had to first work out a deal with creator Masamune Shiro and manga publisher Kodansha who owns the original rights to usage.

1-16-07 (8:00AM EST)—- Recording Wraps On First Naruto Shippuden Episode

Production on the new season of the 4 year running Naruto TV animation: Naruto Shippuden has been underway in Japan for sometime now. Voice recording on the first episode recently wrapped and eg has some information from that event and one of the first released image stills promoting the new series. Shippuden occurs 2 and a half years post the previous storyline, the main charachters return to Narutos hometown. Following the manga, look for it to feature a number of underlining character design and story outline changes. The first episode from the new series debuts on TV Tokyo February 15, 2007.

1-16-07 (7:44AM EST)—- Masami Hisamoto Lands Doraemon Movie Role

Super popular Japanese slapstick comedienne Masami Hisamoto will appear in Doraemon: Nobita’s Dinosaur. She’ll play the the witch “Mage-sa”. The animated film’s premiere is March 10th, 2007 in Toho affiliated theaters.

1-16-07 (7:17AM EST)—- Miyazaki’s Clock

Sinchew Daily reports a huge clock designed by anime director Hayao Miyazaki has been installed on the outer wall of Nippon Television Network’s (NTV) headquarters building in Shiodome, Tokyo, featuring entertaining mechanical performances several times a day. As there is space for people to enter inside of the clock, NTV is considering making the interior open to visitors to observe how the clock works.

1-16-07 (6:11AM EST)—- Sirou Tunasima Bails On Jinki Extend Manga

Citing differences of opinion in policy with the editor in-chief of Mag Garden’s Comic Blade Magazine, mangaka Sirou Tunasima has decided to discontinue publication of Jinki Extend. In a January 15th internet diary entry by the author he apparently quotes his editors’ critique: “Mecha in this magazine do not have the same rights as a human character”. Tunasima contends he has drawn his mecha like a human character up until now and when started the serial at the magazine there was an understanding on this between himself and the editorial staff. Volume 9 was the last released manga volume to hit shelves in Japan on December 14th, 2006. Reviews across the board from longtime series followers have ranked it near the best of all the JE stories. Post volume 9, Tunasima adds he has completed and submitted 60 pages of additional material which effectively tie the story up (or leave it hanging) as much as possible. He hopes to be able to bring Jinki Extend back at some point in the future. This could possibly come through a new deal with another magazine. Jinki has already traded hands with different publications once before, having previously ran in GanGan Wing Magazine. The presently ongoing Jinki Extend Manga and Anime are licensed in the United States by ADV.

1-15-07 (1:21PM EST)—- Shoujo Manga Exhibit In D.C.

Girl Power! Girls’ Comics from Japan An exhibit Japan Information and Culture Center, Washington D.C. This international touring exhibit features historic Japanese manga, with a special emphasis on shojo manga comic books for girls. The exhibit features 23 renowned shojo manga creators and more than 200 works from World War II to the present. The pieces in this exhibit come together for the first and only time in Washington D.C. The medium reflects the evolution of the social roles of Japanese girls and women during this period. The exhibition also documents how the visual composition of manga mirrors the developments in Japanese aesthetics. Curated by Dr. Masami Toku, Associate Professor of Art and Art History at California State University Chico, “Girl Power!” has toured throughout North and South America. Details at: www.csuchico.edu/~mtoku/vc. Opening lecture: Tuesday, January 30, 2007 in the UICC Auditorium, from 6:30 p.m. RSVP to jiccrsvpwinter07@embjapan.org Join us for a special opening talk by Masami Toku, curator and general director of the Shojo Manga Project. Dr. Toku will provide an opening lecture for this exhibition, offering insights into the featured works as well as the artists themselves. Refreshments will be served and exhibition catalogue will be available: www.csuchico.edu/~mtoku/vc/OrderPage1.htm. Co-Sponsored by: Japan Information and Culture Center The Japan-America Society of Washington, Inc. The Japan Foundation, New York California State University, Chico

1-15-07 (11:33AM EST)—- Digital Meme Releases Japanese Animation Classics

Digital Meme, the premier publisher of digitized classic Japanese films, today announced the upcoming release of a new DVD collection of vintage Japanese anime. Presenting 55 titles from the Golden Age of Japanese silent film, this collection is the first to offer international audiences many of these classic anime as they were originally experienced by Japanese viewers, with accompanying benshi narration. Japanese Anime Classic Collection is a digital collection of hard-to-find anime produced from 1928 through 1936. Entertaining, exciting, and startling, the collection will be treasured by enthusiasts, who will find it a valuable reference tool for retracing Japanese animation from its early roots to what is now universally known as anime. Presented chronologically, these anime have been painstakingly digitally reproduced for DVD viewing. Nothing has been altered or edited except for the integration of music in some titles.

All the silent anime in the collection allow the viewer to choose subtitles in Japanese, English, Chinese, or Korean. Many feature live, simultaneous narration by such famed and beloved benshi as Midori Sawato. These one-of-a-kind dramatic benshi performances were a unique Japanese contribution to silent film history. For international audiences, this set will therefore be the first chance to experience many of these films as Japanese audiences did. Silent movie lovers will be especially delighted by “Danemon’s Monster Hunt at Shojoji,” a rare opportunity to compare and appreciate two separate benshi performances for the same title. Other selections in the set are “record talkies.” These anime came to theaters together with a gramophone record, which provided a separate, simultaneous audio track with music, voice, and effects. The history of record talkies in Japan was shortlived, as fully synchronized talking movies quickly outdated them. These titles will thus be of interest both to those new to Japanese silent film and to fans who have only experienced silents with benshi performances.

With or without accompaniment, each of the 55 anime selections in this set tells a great story in its own right. For anyone with an interest in animation, movies, or Japanese history, Japanese Anime Classic Collection should not be missed as an extraordinary contribution to the mostly unheard story of Japan’s silent film heritage. For further details, please contact info@digital-meme.com. Title: Japanese Anime Classic Collection Product Format: Box set collection of 4 DVDs Total number of titles: 55 Language: Japanese Subtitles: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean Region code: All regions Production: Digital Meme, Matsuda Film Productions Copyright: Digital Meme Price: US$110.00 (US$40.00 per DVD when sold separately) Scheduled release date: 30 April 2007

1-14-07 (1:49AM EST)—- OverDrive To Be Animated

Yasuda Tsuyoshi’s bicyclist manga OverDrive will be animated in Japan at some point in the future.

1-14-07 (1:41AM EST)—- Seiyuu Yuko Sanpei And Ami Koshimizu Get Married

On January 13th voice actresses Yuko Sanpei (Shuuji Harima – School Rumble) and Ami Koshimizu (Tenma Tsukamoto – School Rumble) were married. Their wedding was broadcast on the radio program AniSuper. The 2 knew each other since they were 12 years old time because of belonging to the same theatrical company Wakakusa. Kaori Nazuka who voiced Eureka and worked with the pair on Eureka 7 gave a word at the ceremony.

1-14-07 (1:02AM EST)—- Tekkon Kinkreet At Berlin International Film Festival

Director Michaeal Arias’ anime film Tekkon Kinkreet is scheduled to screen at the 57th Berlin Internaitonal Film Festival held from February 8-18th. The movie will screen in the “Generation 14 Plus” division, intended for younger viewers. Berlin is considered one of the world’s great international film festivals, Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away took the grand Golden Bear prize there in 2002. The animated cartoon work ‘Spirited Away’ of Japan has won in 2002.

1-13-07 (10:32AM EST)—- Nodame Cantabile Debut Sets All Time Late Night Anime Ratings Record

The first episode of the JC STAFF TV anime Nodame Cantabile broadcast between 25:00-25:30 on Fuji Television Network, Thursday, January 11th. According to series production elements, the airing has logged the all time highest audience rating for a late night TV anime, netting a 5.4% share. The live action Nodame Cantabile drama has in the past nabbed an audience rating of 21.7% and an estimated 19 million viewers in one showing. Both adaptations are based on the musical comedy mangad by Tomoko Ninomiya. The past latenight anime ratings record holder was the George Morikawa manga-based Hajime No Ippo (Fighting Spirit) and its 4.8% share. That record has stood for 6 years. The achievement makes this series definetly one to continue watching in Japan and internationally for a possible licensing / localization fast track.

1-13-07 (10:31AM EST)—- Prism Ark Anime Confirmed

Pajama-Soft has officially confirmed its game series Prism Ark is headed for animation adaptation.

1-13-07 (3:25AM EST)—- Comic Gumbo: Japan’s First Free Manga Weekly

The Mainichi Daily News reports on Comic Gumbo, Japan’s first ever free weekly manga magazine, will hit the streets next week. Venture Publisher Dejima will start handing out Comic Gumbo from Tuesday next week, giving comic fans two complete stories and 11 series features, featuring such manga-ka as Tatsuya Egawa (who will give his own interpretation of novelist Soseki Natsume’s classic “Botchan”), Motoka Murakami, Hiroyuki Yoshida and Shuho Itabashi. Dejima plans to produce 100,000 copies per issue, handing them out to the target readership of men in their 20s to 40s on Tuesdays and Wednesdays each week. Gumbo will be distributed during busy periods in the morning and afternoon mostly at stations along the Yamanote Line, but will handed out at about 30 stations in the Tokyo area as far as Omiya, Yokohama and Chiba stations. Gumbo will have 230 pages, about half the number of popular manga books, with around 26 pages devoted to ads. It will also be available free online.

1-13-07 (12:15AM EST)—- Kyoto International Manga Museum Updates

After opening on November 25th the Kyoto International Manga Museum, which houses 200,000 comic related items, had its inagural “World Manga Exhibition” kickoff on December 11th, drawing over 10,000 people. Over 1000 manga and comics collected from various countries and eras went on display. The exhibition’s run has been extended from the 14th until Sunday, January 28 because of the popularity. Recent noteworthy guests to the facility include Director General for the Agency of Nobuji Kondo on January 12th. The museum is involved in “Kansai Energetic Cultural Area” project that the Agency for Cultural Affairs is advancing. Its said Secretary Kondo walked in Tateuchi for about 40 minutes with president Mitsuru Katagiri of the Kyotoshi educational commitee. Kondo commented he was a big fan and reader of the Aso Hakusho, Ashita No Joe and Kyojin No Hoshi manga. www.kyotomm.com

1-13-07 (12:15AM EST)—- Princess Hours Sequel Faces Hurdles

The sequel to the scorching hot K-drama Goong (Also known as Miya in Japan and Princess Hours or Imperial Palace in English), based on the manhwa by So Hee Park, has finally gotten off the ground in South Korea. Goong S as its being called was announced many months ago although production had several setbacks as it faced diverse issues surrounding the story, cast, ultimate title and copyright wranglings between the production company, broadcaster MBC and the original manga rights holders.

1-12-07 (10:33PM EST)—- Robotech Shadow Chronicles Audio Interview

Friday, January 12th, at 10 p.m. Eastern/7 p.m. Pacific Space Station Liberty will be conducting a live call-in talk radio interview with actress Chase Masterson. The topic of the interview will be in part Chase’s career, including her role as Dabo girl Leeta in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Chase’s music, but the primary focus will be her role in the animated feature Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles, in limited theatrical release now and coming to DVD on February 6th. Live listener call-in and e-mail questions will be answered. The show is being streamed live online and will be available in archive form after the broadcast.

1-12-07 (10:02PM EST)—- IGN: Ghibli Should Adapt Okami

If the folks at IGN had their way Studio Ghibli would create an animated film based on the Capcom PS2 videogame Okami. 2 Pages of what-if speculation. Keep dreaming guys.

1-12-07 (9:21PM EST)—- RSS Feed Back

The ANS RSS stream is now operational.

1-12-07 (8:42PM EST)—- Good Job To Become Drama

Nao Matsushita will play the leading role in the NHK Good Job TV serial drama. The story is adapted from the Taoka Misao manga of the same name published by Kodansha. The stage of the drama is two business divisions inside a midsize construction company.

1-12-07 (8:09PM EST)—- 2006 Manga Magazine Roundup

In 2006 74 new magazines started up in Japan specifically dedicated to publishing manga. 22 such magazines ceased publication alltogether.

1-12-07 (7:12PM EST)—- 5th Sakura Taisen OVA Series Announced

On Friday in Japan SEGA / RED revealed plans for the 5th Sakura Taisen OVA series: “Sakura Taisen New York – Himo iku” (or “New York NY.”). The stage is New York in the latter half of the 1920’s. The story will share contemporous elements with the New York group that appeared in “Sakura Taisen: V-Murder, My Sweet-“. Dairokuten Beelzebub and Ota Nobunaga have been defeated and now a new enemy appears before Shinjiro who is preparing to appear in a theatrical play presentation of Cleopatra. 6 Episodes are scheduled across 3 volumes. Vol. 1 is subtitled “Me And My Girl”, followed by Vol. 2 “X – And The City”. Look for Vol.1 subtitled “Me And My Girl” to street in Japan on April 4th, 2007, followed by Vol. 2 “X – And The City” in June and Vol. 3 “At Night When The Stars Twinkles” in August. Each will retail at 6090 Yen and feature 16:9 video and Dolby Digital 5.1ch Surround Sound. Running Time on each volume is 50 minutes (2 episodes). Staff includes: Director: Ryuichi Kimura, Script: Hideaki Koyasu, Music: Kouhei Tanaka, Original Character Designs: Kousuke Fujishima, Character Designs: Hidenori Matsubara, Animation Director: Nobuyuki Kitajima, Chief Producer: Ouji Hiroi, Series Supervision: Satoru Akahori, Sound Director: Keiichi Momose. Cast includes: Ayaka Saito as Rikaritta Aries, Hisayoshi Suganuma as Shinjirou Taiga, Junko Minagawa as Sagiitta Weinberg, Kaya Matsutani as Diana Caprice, Mie Sonozaki as Subaru Kujou, Sanae Kobayashi as Gemini Sunrise, Hiromi Konno as Servant, Hiroshi Kamiya as Brown-skinned young man, Sayaka Ohara as Brown-skinned young woman, Kaori Asou as Plum Spaniel, Naoya Uchida as Michael Sunnyside, Takehito Koyasu as Yuuichi Kayama, Tetsuo Goto as Gyouchi Ou, Youko Honna as Yoshino Anri. Animation Production by AIC, CG Production by Gonzo, Distribution by Pony Canyon, Music Production by Imagine. Sales through Sega, distribution through Sega/Pony Canyon Inc. www.sakura-taisen.com/ova5_newyork.html

1-12-07 (7:02PM EST)—- MomoCon 2007 Unveiled

Anime O-Tekku of Georgia Tech is pleased to announce the return of MomoCon, an annual anime/gaming/comics convention held in Atlanta, GA, March 17-18, 2007 at the Georgia Tech Student Center and Instructional Center. The convention is free of charge to all attendees and family friendly, so people of all ages are encouraged to attend!

This year’s event includes expanded anime viewing rooms and panels, the latter featuring both special guest and fan presenters. MomoCon 2007 will feature numerous Japanese cultural events as well, including an Ikebana flower arranging demonstration, an origami workshop, and presentations on kimono-wear. The annual costume contest has been moved to the scenic Georgia Tech campanile, both to accommodate more entrants and a bigger audience. It also features a revamped placement system for greater speed and accuracy in costume judging. Responding to increased demand, the staff of MomoCon is pushing itself to the limits to support an increase in the volume and quality of video game programming, including a new Retro Console gaming lounge, an added video game free-play room, reorganized tournament setups, and more to go along with its pre-existing selection of free play game rooms and panels.

MomoCon also is proud to play host to events featuring numerous fandoms, including a Dollfie picnic hosted in the on-campus Skiles Garden, themed photo shoots featuring two professional photographers, and official congregations of the biggest and best fan organizations in the Southeast. One World by Night (a national White Wolf LARP Group) will be hosting a Vampire: the Masquerade LARPing event conjunction with MomoCon 2007, and welcomes new players as well as veterans. Other White Wolf LARP contingencies will also be running convention-wide Live Action gaming for the layman and expert alike.

Returning guests for MomoCon 2007 include the local gaming studio Gamesare, guaranteed to bring fun demos to play and insight on the “real deal” behind making and selling video games, as well as Jennie Breeden of The Devil’s Panties, and Bill Holbrook, artist and author of Kevin and Kell featured in the Atlanta Journal Constitution. MomoCon welcomes webcomic artists Amelie Belcher (Adventures of Amelie) and Matt Simpson (Nuclear Powered Toaster), as well as cosplayers Winters Knight and Ashley Vess. As the convention grows nearer, new guests are confirming everyday, and the list keeps growing!

MomoCon hopes every year its free admission status will inspire others around the world to take the initiative to start an event in their area. The convention is currently working out the details of a charity event to coincide with the convention theme, to encourage the attendees to use the money they would’ve spent on admission to aid the less fortunate.

1-12-07 (7:01PM EST)—- Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Returns Daily On Cartoon Network

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX is back in daily action! Beginning Tuesday, January 16th season two episodes will air weekdays at 4:30pm during the popular Miguzi programming block on the Cartoon Network. Now Yu-Gi-Oh! newcomers and hardcore fans alike have a chance to catch up with the Dual Academy gang and all the action packed storylines of the latest GX season. The series takes place a generation in the future, on an island far away from the rest of the world, at the premiere dueling high school, Duel Academy. This special institution trains promising young duelists so that they can achieve their full potential. However, little do people realize that one of the greatest duelists of all time has arrived in the incoming class. Class conflicts have stood for many years with the higher-ranked dorms teasing the lower dorms, but the status quo is about to turn on its head with Jaden Yuki’s arrival!

1-12-07 (8:14AM EST)—- Pillows On Moonlight Mile Soundtrack

The Pillows (of FLCL fame) will have their new song “Scarecrow” become the ending theme for the new TV animation Moonlight Mile. The single will release in Japan April 4th.

1-12-07 (7:56AM EST)—- Nausicaa Glider Integrated into Flight Simulator

Mycom Journal has images from the “Kazuhiko Hachiya – OpenSky 2.0” exhibition at the “NTT intercommunication center (NTT ICC)” in Tokyo which has ran since December 15, 2006. Artist Kazuhiko Hachiya is known for developing the e-mail “Post Pet” software. Now he’s developed a 1/1 scale Moewe glider like the one used in Hayayo Miyazaki’s Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind. The M-02 personal jet glider is said to be actually able fly, manned tests are expected to occur in the spring and summer. Another scale model is rigged up to the flight simulator “OpenSky2.0”. The exhibition runs through March 11th. Here is “M-02”.Slashdot reported on the project in 2004.

1-12-07 (7:14AM EST)—- Trickster Anime Collaboration Coming

GC Crest’s popular MMORPG Trickster has been revealed to be heading for some major undisclosed anime collaboration in the near future. Details remain unannounced although a silhouetted figure that bears a striking resemblence to the main character of Getsumen Usagi Heiki Mina has been released as a teaser.

1-12-07 (7:05AM EST)—- US Cowboy Bebop / Ghost In The Shell HD-DVD Release

According to a a list compiled by the HD DVD Promotion Group Cowboy Bebop and the Ghost In The Shell movie are slated for a future DVD release in the USA. The distributor is listed as Bandai with a release date undecided.

1-12-07 (6:26AM EST)—- Death Note Live Action Actor Appears In Anime

Kenichi Matsuyama, who plays the brilliant detective L in the live action Death Note film series will make a guest appearance in the 12th episode of the TV animation. The actor will voice Jealous (Jersau), a god or Shinigami. Web Newtype has a pic of Matsuyama in the sound booth during episode’s recording. L’s character will be made the basis of a live action spinoff feature.

1-12-07 (6:10AM EST)—- Cream Lemon Actress Azumi Muto Brutally Murdered

The Mainichi Daily News reports: Student and aspiring 20-year-old actress Azumi Muto’s brutally hacked and mutilated body was stuffed into four garbage bags found inside her home in Tokyo’s Shibuya-ku. Shortly after Azumi’s remains were discovered on Jan. 3, her 21-year-old brother, Yuki, also a student trying to get into dental college, was arrested for her murder on Dec. 30.

She also starred in the direct-to-DVD movie “Cream Lemon,” which gave a disturbingly prophetic view of her untimely demise.

“Cream Lemon” told the story of step-siblings in love, and is extremely popular among Japan’s otaku geeks. Originally a manga series that ran into hundreds of editions with each story focusing on an incestuous relationship between a young man and a younger sister, “Cream Love” was also made into a hit feature film in 2004. Azumi starred in one of the movie’s low budget sequels, which ended with a female character wailing in ecstasy as she engaged in incestuous sex with her brother. It was while making this film that Azumi apparently began to worry about her older brother.

1-12-07 (4:49AM EST)—- AIKa R-16:VIRGIN MISSON OVA Release

The first R2 DVD volume of Studio Fantasia and Bandai Visual’s AIKa R-16:VIRGIN MISSON streets in Japan on March 23rd. The release commemorates the 10th anniversary since the debut work. The story depicts Aika as a high school girl ten years prior to the previous OVA. Her role becomes pivotal in the search for an undersea treasure. A special limited edition will be sold for 7,350 Yen including 30 minutes of extra footage, a special storage box which can hold all three volumes, soundtrack CD and special booklet. Running Time is 40 minutes. Lead Seiyuu Koshimizu Ami performs the theme song. Staff includes: Director: Katsuhiko Nishijimam Screenplay: Kenichi Kanemaki, Music: Jun’ichi Kanezaki, Character Designs: Noriyasu Yamauchi, Chief Animation Director: Noriyasu Yamauchi, 3DCG Director Tatsuya Kono, Theme Song Performance: Ami Koshimizu. Cast is composed of: Ami Koshimizu as Aika Sumeragi, Akio Ohtsuka as Gozo Aida, Hiroyuki Yoshino as Gust, Mamiko Noto as Karen Minamino, Misato Fukuen as Eri Masami and Naoko Suzuki as Risako Nagisa. For the undersea technical and mecha portions the production staff did location hunting at the Kanagawa HQ of marine research development organization JAMSTEC in August of 2006. The undersea research vessel seen in the anime is modeled after some of the ones in JAMSTEC’s fleet such as the “Shinkai 6500” (also seen in Japan Sinks). The sub gets its name becuase it can dive to 6500 meters. Volume 2 follows on June 22, 2007, Volume 3 follows on Tuesday, September 25, 2007. www.aika-sumeragi.jp

1-11-07 (7:53PM EST)—- Sakura-Con Announces First 10th Anniversary Event Guests

Sakura-Con has announced their first three Guests of Honor for Sakura-Con 2007. Voice Actress Kaori Nazuka, Anime Director and Designer Hiroshi Nagahama and Anime Creator and Director Akitaroh Daichi have worked together for several notable titles including the newest: Mushishi TV with Hiroshi Nagahama as Director. www.sakuracon.org

1-11-07 (7:48PM EST)—- Maid Cafe Opens In Thailand

The long established maid cafe Pinafore, Akihabara site of the Densha Otoko drama has opened a branch in Thailand. President Eiji Miyazaki decided to open the branch because one had not been establushed there yet. He mentioned the growing popularity of Japanese otaku culture and was aware of a Thai cosplay event that gathered tens of thousands of people. The styling of the shop mimics the Japanese style down to the clothing and language. Maids greet visitors in Tagalog “Husband Welcome Home”. The menu also differs in that it lists Thai cuisine.

1-11-07 (5:58PM EST)—- Gokujo Seitokai In The USA And Korea

The TV animation Gokujo Seitokai (Best Student Council) will start broadcasting in South Korea from January 9th. Sale of the series on DVD starts in North America on the same day.

1-11-07 (5:33PM EST)—- Gray Talks Highlander And Gatchaman

Coming Soon has interviewed Producer Tom Gray on Gatchaman and the anime Highlander film.

1-11-07 (5:25PM EST)—- iPhone A Big Yawn In Japan

The LA Times talks keitai savy Tokyoites who had the functionality found Apple’s new iPhone in their own handsets 6 years ago.

1-11-07 (2:26AM EST)—- Koutetsu Sangokushi To Be Animated

According to information out of the February, 2007 edition of Animedia Magazine which streeted in Japan on January 10th, Koutetsu Sangokushi will become an anime TV series. Confirmed staff includes Head Director: Tetsuya Endo, Director: Satoshi Saga, Series Composition: Natsuko Takahashi, Character Designs: Chiyomi Tsukamoto, Yukio Okano, Lead Animation Director: Chiyomi Tsukamoto, Yukio Okano, Animation Production via Picture Magic and NAS. Broadcast set for 2007. Cast will include Shinmamo Miyano, Hitomi Namatame, Kentaro Ito, Akira Ishida, Junichi Suwabe, Koji Yuza, Shinichiro Miki, and Rina Sato. Official Website: www.koutetsu-sangokushi.jp. The work makes Romance of the Three Kingdoms a motif, and has drawn in many female fans.

1-11-07 (2:26AM EST)—- Arakure Knight Live Action Film

According to information in the November, 2006 issue of De-View Magazine, based on the original manga by Satoshi Yoshida, Arakure Knight will be adapted to a live action film. A spot in the magazine discusses casting for the movie.

1-11-07 (2:00AM EST)—- BUZZMANGA Looks To Create Manga Ads For International Crowd

Machiokoshi, Inc. has launched the new service in Japan called BUZZMANGA which targets international clients, offering to wholly design advertisment media in an original manga style. Their all English website targets a US audience although inquireies from other areas of the world are being entertained. Interested parties can have a manga created by a Japanese artist to advertise their product or service for a 150,000 Yen project fee and 50,000 Yen additional for projects over 15 pages long.