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Anime News Service – June 30 – July 16 Anime News

7-16-00—- Animethon 7 Article

Canoe by way of the Edmonton Sun newspaper is running an article entitled “Animethon 7 is on” on the Animethon 7 convention being held this weekend near Edmonton, Alberta Canada. You can read it here.

7-16-00—- Golgo 13 Rerelease

Excerpted from the official press release:

See the film that touched off a new generation in animation. A thrilling masterpiece, The Professional: Golgo 13 is hitting stores once again this summer!

Meet Duke Togo, the infamous Golgo 13, the ultimate hitman for hire. Ruthless, cold-blooded, and lethal, Golgo is an arcane legend amongst killers, respected and feared in the covert world of assassins. In the merciless realm of power, wealth, and ambition, this flawless executioner faces treachery and bloodthirsty enemies.

Fulfilling a contract to assassinate the son of a notorious industrial tycoon, Golgo is caught in the crosshairs of the most relentless forces money can buy. With legions of hired cutthroats scouring the world for his head, Golgo must put all of his skills and training to the ultimate test of survival. Betrayal and murder hide in every corner, making every city unsafe, every friend an enemy.

The Professional: Golgo 13 set the precedent for theatrical animation when it was first released here in the US. Adapted from Takao Saito’s classic comic book series, this animated film is unbelievably incredible with a style that has not been affected by the years. The complex story, outrageous characters, unexpected plot twists and breath-taking action sequences rival any big-budget blockbuster’s, animated or live-action. The Professional made American audiences realize the full scope of Japanese animation as a versatile medium of entertainment, enjoyable as a film, either live or drawn.

Based on the Graphic Novels by: Takao Saito
Directed by: Osamu Dezaki
Written by: Hideyoshi Nagasaka

Genre: Action
Rating: not rated; contains scenes of extreme violence, nudity and sexual situations. Suggested for mature audiences.
TRT: approx. 90 minutes
Copyright: ã 1983 Saito Productions
Suggested Retail Price: $ 19.95 (English Dubbed)
$ 29.95 (English Subtitled)
Catalog Numbers: UV1046 (English Dubbed)
UV1047 (English Subtitled)
Preorder Date: July 31, 2000
Street Date: August 29, 2000
Available in: VHS (Hi-Fi Stereo)

7-16-00—- Gundam Wing Trading Card Preview

Below are sample scans of Upper Deck’s Gundam Wing Trading Cards, currently slated for a U.S. release in a few months:

7-15-00—- New Otakon Guests

Excerpted from the newsgroup post:

OTAKON 2000 is proud to announce the latest additions to our roster of guests:

Mr. Ikuhara is one of the great talents of recent television anime production. After establishing himself as the director of the tremendously popular Sailor Moon TV series, he went on to found the collaborative group Be-Papas. He went on to create and direct the acclaimed Revolutionary Girl Utena TV series, and later the Utena movie Revelation of Adolescence. His most-recent work includes Shell Bullet, co-authored with Mamoru Nagano (Five Star Stories)

Mr. Hasegawa is a gifted illustrator, best known as the character designer for Revolutionary Girl Utena. He has worked as an animation producer on such memorable shows as Sailor Moon (R, S, and SS), Neon Genesis Evangelion, and of course Utena. He is currently working on a new manga title, and an illustration collection to be published soon.

Mr. Sakurai made his solo directorial debut with the Cyber Team in Akihabara movie, and has since gone on to direct DiGi Carat (left), currently the # 1 OAV series in Japan. He had previously worked as an assistant/episode director on such showa as Jubei-chan, Martian Successor Nadesico, Nurse Angel Ririka SOS, Child’s Toy, and Akazukin ChaCha.

SCOTT FRAZIER – Animator and Digital Animation Consultant IAN KIM – Artist
STEVE BENNETT – Studio Ironcat
CHRIS BEVERIDGE – AnimeonDVD (http://www.animeondvd.com)
JEFF THOMPSON – The Right Stuf, Intl.
NEIL NADELMAN – Translator
AMY HOWARD – Voice Actress
SCOTT HOULE – Coastal Carolina Studios
PAMELA WEIDNER – Voice Actress

Previously-announced guests include Serial Experiments Lain creator/producer Yasuyuki Ueda of Production 2nd, Lain character designer Yoshitoshi ABe, Production I.G’s Hiroyuki Kitakubo (BLOOD) and Mitsuhisa Ishikawa (Founder), as well as the British band, BOA, known for the Serial Experiments Lain OP song, ‘Duvet’.

OTAKON 2000 will be held August 4-5-6, 2000 at the Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, Maryland. Lodging is currently provided by the Days Inn Inner Harbor, the Holiday Inn Inner Harbor, and the Hyatt Regency Downtown Baltimore. You can learn more about OTAKON at http://www.otakon.com

7-15-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Bandai plans to release an appendix CD, Hero’s Tracks to Space Battleship Yamato for PSX. On the disc are a new scenario, Chapter of Eternal Jura, and anime movies. Japanese release is set for September 28th, with a 2800 Yen retail price.

Sunrise Interactive’s Play Station 2 title, G-Saviour is set for release in Japan September 14th.

7-15-00—- Pokemon Movie 2000 TV Special

The American WB TV network will air The Power of One: The Pokemon 2000 Movie Special on July 16th, at 8:00 PM Eastern and Pacific time. The special will preview the story of the movie and songs for the movie’s soundtrack with behind the scenes interviews and video of recording sessions with Dream Street, Alysha, and Weird Al Yankovic.

7-15-00—- Robotech Panel At San Diego Comic Con

Excerpted from the official release:

I just wanted to let you know about the ROBOTECH panel at the San Diego Comic Con. I will be moderating the panel which will include myself, Carl Macek, Alan Letz of Harmony Gold and Charles Harribey from Mattel Interactive. We will be covering a wide range of issues regarding ROBOTECH, including discussion of upcoming licenses and products and the launch of the official website.

We will also be showing the test footage that Netter Digital produced for ROBOTECH 3000, so you will finally be able to see what everyone is wondering about as well as some other surprises regarding the future of ROBOTECH. We definitely want real fan input so we hope to see you there.

The panel is scheduled for on the first day of the Comic Con, Thursday, July 20th at 12:00 noon. The panel will last one hour so we hope to cram all this information in as well as have time for questions and answers. (you guys don’t have that many questions, right?)

7-14-00—- English Subtitles On Japanese FLCL DVD’s Confirmed

FLCL / Furi Kuri OAV co-producers Production I.G. has confirmed with ANS that Japanese DVD volumes 2-6 will indeed contain English subtitles. DVD #3 will be released in Japan on August 23rd.

7-14-00—- Konami To Distribute Anime On DVD

Konami has announced plans to distribute DVD software and movies in Japan. Negotiations are underway for the company to acquire the rights to distribute DVD’s from three companies including Time Warner Entertainment and Bandai Visual. The deal would give Konami a 500 DVD title lineup in the near-term future. If the deal is successful the first title to ship from Konami will reportedly be a facet of Leiji Matsumoto’s classic Space Battleship Yamato anime.

7-14-00—- More International Channel Anime News

A near-term goal of The International Channel is to add a two hour block of anime on Thursdays from 1 – 3 AM Eastern Time. Currently they are running a repeat of Dragon Ball Z at 1 AM and tentatively in September, Votoms is lined up to be added for the 1:30 slot, but still no titles for the second hour have been determined. In the more distant future the network is looking to retain more than two hours a week of anime programs.

7-14-00—- S Article

The Daily Athenaeum recently ran an article on the American mutation of the Sailor Uranus and Neptune (Haruka and Michiru) characters in the Sailor Moon S season now airing in the United Sates. You can read the piece here.

7-14-00—- Fourth Pokemon Movie

Excerpted from a report submitted to Anihabara:

The third Pokemon movie was shown in Japan on Saturday, July 8th in Japan theaters. At the end of the movie, a 1-2 minute clip of the FOURTH movie was shown. This must mean yet another season of Pocket Monsters/Pokemon in Japan. The fourth movie is rumored to mark the end for Pocket Monsters and will feature Serebii; the “new mew” ultra rare Pokemon.

7-14-00—- Urusei Yatsura DVD Update

Excerpted from a mailing list post by Animeigo’s Robert Woodhead:

We are finalizing details with the pressing house to get some extra DVDs made to replace any defective discs. Just give us a few days (early next week at the latest) to get everything lined up and we’ll be able to get you replacements. From what we can tell from the reports, it looks like the pressing house got a bad batch of blanks, but we don’t have a definitive answer yet.
What we DO know is that EVERYONE will get a good set. One of the bonuses of the direct-to-fans model we use for these sets is that you should and will get extra service to ensure your satisfaction.

ALSO, we are a bit behind on shipping because one of our office staff members (Twanna, who was doing the invoicing) quit on 1 day’s notice to take another job, and picked the absolute worst possible day to do it. This is compounded by the fact that at least 1/2 of one of our remaining shipping staff’s day is taken up fielding “where’s my DVDs?” calls!

Finally, Luray asks me to mention to you all that if you are wondering what the extra “flippy” DVD holder in discs 1,3 and 5 is, it is so that you can move your even #’d DVDs into the odd #’d cases and save space. She’s getting phone calls on that one too.

7-13-00—- Anime Articles Online

-The Honolulu Star-Bulletin has an article up complete with many images on Japanese heroes and toys, you can view it here.

-The Record Online is currently running an interesting article on Anime titled “Animated fear with a full effect ” which can be read here.

7-13-00—- Votoms To Air On International Channel

The International Channel cable network, provider and marketer of multi-lingual, multi-cultural programming in the United States will reportedly begin airing all 52 TV episodes of Ryosuke Takahashi, Studio Sunrise’s classic mecha war drama Armored Trooper Votoms with a tentative start date of Thursday, September 7, at 1:30 a.m. Eastern time.

7-13-00—- New Generation Chat

Excerpted from the official release:

New Generation talks about Nanako with Anime.About.Com

Amazing Nurse Nanako will be released this month! Mad Scientists! Giant Robots! International Intrigue! and a pretty girl!! To celebrate and to answer fans questions about this new title, Jonathan Klein of New Generation Pictures and Talesin Jaffe an independent voice director will be joining us at Anime.About.Com for a chat. New Generation Pictures are the folks who have subtitled over 50 different titles for Pioneer, Urban Vision, Central Park Media, and the Right Stuff. Recently, they began dubbing for Pioneer.

This event will occur on Thursday July 27th, 7:30 pm PST (http://anime.about.com/mpchat.htm). We plan to chat about their latest title ‘Amazing Nurse Nanako’ (think X files meets Bay Watch) and their current project, 3X3 Eyes (voice directed by Greg Weisman of Gargoyles fame). We will also be discussing their latest dubbing experiences, their opinions on what is a quality dub, and the ever popular ‘How to be an anime voice actor’.

This will be a moderated chat and but we will be taking questions from the audience on a private channel. So come and get all your questions about Amazing Nurse Nanako and voice acting in general answered.

Anime Guides Glenn & Kristyn http://anime.about.com

7-13-00—- Slam Dunk 2 Maybe

Slam Dunk series creator Takehiko Inoue, who recently appeared on a Japanese TV variety program reportedly would’nt not deny rumors on plans to do Slam Dunk 2. He said that he wants to finish Vagabond first but does not know how long it is going to take. Inoue commented that there is the distinct possibility that SD2 is next. He said he cannot promise anything but insisted that he wants to do it and only time will tell. After Vagabond, if it strikes him as the natural thing to do, he will do it.

Source: Fanboy Entertainment

7-13-00—- ADV Robotech Press Release

Excerpted from the official press release:

ADV Films is proud to announce the signing of the licensing agreement with Harmony Gold to release the 85-episode Robotech series on home video and DVD. The deal was inked at Anime Expo 2000 in Anaheim, California, last Friday.

The Robotech series is credited by many as being responsible for raising the awareness of the Japanese anime phenomenon in America, beginning with the animated series that aired in early 1985. The series was re-aired in 1994 on Sci Fi Channel and once again on The Cartoon Network in 1999. Currently, Robotech is licensed for broadcast in over 60 countries.

The continued popularity of the show has created a crossover phenomenon spilling over into other mediums. Mattel Interactive announced last month their acquisition of the license to publish games based on the popular anime series. Comico has created a series of Robotech comic books, 3-D comic books, and graphic novels. Additionally, Robotech’s active Internet presence rivals that of any other top sci-fi or animation property today.

7-13-00—- ADV Gasaraki Release

Excerpted from the official press release:

ADV Films is proud to announce the video release of Gasaraki, the exciting new anime series that is sure to please old- school anime fans as well as newcomers to the genre.

For a thousand years, the Gowa family has secretly manipulated the fate of Japan, first through political intrigue and now through the manufacture of a frightening new weapons system. In a world in which giant robots are real, however, the most powerful weapon of all lurks within a human mind.

Combining the hard edge of modern military thrillers with the frightening reality of tomorrow’s super-science, Gasaraki’s multi-layered story and unique blend of apocalyptic carnage and surreal mysticism automatically invite comparisons to another outstanding ADV series; the cult hit Neon Genesis Evangelion.

This September, The Summoning, the first video in the Gasaraki series will be released in English dubbed VHS and bilingual DVD versions.

Don’t miss out on the excitement when ADV unleashes the power of Gasaraki. The world of Japanese animation will never be the same!!

ADV Films, formed in 1992, is North America’s #1 distributor of top- quality Japanese animation (“anime”), with titles such as Evangelion, Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040 and Martian Successor Nadesico. ADV also distributes American and Japanese live-action programming for theatrical and broadcast release. ADV Films can be found on the web at www.advfilms.com.

Gasaraki 1: The Summoning Running Time: 100 minutes Rating: 12yrs+

Street Date: 9/26/00

DVD Format (Bilingual) $29.98
VHS Format (English Dubbed) $19.98

7-12-00—- Production I.G. News

Production I.G’s JIN-ROH is currently playing in Japan since 6/2, and is doing very well at the box-office. Blood: The Last Vampire will be released in the fall at Shibuya Cine Sezon in Tokyo. Blood will also screen at the Melbourne Film Festival on 7/20-7/21, along with JIN-ROH and then at Fantasia in Montreal on 7/28-7/30. There will be a Production IG gallery in Sydney http://www.siliconpulp.com.au/ (see Atomic Sushi), and the films will be played in parallel to the Sydney Olympics at http://www.japanime.com.au/ (click Japanime). I.G is currently working on FLCL with Gainax, and the first two episodes have been released on videos and DVD’s in Japan.

For More Information Please Visit Production I.G.’s Website At:


7-12-00—- Right Stuf Acquires Flint The Time Detective

Excerpted from the official press release:

The Right Stuf International, Inc. (distributed by ADV Films) is pleased to announce the acquisition and upcoming release of the Fox Kids TV hit, “Flint the Time Detective.” The series, by the creators of the popular “Hello Kitty” franchise, is currently dominating its’ time slot in the number one position. Flint runs on the Fox Kids Saturday Anime Invasion block, which also includes “Digimon” and “Monster Rancher.”

Synopsis: Somewhere beyond the universe there is a mysterious place called the Land of Time, and within this land are the mysterious Old Timer, the God of Time, and the Time Fairies, which weave the “Tapestry of History” for all universes. Flint, a super-human revived by scientists in the 25th Century, assists the Old Timer to investigate and solve crimes against the time line. Using his courage and tender heart, Flint’s job is to rescue the Time Fairies from throughout history, while battling the villain time bandit Dagmar, and her evilly transformed Time Monsters. It falls to him to restore the Land of Time; by rescuing the misplaced Time Fairies from evil, he can repair the Tapestry of History.

“Flint the Time Detective” ranks No. 1 in its time period among all competition with both Kids 6-11 (3.6 rating/17 share) and Kids 2-11 (3.4 rating/16 share), besting competition from Kids WB, Nickelodeon, and ABC.

“We feel that Flint is a perfect program for the children’s anime market. With the success of such titles as Pokemon and Digimon in the marketplace, Flint is sure to be a hit,” says Right Stuf President Shawne Kleckner.

The Right Stuf plans to debut the title on VHS for mass market at $14.98 per volume in October. Total running time per volume will be approximately 90 minutes.

7-11-00—- CPM DVD Schedule Changes

CPM has updated it’s DVD schedule pages, check the link to see the changes on any particular title.

7-11-00—- Blue Sub Air-Date Timetable

UMJAMS Anime News is reporting that via a reliable source, Bandai Entertainment / Gonzo’s Blue Sub No. 6 has projected Cartoon Network air-date timetable of October.

7-11-00—- Manga Entertainment 4th Quarter Preview

Excerpted from the e-mail release:

July 25- X on VHS (English dub), Patlabor 1 DVD, Sword for Truth DVD

Aug 29- Rayearth Volume 1 (OVA) – dub & sub

Sept 26- Rayearth Volume 2, dub & sub X (subtitled vhs)
Patlabor 2 DVD

Oct 31- Rayearth Vol 3 dub & sub
Blackjack DVD
AngelCop: The Collection DVD

Nov 11 – StreetFighter Alpha: The Movie (dub & sub vhs & DVD) both 45
minutes on one tape
Wings of Honneamise DVD
Macross II: The Movie DVD

Dec- nothing

All DVD features are yet to be determined.

7-10-00—- Anime Expo Images

Several dozen images recorded at this past weekend’s Anime Expo convention will begin to gradually appear over the next week at our Anime Expo 2000 Image Pages. Keep checking that location for the latest con pics, a number of these photos have noteworthy stories to go around them, these will be gotten into with more depth in our written report to-be posted shortly.

7-9-00—- Manga U.K. News

Excerpted from the Manga U.K. website:



If you have Sky Digital TV you may want to check out U Direct films who will be showing a number of Manga films in the months of July and August, they are a pay per view station on channel 800 on Sky Digital. The titles they have lined up are some of Manga’s best ever anime, so check them out if you can JULY . . . . Battle Angel Alita, Junk Boy, Ultimate Teacher, Angel Cop series, Appleseed, Wicked City, Armageddon, Ghost, Golgo 13 and Streetfighter 2. AUGUST . . . . Monster City, Goku 1 & 2, Tokyo Revelation, Zeguy, Devilman 1 & 2 and both Godzilla titles. Check out there website for screening times at www.udirect.co.uk


Evangelion The Movies will be released by Manga Video but no date has been fixed yet and yes we will use the same voice actors as in the ADV series… The Fist of the North Star series stopped at episode 7 but Manga are now going to release the rest of the series up to Volume 12….. Ninja Scroll jets its DVD release off the ground very soon and will feature extras from Theatrical trailers to sub and dub versions…. Watch Cannel 4 soon as they are about to show all of the Fist of the North Star series on there 4Later slot. At this stage we do no when they plan to show the series but we will let you know as soon as we hear….. Rayearth is released in July, this is one of three OVAs from the original Japanese TV series and will no doubt be an instant hit will all anime/manga fans. The two remaining episodes will be released in August and September….

7-9-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Square’s PSX RPG Final Fantasy IX went on sale nationwide in Japan this week July 7th at 7 A.M. Square President Hisashi Suzuki payed a visit to a Shibuya Tsutaya shop in the Shibuya district of Tokyo to greet fans lined up firsthand. The company hs announced that since the release FF IX haS sold 2.6 million copies in the first day of release. On the heels of this news, Square’s stock price in Tokyo of Square is rising substantially.

TokyoPop’s Soundtrax label has announced the pending U.S. release of a Final Fantasy IX soundtrack. The CD has a projected street date of Fall of 2000.

7-9-00—- Berserk Creator Interview

A translated interview with Berserk creator Kentaro Miura has been posted to the God Hand forum and can be read at the above link.

7-8-00—- New Tenchi Series

According to the new issue of AIC Love Magazine a new Tenchi Muyo series is in production in Japan, appraently the new series’ layout is being influenced by the fan response to the 1500 votes in an AIC reader poll. Several months ago, readers may be aware that an English translation of such a poll was available on the internet.

7-7-00—- Second Berserk Anime Series Plans Confirmed

ANS was able to confirm at AX 2000 via a second-hand party to production that there are current tentative plans to produce a second Berserk Animation. Currently, that production will commence at some point in the future is about all that’s known and it should be stressed that even this is tentative. Further solid details from Japan should be forthcoming.

7-7-00—- Mononoke DVD Update

From an E-mail sent out by John Andersen:

Hello everyone,

I would like to provide an update regarding the Princess Mononoke DVD situation, and the effort of fans in persuading Buena Vista Home Entertainment to release a DVD edition with a Japanese language track and english subtitles.

The effort to provide Buena Vista Home Entertainment/Walt Disney constructive feedback about the Princess Mononoke DVD is still ongoing. As of July 6th, 2000 here has what has been happening:

* On www.dvdtalk.com an electronic signature petition has collected over 3400 signatures so far. The petition requests that Buena Vista Home Entertainment release Princess Mononoke on DVD with the original Japanese language track and english subtitles. If you have not yet signed the petition, please do so by visting www.dvdtalk.com , a link to the on-line petition is located on the main page. News of the on-line petition has even spread to Business Wire, a global commercial news service, where it can be seen by millions of readers. To view the Business Wire article, please go here: http://ny-web1.businesswire.com/cgi-bin/f_headline.cgi?day1/201870509&ticker=

* As for providing constructive comments and feedback to Buena Vista Home Entertainment directly, the company is still open to hearing from DVD and animation fans. A July 6th, 2000 phone conversation with a Disney representative clarifies and officially confirms that feedback can indeed still be sent by postal mail (despite previous reports), to the following address:

David Jessen
c/o Buena Vista Home Entertainment
350 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521-4691

The same July 6th, 2000 phone conversation has revealed that letters have begun to be received and read by Buena Vista Home Entertainment representatives. They do state that feedback is absolutely important to them. However, “no more than a hundred letters” have been delivered to Buena Vista, and (in this writer’s opinion) is an unfortunate number when compared to the 3400 signatures on the petition at dvdtalk.com.

Some fans have stated that an e-mail address should be established. It should be noted that the letters going to the address posted above are going to the appropriate and essential source at Buena Vista Home Entertainment. Fans who wish to send e-mail to Buena Vista, are advised to convert their constructive (but polite and non-offensive) feedback to a postal letter, place it an envelope with a 33-cent stamp on it, and send it to Buena Vista’s Burbank, California offices. Again, letters received by Buena Vista are indeed being read and are valuable to the company and their upcoming plans with Miyazaki’s films. They are (in this writer’s opinion), more official, and taken more seriously than e-mail stored on a hard drive.

Buena Vista/Disney currently holds the global (except Asia, but including Japan), video distribution rights for the following films:

Mononoke Hime (Princess Mononoke)
Kaze no Tani no Nausicaa (Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind)
Tenkuu no Shiro Lapyuta (Laputa: The Castle in the Sky)
Tonari no Totoro (My Neighbor Totoro)
Majo no Takkyubin (Kiki’s Delivery Service)
Omohide Poroporo (Only Yesterday)
Kurenai no Buta (Porco Rosso)
Heisei Tanuki Gassen Pom Poko (Pom Poko)
Mimi o Sumaseba (Whisper of the Heart)

None of these films have been released on DVD in the United States, however since global territories are involved, the DVD issue for these films affects almost everyone. Feedback on what should be included on future DVD releases of these films is essential and important, letters that incorporate your feedback should be sent to Buena Vista Home Entertainment no matter where you are in the world.

The above information on the global distribution video rights to these films was provided by www.nausicaa.net on their “Disney/Tokuma FAQ” page, which is operated by Team Ghiblink. If you would to seek further information on the background and history of these films and other works by Hayao Miyazaki and his staff at Studio Ghibli, please visit: www.nausicaa.net Team Ghiblink, through their hard work and devotion, have provided an excellent resource for Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli fans to learn about these beautiful works of animation on their website.

Again, your advance feedback is important to the Buena Vista Home Entertainment/Walt Disney Company, so please send those letters in. Also, if you have not yet signed the electronic petition on the website of dvdtalk.com, please do so.


John Andersen

7-7-00—- Animeigo Additional News

AnimEigo reports that the DVD version of Spirit of Wonder, Baoh and Lone Wolf & Cub (6 movies) are currently being authored.

7-7-00—- NEC Interchannel Event

NEC Interchannel will host another one of it’s Fan Kansha Day Events on August 12th. Featured stage event guests include seiyuu Horie Yui and Tamura Yukari (Kanon) and Sentimental Graffiti 2 seiyuu.

7-6-00—- Dark Angel #1 Hits Retailers Across America

From the Fanboy Entertainment Mailing List:

Hello, everyone.

Asamiya-sensei and I just wanted to drop you all a quick line to let you know that Dark Angel: Phoenix Resurrection #1 went on sale today, July 6th! We are very happy with the way it turned out and hope you will be too. Initial reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. It is blowing people away! Issue #1 shipped with two covers, both by Asamiya-sensei, in a 50/50 ratio. Be sure to let us know which one you like!

Remember, Dark Angel: Phoenix Resurrection marks the return of color manga to America after almost 10 years! It is also the first time a Japanese artist has created an original manga series for the U.S. comic market. We think it was worth the wait!


7-6-00—- Animeigo AX 2000 Announcements

Animeigo has began shipping it’s Urusei Yatsura DVD’s circa this posting.
Excerpted from the Animeigo News Mailing List:

At Anime Expo, we made several interesting announcements:

Macross looks like it is heading for an Xmas 2K release. We have digitally remastered the entire series from film and are going to spend even more $$ digitally correcting film errors. We’ll be posting before and after images soon.

We have our next project after Macross all lined up but the contract isn’t signed yet. We hope to announce it at Otakon.

Starting with UY TV 26 (sometime in the fall), we will no longer be releasing on VHS. We’re going DVD-only! This includes sets like Macross.

Why we are going DVD-only

Several fans (OK, several dozen…) have written asking for more details on our decision to, in their words, “dump VHS and force us to buy DVD players.” As this is a fairly major decision, it’s only fair that we explain our reasoning:

Most of AnimEigo’s new titles are going to be special-editions, and most of them will be subtitled-only.

Subtitled VHS sales have died in the last 6 months. Retail outlets (the big chain stores in particular) will not buy them anymore.

Thus, our major sales outlet for subtitled VHS is direct sales to fans.

Because of packaging and mastering costs, we basically need about 500-1000 VHS unit sales in order to make it even marginally worthwhile to do a VHS edition as well as a DVD one. NOTE that this means sales of VHS tapes to people who WOULD NOT buy the DVD if that was the only option.

On Macross, for example, the voting was going 10:1 in favor of people who wanted it on DVD.

DVD has destroyed the LD market, and is making large inroads on the VHS markets, especially in the anime genre. Anime fans (and in particular the fans who buy AnimEigo products) are very quality conscious.

Finally, we have to think ahead to what the market will be in 6-12 months, not what it is today. DVD penetration in the anime market is soaring at an astonishing rate.

It was not an easy decision to make, but we feel it is one that best serves the needs of our core customers. Bottom line, done properly, DVD is so much better than VHS that it isn’t funny. And you can bet that AnimEigo will take the time to do it right.

7-5-00—- Megumi Ogata Play

Seiyuu Megumi Ogata will appear in a play – Ogata Megumi no Tsuki no Yoru ni Ai ma Show! -Live in Dream Theater Vol 2- “Alto no Koe no Onna” – in Japan at Hamamatsuchou Takeshiba New Pier Hall in August. The event will unfold over the dates of 8/10 – 8/13. Other guests to appear include Inoue Kikuko, Kishino Yukimasa, Nogami Yukana, Yanase Natsumi and Yamazaki Wakana. Tickets to get into the play are 6000 Yen and go on sale starting the 15th of June at Ticket Pia.

7-5-00—- Gundam Official Update

Bandai Entertainment’s www.gundamofficial.com website has been updated substantially, with new series information, MS Info, character info, series glossary, and timeline added.

7-5-00—- AX 2000 Report

Anime News Service was present at this year’s Anime Expo convention which just wrapped up on Monday. AX contained the widest range of events, announcements, and turnout of any gathering of Anime / Manga fans in America this year. Emotions generated run the full gamut, from the highest elation as fans met with their favorite directors and creators, and as revelations of some of the most highly anticipated, previously unanounced Anime / Manga series’ were revealed for the first time, to outrage, as controversy surrounding content policy emerged. With such a wide and deep field of possibilites, ANS found itself in certain places at some of the most interesting of times. Our full report containing detailed analysis and announcements should be complete and posted (where it can be accessed by clicking the link at the top of the main page) within a week.

Anime News Service also made some important (and very exciting) announcements at AX regarding the future direction, apearence, and content of our website, a full press release containing info on these revelations should be available for viewing within the week via a link at the top of the homepage.

7-4-00—- Fantasia 2000 Anime Offerings

The Montreal-based 5th annual Fantasia International Film Festival announced today it’s films to be shown from the 13th – 31st of July at Montreal’s Imperial Cinema. Among the films to note, the Japanese live action horror film prequel Ring 0 will be screened along with Anime features: Blood: The Last Vampire, Vampire Hunter D: The Movie, Albator: Le Film and A.L.I.CE.

For more information: http://www.fantasiafest.com.

7-3-00—- Studio Poteus FAQ

Manga translators Studio Proteus has revised it’s online FAQ, it can be viewed here.

7-3-00—- Production I.G. Guests In Sydney

Mamoru Oshii and Mitsuhisa Ishikawa of Production I.G. have been confirmed as apperaing at the Japanime Australian premiere of Blood: The Last Vampire, on Saturday August 26th. A 45 minute question session will be held before the film’s screening.

For more info:

7-2-00—- Kenshin Tactics

In Japan, SPE Visual Works will release Rurouni Kenshin: Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu: Kengi Taizen on DVD and VHS in Japan on August 23rd. The new video release will feature different fighting / defense techniques used in th Anime.

7-2-00—- ADV News

ADV Films has Announced acquisition of the You’re Under Arrest movie and is considering a theatrical release at some time in the future. Robotech has also been licensed by ADV with all 85 episodes to-be released to DVD and VHS formats. Several “extras” will be added to this release of Robotech such as interviews and vintage promotional clips.

Excerpted from ADV’s website:

Anime Expo Announcements The perfect storm arrived and we dished out some serious announcements this year! Ready? Get set! GO! —> Farscape, Robotech, Neo Ranga, Wild Arms, Dai Guard, Triangle Session and You’re Under Arrest Movie. Along with these new title announcements we talked about, Powerstone, Devilman Lady, Excel Saga, Queen Emeraldas 2, Nadesico Prince of Darkness, Arc the Lad, Reboot, Shadow Raiders and Weird-Oh’s which we have announced at previous conventions.

7-1-00—- Maison Ikoku News

Viz Communications has said that no DVD adaption of Maison Ikoku will be released unless VHS sales pick up, also the company will no longer release dubbed VHS copies of the series. From Vol. 19, Maison Ikoku will be available exclusively on subtitled VHS.

7-1-00—- Viz Acquires Ayashi No Ceres Manga And TV Series

Viz Communications has confirmed at AX that it has acquired the rights to Yu Watase’s Ayashi No Ceres manga and Studio Pierrot’s TV series adaption which recently began running on TV in Japan.

6-30-00—- L.A. Times Article On AX 2000

The June 29th edition of the American-based newspaper – The LA Times is running an article on AnimeExpo 2000. The article can be read here.

6-30-00—- Mattel Interactive Robotech License

Excerpted from the Mattel Interactive / Harmony Gold Press Release:

The Entertainment Division of Mattel Interactive today announced that they have signed a licensing agreement with Harmony Gold to publish games based on the popular anime series Robotech(TM). Mattel Interactive plans to publish Robotech games for the next-generation of console systems as well as for PC, beginning in Q4 of 2001. Specific details regarding platforms and developers have yet to be announced.

“Acquiring this license is an incredible opportunity for us,” says Mattel Interactive President Bernard Stolar. “This is a franchise that both gamers and anime fans have been anxiously awaiting for some time, and we fully intend to deliver content that’s going to make their wait worthwhile, both on console and PC.”

The Robotech series is credited by many as being responsible for raising the awareness of the Japanese anime phenomenon in America, beginning with an 85-episode animated series that aired in early 1985. The series was re-aired in 1994 on Sci Fi Channel and once again on The Cartoon Network in 1999. Currently, Robotech is licensed for broadcast in over 60 countries.

“Robotech’s grand, epic scale provides fertile ground for developing incredible console and PC games, and we’re looking forward to working with Mattel Interactive to add a new level of drama, fantasy and excitement to both the gaming and anime audience with our franchise,” says Alan Letz, senior vice president of sales and acquisitions for Harmony Gold.

The continued popularity of Robotech has created a crossover phenomenon spilling over into other mediums, such as toys, comic books, videos, pen and paper role-playing games and novels. In addition, Robotech’s active Internet presence rivals that of any other top sci-fi or animation property today.

About Mattel Interactive

Mattel Interactive is a leading entertainment company with strong brands on all major platforms. Our mission is to develop and publish innovative, interactive technology tools worldwide for the home and classroom. Mattel Interactive products are distributed using a multi-channel approach that includes retail, direct marketing, OEM, the Internet and schools. Products are also sold throughout international markets in Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Holland, Latin America and the Pacific Rim. Mattel Interactive was established in 2000. Under the Mattel Interactive umbrella are three divisions; Entertainment, Productivity and Learning.

About Harmony Gold

Formed in 1983, Harmony Gold is a leading production, acquisition and distribution company of quality international television programming, producing some of the most classic and history making programs in the industry. Harmony Gold is a division of The Harmony Gold Companies, whose interests range from Theatre Management, Real Estate and Finance to Television and Film Production.

6-30-00—- Manga Confirms Blood Acquisition Plans

Manga Entertainment has confirmed plans to to acquire Production I.G.’s Blood Motion Picture, according to the company the contract is being finalized.

6-30-00—- Bandai AX 2000 Announcements

Bandai Entertainment has issued a press release detailing it’s Anime Expo announcements.

6-30-00—- ADV Fansubs July

From The Official Press Release:

ADV Fansubs – New Releases

City Hunter TV Volume 2
Approx. 100 minutes
Available July 5, 2000

Japanese with English Subtitles
UPC# 702727064630
SRP $19.98

The only thing City Hunter likes better than a beautiful woman, is a beautiful woman in his arms. But between ambitious crooks, love-starved actresses and international intrigue, Ryo’s hands are already full! First, Kaori’s birthday turns tragic when Makimura runs afoul of a drug lord looking to expand his territory. But Makimura’s death won’t come cheap, and Ryo will make sure the crooks pay the bill in blood. Then it’s time for lights, cameras and action as City Hunter protects a gorgeous movie star from the infamous mercenary Falcon. Reuniting a father – daughter reunion is next on Ryo’s agenda. And finally, the arrival of that vision of loveliness, Metropolitan Police Detective Saeko Nogami sets his heart aflutter. It’s an all out assault on virtue of young women everywhere in the second volume of City Hunter!

Nadia, Secret of Blue Water Volume 2
Approx. 100 minutes
Available July 5, 2000

Japanese with English Subtitles
UPC# 702727049934
SRP $19.98

Inspired by Jules Verne’s classic 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea The last few days have been pretty hectic for young inventor Jean Ratlique. After rescuing Nadia and her pet lion King from the villainous Grandis, he’s been chased; shot at; rescued by an American battleship; swept overboard; menaced by a sea monster; and rescued again, this time by a futuristic submarine named the Nautilus. Now he and Nadia are aloft once more, and headed for Africa. But the nearby deserted island isn’t as deserted as it looks. And Grandis is still after Nadia’s Blue Water gem. The adventure is just beginning!

6-30-00—- Taco Bell Digimon Promotion

Mexican fast food chain Taco Bell announced a new promotion running from July 13 – September 9 where it will offer 48 Digimon embossed metal trading cards total. 3 cards will be included in one of sixteen stackable digivices which will come free as part of their Kids Meal or can be purchased seperately for 99 cents each.

6-30-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Sony is partnering with Tokyo Cable TV and Tokyo Electric Express Railway to establish a PS2 cable modem network in Japan with an estimated service launch date of 2001.

Bandai announced that they are developing a breeding sim PSX title based on Tarapanda, Japanese release is set for later this year.

Sony Music Entertainment announced they will release the Dragon Quest VII soundtrack CD in Japan September 6th.