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Anime News Service – June1-3 Anime News

6-3-02—- New Macross Series Update

The upcoming Macross Zero OVA series will be 5 episodes long, presumably each episode being 30 minutes in length.

Source: Natsume Maya

6-3-02—- I.G. Item

Read about the experiences of Korean-American Rober Hwang in regards to working at Production IG at Production I.G..

Thanks to Daniel for the news

6-3-02—- Heart Cocktail To Become Anime

Watase Seizo’s Heart Cocktail Again will see the transition to mini TV anime shorts, each 5 minutes long. Watase, an illustrator who has toured with exhibitions in the U.S. has seen his “Heart Cocktail” romantic manga selling very well in Japan.

Source: Natsume Maya

6-3-02—- Manga Evangelion Movies Press

From the release:

Manga Entertainment Proudly Presents On DVD and VHS July 30, 2002

Chicago, IL- From the animators of GAINAX Studios (The Wings of Honneamise) and Production I.G. (Ghost in the Shell, Blood: The Last Vampire) comes the most decisive chapter in the Neon Genesis Evangelion saga. Featuring groundbreaking animated action sequences and mind-blowing dramatic revelations; Death & Rebirth is truly a composition of epic proportions. Manga Entertainment will release Evangelion: Death & Rebirth on DVD and VHS in both English and the original Japanese language on July 30, 2002. Visit the special site www.deathandrebirth.com to view the trailer, or participate in either our webmaster or online fan contest.

Manga’s most technically advanced DVD to date includes a double-sided DVD, special audio commentary and an exclusive Mokuji Interactive feature (Mokuji = “Contents”). Once activated, this feature will allow the viewer to select from an on-screen, chapter specific index of Eva-related terms, character descriptions, and other valuable information while viewing the film. The perfect resource for the seasoned Evangelion fan eager to learn more as well as a comprehensive introduction for those new to the story!

15 years after the Antarctic blast known as the Second Impact, the world once again faces the threat of the Angels – super-powered entities with the capacity to bring about a Third Impact capable of destroying all human life.

Summoned by his estranged father, 14-year-old Shinji Ikari reluctantly embraces his destiny as the pilot of the bio-engineered vessel known as “Evangelion Unit-01.” Alongside fellow Eva pilots Asuka Langley and Rei Ayunami, Shinji battles against the host of invading Angels. But all is not as it seems. Amidst layers of subterfuge, and the competing agendas of secret government organizations each seeking to manipulate the children and their Evas for their own ends, Shinji, Rei and Asuka must each come to terms with their past and unearth their own identities.

Told from the various perspectives of the tale’s primary characters, Death & Rebirth is a composition of epic proportions. The first half of the film is an orchestrated retelling of episodes 1 through 24 of the original groundbreaking Neon Genesis Evangelion saga. Supplemented with startling new animated sequences, Death offers a unique insight into the personal worlds of the characters as conceived of by the series’ director Hideki Anno.

In Rebirth, the second half of the film, we see an alternate vision of episode 25 of the original series. Seele, the secret international organization behind the development of both the Evangelion project and the Human Complementation project, is concerned about the way the projects’ director, Ikari Gendo, is proceeding. Convinced that Gendo is implementing his own plans, they set out to wrest control of the projects and capture Eva Unit-01. Using the nine-production model Evangelions under their command, and a force of conventional troops, Seele undertakes a full-scale invasion of Central Dogma – the operation control center beneath Tokyo-3. All key roles in the English language version of Death and Rebirth are reprised by the original voice-actors from the Neon Genesis Evangelion series!

Double-sided DVD Features: · Letterbox · English 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound · English & Japanese Stereo · Subtitle options for Dialogue & On-screen Text · Audio Commentary by Amanda Winn Lee (English Language Director, and voice of Rei Ayanami) other voice commentary by Taliesin Jaffe & Jason C. Lee · Mokuji Interactive Feature* · In-depth Index of Characters, Angels, Evas & Terms · Photo Gallery · Original Japanese Trailers · Japanese Production Credits · End of Evangelion Preview · Manga Previews · Web Links · Manga Fan Club

Studio: Manga Entertainment Sales & Distribution: WEA Street Date: July 30, 2002 Pre-Book Date: July 3, 2002 Genre: Drama/Action Running Time: 115 minutes (both DVD and VHS) DVD: SRP: $29.95; Barcode: 6-60200-4107-2 (8); Catalog Selection #: MANGA4107-2 VHS (English): SPR $19.95; Barcode: 6-60200-4108-3 (4); Catalog Selection #: MANGA4108-3 VHS (Subtitled) SRP: $24.95; Barcode: 6-60200-4108-3 (4); Catalog Selection #: MANGA4108-3

6-3-02—- Garinpeiro Reveals Details On New Projects Xevious And 6 Angels

Garinpeiro’s Debut for their 95 minute animated feature 6 Angels at a Tokyo movie festival in December of 2001 drew a large amount of attention from fans and press alike. Starting July 6th, the film begins nationwide theater distribution starting in Ikebukuro screening in DLP.

Directing is Akimoto Yasuwith Gundam Z and ZZ mecha designer Kobayashi Makoto reprising that role of production on this project while Kato Yutaka of (I’m Gonna Be An Angel) adds her talent as character designer.

Based on the 1983 arcade title, the Xevious anime feature runs 75 minutes and is due from August 3rdalso running at Ikebukuro in DLP format. Purodyusa and Naco will team on production, Takano Yutaka willdesign characters, Masaharu Ogawa is on Mecha design.

6-3-02—- Charity Selection For Anime Expo Auction

According to Mike Tatsugawa of Anime Expo:

We have looked through over 200 charities to try to determine the best cause to donate the proceeds of the SPJA 9/11 Charity Auction. We have narrowed down the candidates to a select eight. We have cleared these organizations with the Better Business Bureau to insure their status as a legitimate aid organization for the victims of 9/11. Because I’m not a local from the New York area, any comments on these charities is extremely welcome while we talk to these organizations to get it down to one or two recipients.


The New York Times Neediest Cases Fund www.nytco.com/foundation

Robin Hood Foundation www.robinhood.org

September 11, 2001 Children’s Fund www.911childrensfund.org

Twin Towers Fund www.twintowersfund.vista.com
Uniformed Fire Fighters Association of New York www.ufoa.org

Uniformed Firefighters Association Widows’ and Children’s Fund www.ufalocal94.org
New York Police and Fire Widows’ and Children’s Benefit Fund www.nypfwc.org
New York City Police Foundation, Inc. www.nycpolicefoundation.org

Because I don’t always catch everything, the ideal place to post comments is in the AXNY forums at: http://forums.axny.org/dcf-docs/DCForumID1/6.html

A preliminary list of items donated are at: http://www.anime-expo.org/auction.html

Other items should be posted within a few weeks. Any organizations that would like to solicit for donations from GoH’s are more than welcome to. We’d like to include as many items as possible.

Thanks, Mike

6-3-02—- Candy Candy Trial Awards And Verdicts

As ANS originally reported several months ago, on October 25th in Japan a final legal decision was rendered in the long running rights dispute between mangaka Yumiko Igarashi and original story writer Kyoko Mizuki deemed the “Candy Candy Trial”. Candy Candy is one of the most popular shoujo creations ever released in Japan, based on a 25 year old story composed by Kyoko Mizuki which was adapted to manga form by cartoonist Yumiko Igarashi, an anime TV series and many related merchandise items were also produced. A mutual working partnership existed between the two until several years ago when Ms. Igarashi allegedly declared an exclusive copyright and began producing merchandise based on the work outside of the co-approval of Mizuki, Toei Animation (who produced the anime) and herself. The origin of some goods and works produced based on Candy Candy were put into question, and the revenue and permission to produce them, forced a trial. Writer Kyoko Mizuki accused Igarashi of ignoring her copyright on the work, sueing the artist for infringement of copyright, she later won her trial. That judgement set the following precedents: 1. Ms. Kyoko Mizuki was ruled to have the same copyright as Ms. Yumiko Igarashi regarding CandyCandy. 2. Ms. Yumiko Igarashi must obtain Ms. Kyoko Mizuki ‘s consent when using CandyCandy in business related matters.

However, a reconciliation between the parties was not forthcoming after the trial with goods and illustrations allegedly being comissioned and sold by the artist without a proper consent. The dispute has continued on several fronts since then with numerous appeals, actions and counter actions. In the year 2000 Ms. Igarashi sued Toei Animation Film over the trademark of CandyCandy forcing a broadcast freeze on the series, for some time it was feared by some fans that due to legal battles the reprint of manga and rebroadcasting of the Anime may not occur again. Last week’s Japanese Supreme Court ruling matched the Tokyo High Court decision issued in March 2000, and the Tokyo District Court ruling in February 1999, declaring undisputedly on Japanese legal grounds that Kyoko Mizuki is rightfully co-creator and copyright holder of CandyCandy and all merchandise requires her authorization and permission, as is her right within the law.

Update in the case comes in the form of a Kahoku Online article which reports May 30th saw the Tokyo District Court awarding 29,500,000 yen compensation to Mizuki Kyoko against Igarashi Yumiko and 5 companies for breach of copyright in the production and sale of Candy Candy related goods. Presiding Judge Mimura Ryoichi followed the decision of the Supreme Court in October 2001 in which that court accepted that Mizuki held the copyright. Damages were fixed at 3% of total sales by the enterprise.

Source: Natsume Maya

6-2-02—- Sailor Moon Super S News Down Under

Australian fans take note, Fox Kids Australia will begin airing the Sailor Moon SuperS dub directly after the final episode of Sailor Moon S. The season premiere of SuperS will air on the 1st of July at 5:00pm on Fox Kids. In other Australian Sailor Moon programming news, Fox Kids will also start repeating Sailor Moon Classic, from July 1st, to air Weekday mornings at 7:00am. Sailor Moon S will continue to be repeated with double episodes airing every Weekend at 2:00pm. The first three Sailor Moon Classic DVD’s will be released in Australia on the 3rd of July.

Source: Con

6-2-02—- Shattered – Previous Conceptions Of Anime Production And Marketing As One Man Creates Own Work And Moves 10,000 DVD’s

Gainax’s fan-favorite autobiographical……ish spoof Otaku No Video glamorizes the image of garage anime production as a work totally conceived, created and marketed by a group of college students with limited material and financial resources, reliant mainly upon creative imagination and dedication to the art. As their work gains popularity it quickly makes the covers of all major anime magazines in Japan and their circle launches into a industry leading company.

While Otaku No Video makes use of a great deal of ficitional license, more and more it represents the current reality-based image of modern anime production in Japan. With top industry creators and directors such as Hayao Miyazaki alluding to a stagnation in respective pools of talent there in the “professional industry” (interestingly enough, it could possibly be argued that the overseas markets seem to have never been bigger based upon this very talent), many young and dedicated individuals are beating their own path and filling these voids totally on their own.

Nikkei Net reports on a current example that is making press in Japan. Shinkai Makoto’s Hoshi no Koe feature has now surpassed the 10,000 unit sales mark. Mr. Makoto conceived, produced and marketed the entire project (save music and 2 female voices) himself utilizing a personal computer. No magazine advertisements for the release of the DVD were staged, merely an advance screening in February 2002, publicity over the internet and some shop posters in the month prior to release. The first pressing of DVDs were almost completely sold out on the release date of 19 April 2002, so another 7,000 units were ordered to be produced. After working for a game company for five years, Shinkai resigned his position and shut himself in his house for seven months to create Hoshi no Koe on an iMac which he purchased two years ago. Shinkai’s next work will be another solo 30 minute work, which he is aiming to complete within half a year. Of course, there’s now a lot of interest from the Japanese animation industry. In addition, it’s said that a US company is looking to invest in the work.

Source: Natsume Maya

6-2-02—- New Reviews Site

Brian has announced the launch of his new website www.animeage.net, a new site that reviews both anime and manga.

6-1-02—- Newtype Editor At AX 2002

Confirmed in Japan is Newtype Magazine’s editor Takashi Watanabe will be attending this year’s Anime Expo. Last Year Mr. Watanabe appeared on a panel regarding the release of an English language Newtype magazine. It is currently unknown if a possible similar discussion will take place featuring the editor this year.

6-1-02—- Gundam Creator Yoshiyuki Tomino Confirmed For AXNY

After last weekend’s announcement of Yoshiyuki Tomino at the BAAF, Anime Expo Con Chair Mike Tatsugawa has confirmed him as GOH at this year’s AXNY:

Anime Expo New York is proud to welcome back one of the first ever Anime Expo Guests of Honor, Mr. Yoshiyuki Tomino.

Mr. Tomino’s credits date back to being part of the creative team behind TV’s popular “Astroboy”. However, it is as a creator that Mr. Tomino has distinguished himself. He is best known for shows such as “Reideen the Brave”, and of course, the immortal “Gundam” series, which recently enjoyed its 20th anniversary celebration. Gundam’s various spin-offs (including Tomino’s own “Gundam Z,” “Gundam ZZ,” “Turn-A Gundam” and “Char’s Counterattack”) have enjoyed considerable success around the world and are considered classics by many anime fans. Tomino’s other more recent works include “Brain Powerd” and “Garzey’s Wing.”

Mr. Tomino is appearing at Anime Expo New York courtesy of the Big Apple Anime Fest.

For additional information on Anime Expo New York, please visit the website at www.axny.org

6-1-02—- Jet Li News

Thanks as always to Daniel for passing on word that www.jetli.com has an article on Kelly Hu in regards to her working on Cradle 2 the Grave. Also, another article linked to the site mentions that Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon composer Tan Dun will also be doing the score to Hero.

6-1-02—- DoCoMo’s Wireless Comm Sets And Nets Expected To See Heavy Use During World Cup

As World Cup Football kicks off in Japan, the country’s state of the art telecommunications technologies and services are being showcased to the thousands upon thousands of foreigners in-country for events. Through certain services it is even reportedly possible at this time for certain foreigners to gain access to iMode handsets and service which usually require a post 90 day visa to obtain. The Sporting News reports on how traffic across the various communications nets are expected to be strained during this time.

6-1-02—- AIC AX2002 Tour For Tenchi’s 10th – Gainax And AIC Team On New Work

New developments on www.aicanime.com mention the firm is organizing an “Anime Expo2002 Tour” with Nippon Travel Agency to celebrate the 10 years anniversary of Tenchi Muyo! This tour will not only show the biggest anime events in US to Japanese anime fans but also officially present “Tenchi Muyo! GXP” for the first time in North America region with many special guests. The site prompts fans that if you are planing to attend Anime Expo2002, be sure you don’t miss this program.

GAINAX released their new work announcement for “Puchi Puri * Yuhshi” on May 10th. According to Gainax’s press release, Yushi is the youngest heroine in Gainax anime history. This new anime is a jointly produced TV series with AIC and it is scheduled to show in Japan from this Autumn. For more info visit Gainax’s site.

6-1-02—- AnimeFringe June

From the AnimeFringe June 2002 release:

– Cannon God Exaxxion – That was the scene over the United Nations plaza ten years ago– our historic first view of the Riofaldians’ ship. The alien visitors wormed their way into every facet of human culture from daycares to police agencies. Sure, humanity prospered in the long run from a multitude of technological advances, but who would have guessed that the aliens and some hidden agenda up their sleeves? Hosuke Kano seems to have known, but his attempts to open peoples eyes fell on deaf ears. Now it’s up to Hosuke’s grandson, Hoichi “Gun” Kano, to pull the Earth’s fat out of the fire. http://www.animefringe.com/magazine/02.06/feature/1/index.php3

– Armitage: Dual-Matrix – Step aside Major Kusanagi, because Naomi Armitage is back! Everyone’s favorite take no prisoners android is back and ready to turn anyone into scrap metal if they lay a hand on her daughter. That’s right, Armitage is a mommy and no one better cross this PTA mom. Catch all the non-stop thrills and explosions in the latest installment of the Armitage series, Armitage: Dual-Matrix. http://www.animefringe.com/magazine/02.06/feature/2/index.php3

– Tenchi-Muyo! Galaxy Police Transporter – Think you got bad luck? Take a look at what Seina Yamada has to go through on a daily basis and you will never complain again! “Well, at least my bad luck isn’t as bad as his.” But like everything else in the universe, there is always something good to counter the effect. http://www.animefringe.com/magazine/02.06/feature/3/index.php3

– Cinderalla – What do you get when you mix the sensibilities of H.P. Lovecraft and the art style of the Powerpuff Girls, with a dash of classic fairytale? Junko Mizuno’s been cooking in the kitchen and she’s come up with warped post modern Cinderella. http://www.animefringe.com/magazine/02.06/feature/4/index.php3

– Saishuu Heiki Kanojyo – In the classroom of a normal, common place high school, a new relationship was found between a boy named Shuuji and a girl named Chise. A simple ‘first love’ romance relationship that can be found anywhere else, sweet and pure as the Winter snow. But little do they know, their relationship is about to be tested by the beginning of a war – the single, most cruel ‘invention’ of men… http://www.animefringe.com/magazine/02.06/feature/5/index.php3

– The Brilliant Green – In Animefringe’s continuing look at J-Pop, this month we take a look at the group The Brilliant Green and their lead singer Tommy February 6. Known for their solid guitar based rock, The Brilliant Green has become more and more popular throughout Japan since their debut in 1995. We also take a look Tommy who branched out on her own with her 2001 album. http://www.animefringe.com/magazine/02.06/feature/6/index.php3

– E3 2002: Part 1 – A Gamer’s Paradise – Every year the American gaming industry throws a little party, the Electronics Entertainment Expo, a shindig known as E3. E3 2002 was among the most exciting in years, with everything one could want–from booth babes to Mario. Jake has a full report. http://www.animefringe.com/magazine/02.06/feature/7/index.php3

– E3 2002: Part 2 – An Alternate Angle – If one E3 write-up wasn’t enough, Jean was also on the scene and has a totally different take on the latest video game convention to rock the gaming world. Listen up to Jean as he gives the skinny on his top ten games to watch for in the coming year and hear a little bit about the cool stuff he did besides playing games. http://www.animefringe.com/magazine/02.06/feature/8/index.php3

The Rest:
It’ll probally take you a month to get through all those features, but in case you get done early… we have an editorial on Star Wars and the impact on anime, NINE reviews, some briefs, and all the other great stuff you’ve come to love at www.animefringe.com.

6-1-02—- Ghibli PS2 Game

Thanks to Daniel for the following:

May 28, 2002: Studio Ghibli PS2 game Garakuta Meisaku Gekijou: Rakugaki Oukoku (Garakuta Famous Creator Theater: Kingdom of Doodling)

Company: Taito Genre: RPG Catalog #: SLPM-65097 Price: 6800 yen Release Date: 2002.03.20

Front Cover: http://allsoft.scei.co.jp/jacket/l/slpm65097.jpg
Back Cover: http://allsoft.scei.co.jp/jacket/l/slpm65097b.jpg
RM movie file: http://www.scei.co.jp/soft/movie/slpm65097.rm
Created by: Garakuta Studio – http://www.garakuta-studio.com/

The DVD contains something with Ghiblies and basic instructions in English and Chinese. Source: Nausicaa.net

6-1-02—- New Japanese Joint Developed Sportscar – Garaiya

Japanese car-accessories distributor autobachs has jointly developed an original car, with plans to sell it in Japan in the autumn of this year. The Garaiya was developed jointly with a British automaker. For more info: http://www.autobacs.com/ and http://www.asl.info/.

6-1-02—- Shanghai Noon 2 News

Read about one of the stunts in the movie, Jackie’s new salary, and see photos at Corona. Thanks to Daniel for the link.

6-1-02—- ZOIDS Website Launches

Thanks to Vanessa Muzek of Dynamite House Productions for informing us her firm has just completed a new website for Pioneer Entertainment of America, Inc., Hasbro, and Viz Video for the Zoids series. ZOIDSBATTLE.COM (http://www.zoidsbattle.com) is an entertainment based informational Flash website for ZOIDS, an anime cartoon featured on Cartoon Network’s Toonami. This website features a spectacular Flash animated intro that is over a minute long, animated at 24 frames/second – the same as video.

6-1-02—- Sailor Moon CN Schedule

Following is the schedule for Sailor Moon on Cartoon Network (USA) from Cartoon Network’s TV Schedule page:

Sailor Moon’s Schedule on Cartoon Network (USA):
6/3: A Moon Star is Born; 6/4: Talk Radio; 6/5: Slim City; 6/6: So You Want To Be A Super Star; 6/7: Computer School Blues; 6/10: Time Bomb; 6/11: An Uncharmed Life; 6/12: Nightmare in Dreamland; 6/13: Cruise Blues; 6/14: Fight to the Finish; 6/17: Match Point for Sailor Moon; 6/18: An Unnatural Phenomena; 6/19: Wedding Day Blues; 6/20: Shutter Bugged; 6/21: Dangerous Dollies; 6/24: Who is that Masked Man? 6/25: An Animated Mess; 6/26: Worth a Princess’s Ransom: 6/27: Molly’s Folly; 6/28: A Friend in Wolf’s Clothing

Source: Michael

6-1-02—- New Websites For Large Scale Yukikaze And Blame! Projects

The official website for the OAV Sentou Yousei Yukikaze (Battle Fairy Yukikaze) is now online at www.faf.jp.

The official Blame! Movie website is up at www.blamenet.com. A six 5 minute episode series of a web anime are scheduled for distribution commencing 7 June 2002.

Source: Natsume Maya

6-1-02—- Starz Encore Action Channel Beefs Up Anime Programming

Thanks to Matt Anderson of DVD Vision Japan for the following news items:

As previously reported, in July the American Starz Encore Action Channel cable / sat. pay network will relaunch with “A New Look – A New Logo – A New Attitude”. Beginning July 1, Action will indeed have a complete new look, a new logo, a new attitude, new programming packages which include a substantial boost in Anime with Action hosting the broadcast premiere of Pioneer’s restored version of Akira, plus 3×3 Eyes. Both of these broadcasts will occur in July.

“We want to bring in a brand new audience with this new look and feel,” says Stephan Shelanski, Senior Vice President of Acquisitions and Scheduling. “Younger plus hipper equals our new and very much improved ACTION channel.”

To kick-off the new look, Action will introduce a variety of new programming offerings, starting with “31 Days of Action Figures” (every night at 10:00 p.m.), featuring some of today’s biggest action stars including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Jean-Claude Van Damme and many more. Other new monthly programming packages will include “Animidnight” (Anime every Friday at midnight) and “Martial Arts Mayhem” (the best of the best martial arts films).

The new look and graphics, created in-house at Starz Encore’s headquarters have an edgier, hipper feel that complements the films and special attractions programmed for the channel. “Our audience is media savvy,” says Che Che Mata, Vice President, On-Air Promotion. “They’ve grown up with MTV, video games and computers, and they definitely pay attention to style and trends. They’re snowboarders, skiers, skateboarders, BMXers, surfers, or just plain kids in the know, and we think the channel will definitely connect with them.”

In July, ACTION will also present exclusive interviews with action stars such as Vin Diesel (XXX, The Fast and the Furious), Jet Li (Romeo Must Die, Lethal Weapon 4), skateboard champion Tony Hawk, and others. Action Girl, a series of exciting over-the-top action vignettes featuring a Lara Croft-like character will help jump-start the re-launch.

6-1-02—- Bandai Items – Official Silent Mobius Web – Complete Mobile Suit Gundam Series To Air At Metreon

From www.bandai-ent.com:

Read more about Katsumi and AMPD, the history of Silent Mobius and upcoming products at http://silentmobius.bandai-ent.com.

Watch Mobile Suit Gundam, the series that started the Gundam Saga for FREE at the Action Theatre. All 10 DVD volumes will be available for purchase at the Bandai Shop. Receive a gift w/ any Mobile Suit Gundam DVD purchase while supplies last.

Friday, June 7 Mobile Suit Gundam (V.1-3) 3:00-9:00pm

Saturday, June 8 Mobile Suit Gundam (V.4-7) 12:00-8:00pm

Sunday, June 9 Mobile Suit Gundam (V.8-10) 12:00-6:00pm

Where: Metreon – A Sony Entertainment Center Action Theatre is located on the Second Floor Metreon is located at the corner of Fourth and Mission streets (101 Fourth Street) in San Francisco and is easily accessible by public transportation — just blocks from the Powell Street BART and Muni metro stations. Public Parking is available at the Fifth & Mission Garage across the street from Metreon and the Moscone Center Garage at Third and Howard streets. For more information, call (415) 369-6086 or www.metreon.com (Click on Cool Events)

6-1-02—- Matrix Reloaded Release Advanced

Cinescape states the film will come out May 15, 2003, instead of the previously announced date of May 23.

Thanks to Daniel for the link

6-1-02—- House Of The Dead Movie Trailer

Courtesy Daniel:

Go to Jagged Team to see the larger Quicktime teaser of the upcoming movie which is linked there.