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Anime News Service – June 9-29 Anime News

6-29-01—- Tomoko Kawakami Anime Expo Appearance Hosted By Synch-Point

From the release:

Synch-Point is proud to host Tomoko KAWAKAMI for Anime Expo 2001.

LOS ANGELES, CA – Best known for her voice acting in such memorable anime as Revolutionary Girl Utena (Utena), Fushigi Yuugi (Chiriko) and Tenshi ni Narumon (Noelle), the talented Ms. Kawakami amazes animation fans everywhere with her vocal range.

A special guest of Synch-Point (Digital Manga, Inc.), Ms. Kawakami will be participating in several panels at Anime Expo.

Barring schedule changes, Ms. Kawakami has a planned joint panel with Kunihiko IKUHARA, Director of Revolutionary Girl Utena will be held on Friday and a special Tenshi ni Narumon!/Synch-Point panel to be held the same day!

Ikuhara urges fans to meet Ms. Kawakami. In a statement released by the famed director, he says “Tomoko Kawakami is a talented voice actress. She has many kinds of voices that range from pretty and cool, to strong. And of course, she looks good! I encourage you to meet her. She’s a lot of fun.”

Ms. Kawakami will be a key panel member of a special Tenshi Ni Narumon!/Synch-Point panel with Diana Kou (English voice of Noelle) to discuss the finer points of voiceover acting and Tenshi ni Narumon! on Friday. This in-depth panel will cover various Digital Manga projects and the trials and tribulations of translating a challenging series like Tenshi ni Narumon!/I’m Gonna Be An Angel! to English. Other panel speakers include Fusako Shiotani (English voice over director) and Stephanie Sheh (producer).

Synch-Point is the Production division of Digital Manga, Inc. Founded in 1996, DIGITAL MANGA INC. is dedicated to bringing quality anime and manga experiences to both fans and the mainstream. DIGITAL MANGA localizes and produces titles in English that communicate across culture lines and commits itself to bridging communications between the US and Japan. DIGITAL MANGA devotes itself to strengthening ties with Japanese anime studios and product manufacturers with the goal of making Japanese anime more understood in the United States and other countries.

6-28-01—- Robotech Release News

According to a post to the Anime On DVD forum by ADV’s David Williams, a 9/18 release has been set for Robotech discs 5 & 6 ($14.95 each) and the 3rd box set ($44.95).

6-28-01—- Gundam Ace Magazine In Japan

Anihabara mentions a new magazine called “Gundam Ace” was recently started in Japan, it features the manga “Kidou Senshi Gundam the Origin” by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, who worked on many of the Gundam series, but this is his first time to illustrate a comic.

6-28-01—- Orphen Limited Edition Figure

ADV Films is offering a chance to win an exclusive Orphen figure through their website where only 150 limited release porcelain figures were created.

6-28-01—- Akira Items

According to an update on the Akira website, the DVD will feature a “Capsule Option” – translation of Japanese graffiti and over 4500 stills.

6-28-01—- Osamu Tezuka Online

According to Kyodo News:

Animation works by Osamu Tezuka, a deceased popular Japanese cartoonist, will be available on the Internet from August, Tezuka Production Co officials said Tuesday. The company and CONTENTS JAPAN, an Osaka-based Internet production firm, established a new web site to show the animations Tuesday

6-28-01—- Viz El Hazard Graphic Novels Delayed

Viz has announced via TSRI that they are delaying the pending release of the El Hazard graphic novels to a later, as yet unspecified date.

6-28-01—- Palisades Busts Delays

The Right Stuf mentions Plalisades Marketing’s Tenchi Muyo Ryoko Mini Bust has been pushed back until 8/1, the DBZ Goku Mini Bust has been pushed back until 8/15.

6-28-01—- DBZ CD Release

Faulconer Productions has announced the release of 2 DBZ soundtracks on 7/15: the Trunks Compendium and the Best of DBZ.

6-28-01—- Fanboy Items

According to The Right Stuff Fanboy Inc has canceled the publication of their Kia Asamiya Sketch Collection: Sketchy Situations. Their upcoming release of Yoshitoshi ABe’s one shot manga White Rain, has been delayed to a 7/25 date.

6-27-01—- Resident Evil News

Daniel sends in the following:

I got this from http://www.jaggedteam.com/bin/shownews.cgi?id=510: First off, the film’s official title is Resident Evil: Ground Zero. Then the article explains why none of the characters from the games are in the movie. “Speaking to Shivers magazine, Anderson explained, “To be scary you have to be unpredictable, and that’s why I felt completely free to reinvent the story and use my own set of fresh characters. There was no point in using the Jill Valentine character from the first Resident Evil game, as the fans would know she wasn’t going to be killed because she pops up in the later games. The suspense dynamic of who is going to live, who is going to die and what people’s allegiances are was only going to work with new characters.”

6-27-01—- Japanese Cinema Bits

Thanks to Daniel for this news from the Asia AICN Report:

1)”The Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Rose Cinemas (kinda long name, I know) is having a Kinji Fukasaku retrospect, and will be screening “Battle Royale” on July 6th, 7:30 pm. They are also screening his awesome “Black Lizard” along with some other lesser known stuff…

“More info can be found here: http://www.bam.org/asp/bam_frameset.asp

3)”- Two new Japanese horror films have been completed. The first one, “Moju vs. Isshunbousi” was directed by legendary cult director Teruo Ishii while “Watashi No Hone” was directed by first time director Takayuki Ogino. I’ll keep you up-to-date on these films as more information is released.”

6-27-01—- Escaflowne News

According to the last DVD of Escaflowne (#8), there will be a limited release of the Escaflowne movie later in 2001, followed by a VHS and DVD release sometime in 2002. Bandai has also reserved the URL http://www.escamovie.com but has yet to add any content.

Thanks to Justin Evans for this item

6-26-01—- Boogiepop Phantom DVD Release

Anime On DVD has posted the following release dates and info on TSRI’s release of Boogipop Phantom:

Boogiepop Phantom Vol #1 – 09/25/01
Vol #2 – 10/30/01
Vol #3 – 11/27/01
Vol #4 – 01/29/02
Box Set (all 4 Volumes) – 1/29/02

Each individual vol. retails at $29.95 and has a running time of 90 minutes. Box Set will retail at $99.95, Extras have yet to be announced.

6-26-01—- Jin-Roh Press

Akadot has placed an interview with director Mamoru Oshii online here, meanwhile, the New York Times has reviewed Jin-Roh at this link.

6-26-01—- Animation Oscar Nomination Criteria

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences unveiled the criteria it has set in place for the award of a new category, Best Animated Feature, which is likely to be presented for the first time next year. Under the rules, at least eight eligible animated films must be produced during the year. Each must be at least 70 minutes long, feature a significant number of animated characters, and animated scenes must account for at least 75 percent of the running time. The academy said that the Oscar in the new category will be presented only to “the key creative talent most clearly responsible for the overall achievement” and that no more than two Oscars will be presented in the category.

Source: The IMDB

6-26-01—- Sen To Chihiro News

According to the Hayao Miyazaki Discussion Group post:

Sen to be released on July 20 According to Sports Nippon, a Japanese newspaper, Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi will be released in Japan on July 20.
Last Friday, a trailer of “Sen” was aired on TV at the end of the “Friday Movie Theater” program.
Sen specials are scheduled for July 2 and 3, 10-10:45 pm, NHK Educational, “ETV 2001” “Hayao Miyazaki talks about Will to Live.” Part 1, with Keigo Okonogi (psychiatrist) Part 2, with Banana Yoshimoto (novelist who wrote “Kitchen”)

July 12, 7-8:54 pm, Nihon TV, Baseball Game “Giants vs Swallows” It’s called “Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi Nightly Game.” Judging from the similar case in Mononoke, there will be some promotion during the game, but not much.

July 15, 3 -4:24 pm, Nihon TV “Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi Special”

6-25-01—- Kia Asamiya Titans Update

Manga artist Kia Asamiya will begin a four-issue run (as cover artist for DC’s Titans beginning with August’s issue #32. He’s currently scheduled to do covers for issue #s 32-33 and #s 35-36. October’s issue #34 – which will feature a uniform trade dress and cover design for the Joker: Last Laugh month- long, DCU-wide event, will be drawn by another artist. According to C.B. Cebulski, the artist was asked by DC which characters (aside from Batman) he has an affinity for, and off the top of this head he replied Wonder Woman and the Titans (“though more so the older Titans”) and because Adam Hughes is the regular Wonder Woman cover artist, “it led to the Titans cover gig.” And speaking of Batman, DC is still deciding on format, price, and scheduling for a U.S. edition of Asamiya’s b&w, 400-page manga story Child of Dreams. The story in currently being collected into two 200-page collected editions in Japan by publisher Tankobon. The following is the cover image to the already released Volume 1. Volume 2 will be released later this year. A cover can be seen at here

Source: Newsrama

Compiled by UMJAMS Anime News

6-24-01—- Utena Movie DVD News

According to Anime On DVD forum post by a CPM representative, the upcoming Utena movie DVD will contain the following:

Anamorphic widescreen (Whether they can make it progressive or not is up to the authoring house)
Ikuhara’s running commentary track with English subtitles
Behind-the-scenes video (Featuring Ikuhara supervising the dubbing in NYC, footage of voice actors Rachael Lillis, Sharon Becker, and Mandy Bonhomme)
Japanese TV spots
Japanese trailers
US teaser & trailer
Kobayashi’s art boards w/ Ikuhara’s commentary
Character sketches w/ Ikuhara’s commentary
Fan tribute (Fanart and cosplay contest winners!)
Trivia quiz
Clean, untouched video (no overlays or hard subs)
Removable song & sign translations (for the dub)
Sub track with Romanji song lyrics
DVD-ROM features include:
Art Gallery
List of fan submissions
Director’s commentary script
Complete English dub script (written by Ikuhara’s hand-picked translator)
the World premiere of the English Language dub will happen at Big Apple Anime Fest in New York City this Halloween. Featuring appearances by Kunihiko Ikuhara, Rachael Lillis, Crispin Freeman and Mandy Bonhomme.

6-23-01—- FUNimation Blue Gender Update

The Right Stuf reports FUNimation is initializing production on Blue Gender. 2 of the main characters’ voices have been cast. Eric Johnson will play the voice of Yuji, the lead character of Blue Gender. Johnson also has played the voice of Trunks in DBZ. Laura Bailey, who performed as young Trunks in DBZ, will voice Marlene, the female lead in the series. No release date has been announced for Blue Gender.

6-22-01—- Final Fantasy Movie Ending Theme

From the Madman’s Cafe report:

Sony Pictures and Gaga Humax has announced the ending theme music for their upcoming movie “Final Fantasy The Movie”, to be sung by J-Pop artist group “L’arc en Ciel”.

The song titled “Spirit dreams inside”, will be L’arc en Ciel’s first single since one year. The song will be released as a part of the movie album, “Final Fantasy Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” on July 18th- a cell phone tune will be released prior, on July 1st.

L’arc en Ciel’s Single CD release will contain both English(“Spirits dream inside”) and Japanese versions of the song (“Spirits dream inside -another dream). The Single CD is scheduled for sale in Fall.

The Song’s lyrics goes as follows.

Spirit dreams inside
words & music : hyde
arranged by L’Arc-en-Ciel & Hajime Okano

I wake from a nightmare now In the day it haunts me It slowly tears me apart With dreams of a distant love I’m a wandering satellite

Somewhere in the wasteland I see you smiling at me A vision out of my dreams Will everything change? Take the pain away Lead me with your light

Heading for the sun Leave the sadness behind Crossing oceans dry Yeah

My world spinning out of time Won’t somebody stop me? I may be losing my way Will you make it right? Take the pain away Hear me as I cry

Heading for the sun Leave the sadness behind Crossing oceans dry Deep inside I go

Spirit dreams inside Spirit dreams inside

What can I do, I ask? There’s nothing left to say What can I do, I ask? There’s nothing left to say Why am I here? Why am I lost? Where is love? Lead me with your light

Heading for the sun Leave the sadness behind Crossing oceans dry Deep inside I go Heading for the sun Leave the sadness behind Crossing oceans dry Deep inside I go

Spirit dreams inside Spirit dreams inside Spirit dreams inside Spirit dreams inside

6-22-01—- Animeboards Turn 1

Thanks to George Liu of Animeboards.com for the following:

Animeboards.com – http://animeboards.com turns 1 yrs old on June 24, 2001. To celebrate twelve (12) great months online Animeboards.com has a totally new design/layout. Anime fans from around the world – Europe, Australia and the US have gathered on Animeboards.com and some plan a to meet at Anime-Expo as well ^_^. Animeboards.com was growing at 15 – 50 new members per day until i turned off new registrations. I hope that you can mention that new registrations will be opening again starting from July 4th, 2001 Australian Eastern Standard Time.

6-22-01—- Parasyte Movie News

According to the Comics 2 Film report compiled by UMJAMS Anime News:

Variety reports that the movie version of Hitosi Iwaaki’s Parasyte now has a director. Bo Welch has signed to helm the project for the Henson Company and Don Murphy’s Angryfilms. Welch is an Academy Award-nominated production designer. He received Oscar nods for his set design work on Men In Black, The Birdcage and A Little Princess. He’s currently at work on Men In Black 2. Matt Drake (The Truth About Tully) is also on board to develop the screenplay for the film. Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi (Crazy/Beautiful) had previously been hired to do a draft of the script. Iwaaki’s comic tells the story of any alien parasite that takes over young Mike’s left hand. Mike and Lefty form an uneasy alliance to save the rest of the world from an alien invasion.

6-2-01—- Boogiepop Art

Anime On DVD has obtained cover art for the first Boogiepop Phantom DVD release, it can be viewed here.

6-21-01—- Asamiya Covers Followup

UMJAMS Anime News reports:

C.B. Cebulski of Fanboy Inc has sent in more information about manga artist Kia Asamiya’s cover’s for DC’s The Titans. Kia Asamiya will be doing four covers for The Titans in the months to come. His first cover will be on Titans 32 in August, not 33. He will provide covers for issues 32, 33, 35 and 36. Titans 34 is part of a company-wide crossover event and all the covers that month will be by another artist.

6-21-01—- Macek Interviews

Robotech.com has their final part Carl Macek interview here, DVD Angle interviewed the controversial American anime figure here.

4-21-01—- Sega To Expand Anime Ventures

From the UMJAMS Anime News Report:

According to the AFP a new venture into cartoon programs could help financially troubled games company Sega Corp. reduce its reliance on games, a Sega executive said. The Japanese company would produce animated television programs as part of efforts to diversify its business portfolio and reduce reliance on the volatile game business, Sega chief operating officer Tetsu Kayama said on Tuesday. “Today’s announcement is a very important step … as we aim to reorganise and restructure our business portfolios,” Kayama told a news conference. “And, this is only the beginning in terms of inroads into new businesses.” Sega said in a statement it would produce a new animated television program using the Animanium technology, an advanced computer graphic technique, through a partnership with the independent Idea Factory. The company also said it would form a consortium with local animated filmmakers and software developers to establish the new computer graphic technology as an industry standard for animation programming. Sega’s Future Entertainment Division, which was recently formed to examine business opportunities in non-game areas, said it would initially target professional application of the new technology, but would aim to expand it to the consumer segment. The division has also developed new equipment using virtual reality technologies which can display virtual pets such as fish on its thin film transistor panel.

6-21-01—- Cartoon Network Gundam News

From the official press release:

Cartoon Network will add two new series to the Toonami programming block in July. Mobile Suit Gundam will premiere at 5 p.m. (ET, PT) during the afternoon action-adventure block on July 23 and later that night, 08th MS Team will premiere at 12 midnight (ET, PT), July 24, during Toonami Midnight Run. Mobile Suit Gundam takes place in the year Universal Century 0079 while the Earth Federation and its space colonies are engaged in an apocalyptic war. The rebellious Principality of Zeon, using humanoid fighting machines called mobile suits, has all but vanquished the Federation. Now the Federation’s last hope is the prototype mobile, mechanized battle armor Gundam. When a twist of fate makes young civilian Amuro Ray the Gundam’s pilot – his own battle begins – a struggle not only for the Federation’s survival, but for his own.

08th MS Team (October U.C. 0079 – January U.C. 0080) – Federation Lt. Shiro Amada is transferred from the Space Unit to the Ground Unit, where he ends up leading the 08th MS team, a troubled group full of misfits and rogues. The Zeon Secret Weapon Development Unit has a base close to the 08th MS Team’s station. Aina Saharin, a female pilot, is the test pilot of this threatening secret. She and Shiro have met before, when they were both adrift alone in space.

Toonami, Cartoon Network’s popular afternoon action-adventure programming block airs weekdays 5-7 p.m. (ET, PT) and features programs like Gundam Wing, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, Tenchi Muyo!, Big O and Outlaw Star. Intermittently throughout the two-hour programming block, Toonami features popular music, computer generated 3-D animation segments and the block’s host, TOM, the animated character who inhabits the space vessel The Absolution. Toonami Midnight Run airs weeknights on Cartoon Network from 12 midnight to 1 a.m. (ET, PT).

6-21-01—- Figure News

Figures have posted images of the highly anticipated Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon action figures here.

According to Cool Japanese Toys:

Fewture Models has just released the ultra-posable action figure of GRAPPLER. This 18cm-tall figure retails for 3,280 Yen and has numerous points of articulation. The promotional material shows “Grappler” kicking and punching a lot.

Figures.com reports:

As we revealed with our Tokyo Toy Show 2001 coverage, overseas toy company Fewture Models was bumping into the hyper-articulated fighting figure foray with a line of manga-muscled super heroes entitled Baki the Grappler. Fewture Models has just released their first figure in this assortment in Japan, the main star- Baki Hanma (3280 yen ($30). Doppo Oroti, Kaoru Hanayama, and Yujirou Hanma are the other figures in this line, with no U.S. distributor planned as of yet (though it were to be anyone, bets on Diamond for 2002.)

6-20-01—- Asamiya On DC Covers

UMJAMS Anime News reports:

Manga artist Kia Asamiya (Nadesico, Silent Mobius, Dark Angel) will be providing the cover art for the September release of DC comic’s The Titans #33. The Titans was once known as the Teen Titans, and features former sidekicks of DC characters.

6-20-01—- DVD News

According to a post by Anime Jump’s Mike Toole to the Anime On DVD’s message board, Pioneer will release the six-episode samurai OAV series Hakkenden as a DVD box set on 9/18 at a $54.98 retail.

According to Anime Nation Pioneer has mentioned that the non-tin Special Edition Akira will not be released on the 9/25, but on 7/24 with the tin version.

On August 28th, MANGA Video will be releasing Production I.G.’s (Ghost in the Shell) brand new fully digital Japanese animated feature Blood: The Last Vampire. In anticipation of this event, MANGA will be running a pair of online contests through www.bloodthemovie.com (where you can also get a peek at the trailer). We are inviting everyone who visits the site to enter a drawing for the chance to win a Sony Playstation2, our entire DVD catalog, copies of the film, theatrical posters signed by the film’s director and a number of other cool prizes. In addition, we’re running a special contest exclusively for Webmasters. All you need to do is sign up, download the banner provided on our site, and post it on yours. The top referring site each week will win a MANGA prize package, and everyone who enters will be included in our grand prize drawing for a Sony Playstation2, our entire DVD catalog and a poster signed by BLOOD director Hiroyuki Kitakubo.

6-20-01—- BGC Tokyo 2040 On Encore Action

From Saturday, August 4th, the Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 TV series will air on the Encore Action Channel.

Source: DVD Animania

6-20-01—- Otakon Guests

Masao Maruyama (Producer, CEO of Madhouse) and Kazuya Tsurumaki (Director of the Evangelion Movies and FLCL) have been announced as guests for Otakon 2001.


According to Sam of Saiyanz Rage:

Dragonball Z will be returning to the 5:00 PM (e/p) for two days. Thursday, July 12 and Friday, July 13, 2001, DBZ will air at 5:00 PM and 6:30 PM (e/p) on the Toonami block. After the 2 special days are over, the following Monday, July 16 DBZ will reclaim its 6:00 to 7:00 PM (e/p) spot on Toonami. A Toonami representative explains that, this was because Dragon Ball’s Premiere date was pushed back to July 23rd. “The Big O” would be joining the Toonami Lineup. He also mentioned that the reason Toonami is having these two special days (July 12 and 13) is that Big O has only 13 episodes. Toonami will air all the 13 episodes at 5:30 PM (e/p), and the last episode on Big O will air on Wednesday, July 11 Outlaw Star will be returning on the Toonami’s mid-night’s run (TMR) on Monday, July 23rd at 12:30 AM and will carry on into August 2001. He said CN is still debating if they will air Outlaw during the Toonami’s afternoon/evening block. He said that the chances for Outlaw to return on Toonami’s 5 – 7 PM (e/p) block is very slim. With all the new anime shows about to premiere on CN’s Toonami, they will not have time to re-run old anime shows anytime soon during the afternoon block. They will, however, circulate the flow of previous animes (GundamW, Outlaw Star, Sailor Moon) during TMR at 12:30 PM. (e/p) The official Gundam series premier Dates are on Monday, July 23rd, 2001 “Mobile Suit Gundam” will make is way on TV sets across U.S. starting us off at 5:00 PM (e/p) during the Toonami/CN’s block. Cartoon Network has traditionally regarded 5:30 as a highly desirable time spot and used it to introduce new shows. Marking a Tooami first, 08th MS Gundam will premiere during Toonami’s Midnight Run on Monday, July 23rd, 2001 at 12:00 AM (e/p). Ok, this is also weird that it’s premiering at 12:00 AM (e/p) on July 23rd but it will officially be July 24th, but it will be advertised on CN as July 23rd, Both MS Gundam and 8th MS Gundam will carry on into August 2001. September 3, be on the lookout for DBZ Season 5. Inflight Movies will be suspended until winter. The Toonami/CN official also said that he would be surprised to see if DB makes its debut on July 23rd: “Batman and Superman” will not air on CN’s Toonami anymore Pilot Candidate#2’s a new season or a new series called “I Wanna Be A Goddess For You” has been making pinnacle ratings in Japan as of right now. The old Pilot Candidate or (A candidate for Goddess) will premiere on Toonami late Fall 2001. Pilot Candidate itself is a fairly new show it was released last year on May 28, 2000, in Japan. It was an OK anime hit in Japan. But looks like this new Pilot Candidate which was just released in Japan has delivered high ratings. Toonami: Lockdown, a weeklong serialized story throughout Toonami that invites on-air and online participation, games and giveaways. The rumors of Reactor v2.0 are true after all.

Toonami Line-Up that will take effect Monday, June 25th, 2001.
5:00 PM — Tenchi
5:30 PM — The Big O
6:00 PM — Dragonball Z
6:30 PM — Dragonball Z

Thursday, June 21 and Friday, June 22
5:00 PM — CardCaptors
5:30 PM — CardCaptors
6:00 PM — Dragonball Z
6:30 PM — Dragonball Z

Toonami’s Line-up: 5 to7 PM for July 12th and 13th
5:00 PM — Dragonball Z
5:30 PM — N.A. (T.B.A.)
6:00 PM — N.A. (T.B.A.) 6:30 PM — Dragonball Z

TMR Line-up 12:00 AM to 1:00 AM for July 12-13
12:00 AM — Dragonball Z
12:30 AM — Dragonball Z

Toonami’s Line-up 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM for July 23rd 5:00 PM — Mobile Suit Gundam 5:30 PM — Dragonball 6:00 PM — Dragonball Z 6:30 PM — N.A. (T.B.A.) TMR Line-up 12:00 AM to 1:00 AM for July 24th 12:00 AM — 8th Mobile Suit Gundam 12:30 AM — Outlaw Star

6-19-01—- Synch-Point Tenshi Ni Narumon Release Info

Excerpted from the official press release:

Synch-Point Announces the VHS Release of I’m Gonna Be An Angel+ACE- Vol. 1 – Earth Angel Synch-Point is proud to debut its first title – I’m Gonna be An Angel+ACE- (Tenshi ni Narumon+ACE-), a quirky comedy exploring all sorts of love. Never kiss a sleeping girl in the forest. That was Yuusuke’s mistake. Ever since then, Yuusuke’s been plagued by the girl. She follows him everywhere and insists that he’s her husband. And now she’s moved her family of witches, vampires, and demons into his house+ACE- Sweet and innocent. Strange and silly. Noelle has decided that Yuusuke is her husband. But Yuusuke already has a crush on Natsumi. He tells Natusmi that she is an angel. Noelle overhears this and decides she will also become an angel. But what exactly does it mean to be an angel and why does Noelle have a halo on her head? Available as English dubbed VHS and Japanese language with English sub-titles VHS for +ACQ-19.95 each+ACE- The first volume contains Step 1 (Kisses Mean I Like You, I Think), Step 2 (Patched Up Love Is Okay With Me) and Step 3 (Hug Me, Squeeze Me). Synch-Point is the Production division of Digital Manga, Inc. Founded in 1996, DIGITAL MANGA INC. is dedicated to bringing quality anime and manga experiences to both fans and the mainstream. DIGITAL MANGA localizes and produces titles in English that communicate across culture lines and commits itself to bridging communications between the US and Japan. DIGITAL MANGA devotes itself to strengthening ties with Japanese anime studios and product manufacturers with the goal of making Japanese anime more understood in the United States and other countries.

Street Date: 7/10/01
I’m Gonna Be An Angel+ACE- (Tenshi Ni Narumon+ACE-) – Earth Angel
Running Time: Approx. 75 min.
Rating: 12 and up

6-19-01—- Medabot On Fox Kids

reports on this National Post piece which mentions Medabot will air on Fox Kids this fall. The official site can be viewed here.

6-19-01—- Tama & Friends Plans

From the press release:

4KIDS ENTERTAINMENT SETS TAMA & FRIENDS FOR FALL 2001 Syndicated LAUNCH New York, NY (June 13, 2001)- 4Kids Entertainment (NYSE: KDE) announced that the syndication launch, to date, has cleared 80 percent of the country for TAMA & FRIENDS, the Japanese animated hit series set to air weekly beginning Fall 2001.

TAMA & FRIENDS brings nearly two decades of popularity in Japan to its U.S. debut. The creative animation for the series is produced by Sony Creative Products Inc. 4Kids will support the syndication launch with a multi-million dollar promotional campaign and merchandising program.

After re-imagining the property for broadcast in the U.S., 4 Kids has begun preparing the popular series for international roll-out beginning Fall 2002.

TAMA & FRIENDS follows the adventures of a cat named Tama and his cat and dog friends. As their curiosity gets the best of them, they learn enduring values of friendship and cooperation. From rescuing a friend that’s fallen down a sewer drain to scheming their way to ride atop a blimp, Tama, Tiggle, Doozle and Momo share in fun-filled adventures that impart important social values.

6-19-01—- Robotech Contest At Akadot

Carl Macek of Robotech fame speaks on the re-release of the series in this Akadot article, a contest can be entered here where the prize is a DVD signed by Mr. Macek.

6-19-01—- ADV DVD Releases

Anime On DVD reports that according to ADV the third volume of Blue Seed is due on 9/18 with five episodes, and omake shorts.

6-18-01—- EX Oshii Interview

EX has an interview with director Avalon’s director Mamoru Oshii posted here.

6-18-01—- Viz September Releases

As compiled by UMJAMS Anime News:

Graphic novel collections being released include Dragon Ball volume 6 on 9/7, featuring Goku’s fight against the Red Ribbon Army on the Muscle Tower. Fushigi Yugi volume 5: Rival will be released on 9/25. Miaka has gather her seven celestial warriors, and goes to meet her love, Tamahome, but instead meets her former friend Yui in charge of a army looking to capture her. Neon Genesis Evangelion #5 will be released on 9/14 and features Asuka moving in with Shinji and Misato, and Misato’s night out with Kaji. No Need for Tench!: volume 10 Mother Planet will be released on 9/14. Eagle 20: Someone You Can Trust will be released on 9/21 features a political journalist covering the presidential campaign of Senator Yamaoka, whose discovers ties between the senator and his mother.

Individual manga issues being released include Dragon Ball 4.2, Dragon Ball Z 4.10, Gundam Wing Episode Zero #6 (featuring the story of Gundam Sandrock pilot Quatre Winner’s childhood), No Need for Tench! 12.2, Ceres, Celestial Legend 4, El Hazard 3.3, Inu-Yasha 6.5, Neon Genesis Evangelion 6.3, Silent Mobius Advent #3 and Ranma 10.6.

Anime being released include the first DVD volume on Video Girl Ai on 9/25. “Available on DVD for the first time, the animated series of Masakazu Katsura’s hit teenage romance manga, Video Girl Ai! Yota Moteuchi has a nickname among his high school peers-“dateless.” Shy and lonely, Yota can’t seem to face the love of his life, Moemi, to tell her his true feelings. Then, while walking the streets in a state of depression, Yota comes across a mysterious video store, Gokuraku, and rents a video starring cute young idol Ai Amano. But when he puts the tape into the deck and hits play, this video girl comes to life and jumps out of the television straight into his arms! Now, this real- life video girl has decided to help Yota improve his love life whether he likes it or not!”

The third 3 episode volume of Ceres, Celestial Legend will be released on 9/25. Ranma ½ Random Rhapsody volume 5: Wacky Winter Wonderland will be released on 9/25.

6-17-01—- Akira Confusion?

Anime On DVD reports:

Here’s something you can expect to see confusing fans and retailers alike for the next several months. Pioneer has announced that the non-metal case special edition version of Akira (i.e. the same exact discs as the the metal case, just in a keepcase) will arrive on 9/25/2001. Some retailers are changing the date for the limited edition tin version, still due on 7/24/2001, to 9/25/2001. This is wrong. The tin edition, now being marketed as the Akira: Limited Special Edition by distributor Image Entertainment, will not be changing its date at all. The non-tin edition is now being labeled as simply Akira: Special Edition. Which is what most retailers are currently using. Expect much confusion.

6-17-01—- Dark Horse Releases

From the announcements compiled by UMJAMS Anime News:

Dark Horse comics will be releasing the following manga titles this September Lone Wolf and Cub volume 13 will feature a cover by Bill Sienkiewicz.

” Yagyu Retsudo is a man on fire. For years he’s been planning the destruction of Ogami Itto, the Lone Wolf. Ogami is a one-man army, having cut down all of Yagyu’s sons — except one, who’s been sent to avenge his brothers or die trying! Meanwhile, the toughest cop in Edo, now retired, has the chance to take in the killer of a lifetime, Ogami himself. But is he up to the task? And Daigoro, the Wolf’s cub, finds himself in adventures of his own, befriending a rich family and their spoiled son, and mysterious female falconers. ” Shadow Star by will be collected into a 192 page trade paperback. ” From a dying planet shall come the children of light. While on vacation on a small island, young Shiina Tamai dives under the water near an old shrine and discovers an unearthly starfish-like creature. She nearly drowns but is rescued by the silent, wide-eyed little animal, who Shiina befriends and names Hoshimaru. To Shiina’s surprise and delight, the creature changes shape, lets Shiina stand on him, and the two fly off into the clouds. But what looks to be a young girl’s ultimate fantasy soon takes a darker turn as Shiina and Hoshimaru become entangled in a struggle between rival extraterrestrial factions who battle in the skies upon huge alien beasts called Shadow Dragons, with the fate of Earth hanging in the balance. “

Blade of the Immortal #60 will feature part 3 of the 4 part “Secrets”. “Secrets,” part 3 of 4. High in the mountains of Kaga, Ibane of the Shingyoto School has been training his students for war. That sits just fine with Anotsu Kagehisa, who has dedicated his life to putting the killing back into Japan’s formalized sword schools. But there has to be more at stake than philosophy for Ibane to be willing to disband the Shingyoto founded by his forebearers and turn it over lock, stock, and barrel to Anotsu’s Itto-ryu school. Is Anotsu willing to meet his conditions? ” 32 pages, $2.99, arrives in stores on Sept. 12.

6-17-01—- Cartoon Network News

From Saiyanz Rage:

Betty Cohen announced today that she will leave her post as president of Cartoon Network Worldwide, effective July 16, but will stay within the AOL Time Warner/Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. (TBS, Inc.) family. Cohen’s immediate plans are to develop multi-platform programs and services for a target audience of young adults and teens. Bradley Siegel, president of general entertainment networks for TBS, Inc., will add oversight of Cartoon Network to his portfolio, which now includes TBS Superstation, TNT, Turner Classic Movies, Turner South and Cartoon Network in a unified Entertainment Networks group.

6-17-01—- Toonami Reactor To Go Offline

From the newsletter:

The Reactor is about to go offline. Over the last three months, you have experienced the hottest, most high-energy action animation in cyberspace. We’ve brought you the entire Frieza Saga of Dragonball Z and the classic Star Blazers series Journey to Iscandar They’re all on Reactor, they’re all online right now, but only for a short time. On June 25 at 10 am Reactor is going offline. You gave us your opinions and we want to say thanks. Because of your interest and feedback, Reactor was a success. We couldn’t have done it without you. Reactor: Toonami to the Core. We shall return!

6-17-01—- Super Robot Taisen

According to Magic Box:

Here are some new screen shots of Banpresto’s GameBoy Advance SRPG game Super Robot Taisen A, the latest installment of the robot battle series, featuring an original story and characters from over 21 cartoon series, including G Gundam, Gundam ZZ, Gundam W Endless Walts, Nadesico, MS08 and more. The game also feature new play elements from the WonderSwan version of Super Robot Taisen Compact 2, like fusion attack and coupling attack. The game is scheduled to release in Japan this fall. The game is currently 90% completed.

6-15-01—- DBZ Movie 4 Soundtrack

According to Planet Namek:

Warner Bros. recording artists Deftones took home this year’s Grammy Award for “Best Metal Performance,” and also have been featured on the soundtracks for “The Crow: City of Angels” and “Escape from L.A.” Since hitting the national scene with their 1995 debut album, “Adrenaline,” this California quartet has become one of the premier punk-grunge alternative bands of the future. Heavy metal band Disturbed also makes a prominent showing on the “Lord Slug” soundtrack, bringing its visceral rap-metal aggression to the mix. The band, which was formed in Chicago in 1997, grabbed ears nation-wide last year with the release of its Giant Records debut, “The Sickness.” The group was named Best New Band in Hit Parader’s magazine poll, and will tour on the Ozzfest bill this summer. “It makes perfect sense for such cutting-edge bands to be included on the new Dragon Ball Z soundtrack,” explained Gen Fukunaga, President of FUNimation. “This is one of the most cutting-edge cartoons on television today, and it is a perfect fit with today’s hottest new bands.” Joining Deftones and Disturbed on the soundtrack are Wind-Up Records recording artists Boy Hits Car, Dust for Life, Finger Eleven, American Pearl and Broken. The movie, set to hit the shelves August 7 on home video and DVD formats, is the fourth full-length Dragon Ball Z feature presentation. This time around, Goku must battle an evil overlord, Lord Slug, who has come to Earth inside a deadly asteroid with just one goal – to destroy it. Once Lord Slug discovers the seven magic Dragon Balls, it appears that even Goku may not be able to keep the planet out of his evil clutches.

6-15-01—- Toonami Schedule Changes

Toonami will air The Big O in Dragon Ball’s original time slot at 5:30 PM (ET/PT). Here is the Toonami Line-Up that will take effect Monday, June 25th, 2001.

5:00 PM — Tenchi
5:30 PM — The Big O
6:00 PM — Dragonball Z
6:30 PM — Dragonball Z

There is an other schedule change. This only applies for the 2 days Thursday, June 21 and Friday, June 22. Here is the schedule below:

5:00 PM — CardCaptors
5:30 PM — CardCaptors
6:00 PM — Dragonball Z
6:30 PM — Dragonball Z

Source: Planet Namek

6-15-01—- Figures News

According to Figures.com:

Electronics Boutique will release 2 McFarlane Toy Action Figures based on their past series 3D Animation. Release is set for August 2 and include:

Ryoko: the 700-year-old demon accidentally released from imprisonment by a high school student, Tenchi Masaki will receive a repaint. $9.99. Vash The Stampede: from the anime series “Trigun” is repainted “black” (similar to Kaiyodo’s Variant). $9.99. Both are only available at EBGames.com.

6-15-01—- DVD News

According revelations by Justin Sevakis on Anime On DVD Now and Then, Here and There is due in the 1st quarter 2002 in a 5/5/4 release. CPM has acquired the Maetel Legend OAV’s for release in the U.S.

According to Animeigo replication and completion of UY TV Box 2 will occur soon, with shipment by June 25th (expect it to take two weeks to complete shipment of all boxes). The Box set for TV 21-25 (TV Box 5) has been added to Animeigo’s preorder page as well.

ADV’s David Williams has posted info that Getter Robo Vol. #2 will arrive on 09/11. Retail is $29.99.

Hasbro, has reached an agreement in principle that would name Hasbro as worldwide master toy and game licensee for the high-powered and much-anticipated Medabot property (known as Medarot in Japan). Medabot is a team of high-tech robot warriors based on characters from Nelvana’s new Japanese anime TV series scheduled for debut in Fall 2001 on Fox Kids and produced in association with NAS/Kodansha and TV Tokyo. Under the agreement in principle, Hasbro is expected to acquire the worldwide master toy rights to Medabot from Nelvana, the exclusive global distribution and merchandise licensing agent for the top-selling Japanese property (excluding Italy and Asia). The agreement in principle gives Hasbro the rights to manufacture collectible figures, playsets, board games and electronic games, among other categories. In addition, Hasbro’s Tiger Electronics plans to develop and market “Medawatch,” a high-tech and innovative communication piece that interacts with kids and their “pet” robots. The Fox Kids TV series debuts on the network in Fall with the first of 26 super-speed episodes aimed at six-to 12-year olds. Each episode is a thrilling ride into the world of the future, where robots rule with super-charged brawn and brains, brought to life with special pieces ofhardware called “medals”. Brian Goldner, President of Hasbro’s U.S. toy group, said: “Medabot promises to be one of the hottest new Japanese anime properties for the coming year. The property has the ingredients to ignite the imaginations of kids allover the world through the programming and a wide range of collectible robots, each with its own personality, skill and strength.” First off, Medarot, as it is known in Japan, is obviously receiving a more “kid friendly” name change here in the U.S. MedabotThe concept originally came about in the late ’90’s as a Game Boy game software title, similiar to how Pokemon originated. Being that Japanese are fascinated by the concept of morphing robots and such, it’s no surprise that the game took off in sales. Enter toy company Takara, who in 1999 introduced the properity as a fusion of toy and model kit. The toys in question run around $8 US dollars a pop, and can be best compared to Bandai’s very own Gundam model kits. Pop open the box and out spill the multicolored pieces, decal sheet, and instructions. Assembley is half the fun, for as I mentioned, these are pretty cleaverily designed “toys” in the same vein as Gundam- a load of ball jointed assembled sockets, mini spring firing units, and an overall unique robotic appearance. Once built, your Medarot stands a mere 4″ tall, but is basically a pretty durable little action figure that YOU built. Actual ACTION FIGURES (in the true sense of the word) have also been released in Japan, the packs consisting of a “skeletal/core” Medarot figure with loads of snap on accessories, weapons, and armor. To further boost the hype on this properity, Medarot also became a very popular animated series that debuted last Summer in Japan- the very same show the U.S. will be treated to this Fall on the Fox Kids Network- starting with 26 super-speed episodes. What Hasbro chooses to do with the license as far as toys are concerned is unclear at the moment, but more than likely the company will pick up what Takara has already released. Hasbro’s relations with Takara are rather solid- the oversea toy company being responsible for Hasbro’s very successful Transformer line. Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 On Encore Source: DVD AniMania Story Date: 6/13/01 Starting on Saturday, August 4th, the new Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 anime series will be making it’s way onto the Encore Action Channel. Like all of the other titles on the Action Channel, Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 will be shown uncut, and with no commercials. For those who haven’t yet picked up Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040, this is a golden opportunity to check out this great series and hopefully spur you into picking up the DVDs. Adult Swim Follow-up Source: Pop Culture Story Date: 6/13/01 From PopCulture.net: On the heels of Cartoon Network’s announcement yesterday that it is planning a late-night block of adult-targeted cartoons, I spoke with Cartoon Network spokesman Jim Babcock, who was able to add a few more details. First, there is no set number of new episodes for Space Ghost: Coast to Coast. At least six new episodes are already finished, but CN’s Williams Street animation facility in Atlanta simply animates new episodes as they have time, Babcock said. The Williams Street facility is also responsible for most of the other Adult Swim cartoons: Sealab 2021, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Harvey Birdman and Leave it to Brak. Another Adult Swim toon, Home Movies, was picked up by CN after it was dropped by UPN. The block begins on Sept. 2 and will run on Tuesday and Sunday nights from 9 p.m. to midnight (CT). If the block is successful, CN plans to expand it to other nights. Babcock said CN would look outside of CN’s own animation studios for potential programming, but he refused to say whether or not the adult-themed anime series Cowboy Bebop, long rumored to be a potential CN acquisition, was under consideration. He did stress that CN maintains a good working relationship with all of its outside animation providers, including Bandai Entertainment, which produces Cowboy Bebop. HASBRO – Transformers hitting store shelves Source: Figures.com Story Date: 6/12/01 Hasbro has just released the first wave of their new Transformers: Robots In Disguise line, and the figures should be filtering into stores nationwide in the next few weeks. The first assortment is reported to consist of the mini-car two packs, as well as the first figures in the deluxe and mega assortments. The Robots In Disguise cartoon is scheduled to air this fall on Fox Kids. The figures can be seen at here DVD Delays Source: Right Stuf Story Date: 6/12/01 AnimEigo has announced that they are indefinitely delaying the release of their sci-fi BOAH DVD and the horror Vampire Princess Miyu 2 DVD due to authoring house problems. The company is still hoping to be able to release the two titles before the end of the year. DBZ Release Info Source: Right Stuf Story Date: 6/12/01 FUNimation announced that Dragon Ball Z 22 Frieza: Revealed Uncut DVD is coming on 7/10. Unfortunately, they’ve also delayed the release of DBZ 51: World Tournament: Junior Division DVD and DBZ 21 Frieza: Transformation DVD until 6/26.

6-14-01—- Jubei-san For Onimusha 2

According to UMJAMS Anime News Capcom has officially announced Onimusha 2 for PlayStation 2, scheduled to release in Japan on March 7, 2002. The protagonist of the game will be Juubei Yagyuu, known to anime fans as the protagonist of Ninja Scroll, and Ninja Resurrection, as well as playing a big part Jubei-Chan.. Other characters in the game include Oyuu (swordswoman), Magoichi (master of gun and sword), Kinoshita Fukuyoshirou Hideyoshi (loyal follower of Hideyoshi), Nobunaga Oda. Jubei will be modeled after actor Japanese actor Yuusaku Matsuda (passed away in 1989).

6-14-01—- Tokyopop Seeks Manga Translator

Are you a Japanese fluent manga fan who would rather read the original tankubon than suffer through a lousy American translation? Are you interested in sharing the best translation possible with a wide audience? Then TOKYOPOP might just have the job for you. As TOKYOPOP’s manga publishing department continues to expand, we are in need of freelance translators who can translate at least a book a month (200 pages). Candidates should have Japanese fluency (being able to understand unsubtitled anime is not enough! You must know kanji.), strong writing skills in English, a passion for manga, and preferably a college degree. To apply by mail, fax, or e-mail, please send your resume and cover letter to:

TOKYOPOP Attn: Editor 5900 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 2000 Los Angeles, CA 90036 Fax: (323) 692-6701
e-mail: editor@press.tokyopop.com

Source: UMJAMS Anime News

6-14-01—- Yugi-oh To Air On Kids WB

According to this New York Post Article the Yugi-oh TV series is to air on Kids’ WB in the U.S. on Saturday mornings this fall.

6-14-01—- Figures News

Magic Box mentions:

Digicube will sell Final Fantasy X character models in August, the first two models available are Tidus (8500 yen) and Yuna (6800 yen). The models will stand around 30cm, with realistic costumes and movable body parts. A cute Mog doll is also available for 2000 yen.

Figures reports:

Robot #3, aka: Matrix ZCX-F/ROOK shipping next month. Koto’s third Armored Core 2 action figure, the Matrix ZCX-F/ROOK, is scheduled to ship next month (July) to the U.S. via Koto’s State Side distributor Diamond Comics. As we previously reported, Koto was to improve the QUALITY of figures in this series beginning with the ROOK- the company having switched their factory for this line due to some customer complaints with the first two figures. For those unfamilar, the several complaints stemmed from brittle plastic construct, to limbs being broken directly out of package. Rest be assured figure fans- the ROOK IS solid as a rock, and probally the coolest looking fig in this assortment thus far. Standing a stout 6″ tall (8″ with attached ZXR-S/Stealth back fins), the Rook offers an incredible 26 points of articulation. Accessories include a set of interchangable hands (“weapon grasping” and “fisted”), massive EWG-BZ-B1100 solid round “bazooka” firearm, attachable shoulder armor and a total of three interchangable heads: ZHD-2000/SV, ZHD-8008/S, and ZHD-AG/Turret. All these parts are interchangable with previous robots, trully boosting the over-all appeal of this series. Koto has plans for at least TWO new AC 2 robots, the line entitled Armored Core: Another Age. The robots in question will include the slender #4 Little War Type ZCH-GR/1 and another heavy weight, the #5 M Load High Movement Type ECL-ONE. It can be seen at here

Also from Figures.com:

As we reported earlier, Yamato’s Dark Angel, Toycom imported Action Figures (in conjunction with Studio Tron: creators Kia Asamiya and Michitaka Kikuchi’s art studio and Fanboy Entertainment) are to receive the Exclusive treatment. The two characters Dark and Leen from the anime Dark Angel: Phoenix Resurrection, will each receive an Exclusive Translucent Figure. Leen will be cast in clear yellow, with Dark in clear orange/red. Each will be Extremely Limited- we previously said 300 each, but Toycom has updated us with news that ONLY 264 of each will be offered. Each will feature a blister card sticker stating what number out of 264 it is. Retail has been confirmed to be $14.95 and each will be cast from the same highly detailed mold as the original versions. As an added treat, creator Kia Asamiya will be on hand to SIGN these exclusives and answer fan questions. The figures can be seen at here

6-13-01—- DVD Items

David Williams of ADV has posted AN ITEM on Anime on DVD’s forum mentioning Sorcerer Hunters Vol. #3 has been set for release on 09/11.

6-13-01—- Berzerk Shipping News


Toycom has issued a correction concerning release details on their upcoming Berserk action figure series. Guts (Hawk Soldier), Guts (Black Swordsman, Casca and Griffith were mentioned as all being released this September. The first Berserk figure, Guts (Hawk Solider), IS shipping in September. The remaining three are to follow later in the year. Each figure will stand approximately 7″ in height and feature over 17 points of articulation. Blister card packaging in solid cases of 6 for an SRP of $17.99 each.

6-12-01—- Gatekeepers Delay

The Right Stuf reports Pioneer has delayed Gatekeepers to 9/25 (from a 9/11 release).

6-12-01—- Cartoon Network Announces “Adult Programs Block”

From the release:

Plenty of Horseplay Expected During Twice-a-Week Late Night Block Aimed at Adults 18-34

On September 2, Cartoon Network extends its mission as the world’s leader in animated entertainment when it splashes down with ADULT SWIM, a new block of animated programming aimed at adults ages 18-34. The block will air only on Sunday and Thursday nights from 10 p.m.-1 a.m. (ET, PT) and current plans include five new series and new episodes of the beloved talk show, Space Ghost Coast to Coast. “Almost one-third of our viewers are adults over 18, so it’s a natural extension of our programming to create new shows specifically for the adult audience,” said Betty Cohen, president of Cartoon Network Worldwide. “The humor in ADULT SWIM will definitely be aimed at a more sophisticated audience than our other programming. Our mission for these shows will be the same as for the network at large – to create shows that are enduringly smart, fun, funny and fearless but never antisocial or mean-spirited. ADULT SWIM will truly complement what we already do so well – present the best in animated entertainment.”

ADULT SWIM’s rotating line-up will be anchored by new episodes of Home Movies, the story of a socially awkward third grader named Brendon Small. A budding auteur, Brendon writes, directs and acts in short films with neighborhood friends as a way of overcoming his shyness and dealing with the recent divorce of his parents. Brendon provides telling insight on the dysfunction of the adults in his life using his third grade lens. Home Movies was originally developed for UPN by Soup 2 Nuts (formerly Tom Snyder Productions). ADULT SWIM will feature the return of television’s crankiest talk show host, Space Ghost. Space Ghost Coast to Coast is the planet’s only late-night talk show hosted by a cartoon superhero. Fully costumed and on the scene with an array of superpowers, Space Ghost is joined by archenemies Moltar and Zorak, whom he has enslaved as unwilling members of his late-night crew. The bossy inquisitor grills pop culture luminaries ranging from Al Roker to Beck. And when Space Ghost is really feeling testy, he vaporizes them with a blast from his power bands.

Also pulling up a chaise lounge for ADULT SWIM will be a number of new shows developed at Cartoon Network’s Williams St. facility, the launching pad for Space Ghost Coast to Coast. Sealab 2021 is a kitschy update of a Hanna-Barbera production about an undersea city, featuring the voice talents of Eric Estrada. Aqua Teen Hunger Force tells the story of an elite group of detectives who happen to be human-sized food products. Harvey Birdman is the world’s first animated courtroom drama, trying the crimes and misdemeanors of the cartoon world, like when Shaggy gets pulled over in the Mystery Machine for “possession.” Finally, demented space alien Brak returns in Leave It to Brak, which parodies the beloved tenets of classic family sitcoms but with a wry sensibility and plenty of catchy songs.

“From a programming perspective, we wanted to expand our line-up to offer some innovative new shows for our adult fans,” said Mike Lazzo, senior vice president of programming and production for Cartoon Network. “Animation has never been an art that was solely geared toward kids. Space Ghost Coast to Coast was created for an adult audience – and it has developed a loyal cult following. Now, we’ve created a group of shows that we think will become appointment viewing for fans of smart, funny television.” ADULT SWIM shows will carry ratings of TV-PG and TV-14. The block will be packaged differently from other Cartoon Network programming, and will contain bumps at every break to notify viewers of the adult-targeted content. ADULT SWIM will only be promoted on Cartoon Network late at night. “We’re being very careful to delineate ADULT SWIM from the rest of Cartoon Network’s programming. We’ll make it very clear that this block is for adults,” said Tim Hall, executive vice president of Cartoon Network. “We learned that parents and adults were very receptive to this type of programming from Cartoon Network, provided it was appropriately marketed and differentiated from our other programming. With ADULT SWIM, Cartoon Network is taking a step in a new direction we think both adults who love animation and advertisers will enjoy.”

6-12-01—- Yoshiaki Iwasaki New Anime Expo ’01 Guest

From the Anime Expo announcement:

YOSHIAKI IWASAKI New Director Guest of Honor for AX2001! Anime Expo is proud to announce Mr. Yoshiaki Iwasaki as a Guest of Honor. Before joining the anime industry, he graduated from Chiba University with a major in Engineering. He has worked on many popular shows, and his list of credits includes Director for El Hazard 2, the Slayers TV series and Dai-Guard, storyboard artist for To Heart, animation director for Revolutionary Girl Utena and Turn-A Gundam. However, Mr. Iwasaki will probably be best-known to American fans as the director of the smash hit Love Hina.

6-11-01—- August Merchandise

Diamond Distributors August Releases Compiled by UMJAMS Anime News:

Dragon Ball Z T-shirts of Cell Transformation, and Vegita vs Cell are scheduled to be released. Final Fantasy: The Spirit Within movie t-shirts of “Copperhead”, “Gray Deep Eyes”, and “Standing Phantom” are due out. Three Cowboy Bebop shirts will be release: an untitled on featuring Spike with the Swordfish, Red Tail, Hammerhead, and the Cowboy Bebop, “Faye Warhol” with four colored facial shots of Faye, and “Faye’s Thoughts” with colored Faye, and greyed out images of Julia, Ed and Eye, Spike and Faye, and Spike, Faye Ed and Jet. An Inu-Yasha shirt entitled “Journey Back” will feature Inu-Yasha, Kagome, Kikyo and Shesho Maru. A Nadia: Secret of Blue Water featuring the cast will be released. Two new Ninja Scroll features entitled “Character” featuring the movie’s cast and “Samurai Sword” with Jubei and Kagero are due to be released. Two Kenshin/Samurai X shirts entitled “Flag” and “Group” with Kenshin, Sano, Karu, and Yahiko. A Serial Experiments Lain B & W will feature a profile of Lain. Two Shirow shirts include “Ghostly Vision” with a winged woman before a city-scape and “Small Arms” with Motoko holding a pistol. An Escalfown shirts entitled “In Van’s Arms” will be released, and a Wicked City shirts entitled “Bad Guys”. Retro fans can look forgat to Hi Density Transformers t-shirts of the Autobot, and Decepticon t-shirts, and three G.I. Joe shirts of Destro, Snake Eyes, and Storm Shadow.

Volumes 1 and 2 of the Macross Plus soundtrack will be released.

Two 2002 Pioneers Calendars are scheduled. Best of Anime Pioneer Anime 2002 Wall Calendar will feature images of Amazing Nurse Nanako, Tenchi Muyo, Sol Bianca, Lain, Trigun, Armitage, and more. The cover image that is currently being soliticited features the name Animetronic, Pioneer’s anime music video division that hasn’t released a statement since April 2000. A Trigun calendar will also be released.

Palisades will be releasing three new busts, two Dragon Ball Z busts of Perfect Cell, and Android 18, and the variant Trigun Wolfwood, featuring the priest wearing his sun glasses, and with his cross gun unwrapped.

Figures released include the impressive Trigun Monev the Gail figure. Two Dead or Alive resin models, and painted and unpainted kits of Ayane, and Lei Fang. A number of Devil Man figures include Akira & Miki Action Figure 2-Pack: Tribal Fusion,Akira & Miki Action Figure 2-Pack: Devil Fusion, Zan Action Figure: Comic Version, Zan Action Figure: Rusty Copper Version, Zenon Action Figure: Inferno Version and Zenon Action Figure: Misty Violet Version. Mecha figures to look for include Gaiking Daikumaryu Space Dragon Anime Vinyl, Gaiking Daikumaryu Space Dragon Antique Vinyl, Great Mazinger 10,Great Mazinger 5 Model Kit, Tetsujin 28 Light Blue Megascale Vinyl Figure and Grendizer 12 in Resin Statue. Oh! My Goddess Belldandy Light Blue variant figure is Due out.

Posters being released include the Dragon Ball Z Power Poster, Oh! My Goddess Print #9 with Skuld, Url, and Belldandy, and Tenchi Muyo Signed Laser Mat double-matted 18 x 24 print features laser-cut detail, is numbered, and has a laser-etched medallion $169.90 signed and 109.99 unsigned.

Miscellanious items include Transformers car airfreshners featuring the Autobot and Decepticon logos,a limited edition Bruce Lee Lunchbox, two foil Cardcaptor Sakura sticker sets, and a Dragonball Z Interchangeable Face Watch.

6-11-01—- Guardians nOf Order Shipping Update

Paper Anime RPG Developers Guardians Of Order has sent out the following Shipping update:

Big Eyes, Small Mouth Fast Play Rules
– ISBN 1-894525-28-0
– #02-100, 24 pages, $1.95 US/$2.95 CAN MSRP

Big Ears, Small Mouse (BESM Supplement)
– ISBN 1-894525-07-8
– #02-107, 96 pages, $15.95 US/$22.95 CAN MSRP
– Available in stores now.

Hong Kong Action Theatre! 2nd Edition
– ISBN 1-894525-25-6
– #10-001, 192 pages, $24.95 US/$37.95 CAN MSRP
– This product should arrive in stores by 27 July 2001.

El-Hazard Role-Playing Game and Resource Book
– ISBN 1-894525-30-2
– #11-001, 192 pages, $29.95 US/$44.95 CAN MSRP
– This product should arrive in stores by 27 July 2001.

Tenchi Universe (Tenchi Muyo! RPG Supplement)
– ISBN 1-894525-18-3
– #07-004, 112 pages, $19.95 US/$29.95 CAN MSRP
– This product should arrive in stores late August 2001.

BESM Dungeon Crawl (BESM Supplement)
– ISBN 1-894525-40-X
– #02-108, 112 pages (approx.), $15.95/$23.95 CAN MSRP
– This product should arrive in stores late October 2001.

6-10-01—- New Anime Expo Guests

From the Anime Expo announcements:

Anime Expo is proud to announce Mr. Tsukasa Kotobuki as a Guest of Honor at Anime Expo. Mr. Kotobuki began his professional anime career as the character designer for Toshinden. Since then, he has become best-known for his work as original character designer for Saber Marionette J, Saber Marionette J Again, and Saber Marionette J to X. He is also the character designer for Cyber Team in Akihabara (Akihabara Denno-gumi) television series and movie. Currently, he is working on the manga Ragnarok.

Mr. Kotobuki is appearing as a Guest of Bandai Entertainment.

Anime Expo is proud to announce the return of Mr. Kawamoto to Anime Expo.

Mr. Kawamoto is an animation director and character designer who has worked on many well-known anime projects. He is the character designer and animation director for Cowboy Bebop, Mobile Suit Gundam 0083, Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team, and Golden Boy. Mr. Kawamoto is currently in production on the Cowboy Bebop feature film, which is set for release in Japan later this year.

Mr. Kawamoto is a Reunion Guest of Honor from 1999 and is appearing as a Guest of Bandai Entertainment.

6-10-01—- Tokyopop Spring And Chaos DVD Recalls

Excerpted from the official press release:

TOKYOPOP® Anime today announced that it will recall the Spring and Chaos Special Limited Edition DVD as a result of encoding and subtitling errors. Those who have purchased the DVD are encouraged to contact us to receive a replacement disc, which will be ready in mid-July. Instructions for getting a replacement disc are at the end of this note. The standard edition DVD of Spring and Chaos is unaffected by this recall – shipment of that edition will take place once the re-mastered discs are ready.

“We are completely committed to delivering the highest quality products and are incredibly excited about the launch of our new TOKYOPOP® Anime line. For us to have missed the encoding errors in Spring and Chaos – our first anime DVD – was inexcusable” said Joel Baral, Director of Film and Music. “Upon review of the issues, it was clear that nothing less than a recall of the discs would be fair to our customers. We want to say thank you to the fans that contacted us regarding this. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused our customers and retail partners. We have discovered the cause of the problem and have revised our Quality Control process to ensure that this type of error does not happen in the future. We would like to assure both the fan community and our distribution partners that the exciting forthcoming releases from TOPKYOPOP® Anime – Vampire Princess Miyu, Saint Tail, and others – will meet the most exacting standards on the market today. “

In addition to completely re-mastering the DVD to fix the encoding issues, the current subtitles based on the dubbing script will be replaced with an English subtitle based on the original Japanese script. Literal translation subtitles will be included on all future TOKYOPOP® Anime releases.

We will also be sending a Spring and Chaos poster along with the replacement disc to further express our apologies for the inconvenience caused.

The following explains the recall procedure: 1. Remove the DVD from the case and send it to the address below. Please do not send the DVD case. (If you prefer, you can send us a copy of your receipt instead of the DVD.

Attn: Spring and Chaos
5900 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 2000
Los Angeles, CA 90036

2. A replacement disc and Spring and Chaos poster will be mailed to you. Replacement discs will be ready for shipping in mid-July. Please allow 2 – 4 weeks for delivery once the discs are ready.

If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail us at customerservice@usa.TOKYOPOP.com or call 323.692.6700.

The information regarding the recall is also available on www.TOKYOPOP.com.

6-9-01—- FUNimation Items

From the FUNimation announcements:

We at FUNimaiton have been hard at work on the new Dragon Ball site. Dragon Ball is scheduled to begin airing on Cartoon Network in the time slot immediately following Dragon Ball Z, starting July 23. Now the official site is here for you at www.dragonball.com. We are still working on the site and have some more things to add, but we wanted to go ahead and give you, the fans, a sneak peek. Stroll through the site and then let us know what you think.

Stay plugged in here for updates and news on Dragon Ball. Have a blast!

From Planet Namek:

movie #4 has also been “officially” announced: Lord Slug, the newest Dragon Ball Z movie to be released by FUNimation, will hit the market August 7. Lord Slug is a thrill ride as the mysterious villain has emerged from an asteroid and is an enemy to the earth. There is a good chance that Lord Slug will release on VHS and DVD simultaneously. This is not official and things could change, with the DVD following shortly behind the VHS release. FUNimation is doing everything to ensure a simultaneous release. We will keep you posted here when things are final.

And lastly, an update about my second favorite hummer:

This weekend the tour will be in Nashville at the Oaks Mall on Saturday from 12 pm to 4 pm. Actors Mike McFarland, voice of Master Roshi, and Sonny Strait, voice of Krillin, will be on hand signing autographs and chillin with the Hummer. As always you can win some cool prizes and learn some tips about the collectible card game just for coming out.