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Anime News Service – June 2-10 Anime News

6-10-03—- Kikuko Inoue’s Agency Site Online

Popular Seiyuu Kikuko Inoue’s management firm, Office Anemone has launched it’s web presence today at http://www.office-anemone.com/. Not much is there yet but there is news in the form of Nagai Noa (Nagai Nobuko) joining the agency.

6-10-03—- New Transformers Series CN Bound

Hasbro announced yesterday that a new Transformers series, Transformers Energon is currently in the works. The series will premiere in early 2004 on Cartoon Network.

Read the full story from the following source link provided by Michael:

6-10-03—- 2 Fast 2 Furious Director Cites Anime

In Hollywood it’s the summer of car chases and high speed road action or so it would seem. An article examining that aspect of this summer’s cinema releases has been posted in Southern Florida’s Sun-Sentinel. South Florida itself serves as the steamy backdrop for Universal’s JDM heavy street racer sequel 2 Fast 2 Furious. The Sentinel scored the following quote by the film’s director John Singleton:

“I started thinking in terms of other media like Japanese anime movies and video games like Gran Turismo,” Singleton explains. “It was thinking about, through that, how to make it exciting by the way that I shot it and, also, by the juxtaposition of certain images, like going from the eyes to the speedometer to the tailpipes to the zooming. In that way, you have some type of montage that makes a speed gestalt.”

(Universal Studios Photo)

6-10-03—- Adult Swim Strong Competitor With American Late Night Talk

As referenced below, a new TV Week article has published within some CN analysis of Nielsen ratings data from the May 2003 sweeps which deserves a mention of it’s own:

During the May sweeps, for example, in the 11:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. period, Adult Swim delivered an average of 249,000 young men 18 to 24, compared to the 121,000 and 183,000 that “The Late Show” and “The Tonight Show,” respectively, delivered in the period, according to Cartoon Network’s analysis of Nielsen data.

When it came to men 18 to 34 watching during the sweeps, Adult Swim had 421,000 in its pool, while Dave and Jay had 351,000 and 553,000, respectively.

6-10-03—- Big O Future On Cartoon Network

TV Week has broke out with a major scoop on Cartoon Network’s future with The Big O TV series to return this August to Adult Swim. According to the article, this will be the first instance where CN served as co-producer on an anime project. The original 13 episodes which had aired before in an earlier timeslot and edited form will return un edited supplemented by 13 new additional episodes. Finally according to TV Week’s research series success could relay to some action on a standing option towards the order of 26 additional episodes.

6-10-03—- Animatrix Review In Sydney Morning Herald

From the land down under where winter is getting underway comes a review of one of the most heavily covered anime properties in some time in this morning’s SMH newspaper.

6-10-03—- Blackbelt TV Amasses World’s Largest Martial Arts Library

Blackbelt TV, the first and only 24-hour Martial Arts Entertainment Cable Network, today announced a major addition to its martial arts entertainment library which already includes over 20,000 hours of programming from the biggest Hollywood studios and leading worldwide fight organizations. The programming coup includes an unprecedented acquisitions deal with News Corp’s Fortune Star and a deal with Universal Domestic Television for their martial arts film and TV libraries. These deals position Blackbelt TV as the holder of the largest martial arts entertainment library in the world.

The Fortune Star acquisition calls for 30 movies a year over the next five years from the Asian media behemoth including contemporary Chinese/Hong Kong films and TV shows starring Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Chuck Norris, Michelle Yeoh, Bruce Lee, Sammo Hung, Yuen Woo Ping and many more. As one of the top providers of martial arts entertainment in the U.S., Universal has licensed a series of films and TV shows including Double Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story and Street Fighter as well as hit action flicks like the Jean-Claude Van Damme starrer Hard Target and Vanishing Son.

“At Blackbelt TV, we’re committed to serving the hundreds of millions of martial arts entertainment fans throughout the world. With Universal we have now secured the key martial arts titles from three of the major U.S.Studios and our partnership with Fortune Star, the world’s largest contemporary Chinese movie library, will ensure a steady flow of heart stopping, leg flying martial arts movies many of which have never before been seen in the United States,” said Paul Presburger, Blackbelt TV’s Senior Vice President of Programming & Acquisitions.

The network is working directly with the biggest Hollywood studios to bring the best martial arts films and TV shows to their new home on television. Blackbelt TV has assembled the largest martial arts entertainment and sports library in the world from leading worldwide fight organizations and Hollywood studios including Warner Bros. and Sony Pictures Entertainment. Totaling over 20,000 hours, the library consists of some of the greatest martial arts films of all times including Enter the Dragon, Once Upon A Time in China, The Karate Kid, Drunken Master, Double Impact, Out For Justice; classic and new martial arts television series such as Kung Fu and Mortal Kombat Conquest; exclusive and never-before-seen fights from all over the world including World Championship Kickboxing from Thailand, Mixed Martial Arts from Japan, Boxing from Europe and the U.S., Judo from Korea; Japanese animation; health, fitness and self defense programming as well as original shows like Soul of the Champion.

“Blackbelt TV is well-positioned to capture the enormous business opportunities brought forward by an insatiable appetite across the globe for martial arts movies. We are thrilled with the alliance which enables Fortune Star to showcase its extensive martial arts library to a wider and more targeted audience base,” said Peter Poon, General Manager of Fortune Star.

“Blackbelt TV provides the perfect platform for our slate of top martial arts movies and television shows, and we are very pleased to be in business with them,” said Arthur Hasson, Executive Vice President, Sales & New Business, for Universal Domestic Television.

6-10-03—- Mazinkaiser Volume 1 From ADV

ADV Films today announced an August 26, 2003 release date for the first volume of the Mazinkaiser OVA series, the latest tie-in to legendary director Go Nagai’s mecha classic Mazinger Z. Nagai, an elder statesman in the world of anime and manga, is the renowned creator of such anime touchstones as Getter Robo, Grandizer, the Devilman series, and The Devil Lady. His Mazinger Z was the first-ever anime or manga robot piloted by a human, and the title is credited with launching the super-robot era of 1970s anime.

Mazinkaiser has, since its 2001 release in Japan, earned richly deserved kudos as a stylish old-school update on the giant robot genre, and U.S. fans have been anticipating ADV Films’ release for months.

The Story: Dr. Hell has resurrected an ancient army of mechanical monsters to conquer the world, but first he has to destroy the photon power lab and the one thing standing in his way: Mazinger! But it’s going to take more than defeating Mazinger for Dr. Hell and his evil henchman Baron Ashura to clear their way for world domination, because there’s a new kid in town-MAZINKAISER-and he packs quite an atomic punch!

Can young Kouji Kabuto, as the runner behind the amazing robot Mazinkaiser, deal out the thunder faster than Dr. Hell’s army can take it? With the help of the team of Mazinger, Boss Borot, and Venus Ace, photon power may yet save the world!

Mazinkaiser: Turbo Smashing Sensation (SRP $29.98) is a DVD-only release, including four complete episodes in both English- and Japanese-language versions, with English subtitles. Extras include technical specs, original Japanese artwork, production sketches, clean opening and closing animation, and ADV Previews.

6-10-03—- G-Fest 2003

Fans of Japanese science-fiction and fantasy films will be gathering July 18-20, 2003 at the Radisson Hotel, 75 Algonquin Road, Arlington Heights, Illinois for G-FEST X.
Special guests include Noriaki Yuasa, director and special effects director of the original Gamera films; actor Carl Craig (“Jim Morgan” in “Gamera vs. Viras”); actor Robert Scott Field (Android M-11 in “Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah”); and Yoshikazu Ishii, Godzilla director/Godzilla exhibits assistant producer.
G-FEST X will also show “Godzilla, Mothra & King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack,” “Battle In Outer Space,” “Gamera 3: Revenge of Irys” at the Pickwick Theater. Several more films will be shown at the Radisson Hotel.
G-FEST X will also have a huge dealers room where conventioneers may purchase movia memorabilia, toys, model kits, books, posters and photographs from their favorite monster film.
G-FEST X will also have art, model, coloring , costume, video and trivia contests.
Weekend admission is $29 for adults, $10 for youths 12 and under and children under 5 are admitted free.
Daily admission is $15 for adults, $10 for youths and children under 5 are admitted free. The films at the Pickwick Theater are $5 for adults and children. The convention is open to the public.
For additional information, log onto www.g-fan.com.

6-10-03—- Update On New Patrick Macias Anime Book

New book announced from Stone Bridge Press:

THE ANIME OTAKU’S GUIDE TO DOING TOKYO by Patrick Macias and Tomo Machiyama. If you’ve been watching anime all day long, you need to unstick your butt from the chair and get out of the house once in a while. Hey, we’ve got an idea: why not make that visit to Japan you’ve already dreamed about and check out that anime scene for real. Our book will have the lowdown on anime shrines, shopping hints, vocab, museums, with pix and up to date listings.

Source: http://www.patrickmacias.com/News.html | Thanks to Daniel for the link

6-10-03—- Live Rahxephon Commentary Track At Metrocon

METROCON 2003 –Tampa Bay, Florida’s first Japanese animation convention – is pleased to announce a “live commentary track” by English-language voice actors Christopher Patton (Ayato Kamina), Monica Rial (Haruka Shitow) and Vic Mignogna (Mamoru Torigai) will accompany its screening of episodes from the ADV Films’ series RahXephon.

The special presentation is currently scheduled for Saturday, July 19 at 1 p.m. and is included with both weekend and single-day admission to the convention, held at the Crowne Plaza – Tampa at Sable Park, 10221 Princess Palm Ave.

The voice actors will also be participating in panels, judging competitions and conducting autograph sessions during the course of the convention, from Friday, July 18 through Sunday, July 20, 2003.

The weekend-long event celebrates numerous facets of Japanese popular entertainment – from anime (Japanese animation), manga (Japanese comics), J-pop and J-Rock (Japanese pop and rock music, performed by “idols”) to cosplay (costume design and performance) and video games, with:

– An art show and Artists’ Alley; – A cosplay and skit competition and a runway-style costume contest; – A dealers’/exhibition room with licensed, domestic and imported merchandise available for purchase from an assortment of retailers;- Three “DDR Extreme” Tournaments where top “Dance Dance Revolution” video game players show off energetic dance moves on an authentic DDR Extreme 8th Mix arcade machine; – Musical competitions, including an Anime Music Video contest and the first-ever “Anime Idol” J-Pop/J-Rock Competition;- Official convention screenings of new North American releases;- Panels with North American anime industry guests; – Yu-Gi-Oh, Hero Clix and Mech Warrior tournaments; – Live, role-playing games, in conjunction with ConGames;- Special evening events, including the second edition of the Final Fantasy Ball, karaoke and a Saturday night dance with an exclusive J-pop, J-rock and anime music soundtrack;- The METROCADE video game room, stocked with an SNK Neo Geo MVS arcade machine and the DDR Extreme arcade machine, plus domestic and import home console games; – and 212 continuous hours of Japanese anime and related programming in four rooms!

Tickets are available in advance at the METROCON site, www.metroconventions.com, and may also be purchased “at-the-door.”

6-10-03—- Reloaded Success In Japan

From Yahoo via Daniel:

“…The sci-fi thriller received a hero’s welcome in Japan over the weekend. Fans turned out in record numbers, shelling out $18.5 million at 632 screens (including sneak previews) for the biggest opening weekend of all-time….”

6-9-03—- Japan For Sale Updates

Japan For Sale has updated it’s website with interviews with Takkyu Ishino, GOKU and Mayu Kitaki. Fans can send their opinion about the interview and win a poster signed by the artists. Also, the “Japan For Sale vol. 3” US PARTY report has been posted.

6-9-03—- Risky Safety Episode To Go Online

To help familiarize worldwide anime viewers with Omishi Magical Theater: Risky Safety, AN Entertainment is proud to announce that the first, full length English dubbed Risky Safety episode will be available for download on the official RiskySafety.com home page beginning on June 5th. The 10 minute long episode, available in QuickTime format, will introduce viewers to central character Moe Katsuragi, the apprentice shinigami (death spirit) Risky, and the apprentice angel Safety.

Young Moe’s depression over a misunderstanding with her boyfriend summons the presence of the soul collecting spirit of death Risky. Risky urges Moe to give up her soul, until a mis-step causes Moe to see a brief glimmer of hope. The small smile on Moe’s face causes Risky to suddenly transform into Safety, a guardian angel that ironically shares the same body with Risky the tiny devil. The first episode of Risky Safety is the introduction to a 24 episode series filled with light drama, romance, comedy, and even an epic space battle and a few giant monsters!

The free first episode download available on the RiskySafety.com official site features an English language adaptation by Bang Zoom! Studios, the talented studio whose anime dubbing credits include Rurouni Kenshin, Vandread, Chobits and Mahoromatic. Voices heard in the episode include Julie Ann Taylor as Moe, Sandy Fox as Risky, Michelle Ruff as Safety and Mrs. Adachi, and Wendee Lee as Moe’s mother and Lani the Pomeranian.

The first Risky Safety DVD from AN Entertainment will be available from retailers throughout North America beginning on July 8th at a suggested retail price of $29.95. The DVD will include episodes 1-8 with selectable English or original Japanese spoken dialogue, removable English subtitles, and supplemental features.

ABOUT AN ENTERTAINMENT Established in 2002, AN Entertainment is a translation and distribution company devoted to bringing fine quality Japanese animation art and culture into the reach of English speaking viewers and collectors. AN Entertainment prides itself on having an extensive knowledge of Japanese animation and a first hand knowledge of the high quality standards expected by discriminating anime fans.



6-9-03—- Animatrix PPV

Courtesy Kenji, the Directv Site has included a listing for The Animatrix this month.

6-9-03—- Interstella 555 Trailer

A report and review from Cannes courtesy AICN has included this link to a trailer of Daft Punk/ Leiji Matsumoto’s Interstella 555.

Thanks to Daniel for the link

6-8-03—- Con News Hodgepodge

A post to The Urban Vision Website says they’ll be giving out limited samples of the Ninja Scroll tv soundtrack at Fanimecon. The Animatrix will be at Anime Expo along with the Sakura Wars movie and Jungle Emperor Leo. Takayuki Nagasawa of Avex will be presenting the new Cyborg 009 at BAAF.

Courtesy to Daniel for rounding up these items

6-5-03—- Cold Fuzion Studios News

Courtesy the crew at www.ColdFuZionstudios.com, their site is 98% ready and will be 100% ready by next week (June 11th) the same time Victory issue 1 will be hitting the stores via Image Comics.

6-5-03—- Lucy Liu On Kill Bill

Courtesy Daniel:

From the 6/5 IMDB People News: …Lucy Liu is warning sensitive fans to avoid her new movie Kill Bill – because the dramatic violence will make them physically ill. The Charlie’s Angels babe stars alongside Uma Thurman in cult director Quentin Tarantino’s long-awaited fourth film, and predicts audiences will either flee from the cinema or vomit in their seats when they watch the extreme action – even if she thinks the violence is artistic. She says, “It’s so violent. People will leave the movie theatre or get sick in the movie theatre. But there’s so much violence that it becomes not numbing, but almost comedic. There’s a scene where there’s so much violence that the color of the film goes into black and white, so that the blood looks like oil. It’s cinematic, it’s art. You can take it to a different level, and show what violence is, in such a heightened manner that you don’t think of it as violence anymore, you think of it as a language. If you go to Kill Bill, you know there’s going to be violence – that’s your option.”

6-5-03—- Anime Play Magazine Updates

Thanks to Tal of digitalboing.com for mentioning Hirameki International Group’s AnimePlay Magazine (Anime Play Magazine) just launched its site with information on its release for June, 17th 2003. To be included in issue 1 are Director Hideaki Anno as he teaches a class on Anime, The World of Tatsuo Sato, Japan Spring Anime Lineup and Phantom of Inferno – Player’s Guide.

6-5-03—- Kyle Herbert Anime Celebrity Chats

KyleHebert.com will have yet another celebrity chat this coming Saturday, June 7th, with ADV’s Greg Ayres. He is currently playing the role of Son Gokou in Saiyuki and also appears in Full Metal Panic. The chat is again this Saturday at 10 PM Eastern/7 PM Pacific in the KH.com Chat Room. Kyle Jones of ADV is also scheduled for later this month.

Source: www.Kiji-Anime.com

6-4-03—- Cafe Press To Update Terms Of Service

The Cafe Press service, used by a number websites, groups and individuals in the anime world has announced a change in it’s Terms Of Service to take effect July 1st. The changes cover a wide range of issues including comissions, tax information and ownership/ intellectual property rights.

6-4-03—- Sept. – Oct. 2003 CPM DVD Releases

Central Park Media announced the upcoming DVD releases in September that include Animation Runner Kuromi, Revolutionary Girl Utena: Unveiling, and Scorpion’s Revenge. All new releases will be available on September 9, 2003.

Animation Runner Kuromi From Akitaroh Daichi, director of Fruits Basket, Now and Then, Here and There and Jubei-Chan the Ninja Girl. Music by Toshio Masuda (Excel Saga). Winner of the “Best OVA” award at the Tokyo International Anime Fair.

The Ultimate Behind-the-Scenes! Ever wonder what it would be like to work for an animation studio? Kuromi just landed her dream job at the famous Studio Petit, and boy is she in for a rude awakening! The boss is hospitalized moments after she arrives (he gave his life to anime), and suddenly Kuromi is the new head of the ultimate team of slackers! It’s up to her to finish “Time Journeys Episode 2,” or fans everywhere will be let down. But Kuromi loves cartoons, and with good friends, high spirits and a little bit of luck, she’ll deliver the best episode of “Time Journeys” ever.

The Animation Runner Kuromi DVD offers the following features:

* Animation Runner Kuromi commentary by Director Akitaroh Daichi * The Animation Process Featurette * Lisa Ortiz interview * Art Gallery * Sketch Gallery * Animation Runner Kuromi trailers * Previews * English & Japanese with English Subtitles * DVD-ROM Features: Art Gallery, Script, Cast & Production Credits… and more!

TITLE: Animation Runner Kuromi RUNNING TIME: 40 minutes (DVD) and 40 minutes (Director’s commentary) RATING: 16 & UP SRP PRICE: $29.99 GENRE: Action/Adventure CATALOG #: USMD-2334 STREET DATE: September 9, 2003 PRE-ORDER DATE: August 11, 2003

Revolutionary Girl Utena: Unveiling From Kunihiko Ikuhara (Director of Sailor Moon), Shinya Hasegawa (Key Animation Supervisor of Neon Genesis Evangelion), and based on the original manga by Chiho Saito. Nanami discovers a terrible secret about her brother and runs away from home. Separated from the one person she loves the most, she begins to discover the true nature of her friends. Confronted with the cold indifference of the outside world and the cruelty of her peers, Nanami must decide whether to return home and live a lie, or to strike out on her own and build a new life. Contains episodes 31-33. “I can’t recommend Revolutionary Girl Utena enough.” – Animenewsnetwork.com

The Revolutionary Girl Utena: Unveiling DVD offers the following features:

* Tomoko Taniguchi trailer * Storyline * Art Gallery * Revolutionary Girl Utena: Unveiling trailer * Previews * English & Japanese with English Subtitles

TITLE: Revolutionary Girl Utena: Unveiling RUNNING TIME: 75 minutes RATING: 13 & UP SRP PRICE: $29.99 GENRE: Action/Adventure CATALOG #: SSDVD-6211 STREET DATE: September 9, 2003 PRE-ORDER DATE: August 11, 2003

Scorpion’s Revenge From the producers of Zero Woman. The ultimate women in prison movie! Unjustly accused of murder, Nami is sentenced to lifetime imprisonment in a Los Angeles women’s prison. Caged with a sadistic warden and salacious inmates, she vows to escape and get her revenge. Meanwhile, confinement does nothing to tame Nami and the other prisoners. Passion runs rampant behind locked doors, giving way to lust and torture! “Good action and an interesting storyline.” – Ybfree.com

The Scorpion’s Revenge DVD offers the following features:

* Dubbing Outtakes * Photo Gallery * Scorpion’s Revenge Trailer * Previews * English & Japanese with English Subtitles

TITLE: Scorpion’s Revenge RUNNING TIME: 86 minutes RATING: Not rated SRP PRICE: $29.99 GENRE: Action/Adventure CATALOG #: APCD-2320 STREET DATE: September 9, 2003 PRE-ORDER DATE: August 11, 2003

Central Park Media announced the upcoming DVD releases in October that include Patlabor The Mobile Police: The Original Series DVD Collection, DNA2 DVD Collection, DNA2: Epiphany, Time Stranger, Legend of the Dragon Kings: Red Dragon, and Revolutionary Girl Utena: Revelation. All new releases will be available on October 14, 2003.

Patlabor The Mobile Police: The Original Series DVD Collection From the Director of Ghost in the Shell. Commentary Track by Director Mamoru Oshii. Written and directed by Mamoru Oshii, creator of Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade. From the character designer of Record of Lodoss War.

A timeless story of girl meets robot. Meet Noa Izumi. Cute and spunky, she could be the girl next door…except that she loves giant robots with a passion that’s a little scary. Today’s her big day, her chance to pilot a giant robot of her very own! Meet Alphonse. He’s a giant robot. Meet the Patlabor police squad, Special Vehicles Section 2, a pack of lovable loose cannons with short fuses and really big guns. They fight crime. Watch as they come together for the very first time in the groundbreaking series by Mamoru Oshii that introduced the beloved Patlabor universe and made animation history! Complete series: Episodes 1-7. “I loved it!” – YBFREE.com “Start here, and keep going.” – Animerica

The Patlabor The Mobile Police: The Original Series DVD Collection offers the following features: * Director’s Commentary with Mamoru Oshii (Episodes 1-3) * Bonus Episode of the Patlabor TV Series * Art Gallery * Patlabor Trailer * Previews * English & Japanese with English Subtitles

TITLE: Patlabor The Mobile Police: The Original Series DVD Collection RUNNING TIME: 210 minutes RATING: 13 & UP SRP PRICE: $49.99 GENRE: Action/Adventure CATALOG #: USMD-2344 STREET DATE: October 14, 2003 PRE-ORDER DATE: September 8, 2003

DNA2 DVD Collection A charming sci-fi comedy romance from Masakazu Katsura (creator of Video Girl Ai, art director of Iria – Zeiram the Animation) and Kumiko Takahashi (character designer of Card Captor Sakura, Tokyo Babylon, and Birdy the Mighty). Junta has a problem: he’s a girl-allergic loser! All this changes with the arrival of Karin, a gorgeous time-traveler who transforms him into the Mega-Playboy, the suavest girl-magnet around. Suddenly, Junta’s wildest dreams have come true, and all the prettiest girls in school have fallen in love with him. With so many adoring fans, mayhem is sure to follow, and Junta finds himself in the center of one hilarious romantic mishap after another. But the transformation is dangerously unstable, and if Junta can’t unravel the time traveler’s mystery, his life (and the fate of the world) will never be the same! Contains episodes 1-15.

The DNA2 DVD Collection offers the following features:

* Art & Sketch Gallery * Mega-Playboy Quiz * What is DNA? * Character Profiles * Previews * Languages: English & Japanese with English Subtitles * DVD-ROM

TITLE: DNA2 DVD Collection RUNNING TIME: 375 minutes RATING: 13 & UP SRP PRICE: $119.99 GENRE: Science Fiction/Comedy CATALOG #: USMD-2319 STREET DATE: October 14, 2003 PRE-ORDER DATE: September 8, 2003

DNA2: Epiphany From the creator of Video Girl Ai and the main staff of Geobreeders, comes a romantic sci-fi comedy for all times! Is this the end of the mega-playboy? Junta’s teenage great-granddaughter Lulara appears from the future, but not for a joyful family reunion. To save her own life and the future of all her kin, she’s determined to transform Junta into the Mega-Playboy for good. His one chance for survival may be to destroy his flirtatious alter ego…but if he succeeds, his great-granddaughter might disappear forever! Contains episodes 13-15. “Always entertaining.” – Newtype USA Magazine “One of the BEST anime series I have ever seen!” – Animetric.com

The DNA2: Epiphany offers the following features:

* Art & Sketch Gallery * Karaoke Songs * DNA2 Trailers * Previews * English & Japanese with English Subtitles

TITLE: DNA2: Epiphany RUNNING TIME: 75 minutes RATING: 13 & UP SRP PRICE: $29.99 GENRE: Science Fiction/Comedy CATALOG #: USMD-2248 STREET DATE: October 14, 2003 PRE-ORDER DATE: September 8, 2003

Time Stranger From the director of the Pokémon movies and the character designer of Inuyasha: The Movie. Forty years ago, Remi Shimada piloted a giant battle robot and saved the world. Now the former heroine lies helplessly on the brink of death, battling an evil that is driving her mind into oblivion. Her fight to survive rages across her psyche, stirring up the past she has fought to bury forever. Buried alive at age ten, caught in a nightmare at age twenty, Remy is no stranger despair and death. But she has never given up, and she is about to face the greatest challenge of all. “Delightfully spunky attitude.” – AnimeonDVD.com

The Time Stranger DVD offers the following features:

* Back Story * Time Stranger Trailer * Previews * English & Japanese with English Subtitles

TITLE: Time Stranger RUNNING TIME: 90 minutes RATING: 13 & UP SRP PRICE: $19.99 GENRE: Action/Adventure CATALOG #: USMD-2315 STREET DATE: October 14, 2003 PRE-ORDER DATE: September 8, 2003

Legend of the Dragon Kings: Red Dragon From the Director of BlackJack, Golgo 13: Queen Bee & Hamtaro: The Movie. Hajime and his brothers aren’t human. As each comes of age, he gains the ability to transform into a fire-breathing dragon. Wonders of magic or science, they are stalked by a mad scientist bent on dissecting them and stealing their secrets. When an innocent friend is kidnapped by the enemy, the brothers fall into a deadly trap! Will the dragons survive? Contains episodes 5 & 6.

The Legend of the Dragon Kings: Red Dragon DVD offers the following features:

* Art Gallery * Legend of the Dragon Kings Trailers * Previews * English & Japanese with English Subtitles TITLE: Legend of the Dragon Kings: Red Dragon RUNNING TIME: 92 minutes RATING: 13 & UP SRP PRICE: $19.99 GENRE: Action/Adventure CATALOG #: USMD-2325 STREET DATE: October 14, 2003 PRE-ORDER DATE: September 8, 2003

Revolutionary Girl Utena: Revelation> From Kunihiko Ikuhara (Director of Sailor Moon), Shinya Hasegawa (Key Animation Supervisor of Neon Genesis Evangelion), and based on the original manga by Chiho Saito. The unthinkable has happened: Utena has fallen in love with her best friend’s older brother. Although he is engaged to another woman, he seems to return her affections. But to be his princess, Utena must give up her goal of becoming a prince. Will her budding romance destroy her lifelong dream…and her precious friendship with Anthy? Contains episodes 34-36.

The Revolutionary Girl Utena: Revelation DVD offers the following features:

* Voice Actor Josh Mosby interview * Art Gallery * Storyline * Revolutionary Girl Utena Trailers * Previews * English & Japanese with English Subtitles

TITLE: Revolutionary Girl Utena: Revelation RUNNING TIME: 75 minutes RATING: 13 & UP SRP PRICE: $29.99 GENRE: Action/Adventure CATALOG #: SSDVD-6212 STREET DATE: October 14, 2003 PRE-ORDER DATE: September 8, 2003

6-4-03—- ADV Gives Voice To Square Title

ADV Films confirmed during a panel this past weekend at A-Kon that it will be doing the voice work for the future Squaresoft RPG entitiled Unlimited Saga. There is still no set date for this game other than this summer.

Source: Kiji Anime

6-4-03—- Exclusive: Digital Manga & Dark Horse Manga Acquisitions: Trigun – The Ring And Hellsing


Koji Suzuki’s original novel series based on the sometimes dark and unknown template of urban myth captivated readers in Japan from the first book’s release in June 1991, creating an entirely new sub-genre in Japan, dubbed “Psycho-Horror” and earning Suzuki the title of “the Japanese Stephen King.” 1998 saw director Hideo Nakata adapting The gothic horror mystery tale to Japanese cinema. That move catapulted The Ring to the most successful horror film franchise in Japanese history. The original film was later seen by Dreamworks executives and the decision was made to persue the western remake which has gone on to captivate audiences the world over.

Now Digital Manga and Dark Horse Comics plan to bring the Ring Manga to America in November based on the original story by Koji Suzuki featuring story by Hiroshi Takahashi and art by Misao Inagaki in non-western format at a $14.95 retail.


Coming from the background of an anime/manga/action figure fan and accomplished doujinshi artist, Yasuhiro Nightow’s original Space Western Action/Comedy series, Trigun, began serialization in Shounen Captain Magazine in 1995. A near immediate hit on the charts and with fans in Japan, plans began to be cemented for an animation based on the work. In 1998, the Studio Madhouse produced Trigun TV series began running on TV Tokyo. In the interim years between print and video however, Trigun fever had caught hold worldwide as and underground hit, the Summer of 1998 saw Nightow’s special guest appearance at Anime Expo in California and Pioneer Entertainment’s subsequent acquisition of the TV series for American release. From May, 2003, Cartoon Network has broadcast the Trigun anime as part of the Adult Swim block on Cartoon Network. The unprecedented success and fandom surrounding the series to-date has positioned the inevitable American manga release as one of the most fan anticipated acquisitions for the past several years. In November the wait is over with Digital Manga and Dark Horse Comics releasing volume 1 into stores at the retail price of $14.95.


Kouta Hirano’s original Hellsing manga began circulating serially in monthly Young King Ours Magazine back in 1998, an irreverant and witty horror about an agency which combats supernatural threats. Set against the backdrop of England, Hellsing’s published story served to form the platform on which Studio Gonzo would draw to formulate their 13 episode TV Animation which was to air in late night format 3 years later. Almost upon debut, Pioneer Entertainment announced acquisition of the anime for American release which has gone on to become a fan hit. Now the story that started it all is coming to you from Dark Horse Comics and Digital Manga. To be published in non-western format, volume 1 is due in December with a retail price of $13.95.

6-3-03—- Brunei Anime Screening – Images & Report

Courtesy Brunei Online, images and an event report following up yesterdays news have been added featuring the interaction between Prince Abdul Qawi and Japanese Ambassador Satoshi Hara.

6-3-03—- Spirited Away On US PPV

Hayao Miyazaki’s Academy Award Winning Anime feature Spirited Away will debut on American PPV courtesy the sat. network – DirecTV’s Pay Per View Service beginning Thursday June 12.

6-3-03—- Volume 11 Of Yugioh Streets


Volume 11: Best of Friends, Best of Duelists Features Four Action-Packed Episodes

NEW YORK, NY (June 2, 2003) – 4Kids Entertainment Home Video, Inc., the home video unit of 4Kids Entertainment, Inc., (NYSE: KDE) in association with FUNimation, will release Volume 11 of YU-GI-OH! home videos on July 22, 2003. Best of Friends, Best of Duelists, featuring four new episodes from the hit television series, will be available at retail and at the www.4KidsHomeVideo.com Web site in both DVD and VHS formats.

Volumes 9 and 10 of YU-GI-OH! home videos – Champion vs. Creator and Duel Identity – were released May 6, 2003.

Based on a popular Japanese comic book series, YU-GI-OH! follows the adventures of Yugi and his buddies – Joey, Tristan and Tea, who spend most of their free time playing the coolest new game ever … Duel Monsters. The game allows them to challenge their minds using logic and strategy while players pair up different mystical creatures against one another in wild, magical duels. When Yugi’s grandfather gave Yugi an old Egyptian artifact called the “Millennium Puzzle,” Yugi pieced the puzzle together and was infused with incredible mystical powers. With the help of his friends, his belief in the heart of the cards and the mysterious power of his Millennium Puzzle, Yugi sets out on the adventure of a lifetime!

VOLUME 11: Best of Friends, Best of Duelists

Episode 31: Keith’s Machination Part I Joey frantically searches for the card that permits him to enter the final battle, not realizing Bandit Keith has stolen it from him. As he struggles to accept the fact that Serenity will be blind forever, he receives help from a new and unexpected friend!

Episode 32: Keith’s Machination Part II After Bandit Keith’s Machine deck forces Joey to take the defensive, Joey mimics Keith’s battle strategy to metallize his Red-Eyes B. Dragon! Is victory assured? Or does the cheater Bandit Keith literally have one last card up his sleeve?

Episode 33: Best of Friends, Best of Duelists Part I With his pride in his strength as a duelist on the line, Joey challenges Yugi for the right to face Pegasus. In a battle between friends, a fierce match ensues between the two people who know each other’s strategies and cards as they struggle to keep their thoughts of past loyalties at the back of their minds.

Episode 34: Best of Friends, Best of Duelists Part II Yugi is shocked as Joey uses the Time Wizard card on him. It’s the very same card Yugi gave Joey as a sign of friendship! However, as the two battle each other valiantly and one comes out the victor, they find confirmation of the strength of their friendship that surpasses any duel.

DVD extras: Monster stats and duelist profile, an exclusive YU-GI-OH! music video, and a Yu-Gi-Oh!: Music to Duel By song sampler.

TITLE: Volume 11: Best of Friends, Best of Duelists RUNNING TIME: Approximately 120 minutes RATING: Not rated SRP VHS: $14.95 SRP DVD: $19.95 PRE-BOOK: June 17, 2003 STREET DATE: July 22, 2003

6-3-03—- Animatrix Contest

Sean of Anime Daze has informed us his site is currently holding a contest where folks can win a copy of the Animatrix DVD.

6-3-03—- Asian Cinema News

From http://www.kfccinema.com/ via Daniel:

1)The web site for Alive, a Ryuhei Kitamura (Versus) movie is now online with a great trailer in Quicktime format. Go take a look. www.alive-movie.com

2)Live action Devilman www.patrickmacias.com Toei plans to make a make live action Devilman movie. They are aiming to put out the movie for next year around Christmas. The director will be the same who directed the movie/documentary Pinch Runner featuring the Morning Musume.

3)At CDJapan www.cdjapan.co.jp CD Japan has announced that Takashi Miike film Gozu will be released this July. Release Date: 11-Jul-2003 A first-rate genre-bending “yakuza-horror” film from genius director, Takashi Miike. A lowlife yakuza kills a higher-ranking gangster of his group by mistake, and soon starts experiencing weird supernatural phenomenons. The DVD has not been announced with English subtitles….

Another interesting release, this time with English sub, is Twilight Samurai. Featuring Hiroyuki Sanada, the movie, a period film set in the last years of Japan’s Edo period (mid 19th century) where a poor Samurai named Seibei (Hiroyuki Sanada) struggles to support his family. Tasogare Seibei (The Twilight Samurai): English Subtitles Included…

In addition, Calender Live has an article on the international appeal of Asian cinema, including horror films like The Ring and The Eye.

6-2-03—- Rare Anime Screening Comes To Brunei – Prince To Attend

In a somewhat rare move in the Kingdom Of Brunei, seven well known anime films will screen as part of ASEAN-Japan Exchange year 2003. To occur specifcally at the Bruneian Nursing College, May 30 – June 15, and the Empire Cinema, May 31 – June 1, Mr Hara Satoshi, Ambassador of Japan, will host a special viewing and reception at the Empire Cinema on Sunday, June 1, at 9.30am to mark the occasion. Prince Abdul Qawi will attend as Guest of Honour. To be shown are ‘Astro Boy’ and ‘Pictures at an Exhibition’, ‘Galaxy Express 999,’ ‘The Dagger of Kemui’, ‘The Prince of the Sun’,’The White Snake’, and ‘Home of Acorns’. The Film Festival is being organised by the Embassy of Japan in cooperation With the Japan Foundation. Further details and a screening schedule can be obtained from the Embassy website http://www.bn.emb-japan.go.jp.

Source: http://www.brunei-online.com

6-2-03—- Bebop Movie Review

GoMemphis has put in their review of the Cowboy Bebop Movie which opened there this past week.

6-2-03—- Anime Network VOD Content Launches In Philly This Week

According to Cable World’s Alphabet Soup

The Anime Network’s VOD content launches this week to RCN’s Philadelphia digital customers, offering Japanese animation under its FOD menu. Anime, which recently expanded from its first VOD deployment on Comcast’s Philly system to its northern New Jersey systems, is ramping up plans to launch its digital cable network in a dozen major U.S. markets by the end of this year.

6-2-03—- Blade III – Animesque Plot Premise Updates

Cinescape mentions that David goyer will be directing the film and that his “initial concept for Blade’s third cinematic adventure hasn’t changed. Goyer envisioned an OMEGA MAN-like apocalypse that thrust the vamps into the top spot on the food chain, leaving human society behind.”

Thanks to Daniel For The Link.

6-2-03—- Animatrix Media

In addition to network tv spots for the dvd, a Sunday Los Angeles Times article profiling the Animatrix can be found at Calender Live as well as profiles of the artists(photos of them in the actual paper) who inspired the Wachowskis, including Oshii and Watanabe.

Thanks to Daniel for the news

6-2-03—- Japan Town Anime Faire In San Francisco

The Japan Town Anime Faire will take place on Saturday September 13th and Sunday September 14th at the Best Western Miyako Inn at 1800 Sutter Street in the Japan Town area of San Francisco. You can view a map of the area by clicking on the link below:

Location Map

*NEW* JTAF WEBSITE: We would like to thank Sublunary Designs for their work on the JTAF website. Up-to-date information about JTAF can be viewed at http://project760.immanismusic.com/jtaf

*NEW* FLYER DISTRIBUTORS WANTED: JTAF needs people to help distribute flyers for us in the Japan Town area as well as other parts of the Bay Area. If you are interested, please contact us for more information.

*UPDATED* REGISTRATION INFORMATION: Registration for Japan Town Anime Faire will be held in the hotel lobby of the Best Western Miyako Inn. Public registration hours are Saturday 9AM-5PM and Sunday 9AM-1PM. At-the-door admission for this event is $8 for a single day and $12 for the weekend. Paypal pre-registration is available via our website until August 29, 2003. If you would like to RSVP, please e-mail worldofanime760@yahoo.com.

SWAP MEET AND/OR TABLING INFORMATION: Swap meet and/or informational tables are available at the Faire for $12/table for a single day or $20/table for both weekend days. This applies to clubs that wish to host an info table at the Faire, an individual that has items to sell or a combination of the two. Hours for the Swap Meet/Information tables are Saturday 10AM-4PM and Sunday 10AM-2PM. Please contact us if you would like more information or if you would like to host a swap meet/information table.

*UPDATE* PANEL INFORMATION: Got something to say or promote? How about discuss certain an issue in the anime community or talk about your favorite anime series? Here’s your chance to be heard! Panel spaces for companies, clubs or individuals are available. Panels are free to Faire attendees, but will require prior scheduling and can be no longer than 2 hours at length. Please contact us if you would like to host a panel for the Faire!

*UPDATED* SPONSORED SCREENING ROOM: We still have programming blocks on Sunday between 2AM and 10AM available for anyone interested in sponsoring a programming block in the screening room. Our sponsored screening room begins its showings at 10AM on Saturday and ends at 6PM on Sunday. In addition to companies company-sponsored anime screenings, we are allowing anime clubs and individuals to sponsor a programming block. The cost for sponsoring a 4-hour programming block is $25. This is your opportunity to let yourself or your club gain recognition at the Faire and control the programming for a 4-hour period. Of course, viewing anime is always free 😉 For more information or to reserve a programming block, please contact us at the e-mail address listed below.

6-2-03—- 1st Annual New York | Tokyo Film Festival – Friday June 13th – Sunday June 16th

Once again, NEW YORK | TOKYO sets the pace by presenting their first annual Film Festival premiering the cutting edge Japanese cinema. We’re proud to announce the screening of a film that truly exemplifies the essence of Japanese and American collaboration that is NEWYORK-TOKYO with the Larry and Andy Wachowski’s animated exploration of the Matrix universe, “The Animatrix”. Including Sogo Ishii’s long-anticipated “Electric Dragon 80,000 V”, the Festival will premiere various films from J-Horror to Manga/Anime-based films. Our director series includes works from seminal independents such as Hideaki Anno (of Anime ‘Evangelion’ fame), Hiroyuki Nakano (a Japanese Spike Jonze) and Takashi Miike (a non-stop film machine). Among our esteemed guests, we warmly welcome Andy Jones, a director from the “Animatrix” and Dai Miyazaki, producer of Manga-based films such as and “Uzumaki”

PROPOSED SCHEDULE (Time Schedule may slightly change)

6/13 Friday / Session 1: 6:00 pm -> FRIDAY THE 13TH J-HORROR Discussion Screening : 2LDK (YukihikoTsutsumi) NY Premiere Wild Zero (Tetsuo Takeuchi) US Premiere 6/14 Saturday / Session 2: 12:00 pm ->

ANIME AND MANGA IN FILM Discussion with : Andy Jones Screening : Animatrix (Larry and Andy Wachowski) Discussion with : Dai Miyazaki Screening : Blue (Hiroshi Ando) US Premiere 6/14 Saturday / Session 3: 6:00 pm ->

TOKYO DIRECTOR SERIES I : NAKANO / ISHII Discussion Screening : Sonic Four + Samurai Fiction (Hiroyuki Nakano) East coast Premier Master of Shiatsu+ Electric Dragon 80,000 V (Sogo Ishii) East coast Premier 6/15 Sunday / Session 4: 12:00 pm ->

SUNDAY AFTERNOON MOVIE The Voice of Distant Star (Makoto Shinkai) International Premiere Junkers Come Here (Junichi Sato) East Coast Premiere Love & Pop (Hideaki Anno) North American Premiere 6/15 Sunday / Session 5: 5:00 pm ->

TOKYO DIRECTOR SERIES II : ANNO / MIIKE Discussion Screening : Ritual (“Shikijitsu”) (Hideaki Anno) North American Premiere Shangri-La (Takashi Miike) US Premiere

VENUE Tribeca Grand Hotel : 2 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10003 P: 212.519.6600

TICKETS $25/session $100/all 5 session multiple screening + discussion + PR kits + Snacks Ticket Sales : online: www.ticketweb.com Phone : 866.468.7619


Andy Jones Director of “Final Flight Of The Osiris” from the Animatrix, Andy Jones, began his career at Digital Domain working as an animation supervisor on Titanic, Godzilla the onto Square as Animation Director for “Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within”.

Dai Miyazaki Producer of many Manga based live-action films such as “Ichi the Killer”, “Uzumaki” and “Blue Spring”. At his discussion, he shows the clips from all his works including the newest “Revolver” and “1/Ichii” and make a lead to “Blue” screening.


Hideaki Anno: Born in 1960 in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Anno started his career making various live action and animated films with friends. Later, he went on to work as a key animator on Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (by Hayao Miyazaki, 1984), Macross (by Noboru Ishiguro & Shoji Kawamori, 1984), and Grave of the Fireflies (by Isao Takahata, 1988). He later teamed up with his school mates as a supervising animator for Wings of Honneamise (1987). He’s also credited in the original video animation for Gunbuster (1988). In 1995, Anno directed the legendary television anime series, Neon Genesis Evangelion. Anno made his live action film director debut with Love & Pop (1998), based on a novel by Ryu Murakami. Effectively using a digital video, its unique visual expression received much critical acclaim. And Ritual is his second live action film.

Takashi Miike: Born in 1960 in Osaka, Miike worked under directors Shohei Imamura and Hideo Onchi. He made his feature-film debut in 1995 with Shinjuku Kuroshakai-China Mafia War. His next film, Fudo: The New Generation, released in 1996, was chosen as one of the Best Ten Movies of the year by TIME Magazine. Other works include Gokudo Kuroshaki-Rainy Dog (1997), Blues Harp, The Bird People in China, Andromedia Nihon Kuroshaki-Ley Lines (1998), Dead or Alive (1999), The City of Lost Souls, Dead Or Alive 2: Birds , The Guys from Paradise, Visitor Q (2000), Ichi the Killer, Happening of the Katakuri’s (2001), Dead or Alive Final, Agitator (2002). He has worked in a wide variety of genres from adolescent films, to Yakuza movies, to fantasy stories.

Sogo Ishii: Born in 1957 in Fukuoka, Ishii is often considered the electro chemical of Japanese cinema. Quentin Tarantino has often cites him as an influence. In the late 70s, he paved the way for many independent film-makers such as Shinya Tsukamoto, Kiyoshi Kurosawa and Makoto Shinozaki by making the transition from underground filmmaking into mainstream industry. Panic High School (1977), The Solitude of One Divided by 880,000 (1978), Charge! Hakata Street Gangster (1978), Crazy Thunder Road (1980), Shuffle (1981), Burst City (1982), The Code Name is Asia Strikes Back (1983), Crazy Family (1984), Half Human (1986), The Master of Shiatsu (1989), J-Movie Wars: Tokyo Blood (1993), August in the Water (1995), Labyrinth of Dreams (1997), Gojo (2000), Electric Dragon 80,000 V(2001), Dead End Run (2003)

Hiroyuki Nakano: Born in 1958 in Fukuyama, Nakano has been making cutting edge films using advanced digital technology to skillfully blend visuals and music. Nakano established the Tirrel Corporation in 1985, Japan’s first music video production company. His stunning music clip “Groove Is In The Heart” performed by Deee-Lite, was nominated in 6 categories at the 1990 MTV Music Awards. His works includes music clips for Paul Weller, Les Rita Mitsouko, Les Negresses Vertes, and many others. Nakano’s music clip “Niten-Ichiryu” for Photek in 1996, a forerunner for Samurai Fiction, had been aired worldwide on MTV. Recent films: SF: Samurai Fiction (1998), Pop Beat Killers (2000) (Hong Kong: English title), Red Shadow: Akakage (2001), SF: Stereo Future (2001), SF : Short Film.

6-2-03—- 2nd Tokyopop Rising Stars Competition Kicks Off

America watched as TOKYOPOP Inc. turned all 10 winners of its inaugural Rising Stars of Manga(tm) competition into published authors. Just weeks ago, the anthology books were shipped to bookstores nationwide, and suddenly these talented individuals are getting the recognition they deserve: they have book signings, public appearances, press interviews-not to mention the nice cash prizes-and this is only the start.

Now, TOKYOPOP is delighted to announce its second Rising Stars of Manga(tm) contest (June 1 – September 1, 2003), and seeks another group of winners to shower with attention. Like its predecessor, this new round of competition calls for original manga submissions from aspiring U.S. creators, and will award 10 winners cash prizes and the potential to be published nationally in a Rising Stars anthology. TOKYOPOP has made a few important changes to the rules, however, and the complete details can be found on TOKYOPOP’s website at: www.tokyopop.com/news/mangatalent/index.php.

“With the publication of the first Rising Stars of Manga anthology, the dream has come true for ten aspiring manga-ka,” said Jeremy Ross, TOKYOPOP’s Editorial Director. “We were impressed by the dedication and creativity that our winners demonstrated, and we’re looking forward to an even greater flood of amazing entries for round two. So, to all you artists and writers: put your manga where your mouth is!”

“The contest took a lot of effort and willpower, but doing it was the best decision we made as artists,” said Priscilla Hamby, whose entry with teammate Clint Bickham took Grand Prize. “If you hang in there and have faith in your skills, then it’s a perfect chance to stop dreaming and make something really happen.”

6-2-03—- Updating The Pirate Anime FAQ

Joe Curzon, who created the Pirate Anime FAQ is looking to update it soon and is seekig support and suggestions from the fan community. Details can be found at Slashdot.