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Anime News Service – March 16-19 Anime News

3-19-02—- Midnight Eye Updates

New at midnight Eye this week is an interview with Kazushi Watanabe, the actor best known for playing the title role in Takashi Miike’s VISITOR Q. Watanabe is currently making a career for himself as a director, and together with our interview we also review his debut feature 19. You can view it here.

Several new book reviews have been added here.

3-19-02—- Ring Remake

“Received word that the remake is already scheduled for a September release in Japan via the Toho distribution arm.”

Also, a teaser for the film-which appeared in the back of the comic adaptation of the recent “The Time Machine”-is linked to

Thanks to Daniel for the link.

3-19-02—- Possible Avalon Release Date

The following information on Oshii’s live-action film came from Upcoming Movies, thanks to Daniel for posting this to our Mailing List:

“Release Date: TBA 2002 (limited release; at least at first)… Languages: Polish with English subtitles (note: there’s a chance Miramax might have this dubbed, but subtitles seem more likely)….”

3-19-02—- Sequential Tart Anime Chat

Sequntial Tart will host a special anime and manga chat on Wednesday March 20th at 9 PM EST. Fans can participate at:

This month in the anime and manga section of the site ST focussed on horror and the many works that “scare” them. You can check that out here.

3-19-02—- Konami Yugioh Cards GBA Addition

Thanks to Daniel for this Gamespot Item :

“Konami has announced that a set of collectible cards will included in the Game Boy Color version of Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories, its upcoming trading-card game for the Game Boy Color. The set will include three different holographic silver-foil cards that will only be available inside the packaging for the game. Only the initial shipment of the game will include the limited-edition cards. Subsequent shipments will include a completely different set of cards. The limited-edition cards will include three monsters: blue-eyed white dragon, exodia the forbidden one, and dark magician. Yu-Gi-Oh! games have sold in excess of 7.5 million units in Japan. Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories for the Game Boy Color ships to North American retailers tomorrow.”

3-19-02—- X Manga Return Note

Thanks to Jorge for this news:

I just bought today the new issue of Animerica Extra. Inside are the details for the return of X/1999 to it’s pages:

The End of The World is Coming Back!
X/1999 fans rejoice! You get to see the pain and misery of your favorite characters as we resume the countdown to the end of the world in graphic novel format!

Our apologies for the wait, but starting in may, the long awaited X/1999 volume Volume 7:Crescendo will see it’s North American debut! Volume 8 will come out in August, and Volume 9 will come out just in time for Christmas! It’s been a long time and a lot of work, but it’s finally happening!

The rest of the colums talks about a new Animerica Extra cover done by Chiho Saito, a Haiku contest, a Fushigi Yuugi poster and an old favorite returning to the pages of Animerica Extra in september. That’s about it.

Source: Animerica Extra (

3-19-02—- Square/Nintendo Reunion Perspective

The below link incudes a perspective report concerning the Square/Nintendo deal, thanks to Jorge for the scoop

: FFOnline

3-18-02—- Yaoi Con Looking For A Few Good Volunteers

From the release:

Yaoi-Con 2002

Yaoi-Con 2002 is sending out a call to fans interested in helping to create a slam-bang convention event for yaoi enthusiasts worldwide! If you’ve got the time, skills and determination to see tasks through to completion, play well with others, and harbor a love for all things yaoi that just won’t quit, have we got a job for you!

Being a Yaoi-Con Staff member offers many rewards, not the least of which is having a hand in making Yaoi-Con 2002 bigger and better than our groundbreaking 2001 premiere!

Take a look at our committee and requirements profiles and find out if there’s a niche you’d be the perfect fit for:

– Programming – Events/Panels/Workshops – needs enthusiastic people to bring out ideas of what to do at Yaoi-Con 2002 and to help coordinate programming and events. If you’ve got ideas, we want them – and you! 🙂 Contact Kiri at

– PR needs people to work on premiums (design and contacts), write and edit con announcements, and assist in convention representation in the anime world. Contact April at

– Volunteering needs a few dedicated individuals who are willing to commit a lot of convention time to manning the volunteer/info table and a minimal amount of pre-con involvement. Have any questions or interest? Contact Bill at

– Dealers Committee needs people to help contact and coordinate with prospective and confirmed companies coming to Yaoi-Con. Contact Tracy at

– Mailing List Distribution needs people who are willing to help spread the word about Yaoi-Con by passing on written announcements and/or auctions to MLs. Please contact us *first*; we need to coordinate the ML postings and moderator permissions on the lists. (“Please don’t try this on your own.” -g-) Contact April at

– Sponsorship Committee needs assistance in gathering quotes for various sponsorship items, and numerous other projects. Contact Tracy at

If you think you can help, please contact the supervisors for more information about the committees and tasks.

Thank you for your interest in Yaoi-Con!

3-18-02—- Immoral Angel Title Correction

Thanks to Frank of CPM for sending us these revised details on the Immoral Angel release:

Immoral Angel Book One: Fall From Grace (graphic novel)

Remi would do anything to save her father’s life, including being forced into servitude by sadistic Nekozo Kyuso. She endures unimaginable torture at his hands, and is strained to the breaking point for her master’s amusement.

When will her sufferings come to an end? How many more humiliations can she endure before she strikes back? And just what is the menace of the Lemmings?

7/3/2002 $16.95 176 pages Black and White Manga18 Adults Only ISBN: 1-58664-868-3 UPC: 7-19987-00622-5-00111 Catalog: CMX 62201G

2-18-02—- New Guardians Of Order RPG Imprint

From the Guardians Of Orderrelease:


Guardians Of Order, Inc. proudly announced today the formation of Magnum Opus, their new creator-owned role-playing game publishing imprint. The new line, which Guardians Of Order will produce, distribute, and administer on behalf of their creative partners, will feature core rulebooks and game supplements developed under license for the critically acclaimed Tri-Stat System.

Three new game companies — La Mancha Games, Phile, and Primal Utterings — concurrently declared their intentions to produce products for the Magnum Opus imprint. Guardians Of Order also announced that they are currently negotiating with several other companies to publish Magnum Opus titles in 2003.

“Magnum Opus is an important milestone for the adventure gaming industry, and for our company,” said President Mark C. MacKinnon. “The imprint will offer publishers access to our distribution channels and Tri-Stat System player network, while they maintain creative freedom and control over their copyright and trademarks. We created Magnum Opus, Latin for ‘great work,’ after carefully considering the needs of both the independent creators and the industry consumers. This professional creator-owned imprint is an ideal publishing alternative for many companies, and we are thrilled to bring this innovative concept to the role-playing market.”

Guardians Of Order also announced that Magnum Opus publishers can license any variation of the Tri-Stat System for their products. This includes D6 Tri-Stat, featured in the Big Eyes, Small Mouth anime RPG, and D10 Tri-Stat, which debuts in July 2002 in the new superhero RPG, Silver Age Sentinels. Upcoming Magnum Opus products announced today include:

Fourth Millennium (La Mancha Games) — The science fiction techno-thriller role-playing game, created by industry veterans James Maliszewski and Kevin Brennan. Fourth Millennium debuts in late 2002.

Swords, Hearts, and Flowers: The Art of Shoujo (Phile) — A vivid and concise guide to incorporating Shoujo (young girl) elements into any RPG campaign. Releasing in late 2002, this handbook features writing by Genevieve R. Cogman and Alex Williams.

Epoch Restoration (Primal Utterings) — A heroic anime science fiction campaign universe that unravels a saga of information overload and genetic damnation. Epoch Restoration premieres in summer 2003.

3-18-02—- ADV Press – Sailor Moon – Excel Saga



HOUSTON, March 18, 2002 – ADV FILMS has set a street date of June 11, 2002 for Sailor Moon: The Man in the Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon: The Secret of the Sailor Scouts, the third and fourth volumes in ADV’s DVD premiere of the international best-selling family title.

Sailor Moon: The Man in the Tuxedo Mask From enchanted cameras to dangerous dollies, the evil forces of the Negaverse will stop at nothing in their efforts to aid Queen Beryl in her plans to conquer the Earth! But when they send a fake Tuxedo Mask to do their dirty work, they make a crucial mistake… because the real Tuxedo Mask doesn’t like being imitated! Sailor Moon and her friends have their hands full in the third spectacular collection of Sailor Moon ® on DVD!

Sailor Moon: The Secret of the Sailor Scouts When Queen Beryl sends her newest and most relentless henchmen to gather the Earth’s crystals, the Sailor Scouts may have met their match! Fortunately, the mighty Sailor Jupiter arrives just in time to even the odds! And as if that wasn’t enough excitement, Luna finally reveals the secret origin of the Sailor Scouts’ amazing powers in the fourth stunning collection of Sailor Moon ® on DVD!

Previously available only on VHS, fans of the worldwide hit series Sailor Moon ® have anticipated the release of these episodes in the DVD format. As seen on television, these installments of Sailor Moon ® feature six episodes in the English-language and will retail at $14.98. Each volume also includes a free limited-edition Sailor Moon ® trading card from Dart Flipcards, Inc.

SAILOR MOON: THE MAN IN THE TUXEDO MASK Running Time: 135 Minutes; Age Rating: All Pre-Book Date: 5/14/02 Street Date: 6/11/02 Format SRP DVD $14.98

SAILOR MOON: THE SECRET OF THE SAILOR SCOUTS Running Time: 135 Minutes; Age Rating: All Pre-Book Date: 5/14/02 Street Date: 6/11/02 Format SRP DVD $14.98


HOUSTON, March 18, 2002 – ADV FILMS has set the street date of June 11, 2002 for Excel Saga 1, the first volume of the highly anticipated and outrageously bizarre anime satire.

Excel Saga is a one-of-a kind work of art that can only be described as the ultimate parody of anime. From the opening credits – a rather odd spoof of Japanese pop videos – to the ending song featuring Menchi the dog singing/barking a plaintive ballad while a human interpreter translates for viewers, nothing is sacred in the world of Excel Saga.

Key Facts: Excel Saga contains the chronically over-challenged and understaffed secret ideological organization of ACROSS (total membership: 2), whose goal is to conquer the city of F. It contains your complete daily requirements of Martian princesses, afro-wearing action heroes, mysterious governmental agencies, space butlers, deranged comic book authors, androgynous prisoners in iron masks, annoying roommates, removable moustaches and a generous supply of adorably cute aliens bent on galactic domination. Excel Saga contains one (1) emergency food supply/singing dog and one (1) Excel, the most certifiably insane teenage girl to ever walk the face of the planet.

ADV’s release of Excel Saga 1 ($29.98 SRP) collects the first five episodes of the highly anticipated comedy series in the English-language, as well as the Japanese language version with English subtitles. DVD extras include A.D. Vid-notes (a great Pop-Up Video style feature that gives behind-the-scenes info and explains some of the cultural references the series presents), a Japanese video piracy warning, textless credit animation, original Japanese trailers, and ADV previews.

EXCEL SAGA 1 Running Time: 125 Minutes; Age Rating: 17+ Pre-Book Date: 5/14/02 Street Date: 6/11/02 Format SRP DVD $29.98

3-18-02—- Exclusive: Reports From Game Developers Conference

Longtime ANS reader and contributor Jim Montoya will be attending this week’s Game Developers Conference in Northern California. ANS will post news briefs from the event, which begins Tuesday. Jim has compiled a brief header pre-event.

The Game Developers Conference 2002 in San Jose, California kicks off Tuesday of this week. This year’s group of over 300 conference speakers is a veritable whose who of U.S. and international game designers. Announced notable Japanese speakers include:
– Masaya Matsuura, game designer with NanaOn-sha, whose recent titles include PaRappa 2, and Vib-Ribbon 2.
– Tetsuya Mizuguchi, creator of the recent hits Space Channel 5 Part 2, and REZ.
– Toshihiro Nagoshi, president of Amusement Vision, who has brought us hits like Super Monkey Ball and Daytona USA 2001.
– Yoot Saito, game designer/CEO of Vivarium Inc., the one and only creator of Yoot Tower and the ultra strange yet addictive Seaman.
– Kazunori Yamauchi, president of Polyphony Digital, producer of the hit racing game Gran Turismo.
There are always a number of unannounced special guests that turn up during this weeklong conference. Past popular speakers have included Ken Kutaragi, Shigeru Miyamoto, Yu Suzuki, and even newbie of the console world, Bill Gates. The GDC Expo this year has over 150 participating companies.
If you are game developer or a student of the game arts then this is the conference for you. The great game crafts people of the world are here to share their knowledge and expertise with you! To learn more about the GDC, please visit this URL:

3-18-02—-Godzilla V.S. Mecha Godzilla Kaiju Design Note

From Cinescape via Daniel:

“Suit maker Shinichi Wakasa will be designing the kaiju for the newest Godzilla film. Not much information is known at this time but his design for Godzilla (as suspected by many fans) will be based on the “mire-goji” and “gira-goji” designs from GODZILLA 2000 and GODZILLA X MEGAGUIRUS. It has been said to expect changes and tweaks to the overall design. Wakasa has created many creatures for past films such as Space Godzilla, Destroyah, and Death Ghidorah.”

3-18-02—- Resident Evil Box Office Score

Yahoo states Resident Evil came second in the box office this weekend with $18.2 million.

“Among the major debuts, the numbers for zombie thriller “Resident Evil” were boosted by actresses Milla Jovovich and Michelle Rodriguez, who drew young women to a film that ordinarily would be dominated by males, said Jeff Blake, president of distribution at Sony Pictures Entertainment, the Sony Corp (news – web sites). -owned parent of Screen Gems.

“Sony acquired North American distribution rights from its German producer, Constantin Film, which is moving ahead with a sequel, said Mitch Horwits, president of Constantin’s U.S.-based unit.”

[Note from Daniel: While Ice Age made 3 times as much money as Resident Evil, and is the number one film this weekend, one might wonder how well it would’ve done if the Attack of the Clones trailer wasn’t in front of it.]

Source: Daniel

3-17-02—- Independent Animation Mahou No Chocolate To Air On NHK

Mahou no Chocolate (Magical Chocolate), the latest creation of independent anime studio / circle Ishikawa Pro will broadcast on NHK on the 22nd of March. The 8 minute and 30 second anime work took five months and 1,700 cels to complete. In the show, with Valentine’s Day approaching, Mami-chan yearns to give a valentine chocolate confession of love to the popular Ishida-sempai. Her friend Koko-chan tells her the legend of the magical chocolate. Fans without NHK access can view the work, the VHS version of the anime (and some of the previous works of Ishikawa Pro) can be purchased from the indie movies section of Anime Jungle, MPEG 1 CD-ROM is also available. Screen captures and a trailer can be seen here.

Source: Natsume Maya

3-17-02—- San Diego Asian Film Festival Metropolis Fundraiser Screening

Thanks to Ben of the San Diego Asian Film Festival for passing on this info:

Got Anime? We Do! Check out Sony’s hot anime sensation, METROPOLIS, (link to: while raising money for SDAFF. Co-presented by UCSD’s Cal Animage Beta group, we’re offering a fundraising screening of Metropolis at UCSD’s Price Center, 7:30 p.m., Friday May 31. Tickets are $5-7, and proceeds benefit SDAFF so we can bring you a bigger and better film festival!

3-16-02—- New Speedlines Japanese Toy Column

Thanks to Jeremy for mentioning RTM has updated it’s Speed Lines column with a listing of new toys coming out in japan. It can be viewed here.

3-16-02—- Cherry Blossoms Start Annual Bloom In Tokyo

Japan’s famous and beautiful Sakura blossoming season has kicked off as cherry blossom blooms grace the streets of Tokyo, images and a report can be viewed at the Mainichi here.

3-16-02—- Motorola Mulls i-Mode

Will Motorola produce i-mode handsets? A new article at Yahoo explores the possibility.

3-16-02—- Toynami Update On Robotech: Masterpiece Collection

According to Toynami:

As a result of necessary production refinements and final finishing touches, we now expect Volume One of the Robotech Masterpiece Collection to begin shipping in May 2002. While we realize this release is highly anticipated, we ask for your patience so that we can bring you a truly superior product. We want the consumers to have it as soon as possible, and we want you to be able to sell it to them as soon as possible, but we’ll never compromise our standards by giving you product just to meet a deadline. Trust us: it will be worth the wait.

3-16-02—- Game News

The third game in the Crazy Taxi series takes place in Las Vegas. Screenshots for the game are available at Gamespot.

3-16-02—- ADV Films Festival

According to Comic Book Scifi, on Saturday, March 30, a series of ADV films will be shown at the Los Angeles Science Fiction and Comic Book Convention being held at the Convention Center in Pasadena. The address is 300 East Green St. (The Exhibition Building.) Admission is $5.50, and the shows(from what I can read on the blurry scan) seem to start at 12 and end at 5-7. Programs will include Excel Saga, Samurai X, Gasaraki, Soul Hunter, Orphen, and Spriggan. The actual convention begins at 10:00 a.m., and you might want to be there early to get free Evangelion, Samurai X, and Spriggan posters, as they run out fast. Also, save your ticket stubs, as there’s a free drawing for ADV dvd’s at 3:30 p.m.

Thanks to Daniel for the news