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Anime News Service – April 30 – May 9 Anime News

5-9-03—- Pop Japan Travel Fall 2003 Tour Schedule

Fresh on the net, Pop Japan Travel’s Fall 2003 Tour schedule has been posted. Although the schedule is tentative noted changes include an excursion to the Fall Tokyo Game Show. Anime studio(s) to be visisted this time around are to be announced, more details to come. Start your journey by checking out what happens on days 1-2.

5-9-03—- Princess Nine Soundtrack Coming From Anime Trax

Princess Nine Original Soundtrack 1 CD Pre-book date: 7/29/2003 – Street date: 8/26/2003 Running Time: approx 46 minutes, 22 tracks

Audio CD Catalog#: AT9327 ISBN: 1-57032-934-6 UPC#: 7-42617-9327-2-4 SRP: $14.98

From renowned composer Masamichi Amano (SiN: the Movie / Ninja Resurrection / Giant Robo / Ruin Explorers / Urotsukidoji) comes the Original Soundtrack to Princess Nine!

Head back out to the mound with the music from Princess Nine! Featuring songs composed by Masamichi Amano and performed by the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra, this CD has all the touching melodies and stirring themes that played during the Princesses’ rise to the top. It also has the TV-size opening and closing songs, “Princess Nine” and “Passionate Days”! Toss in liner notes and story exposition from series producer Kensei Date, and you have a package that no Princess Nine fan should be without.

Graphic of this CD jacket is located at:

WHAT THEY’RE SAYING ABOUT THE PRINCESS NINE ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACKS: “Princess Nine’s music is… some of the best background music you will hear in recent anime.” –

5-9-03—- Anime North Updates

Anime North, Canada’s hottest Anime Convention gets ready for another action packed weekend during the Victoria day long weekend of May 16-18, 2003 at Toronto’s Regal Constellation Hotel.

Highlights for this year’s event include Special Guest of Honor- comic book artist and screenplay writer- Frank Miller! Mr. Miller is noted for his work of Lone Wolf and Cub, Batman, Dark Knight Returns, Sin City, Ronin and Daredevil. YTV hosts Sugar, Carlos and Paula will be going ‘anime crazy’, broadcasting The Zone and Vortex live from the event.

Anime North will be honoring Mr. Miller with the prestigious, “Momiji” Award, in appreciation for his tireless efforts on behalf of classic titles like Kazuo Koike’s Lone Wolf and Cub, and his integration of Eastern influences and styles in his original creations like Ronin, Dark

Knight Returns and Sin City, Mr. Miller has been an important force in bringing Japanese creators, their art form and influences to a wider audience

This award will be presented jointly by the organizers of Anime North and by the Consul of Japan.

Other special guests include:

* Hikaru Midorikawa: a famous “seiyuu” (voice actor) whose notable roles include the popular original Japanese anime- Yu-Gi-Oh, to which Mr. Midorikawa was the voice for Kaiba. Other roles include anime titles of Fushigi Yuugi, Sailor Moon, Weiss Krues, Cowboy Bebop and Gundam Wing.

* Stan Sakai- a three-time Eisner award winner! His creation, Usagi Yojimbo, is the story of a samurai rabbit living in a feudal Japan populated by anthropomorphic animals. It first appeared in Albedo Comics in 1984, and since then, Usagi has been on television as a guest of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and as toys, on clothing, in comic books and in a series of trade paperback collections.

* Actor David Kaye- whose credits include the next X Men movie- XMEN 2-X2 ! David is also the voice of Professor Xavier in the popular show, X-Men: Evolution, not to mention his continued work in as the evil leader- Megatron in Transformers: Armada. David is one of the most heard voices around.

Also included are many more voice actors of various favorite anime series to include Scott McNeil, Brian Drummond, Kirby Morrow, Saffron Henderson, Mark Hildreth and Brad Swaile.

Special events include the Red and White Show, J-Rock Room, Art show, anime and manga workshops, a Masquerade, the National Dragon Ball Z card tournament and the Beyblade blast off!

Special anime premieres include Kaidohmaru- from Production I.G and Manga Entertainment.

Kaidohmaru is a touching story on how a girl, named Kintoki, is brought up as a boy and fights battles like a boy, but in reality, she is a girl. She falls in love with the General who leads her, but he is hardly aware of her feelings. At the same time the beautiful evil princess, Ouni-Hime, being driven by jealousy, tries to destroy not only these two but also the whole city in the course of her rage. It is a dramatic plot that is developed by puzzled emotions between these three characters.

In addition- there will be various fundraising events for the Hospital for Sick Children Foundation, to which Anime North, a non- profit organization, proudly supports.

YTV and Beyblade will be present, in full force. Corus Entertainment will be hosting Beyblade demonstrations as well as having the voice actors of Kenny and Kai at their booth, meeting the fans and signing autographs.

YTV’s after-school programming block The Zone will be broadcast LIVE on Friday, May 16, 4 – 6 p.m., from Anime North, with hosts Sugar and Carlos. On Saturday, May 17, 7 a.m. – 12 p.m., Paula hosts Vortex LIVE from the first official day of Anime North. Get to know Paula, Vortex’s new host, as she gets to know anime, from movies to games, books to dancing, and plenty of surprises.

This will be Anime North’s Seventh year and Canada’s largest fan run anime convention! It hopes to have over 5000 attendees for 2003 to make it the largest party ever for anime and manga fans!

For more information about specific guests and events, please visit:

5-8-03—- Animatrix Exclusive Teletoon Premiere

Matrix mania is already well underway, with The Matrix Reloaded opening in theatres across Canada on Thursday, May 15th. But now Matrix fans can get the inside track on 2003’s biggest entertainment phenomenon, by tuning in for a one-night only exclusive TELETOON animation premiere.

On Monday, May 26th, TELETOON Unleashed will present Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Village Roadshow Pictures’ groundbreaking animated short film Final Flight of the Osiris, a visually spectacular prelude to The Matrix Reloaded. It will air at the beginning of the prime time block at 10:00 p.m., and again at 11:15 p.m., 2:00 a.m., and 2:45 a.m.

Final Flight of the Osiris is the centerpiece of The Animatrix, a DVD/video release which serves as background to The Matrix movie trilogy. The film is one of nine animated shorts inspired by the visionary action and innovative storytelling that power The Matrix, using computer generated imagery and Japanese anime to explore its mind-bending world. Described by Entertainment Weekly as “the jewel in the crown” of The Animatrix, Final Flight of the Osiris was written by Andy and Larry Wachowski, creators of the Matrix trilogy, who enlisted the directing talents of the world’s foremost anime filmmakers to contribute to the anthology.

“The Wachowski brothers’ vision for The Matrix is one that extends far beyond the theatrical trilogy, and the world they have created is so rich, that we’ve chosen to tell these inter-connected Matrix-related stories in multiple media,” said producer Joel Silver. ‘The Animatrix takes fans beyond the boundaries of the movie screen and into the vast realm of The Matrix, introducing them to new characters and scenarios that further the trilogy’s mythology and amplify their cinematic experience.” In addition to TELETOON’s exclusive broadcast on May 26 at 10;00 p.m., four additional shorts from The Animatrix are being streamed for free at prior to the collection’s DVD and video release on June 3, 2003.
Don’t miss the exclusive broadcast preview of The Animatrix on Monday, May 26th, with four broadcasts beginning at 10:00 p.m. Where else, but on TELETOON? Just like The Matrix, We’re Unreal.

5-8-03—- BAAF Could Make YOU An Anime Voice Actor/Actress

The Big Apple Anime Fest (BAAF) today announced the “Big Apple Anime Fest ‘Anime Idol’ Voice Acting Contest,” a nation-wide search for new voice talents looking to break into the highly competitive world of English language anime voice acting. The winners of four regional contests will be invited to compete in the finals, to be held at BAAF 2003 in Times Square, New York City, on Sunday, August 31, 2003. Judges will include leading directors and producers of Japanese anime attending BAAF 2003 as Guests of Honor, as well as professional voice actors currently active in the field.

Preliminary auditions will be held at Anime Boston, Anime Central, Otakon, and at BAAF itself. Three regional finalists will be selected from each regional site to advance to the semi-final and final rounds in New York over Labor Day Weekend. The three winners of each regional audition will receive weekend passes to BAAF 2003 and the chance to compete for the Grand Prize.

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of the action, as voice actors from around the country vie for the title of “Big Apple Anime Fest ‘Anime Idol’.” This grueling competition will put the talents of our contestants to the ultimate test as they strut their stuff in front of a live audience in what is sure to be the highlight of this year’s Big Apple Anime Fest. Be a part of the fun and cast your vote to decide who will be this year’s “BAAF Anime Idol!”

The Big Apple Anime Fest “Anime Idol” Voice Acting Contest

Grand Prize (1): The Grand Prize winner will receive 15 DVD’s (a $450 value!), and earn a role in an upcoming Anime English Dub plus $500 for travel expenses, and standard voice actor pay.

First Prize (1): One winner will receive 15 DVDs (a $450 value).

Runners up (3): Three participants will win 10 DVDs each (a $300 value).

No Purchase Necessary for entry. Contest is open to any legally employable adult age 18 and over. Amateur performers are encouraged to apply. The prize-winning role in an upcoming anime dub will be a non-union production. The regional winners are responsible for their own transportation and lodging for BAAF 2003.

Ryoko Maebayashi, BAAF Liaison Manager, commented, “Voice acting is one of the most exciting potential careers for many anime fans. A number of anime fans have sufficient talent to bring diverse anime characters to life on the screen. However, it is tough to break into the voice-acting world. This is why BAAF has come up with the concept of the Big Apple Anime Fest “Anime Idol” Voice Acting Contest. We believe that this contest will become the gateway for anime fans to achieve their dream and passion, and we welcome everyone to give it their best shot.”

Click here for complete rules and entry form

5-8-03—- Initial D Card Game Details

TOKYOPOPâ-a blistering force in youth entertainment-announces the introduction of a dynamic Initial D Trading Card Game produced by card giant AEG, the company also known for the popular Legend of the Five Rings trading card gam e. Based on the runaway success of the Japanese anime series Initial D (TOKYOPOP debuts DVD in US this September), the trading card game will have players battling to master the lightning-fast action of street racing and tuning their vehicles with the late st in racing technology.

Initial D is a fast-paced, action-filled anime/manga series with a storyline built for speed. Its “coming of age” plot follows the adventures of reluctant hero Tak, a teenage tofu delivery boy who gets swept up in the world of street racers by battling som e of the best drivers in town. The unusual thing about Tak is the car he uses to drive his way up the highest echelons of street racing-a dowdy 1986 Corolla (known as the ‘Eight Six’ for its engine type). Street racing gangs start looking for the mysteriou s Eight Six as Tak keeps beating stiff competition in superior cars through sheer driving skill. With the pop culture appeal of The Fast and the Furious, the characters in Initial D battle with raw emotion, experiencing glory, passion, pain and revenge.

An enormous hit in Japan, the Initial D series has already sold more than 30 million graphic novels, boasted an enormous 47% market share in its television time slot and earned more than $300 million in revenue from the Asian market alone.

“The coolest thing about the Initial D trading card game is how it allows fans to extend Initial D’s original storyline. With multiple combinations of cars, race courses and modifications possible, players experience Initial D as it has never existed befor e in print or onscreen,” says Stuart Levy, TOKYOPOP Founder and CEO. “And with AEG’s in-depth understanding of trading card game play and the gamer’s mindset, TOKYOPOP is truly excited to see what the company can do with a title like Initial D.”

To compete, Initial D players adopt the role of street racers driving a variety of tuner cars. Competitors can trick out their cars with modifications and special tuner parts obtainable through various cards, and then prepare to race at one of the many tra cks featured in the original anime series. Once the racing starts, players use special action cards to outmaneuver and outwit opponents. Their goal: awesome drifts and other gutsy maneuvers that leave the competition in the dust.

“AEG is excited about working with TOKYOPOP and Initial D to create the first trading card game to explore street racing culture for collectors and fans,” comments AEG President John Zinser. “After working on samurais in Legend of the Five Rings and barbar ians in the Warlord series, AEG was ready to bring something more contemporary to the North American market. The street racing action of Initial D was the perfect fit.”

Beginning in October 2003, Initial D game cards will be available at major retailers nationwide. Players can purchase Initial D starter decks that include 55 cards, a set of rules, game counters and a foil card for a suggested retail price of $12.99. Addi tional 11-card booster packs also include one foil card to each pack and will be available for a suggested retail price of $3.29 each.

5-8-03—- Kei Mizutani Interview

Thanks to the assistance of Central Park Media, DVD Vision Japan is the first English language site to post an interview with Kei Mizutani. For those of you who don’t know, Kei Mizutani is one of the biggest cult film stars in the world. Her first film “Weather Woman” made her the success she is today. You can read our interview at this link.

5-7-03—- Kosaikon Tickets Reservations

Due to worries surrounding people not being able to get tickets, Kosaikon has decided to allow ticket reservations. The cost will be $15 per ticket and you will only receive an email confirmation of receipt. You will pick up your tickets at the door, but by paying ahead of time, you will be guaranteed a ticket.

Reservation instructions are on the KosaiKon website at:

5-6-03—- Tarabox At A-kon

Courtesy Raijin Comics and Daniel:

Come and see RAIJIN COMICS’ senior editor, Jake Tarbox, at A-Kon.

A-kon is held in Dallas Texas, May 30 – June 1.

Ask Mr. Tarbox questions and see what secrets he will reveal regarding RAIJIN COMICS. He is coming to America to hear from you, our readers and fans. So what do you think of RAIJIN COMICS? What about our Graphic Novels? Come voice your opinion, give him his props, and meet a member of the RAIJIN family.

Check out RAIJIN COMICS swag at the convention, he will also be bringing some great prizes and giveaways from Japan! So be sure to check out A-kon if you are in the area.

For more information please visit

5-6-03—- City Hunter’s Hojo At BAAF

From Daniel and

Did you miss your chance to meet Hojo Sensei, creator of City Hunter at AX? Well here is your chance to see him in New York at this year’s BAAF!

Held in Time Square from August 29th to August 31st, Mr. Hojo will be the special guest of honor, as RAIJIN COMICS launches BAAF’s Manga Fest.

Official press release::::::::::::::::


The Big Apple Anime Fest is your ticket to the most exciting manga convention in New York.

New York City, April 14, 2003 – The Big Apple Anime FestT and RAIJIN COMICS are proud to announce that RAIJIN COMICS will be the exclusive presentation sponsor for the 2003 BAAF MangaFest!T , a celebration of manga and comic art influenced by Asian pop culture. BAAF MangaFestT! will take place during the Big Apple Anime Fest on Labor Day Weekend, August 29-31, 2003 at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York City. BAAF MangaFestT! will bring together creators from Japan, Korea, and the United States for three exciting days of industry panels, how-to workshops, Guest of Honor autograph sessions, dealer sales and much more. BAAF MangaFestT! is expected to offer one of the largest manga and graphic novel dealer rooms in the U.S., making it easy for fans to find their back issues and favorite works. BAAF MangaFestT! is one of many activities taking place during Big Apple Anime Fest 2003 under the slogan, “World Anime PartyŽ.”

Mr. Nobuhiko Horie, CEO of Gutsoon! Entertainment, Inc., the parent company of RAIJIN COMICS, commented, “We are excited and proud to be the exclusive presentation sponsors of the 2003 BAAF MangaFestT!. It speaks to our continued commitment to bring the art and storytelling that is manga to more and more American fans.”

“BAAF MangaFestT! offers even more attractions to the attendees of BAAF this year,” said Ryoko Maebayashi, Liaison Manager of the Big Apple Anime Fest. “Many fans of anime are also fans of manga, but most anime fan conventions don’t focus on manga. We at BAAF want to treat our fans to an exciting, festival experience which celebrates manga as well as anime, so we are making BAAF MangaFestT! the largest event of its kind. We are especially grateful to RAIJIN COMICS for helping BAAF and the fans by sponsoring BAAF MangaFestT! and by supporting the creation of this unique event!”

For more information please visit

5-6-03—- Japanese Outlaw Masters 5 Event

Occuring At The Egyptian Theatre In Los Angeles June 19 – 22, 2003:
This year’s series roars back into action with two new films from enfant terrible Takashi (AUDITION) Miike, NEW GRAVEYARD OF HONOR and VISITOR Q; two unnerving portraits of modern Japanese teens, SUICIDE CLUB (about an unexplained wave of horrific suicides sweeping Japan) and BOUNCE KO GALS (about high school girls doubling as call girls); plus the U.S. Premieres of genre classics from directors Seijun Suzuki (UNDERWORLD BEAUTY, 1958), Yasuharu Hasebe (the insane STRAY CAT ROCK – SEX HUNTER, 1970), and the late, great Kinji Fukasaku (BLACKMAIL IS MY LIFE, 1968).

5-5-03—- King Of Bandit Jing Production Wraps

ADV Films ADR Director Charles Campbell, based at ADV Films-Austin West (one of two ADV Films production facilities in Austin, Texas) reports that English-language dubbing of the hotly anticipated series King of Bandit Jing is complete.

Excitement! Campbell is enthusiastic about the experience. “King of Bandit Jing is one of the best shows I’ve ever worked on,” said Campbell. “Great action, music, animation and strong stories. …Jing will be great entertainment for action lovers.”

Talent! Joey Hood played the role of “Jing” in ADV Films’ English-language version of the title. An experienced voice actor, with experience including playing “Akagi” in Dai-Guard, as well as roles in Soul Hunter, Samurai X, Zone of the Enders: Dolores and others, Hood is also a busy stage actor in the lively Austin theater scene.

Trivia! King of Bandit Jing is filled with characters named after alcoholic beverages: Vodka, Cognac, Cidre (“Cider” in French); Fino (a very dry sherry), Vermouth, Mimosa-even Kir, which is a cocktail, popular in France, made by mixing dry white whine with Crčme de Cassis. Who knew?

Story Background! Directed originally by Hiroshi Watanabe (Orphen, Kiki’s Delivery Service) King of Bandit Jing is based upon a manga of the same title by Yuchi Kumakura, detailing the adventures of Jing, a youthful and charming Robin Hood-esque bandit who travels from town to town, stealing valuables and hearts in equal measure. Along for the ride is his randy wiseacre albatross companion, Kir, who’s constantly getting the pair into difficulties. Each episode of the series features a different lovely lady who catches Kir’s eye, and figures strongly in the plot. (*NOTE: After the first couple of volumes, viewers should start thinking about their favorite “Jing Girl,” as this will be the subject of an upcoming contest…)

Collector’s Edition Available! ADV’s release of King of Bandit Jing will be available in two versions: as a DVD in its standard case, or as a collectors’ edition including the DVD and a custom series art box, sized to hold the entire series.

King of Bandit Jing: Volume One (SRP $29.98 DVD only; $39.98 Collectors’ Edition) is a DVD-only release, including four complete episodes. Includes both English- and Japanese-language versions, and English subtitles. Extras include: a printed insert; production sketches; clean opening and closing animation; and ADV previews.

KING OF BANDIT JING Running Time: 100 minutes; Age Rating: 13+ Pre-Book Date: 6/24/03 Street Date: 7/22/03 Format SRP DVD $29.98 DVD + Series Art Box $39.98

5-5-03—- Nao Yazawa’s Nozomi Manga Coming To US

Following up last week’s press conference held in Tokyo, Plex International Design, one of Japan’s leading toy design and TV planning companies, announced a second title in their new line of original manga to be relelased in the United States.

Nao Yazawa, a popular shojo artist, best know for the manga Wedding Peach, will write and illustrate a new, original shojo manga, Nozomi. Nozomi will be a one-shot 56 page, full color graphic novel. This is her first time creating an original manga specifically for American fans.

Nao Yazawa took some time to explain her thoughts about Nozomi. “I am very excited to have this chance to show my original shojo manga to American fans. I had never done any comic wok specifically for manga fans in the U.S., so there were times it was a little confusing. For example, the process of drawing the pages from left to right (Japanese is usually the opposite, from right to left), and adding sound effects in a more horizontal style (vertical writing is possible in Japanese manga). Also, Nozomi marks the first time my pages will be completely colored, not just in black and white. However, I am working to tell the fantastic story of Nozomi with as much sweat and love as I would devote to any of my other Japanese manga. I hope you will all enjoy Nozomi, and I pray for its success so I will have another chance to write and draw more manga for you in the future.”

Nozomi is not only the title of the manga, but the name of the main character of the story as well. Nozomi is a shy young girl whose life changes the day she wishes on a falling star. Her wish is unexpectedly granted but not in the way she expected. A playful demon comes to Earth to teach her about love… the hard way.

Nozomi will go on sale this July for $5.95. This 56 page, original shojo manga will be completely written, illustrated and colored by Nao Yazawa herself! Her other popular manga series Wedding Peach will be also released by Viz this same month, with the anime series due out in the U.S. soon as well. A special preview edition of Nozomi will be available at Anime Expo 2003 held July 3-6th in Los Angeles. Plex Co., Ltd. will also have a booth at the San Diego Comic Com from July 17-20th and Anime Reactor from October 24-26th in Chicago. Nao Yazawa will be at both later conventions for her first U.S. convention appearances.

For more information on Nao Yazawa visit

For more information on Anime Reactor visit

5-5-03—- Angel’s Wing Project Developments And US Manga Series

At a press conference held in Tokyo on May 7th, Plex International Design, one of Japan’s leading toy design and TV planning companies, announced they would publish a line of original manga in the United States.

PLEX President Masayuki Kondo commented, “We are pleased to present our newly-created characters to American fans first with the upcoming release of manga series like Angel’s Wing and NOZOMI. We hope you will enjoy these new characters and titles just as you have our past accomplishments, like Power Rangers, Masked Rider, Ultraman, Machine Robo and Robo Wheels. We will keep presenting our unique design work to meet all the fans expectations in the United States.”

Most Americans are already quite familiar with Plex’s work, even if they don’t know it. The design firm was responsible for the creation of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, the world’s best-selling toy line for the last decade. They have also done design for popular properties such as Gundam, Digimon, Masked Rider and Ultraman. Chances are that if you’ve ever purchased a toy based on a Japanese property, there’s a good chance Plex was involved on some level. Plex’s most recent original creation is RoboWheels, miniature cars that transform into robots. RoboWheels are now available in stores across America from Mattel as part of their Hot Wheels line.

Last year, to test the U.S. market waters, Plex published Angel’s Wing #1, an 80 page, full color graphic novel. Due to the overwhelming success of Angel’s Wing, they have decided to continue the series as an ongoing monhly manga. Angel’s Wing #2 will be an 88 page, full color graphic, scheduled for release in July, with subsequent issues being 32 pages each.

Angel’s Wing #1, the story of an apprentice Angel who makes her first trip to Earth, was illustrated by Tetsuya Aoki. Mr. Aoki is a veteran of the Japanese design and illustration industry. He has been working at Plex for over 12 years and has been an integral part of the success of their properties. Before joining Plex, Mr. Aoki was employed at Takara where he worked on the designs of the original Transformers.

Mr. Aoki was pleased to speak about the project. “I greatly appreciate all the people who have supported me and my work. It is their enthusiasm and encouragement that lead to Plex’s decision to continue on with Angel’s Wing #2 in the States.”, he explained. “After Angel’s Wing #1 came our last year, I had the chance to meet all the fans at several conventions over the summer. Their compliments and support was simply wonderful. Angel’s Wing #2 is for you, the fans. I will continue to create comics to be best of my abilities, comics which I hope everyone can enjoy.”

Angel’s Wing #2, also by Tetsuya Aoki, will go on sale this July. This 88 page original manga, colored by James Brown, will cost $7.95. However, a special preview edition of Angel’s Wing will be available at Anime Expo 2003 held July 3-6th in Los Angeles. Plex Design will also have a booth at the convention to exhibit and display their design work and properties. Artist Mr. Tetsuya Aoki will be there promoting Angel’s Wing. Also, an exclusive Angel’s Wing five minute anime short will make its world premiere at Anime Expo. Mr. Aoki will also be attending San Diego Comic Con from July 17-20th and Anime Reactor from October 24-26 in Chicago.

For more information on Anime Reactor visit

5-5-03—- Zatochi Hits US Cable

According to and Zatoichi will play on IFC Saturdays until June 14. Also, a special Zatoichi screening will be held in N.Y. and Chicago on May 6, according to this link.

Thanks to Daniel for the link and info

5-5-03—- UK News

The Patlabor movie boxed set from Manga Video will include a 60 minute feature called “PATLABOR THE MOVIE – COMPLETE WORKS”, and will be available on the 12th of May, priced Ł19.99.

Manga are gearing up for a new AKIRA release in the form of “The Ultimate collection”, a 2-disc set featuring the remastered Akira in both dub and sub format, as well as the Production Report and the original version of the film on a second disc, with the original Streamline dub.

Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz is set for release on the 9th of June, priced Ł19.99 and will have a PG rating.

Burn Up Excess is coming to the UK Sci Fi channel in June, and will be shown every Thursday after the movie at 10pm.

Source: UKAnime (

5-5-03—- Metreon Anime Schedule Online For May And June

Action Theatre at Metreon-A Sony Entertainment Center is home to an ever-changing line-up of anime and will present features from leading anime film distributor Bandai Entertainment, in May, June and July. Metreon is the place to be for Bay Area anime enthusiasts! Action Theatre regularly features DVD Series Premieres, Model Building Contests, as well as free weekend Anime screenings and the annual Metreon Festival of Anime in October. For the latest on upcoming events, check out

WHEN: .hack//SIGN Weekend Welcome to “The World”, an online gaming environment of the future. Millions of players log on each day, but when “The World” and the real world collide, a whole new adventure begins.

SUNDAY, May 4 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. .hack//SIGN (V.1 and 2), Banner of the Stars (V.1 and 2) and Argentosoma (V.1 and 2).

G Gundam Premiere Weekend The time has come again for the Gundam Fights, a tournament of epic proportions that will decide the ruling colony until the next tournament rolls around.

SUNDAY, May 11 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Mobile Fighter G Gundam Box Set I to III (DVD premiere of Box Set III).

Bandai Premiere Weekend Enter the world of Geneshaft, where the only thing standing between peace and the total destruction of Earth is a prototype ship known as Shaft. SUNDAY, May 18 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Geneshaft – Ring (DVD premiere) and Argentosoma (V.1- 3 – DVD premiere of V.3).

Fan Favorite Weekend This is your chance to decide what Bandai Entertainment title you want to watch! Place your votes at the Bandai Shop May 4 – 23 and the top choices will be screened Sunday, May 25. SUNDAY, May 25 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Fan Favorite Day.

Blue Submarine/Cowboy Bebop Weekend Join ace pilots Mayumi and Tetsu as they fight for the fate of all mankind, a world that is completely under water in Blue Submarine.

SUNDAY, June 1 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Blue Submarine (Episodes 1-4) and Cowboy Bebop Best Sessions.

Arjuna Weekend An accident leaves Juna with all the powers of the Earth, which she must wield in order to stop evil bent on Earth’s destruction. SUNDAY, June 8 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Arjuna (V.1-4)

Crest of the Stars Weekend Crest Of The Stars revolves around the lives of young human Jinto and the Abh Princess Lafiel. Together they will have to fight for their very lives. SUNDAY, June 15 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Crest of the Stars (V.1-4) and Banner of the Stars (V.1-3).

Angel Links Weekend Meifon Li, her team of experienced pirate fighters, and her state-of-the-art flagship Angel Links are out to show the Space Pirates that the frontier is no haven for lawlessness.

Sunday, June 22 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Angel Links (Episodes 1-13)

s-CRY-ed Premiere Weekend Enter the world of s-CRY-ed, where people with developed abilities run the world. SUNDAY, June 29 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. s-CRY-ed (V.1 DVD premiere) and .hack//SIGN (V.1-3)

Gundam Weekend The time has come again for the Gundam Fights, a tournament of epic proportions that will decide the ruling colony until the next tournament rolls around.

SUNDAY, July 6 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Mobile Fighter G Gundam (V.8-12)

Bandai Fan Favorite Weekend This is your chance to decide what Bandai Entertainment title you want to watch! Place your votes at the Bandai Shop June 15 to July 4 and the top choices will be screened Sunday, July 6. SUNDAY, July 12 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Fan Favorite Day.

Jubei-Chan Premiere Weekend Watch Yagyu Jubei transform into a ninja when she puts on a heart shaped eye-patch and follow her as she bears the responsibility of ending a 300 year-old grudge.

SUNDAY, July 20 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Jubei-Chan (Collectors Edition DVD premiere)

Bandai Comedy Weekend Enjoy screenings of popular Bandai Entertainment comedy titles Carried by the Wind: Tsukikage Ran, Saber Marionette J to X and the new series Please Teacher.

SUNDAY, July 27 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Please Teacher (V.2 DVD premiere), Carried by the Wind: Tsukikage Ran (V. 4 DVD premiere) and Saber J Marionette J to X (V.6 DVD premiere).


5-3-03—- German News Exclusives

A hearty thanks to Harald of Anime City, the first german onlinemagazine which has relaunced as an online news portal:

Dresden, one of the major cities in Germany starts the “1st Asian Filmfestival” with a large movie program in the Metropolis Cinema:

Thursday, 8. May:
– 5:00 PM: Robotic Angel (Metropolis Kino 1)
– 7:45 PM: Prinzessin Mononoke (Metropolis Kino 1)
– 10 PM: Ghost in the Shell (Metropolis Kino 1)

Friday, 9. May:
– 5:00 PM: Prinzessin Mononoke (Metropolis Kino 1)
– 7:45 PM: Vampire Hunter D (Metropolis Kino 1)
– 10 PM: Vampire Hunter D (Metropolis Kino 1)

Saturday, 10. May:
– 5:00 PM: Roujin Z (Metropolis Kino 1)
– 7:45 PM: Chihiros Reise ins Zauberland (Metropolis Kino 1)
– 10 PM: Patlabor II (Metropolis Kino 1)

Sunday, 11. May:
– 5:00 PM: Chihiros Reise ins Zauberland (Metropolis Kino 1)
– 7:45 PM: Perfect Blue (Metropolis Kino 1)
– 22:00 Uhr: Robotic Angel (Metropolis Kino 1)

Monday, 12. May:
– 5:00 PM: Prinzessin Mononoke (Metropolis Kino 1)
– 7:45 PM: Jin Roh (Metropolis Kino 1)
– 10:00 PM: Roujin Z (Metropolis Kino 1)

Tuesday, 13. May:
– 5:00 PM: Jin Roh (Metropolis Kino 1)
– 7:45 PM: Patlabor II (Metropolis Kino 1)
– 7:45 PM: Chihiros Reise ins Zauberland (Kino im Dach)
– 10:00 PM: Perfect Blue (Metropolis Kino 1)

Wednesday, 14. May:
– 5:00 PM: Robotic Angel (Metropolis Kino 1)
– 7:45 PM: Ghost in the Shell (Metropolis Kino 1)
– 10:00 PM: Jin Roh (Metropolis Kino 1)

Infos at

News Item 2#

Egmont Manga & Anime (EMA) plans a second manga magazine, which will be presented at the Frankfurter Buchmesse, one of the most important events in the European book & literature market.

The magazine will start with these series: “Alice 19th”, “Kaikan Phrase”, “Kare – First Love” and the “Conan”-Shortstories. The concept seperates areas for shojo and shonen and was created by A. Germann and Y. Hoffmann.

News Item 3#

The official Manga Charts from Carlsen Comics and EMA. These are the results for April.

Ranking Title Publisher (last month)
1. “Time Stranger Kyoko” Band 02 – EMA (New)
2. “X/1999” Band 17 – Carlsen (New)
3. “One Piece” Band 24 – Carlsen (New)
4. “Love Hina” Band 06 – EMA (New)
5. “Detektiv Conan” Band 13 – EMA (New)
6. “DNAngel” Band 07 – Carlsen (New)
7. “Kenshin” Band 20 – EMA (New)
8. “Seimaden” Band 10 – Carlsen (New)
9. “Yami no Matsuei” Band 03 – Carlsen (New)
10. “Detektiv Conan” Band 12 – EMA (New)
11. “Angel Sanctuary” Band 13 – Carlsen (2)
12. “DNA˛” Band 04 – Carlsen (7)
13. “Fake” Band 06 – Carlsen (New)
14. “DragonBall GT” Anime Comic 02 – Carlsen (New)
15. “Manga Love Story” Band 01 – Carlsen (New)

5-2-03—- Geneshaft Web

Cypress, CA (May 1, 2003) – Bandai Entertainment announced today the launch of in conjunction with the upcoming DVD home video release of Kazuki Akane’s anime series, Geneshaft. The website will provide an in-depth look into the Geneshaft series including story background, main character profiles, DVD home video information, trailer, music soundtrack samples, and interviews with the producers.

From the acclaimed director of the Escaflowne television series and theatrical feature, fans of Japanese anime will witness a new era of science fiction animation. In a final attempt to save the human race, a genetic engineering program was initiated in hopes of creating a new breed of human beings with special skills and abilities to benefit all of society. Successful, the Earth begins to enjoy a new era of peace…until the appearance of a mysterious artifact of unknown origin enters between the Earth and the moon. A group of enhanced humans have been selected to investigate the orbiting visitor. Armed with a prototype ship known only as ‘Shaft’, this strike team may be the only between continued peace and the total destruction of the Earth!

Geneshaft – The Ring Street Date: 5/20/2003 Rated 13UP TRT: 100 min. SRP: $29.98

DVD Features and Extras include: Interactive Animated Menus, Dolby Digital Audio, English/Japanese Language, English Subtitles Optional, Pilot Film, Geneshaft Glossary, and Bilkis Programs Explained

5-2-03—- Hot Summer For FUNimation

Animation Insider has gotten word that 3 product announcements will be coming out of FUNimation this summer, to be announced at Akon, Fanime and Anime Expo respectively. One of these announcements has been touted as “major”.

5-1-03—- Egyptian Theatre Kinji Fukasaku Memorial

Occuring At The American Cinematheque at the Egyptian Theatre in L.A.

Sunday May 18, 2003 – Kinji Fukasaku Memorial An artist of great insight and fierce resolve, Kinji Kukasaku seemed like one of the gangster chieftains from his yakuza classics, with his shock of white hair and ever-present aviator sunglasses. In gritty, high-octane crime films such as BATTLES WITHOUT HONOR & HUMANITY, GRAVEYARD OF HONOR & HUMANITY and WOLVES, PIGS & PEOPLE, Kinji captured the chaotic, post-WWII underbelly of Japanese society like no other filmmaker. Whatever genre he worked in, from superb action films like SHOGUN’S SAMURAI to the twisted, psychedelic cult classic BLACK LIZARD, Kinji’s voice was unique, shocking and undeniably powerful.

His last completed film, BATTLE ROYALE, was his most successful, and his most controversial, inspiring debate in the Japanese Senate on youth violence and garnering headlines worldwide. To the end, Kinji was defiant and irrepressible, despite a debilitating battle with cancer, forging ahead with the BATTLE ROYALE sequel, which is now being finished by his son Kenta. In his hospital room, Kinji left a simple haiku poem: “Is this the only road there is? At the end of autumn.” He will be deeply missed by all who knew him. In Kinji’s honor, we’ll be screening two of his most transgressive films.

The Sunday, May 18th program begins at 5:00 PM with UNDER THE FLUTTERING MILITARY FLAG (GUNKI HATAMEKU MOTO NI), (1972, Toho, 96 min.) World War II widow Sachiko Hidari pieces together the Rashomon-style puzzle of her soldier husband Tetsuro Tanba’s fate through a maze of bureaucracy and the contradictory recollections of his surviving comrades. What emerges is a Catch – 22 struggle against madness, as she discovers that Tanba had been executed for killing his insanely violent commanding officer (Shinjiro Ebara). This scathing anti-war indictment was co-written by Kaneto Shindo (ONI BABA) and was one of Fukasaku’s personal favorites.

Next on the same bill is BLACK ROSE MANSION (KURO BARA NO YAKATA), (1969, Vitagraph Films/American Cinematheque Presents, 90 min.) Famous drag-star/singer Akihiro Maruyama, fresh from success in Fukasaku’s baroquely psychedelic BLACK LIZARD, returns in this feverishly perverse, campy follow up. Wealthy Eitaro Ozawa installs songbird “Black Rose” (Maruyama) in his elegant private men’s club to bolster business — but he gets more than he bargains for when she attracts scores of homicidal past lovers, and not only he, but his ne’er-do-well son (Masakazu Tamura) end up falling for the femme fatale. There is no admission charge to this event; tickets available on a first come, first served basis the day of the event.

5-1-03—- Think Your Anime Toys Are Rare And Expensive?

A 100 million yen AstroBoy figurine will be exhibited from the May 1 in Yokohama Takashimaya department store. It is the heart of a ruby to the pupil of a diagram – Astroboy(Atom) made to 18-carat gold with jewelry, such as a diamond, a ruby, and emerald, is exhibited by the eighth floor gallery of Yokohama Takashimaya from May 1. This work is exhibited by the “ASTROBOY-Atom perfect search exhibition”, and height is about 1/14 of thing. Although this is an article not for sale, it is said that a price is an equivalent for 100 million yen. Atom exhibited is the weight of 102.72g, and the height of 97mm. With a base, 18 -carat gold is inserted in a diamond, and a head and trousers, the ruby is inserted in a black diamond and boots at the body portion, and emerald shines to a belt. The used jewelry is 10.89k of diagrams, 10.68k of rubies, and 1.70k of emerald. Though it is small, if it is elaborate and a chest is opened, 0.54k of heart type rubies is stored. Moreover, a head and both arms can be moved. This Atom that shines is exhibited during the holding by the twelfth at a museum corner.

Source: Thanks to Yukio-san for translation |

5-1-03—- Peter Chung Talks Anime

This Onion Article reveals Peter Chung’s impressions regarding his work on Reign and in the anime industry in general.

Thanks to Daniel for the news item

5-1-03—- ADV Films To Distribute AN Entertainment Debut Title: Omishi Magical Theater: Risky Safety



HOUSTON, May 1, 2003-ADV Films today announced that the firm will distribute AN Entertainment’s premiere title, Omishi Magical Theater: Risky Safety. The first volume of the series will street July 8, 2003. Join young Moe, the devilish apprentice death spirit Risky, and the pure-hearted apprentice angel Safety in a funny and touching all-ages tale of fate, friendship, love, and the cosmic balance of the universe-plus a few giant monsters!

Comprised of twenty-four mini episodes, Omishi Magical Theater: Risky Safety is based on manga created by Ray Omishi (Sorcerer Hunters, MAZE) and animated by Studio A.P.P.P. (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures, Robot Carnival).

The English version is produced by popular dubbing studio Bang Zoom! Entertainment and features noteworthy vocal performances by Sandy Fox (Chobits, Cowboy Bebop), Michelle Ruff (Sugar, X), and Julie Ann Taylor (Love Hina, Please Teacher!). Famed Japanese voice actress and vocalist Maaya Sakamoto (Vision of Escaflowne, RahXephon) provides the ethereal closing theme song and the voice of Moe in its original Japanese language.

The Story: Thinking that she can never see her boyfriend again, Moe’s despair summons a spunky soul collecting apprentice spirit of death named Risky. Risky urges Moe to depart the mortal realm, leaving behind her precious soul until a glimmer of hope and a brief smile on Moe’s face causes Risky to transform into Safety, a polite and proper apprentice angel who just happens to share a body with Risky. Accompanied by this feisty apprentice devil/delicate apprentice angel, Moe’s life suddenly becomes a humorous and touching trial as she struggles to balance her love life with protecting her schoolmates from Risky’s devilish clutches. The best of Japanese animation, combined with a charming universal story about the struggle between light and dark, make Moe’s adventure a contemporary fairy tale for all ages!

For more information about Omishi Magical Theater: Risky Safety please visit the official site at:

Omishi Magical Theater: Risky Safety, Volume One ($29.95 SRP) is a DVD-only R1 release, including both English- and Japanese-language versions, and English subtitles. The release features reversible covers, giving fans their choice of a “Risky side” or a “Safety side” with matching English or Japanese logo. DVD extras include extensive translation notes, an image gallery, dubbing outtakes, clean ending animation and Japanese credit ending.

About AN Entertainment: Founded on the experience of anime & manga retailer AnimeNation, AN Entertainment combines the resources of a successful international business with the passion of veteran anime enthusiasts. This combination of experience, resources and commitment results in a distribution company with an unparallel knowledge manga and anime and a firm commitment to bringing imported Japanese animation to English speaking viewers in an accessible and authentic fashion. AN Entertainment products are distributed by ADV Films. More information is available on the web at

4-30-03—- Yahoo: Disney To Acquire Howl’s Moving Castle – “Probably”

Yahoo has made a reference that Disney will “probably” pick up Howl’s Moving Castle and it will have a limited release sometime in 2005.

Thanks to Daniel for the news

4-30-03—- Full Kai Doh Maru Details From Manga Entertainment



Chicago, IL – April 30, 2003: From the acclaimed producers of the groundbreaking Japanese animation films Ghost in the Shell and Blood: The Last Vampire comes the latest, state-of-the-art fully digital anime production, Kai Doh Maru, releasing on DVD June 24th by Manga Entertainment. The animators from Japan’s highly commended IG PLUS and PRODUCTION IG have once again pushed the boundaries of anime into a revolutionary new dimension.


PRODUCTION Once again, just as with Ghost in the Shell and Blood: the Last Vampire, this dramatic new film is centered around a strong female lead character. Kai Doh Maru tells the story of an orphaned girl raised within a group of Knights as a boy, but as she develops into a young woman, she discovers her true inner feelings of love for another man.

Set in feudal Japan’s Heian Era (794 to 1185 AD), the animation team created a unique color scheme reminiscent of Japanese artwork from the period focusing on the seasons, virtues, and elements of the Earth as they related to spirits of nature. Kai Doh Maru mysteriously opens in stark black & white, then resolves into a breathtaking and skillfully produced watercolor palate of luminous and soft pastel imagery. As the drama unfolds, deep, full colorization is used to highlight key scenes. If you play close attention, you can witness seasonal transformation of plants and trees as well as see how the film changes in appearance as time progresses through the tonality of the colors. Detailed 3D modeling of temples, gardens and landscapes take the viewer into another world, back in time, a distant past world of lavish luxury, political intrigue and bloody conflict.

“The artistic look and feel of this film separates it from all other anime productions. Its unique creative approach takes anime into a whole new dimension that we know fans of Japanese animation and art films will certainly appreciate,” says Marvin Gleicher, Manga CEO.

SYNOPSIS FEUDAL JAPAN – The battle for the Capital city of Kyo rages as warring political factions vie for power against hereditary rulers. After the murder of her parents at the hands of her seditious uncle, a young girl named Kintoki flees to the mountains to lead a harsh life; she is renamed Kai Doh Maru by the local villagers. Rescued by Raiko, the Captain of ‘The Four Knights’ – honorable defenders who protect the peace of the city, she is raised within their group as a boy. Living among the Knights, she learns the practices of martial arts and develops into a skillful samurai, becoming a permanent member of their team. Now, as a young woman of seventeen, she begins to discover new feelings of passion and love for Raiko… but she also discovers that these new emotions cause a storm of jealousy and rage in another woman linked to her past.

Set in the political intrigue of Japan’s Heian era, explosive action intertwined with a complex human drama are both brought to life in this atypical story of love, honor, jealousy and betrayal. Produced by the incomparable animation team at IG Plus / Production IG (BLOOD: THE LAST VAMPIRE / GHOST IN THE SHELL) and featuring fully digital animation with elaborately drawn 3D backgrounds showcasing unique colorization, Kai Doh Maru takes you into a new and uncharted dimension of anime.

Bonus program includes the Kai Doh Maru – Production Report, detailing the intricate and articulate creation of this remarkable film.

CREDITS Director: Kanji Wakabayashi / Executive Producers: Ryuzo Shirakawa, Mitsuhisa Ishikawa / Original Creator: IG PLUS Production: SME Visual Works / Producer: Katsuji Morishita / Character Design: Sho-u Tajima / Script: Nobutoshi Terado / Animation Director: Kyouji Asano / Color Design: Nagisa Abe/ 3D Director: Makoto Endoh / 2D works: Tsukasa Kakizakai / Filming: Natsuko Mori / Sound Director: Keiichi Momose / Musical Score: Yoshihiro Ike/ Title Music: Yutaka Fukuoka / Animation Production: IG PLUS Production I.G

DVD SPECIAL FEATURES *1:85 Letterboxed * 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound in English & Japanese * 2.0 Dolby Digital Stereo in English & Japanese * English Subtitles * Original Japanese Trailer * Free Poster * Manga Previews, Fan Club Info & DVD Catalog

BONUS PRODUCTION PROGRAM *Character Design Boards *Character Biographies *Photo Gallery * Director & Crew Interviews

Title: Kai Doh Maru Studio: Manga Entertainment Inc. Sales & Distribution: WEA Orders Due: May 27, 2003 Street Date: June 24, 2003 SRP: $24.95 Barcode: 6-60200-4138-2 (8) Selection: MANGA4138-2 Feature run time: 50 Minutes Bonus program run time: 25 minutes Total run time: 75 Minutes Rating: Unrated. Suggested 17+. Contains violence and mature situations. Parental discretion advised.

4-30-03—- Bandai Entertainment June

Cypress, CA (April 29, 2003) – Bandai Entertainment, the premiere distributor of Japanese animation DVD’s in North America, is preparing to release some of the best in Japanese animation for June 2003 that include Blue Submarine No. 6 – Special Edition, Ronin Warriors – New Adventures OVA 1, Argentosoma (V.3), Crest of the Stars – Collector’s Edition, Angel Links – Collector’s Edition, and Mobile Fighter G Gundam – Collector’s Box Set 4.

Blue Submarine No. 6 — Special Edition From critically acclaimed GONZO Digimation (Hellsing, Vandred) with mechanical styling by renowned creator Shoji Kawamori (Macross Plus). In the future, the rising heat has begun melting the polar ice caps. As if humanity didn’t have enough problems, a group of ocean-dwelling creatures led by the scientist Zorndyke have seemingly declared war on mankind! Humanity’s last hope rests with the state of the art vessel, Blue Sub 6 and her crew! Can Tetsu and Mayumi stop Zorndyke’s army before it’s too late?

Breaking the boundaries of Japanese animation, Blue Submarine No. 6 was one of the first anime series to successfully blend cutting edge 3D CG animation with traditional 2D cell animation. Originally released individually on DVD in 1999, it was broadcast as a special mini-series on the Cartoon Network. The Special Edition collects all four unedited OVA episodes, a collection of new footage from the Japanese Playstation video game, and a ton of DVD extra features in one 3 disc set. Blue Submarine No. 6 Special Edition is the definitive anime release that should be part of every anime fan’s DVD library. “The most exciting anime since Escaflowne!” – Manga Max “The only thing we could find to say after viewing Blue Submarine No. 6 was, WOW!” Protoculture Addicts

Blue Submarine No. 6 — Special Edition DVD Features:

* Collector’s Slipcase * Interactive Animated Menus * Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound (Japanese only)

* English and Japanese Language * English Subtitles option

* Disc 1 & 2: o Contains OVA 1-4 o DVD Extras include Creator’s Eye Interview and OVA 1-3 Summary Feature

* Disc 3: o Blue Submarine No. 6 “Digital Plus” o Background Info on Blue Submarine No. 6 “Antarctica” o Blue Submarine No. 6: “Antarctica” Playstation Game – Anime Footage o Making of the Playstation Game Featurette

o Interviews include Shoji Kawamori, Mahiro Maeda, Satoru Ozawa, The Thrill, and “Antarctica” Game Creative Staff o Cartoon Network Promo Spots Collection o Blue Submarine No. 6 Trailer Collection o Animerica Feature Spotlight: Blue Submarine No. 6 o Blue Submarine No. 6 Cover Illustration Gallery o Character Encyclopedia o Blue Fleet Background Info o Zorndyke Forces Background Info o Key Terminology o Submarine Terminology o EXCLUSIVE Music Clip: ‘Yukikaze’

CATALOG #: 669198095092 APPROX. RUNNING TIME: 200 min. RATING: 13UP GENRE: Sci-Fi SRP PRICE: $34.98 STREET DATE: June 3, 2003 PRE-BOOK DATE: April 22, 2003

Ronin Warriors – New Adventures OVA 1 Things have calmed down considerably since the defeat of Talpa. Sage has gone off to America to study, Ryo is celebrating his birthday, and Kento’s won the lottery!

However, the joyous mood disappears when the local news breaks a story about a strange killer in New York wearing mysterious armor! When the four warriors arrive to investigate, they are met by a new sinister force. The ancient sorcerer Shikaisen has discovered the power of the armors and is now intent on making them his own!

Never before seen in North America. This installment continues the epic Ronin Warriors series originally broadcast on Cartoon Network and Sci-Fi channel.

The Ronin Warriors – New Adventures OVA 1 DVD offers the following features:

* Interactive Animated Menu * English/Japanese language * English subtitles optional * Bandai Previews

CATALOG #: 669198196195 RUNNING TIME: 150 min. RATING: 13UP GENRE: Fantasy SRP PRICE: $29.98 STREET: June 3, 2003 PRE-BOOK DATE: April 22, 2003

Argentosoma – No Tears (V.3) Ryu Soma continues to work with the men and women of Funeral, but he is beginning to doubt himself. Why hasn’t he taken his revenge upon the alien? What is he doing in Funeral? All these questions prompt him to take some rash actions as he engages a merciless enemy in combat.

With the largest encountered alien slowly approaching Funeral’s home base, the team is rushed to action, but nothing seems to be able to stop it. Their last resort is the Fefnir, a charged particle accelerator, but even this enormous weapon may prove ineffective…

The Argentosoma– No Tears (V.3) DVD offers the following features:

* Interactive Animated Menus * English/Japanese language * English subtitles optional

* DVD Extras Include: Special Reversible Cover, Argentosoma Tech Files, Art Gallery, and Bandai Previews

CATALOG #: 669198225291 RUNNING TIME: 100 min. RATING: 13UP GENRE: Sci-Fi SRP PRICE: $29.98 STREET DATE: June 3, 2003

PRE-BOOK DATE: April 22, 2003

Crest of the Stars — Collector’s Edition Based on the best selling science fiction novels by Hiroyuki Morioka, with character designs by Keisuke Watabe. Jinto Lin’s life changes forever when the Humankind Empire Abh takes over his home planet of Martine without firing a single shot. Sent off to study the Abh language and culture, Jinto must prepare himself for his future as an Abh nobleman. Entering the next phase of his training, he’ll meet his first Abh, the lovely Lafiel. However, Jinto will soon learn that Lafiel is more than she appears and together they will have to fight for their very lives. Collects the entire 13 episode series (2 disc set).

The Crest of the Star – Collector’s Edition DVD offers the following features:

* Interactive Animated Menus * English/Japanese language * English subtitles optional * DVD Extras Include: Textless Opening/Ending, Interviews, Crest of the Stars, History, and Bandai Previews.

CATALOG #: 669198069093 RUNNING TIME: 325 min. RATING: 13UP GENRE: Sci-Fi/Drama SRP PRICE: $49.98 STREET DATE: June 17, 2003 PRE-BOOK DATE: May 6, 2003

Angel Links — Collector’s Edition Set within the Outlaw Star Universe…Meifon is quite an overachiever for a sixteen-year-old girl. She’s the head of a major corporation, and the captain of a state-of-the-art ship, which provides a free pirate fighting service. And her crew is just as extraordinary! Join the Angel Links as they fight pirates, right wrongs, and discover the hidden secrets behind Meifon’s mysterious past… A spin-off series of the immensely popular Outlaw Star series (created by Takehito Ito) broadcast on Cartoon Network. Angel Links is pure adrenaline and action. Collects all 13 episodes (2 disc set).

The Angel Links – Collector’s Edition DVD offers the following features:

* Interactive Animated Menus * English/Japanese language * English subtitles optional * DVD Extras Include: Textless Opening/Ending, First Appearance of the Angel Links, Commercial Collection, Angel Links Launch Clips, Secrets of the Angel Links, and Bandai Previews

CATALOG #: 669198099090 RUNNING TIME: 325 min. RATING: 13 and UP GENRE: Sci-Fi SRP PRICE: $49.98 STREET DATE: June 17, 2003 PRE-BOOK DATE: May 6, 2003

Mobile Fighter G Gundam – Collector’s Box Set 4 The Battle Royale begins! Domon must defeat his friends and face the Four Evil Kings. But with the fate of his brother still fresh on his mind, Domon and the rest of the Shuffle Alliance must face the ultimate test as they rocket into space to save the Earth. Beside them stands all of the Gundams from all of the nations of Earth. The Gundam Federation has been formed to prevent the destruction of the Earth from the Ultimate Gundam. But is it too late?

The Mobile Fighter G Gundam – Collector’s Box Set 4 DVD offers the following features:

* Interactive Animated Menus * English/Japanese language * English subtitles optional * G-Files #10-12 * Bandai Previews

CATALOG #: Box Set 4 UPC: 661918214592 CATALOG #: Round 10 UPC: 669198213991 CATALOG #: Round 11 UPC: 669198214097 CATALOG #: Round 12 UPC: 669198214196 RUNNING TIME: Box Set TRT: 325 min. RUNNING TIME: Round TRT: 100 min. RATING: 13UP GENRE: Sci-Fi/Mecha SRP PRICE: Box Set SRP: $49.98

SRP PRICE: Round 10-12: $19.98 STREET DATE: June 17, 2003 PRE-BOOK DATE: May 6, 2003

4-30-03—- eigoMANGA SFSU Campus Invasion Pictorial

The site, Imphotography has posted images of eigoMANGA’s recent SFSU Campus Invasion event, check them out here.

4-30-03—- New Astroboy Animated Series To Kids WB

Variety reports Kids’ WB has picked up the new Astro Boy series that is currently airing in Japan. Sony Pictures Television, Sony Pictures Entertainment Japan and Tezuka Productions are responsible for the new production. The show has no set airdate in the US expect that it will premiere sometime during the 2003-2004 season.

Source: Animation Insider