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5-5-02—- Castle In The Sky At Tribecca Film Fest

The Tribeca Film Festival is screening Castle In The Sky (presumably the Disney dub) in New York on May 11 at 7:00 PM. More info can be had at

Source: Hayao Miyazaki Discussion Group

5-5-02—- Jet Li News

The following links are at:

Pictures from Li’s newest American production Cradle 2 The Grave, an article about Kelly Hu commenting on her work on Cradle, and an article on Jet Li receiving an award from John Woo at the East West Players Visionary Awards.

Thanks to Daniel for the scoop.

5-5-02—- Official Lupin III: Return Of Pycal Site

An official page for the 2002 oav Lupin: Return of Pycal has been posted at, you can see stills, see clips and even use a forum.

Thanks to Daniel for the heads up.

5-5-02—- Utada Hospitalized

The Japanese music popstar Hikaru Utada who recently announced an American record deal with Island Records has been hospitalized in Japan. Utada had been working under medical supervision after recovering from an operation to remove a benign tumor from her ovary, but her condition deteriorated a couple of days ago, the record company said. The singer first became ill at the beginning of April, suffering the side effects of her medication. Utada will cancel all her bookings until May 21, her music office said.

Source: The Japan Times

5-4-02—- Ghost In The Shell 2 Manga Possibly In October

According to the latest news posted to the Studio Proteus website, mangaka, Masamune Shirow is nearing the end of the process involving flopping and modifying the pages of the Ghost In The Shell 2 Manga: Man-Machine Interface for the Western audience. Proteus is aiming to release the first issues in October. ID3 is still in the planning stages and the studio is still discussing options as to format and a special limited edition.

5-4-02—- Tristan MacAvery Interview

Wild Violet Issue 3 (Rising Sun) features an interview with voice actor Tristan MacAvery (Gendo in Neon Genesis Evangelion, Grandpa Danbei in Cutey Honey series). Also included are a review of For the Sake of Peace by the president of Soka Gakkai International, Daisaku Ikeda; as well as original poetry, fiction, humor, essays and reviews. The Rising Sun issue is available from the main index:

5-4-02—- G-Breaker Anime

A recent flyer still image features anime style animation still grabs from a pending version (in some media) of Kikou Busou G-Breaker (Ground-Breaker). Based on the Sunrise Interactive giant mecha game currently in release to Playstation 2.

Source: Natsume Maya

5-4-02—- The Death And Rebirth Of VHS

2 articles Today from Video Business Magazine on the once upon a time format of choice for those purveying anime wares: formerly known as VHS. While the not so shiny, rather opaque and rectangular / plasticy format has slowly been dropped by almost all USA anime licensors, much of the rest of America’s video production industry (from the casette authors to the stores selling) has also been disengaging itself from the format. This has prompted the International Recording Media Association to appeal to retailers not to prematurely remove videocassettes from their store shelves. IRMA will be participating a campaign to launch shortly. According to the group’s president, the program’s aim is to create an awareness that 90% of TV homes still have VCRs, and only 25-30% of them have a DVD player. This leaves 70-75% who don’t own DVD players. Thusly, the message to retailers will be abandoning VHS too early may marginalize 70-75% of those seeking video product. Details can be read in the full article here.

Finally, while VHS lingers, analog format developer JVC is set to make a stab at reviving the hope for VHS goodness with their Digital-VHS standard. D-VHS uses the same size cassettes and many of the same mechanical features as the original, the players are compatible with older VHS cassettes. What sets D-VHS apart from traditional VHS, DVD (around 4.7 gb single side on average) and even the vaunted Blu-Ray “DVD Replacement” format (27 gb single sided single layer on average) is with a reported 44 gigabytes of uncompressed casette space and a 28.2 Mbps data throughput the USA home video market’s first high-definition movie release will arrive there perhaps by months end with hardware on tap now. You can read the entire aricle here. At present no American anime licensing company or Japanese based distributor has expressed the desire to release material on the D-VHS format.

5-4-02—- Japanese Headlines Scan

Thanks to Anjiro-san for his news contributions:

Nintendo Co.Ltd. was said to be the only platform maker without an online strategy for their system. However a source leaked from an industry saying Nintendo will unveil their plans for internet-based services for the Gamecube at an industry tradeshow later this month. For more information go to iWon.

The Seattle Times is reporting that RealNetworks and SCEI extended their joint-partnership and because of this, the PlayStation2 will be incorporated with RealMedia.

DoCoMo Inc. plans to unveil their new handsets, FOMA, which can stay on standby mode for up to 200 hrs., several times longer than the present one, next year, company spokesmen said Friday.

5-4-02—- Current World Musical Pulse

U.K.-based site, Guardian Unlimited, has a short article of what musical talents are well-known in Japan and other countries. The piece which can be read here references popular British names which are current hits in the Japanese scene.

Thanks to Anjiro for the news.

5-4-02—- USA Anime & Manga Industry At Book America Expo

Following up on the below piece, it seems Tokyopop will not be the sole representitive from the American Anime Industry at this weekends lofty Book Expo America trafe show. Listed also are Viz Communications, Stone Bridge Press, Darkhorse Comics, Comics One and Triumph Books.

5-4-02—- Tokyopop Announces Angelic Layer And Master Of The Clow Manga

This weekend’s Book Expo America, the largest publications trade show in America held in NYC will be the stage on which Tokyopop will unveil two new Authentic Manga Titles: Master of the Clow and Angelic Layer. Recently, the company became the first English manga publisher to guarantee that all of its future Japanese graphic novels will be produced in authentic manga format—written to read from right to left as the creators intended and preserving the accuracy of the original artwork, these 2 releases will naturally follow under those standards.

Master of the Clow and Angelic Layer are new graphic novels with strong international appeal to diverse audiences. Both were created by the popular, all-female team of artists and writers known as CLAMP (Satsuki Igarshi, Nanase Ohkawa, Mick Nekoi and Mokona Apapa). Other successful CLAMP titles include Chobits, Clover and Magic Knight Rayearth. Angelic Layer hits North American store shelves in June. This series follows the futuristic adventures of 12-year-old Misaki Suzuhara, whose dream is to excel at the sport of Angelic Layer—battle tournaments for electronic “Angel” dolls hatched from eggs. In July the second story from the best-selling girls’ manga series in Japan: Cardcaptor Sakura: Master of the Clow. MOTC tells the tale of 10-year-old Sakura Kinomoto, who, wielding her magical ancient Clow Cards, must confront an ominous force that has come to Tokyo to put her powers to the test. As an added value, each volume will contain one of six collectible Sakura cards. Oni Press editor-in-chief Jamie Rich, a dedicated CLAMP fan, will handle the rewrite of Angelic Layer. “There’s a universal appeal to Angelic Layer for every kid—or anyone who has been one—because Misaki’s strongest weapon when competing in tournaments is her inner strength,” Rich says. “CLAMP creations have a certain extra something that other manga comics lack. There’s a real spirit of fun in their stories and their drawing—with a great sense of story movement. And I love the way their lines shoot across the page.”

TOKYOPOP will release the first-volume graphic novels for Initial D, Kodocha, Love Hina and Paradise Kiss throughout May and June, all as part of more than 70 volumes appearing over the next six months.

5-4-02—- Golden Boy Website Launch

Thanks to Mark at ADV Films for informing us on their latest series specific web presence, the Golden Boy: Chasing America website. According to Mark:

This new website sports a collection of custom-made desktop backgrounds in the spirit of the website. Aside from Kintaro’s resume, you’ll also be greeted with a section called “Kintaro’s Journal.” This feature follows the exploits of Kintaro as he goes to work for BCV Films in Tokyo (Which is a parody of ADV). This section will be updated periodically with new entries and doodles, as Kintaro jots down his life-lessons at BCV Films, such as the one about ‘Mr. Flatbed’.

5-3-02—- Survey: Japanese Kids Rank USA #1 Foreign Country They Want To Visit

Anjiro-san mentions Japan Today has a survey report indicating that the United States is what most Japanese children would want to visit than any other foreign country, according to a recent survey conducted by, The Blue Sea and Green Land Foundation. To read all of the article go here.

5-3-02—- The Men Who Made Gundam: Kuni Ogawara

Anjiro-san relays Kodansha has continued it’s exclusive Japanese language interview series “The Men Who Made Gundam” with mechanical designer, Ogawara Kunio. View it here.

5-3-02—- .Hack Major Event

Lycos mentions a big event is going to be held by a PlayStation2 game entitled, .hack, sponsored by: TV-Tokyo & Kadokawa-shoten. The event will take place in Kudan-Kaikan Hall, Tokyo ( 1-6-5 KudanMinami Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) on May 19. The event will include: talk sessions, talkshow, preview of the .hack PlayStation2 OVA ver. and as well as apperances by the following people: Saiga Mitsuki, Toyoguchi Megumi, Natsuka Kaori, Ito Kazunori (.hack Scenario,Patlabor), Kajiura Yuki (.hack music) . Thanks to Anjiro-san for the news.

5-3-02—- Boston Newspaper Reviews For Escaflowne

Bandai Entertainment’s theatrical run of Escaflowne comes to the Brattle in Cambridge this week and leading up to the release a Boston Globe reviewer has rated it with 3 of 4 stars. Excerpted from the review:

Dramatic action, original color imagery of futuristic worlds, and an operatic score add weight to ”Escaflowne.” It may not appeal to fans of traditional animation, but its ambition and artistry should satisfy discriminating fans of the ever-evolving anime genre.

You can check out the original piece here.

The Weekly Dig has also posted a review here.

Escaflowne run Friday, May 3 – Thursday, May 9 – Showtimes can be viewed here.

5-3-02—- Info And Updates On Japanese Music And Groups Coming To U.S.

From the announcement:

Would you like to see Hamasaki Ayumi or Morning Musume at Fanime or Expo very soon? Well, for those of you who missed the Japanese music panel (Sunday) at Fanime 2002, the first major attempt to bring contemporary Japanese artists to a mass audience in the US will take place this month in New York at the New York-Tokyo Music Festival and avex, Sony Music Japan and many more recording groups are bringing a few of their artists to test the waters and see how people are opening up to Japanese music. If you are planning to be in New York at Memorial Day Weekend or know someone in the East Coast, please pass the word around of this upcoming festival.

Puffy AmiYumi will be coming to the opening ceremony for this year’s Anime Expo and they will be performing in the US this summer as well as Dreams Come True…that is great! But what about Hamasaki Ayumi and other popular artists. As mentioned in the Fanime 2002 panel, avex would like to see how fans are open to Hamasaki Ayumi…but before she comes, they will be testing waters with this New York-Tokyo Music Festival to see how people will accept other popular artists such as BoA, Kouda Kumi and many more artists.

So, please tell your friends about this festival and if you can’t make it, please put a banner on your site. This is an important event and hopefully in the very near future we will be able to see their favorite popular artists perform at a fes or show up to an upcoming anime con near you.

The New York-Tokyo Music Festival Official Website:

The New York-Tokyo Music Festival Mailing List:

The New York-Tokyo Music Festival Message Board:

5-3-02—- Akira Screening In Bristol

From the 200th Animejin posting, all text in this item Copyright Jonathan Weeks:

A special showing of the digitally remastered Akira is being held at The Watershed Cinema in Bristol on 25th May. Preceding the film will be a discussion of the film by Jonathan Clements and Helen McCarthy. Details are on the Watershed website at

5-3-02—- I’ll Manga Headed For Animation

‘I’ll’ by Asada Hiroyuki (running in Shueisha’s Monthly Shonen Jump) is to be animated as an OVA. The story is basketball oriented about two boys, Tachibana Akane and Hiiragi Hitonari, who quit playing basketball but after a reaquaintance in highschool, they re-discover their passion for the game. DVD 1 arrives at the end of the year in December, the soundtrack CD is also due a month later in January 2003 and vol. 2 will arrive February 2003. Sony’s official websitehas opened s of this month, more info and a trailer will be available in the near future. The I’ll OVA will be directed by Kawasaki Itsuro (Wild Arms), with script by Takahashi Miyuki (Doukyusei), character design by Sekiguchi Kanami (Hikaru no Go) and animation by MSC (FLCL, Love Hina Again, Noir, Mahoromatic, Sakura Taisen TV). An I’ll fanbook is set for release August, followed by anime design works artbook and image CD album in November.

Source: Natsume Maya

5-3-02—- Sammo Hung Recalls Working With Bruce Lee has posted an article on Sammo’s thoughts on working with Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon-as well as some nice stills at-here

Thanks to Daniel for the link

5-3-02—- Spirited Away Awarded

According to AICN Spirited Away got the Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature at this year’s San Francisco Film Festival.

Thanks to Daniel For the link

5-3-02—- – MML Birthdays In April

According to info posted to the Hayao Miyazaki Discussion Group:

Belated birthday greetings are in order as April 11th the 11th anniversary of the Miyazaki Mailing List. Founding list owner Steven Feldman started the group on that day in 1991. April 26th marks the 5th anniversary of’s domain name startup by founder Michaeil Johnson. The mailing list is currently a community of more than 700 subscribers in over 30 countries.

5-3-02—- German Broadcast Anime News

Daniel sends in this news:

According to the Hollywood Reporter: “German children’s television group EM.TV said Thursday it has signed a multiyear deal to sell animated programming to Tele 5, the new nationwide commercial channel that launched Monday. Under the deal, EM.TV will deliver at least 300 hours of kids and youth programs to Tele 5 this year from its own stock and from its Junior TV venture with KirchGroup. Shows in the package include cartoons “He-Man,” “She-Ra” and “Sailormoon.” The agreement is set to start the middle of this month. EM.TV and Tele 5 declined to discuss financial details.”

5-3-02—- Puffy AmiYumi North American – USA Tour To Wind Through AX ’02

According to info posted to the NT2099 Mailing List confirmation has been made that Puffy AmiYumi will appear in some capacity for the opening ceremonies at this year’s Anime Expo.

Following is the group’s North American Schedule:

May 8th (Wed) 4:00-6:00pm The girls will sign autographs @Virgin Mega Store/Vancouver

May 9th (Thu) Puffy AmiYumi will be a headliner at a showcase of Vancouver’s biggest radio station Z95. Venue :Vogue Theatre 918 Granville St., Tel:604-280-4444

May 21 (Tue.) Puffy AmiYumi’s 2nd US release album “An Illustrated History of Puffy AmiYumi” on Sale!

Puffy AmiYumi will be signing autographs at Aron’s Records 1150 N. Highland Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90038 Tel:323-469-4700

JULY Puffy AmiYumi US Tour 2002 (their first US tour)

7/4 (Thu) LA, CA Anime Expo opening ceremony guest appearance (no live performance)

7/5 (Fri) LA, CA TBC

7/8 (Mon) SFO, CA Opening with B-52’s !

7/9 (Tue) SFO, CA Opening with B-52’s

7/10 (Wed) SFO, CA TBC

7/12 (Fri) Seattle, WA

7/13 (Sat) Vancouver, Canada

7/16 (Tue) Mineapolis, MN

7/17 (Wed) Chicago, IL

7/19 (Fri) Boston, MA TBC

7/20 (Sat) New York, NY

7/23 (Tue) Toronto, Canada TBC

Check for ticket data.

5-3-02—- Dragon Drive TV

Dragon Drive’s anime TV rendition (based on the manga serialised in Shueisha’s Monthly Shonen Jump) is to commence broadcast in Japan this July. At the invitation of childhood friend Yukino Maiko, junior high school student Oozora Reiji learns of the virtual reality game Dragon Drive. Yet although he controls the weakest dragon, he’s able to beat veteran players. But during special Dragon Drive training, Reiji is suddenly thrown into another world where he takes part in a tournment for dragon trainers.

Source: Natsume Maya

5-3-02—- Further Details On Ashita No Kaze Ni Mukatte

More info on the comin ganime film Ashita No Kaze Ni Mukatte first reported on Yesterday. The film will run 72 minutes, costing 60 million yen to produce and Arinomama Sha is producing it partly via funds supplied by fund-raising and a grant from the Japan Arts Council.

Source: Natsume Maya and Official Ashita No Kaze Ni Mukatte Site

5-3-02—- Steel Angel Kurumi Site Online

Thanks to Mark at ADV Films for informing us the U.S. based licensor has completed construction on a brand new website covering the release of their new series Steel Angel Kurumi. The website includes interviews with English ADR Director Steven Foster, Kurumi’s VA Kelli Cousins, and ADV’s Art-Designer in charge of the Kurumi project, Fumiko Chino. Other items found within the website are Kurumi trailers, desktop backgrounds, ADV voice actor gallery, and much more.

Check it out: Regards, Mark Clark Online Content Producer A.D.Vision, Inc.

5-2-02—- Asia AICN

Thanks to Daniel for this info from Aint It Cool News:Japan:

1) “Director Jun Ichikawa’s next film is “Rhyoma’s Wife, and His Husband, and His Lover”, based on the popular stage drama from Kouki Mitani (“Everybody’s House”). The film will star Kiyoka Suzuki,Yosuke Eguchi and Kiich Nakai, and is expected to release this fall.

2)”Well-known anime writer Yoichiro Hayama (“Chibimarukocha”) will make his directorial debut with “Saru”, about young boys who undergo experimentation with new forms of medicine. The film, made in a documentary-style format, will be released by the end of this year.

3)” Director Hideyuki Hirayama, whose last film (“Turn”) was well received from critics and moviegoers, returns to the screen with “Warau Kaeru”. The film focuses on the relationships between a criminal, his wife, and her lover. Actor Kyozo Nakatuka has been signed for the lead role. The film is almost complete and will be released within a couple of months, before Hirayama moves on to another picture (“Out”), which is due this fall.

4)” Director Tetsu Maeda’s next release is “Pakodate Jin”. This is a fantastic funny comedy set in northern Japanese town named Hakodate. The film’s lead character is a high school girl named Hikaru, who’s born with a tail on her backside. The film tells us the story of what happens when Hikaru’s secret is revealed, causing a media outburst in the community. The film will release without a press screening this week.

5)” Besides “Pakodate Jin”, the following films will also be released within the next 2 weeks: “The Choice of Hercules”, “Dogstar”, “O-Yo”, “Hiyatoi Deka”, “Gun Crazy”, “Born”, “Unloved”, “Bane Shiki”, “Ho Gi Ra Ra”, and “Kai-On”.”

5-2-02—- ADV Press

From the releases:


HOUSTON, May 2, 2002 – ADV Films has set the street date of August 6, 2002 for the home video release of Medabots: Time to Robattle!, the third volume of the popular animated series airing on FOX Kids and ABC Family. ADV plans a concurrent day and date release for both the DVD and VHS formats of this successful children’s franchise.

Demand for Hasbro’s Medabots action figures remains brisk after selling out within the first two weeks of their release. Interest will peak with this summer’s fast food promotion and Natsume’s release of a Medabots video game for Game Boy Advance.

The Story: Ikki and Metabee are beginning to come to terms with each other. That’s a good thing, because the Rubberobo Gang is stepping up their activities, and it’s up to Ikki and his friends to stop them from taking over the world, or at least turning the neighborhood into a new wave housing development. If that’s not enough, the local Parent – Teacher Organization has decided that Medabots are a bad influence on the kids and is confiscating any Medabot found at school. That’s not good, because the real leader of the Rubberobo Gang makes his appearance at last. Will the introduction of Dr. Meta-Evil turn the bumbling Rubberobo Gang into successful criminals? Find out as Medabots continues with four more exciting adventures!

ADV Films’ home video release of Medabots: Time to Robattle! includes four episodes of the highly-rated children’s television series on FOX Kids and ABC Family. DVD extras include character bios, a Medabots A to Z special feature, and ADV previews.

MEDABOTS: TIME TO ROBATTLE! Running Time: 100 Minutes; Age Rating: All Pre-Book Date: 7/9/02 Street Date: 8/6/02 Format SRP DVD $19.98 VHS $14.98



HOUSTON, May 2, 2002 – ADV Films has set the street date of July 30, 2002 for the home video release of The Third Talisman, the sixth and final chapter in the magical anime title, Orphen. Based on Yoshinobu Akita’s popular series of Japanese fantasy novels, Orphen also served as the basis for a hit Playstation® 2 video game.

The Story: As the trolls Volcan and Dortin take healing herbs to the ailing dragon, the young sorcerer Orphen and his friends enter the Room of Knowledge to translate the mysterious runes. If they can do this, they can at last locate the last talisman that will save the dragon. But there are others against them who don’t want them to succeed. The devious sorcerer Flameheart will stop at nothing to destroy Orphen. The mysterious Azalie continues to manipulate body and soul for her own evil agenda. And the lovely Cleao finds she accidentally holds the key to saving Orphen-and rescuing the dragon! Don’t miss the conclusion of the year’s most enchanting, animated adventure!

ADV plans a concurrent day and date release of Orphen: The Third Talisman on DVD and VHS formats. The VHS ($19.98 SRP) contains five episodes in the English language. The DVD ($29.98 SRP) contains five episodes in the English language, as well as the Japanese language with English subtitles. DVD extras include Japanese staff interviews, production sketches, textless open and close animation, and ADV previews.

ORPHEN: THE THIRD TALISMAN Running Time: 125 Minutes Age Rating: 12+ Pre-Book Date: 7/2/02 Street Date: 7/30/02 Format SRP DVD $29.98 VHS $19.98

5-2-02—- Ny Post Hamtaro Start Dates

According to info in Thursday’s New York Post, Tottoko Hamutaro will premiere on Cartoon Network on June 3rd at 7am and 4pm.

5-2-02—- May Anime.Com

Anime.Com has updated with it’s May version, new this month are reviews of the Cowboy Bebop Perfect Sessions DVD box set, Tenchi Muyo OVA Boxed Set, Kurosawa’s Hidden Fortress and more.

5-2-02—- Asia Cinema News

From DVD File:

Just announced are a trio of new classics from The Criterion Collection, all due on 7/23. It’s been quite a year for fans of Akira Kurosawa, and here comes another of his best, Red Beard. Presented in a new anamorphic widescreen transfer with its original Japanese mono track, extras include an audio commentary by film scholar Stephen Prince, liner notes by fellow historian Donald Richie, and the original theatrical trailer. Retail is $39.95

Also, a review of Riki Oh at LA Weekly suggests it will be shown dubbed.

5-2-02—- Anime Love Columnists

Anime Love has announced that members “tanahome” and “Yumeko” have been selected as contributing He Said/She Said column writers onsite.

5-2-02—- Leiji Matsumoto News From The 26th Stamp Show

The 26th Stamp Show
Reiji Matsumoto commemorates the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations of Japan and Mongolia and designs a commemorative postage stamp. The sale of this stamp is April 27.

Thanks to Yukio-san for the news

5-2-02—- New Anime Film Focuses On Debilitating Illness

The struggle against Muscular Dystrophy will take center stage in the lead character of the coming anime movie “Mukatte No Asunokaze Ni” (“Go To Tomorrow Share Wind”). Contributor Mr. Yamada Tomiya (50) of Sendai-shi has busied itself with the handicapped persons’ independence home establishment was made a model was completed recently. This movie is the story that the boy who suffered from muscular dystrophy while working his way through lower elementary school grades.
(Original news sources) Goo News – Yukio-san (Dead Shot Club)

“mukatte of Asunokaze and ni” “Gototomorrow share wind” Web:

“mukatte of Asunokaze and ni” (Gototomorrow share wind)

-A scenario and supervisor -Shigenori Kageyama.
-A character design and illustrating – supervisor Tatuso?Yanagiya.
-Animation work MADToshikoInc. ?Miwa animation desk .
-A plan and work -Social welfare corporation “Arinomama-House” .
-Work cooperation -MuneyukiSatou (Satou music office).

5-2-02—- Yumi Kimura Spirited Away Mini Live

Yukio-san (Dead Shot Club) has sent in this news while rehabilitating his body during this Golden Week Holiday in Japan:

Yumi Kimura of “Sen and Chihiro” held a mini concert.

The singer Yumi Kimura (her age not open) known in theme song “Itsumo and nandodemo” of animated cartoon movie Sen and Chihiro” opened a mini concert at the Tobu Department Store Animate square in Ikebukuro, Tokyo on May 1.
“Itsumo and nandodemo” were announced from an opening. The meeting place was enveloped to the tone of a characteristic soprano and a hard ‘koto’ by the atmosphere that is a vision. “Because there were a lot of audiences of children while telling that it had done its best”, it was likely to be satisfied and was in the audience of 700 persons’ handclap.
The re-sale of the voluntary production (Tokuma-Japan) album “Ginnoshizuku” that the start of the meeting of Supervisor HayaoMiyazaki was made of was done on the 24th of last month.

Source: Goo News

5-1-02—- Metropolis Soundtrack USA Release

Los Angeles-based Domo Records has announced the American acquisition and release of Osamu Tezuka’s Metropolis CD Soundtrack. Visitors to the company’s site linked above will be offered a special discount deal of 15% Off via the Web Direct Special Price. Visitors type in “15%Off” in Special Instructions column in order form. (Offer expires on May 31, 2002 / Does not include S&H)

Below is domo’s listing for the CD:
Metropolis-Original Soundtrack
From the velvet smooth delivery of the torch song theme of METROPOLIS, “There’ll Never Be Good-Bye” to the rambunctious and infectious ragtime jazz rhythms of the lead track, “Metropolis,” the music from the animated original motion picture soundtrack to METROPOLIS is a magical and wildly unexpected as the film itself.

Produced by Toshiyuki Honda, with co-producers Kozue Okada and Shinji Komori, and featuring the talents of Atsuki Kimura and Minako “mooki” Obata, the music from METROPOLIS is the perfect mood setting music for this elaborate production. Inspired performances abound on the 20-track collection including the truly unexpected Joe Primrose penned “St. James Infirmary.” Lush orchestral arrangements mesh with snappy jazz tracks in this beautifully crafted musical escapade.

Retail Price $18.97
Web Direct Special $12.97
Extra 15% OFF with e-coupon: $11.02
(you save $7.95!)

Of note on the Domo site is a special category under which Metropolis is listed entitled Animation. Time will tell if Metropolis is to be Domo’s only anime related release.

5-1-02—- Japanese Headlines Scan

Courtesy Anjiro-san:

New York (Reuters) – Robert DeNiro is in contacts to work on a classic Japanese film by Hideo Nakata. Info source, CNN World

Card Technology has a short report about NTT DoCoMo’s new feature, PKI-ready SIMs, to strengthen their subscribers’ online security. The complete story is here.

The Daily Yomiuri Online has a new article entitled, “The art of voice acting” here as well as an article related to it here.

(Frankfurt) – E-Plus Mobilfunk GmbH & Co. KG, Germany’s mobile phone service prodiver said Tuesday that they launched a 40% discount for internet handsets made by Japan’s NEC Corp. The company with over 7.5 million subscribers offered the sales discount 6 weeks after it released the, i-Mode, a service under the license of Japan’s NTT DoCoMo Inc. Link source: Japan Today (originally reported by, Kyodo News)

(Tokyo) – Takanori Kobayashi-san of Japan Today has feature coverage of a fashion designer who’s love for Astroboy that he named his products after the late anime icon. To view the pix go here.

Takanori Kobayashi-san, one of Japan Today’s staff, had a trip to Shinjuku to ask the locals of what they feel about the current ‘quick-eating’ t.v. shows gaining popularity in Japan. The shows are so popular that one highschool junior tried to imitate the show and choked, was rushed to the hospital and then later died because of the complication. See what the Japanese citizens have to say at Japan Today.

5-1-02—- UK Broadcast Anime Alternatives

Post Wednseday’s near shutdown by ITV Digital, and the loss of Cartoon Network by close to 1 million subscribers, fans are seeking broadcast alternatives. Exisiting alternatives include a Sky Digital Satellite system. Fan, Matt Barber keeps a list of the anime which can be viewed on Sky Digital at this link. With a multi-dish or steerable-dish system and ideally a second receiver, UK fans can also access a plethora of European broadcast anime. Fan, Geoff Cowie maintains a list of those offering at his website here.

5-1-02—- Towards A Standardized Protocol

WAP, i-Mode, eZ Web – the mobile platform landscape in Japan (and indeed globally) is a fragmented one at present. Asia Biz Tech has a piece today which profiles present telecom strides toward adopting common file types and technology so users can access their data across the range of available platforms.

5-1-02—- El Viaje De Chihiro Set To Take Spain

El viaje de Chihiro is currently scheduled for an August 9th release date in Spain. More information (in Spanish) on

Source: Alvaro Suarez an the Hayao Miyazaki Discussion Group

5-1-02—- AIC Dissolves Partnership With Dream Network

Almost 2 years ago at Anime Expo, a dynamic business partnership was announced between then startup e-tailer and online magazine Animaxis, Internet services firm Dream Network, the anime studio behind Tenchi Muyo: AIC and finally the Japanese company responsible for the most anime/manga/characters content output in Japan – Studio Hard. Fans may recall the partnership was promoted in both in the 2000 and 2001 AX complementary bag information with lavish clear file and enclosed company information.

Today the folowing announcement was posted to the AIC Animation English Site, written by Anime International Company’s Toru Miura:

Dear customers and AIC anime fans:

I would like to use this place to announce that we dissolved the capital and business partnership with Dream Network on February 28th, 2002. I appreciate all our business partners and fans’ support in last 2 years. AIC will keep produce more anime to entertain the world and I wish you give us the same support from now on.

Toru Miura
Anime International Company Ltd.

5-1-02—- Figures Anime Exclusives has posted both an in-depth look at Macross figures here and exclusive pics of Irwin’s series 8 figures here.

5-1-02—- Anime / Manga Gaming

According to the Magic Box, at the Japan Sun Product Forum 2002, Square revealed the hardware systems behind its PlayOnline services. Square has planned to run the PlayOnline service in separated server groups named “World”, each group can server between 50,000 – 60,000 users. Each server group contain game servers, user profile servers, item shop servers, game information servers and so on. There are roughly 1500 computers in total, or 20 “Worlds” (server groups) connected together, which are all running on Sun Solaris8. For the PlayOnline database, there are two database systems: a full-cluster system composed of two SunFire6800 (UltraSparcIII/8CPU,8GB Memory) servers, and a system composed of a SunStorEdge (73GB Triple layered mirror system). Data that only requires access by users are managed under a NAS (Network Attached Storage) system, running under 8 NFS servers. (Source: Madman’s Cafe)

Bandai is working on a new Digimon adventure game for PlayStation 2, the game is scheduled for release in Japan sometimes this fall.

Bandai will release the PSone fighting game Shaman King: Spirits of Shaman in Japan on June 6, for 5800 yen.

Bandai has released new info on their WonderSwan Color SRPG game Arc the Lad: Resurrection of the Machine God, scheduled to release in Japan this summer. The story takes place 3 years after Arc the Lad III, where you play as the lead character Alec, you will meet with an original character name Sofia, who has lost her memories, she seems to have a connection with another character name Sou. There is a Guild Connect system, which helps you to collect important information such as rare items and enemy weakness in the towns.

Banpresto will release a new GameBoy Color RPG on June 28 called From TV Animation: One Piece – Grand Line Fantasy Adventure, for 4500 yen. This is the sequel of Banpresto’s popular RPG from last year, featuring characters from the anime series One Piece. The storyline is based on the anime series, but the game will have original characters and many other new events not found in the original story. A new Adrenaline Gauge system will be added to the battle, which enable you to execute super attacks when the gauge is full.

5-1-02— May 2002 AnimeFringe

From the release:

Animefringe’s May 2002 issue is online… You gotta know the drill by now. Don’t think just click right now to read the latest issue:


– Utada Hikaru: Profile of a Japanese-American Idol – Utada Hikaru is truly an enigma. Her meteoric rise through the world of Japanese pop music has been nothing less than extraordinary. But who is the woman behind the music?

– The All-New Tenchi Muyo! Manga – Tenchi-Muyo!: Ryo-Ohki and a number of other OVA series don’t have proper endings… Yet. Still, Tenchi seems to be the one exception among the group which is just plain strange when considering all the spin-offs the series had. Now, VIZ has chosen to continue their very own English Tenchi adpation with a relaunch. The new manga is called The All-New Tenchi Muyo! and hits stores this month. So join us as we take a look at where the series has been and what’s in store for it.

– Tomie: The Art of Horror – She was the girl you shouldn’t have spoken to, shouldn’t have looked at, shouldn’t have touched. She is Tomie. Eternally beautiful, and eternally undead, nobody can own her, and don’t even try to tame this wild beast.

– Sakura Con 2002 – During the last weekend of April the 5th Annual Sakura Con was held in the Pacific Northwest. Local resident, Animefringe reporter and Sakura Con staff member Jack Blazkiewicz report on this wonderful anime event.

The Rest:

And if those features don’t fill you up… we’ve also got an editorial on Japanese snacks, some news briefs, our trademark word searches, and a whopping stack of TEN count ’em TEN classy reviews. Read all this and more at

PS: For everyone interested in knowing what’s up with our Archive. We are came across some nasty glitches in some of the issues and have been working on debugging the archive. Since our archive now has 28 months worth of issues and a number of different issue layouts, it has been a pretty big task. Please bare with us because we are in the final stages of debugging and will have the archive back up soon.

5-1-02—- U.S. Licensor Website Revamp Scorecard

With the recent addition of Bandai Entertainment’s new site today as reported below, Bandai joins a growing list of Domestic American anime licensors who have revamped their respective online presence in 2002. The following USA anime licensors have revamped their sites in recent months:

– Bandai Entertainment –
– ADV Films –
– Manga Entertainment –
– Tokyopop –

Meanwhile the following new company sites have debuted in recent months:

– Super Techno Arts – (Watch for future development)

5-1-02—- Bandai Rolls out Revamped Website

Bandai Entertainment has rolled out a brand new rendition of it’s website, new are flash scene over Tokyo, extended listing of events, new events and product release calender and more, check it out at the above link.

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