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Anime News Service – May 24-31 Anime News

5-31-03—- Anime Gets A New Medium: Gameboy Advance Cartridges

4 Kids Entertainment (NYSE: KDE) announced today the debut of GBA-TV, an exciting new application for the estimated installed base of 12 million Game Boy(R) Advance systems.

GBA-TV cartridges containing cartoon episodes play on Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Advance SP systems in the same manner as video game cartridges. Special proprietary technology developed by the 4Kids Entertainment subsidiary, 4Kids Technology, Inc., enables kids to watch the cartoons contained in the GBA-TV cartridges on their Game Boy Advance. The technology enables the Game Boy Advance to function as a personal video player with the Game Boy controls allowing the viewer to Pause, Resume, Stop, Rewind and Chapter Search each of the television episodes on the GBA-TV cartridge. There is no need to buy any adapter. 4Kids intends to roll out GBA-TV cartridges at retail in the 4th quarter 2003. Each GBA-TV cartridge is expected to retail for under $20 and feature two television episodes from popular animated kids programs such as Pokemon(R), Kirby: Right Back At Ya!(TM) and Yu-Gi-Oh!(TM) 4Kids has set the upcoming E3 Expo (May 14-16 at the Los Angeles Convention Center) to debut content from the first GBA-TV shows.

“There will be more than games to the Game Boy Advance,” said Al Kahn, Chairman and CEO of 4Kids Entertainment. “GBA-TV will be an exciting, new way in which kids can enjoy some of today’s best animated entertainment. We are delighted to join with Nintendo in enabling Game Boy Advance, the top portable video game system, to also serve as a portable video player.” “4Kids Entertainment has developed a new and valuable dimension to Game Boy Advance with the launch of GBA-TV,” said Peter MacDougall, Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing for Nintendo. “Now kids can watch their favorite cartoons and play their favorite Game Boy video games anywhere, anytime.” GBA-TV is a trademark of Nintendo. All Rights Reserved. Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Advance SP are registered trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc.

5-30-03—- A Tree Of Palme East Coast Premiere At BAAF

Big Apple Anime Fest (BAAF) has announced that The Tree of Palme (subtitled) will be premiered as the East Coast Premiere at BAAF 2003, in Times Square, New York, between August 29 and 31. This movie was directed by Mr. Takashi Nakamura, who worked on the famed-movie, AKIRA, as a director of picture. At the premiere, Mr. Nakamura will be introducing the film and holding a Q & A session with the audience after the movie.

This story happens on a planet which is mostly desert. Palme is a wooden robot created by an old doctor, Foe, to care for his sick wife, Xian. While taking care of Xian, Palme learns about the soul and heart that most human beings have. When Xian passes away from a heart attack — in spite of Palme’s diligent care — Palme looses his desire to live and stops communicating with anyone. One day, Foe sees Palme talking to a female warrior, Koram, who has suddenly appeared with a magical bowl that she has taken from a land above the planet, a land where legend says that God stays. She leaves the bowl with Foe, and makes him promise to take it to the underground city of Tamas. But before Foe can keep his promise, he is mortally wounded by a one of Koram’s pursuers. Knowing that death is approaching, Foe asks Palme to take the bowl to Tamas. This journey leads him towards a goal that Palme had sought for a long time – to become a human being with soul and heart.

Mr. Nakamura sees the movie as depicting Palme’s struggle to give meaning to his life. Palme’s journey seems very much like what most human beings go through in their spiritual lives. Mr. Nakamura believes that the Tree of Palme is a vital story for us right now; and that each member of the audience will find it significant in their own way, because its meaning will found in the person’s own soul and heart.

Festival Director & COO Victor Eisenberg says, “The Tree of Palme looks at the theme of love and humanity as seen through the differences between robots and human beings. Through the journey with Palme, from robot to human spirituality, the audience will see a reflection of the human quest for a way to live in this world. I urge people to see this movie. It is a serious anime that can change not only your perception of anime, but also of the meaning of your life.”

About Mr. Takashi Nakamura
Born in Yamanashi prefecture, Japan, in 1955, Takashi Nakamura began his anime career at TATSUNOKO Production. After his debut as an Animation Director in the TV series Golden Soldier, Gold Rytan in 1981, Nakamura teamed up with Katsuhiro Otomo and assisted Otomo as a character designer in Harmagedon (1983: Theatrical Movie). His talent and ability in drawing were rapidly acknowledged after his work on Nausica of the Valley of Wind, Macross, and many other smash hits. In 1987, he debuted as a screenwriter and a director in his segment of Robot Carnival, called Chicken Man and the Red Neck (referred to in its American release simply as Nightmare).

Nakamura, as a chief animator, left a strong impression of his talent in AKIRA (1988), and in 1995’s Catnapped! and proved his unlimited ability as scenario writer, screenwriter, director, character design, and animation director. His multiple talents have led Nakamura to the top of the Anime industry.

5-30-03—- Metrocon 2003 In Tampa

Experience Japanese animation 24 hours a day at METROCON 2003 – Tampa Bay, Florida’s first, full-fledged anime convention – from Friday, July 18 through Sunday, July 20, at the Crowne Plaza – Tampa at Sabal Park, 10221 Princess Palm Ave.

The weekend-long event celebrates numerous facets of Japanese popular entertainment – from anime (Japanese animation), manga (Japanese comics), J-pop and J-rock (Japanese pop and rock music, performed by “idols”) to cosplay (costume design and performance) and video games, with:

– An art show and Artists’ Alley;
– A cosplay competition and a runway-style costume contest, during which participants are judged on the design and presentation of costumes depicting favorite anime, manga and video game characters;
– A dealers’/exhibition room with licensed, domestic and imported merchandise available for purchase from an assortment of retailers;
– Three “DDR Extreme” Tournaments where top “Dance Dance Revolution” video game players show off energetic dance moves on an authentic DDR Extreme 8th Mix arcade machine;
– Musical competitions, including an Anime Music Video contest and the first-ever “Anime Idol” J-Pop/J-Rock Competition;
– Official convention screenings of new North American releases;
– Panels with North American anime industry guests;
– Live, role-playing games, in conjunction with ConGames;
– Special evening events, including the second edition of the Final Fantasy Ball, karaoke and a Saturday night dance with an exclusive J-pop, J-rock and anime music soundtrack;
– The METROCADE video game room, stocked with an SNK Neo Geo MVS arcade machine and the DDR Extreme arcade machine, plus domestic and import home console games; and
– Last – but certainly not least – 212 continuous hours of Japanese anime and related programming in four rooms!

Tickets are available in advance at the METROCON site,, and may also be purchased “at-the-door.”

– Three-Day Ticket (Friday, Saturday and Sunday):
o Adults: $25 advance | $30 at-the-door;
o Children, under 10: $10 advance | $15 at-the-door, with paid adult admission;
o Children, under 5: Free, with paid adult admission.

– One-Day Ticket:

o Adults: $12 per day, advance | $15 per day, at-the-door;
o Children, under 10: $5 per day, advance | $8 per day, at-the-door, with paid adult admission;
o Children, under 5: Free, with paid adult admission.

The Crowne Plaza – Tampa at Sabal Park is located at 10221 Princess Palm Avenue in Tampa. (Just west of I-75, off of the SR-60 exit.)

Visit for more information.

METROCON is presented by, AnimeNation and AN Entertainment, Available Sound, Final Fantasy Ball,, Stone Hill Science Fiction Association/ConGames and Xanatos Enterprises.

5-29-03—- Astroboy Birthday Look At JANM

Japanese American National Museum, 369 E. First St., Los Angeles – Exhibits: “Happy Birthday Astro Boy” – photos, magazines, pictures, classic merchandise, and videos pay tribute to early anime/manga works. Through June 1. Hours: Tue.-Wed., Fri.-Sun. 10 a.m.-5 p.m.; Thu. 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Admission: $3-$6 (free on Thursdays, 5-8 p.m. and every third Thursday of the month). (213) 625-0414 or

Source: The Orange County RegisterThe Orange County Register

5-29-03—- Anime Included In Bravo Animation Special

According to CNN, presumably soemtime this summer after August:

Another two-hour special, “The Animated Century,” chronicles 100 years of cartoon films ranging from Disney classics to Japanese anime.

5-29-03—- Anime Goings On At Cannes

The U.K.’s Guardian Newspaper has an article sourced with some behind the scenes news from Cannes.

5-29-03—- New Berserk Game To PS2

Yukes are working on a PlayStation 2 sequel to the Dreamcast hack and slasher Sword of Berserk: Gut’s Rage. Currently known as simply Berserk, Sammy will be handling the publishing duties. For those not in the know, the game is based on a Japanese anime starring a chap with a rather large sword. Eidos published the first game over here, which was very polished but far too short. There’s no release date for it yet.

Source: Games Asylum

5-29-03—- Seattle Area Animatrix Screening

From The Seattle Weekly listing:

SATURDAY FILM THE ANIMATRIX When the Wachowski brothers commissioned four superstar artists of Japanese anime to create short films based on themes and characters from The Matrix, they handed these usually TV-bound directors budgets they’d only dreamt of. Visually and technically, the results are uniformly stunning. As drama, the Animatrix episodes have their ups and downs, but even the downs are admirably ambitious. And the best episodes—Chung’s rendering of a robot’s acid trip; Morimoto’s exploration of the borderland between mundane and magical in a child’s mind—are instant masterworks. If this film doesn’t bring anime into the world cinema mainstream, nothing will. Part of SIFF. 9:30 p.m. Sat., May 31. Egyptian, 801 E. Pine St. SIFF info: 206-324-9996. ROGER DOWNEY

5-29-03—- South Korean/Japanese Animation War Brewing?

The Korea Herald has an article today on an apparant competition gathering steam in the respective Animation industries of Japan and South Korea.

5-29-03—- Weta Evangelion Collaboration Gets New Zealand Nod

STUFF, a New Zealand news site has done a writeup on the Weta Workshop’s involvement with ADV’s forthcoming Live Action Eva film.

5-29-03—- Guam Pacific Daily News Article – “These Cartoons Aren’t For Kids”

Guam’s Newspaper, The Pacific Daily News is has run an article this week by Duane M. George entitled These Cartoons Aren’t For Kids, check it out at the link.

5-29-03—- Pryor & Associates To Serve Anime Network PR

Pryor & Associates, LLC has been named the agency of record for A.D. Vision, Inc.’s new Anime Network, the nation’s first all anime programming cable network. Charged with orchestrating media coverage for the start-up channel venture, Pryor & Associates begins representation of the Anime Network immediately. The announcement was made today by Jeff Pryor, Founder and CEO, Pryor & Associates.

“Anime has seen phenomenal growth here in the US in just the past few years,” said Pryor in making the announcement. “A.D. Vision, Inc. is uniquely positioned to launch this network, as its ADV Films is the nation’s largest producer-distributor of anime programming and its monthly Newtype USA magazine, covering the worlds of Japanese animation and comics, or ‘manga’, provides a strong promotional platform from which to drive consumer demand for the Anime Network. In this age of cross-platform marketing, the Anime Network comes to market with solid advantages that we believe will help speed its roll-out and support significant consumer exposure, presenting an attractive channel opportunity for cable operators and MSOs looking to grow their young male subscriber base.”

Anime is the term used to describe a uniquely Japanese style of animation, recognized by its distinctive aesthetic, the complexity of its characters, its elaborate, highly serialized stories (as opposed to the stand-alone nature of much of American animation) and its often biting satirical humor. The Anime Network’s programming features anime series and feature films in four genres — action, science fiction, martial arts and comedy — including such popular titles as “Noir,” “Spriggan,” “Neon Genesis Evangelion,” “Gasaraki,” “Kimera,” “Samurai X,” “Excel Saga” and “Those Who Hunt Elves.” Currently available to digital cable subscribers in the Philadelphia area, central and northern New Jersey and other markets, the Anime Network is in late-stage discussions with MSOs in several additional areas; further carriage announcements are forthcoming.

5-29-03—- Voices Of A Distant Star At AKON 14

ADV Films today confirmed that their forthcoming release of Voices of a Distant Star will screen at this weekend’s A-KON 14, to be held May 30-June 1 at the Hyatt D/FW. The Voices… screening will take place at 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, May 31, in Video Room #1.

Voices of a Distant Star was created single-handedly by the young Japanese animator Makoto Shinkai, using only a Macintosh G4/400 computer and assorted consumer- and professional-level design and animation programs. It is an extraordinarily beautiful film, telling in deft strokes a tale of two lovers torn apart by tides of war and millions of miles of interstellar space. Only the music (composed by Tenmon) and voice acting were not performed by Shinkai.

On the strength of Voices of a Distant Star, Shinkai won the prestigious “Most Valuable Newcomer” award at the 2002 Tokyo International Anime Fair. Early critical response in the U.S. has been strong:

“This is perhaps the most intensely personal film I’ve ever seen, and Shinkai does a beautiful job with it…. The story is captivating, sad and hopeful at the same time.”-Anime Jump

“…[A] quiet, understated love story…unusually cerebral.”-SCI FI

Voices of a Distant Star (SRP $19.98) is a DVD-only release, including both English- and Japanese-language versions, and English subtitles. Extras include three versions of Shinkai’s award-winning animated short She and Her Cat; interview with Makoto Shinkai; Voices of a Distant Star Director’s Cut, with alternate vocals; original production animatics; four original Japanese trailers; reversible cover; and ADV previews.

For more information, visit ADV Films on the web at

About A-KON 14: For more information about A-KON 14, visit

VOICES OF A DISTANT STAR Running Time: 30 minutes; Age Rating: 13+ Street Date: 6/10/03 Format SRP DVD $19.98

5-29-03—- September Manga Releases From CPM

Central Park Media ( has scheduled September 2003 for the release of two of its most celebrated manga titles. Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight-Book Six, will release on September 3 and Alien Nine-Book Three on September 10.

Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight-Book Six Story by Ryo Mizuno and Art by Masato Natsumoto. Will it be salvation or annihilation? Finally, the spectacular conclusion has arrived! Spark and his crew have made it to the dark isle of Marmo, where monsters lurk around every corner. Meanwhile, the evil sorcerer, Vagnado, has begun preparations to resurrect the Goddess of Destruction. The stage is set for the final battle that will determine the future of Lodoss! “The art is stellar…the pacing is brisk…the action is furious” – Shotgun Reviews “Lodoss War is addictive…the writing is sharp…the art is so evocative” –

* Format 5.5″ x 8″ * Black & white

TITLE: Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight- Book Six RATING: Age 13 and up SRP PRICE: $15.95 PAGES: 256 CATALOG #: CMX 64306G STREET DATE: September 3, 2003 PRE-ORDER DATE: August 11, 2003

Alien Nine: Book Three Story and art by Hitoshi Tomizawa. The shocking conclusion begins. Things have changed for the girls in the Alien Party. They’re just not the same happy-go-lucky kids they were when they started out back in the sixth grade. Fighting an alien menace on a daily basis with a symbiotic helmet attached to your head can certainly change a person.

“Funny, shocking, and totally unique” – Wizard Anime Insider

* Format 5.25 x 7.5 * Black & white * Japanese style right to left

TITLE: Alien Nine: Book Three RATING: Age 16 and Up SRP PRICE: $15.95 PAGES: 224 CATALOG #: CMX 64203G STREET DATE: September 10, 2003 PRE-ORDER DATE: August 11, 2003

5-28-03—- Cosplay Comes to Wizard World Chicago

In the years that Wizard Entertainment (the people behind Anime Insider and Wizard: The Comics Magazine) has run Wizard World Chicago genre entertainment convention in the country with 42,000 attendees wanted to hold a masquerade contest, and with our 2003 show it¹s finally going to happen. Wizard World Chicago 2003, held from August 8 to10 at the Donald E. Stevens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois, will be awarding prizes including rare DVDs, video games, T-Shirts and more in a number of categories in their first ever cosplay contest will be held the evening of Saturday, August 9th. Winners and entrants will have their photos run in the next issue of Anime Insider, and on the website. Contest rules and information will be available by Monday June 9th on the Wizard World Chicago page of

5-28-03—- Otohime Mitsumi Swimsuit Statue Unveiled By Tokyo Mint

Tokyo Mint has announced that the seventh statue in its Love Hina line will be the Otohime Mitsumi in Swimsuit Statue, which is being pre-solicited in June for shipment in November. This is the first statue featuring this popular character, and puts the Love Hina statue line “back on the beach,” where it began with the sold-out Naru Narusegawa in Bikini Statue last December. The bird playfully pulling the towel up off the title character adds a second element to this statue, increasing its desirability and collectiblity. This is a 1/8 scale cold cast resin statue, delivered complete and fully painted. The exclusive North American Tokyo Mint edition size for the Otohime Mitsumi in Swimsuit Statue will be only 600 pieces. Each statue displays beautifully on a base of sandy material, and comes carefully packaged in an attractive color box (Japanese packaging with Tokyo Mint edition labeling). MSRP will be $149.

5-28-03—- Bandai Nabs Machine Robo Trademarks

Several US Trademark entries for the search terms MACHINE ROBO have been found at The United States Patent And Trademark Office Wesbite. The listings were filed by Bandai Co., Ltd. and cover toys, “DVDs featuring an animated series“, and “a continuing japanese animated show broadcast over television“.

Courtesy to Hector for the news.

5-28-03—- Matrix Sequels Coming To IMAX

Check this link for details and theater dates/locations for IMAX screeenings of The Matrix Reloaded, scheduled to start in June with Revolutions to shortly follow in the fall.

5-28-03—- S-cry-ed – JoJo’s Advance Reviews

DVD Vision Japan has just posted and advanced review of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Vol. 1 by Super Techno Arts and S-cry-ed Vol 1 by Bandai.

5-27-03—- US Government Gives BAAF Exclusive World Anime Party Stature

The Big Apple Anime Fest (BAAF) today announced that the United States Government has officially proclaimed the Big Apple Anime Fest to be the sole authorized World Anime Party®.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office formally confirmed that Big Apple Anime Fest Corporation is the sole and exclusive owner of the registered service mark, “World Anime Party” in conjunction with any anime or manga-related fan convention or film festival.

BAAF’s Festival Director, Victor Eisenberg, laughed when asked why BAAF is called the “World Anime Party.” “Let’s see,” he responded. “First of all, the Big Apple Anime Fest is global, with people coming from all over the world. Secondly, it’s all about anime and manga. Third, everybody who comes here, parties like crazy all weekend long. So, I guess it’s called the ‘World Anime Party’ for a reason!”

On the federal side, President George W. Bush was unavailable for comment. “He’s busy with more important issues,” said an unidentified spokesperson, “so don’t bother him now.” As a result, at press time it was unclear whether or not the President was planning on attending BAAF this year. “We’re always hopeful,” said Eisenberg. “We hear he used to party hearty himself, so he’d be well received by our fans, I’m sure.”

5-27-03—- 5 New Manga Titles From Tokyopop – Scheduled To Hit In Fall

Adding to an already impressive lineup of summer releases, TOKYOPOP Inc. announces five new must-read titles for manga fans. All debut in August or September and each promises its own pleasure for those looking for a little Sci-Fi, Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Romance or Comedy.

.hack/LEGEND OF THE TWILIGHT (Sci-Fi / Action / Fantasy, Volume 1: September 9, 2003)

This highly anticipated manga is part of a multimedia phenomenon in Japan where it simultaneously released as a series of Playstation 2 games, two unique anime shows and a manga-all of which were extremely successful. Additionally, the first anime series aired here on Cartoon Network, and the first two Playstation games have been released in the U.S. to critical acclaim. Written by Tatsuya Hamazaki with art by Rei Izumi, .hack is the exciting story of two 14-year-old twins who enter and win a contest to portray legendary avatars in an ultra-advanced online game called “The World.” What starts as a game turns out to be a quest to save the world!

BABY BIRTH (Sci-Fi / Action / Adventure, Volume 1: September 16, 2003)

Comics pro Jim Krueger (Foot Soldiers, Earth X, Universe X) delivers the English-language adaptation of this riveting manga originally created by artist Haruhiko Mikimoto (Macross) and writer Sukehiro Tomita. In Baby Birth’s futuristic world, an ancient seal has been broken, sending a flood of demons into the mortal realm. The only hope of saving Earth from their horrid wrath lies in the hands of two individuals-both descendants of the great savior who banished these demons in the first place.

FORBIDDEN DANCE (Romance, Volume 1: August 5, 2003)

Sure to challenge the boundaries between men and women, this manga by Hinako Ashihara (Girls Lesson, Homemade Home) provides a clever commentary on love and the lengths that some will go to find it. Its story follows a young aspiring female dancer who attempts to join an all-male dance troupe in order to improve her skill and hopefully snag a guy in the process. So what if she’s missing a Y-chromosome? She’s got spunk, skill, and passion-and, in the end, she hopes that love will conquer all.

FLCL (Sci-Fi / Comedy, Volume 1: September 16, 2003)

Known to its legions of fans worldwide as Furi Kuri, FLCL burst upon the Japanese pop culture scene in early 2000. Its hyperkinetic visual flavor and utterly bizarre storyline expressed themselves in a six-volume direct-to-DVD anime show, three short text novels, two popular soundtrack recordings, and an irresistible two-volume manga series. FLCL-a product of the fertile imaginations at Gainax (Evangelion, Kare Kano)-is the story of Naota, a 12-year-old boy from whose forehead sprouts a giant robot, and Haruko, a fetching alien who rides a Vespa and wields a mean bass guitar … who could ask for anything more?

X-DAY (Action / Adventure, Volume 1: August 12, 2003)

Written in response to the Columbine tragedy, X-Day is the gripping and controversial two-volume manga from author Setona Mizushiro (Mr. Mermaid). The story follows a group of teens whose mounting stress during senior year finals culminates in a plan to blow up their high school when nobody else is around.

5-27-03—- Studio ArtFX Expands To Asian Markets

Studio ArtFX, Inc., helmed by independent animation director Terrence Walker, has set its sites on the Japanese home video market. With the growing popularity of independent anime production in Japan, Studio ArtFX is poised to enter the market with translations of its current titles and new content created specifically for the Asian market. One of the first excursions into that market will be with the potential franchise property combining both current titles and new works of independent animation, the trailer for which can be viewed here:

“During my trip to China and Japan as part of the Newtek Asia Tour in April of 2002,” spoke Terrence Walker, “I was astonished to see first hand the popularity of what I am doing. Recent indie productions there have become smash hits in the home video market. After speaking with a number of other independent creators there, I decided this was the best move for furthering the exposure of Studio ArtFX’ properties.”

Studio ArtFX is currently in talks with both major studio and small independent distributors about future possibilities. These include releasing indie anime compilation DVDs in both the American and Japanese market. Providing extensive making-of extra features showing off the use of next generation tools such as Lightwave 3D and Dstorm’s FXBreak will insure both fans and up and coming creators find what they’re looking for in the new products.

“It’s always been a dream of mine to create anime in Japan and for the Japanese market,” continued Terrence, “and now, through alliances with various studios there, that dream, too, will become a reality.”

About Studio ArtFX

Studio ArtFX revolutionized the independent animation market with the release of its first short film, Understanding Chaos in 2000. Helmed by independent animation director Terrence Walker, the small company continues to break new ground in producing low cost, high quality animated content for the world market.

5-26-03—- Massive Quake Hits Northern Japan – Rattles Tokyo

According to the Hi-Net data map at this link an M7.2 earthquake struck near Iwate-ken (Sendai City) around 6:25pm. According to reports, the quake could be felt as far away as Hokkaido in the north to Kansai in the west and 300km south in Tokyo where buildings were shaken rather strongly.

5-26-03—- Dororo USA PS2 Port

According to, the Dororo game was present at E3, and is highlighted as one of the games coming out to the American PS2 in the future.

Courtesy to Daniel for the news item

5-26-03—- What’s Cooking At Stone Bridge Press?

From the Stone Bridge Press Friends Newsletter May/ June edition:

Patrick Drazen’s ANIME EXPLOSION! received a terrific review in Newtype Magazine (April 2003) “the dean of animation reviewers,” Fred Patten: “Several of t SETTINGSTONES/settingstones.htmlhe better books about anime have been published by Stone Bridge Press. ANIME EXPLOSION! is one of its best, smoothly combining the overview for new anime fans with in-depth analysis for the scholar.”

Coming Soon from Stone Bridge Press: THE DORAMA ENCYCLOPEDIA: A GUIDE TO JAPANESE TV DRAMA SINCE 1953 by Jonathan Clements and Motoko Tamamuro ($24.95)

THE ANIME OTAKU’S GUIDE TO DOING TOKYO by Patrick Macias and Tomo Machiyama. If you’ve been watching anime all day long, you need to unstick your butt from the chair and get out of the house once in a while. Hey, we’ve got an idea: why not make that visit to Japan you’ve already dreamed about and check out that anime scene for real. Our book will have the lowdown on anime shrines, shopping hints, vocab, museums, with pix and up to date listings.

THE MIDNIGHT EYE GUIDE TO JAPANESE FILM by Patrick Mes and Jason Sharp. Your tour of the current Japanese movie scene, with lots of reviews and essential information for every film viewer. A superb collection of writing and insight.

5-26-03—- Dirty Pair Flash Broadcast In UK

Dirty Pair Flash, ADV’s OAV update of the original Dirty Pair will be showing every Thursday in July, followed by Riding Bean on the 3rd and Bounty Dog on the 10th on the UK Sci-Fi channel after the movie at 10pm.

Source: UK Anime via Rory

5-25-03—- Remastered Genesis Climber Mospeada Relase From ADV Films

Taking the wraps off a months-long, top-secret project, ADV Films today announced that the Genesis Climber Mospeada collection, containing all 25 episodes of the legendary series in one package, has undergone an exhaustive video remastering process, returning the series to a lovely and near-pristine state, without compromising the character of the original animation. In a further respectful note of authenticity, the ADV Films release of Genesis Climber Mospeada is available only in the original Japanese, with English subtitles.

Never before released in the U.S., Genesis Climber Mospeada was the source material from which the third chapter of the ROBOTECH saga-ROBOTECH: The New Generation-was created. Genesis Climber Mospeada was directed by Katsuhisa Yamada (Battle of the Planets, Devil Hunter Yohko), and its design staff included Yoshitaka Amano (1,001 Nights) and Shinji Aramaki (Gasaraki).

ADV Films technicians supervised a clean digital transfer of the series from the original 16mm film stock, then restored the colors, returning them to the rich tones that the series’ creators originally sought. Finally, ADV meticulously removed more than 60,000 individual defects-including dust specks, rough splices, emulsion imperfections and more-from the newly-transferred version.

Mark Williams, ADV Films’ Executive in Charge of Production, supervised the process. “[Genesis Climber] Mospeada is a deeply significant series, not only because of its role as a ROBOTECH source, but also as a popular original series in its own right,” he said. “We worked very hard to ensure that the remastering was respectful, by which I mean that we restored Mospeada to the way it was originally filmed and didn’t overprocess or neutralize its distinctive character. It’s a cel animation title, and we wanted it to look that way. We wanted the result to be as though the viewer was watching the first showing of a virgin print of the film. The results are, if I may say so, jaw-dropping.”

The Story The Earth has been invaded by the mysterious Inbit, and it’s up to a handful of survivors from Mars Colony to liberate the planet. After an unsuccessful first attempt to retake the Earth, the inhabitants of Mars Base are ready to try again. Unfortunately, it’s been many years since they have been to Earth and they miscalculate both the strength of the enemy and the strength of the Earth forces-with disastrous results. When the Second Liberation force is all but wiped out entering the Earth’s atmosphere, the fate of the planet winds up in the hands of a single survivor, Stick Bernard. Joined by a bare handful of resistance fighters born on Earth, Stick must journey to the Inbit’s headquarters at Reflex point in an attempt to discover the secrets of the Inbit and find a way to defeat them. Seven young warriors and their transforming planes and motorcycles are all that stand between the Inbit and Earth’s freedom in one of the outstanding series that comprised the multi-generational favorite ROBOTECH.

Genesis Climber Mospeada (SRP $89.98) is a DVD-only release on five discs, including 25 complete episodes. In Japanese with English subtitles. Extras include character bios, clean opening and closing animations, production portfolios and ADV Previews.

GENESIS CLIMBER MOSPEADA Running Time: 625 minutes; Age Rating: 15+ Street Date: 6/17/03 Format SRP DVD $89.98

5-24-03—- Raijin Misc.

Thanks to Daniel for the news:

Winner of the International manga award is…

MAKORA by Akaneiro Kumomaru and Ku.Sa.Be.

The award ceremony was held on May 21st in Tokyo. The most popular title voted by the readers was awarded the “jun granpri” title. Makora also earned the artists a nice sum of 15,000,000 Yen for being a “jun grandpri” winner.

With thousands of interests, and only eight titles making it to the final round, the international manga award is one of the toughest manga competition. This manga contest simulates real working conditions that manga artists must face. This contest is the only one where the artist must create not only the final art work, but to develop storyboards for future plots, maintain a complete story arc with in the page count, and re-develop the story with the editor when necessary.

“We are proud of the finalists and their caliber of work. It’s always interesting to see new artists and stories coming in,” said Horie Nobuhiko, Chairman and CEO of Gutsoon! Entertainment. “I look forward to discovering a new manga artist from America, in the near future.”

With the wrap up of the second international manga awards done, the third international manga awards is getting ready to start soon. We will have the contest rules up as soon as they are available to the public.

A sampling of the comic itself is available online to mature readers, Raijin issues the foillowing advisory:

(Sorry this title is for mature readers, it contains graphic depiction of violence, nudity and sexual situations. It is also in Japanese. By clicking on the link you acknowledge your confirmation of this advisory. read MAKORA.)


Interview with American Raijin staff over the magazine publishing 4800 pages can be found at

Also, according to , they’re selling older issues of Raijin and RGA in bundles.

5-23-03—- Disposable DVD’s – Anime Viability

A brief anonymous headcount to various contacts across the American anime industry has revealed that while this week’s news is being discussed in some quarters, besides the obvious possible library offerings out of Disney the feesibility of fans seeing Anime On Disposable DVD’s, is not likely with the format not curretly being considered as a method of distribution at the present time.

5-23-03—- Disposable DVD Controversy

Just days after Disney’s revelation to market disposable DVD’s, those with enviromental and other concerns have launched several campaigns to have the technology dropped before it’s really even take hold with in the commercial sphere. One such effort at Working For Change outlines concerns and provides a form letter to which interested parties can attach their signature and voice their own concerns to Disney.

5-23-03—- Disney Introduces Disposable DVD’s

From the Reuters News Service:

LOS ANGELES — This disc will self-destruct in 48 hours. That is the warning the Walt Disney Co. will issue this August when it begins to “rent” DVDs that after two days become unplayable and do not have to be returned.

Disney home video unit Buena Vista Home Entertainment will launch a pilot movie rental program in August that uses the self-destruction technology, the company said Friday.

The discs stop working when a process similar to rusting makes them unreadable. The discs start off red, but when they are taken out of the package, exposure to oxygen turns the coating black and makes it impenetrable by a DVD laser.

Buena Vista hopes the technology will let it crack a wider rental market because it can sell the DVDs in stores or almost anywhere without setting up a system to get the discs back.

The discs work perfectly for the two-day viewing window, said Flexplay Technologies, the private company that developed the technology using material from General Electric.

The technology cannot be hacked by programmers who would want to view the disc longer because the mechanism that closes the viewing window is chemical and has nothing to do with computer technology. The disc can be copied within 48 hours because it works like any other DVD during that window.

Buena Vista did not disclose pricing plans but said the discs, dubbed EZ-D, would be available in August in select markets with recent releases including The Recruit, The Hot Chick and Signs.

5-23-03—- ShoujoCon Latest

JAPANESE MANGAKA GUEST OF HONOR: TOMOKO TANIGUCHI We’re excited and proud to welcome shoujo manga artist Tomoko Taniguchi to this year’s con! Ms. Taniguchi is the creator of stories such as “Call Me Princess”, “Princess Prince” and “Aquarium”, all translated into English by Central Park Media.

LIVE MUSIC GUESTS CANCELLATION 2003 Live Music Guests Silver Ash have cancelled their North American appearances, due to the current SARS outbreak in China, and the World Health Organization (WHO) restrictions on Chinese citizens traveling outside the country.

DISCUSSIONS AND PANELS SCHEDULE NOW POSTED Shoujocon’s talk sessions have long been a highlight of the con– and this year is no different. We’ve got plenty of new subjects this year as well.

SEEKING PANELISTS AND PRESENTERS Are you well-versed in shoujo anime and manga? Share your knowledge by serving as a Panelist or moderating a Discussion at Shoujocon! Check out the current list of Panels and Discussion Groups on the Shoujocon website, and let us know which ones you’re interested in.

ART SHOW/ARTISTS’ ALLEY INFO AND REGISTRATION UP Are you an artist interested in showcasing your artwork? Do you want to meet new admirers of your talents, as well as make a few sales? Shoujocon’s Art Show and Artists’ Alley provide you with the chance to do these things. There’s info now about both, as well as forms up so you can register!

5-23-03—- Matrix Site Updates

With the release of Reloaded last week, the latest Matrx Newsletter has gone out with many site content updates.