Anime News Service – May 8-12 Anime News

5-12-02—- Satorare Dorama

Nikkan Sports reports Sato Makoto’s manga Satorare, originally serialised in Kodansha’s manga magazine Morning, and now in another of its magazines Evening), will be turned into a live action dorama on TV Asahi commencing July 4th. The storyline of the dorama apparently will be based on the movie version, released in October 2001. For information about the movie, check out the Reel World Film Festival’s summary here. For more information on the manga, see Kodansha’s entry in its English site.

Source: Natsume Maya

5-12-02—- Utada Leaves Hospital

Kyodo News reports Japanese pop singer-songwriter Hikaru Utada has left a hospital after undergoing a thorough medical examination, her record company Toshiba-EMI Ltd said Saturday. Utada, 19, issued a statement Friday evening through her official web site on her condition, which had deteriorated after she suffered side effects from medication taken after an operation in early April to remove a benign tumor from an ovary. “I’m sorry for surprising and making you worry. I am going to rest a bit until I can work properly as announced by my father and Toshiba-EMI. Now I am at home resting quietly. Don’t worry!,” Utada said in the statement. “I had time to reconsider my life and experience the pain of disease and operation and learned to appreciate everything, for example, being able to wake up, change clothes, smile, walk, wear high-heeled shoes and drink water. But more than anything else, I am happy that I can sing again,” she said.

5-12-02—- Ninja School Visit

As readers may recall, several months ago we first posted a link to a report on the first publicly acknowledged Ninja Schoo, opening in Japan. Today, the Mainichi sent a reporter to the school and has a report on what one can find there here.

5-12-02—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Banpresto will release a new PlayStation 2 stealth action adventure game this summer called Lupin the 3rd: Legacy of the Magician King. The game is based on the classic Anime Lupin the 3rd, in which you play the role of Lupin the 3rd, to snatch the legendary treasure “Ladoral”. During the quest you have to sneak into the enemy district, you have to avoiding making too much noise to attract the security guards. You can also use different kinds of tools in the game, such as using infrared binoculars to locate traps, or use costumes to disguise as the enemy guards. Images can be seen at Magic Box here

Enix of America will release a new robot action game for PlayStation 2 in October called Robot A.D., in this game you control a giant robot to battle against the rivals in the midst of the city. Images can be seen at Magic Box here.

5-12-02—- Shift In Second Hand Online Collectibles Market In Japan?

Cool Japanese Toys has a report on the state of affairs regarding online auction sites in Japan. As pointed out by this Business Week article Yahoo Japan–the country’s largest portal–has 95% of the online-auction market, where last year $1.6 billion worth of goods were traded. By contrast, Ebay Japan–whose only business is auctions and whose parent dominates online auctions in the U.S.–has an estimated 3% of the Japanese market. Last month, Yahoo institued a 10 Yen insertion fee to place items up for auction. On the 15th of this month, sellers will further be charged a 3% commission of the final bid. In America where these kind of levies are common fare one might not take a notice, but in Japan these types of charges are very new and reportedly causing a big stir there. According to CJT:

Word has it that there’s been a big dropoff in auctions since the insertion fee, although I haven’t noticed one on the searches that I have bookmarked. There’s also a possibility that the minor auction sites, such as Bidders and Rakuten might pick up in activity since they still don’t charge insertion fees or commissions.

5-12-02—- Digimon English VA Interview

An interview with Digimon VA Stephen Jay Blum which include the veteran actor’s views and recollections on his work on Digimon have been posted here. Other VA interviews with dubbing actors and actresses can be read here.

5-12-02—- Cartoon Fantasy Oganization 25th Anniversary Meeting To Feature Anime

The Cartoon/Fantasy Organization (C/FO) of the Los Angeles area will be celebrating its 25th anniversary on Saturday, May 18, 2002. They will be having a retrospective of animation that our club has shown over the last quarter century of continuous monthly meetings. All former members of C/FO and anyone else interested in anime is invited to visit them during this special club meeting, even if only for the Cake Cutting around 5:30 p.m.

NOTE: Special starting time – 10:00 a.m. (Doors open at 9:00 a.m. for setup)

Program Schedule:
9:00 a.m. Doors Open for Setup
10:00 a.m. Astroboy – Dubbed
10:30 a.m. Gigantor – Dubbed
11:00 a.m. Aura Battler Dunbine – Episode 1 – Japanese
11:30 a.m. Raideen (if not available, Sherlock Hound) – Japanese
12:00 Noon Orguss – Episode 4 – Japanese or Dubbed
12:30 p.m. Super Dimension Fortress Macross – Episode 1 – Subtitled
1:00 p.m. Urusei Yatsura – Episodes 1 and 2 – Subtitled
1:30 p.m. Catseye – Episode 1 – Subtitled/Japanese
2:00 p.m. Lupin III – Albatross, Wings of Death – Japanese/Dubbed
2:30 p.m. Orange Road – T.A.P. Gun – Subtitled
3:00 p.m. Ranma 1/2 – Episode 1 – Subtitled
3:30 p.m. Dirty Pair – Episode 1 – Subtitled
4:00 p.m. Gall Force – Subtitled
4:45 p.m. Bubblegum Crisis – Subtitled
5:30 p.m. Cake Cutting Ceremony and Get-together
6:00 p.m. Laputa – Subtitled
8:00 p.m. C/FO After Hours (Various)

The C/FO is a club primarily for the discussion and enjoyment of Japanese and American Animation. It meets the Third Saturday of each month.

The club meets at the Los Angeles Science Fiction Society (L.A.S.F.S.) Clubhouse at:

LASFS 11513 Burbank Blvd. North Hollywood, California

QUICK DIRECTIONS: Take the 101 Freeway from the West or South, or the 134 Freeway from the East to the intersection with the 170 (Hollywood) Freeway going North. Go two exits north on the 170 Freeway to the Burbank Blvd. exit. Go East on Burbank Blvd. about a quarter of a mile to the LASFS Clubhouse on the North side of the street at 11513 Burbank Blvd. The Clubhouse is located behind the main building. Maps are available at the WWW page at

A $2.00 donation at the door is appreciated from non-members.

The Cartoon/Fantasy Organization Web Page is at:

5-11-02—- Zhang Zhiyi’s New Project Revealed – Jet Li News

Daniel has indicated some links at which lead to an interview with Tom Arnold on working with Jet Li, an interview with Zhang Zhiyi where she reveals her newest project-now that Hero is wrapped up-is Wong Kar Wai’s 2046, an article that mentions Miramax will be distributing Hero later this year, and more pictures of the East West Players Awards.

5-11-02—- Kirby Anime Coming From 4Kids And Nintendo – Details

From Gamespot via Daniel:

“Nintendo of America has teamed up with 4 Kids Entertainment to produce an animated television series starring Kirby, the popular character who has starred in 15 Nintendo games to date, including Super Smash Bros. Melee. The television show will air on the Fox Kids network, beginning September 14, 2002, after having debuted last October in Japan on the CBC network. The series will launch alongside a new Kirby action game for the Game Boy Advance, due this fall, and a GameCube title, Kirby Tilt ‘n’ Tumble 2, is already in development. The cartoon series will showcase Kirby’s well-known ability to copy abilities and redirect them toward his enemies. The show’s tag line “Kirby: Right Back at Ya!” refers to this ability, which in the show will allow Kirby to transform into Fire Kirby, Sword Kirby, Block Kirby, and more.

“Kirby’s television debut marks the natural progression for a Nintendo character that has remained strong and popular around the world,” says Gail Tilden, vice president of network marketing for Nintendo of America Inc. “4 Kids’ new Saturday-morning kids network on Fox, combined with their brand building and licensing expertise, make them the perfect partner for Kirby. We’re tickled pink!”‘

5-11-02—- Mini Pato DVD Release

The DVD release of Production I.G. / Mamoru Oshii’s Patlabor WXIII attache feature Mini Pato will see three episodes spanning a single disc when it hits the streets in Japan July 25. At a 5,000 Yen retail, the disc features Dolby Digital soundtrack (5.1ch and stereo) and comes with “making of” clip and colour booklet. First pressing will come in a digipack case.

Source: Natsume Maya

5-11-02—- New Features At Akadot

Akadot has updated with the fun feature “Top Ten Anime/Spiderman Crossovers” here and on the reviews side, Ryan Mathews looks at the English dub-track of Arc The Lad.

5-11-02—- More Sub-Aquatic Action From Ao Rokugo Creator

Sony will be releasing an OVA adapted version of Ozawa Satorou’s (Blue Submarine No. 6) 6 volume manga Submarine 707 with scheduled February 2003 release.

Source: Natsume Maya

5-11-02—- Thundercats Return In Wildstorm Comic

Another anime style mid-80’s American work from creator Ted Wolf has resurfaced according to Toon Zone which has details on two new comics projects debuting in August – featuring white-hot creators including J. Scott Campbell and Ed McGuinness.

“Fan interest in having new THUNDERCATS comics is tremendous – and growing,” says Jim Lee, WildStorm’s Editorial Director. “And when we combine a property that’s ready to explode with two of the hottest artists in comics, both of whom are combining a reverence for the classic animation with their own modern flair, well, let’s just say expectations are high.”

Campbell of Danger Girl will illustrate and cowrite a special 12-page story in THUNDERCATS #0 from Wildstorm. Ford Lytle Gilmore will co-write. Special bonus features in this #0 issue include character bios and behind-the-scenes production designs!

Two weeks later, the 5-issue miniseries THUNDERCATS makes its debut in an issue written by Gilmore and featuring art and covers by Ed McGuinness (SUPERMAN) & Jason Martin (MR. MAJESTIC) and a first issue variant cover by Arthur Adams. The adventure begins where the cartoon left off in 1985, with New Thundera restored, and Thundercats’ King Lion-O reassembling his old friends, the refugees of Thundera. But at Mumm-Ra’s Pyramid, the Ancient Spirits of Evil have concocted a nefarious plan to free the Shadowmaster from the Shadow Realm…

THUNDERCATS #0 is a 32-page WildStorm Productions one-shot edited by Scott Dunbier. It arrives in comic-book stores August 7 with a cover price of $2.50 U.S. THUNDERCATS is a 5-issue WildStorm Productions miniseries edited by Jeff Mariotte. The 32-page issue #1 arrives in comic-book stores August 21 with a cover price of $2.95 U.S.

For the full article plaese check out Toon Zone

5-11-02—- Kinnikuman To Air In America This Fall

According to the June 2002 issue of Wizard, the second series of Kinnikuman which 4Kids picked up is slated for a fall airing on FOX Kids, and it will be edited. Ultraman Tiga was also mentioned as being shown around the same time, but no details on it yet. 4Kids has established an official website with full details at the above link.

Thanks to Daniel for posting this to the ML

5-10-02—- Web Contests From ADV

Our ADV Films Web Media contact has passed along the following:

Attention all otaku! ADV Films is proud to unveil its brand-spanking new contest page (! This is your chance to win cool free stuff from ADV! Go there now and register to be a part of our Neon Genesis Evangelion Perfect Collection contest. One lucky winner will be awarded the Grand Prize of a gorgeous new Premium Evangelion Paul Champagne Perfect Collection #00010 complete with all eight (8) DVDs and signed by key creative talent from the American Production of Evangelion. One First Prize winner gets to take home a Premium Evangelion Paul Champagne Perfect Collection complete with all eight (8) DVDs (Sorry, no autographs!). One Second Prize winner will receive the Neon Genesis Evangelion Perfect Collection complete with all eight (8) DVDs. Finally, ten Third Prize winners will each receive a copy of Neon Genesis Evangelion Collection 0:1.

Hurry up and register! This contest ends May 31st!

5-10-02—- Portugal: Spirited Away Buzz

From via Daniel-san:

“Ricardo Gonçalves sent in a brief clipping from the Portuguese edition of “Premiere” magazine:


Its name is New Age Entertainment and it’s a new portuguese distributor which is going to focus on releasing cult and independent movies which have been acclaimed by both critics and audiences alike. Starting in May, they are going to release two titles on DVD: Absolute Beginners, by Julian Temple and Hols, Prince of the Sun, by Isao Takahata, the first title of a collection which looks very promising: Anime Masterpieces. Coming soon are the releases of Richard Kelly’s Donnie Darko, Kinji Fukasaku’s Battle Royale and the long awaited Spirited Away, by Hayao Miyazaki, the film which won the Golden Bear at the last Berlin Film Festival.

Whether Sen is destined for the big screen or a straight to video release remains to be seen.

5-10-02—- Hulk And Matrix News

Corona states that Wednesday’s Entertainment Tonight will be broadcasting the teaser trailers for Matrix 2+3.

Also, from Corona: “I just got back from a lecture given by Peter Cuneo, CEO of Marvel Entertainment, in New York City. He revealed one other change that Ang Lee is making to the Hulk – unlike in the comics, where Dr. Banner has no memory of what happened to him, in the movie he will.”

Thanks to Daniel for the news.

5-10-02—- PS2 Infiltrates

SCEI annouced an official statement on Thusday that the PlayStation2 videogame console has reached a worldwide installed base of 30 million units; way above its competitors. The rest of the info can be found at CNET here. Thanks to Anjiro-san for the news.

5-10-02—- Virtual Conduit Device For Relaying Real Pet Emotions

In the begining there were real pets, then virtual pets, then robotic pets. Now, Japan Today has a short article that shows real pets are staying ahead of the built in obsolescence curve that incorporates itself into so many facets of commerical product and industry. Real pets are chic again with one of the hotest new gadgets debuting at this week’s Tokyo Toy Show. Called the bowlingual, it’s small, yet powerful computer device that is said to be able to recognize and rely to the owner 6 emotions of a dog by the way how a dog barks. Link: Japan Today

5-10-02—- ROD Sequel Confirmed

According to Natsume Maya-san, it’s apparently stated in issue 2 of otome X, released today, that the sequel to R.O.D will be forthcoming next year. Only preliminary work has been done to date.

5-10-02—- Sakura Con 2002 Final #s

Gabriel de los Angeles, Sakura Con 2002 Convention Chairman has released the final official tally for this year’s Sakura Con as 2328 total attendees.

5-10-02—- Midnight Eye News

Midnight Eye has posted it’s latest edition with info on who to talk to and where to go in order to track down those ever elusive Miike titles here. Also a review on the war film Japanese Devils, finally a Toshiro Mifune film Three Treasures from Toho.

5-10-02—- Spirited Away Region 2 DVD Developments

According to a post to the The Hayao Miyazaki ML Watch Impress has relayed further details on the Sen to Chihiro DVD, on sell in Japan the 19th of July:

Normal Edition 4,700 Yen
Collectors Edition 15,000 (Limited to 10,000 copies)
Ghibli DVD Player Edition 19,800

The Ghibli edition DVD player is made by Funai.

In other news CD Japan has opened it’s official pre-order page for the region 2 Sen DVD here.

5-10-02—- Hideaki Anno Wedding Coverage

Adding to Kodansha’s apparent scoop regarding Evangelion director Hideaki Anno’s recent wedding, Gainax has updated with their comments and images.

5-10-02—- Anime On Sales Charts – Metropolis #10

DVD File states that the Metropolis dvd is Number 10 on the Videoscan sales chart, the and Transformers Season 1 set is number 14. Thanks to Daniel for the news.

5-10-02—- AIC Chinese Site

AIC has announced an official Chinese (BG5) website at

5-10-02—- Coverage Of Tokyo Toy Show is at this year’s Tokyo Toy Show and has images from Bandai and Takara new offerings.

5-9-02—- Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment To Launch Animation Division

While several other studios have abandoned their attempts to establish traditional feature animation units, Sony has hired two DreamWorks producers to head up a new computer animation division, the Los Angeles Times and the Wall Street Journal reported today (Thursday). The two are Penney Finkelman Cox and Sandra Rabins who started DreamWorks’ animation division and exec produced Shrek. Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment President Yair Landau told the Times that the move has the full backing of corporate headquarters in Tokyo. “It’s a fulfillment of what they believe the company can become,” he said.

Source: IMDB

Thanks to Matt Anderson of DVD Vision Japan

5-9-02—- Asian Cinema Briefs

From AICN, thanks to Daniel for the items:

1)”Taiwanese actor Lung Sihung died of liver cirrhosis at the age of 72 last Tuesday. The two-time Golden Horse winner (“Pushing Hands”, “The Wedding Banquet”) was last seen in Ang Lee’s “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”. His final film is Michelle Yeoh’s “The Touch” which is opening in Asia this summer and is happens to be Lung’s first English-speaking role in during a nearly-100 film career. Lung’s next film was supposed to be Michelle Yeoh’s new project, “Mulan”.

2)”EMG studio will start a few productions this summer, including the action fantasy “The Twins Effect” starring the hottest pop group in HK – The Twins (Chaylene Choi and Gillian Chung), and “Dream Team”, a loose remake of John Woo’s “Once a Thief”, starring Eason Chan, Edison Chan and Joey Yung.”

5-9-02—- Genma Taisen Web

Late night TV anime Genma Taisen has had it’s site updated with the preview for episode 13. Volumes 4 and 5 will also be released on 25 June 2002 (presumably containing episodes 5 & 6 and 7 & 8 respectively). As with previous volumes, the limited edition versions will comes with a telephone card (price 6,300 yen excluding tax, catalogue numbers GSTT-29030 and GSTT-29031) while the regular editions will cost 5,300 yen excluding tax (catalogue numbers GSTN-29030, GSTN-29031).

Source: Natsume Maya

5-9-02—- Cobra Creator Official Site

Cobra and Midnight Eye Gokuh creator Buichi Terasawa has an official website-both in Japanese and English-which has a nice flash opening, information on events he’s attended, photos with artists such as Go Nagai, and directors such as Luc Besson, summaries and stills from his manga! So check all those goodies out at Thanks to Daniel for the news.

5-9-02—- Escaflowne Climbs The Retail Charts

The theatrical anime blockbuster of the year, Escaflowne: The Movie is currently ranked #4 for DVD Best Seller’s section. Its schedule release is on July 23, 2002 – Escaflowne is now available for preorder.

Source: Bandai Entertainment

5-9-02—- Wonder Swan Crystal Launched

The Magic Box has posted details on the new WonderSwan Crystal scheduled to release in Japan on July 12 for 7800 yen, available in blue and red. This machine features a 2.8″ reflective TFT LCD screen, as opposed to the inferior 2.5″ TSTN screen on WonderSwan Color. Swan Crystal also features 4 channels stereo sound, it corresponds to all existing WonderSwan and WonderSwan Color titles. The system can continuous to operate 15 hours with one AA battery. Bandai is planning to ship 500,000 units of Swan Crystal by the end of March 2003, the total shipment of the WonderSwan family will reach 3.55 millions. A number of new games have been announced for July – August, many of them anime related including:

Mobile Suit Gundam Vol. 3 A Baoa Qu – May 25, 4980 yen – the conclusion chapter of the series
Gransta Chronicle – June 13, 5200 yen – popular PC RPG hitting WonderSwan
X Card of Fate – June 27, 4980 yen – card battle adventure game based on X from Clamp
Arc the Lad: Machine God Resurrection (SRPG) – July 4, 4980 yen
From TV Animation: One Piece Grand Battle Swan Coliseum (Fighting) – July 12, 4500 yen – the popular fighting game series is hitting WonderSwan
Promised Ground Rivera Fantasia (RPG) – July 12, 4980 yen – fantasy RPG with new system and dynamic graphics
Front Mission (SRPG) – mid-July, 5200 yen – remake of Square’s classic SFC battle simulation game
Inu Yasha (Action Film Adventure) – July 27, 4980 yen – action adventure game based on the No. 1 smash hit anime series Inu Yasha
Digimon Ver. WonderSwan Color – August, 4200 yen
Wiz Crash Gear Turbo – August, 4200 yen – action game based on the anime cartoon
SD Gundam-G Generation – September, 4980 yen – latest sequel of the popular G-Generation SRPG series

Anjiro-san has refered us to this Yahoo! Finance Singapore link:

5-9-02—- i-Mode Updates

InfoSync has an article about Toshiba’s own i-Mode called the, TS21i i-mode dual-band GSM/GPRS mobile phone in competition to NEC’s, N21i. Link:

Thanks to Anjiro-san for the news

5-9-02—- Escaflowne Chara Designer On New Harlock Series

Yuki Nobuteru (Escaflowne) has been named as character designer for the new Space Captain Harlock series, and the webpage for that upcoming anime is now online, although only the title page at this point (ie a “coming soon” Flash movie).

Source: Natsume Maya

5-9-02—- Super Smash Brothers Concerto

The New Japanese Filling Harmony Symphony will be performing the Super Smash Bros. Melee soundtrack on August 27th in Japan. You can catch it at 2:00pm and 5:30pm at the Tokyo Culture Center for a fee of 3,000 yen.

Source: Select Button

5-9-02—- Akatsuka Fijo Encyclopedia

Mangaka Akatsuka Fujio will have an encyclopedia comprising media and info on his works released to DVD-ROM on July 5th in Japan. Akatsuka is a well known comic mangaka with a career spanning over 40 years, whose works include Tensai Bakabon (the first few volumes of which have been released by Kodansha as a bilingual manga). The encyclopedia will comprise 4 DVD-ROMs, a video DVD and 2 booklets in a box. The DVD-ROMs contain 217 tankouban published to date and previously unpublished pages together with other features. Price 70,000 yen (excluding tax). For more information: Shogakukan.

Source: Natsume Maya

5-9-02—- Resident Evil Movie DVD Specs

From DVD File courtesy Daniel:

Columbia TriStar has unveiled the full specs and box cover art for the upcoming Resident Evil special edition, due on 7/30. The disc features a 2.35;1 anamorphic widescreen transfer, English and French 5.1 Dolby surround tracks, an audio commentary with director Paul W.S. Anderson and the cast, five making-of mini-featurettes, a Slipknot music video, filmographies and trailers. Retail is $27.95.

5-9-02—- Anipike Updates

New at the Anime Web Turnpike are The May 2002 Last Exit Before Toll, Anipike is currently looking for more volunteers to weed out sections of the turnpike. Contact Anipike if you’d like to help. Please keep checking the Add A New Link page when you can submit more new links. Step three on that page tells the status of whether or not they are accepting links.

5-9-02—- Godzilla Exhibit Impressions

See descriptions and stills of a trip down to the Godzilla exhibit at the Taro Okamoto Museum at Henshin Online. Thanks to Daniel for posting the item to our Mailing List.

5-8-02—- Trigun Maximum Game Info

Thanks to Legato for mentioning a blurb about an upcoming shooter game entitled Trigun Maximum is listed at Magicbox, Artwork for the game will come in a Limited Edition release of GunGrave, an action/shooter developed by Sega/Red Entertainment for the PS2. The Release date both regular and Limited Edition versions of GunGrave has been set for July 18 in Japan. No word yet on a North American release for either GunGrave, or Trigun Maximum.

5-8-02—- New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Animated Series Announced

While the animation studio and style of the new show remains to be announced, Pokemon and Yugioh license holders 4 Kids Entertainment has teamed up with Mirage Studios to create a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animation series. Fans may recall the original 1980’s animation mini-series was put together by Murakami, Wolf, Swenson, Inc. and reflects a very anime style. What follows is the press release:

4KIDS TO PRODUCE AND LAUNCH NEW TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES SERIES Company To Serve As Exclusive Global Merchandise Licensing Representative For The Property Set To Air On The Recently Acquired 4Kids Entertainment Saturday Morning Kids Block On Fox NEW YORK, NY, May 7, 2002 – 4Kids Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE: KDE) and Mirage Licensing, Inc., the holder of the rights to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, announced today that 4Kids will produce twenty-six (26) episodes of a new animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles television series. The new Ninja Turtles series is scheduled to premiere in the first quarter of 2003 on the Fox Saturday Morning Block programmed by 4Kids. In addition to producing the television series, 4Kids will also serve as the exclusive merchandise licensing agent for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles property worldwide. “We are delighted to be working with Peter Laird, the co-creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, to introduce the Ninja Turtles to a new generation of fans,” said Al Kahn, Chairman and CEO of 4Kids Entertainment. “The Ninja Turtles property enjoys worldwide popularity and we expect the new Ninja Turtles series to be must see TV for kids around the globe. There has always been tremendous interest in the Turtles and we expect that the master toy licensee, Playmates Toys, Inc., will quickly be joined by other leading children’s merchandise companies around the globe in supporting the re-launch of the Ninja Turtles.”

“We are thrilled to partner with 4Kids to produce a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series,” said Gary Richardson, CEO of Mirage. “4Kids has established itself as a leading producer of quality children’s entertainment with such shows as Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! at the top of the children’s television ratings. 4Kids also enjoys a stellar reputation as a leading merchandise licensing agent.”

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were created in May 1984 when Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman

published a forty page black and white comic book. The original Ninja Turtles animated series debuted in 1987. It was the #1 children’s television show throughout the late 1980’s and early ‘90’s. Ninja Turtles merchandise licensees, including master toy licensee Playmates Toys and videogame licensee Konami were also enormously successful, selling in excess of $1 billion in sales at retail for toys, videogames and other merchandise within all product categories.

“In reintroducing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I am pleased to say that 4Kids will be going back to the Turtles’ comic book roots,” said Peter Laird, co-creator of the Turtles. “We anticipate that the new Ninja Turtles series will contain the same irreverent contemporary humor and compelling action sequences that the Turtles are famous for, updated for the 21 st century.”

5-8-02—- June 23 Release For Synch Point – Production I.G. FLCL DVD 1

From the release:

FLCL Volume 1 street date has been shifted to June 23, 2002.

The DVD release, a co-production between Synch-Point ( and Production I.G. (, has a commentary track by director Kazuya TSURUMAKI, among other extras.

The delay is mostly due to the added time and editing and subtitling needed for the commentary track. This extra is exclusive to the North American release of FLCL. Synch-Point would like to thank fans for their patients and suggestions on this project. All distributors, to guarantee quantities, please pre-book by May 30, 2002. FEATURING – Commentary track by the Director/Creator of the series! (Insights into the production! Creative decisions and behind the scenes info!)

DVD Volume 1 Contains episodes 1 -2 Length: approx. 60 minutes Late April Release (Tentative) Volume: FLCL – Fooly Cooly Title: Vol. 1 Language: Japanese/English + English Subtitle Catalog #: SPFC-DVD01 ISBN: 193171214X UPC: 801975130194 SRP: $29.95 Recommended age: 13 and up

Features: -Bilingual DVD -2 episodes -Character design sketches -Translation notes -Reversible cover -Subtitles -Commentary by Original Japanese Creator/Director And more!

5-8-02—- SFO Film Festival Report

Movie site has posted a report from the San Francisco International Film Festival which covers Spirited Away and Fulltime Killers featuring GTO star Takashi Sorimachi.

Here are the links: Spirited Away Full Time Killer

Thanks to Matt Anderson of DVD Vision Japan for the news

5-8-02—- His And Her Circumstances Box

In a press meeting today, Right Stuf officially unveiled their new His and Her Circumstances Art Box.

5-8-02—- Right Stuf Interviews

Daily-Reviews has spoken with the Right Stuf’s Jeff Thompson, DVD Producer at The Right Stuf. Bob and Jeff discussed the process of how anime makes its way onto DVD and much more. Part one of our interview with Jeff is now online here.

5-8-02—- Anime Boston Convention Guest Announcements

Anime Boston 2003 to be held April 18-20 has announced Tiffany Grant, Kirby Morrow and Jamie McGonnigal as Guests of Honor.

5-8-02—- Gutsoon! Media Developments

As we first reported back in February, Los Angeles area manga fans had the chance to share their thoughts and opinions on opinions on newcomer manga publisher Gutsoon! Media’s launch. The publisher’s announcement then was to bring new manga stories and characters into the American market, starting with Raijin, the first weekly manga anthology ever to be published in America. Since those initial announcements a website has been launched for the company at There one can find a link to a Flash enabled site with more info for their anthology Raijin at Both sites are still in the early development stages, however a projected launch date for Raijin of Fall 2002 has been posted. Fans can check out the background on some of the related artists and sign up for a free newsletter to receive news updates.

5-8-02—- New Lupin Game Announced

From the Lupin ML courtest Daniel:

Official Japanese site for the game:

Italian summary of the game:

“Lupin the Third: Legacy of the Magic Knight” appears to be similar in gameplay to “Metal Gear Solid”. Sneak your way into various places to steal various things. The opening film for it (viewable at either site) looks amazing. Credit goes to Andrea from Italy for first pointing this out in the forum.

5-8-02—- Nintendo And Namco Team Up

Nintendo Co.Ltd. and Namco Ltd. have joint an alliance for the development of games for the Gamecube. Namco will develop 6 titles for the Gamecube and 8 titles for the Gameboy Advance. More can be read at Thanks to Anjiro-san for the news.

5-8-02—- Puffy AmiYumi American Tour Feature

Japan Times Online has a cover story about the tour of PuffyAmiYumi to America: here.

Source: Anjiro-san

5-8-02—- More On Gundam Creator Tomino’s New Series – King Gainer

Gundum universe creator, Tomino Yoshiyuki, has a new anime series called King Gainer.

Source: Anjiro-san

5-8-02—- Hideaki Anno Wedding Ceremony Photos

As was first reported several months ago, director Hideaki Anno (41) of Shin Seiki Evangelion / Fushigi No Umi No Nadia was married in a wonderful ceremony in Japan at the end of April. Photos from the momentous occasion have been placed online with a report courtesy Kodansha.

5-8-02—- Anime / Manga Gaming

The Magic Box reports Bandai will release a new card battle / adventure game called X Card of Fate for WonderSwan Color in Japan in the end of June, for 4980 yen. The game is based on the popular Clamp manga and anime. In this game you can play as one of the 14 playable characters, there are over 250 kinds of card available.

5-8-02—- DBZ Restarts Today

Toonami Arsenal reports the episode run of Dragonball on Cartoon Network’s Toonami restarts from the beginning of the series today.

5-8-02—- Utada Hospitalization Story Garners Wide Berth In American Press

Perhaps a sign of the growing awareness and popularity of contemporary Japanese pop music in the United States, a number of national newspapers and media outlets have picked up on this weekend’s story of well known singer Utada Hikaru’s hospitalization. Yahoo has posted a story they are running above. Matt Anderson of DVD Vision Japan sends in this link to a CNN article on the subject.

5-8-02—- Metropolis CD And DVD Reviewed By Film Score Monthly

The current issue of Film Score Monthly magazine reviews the American CD Soundtrack release on the Domo Records label. A review of the DVD can be read at the link.

5-8-02—- Nissan Promotional

AutoMaker Nissan is particpating a promotional campaign with several import car realted magazines for it’s SE-R Spec V model. Anime-style imagery is used in animation sequences. Check here for more info.

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