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Anime News Service – May 13-15 Anime News

5-15-02—- Matrix Anime First Web Images

Daniel has informed the ML that a still of the Square USA Matrix anime can be seen at whatisthematrix. 2 resolutions are available for the “JUE:” Hero Stance” pic. Thanks to Corona

5-15-02—- PS2 Price Cuts – Japan View

Thanks yet again to Yukio-san ( in Yokohama City for his news tips making the Japanese scene:

It was announced that Sony Computer Entertainment makes the price of PlayStation 2 (PS2) amendment, and makes an open price the present manufacturer’s suggested price of 29,800 yen from May 16. Thereby, it is expected that a market price falls. It changes PS2 to 199 dollars from the present 299 dollars PSONE also in the U.S. to 49 dollars with the low price offensive in the whole Playstation platform, such as price reduction and making a liquid crystal one apparatus game machine “PSone& liquid crystal display monitor COMBO” into 18,000 yen from the conventional open price further.

Takeshi Kutaraki- CEO of the company “as for PS2, total shipment amounted to 30 million sets in two years and two months after sale. This is 2.5 times as much vigor as the conventional PS. It is being said that PS2 and PS have soft low rank compatibility, and its PSone is also still fine and they have been the strong point of this PS format.”

Source: PC Web

5-15-02—- Gundam Online News

Thanks to Yukio-san ( in Yokohama City:

The newest screen shot of “UNIVERSALCENTURY.NET GUNDAM ONLINE” (following, UC) was exhibited on UC formal site. UC is a work which is attracting attention as MMORPG (large-sized on-line RPG) dealing with popular animation “a movement fighter cancer dam.” The pictures added this time total six and others, a military uniform and a pilot suit, the modeling picture of a human body, etc. are exhibited. [ image / landscape ] It could be said that the form as a game beginning to be in sight at last. In addition, by Online Player vol.007 on sale, the independent interview to the development origin of UC is carried now. the trend of UC wrapped in many etc. — mind — I want you to surely check the direction.

5-15-02—- 1/400 Gundam Figure Collection Unveiled

Thanks to Yuko for the following:

Animation popular in a generation even with an adult broad from a child focusing on the male in his 20-30’s “a movement fighter cancer dam.” BANDAI CO., LTD. has put the low unit price and painted new series of this figure “Gundam Collection” on the market from May 10, 2002 at convenience stores all over the country etc. A price is 180 yen (according to tax).

Full length is about 45mm and commercialized the MOBIRU suit which appears in a “gundam” on 1/400 scale. It is the finished-goods figure which gave an elaborate form and elaborate paint. The 1st cartridge lineup is the popular MOBIRU suit of a total of 16 kinds. It is the pleasure after opening a box which MOBIRU suit comes out. Furthermore, the same MOBIRU suit also has arms, a marking difference, etc., and they are only works unbearable to a fan. I will surely arrange here all kinds!

The 1st cartridge lineup (all 16 sort + arms and those with a marking difference) Gundam (the television version), Gundam NT-1, Guncanon, ZAKU II only for Char, ZUGOKKU only for Char, GERUGUGU only for Char, mass-produced type ZAKU II, ZAKU II, DOMU, rucksack DOMU, RIKKUDOMU II, GOGGU, AGGAI

Source: Goo

5-15-02—- Asian Cinema Briefs

According to the schedule at Festival-Cannes, Kiju Yoshida’s Women in the Mirror, and Akira Kurosawa’s Kagemusha will be among the numerous films at the Cannes.

“Charlie’s Angels” star Lucy Liu is in talks to take on a different kind of “Charlie” role, as the title character in a modern-day version of the classic detective franchise “Charlie Chan” for 20th Century Fox. Liu will executive produce and star in the film, a hip reinvention of the legendary franchise, as the similarly named granddaughter of the famed supersleuth. “Chan” will be produced by John Woo and Terence Chang’s Lion Rock Prods. and will be overseen for the studio by Hutch Parker. Fox distributed the original “Chan” films, which were based on a series of novels by Earl Derr Biggers centering on the Chinese-American detective. Nearly a dozen “Chan” films were released during the 1930s and ’40s, with such actors as Warner Oland and Sidney Toler taking the lead role.

Source: HollyWood Reporter And much thanks to Daniel

5-15-02—- Japanese Game Shows Scrutinized

Japanese TV has been known for it’s off the wall game shows for many years. Some of the reality based themes were even in place years before they were chic or trendy in America. is carryig the following Associated Press story which takes a closer look at concerns over recent injuries and even a death involving the programs.

5-14-02—- 4Kids Announces Fox Kids FOX BOX Lineup

From the release:

Beginning September 14, a new Saturday morning kids network takes to the television airwaves. From 4Kids Entertainment, the company responsible for some of the biggest names in children’s entertainment, comes the FOX BOX – where inside awaits the best in action, adventure and comedy for kids nationwide. “Kids love stuff that comes in a box– whether it’s presents, toys, cereal, games -you name it – kids can’t wait to open a box to get at what’s inside!” said Al Kahn, Chairman and CEO of 4Kids Entertainment. “And inside the FOX BOX are hit shows and an exciting and innovative format that brings new ideas and energy to Saturday morning kids television. More than a programming service, FOX BOX is designed to become a real, tangible part of kids’ lives.”

Backed by the support a multi-million dollar tune-in marketing campaign, the FOX BOX debuts with a powerhouse roster of high-profile kids entertainment brands that includes Nintendo’s smash hit franchise KIRBY…the debut of an all-new, back-to-its-roots TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES in first quarter 2003…and the introduction of an exciting array of non-stop action and outrageous fun. What’s also inside the FOX BOX is an unprecedented commitment to original programming…And all this is for Saturday mornings only – making each Saturday on the FOX BOX a TV event that kids can’t miss! Introducing, the FOX BOX 2002-03 season: 8:00AM-8:30AM: STARGATE INFINITY 8:30AM-9:00AM: ULTRAMAN TIGA 9:00AM-9:30AM: KIRBY 9:30AM-10:00AM: KINNIKUMAN: ULTIMATE MUSCLE 10:00AM-10:30AM: TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES (Launching first quarter 2003) 10:30AM-11:00AM: ULTIMATE MUSCLE 11:00AM-11:30AM: KIRBY 11:30AM-12:00PM: FOOD FEUD

Supporting the launch of FOX BOX is a comprehensive, multi-million dollar marketing campaign that combines on-air spots on both broadcast and cable television, a FOX BOX direct-giveaway to be distributed to kids nationwide and a range of tune-in sweepstakes promotions. FOX BOX Series Descriptions:

8:00AM STARGATE INFINITY Action meets education in an animated series based on MGM’s successful sci-fi movie and television franchise “Stargate.” A portal to the far reaches of the universe, Stargate is trespassed by a mysterious creature escaping a sinister alien race. Now, Stargate Command must get the beguiling Draga back to her home planet while evading capture by sinister alien soldiers as well as bounty hunters from Earth. Fully compliant with the FCC Children’s Television Act, STARGATE INFINITY reunites the team responsible for such acclaimed educational programming as the multi award-winning “Captain Planet” and “Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?,” the first Emmy award-winning FCC friendly series.

8:30AM ULTRAMAN TIGA Everyone has a favorite superhero. But sometimes, when the going gets tough, “super’s” just not enough. And that’s when you need “ultra” — as in Ultraman – the most popular action hero in Japan for over three decades. Now, the FOX BOX brings this proven ratings winner to America in all-new adventures featuring the giant-sized Ultraman and the Global Unlimited Task Squad (GUTS), a team of super peacekeepers who defend Earth from evil creatures of all shapes and sizes. But even GUTS’ advanced weapons and futuristic technology are useless against a new breed of mega-monsters threatening mankind in the year 2049 . That’s when one of the GUTS team transforms from his human identity into Ultraman to save the day!

9:00AM KIRBY Making his broadcast debut is one of Nintendo’s most popular characters ever- the video game superstar KIRBY, on the heels of 15 hits- including the popular Super Smash Bros. Melee(tm) for Nintendo Gamecube(tm). On a dark day in Dream Land, a spacecraft falls from the sky. Inside is a pink, round creature named Kirby. Could this possibly be the legendary hero from the stars here to battle the strange creatures that have suddenly appeared? The villagers sure hope so! Little do they know that Kirby is actually the last of the great Warpstar heroes, and it’s his destiny to thwart a much more sinister force working his will through King Dedede. How can the little pink powerhouse stop them? By using his unique copy ability, Kirby takes in his opponent’s attacks and gives them back a taste of their own medicine. This distinctive power is the inspiration behind the show’s tagline: “KIRBY – RIGHT BACK AT YA!”

9:30AM KINNIKUMAN: ULTIMATE MUSCLE Nothing captures the attention of kids quite like wrestling – and KINNIKUMAN: ULTIMATE MUSCLE is wrestling at its most radical! KINNIKUMAN: ULTIMATE MUSCLE pits the powerful – but cowardly – Kinnikuman in an intergalactic SLAMARAMA of fast-paced excitement and far-out fun. With earth threatened by a sinister and oh-so-muscular band of space-baddies, an interplanetary cry for help goes out for a hero to fight off these ne-er do-wells. Reluctantly and accidentally answering the call: Kinnikuman, who must somehow find the courage to compete in a wrestling tournament like none before. In the other corner: hundreds of the most diverse and powerful super-wrestlers that the cosmos has to offer. Oh, yeah, the fate of the universe is at stake, of course! Only one outcome’s for sure: KINNIKUMAN: ULTIMATE MUSCLE will turn up the action and bring on the laughs.

10:00AM TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES The billion dollar phenomenon of the late 80’s-early 90’s returns first quarter 2003… but no one’s ever seen TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES animated action like this. Meet the Supreme Green Fightin’ Machine in an all-new way! Accidentally mutated by strange glowing green ooze in the sewers of New York City, trained to become masters of the martial arts, the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES are ready to do battle with the crazed Shredder and a legion of formidable foes. But if you think you know the TMNT story-think again! Incredible martial arts action, laugh out loud humor and the coolest reptiles you’re ever going to meet! It’s a whole new spin on a television classic. Get ready for the phenomenon to return… get ready for TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES!

11:30AM FOOD FEUD It’s French fries vs. pizza! Spaghetti & meatballs vs. peanut butter & jelly! Pork fried rice vs. chicken chow mein! We’re talking Rude Food With Attitude! FOOD FEUD is the wackiest comedy adventure ever. It all starts when the secret art of culinary combat is developed. Foods transform into monsters, and they do battle for more than just good Zagat ratings. But when the world’s greatest chefs are kidnapped by the evil Don Cook, a young apprentice sets off to rescue his father by whipping up some kitchen creations of his own. A tasty action adventure with more than a dash of humor and suspense, FOOD FEUD is the perfect recipe – for fun and outrageousness! Kids-you’ll never look at food the same way again. And next time Mom says to finish your dinner-you’d better listen– before it finishes you!

5-14-02—- GTO Drama Examined

Akadot has updated with ane article looking in on the Live Action GTO Drama based on the manga by Tohru Fujisawa. The drama version was known in Japan for it’s edgy plotline and extremely good ratings share.

5-14-02—- Matrix Sequels Preview Going Digital

In an email announcement from confirmation is made that after the scheduled world premiere of the Matrix sequels preview on Entertainment Tonight on May15th, and subsequent screening before Star Wars Episode II, the site will host the trailers on it’s own.

New information indicates that the trailers to be hosted by the site will a total digital transfer, compressing the original 2k digital sourcefile masters, over 20 GB of data. This will lead to no scanlines, higher resolutions, and zero transfer loss.

Thanks to Daniel for mentioning this on our Mailing List earlier this week.

5-14-02—- New Master Of The Clow And Angel Layer Manga Releases

Tokyopop has announced two new authentic (Japanese-style right-to-left-reading) manga titles for release this summer: Cardcaptor Sakura: Master of the Clow and Angel Layer. Recently, TOKYOPOP became the first publisher to guarantee that all its future English-language manga comics and graphic novels will be produced in authentic right-to-left format-preserving the accuracy of the original Japanese artwork (at an industry-leading retail price of $9.99, versus most competitors’ $12.99 and $16.99).

Master of the Clow and Angel Layer are new manga graphic novels with strong international young female appeal. They were created by the highly popular, all-female team of artists and writers known as CLAMP (Satsuki Igarshi, Nanase Ohkawa, Mick Nekoi and Mokona Apapa) in the Cardcaptor Sakura series, currently the best-selling girls’ manga series in Japan.

On June 4, Angelic Layer hits the streets in North America. It deals with the adventures of 12-year-old Misaki Suzuhara, who learns to excel at the sport of Angel Layer electronic battling dolls.

In July, Cardcaptor Sakura: Master of the Clow arrives. In it, 10-year-old Sakura Kinomoto, who wields the power of her magical ancient Clow Cards, must confront an ominous force that is wreaking havoc all over Tokyo. The book contains a new collectible Sakura card.

“There’s a universal appeal to Angel Layer for any kid-or anyone who has been one-because Sakura’s strongest weapon when competing in tournaments is her inner strength,” explains Oni Press editor-in-chief Jamie Rich. “CLAMP creations have a certain extra something that other manga comics lack. There ‘s a real spirit of fun in their stories and their drawing-with a great sense of story movement. And I love the way their lines shoot across the page. It’s exciting to be able to bring more of their work to an American audience.”

TOKYOPOP-which just released Initial D, Kare Kano, Kodocha, Love Hina and Paradise Kiss in May, will be bringing more than 70 new manga titles to America in the next six months.

5-14-02—- CPM Manga September Releases

From the CPM Manga release:

Here are CPM Manga’s September releases.

Slayers Special – Book One: Touch of Evil (Graphic Novel)

LINA INVERSE the precocious and dangerous sorceress, has teamed up the barbaric and busty, NAGA THE WHITE SERPENT. Together, they fight demons, thieves and monsters all in the name of treasure and a good meal. Join Lina and Naga in their latest tale of tribulations and triumph through a medieval world of monsters, mayhem and monkey business.

Includes a BONUS interview with SLAYERS manga artist TOMMY OHTSUKA!!!

9/4/2002 $15.95 192 pages Black and White CPM Manga For All Ages ISBN: 1-58664-865-9 UPC: 7-19987-00639-3-00111 Catalog: CMX 63901G

Frontier Line (Graphic Novel)

From the creator of Grey: Digital Target

Six tales of mecha war and redemption.

Civil war has broken out on the planet Sodom, and the only way to survive is by using the mechas left behind by a mysterious alien race. Can the two sides find common ground in their humanity or will they annihilate each other?

9/18/2002 $15.95 240 pages Black and White CPM Manga ISBN: 1-56219-936-6 UPC: 7-19987-00618-8-00111 Catalog: CMX 61801G

and from Manga 18

Immoral Angel – Book Three: Suffering and Sacrifice (graphic novel)

Nekozo seems to be invincible. His lemming powers have boosted his ego to the point that he feels neither remorse nor shame. His hideous lusts demand new fodder, this time in the supple form of Sayaka. He is a master of torture and decadence, and his victims are powerless to stop his despicable acts. But one may rise against him, a quiet woman who harbors an unspeakable wrath.

Another masterpiece of erotic manga by Koh Kawarajima!

9/11/2002 $16.95 176 pages Black and White Manga 18 Adults Only ISBN: 1-58664-870-5 UPC: 7-19987-00622-5-00311 $16.95 Catalog: CMX 62203G

5-14-02—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Sony will release the summer vacation adventure game My Summer 2: Chapter of Sea Adventure for PlayStation 2 in Japan on July 11, for 5800 yen. The previous game My Summer for PlayStation was a sleeper hit which sold over 400,000 units. In this game you play as a young boy who visits his aunt’s for the summer vacation, since his aunt lives in a cottage near the beach, you can enjoy your summer vacation near the sea. Things you can do in the game include swimming, diving, cycling, fishing, sun bathing, collecting insects and more. Images and details can be read at Magic Box here.

Banpresto announced Super Robot Taisen R for GameBoy Advance, the sequel of the popular GBA robot battle simulation game. This time the subtitle “R” stands for “Reversal”. The story will take place during the one year war. A number of new features are added to the game, include animation skipping function and instant save game feature, you can even save the game when the game is in the dialog or animated sequences. Some of the new robots in the game include Nadesico OVA, Getta Robot Neo, Gear Dendoh, Gundam X, and original robots. Images and details can be read at Magic Box here.

5-14-02—- Hajime No Ippo Sequel?

The latest update to the Madhouse News Page would seem to suggest a sequel of Hajime No Ippo may be forthcoming.

Source: Natsume Maya

5-14-02—- Tokyopop Reviews

DVD Vision Japan has just completed reviews of Real Bout High School and GTO. The reviews can be found at the following links: Real Bout High School:

5-14-02—- Gaming News

From Anjiro-san:’s Sci-tech is reporting that, effective immediately, SCEA slashed down the PlayStation2’s price to $199 and the PlayStation to $49. The peripherals will also be an inclusion with the price cuts. More can be read here: here. This is widely seen as a move to get ahead following Microsoft’s cut price on the Xbox. is reporting that there have been 400,000 Gamecube units sold in its release debut in Europe, about 80% of its launch stock in the first week. Link: here.

5-14-02—- Brother Dear Brother DVD Box

DVD BOX 1 of Oniisama E… (titled “Brother, Dear Brother” by the Techno-Girls in their fansub) will be released on 23 August 2002, price 30,000 yen (excluding tax), containing episodes 1-26.

Source: Natsume Maya

5-14-02—- Pilot Candidate Chara Designer And Director Announced For AKON 13

Bandai Entertainment announced today the attendance of Mr. Shinichi Yamaoka at this year’s Akon 13 convention in Dallas, Texas. Mr. Yamaoka is best known for his character designs on Cartoon Network’s hit anime series, Pilot Candidate (Megami Kouhosei). As an accomplished animator and director, Mr. Yamaoka has also worked on a variety of popular anime series like “Cyberteam Akihabara”, “Steam Detectives”, and “Love Hina”. This is his first convention appearance here in North America.

Akon is one of the oldest conventions in North America dedicated towards the expansion of Japanese animation, pop culture, and music. A-Kon 13 will be held at the Hyatt Regency Dallas Forth Worth – Located at the DFW International Airport. The convention begins May 31 through June 2, 2002. For more information, please visit

5-14-02—- Patlabor WXIII DVD Details

New on Bandai Visual’s page for Patlabor WXIII is new info on the DVD release. 2 versions are due on September 25th. DVD box: price 12,800 yen, comes with movie disc (Dolby Digital 5.1ch) and special disc (Dolby Digital stereo).
Regular DVD: price 7,800 yen, Dolby Digital 5.1ch.

Source: Natsume Maya

5-14-02—- UTARPA 7th Anniversay Show

From the release:

UTARPA – A University of Toronto Anime Club
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

NOTE: The anniversary show has once again rolled around, which means our raffle will feature our best prizes of the year as well as half-priced raffle tickets… among other specials. ^_^

Also take note of the information at the bottom, as there is now a new club info mailing list set up in place of the previous defunct one.

NEXT SHOW: Friday, May 17th, 2002 (Read on for more details)

Now 7 years old, UTARPA is Toronto’s oldest established anime (Japanese animation) club. At each of our monthly showings, we run quality anime titles and have raffle draws for multiple anime-related prizes.

UTARPA showings are held on the University of Toronto’s downtown campus in Room 1105 of the Sir Sanford Fleming building, located at 10 King’s College Rd., west of Queen’s Park subway stop. Shows officially begin at 6:30 PM, but the doors are open at 6:00 PM. So come early and grab your favourite seat, because we will start with a surprise pre-show at 6:00PM!

Our lineup for our next anime showing on Friday, May 17th, 2002:

6:30pm Slayers TRY #7-8
7:30pm Trigun #19
8:00pm Gasaraki #25 [FINAL EP.]
8:30pm break
9:15pm Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust (dubbed ;))
11:00pm surprises!…

(all shows are subtitled unless otherwise stated)

NOTE: times are approximate, and shows are subject to change without notice.

Memberships in UTARPA are $6 for every three months, up to $24 for 12 months (one year). There are no additional fees. UTARPA operates throughout the year, including the summer break, and memberships are open to all at the same low price.

For more information, see our web page at:

5-14-02—- Spider Man Dominates Japanses Box Office With Record Opening

The American film Spider Man opened in Japan on the 11th, regarded as its most important international territory, the film has an estimated weekend gross of $9.6m (¥1.23bn) and 820,000 admissions from 412 screens, the blockbuster recorded the best figures ever for a non-holiday release in Japan.

Source: Screen Daily

5-14-02—- Scryed Fan Disc

August 25th will see a special Scryed fan disc’s release in Japan via The Bandai. Gold and Silver editions will be marketed, both retaila t 2800 Yen.

5-14-02—- Black Jack Internet Animation Encore

The long awaited encore transmission of the 12 vol. Black Jack Flash internet anime by has been announced. Since 5/10 the anime has been back online. A 1000 Yen fee will be charged to view the series for 30 days.

5-13-02—- Yamato 1/48 VF-1 Toy Ultra Detailed

Macross World has a report and images of Yamato’s detail rich 1/48 VF-1 Valkyrie.

5-13-02—- A Question Of Languages

Anjiro-san reports the Asahi has a cover report about the humorous incorporation of English language into variety shows that makes viewers laugh. Link: here.

Japan Today has an interesting feature cover about Japanese youths who couldn’t speak/write proper Japanese correctly. Link: here.

5-13-02—- Latest Mobile Phone Trends Asseyed On Street

From our regular culture contributor Anjiro-san, cellphones are really getting the hype when it comes to current trends in Japan. Japan Today’s, Takanori Kobayashi went to Shinjuku to asks the some of the locals of what they think about the new 3G mobile phones here.

5-13-02—- Fanime 2002 Cosplay Pics

The stuntaz at have updated with new cosplay images from Fanime 2002. View them at the link.

5-13-02—- Princess Nine – Bases Loaded Press

From the release:



HOUSTON, May 13, 2002 – ADV Films has set a street date of July 9, 2002 for the DVD release of Princess Nine: Bases Loaded, the fifth volume of the highly-entertaining anime series Anime on DVD said was “definitely a recommended title for any shoujo fan…”

ADV launched an official Princess Nine website at –featuring interviews with ADR Director Matt Greenfield, star Hilary Haag (“Ryo”), customized baseball cards featuring the characters from the show, desktop backgrounds and more. The site has proven to be a popular stop for anime fans, garnering thousands of unique page views per week since its debut in early March. Sales numbers for Princess Nine continue to grow with each volume, as more fans are drawn to this charming, high-energy series.

The Story: The Princesses get down to business as they prepare for a special training camp in the mountains, but there’s more than just baseball going on there. As athletic as the girls are, there’s one muscle their training hasn’t taught them how to control – their hearts. Now it’s those young hearts that are about to lead them into the wilderness. There are heartaches to go with the muscle aches as the team breaks training in the fifth exciting volume of Princess Nine!

ADV Films’ DVD release ($19.98 SRP) of Princess Nine: Bases Loaded will feature the English-language version as well as the Japanese-language version with English subtitles. DVD extras include textless open and close credits, original Japanese cover art, and previews of ADV releases.

PRINCESS NINE: BASES LOADED Running Time: 100 Minutes; Age Rating: 12+ Pre-Book Date: 6/11/02 Street Date: 7/9/02 Format SRP DVD $19.98

5-13-02—- FUNimation And 4Kids Entertainment Partner In Video Distribution Deal

4Kids Entertainment, Inc. announced today that it has established 4Kids Entertainment Home Video to produce and market home videos (both VHS and DVDs) in the United States for various properties represented by 4Kids. 4Kids Entertainment Home Video has appointed FUNimation Productions, Ltd. the exclusive distributor in the United States of 4Kids Home Videos for 4Kids properties Yu-Gi-Oh! ™, Cubix™ – Robots for Everyone, Cabbage Patch Kids® and Tama and Friends™. 4Kids Entertainment Home Video plans to release the first Yu-Gi-Oh! home videos this fall, followed by the first CUBIX – Robots for Everyone and Cabbage Patch Kids home videos in the fourth quarter of 2002 and Tama and Friends home videos in the second quarter of 2003.

“The home video product today has become an important driver for children’s properties and a necessary element in the retail merchandise mix,” said Al Kahn, Chairman and CEO of 4Kids Entertainment. “4Kids Entertainment Home Video will allow us to better market and support our properties. We are also pleased that 4Kids Home Videos will be distributed by FUNimation, a leading distributor of children’s home video entertainment.”

“We are enthused about this venture with 4Kids Entertainment, one of the leading producers of high-quality children’s programs,” said Gen Fukunaga, President of FUNimation. “This further enhances FUNimation’s position in both children’s and anime home video distribution.” FUNimation produces and distributes home videos for three animated series airing on Cartoon Network: Dragon Ball Z®, Dragon Ball® and Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files™. FUNimation has sold more than 11 million Dragon Ball Z home videos.

Yu-Gi-Oh! is an action-adventure animated series about Yugi, a high school student who plays a trading card game where he battles opponents with Virtual Reality Monsters. Yu-Gi-Oh! is one of the top-rated television programs in key kids’ and boys’ demographics.
CUBIX is a 3D-CGI animated series that follows the action-packed adventures of Connor, a 13-year-old robot whiz kid, and CUBIX, his amazing robot pal, who live in a futuristic city called “Bubble Town” where the majority of the residents are robots. CUBIX, 4Kids’ first original animated series, premiered on Kids’ WB! in August of 2001 and has been renewed for a second season.
Cabbage Patch Kids is a unique toy brand that developed into a cultural craze in the 1980s. Nearly 20 years after their original launch, the new Cabbage Patch Kids were launched Nov. 17, 2001 at the Toys ‘R Us flagship store in Times Square. Just like the originals, the one-of-a-kind Cabbage Patch Kids are not purchased, they are “adopted.” Each “kid” comes with a name, a birth certificate and adoption papers, which includes an oath to promise to be a good parent. Cabbage Patch Kids are available only at Toys ‘R Us in Times Square – and will be available nationally at Toys ‘R Us this fall.
Tama and Friends is a syndicated animated show that follows the adventures of Tama, an adorable white kitten who embarks on fun-filled adventures with his dog and cat buddies in the animated series.

For more info: 4Kids Entertainment |

5-13-02—- Spirited Away In Canada

From via Daniel:

“Animated Movies (warning: pop-ups galore) reports that the English Dub of “Spirited Away” will premiere at the 2002 Toronto International Film Festival (September 5 – 14). Thanks to steve for posting the news to the MML”

5-13-02—- New York Tokyo Music Festival Addition – DJ Rich

New to the New York-Tokyo Music Festival:


Energetic, dynamic, versatile, and passionate are just a few words used to describe DJ Rich aka “The Riddler”. Even before coming to New York City in 1995, The Riddler was making moves to take him to new levels in his career.

Starting in the music industry as a DJ, The Riddler’s record bag was filled with early Electro, Chicago House and Hip-Hop records. His favorite DJ’s at this time were, and still are, considered legends; Bad Boy Bill, Julian “Jumpin’ Perez”, Cash Money, and DJ Aladdin. “I loved the way they all would cut, scratch, transform, and do tricks, but Bad Boy Bill would do all of that combined with house tracks all while mixing like a mad man! They gave me inspiration to do it all.”

Originally born and raised in Chicago, DJ Rich’s musical trek began in Texas. While living in the Lone Star State, he held club residencies in Houston, Austin, and San Antonio every week, and even hosted radio mixshows in each market at the same time (104 KRBE, 98.7 KHFI, and 102.7 KTFM). During November of 1995, DJ Rich moved from Texas to New York City, landing a job with the prestigious Tommy Boy Records. Shortly thereafter, Rich took to the New York Radio Airwaves on Z100 (WHTZ). With his Saturday night mix of Dance and Hip-Hop, DJ Rich kept a balanced attack to excite the Big Apples Saturday night listeners. Voted Best Radio Mixshow DJ at This Year’s Winter Music Conference – 2001, Hotmixer of the year at the Dirty Dozen Awards during the 2000 Winter Music Conference, in addition to becoming 1999 S.I.N Mixshow DJ of the Year, all led to more opportunities in the radio industry.

The Riddler has had some successful compilations such as MTV’s The Grind (Tommy Boy), Planet Dance (Tommy Boy), Club Series Vol. 4(SHR/UC), Club Series Vol. 5 (SHR/UC). Currently, His new CD – DANCE MIX NYC(Tommy Boy) is a collection of current KTU Hits such as Jessica Folker, Tamia, Da Buzz, P2000, Digital Allies, Melanie C., Amber and others.

Furthermore, The Riddler has produced and remixed some successful projects like the Gold Selling Single “Jock Jam Mega Mix”, and most recently Janet “Son of a gun”, Mariah Carey “Never too far/Hero”, Eden’s Crush “Love this way” and “Get over yourself” on the Totally Dance compilation (Arista), as well as Melanie C “Never be the same again”.

Using the moniker – al B. rich, The Riddler along with his partner Albert Castillo are busy working on new productions and remixes for 2002. Be on the lookout for more al B. rich remixes!

103.5 (WKTU) is “The Riddler’s” next radio show, showcasing his talent next to an All-star DJ lineup including the likes of MTV’s DJ Skribble, Grammy Award Winning David Morales, Hex Hector, Johnny Vicious, and Armand Van Helden. A man of many hats, DJ Rich “The Riddler” is ready to show us how they play it during WKTU’s “5 O’clock Happy Hour”, “RSL” and now Saturday Nights for the KTU Hit factory Level 2.

5-13-02—- High Expectations For Penultimate J-Horror Film Juon

From Yukio-san (Dead Shot Club) in Kanagawa:

While Japanese-made horror collects hot looks from the world, a horror picture ultimate by Megumi Okina’s (22) starring will be manufactured. “JUON (Curse)” which Mr. Hiroshi Takahashi (42) who dealt with the scenario of a big hit “a ring”, and Director Kiyoshi Kurosawa (46) for whom the “circuit” won the international critic league prize at the Cannes Film Festival last year supervise. The video version which was made in 99 or 00 and sold well is “the fearfulness of the super-DO class”, and large reputation among fans. It becomes screen advance at last.

The Japanese-made horror picture with a peculiar feeling of fear which corners a spectator side is called “J horror” in recent years, and evaluation is increasing also overseas. A “ring” is like [ which the remake was decided in Hollywood, pressed down the U.S. work etc. in Hong Kong exhibited last year, and became the 1st place of an annual box office revenue ].

It is Mr. Takahashi and Director Kurosawa to pull the J horror community. A tag is constructed to make ultimate movie and cinematization of “JUON” is set about. A megaphone appoints Director Takashi Shimizu (30) who directed the video version as it is, and two persons do editorial supervision. although the movie for theaters is Director Shimizu who becomes a first challenge — Mr. Takahashi told “trust (Mr. Shimizu )since it is genius,” full is put

Okina — the “St. John’s wort” of the January, last year public presentation — next 2nd horror picture performance Although it says, “Seeing is fearful and it is weak”, it is carrying out entering [ of the middle of the month ] photography to “Concentration is put in and it does its best” this month at expectation. Director Shimizu spoke the reason for appointment “since the face of Ms. Okina distorted to fear is also attractive.” others — Misaki Ito(24) Misa Uehara(18) Yui Ichikawa(16) and others — a performance It applies from an end of the year by the end of next year, and is the schedule of national public presentation.

Source: Sponichi Via Goo