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Anime News Service – November 19-27 Anime News

11-27-99—- Character Kits To Ship In December

Anime related character figure kits to be released in Japan in December:

Card Captor Sakura (1/8th Scale)
Kinomoto Sakura Movie Version #2 (B-Club Medium: Resin) 8800 Yen
Kinomoto Sakura [Painted and Completed] (Kaiyodo Medium: Other) 12,000 Yen

Chrono Cross (Kotobukiya, Completed)
Kid (Medium: Other) 9800 Yen
Yamaneko Medium: Resin 12000 Yen

Final Fantasy VIII (Kotobukiya)
Seifer Almasy & Ordin (Medium: Other, Completed) 24800 Yen
Quistis Trepe (1/6th Scale Completed, Medium: Soft Vinyl) 6800 Yen
Seifer Almasy (1/6th Scale Medium: Resin) 9800 Yen
Selphie Tilmitt (1/6th Scale Medium: Resin) 9800 Yen

To Heart (Kotobukiya Completed 1/8th Scale)
Multi (Medium: Other) 8000 Yen
Kurusugawa Serika Swimsuit (Medium: Other) 8000 Yen

Nadesico (Kurushima)
Mascot Ruri & Yukina (Medium: Resin) 7800 Yen

To North (Kurushima 1/7th Scale)
Haruno Kotori (Medium: Resin) 12000 Yen

D4 Princess (Kurushima 1/8th Scale Medium: Resin)
Ruridou Dorisu 19800 Yen
Ruridou Dorisu 19800 Yen

Betterman (Kurushima 1/8th Scale)
Sai Hinoki Divingsuit (Medium: Resin) 7800 Yen
Kurenai Kaede Divingsuit (Medium: Resin) 7800 Yen

Galaxy Express 999 (Yellow Submarine)
Queen Emeraldas Action Doll (Medium: Resin) 13800 Yen

Sailor Moon (Kaiyodo 1/4th Scale)
Sailor Venus (Completed Medium: Other) 28000 Yen

11-27-99—- Model Kits To Ship in December

Anime related model kits to be released in Japan In December:

Cyber Formula (Aoshima 1/24th Scale)
Aoi Orga Complete Model (Medium: Injection, Wgt: 440 g, some parts plated.) 2200 Yen

GaoGaiGar (Aoshima Medium: Injection)
Goldymarg [Goldion Hammer] 2000 Yen

Master Grade (Bandai 1/100 Scale Medium: Injection)
ZZ Gundam 4000 Yen Yen
RGM-79N GM Custom 3000 Yen
RGM-79Q GM Quel 3000 Yen

Gundam 0079 (B-Club)
Zaku “Side 7 Attack” (Medium: Resin) 6800 Yen

Zeta Gundam (B-Club)
Messala (1/144 Scale Medium: Resin) 19800 Yen
Psycho Gundam Mk.II (1/220 Scale Medium Scale) 26800 Yen

Sakura Wars
Koubu-kai for Sakura (Medicom, Completed and painted, Contains figure) 3980 Yen
Koubu-kai for Ri Kouran (Medicom, Completed and painted, Contains figure) 3980 Yen
Koubu-kai for Iris (Medicom, Completed and painted, Contains figure) 3980 Yen
Koubu-kai for Iris DX (Wave 1/24th Scale, Gold Plated, Medium: Injection) 2200 Yen

Macross (Yellow Submarine 1/144 Scale Medium: Resin)
VF-1X Plus w/Pilot Figure 7200 Yen
VF-22 w/Reatolis Figure (Includes display base, About 70 parts, 12cm – completed.) 8500 Yen

11-27-99—- New Card Captor Sakura Figure Kits + Movie Trading Cards

Two new Card Captor Sakura figure kits are scheduled to go on sale this month in Japan. One is of Sakura Kinomoto in new dress from the new TV season. Height is 18 centimeters, comes unpainted and unassembled. The kit retails for 7800 Yen.

The second is Sakura in her movie dress. Height is 20 centimeters, comes unpainted and unassembled. The kit retails for 8800 Yen.

A new 246 card CCS trading card set from the movie will is also expected out this month. The set contains 216 normal and 30 metallic cards. Pack of 8 cards retails for 200 Yen.

11-27-99—- Panzer Century G Breaker

Sunrise Interactive is working on a new PSX 2 real time simulation RPG titled, Panzer Century G Breaker. The game will feature several original Mobile Suit Designs called GT. The story of the game takes place 20 years before the story in Sunrise Heroes for Dreamcast. Release is expected in Japan this summer. Panzer Century G Breaker will also be adapted into it’s own Anime TV series to air in Japan in the coming year. Mecha designers on the project include Shoji Kawamori (Macross), Junya Ishigaki (Xenogears), and Kunio Okawara (Gundam).

11-26-99—- GundamOfficial Updated, the official American Gundam website has been updated with detailed Gundam descriptions and paint tips for constructing models.

11-26-99—- Anime Figure / Modeling News

A limited clear set of Fist Of The Northstar figures have just seen release in Japan. Called “Clear Crystal Box” it retails for 10,000 Yen, and contains clear-colored versions of: Kenshiro, Toki, Rei, Sousa and Shiou.

Two resin Macross 7 Valkyrie garage kits have just been released in Japan. One is a 1/100 scale VA-3 Invader from the Macross Dynamite 7 OAV series, the resulting figure is full-action and perfect variable. Designed by Hajime Takashima, it retails for 21,000 Yen (assembly requires seperately sold polycap joints). The second is a 1/100 scale YF-19 Fire Valkyrie (A special red version of the kit was released at the Feb. 7 Wonder Festival, held in Japan, retailing for 21,000 Yen), this normal version of this kit features a “Openable Shoulder Speaker System.” This kit is also designed by Hajime Takashima, is fully transformable and requires separately-sold polycap joints. This kit retails for 25,200 Yen.

A new Kaiyodo Devilman Lady action figure, sculpted by Urabe Katsumi has just been released in Japan. Retail is 2,800 Yen.

11-26-99—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Bandai is developing a new Mobile Suit Gundam action game for PSX 2 in Japan. Japanese release is scheduled for April.

Square is starting a reservation promotion for Parasite Eve II, scheduled for release in Japan on Dec. 16, those preordering the game at convenience stores will receive a keychain of Aya, and those preordering at game shops will receive a year 2000 Parasite Eve Postcard Calendar.

11-25-99—- American Version Of Dragonball Z Needing Original Music

The following post was made on Taxi, a web site that matches professional musicians with others needing music, check out their site for more information:

* NEW LISTING–Music supervisor for the movie version of the Cartoon Network series “Dragonball Z” looking for master quality “high energy, pulsing” Rock Songs a la Rage Against The Machine, White Zombie, Kid Rock, etc. etc. Lyrics or Instrumental, ok. Songs written with a specific character in mind are welcome. Watch the show or check out a website about it for background information. This is also an opportunity to have music used in the TV show. Please submit one or two songs per cassette/CD, include lyric sheets. All submissions will be screened by TAXI on a YES/NO BASIS ONLY–NO CRITIQUES FROM TAXI. PLEASE ENCLOSE A S.A.S.E IF YOU WOULD LIKE A RESPONSE. As always, we will notify those forwarded. Submissions must be received no later than January 4, 1999.

TAXI # Y000104RK

11-25-99—- Secret 7 Year Sony Research Program Concludes ESP A Reality

To those familiar with Anime and Manga, the concepts of Phsycic Ability, Extra Sensory Perception in humans, and Qi (Chi) are recognizeable as a fairly common theme in many stories. A recently terminated secret company research progam inside Sony Corporation of Japan has concluded that such abilities are indeed a reality, showing results of up to 97% accuracy in one experiment. Sony planned to use the data gathered in actual product development but apparently could’nt find a present application and subsequently ended the research. You can read a fascinating in-depth account of the entire program here.

11-25-99—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Konami released the much anticipated Tokimeki Memorial 2 for PSX in Japan today. A full day before the release, people had formed lines in front of game stores, to purchase the Limited Edition of the title, one shop reportedly had over 50 people lined up.

There are reportedly a total of 251 Pokemon types in Pocket Monster Gold & Silver, 100 are totally new Pokemon.

Sega of Japan is launching a special promotion for their upcoming Space Channel 5 title, they will be promoting the game on a large Video Screen Q’s Eye in Tokyo for two days from Nov. 27 – 28, the Screen has a size of 19 feet x 22 feet. Sega also plans promotion at various amusement centers across Japan between Dec. 4th to Jan. 31st.

Sega of America has announced that they have sold over 1 million units of Dreamcast in North America, since its launch in Sep. 9th.

Microsoft Corp. is reportedly in talks with MediaOne Group Inc. to purchase the U.S. cable television operator’s majority stake in Titus Communications Corp., a Japanese cable TV network operator, it’s quite possible that the move could be seen as Microsoft’s making inroads to support a high bandwidth network infrastructure in Japan that it’s rumored “X-Box” Videogame console would certainly require.

11-24-99—- NHK Facing Millennium End Red And White Contest Casting Woes

The Japanese television network NHK is planning a large 50th anniversary edition of it’s Red and White Singing Contest, to air on New Year’s Eve, featuring well known Japanese pop music stars. However, the network is facing some casting setbacks, reports indicate they have postponed announcing the team rosters twice to-date, and were scheduled to make the final rosters known by Nov. 24th. Hikaru Utada and other large j-pop figures will not be attending although the Southern All Stars are expected to make an appearance after a 16-year hiatus.

11-23-99—- Godzilla 2000 / Unused Mononoke – Yamada-Kun CGI Show At Tokyo IFF

At the 12th Tokyo International Film Festival, held from Oct. 30th to Nov. 7th, Godzilla 2000 had it’s premier screening. Producer Shogo Tomiyama, Director Takao Okawara and the main cast of the film were guests of honor. The festival played host to a number of other events, on Nov. 3rd, the International Visual Symposium was held. The symposium featured discussions by leading Japanese film makers and special screenings of rarely seen film footage. They included clips from Final Fantasy: The Movie and unused CGI scenes from studio Ghibli’s The Princess Mononoke and My Neighbor Yamada-kun.

11-23-99—- Pokemon Festival To Be Held In Japan

A large festival to celebrate the first anniversary of the opening of the Pokemon Center Osaka, in Osaka, Japan will be held on Sunday, December 12th, at the Umeda Center Building Plaza. Pokemon characters will be there from 11:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. and Matsumoto Rika will perform the Pokemon theme song at 12:00 P.M.

11-23-99—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Atlus’s upcoming Gameboy Color RPG, Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Children Red Book and Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Children Black Book, will feature 2 main characters, one for it’s respective version. The Black Book version main character is a teenage boy, who travels with a dog that looks like a devil. The Red Book version’s main character is a teenage girl with split personalities, she travels with an eagle that looks like devil.

Nintendo of Japan is producing a new Gameboy Color card battle game titled Trading & Battle Card Hero which features a real time clock, there will be special events and tournaments at specific times, and 114 kinds of battle cards. It is scheduled for release in Japan this spring.

SNK is starting a promotion in Japan for it’s new PSX title Koudelka, those pre-ordering the game can receive one of two special gifts: a Koudelka Music CD or a B1 size Koudelka poster. Koudelka is scheduled for release in Japan on Dec. 16.

Tommo is bringing NEC HE’s Monster Breeder for Dreamcast to the U.S. in March.

Japanese software developer Shoei System has declared bankruptcy in Japan, with 600 million yen of debts. Shoei System is a mid size company, developing games for larger companies including Sega.

11-23-99—- Princess Mononoke / Pokemon Boxoffice Roundup

Pokemon: The First Movie, in it’s second weekend of release in North America drew in $12,502,869, dropping it to third place on the Daily Variety movie chart. To-date, Pokemon has grossed $67,372,092. Meanwhile, a day in advance of it’s expansion to 120 thetaers, The Princess Mononoke (which is in it’s 4th week of limited release) pulled in $142,479 bringing it down from the #27 spot to #34. To-date Miramax’s limited Mononoke release has grossed $1,187,089.

11-22-99—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Sega’s upcoming Dreamcast title Shen Mue Chapter 1: Yokosuka, scheduled for release in Japan on Dec. 29, will feature new virtual pet game, the player finds an abandoned kitty on the street, taking it home, it is possible to access a new virtual pet breeding game. Shen Mue takes place in the winter of 1986, where the hero, Ryo’s father Iwao, brought back a mystical mirror from China. A martial artist, Sou, chased after the mirror from China and captured Ryo as a hostage, forcing Iwao to give up the mirror. After Iwao handed over the mirror, Sou killed Iwao. Ryo begins his adventure to track down Sou and investigate on the mystical mirror. There are other mini games that are playable such as two arcade machines: Darts and Excite QTE 2. Darts is a dart playing machine and Excite QTE 2 is an arcade game to practice the Quick Timer Events. Eventually Ryo travels to Kowloon Castle in Hong Kong, which contains has over 1200 rooms.

After the announcement of Shen Mue’s Dec. 29th release, the stock price of Sega Japan has gone up 5%. Sega of Japan estimates the sales of Shen Mue will reach 1 million in Japan, and 4.5 million worldwide.

Capcom’s upcoming Dreamcast title, Street Fighter III: W Impact, will contain two hidden characters, Gill and Akuma (Gouki), which will be playable at the start of the game. There are many new options, such as the ability to toggle the gauge displays, adjust game speed, number of Super Art stocks, and blocking behavior. A new Internet Mode is also added, allowing access to the the Street Fighter III official message board and bbs, download of new features for the game is also possible through the link. Street Fighter III: W Impact is scheduled for release in Japan on Dec. 9th.

Capcom has announced that it’s profit for the first half of ’99 reached 2.33 billion yen, 27% lower than last year, they are expecting a total profit of 5 billion yen by the end of the fiscal year.

Square EA is planning to bring Front Mission 3 for PSX to the U.S. next summer.

11-22-99—- Top Anime LD Sales (Japan) (As Of 11-22)

1. Sol Bianca OVA 2: Reminiscencia
2. Card Captor Sakura Vol. 11
3. D4 Princess Vol. 3
4. Martian Successsor Nadesico The Movie: The Prince Of Darkness

11-22-99—- Top Anime DVD Sales (Japan) (As Of 11-22)

1. Sol Bianca OVA 2: Reminiscencia
2. Shuusaku Vol. 3
3. D4 Princess Vol. 3

11-22-99—- Top Manga Sales (Japan) (As Of 11-22)

1. Rurouni Kenshin 28
2. Hoshin Engi 17
3. Hana Yori Dango 24
4. Detective Conan 25
5. I”S 12
6. Vagabond 4
7. Meiryoutei Gotoh-Seizyurou 9
8. Kaikan-Phrase 11
9. Trigun Maximum 3
10. Natural 8
11. 3X3 Eyes 32
12. Salaryman Kintarou 21
13. Whistle! 8
14. H2 32
15. Urayasu Radical Gag Family 32
16. Ome-Rice 4
17. Seikimatsu-Leader-Den Takeshi 11
18. Wagandouro 1
19. One Piece 10
20. 1/2 Heart

11-22-99—- Top Video Game Sales (Japan) (As Of 11-22)

1. Chrono Trigger – PSX
2. Arc The Lad 3 – PSX
3. Saiyuuki – PSX
4. Tenchu Shinobi-Hyakusen – PSX
5. Fever Sankyo Pachinko Simulation – PSX
6. Sea Man – DC
7. Derby Stallion 99 – PSX
8. Chu-Chu Rocket (Color Controller Set) – DC
9. World Soccer Jikkyou Winning Eleven 4 – PSX
10. Chu-Chu Rocket – DC
11. Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Remix – PSX
12. Game Boy Dragon Quest 1.2 – GB
13. Marvel VS. Capcom EX Edition – PSX
14. Pacman World 20th Anniversary – PSX
15. Gigawing – DC
16. Jissen Pachi-Slot Hisshou Hou: Sea Master X – PSX
17. Pro Baseball Simulation Dugout 99 – PSX
18. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – PSX
19. Doko Demo Issyo – PSX
20. Let’s Make Pro Soccer Club – DC

11-22-99—- Top J-Pop Album Sales (Japan) (As Of 11-22)

1. “Loveppears” – Ayumi Hamasaki
2. “Heavy Gauge” – Glay
3. “Nina” – Nina
4. “Colorado” -Tina Tokuma
5. “Yuzuen” – Yuzu
6. “Bird Limited Edition” – Bird
7. “Yoshida Takurou The Best Penny Lane” – Takurou Yoshida
8. “Siseikatu” – Miki Nakatani
9. “A Film About The Blues” – Triceratops
10. “Cruise Record 1995-2000” – Globe
11. “Taiyo&Ciscomoon 1” – Taiyo Ciscomoon
12. “Muzai Moratorium” – Ringo Shena
13. “Turbo” – UA
14. “21Seikiheno Okurimono: Off Course Melodies” – Various Artists
15. “Golden Best” – Yousui Inoue

11-21-99—- Kuniaki Haijima’s First Best Album

Composer Kuniaki Haijima, who’s works include music for Spriggan, Master Keaton, and Gasaraki, is set to release his first best album, “Element” on Dec. 10th in Japan. The CD includes 10 titles with themes from the above titles and dance music versions of his other creations.

Source: J-Dream Direct Newsletter, J-Dream Web

11-20-99—- Pokemon #1 Kid’s TV Show In America

While the Pokemon Movie is still #1 at the American Boxoffice, the Pokemon TV series currently holds the #1 and #2 kids position on weekdays and Saturday morning. From Nov. 8-12, the 7 a.m. showing of Pokemon averaged a Kids WB! position record 4.8 rating, 32 share, in kids 2-11, beating all other weekday kids series, morning and afternoon, except the WB’s 4 p.m. showing of Pokemon (5.2/26).

11-20-99—- Under Execution, Under Jailbreak

“Under Execution, Under Jailbreak”, popular manga artist / writer Araki Hirohiko’s first new compilation of short stories in 12 years was released recently in Japan. This compilation is 230+ pages long, includes several color pages and an epilogue by Araki-sensei. There are 4 stories in the collection. 2 stories involve characters in Araki’s well known Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventure manga. Of note – the jacket of the compilation reveals that part 6 of the Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventure manga: “Stone Ocean” will start running in Weekly Shonen Jump #1, which is scheduled for release in Japan Dec. 7th.

Under Execution, Under Jailbreak | ISBN4-08-782537-X | Shuei-Sha | 1143 Yen

11-19-99—- J-Pop / Seiyuu News

Speed’s final album,”Carry On My Way”, is scheduled for release on Dec. 22nd, listing for 3,059 Yen.

11-19-99—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Enix has pushed back the Japanese release date of their highly anticipated PSX RPG, Dragon Quest VII: Warriors from Eden, from Dec. 29th to sometime this winter. No official release date has been set, as an apology to gamers, Enix will include a demo of the title in Shoeisha’s Japanese magazine e-Jump, out on Dec. 10th. According to Nekkei news, DQVII is rescheduled for release in Japan sometime in Feb. Currently around 3 million copies of the game have been pre-ordered.

Global A Entertainment’s upcoming Dreamcast SRPG title, Innocent Tears, featuring character designs by Hiroyuki Utatane, will tell the story of a war between angels and fallen angels in future Tokyo. In the game, the main character is a fallen angel, who comes to Earth in search of his girlfriend, through the course of the game he discovers the angel’s conspiracy against the human race and decides to aide mankind. The game uses a turn based battle system, an includes over 30 missions.

Sega will release Shen Mue Chapter 1: Yokosuka, for Dreamcast in Japan on Dec. 29th, listing for 6800 Yen.

Hello Kitty’s boyfriend, Dear Daniel, will recieve his own handheld: Bemani Pocket Dance Dance Revolution: Dear Daniel. Konami will release the handheld in Japan on Feb. 3rd, listing for 3200 Yen. It will include 7 songs from the Dance Dance Revolution series, a Pair Mode will be included allowing players to link up with the Hello Kitty DDR Pocket for double play. A Dear Daniel finger puppet will be included.

Pocket Monster Gold & Silver, out in Japan on Nov. 21st will be an 8 Megabit cartridge. The game begins with Professor Oak, he tells the player to go see the Pokemon Elder, who is doing an experiment on Pokemon. The main character recieves a multi-function PokeGear, which can be used as a watch, cellular phone, radio, and is allowed to take one of three new Pokemons: Chikorita (an alligator Pokemon), Hinoarashi (an anteater Pokemon), and Wanioko (a grass type Pokemon). The game will be fully compatible with previous Pocket Monster games, making battle and exchange of Pokemons with the older versions possible.

Konami has announced that their latest Metal Gear title will be coming to Gameboy Color. To be titled, Metal Gear: Ghost Babel, it will be a 2D tactical espionage mission, much like the MG 1+2 for the MSX system. The game will feature 180 VR Missions, as well as comm. battle over the link cable.

Banpresto has pushed the release date of Super Robot Taisen Alpha for PSX from Dec. 29th to Feb. 24th.

The U.S. version of Sonic Pocket Adventure for Neo Geo Pocket Color is out on Dec. 4th, two weeks ahead of the Japanese release date of the game.