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Anime News Service – October 24 – 31 Anime News

10-31-01—- Outlaw Star OAV Probability

According to Anime Nation:

After yesterday’s “Ask John” article about the slim possibility of new Outlaw Star animation being produced, reader “Sany” informed us that the official Japanese Morningstar site has tentative character designs and a story outline for an Outlaw Star 2 OAV series. However, the same page also states that because animation director Mitsuru Hongo is very busy, there is no scheduled production date for this tentative OAV series.

While this may be interesting news, Sany has received the following e-mail response directly from the creator of Outlaw Star confirming that there are no current plans to actually produce any new Outlaw Star anime:
“Hello. My name is Takehiko Ito. I can speak a little English. You looks project in my site contents. It’s plan for Outlaw Star 2. But, that title is only plan and frozen yet. We planning new and different project now. Sorry. I love Outlaw Star too. Maybe I continue Outlaw Star by comic. Thank you!”

10-30-01—-AIC English News

From the AIC English Site comes word that:

the November AIC Japanese website Top Page Illustrator: “Ah! My Goddess” is now online.

The cell-Shading 3D “bishoujyo*” Animation Master online class will start from early November on AIC Japanese website. This online “Animation Master” class will teach people how to modeling anime characters by using Animation Master.

Online Class Staff include Instructor : “Dr. Iguchi” (The 3D CG animation director of “Mahou Yuugi”) Speical class assistance: “Koyori” Speical student : “Akari” (who try to modeling herself)

This class is co-porduced by CG Online. All illustrations are created by Mr. Ryuichi Makino (Battle Athletess character designer) and Mr. Kami Imai.

“Mahou Yuugi” 2D online anime will start to boardcast every Friday from November 16th on Lycos Japan. Go to Lycos’s “Mahou Yuugi” homepage © AIC·Magicaland Magic Union ©1998-2001 Lycos Japan Inc.

“Mahou Yuugi” OVA #1 with Padudu figurine DVD set will release by King Records Inc. on 29th December, 2001 in Japan.

Credits for both 2D and 3D Edition: Dirctor: Mr.Hayashi Hiroki Character designer: Mr. Azuma Kiyohiko 3D Script Writer: Mr.Hideyuki Kurata 2D Script Writer: Mr.Ohnoki Hiroshi “Mahou Yuugi” comic is serialized on monthly comic magazine “Dengeki Daioh” in Japan by Media Works. This comic edition is created by Mr. Katura Yukimaru.

10-30-01—- Lupin TV Series Second DVD Box

Daniel writes in:

Check out http://www.vap.co.jp/lupin/2nd_dvd_box.html for an ad and jacket images for the second series of Lupin on dvd. (Thanks to Lupin Encyclopedia for helping me find it.) All I can tell you is that if you have a region-free player, go for it. It’s not only the best series out of all three, it’s got some excellent Miyazaki-directed and produced episodes near the end.

Included in the set are discs comprising of 26 episodes of the series. Extras are “specially made BOX receipt” and the 2 IN 1 tall case ×13 packs along with Luxurious 160 page booklet. Disc contents include color animation episodes with monaural / stereo soundtracks. DVD’s are single sided and dual layer, 4: 3 aspect ratio. Running time approximately 380 minutes.

10-30-01—- Sailor Moon R Movie Broadcast

Cartoon Network will air the Sailor Moon R movie this Friday, November 2nd, view the schedule here.

10-30-01—- Robotech Topping Amazon Sales

According to the Amazon.com Listing sales of ADV Films Robotech releases dominate the lineup with five in the top ten, including volumes 2-4,7,9.

10-30-01—- Chinese Manga News

Chinese Manga Online is in the process of re-structuring, the URL above will take you to their site.

10-30-01—- SNK Fairwell

From The Magic Box:

SNK has released a press message about their closure:
Dear All NEOGEO fans/customers, It is with deepest grief that In the Autumn of 2001, SNK will close the company history in its business. It was all of your favor and encouragement which made our passion running to make better games for SNK fans. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank and everyone of you for your continuous help and assistance rendered to SNK since its incorporation in Japan July in 1978. Without your support, SNK Corporation would not have been possible throughout 23 years of operation. With all our heart-felt gratitude, thank you once again !

Due to the bankruptcy of SNK, their final arcade game The King of Fighters 2001 will be distributed by Sun Amusement in Japan in mid-November. The Korean firm Eolith also mentioned that they will develop The King of Fighters 2002 for next year.

10-30-01—- Heidi – Yamato Return To Japanese Airwaves

Japanese Broadcast sat station WOWOW has announced it will air the entire TV series run of classic 70’s anime Space Battleship Yamato and Heidi Of The Alps in December. This will be the first time since the original airing in 1974 that the two series have rebroadcast in Japan. Yamato begins December 24th at 23:00, Heidi starts on December 1st at 14:35.

10-29-01—- Yugi-oh Honored

This week’s TV Guide (Oct.27-Nov.2) ranks Yu Gi Oh at the top of “The 10 Best New Kids’ Shows”.

10-29-01—- Konami Character Buses And Trains

Among the multitude of advertising tools and the disposal of anime and game companies in Japan, public transportation vehicles are often chosen due being excellent vectors continuosly being visibale in the often heavily crowded city streets. Two loved Konami properties are currently being heralded in this type of campaign, Sakura Tasen The Movie and Tokimeki Memorial 3. From Nov. 1st the Sakura Taisen campaign is planned to run for 3 months, it of course advertises the movie scheduled to open nationwide in Japan December 22nd. The bus wraps it’s tour of duty on Jan. 31st. It’s route will be in Tokyo.

Meanwhile, also in Tokyo will run the Tokimeki Memorial 3 decorated bus and train. Both will apparantly operate from stations in Shibuya and Shinbashi. Operation period is for 1 year from Oct. 10 2001 – Oct. 10 2002. Fans can view the Sakura Wars Movie Bus here and the Tokimeki Memorial 3 Bus and Train here.

10-29-01—- Channel 4 Animation Special Featuring I.G.

The U.K.’s Channel 4 will be airing a new 6-part special exploring the world of animation. Hot Reels Animation Grand Prix 2001 begins Tuesday November 6 from 11.45pm featured will be the UK TV premiere of Blood: The Last Vampire, by director Mamoru Oshii.

10-29-01—- Sony Straight DBZ CCG Hummer Tour

In November FUNimation is sending Sony Straight, English voice of DBZ’s Krillen and Bardock on tour across America via DBZ hummer to promote the Dragonball Z collectible card game. Sponsord by Score Entertainment confirmed stops include the Middle Tennessee Anime Con in Nashville, TN November 2-3, Motor City Comic Con in Detroit, MI on November 17th and Mid Ohio Con in Columbus, OH on the 24th. Source: www.dbzcardgame.com | Planet Namek

10-29-01—- Official IF Labs Site Online

http://www.if-labs.com/ has officially launched, posting among much media richness, it’s own images of the recently announced DBZ figures from IF Labs.

10-29-01—- Reuters BAAF Mention

From the Reuters News Servce:

The inaugural ‘Big Apple Anime Fest’ opened Friday in New York, a three-day event featuring Japanese animated movies and TV shows. ‘Many people already know what Japanese animation is, so we would like them to enjoy our event and give new people a broad look at what is happening in the industry,’ said festival liaison manager Ryoko Maebashi.

10-29-01—- New Anime Movie Trailers Just Premiered In Japan Now Online

From the official Tokyo Fantastic Film Festival 2001 come streaming real media trailers of the newly premiering Armitage III: Dual Matrix, Akira Special Edition, and Patlabor WXIII.

10-29-01—- New Anime Links Site


Anime Web is a brand new site with Links, News and Forums for anime and manga online. Free to use, free to register, and soon to be linked to such sites as Animefu.com and Everything2.com

10-28-01—- Gunbuster Sequel Go

Reportedly Tsurumaki-sensei, director of Furi-Kuri has confirmed he will in fact be directing a sequel to Studio Gainax’s Gunbuster. According to the director the visual style will be a union between Furi-Kuri and that of the original.

10-27-01—- Candy Candy Trial

On October 25th in Japan a final legal decision was rendered in the long running rights dispute between mangaka Yumiko Igarashi and original story writer Kyoko Mizuki deemed the “Candy Candy Trial”. Candy Candy is one of the most popular shoujo creations ever released in Japan, based on a 25 year old story composed by Kyoko Mizuki which was adapted to manga form by cartoonist Yumiko Igarashi, an anime TV series and many related merchandise items were also produced. A mutual working partnership existed between the two until several years ago when Ms. Igarashi allegedly declared an exclusive copyright and began producing merchandise based on the work outside of the co-approval of Mizuki, Toei Animation (who produced the anime) and herself. The origin of some goods and works produced based on Candy Candy were put into question, and the revenue and permission to produce them, forced a trial. Writer Kyoko Mizuki accused Igarashi of ignoring her copyright on the work, sueing the artist for infringement of copyright, she later won her trial. That judgement set the following precedents: 1. Ms. Kyoko Mizuki was ruled to have the same copyright as Ms. Yumiko Igarashi regarding CandyCandy. 2. Ms. Yumiko Igarashi must obtain Ms. Kyoko Mizuki ‘s consent when using CandyCandy in business related matters.

However, a reconciliation between the parties was not forthcoming after the trial with goods and illustrations allegedly being comissioned and sold by the artist without a proper consent. The dispute has continued on several fronts since then with numerous appeals, actions and counter actions. In the year 2000 Ms. Igarashi sued Toei Animation Film over the trademark of CandyCandy forcing a broadcast freeze on the series, for some time it was feared by some fans that due to legal battles the reprint of manga and rebroadcasting of the Anime may not occur again. Last week’s Japanese Supreme Court ruling matched the Tokyo High Court decision issued in March 2000, and the Tokyo District Court ruling in February 1999, declaring undisputedly on Japanese legal grounds that Kyoko Mizuki is rightfully co-creator and copyright holder of CandyCandy and all merchandise requires her authorization and permission, as is her right within the law.

Currently, there is a similar pending legal battle involving Yumiko Igarashi and writer Man Izawa over the copyright to the 20 year old manga series George !.

10-27-01—- Asia Cinema News

On Cinescape currently, there’s an article on the bottom page about the House of the Dead movie. But it’s not complete, and fans will either have to buy the new Cinescape or subscribe online.

1)Jakarta’s having a film festival. [Where and when are not specified.] There will be a Kenji Mizoguchi retrospective there, with Sister of gion ,story of the last chrysanthemum, The ugetsu story, Sansho the bailife ,Life of Oharu and Osaka Elegy being shown.

Now for the Japan news:

1)”Takeshi Kitano (“Brother”)’s new film title will be “Dolls”. It is another Yakuza film…. Details should be following soon.

2)”Director Takashi Yamazaki (“Jouvenile”)’s new film will be another sci-fi adventure, titled “Returner”. Starring internationally well-known Asian actor, Takeshi Kaneshiro, the film will start shooting in 2 weeks and will be at Japanese theaters next September.

3)”Takashi Miike’s two new movies will be showing at 2001 Tokyo Inetrnational Film Festival. The musical horror comedy,”The Happiness of The Katakuris” and Yakuza movie “The Agitator”, will have special screening at the festival (not in competition). Amazingly, Miike directed 2 more films this year,”Ichi the Killer” and “Dead Or Alive: Final”. Now he is shooting his 5th movie of this year, “Onna Kokushu ippatsu” in Kyoto. He will shoot one more film before the end of year!…

4)”- I just saw “Misuzu”, directed by Show Igarashi. The film follows the life of the talented young poet Misuzu Kaneko, who died in the 1930’s at the age of 26. It’s a good little art-house film and Miri Tanaka is fantastic as Misuzu! The film features many poems written Misuzu (read by Tanaka)…The movie will be opening next week in Japan

5)”The co-operation between Japanese and Korean production companies is on the rise. Here are a few films being co-produced by the two countries (all of them are already complete).

“Seoul”, directed by Masahiko Nagasawa. “Run 2 U”, directed by Kan Jonsu. “Yoru O Kakete”, directed by Kin Morihoko. “One Fine Spring Day”, directed by Hur Jin-Ho.”


10-27-01—- FF X News

“…SquareSoft officially confirmed that Final Fantasy X will not include the alternate Japanese voice track, so players will only have access to the English voices and subtitles.” Some of the names of the voice actors and and initial opinion of them can be found at Gamespot.

10-27-01—- VHD Bloodlust Screening Addition

This came in from The VHD Bloodlust Message Board:

“The Club That Really Likes Anime (CTRL-A – www.ctrl-a.org) is pleased to announce that it will be holding a theatrical showing of “Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust” on Sunday, December 2nd, 2001. The showing will be held in Waterloo, Ontario at the Waterloo Galaxy, a state-of-the-art theatre with full surround sound and stadium seating.

10-27-01—- Criterion Anime and HK DVD Plans

A big thanks to Daniel for this scoop:

I was sifting through a chat transcript with Criterion reps at The Digital Bits and this is the information I got:

Q1:”…My question is when will we see some Kenji Mizoguchi films like Ugetsu, Oharu and Sansho?…”
A1:”…Anyway, to the core of your question, we will bring Mitzoguchi to DVD, and we hope, in better shape. None are actually in the release schedule, but we are hoping to have new masters made in the coming year or so on at least one Mizoguchi film.”

Q2: “I have recently gotten into DVD’s and have acquired some Criterion and all of your Kurosawa, what is on the table for this year, Throne of Blood? any chance of Ran? and what is the release date for Rashomon..”
A2: “RAN currently belongs to another company. We have several Kurosawa titles tentatively on the 2002 schedule, including RASHOMON. No set release dates for them yet, though. Keep an eye on our website for more announcements.
“The new Rashomon master has taken more time than we’d hoped. The rest of the release is more or less complete. As for more Kurosawa, there is a great deal of chatter about Red Beard and Ikiru, in addition to Dodeskaden which has been announced and pushed for too long…”

Q4: “for the Kurosawa films, do the film elements you use for your transfers come straight from Japan, or somewhere else?”
A4:”We work with the Japanese studios to find the best elements available. Very often we transfer those elements in Japan according to standards that we make very clear and do additional digital work in the States. In other cases, we acquire pristine preprint elements, such as fine-grain masters and do the telecine here under our direct supervision.”

Q5:”…I was wondering if there is a chance that you will release any of Hayao Miyazaki’s (Princess Mononoke) works…Also are there plans to release any more Japanese Animation in general?…”
A5: “The Miyazaki titles are owned by Disney in the US. This doesn’t mean it’s out of the question, but we haven’t discussed it with them….As for other Japanese animation, we’re always open to suggestions and new ideas. Nothing concrete on the schedule right now, though.”

Q6: “Additionally, is there any chance that you might be able to get your hands on…Kurosawa’s “Dreams”?”
A6: “DREAMS is one of our most-requested titles. We’d love to release it, but we don’t hold the rights.”

Q7: “…Will there be any more Seijun Suzuki films released by Criterion? Are there any plans to obtain the rights for his new film “Pistolera Opera”? Also, will we ever see a Criterion version of the original Japanese “Gojira”[Godzilla, for those not in the know.] that was cancelled long ago?…”
A7: “I just saw PISTOL OPERA the other night, and loved it….It’s as insane and kinetic as his other late 60s films and we’d love to release it. But since it is a brand-new title (it was just released in Japan this year), we don’t have a definite plan. But we are looking into it.
“Gojira, sadly is a no go. We are in discussions about Pistol Opera, but as a policy we don’t talk about negotiations…
“There’s also the possibility that we may release one or two of the Suzuki films currently available on tape from Home Vision on DVD in the future. We’d love to devote our attention to more of his work….”

10-27-01—- Kaiju News

From Daniel via: Cinescape:

“This summer marked the 100th birthday of Toho FX master Eiji Tsuburaya, the man responsible for Godzilla ’54, Ultraman, and other famous creations. In celebration a series of toys were released by various companies including this super-deformed set from Yutaka.

“The set includes five one inch figures including Tsuburaya himself (very cool!), Godzilla ’64, King Ghidorah (both previously released in the Yutaka Godzilla 2000 SD set)and Ultraman and Namegon.”

Now some Bandai figures at Cinescape :

“Originally released in 1999, G-15 in the Toho Kaiju Series, these are from the same mold but done in sepia crystal and smoked crystal vinyl. The gray/smoked version had a 5000 production run while the sepia version had a 3000 production Sepia Godzilla”

And finally, you Yonggary fans haven’t been left out either. A review of “Reptilian” on dvd is available at Cinescape . Enjoy 🙂

10-27-01—- DBZ Voice Actor Transcript

FUNimation has a transcript of a recent interview with Brice Armstrong (Lord Slug) and Dr. Toymangla, view it here.

10-27-01—- BAAF Press In America

The official website of the Big Apple Anime Fest occuring this weekend in New York City has been updated with pictures from the kickoff of the 3 day festival. Of note on the site is an image of NYC Mayor Rudolf Giuliani holding up charity BAAF T-Shirt at the J&R launch.

Reuters / Variety:

Japan animation shines in New York NEW YORK

The inaugural “Big Apple Anime Fest” opened Friday in New York, a three-day event featuring Japanese animated movies and TV shows.

“Many people already know what Japanese animation is, so we would like them to enjoy our event and give new people a broad look at what is happening in the industry,” said festival liaison manager Ryoko Maebashi. Japanese animation, called “anime” in a corruption of the English word, has been a part of U.S. pop culture since the early 1960s when Japanese master animator Osamu Tezuka’s ”Astroboy” hit American TV. Now Japanese anime, including “Pokemon”, “Sailor Moon” and ”Digimon”, is a staple of Saturday morning TV fare for children. A slew of licensed goods has helped make it a global entertainment industry.

The festival opened with the first U.S. screening of the sci-fi fantasy “Metropolis”, which is based on a comic book. The movie was directed by Rintaro, who uses only one name. He began his career working with Tezuka on the “Astroboy” TV series. “Japanese animation is going out in so many different forms in the world now. It seems like everyone has seen some variation of it at least once,” Rintaro said.

Among the other films that will be screened at the festival are “X: The Movie” also from Rintaro, a sci-fi comedy from Katsuhiro Otomo called “Roujin Z” and the action adventure movie “Spriggan”. Retrospectives of big name animators such as Rintaro, Otomo, Toshio Maeda and Koichi Ohata will also be shown. Video screenings will be held almost around the clock over the three days.

10-27-01—- NYC Firefighters Concert Organized By Member Of “Seat Bealts” Group Steve Conte

Don Hill’s To Be Site Of Benefit Concert For Engine Company 33, Ladder 9

Organized By The Seatbelt’s Steve Conte, NYC’s Best Bands Will Gather October 29 To Help Families Of 10 Lost Firefighters NEW YORK, NY (October 11, 2001) — The firefighters of New York City’s Engine Company 33, Ladder 9 (located on Great Jones St. between Bowery and Lafayette) were among the first to respond to calls to the World Trade Center on September 11. Of the eleven men in that company who answered the call that day, only one survived.

Richie Conte was that one. While grateful to have been spared, the pain and grief he feels for his fallen brothers is immeasurable. Upon learning of the situation, Richie’s cousin, musician Steve Conte (Seatbelt’s singer for Cowboy Bebop’s Rain, Words That We Couldn’t Say, Call Me Call Me, and other songs), went downtown to visit the firehouse. “The ten men who ran into those burning buildings were supporting wives and children, some of them older parents,” says Conte. “I knew then that I needed to do something that would directly benefit those families.” What he did was to organize a concert honoring the fallen heroes of Engine 33, Ladder 9. “First, I rang up my old friend Don Hill, who immediately said we could use his club and that he would provide all the necessary equipment. Next, I called on some of my fellow musicians and everyone I asked responded with a resounding, ‘Yes, I’ll do it!'”

The best of the city’s rock, blues, and soul artists, Billy Squier, Willie Nile, Phoebe Snow, Sophia Ramos, the Hudson River Rats, Mr. Henry, Captain Danger, Clancy Bone, and Conte’s own bands Crown Jewels and Company of Wolves, are already scheduled to appear. “There will also be some very special surprise guests appearing,” continues Conte. “Many of the bands will be donating CDs to sell, and NY merchandise company ‘In Record Time’ has offered to donate an event T-shirt that we’ll sell as well. One-hundred percent of the money raised from this event will go directly to the firehouse to help the families of the heroes who lost their lives saving so many others.” “The Benefit Concert for Engine 33, Ladder 9” will be held:

Monday, October 29 Doors at 8PM, music starts at 8:30PM $20 Donation (Remember: 100% of all money goes to the families of Engine 33, Ladder 9)

Don Hill’s 511 Greenwich St. (corner of Spring and Greenwich) New York, NY (212) 219-2850 Accessible by subway: C or E train to Spring St. Or 1 or 9 train to Canal St.

If you can’t make the show but would like to send a donation, make checks out to: “Engine 33 Commissary” and send C/O:

Thunderdog Music P.O. Box 494 New York, NY 10028 USA

Source: EX

10-27-01—- Mobile Handsets’ Impact: – NTT Survey Reveals 90% Of Pay Phones “In The Red”

This Daily Yomiuri article examines the widespread decrease in use of public pay phones in Japan in light of Mobile handsets proliferation.

10-26-01—- Kimagure Orange Road TV Series Restoration

Interesting comments from Animeigo’s Robert Woodhead posted to the Animeigo DVD mailing list this morning:

We won’t be going to the same lengths (or depths, depending on your point of view) that we did with Macross. As with many older series, the major issue is that the source transfer is an analog one, not a new digital telecine. This means there are analog crosstalk artifacts (aka “rainbows”) to deal with. We are doing extensive video processing to reduce these artifacts, but it isn’t a 100% perfect process. We do this on all our older releases. The bottom line is that these artifacts were on the old vhs and ld releases, and the video quality of the DVD will be improved over them.

10-26-01—- New Godzilla Goods In America

Daniel writes in that Cinescape has created a list of official Godzilla:GMK merchandise for sale, with certain products linked to places where you can buy it. The guy running the site said it’ll be updated as new information comes in.

10-26-01—- Fruits Basket (Furubu) Anime Seiyuu Data

Honda Tohru – Horie Yui
Souma Yuki – Hisakawa Aya
Souma Kyo – Seki Tomokazu
Souma Shigure – Okiayu Ryoutarou
Souma Kagura – Mitsuishi Kotono
Souma Hatori :: Inoue Kazuhiko
Souma Momiji – Saito Ayaka
Souma Hatsuharu – Suyama Akio
Souma Ayame – Miyamoto Mitsuru
Souma Kisa – Nazuka Kaori
Souma Hiro – ???
Souma Kazuma – ???
Souma Ritsu – ???
Souma Kana – ???
Souma Akito – Wakaba Murasaki
Uotani Arisa – Imai Yuka
Hanajima Saki – Yasuhara Reiko
Honda Kyoko – Yasuhara Reiko

Image Album “Four Season” due on October 30 for 2500 Yen, Soundtrack set for release in Japan December 5th. For more information: http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/fruits_basket/index.html

10-26-01—- Akira Pinball Game

From Daniel:

On page 90 of EGM, they have this article: “Right on the heels of the re-released movie and manga collections, AIA is spinning Akira in a whole new direction. Pinball guru Roger Sharpe(the wizard behind Williams’ popuar Addams family pin) is lending Japanese developer Kaze a hand in designing the tables for this cyberpunk flipper fest. The unique layout provides for several different tables interchanging as you send the ball down different paths. To top it all off, video screens display familiar Akira movie scenes as you trigger events on the table, which should helpa make Psychoball the most distracting pinball game to date…..AIA is planning to ship this one in time for the holidays this December.” (I’m guessing in the U.S., because it’s in a section deciated to upcoming PS2 U.S. games.)

10-26-01—- Baboo Factory

Currently airing on Asahi TV during the 30 minute cooking show Wagamanma Kitchen is a short 1 minute anime titled Baboo Factory which is rerun on Sunday mornings at 6:58, the show started it’s run on 10-6. Of note regarding the short series are the rather high profile seiyuu names attached including:

Babu Baboo – Nishihara Kumiko
Babny – Miyanishi Noa.


Jerry Beck has posted coments here on the recent death of Billie Lou Watt who voiced Astro Boy and Kimba The White Lion US dubbed versions.

Referer: ANN

10-26-01—- Suzuki Cycles 2002 Lineup

Suzuki Motorcycles has unveiled their 2002 model lineup featuring the worldclass GSX-R 1300 And 1000 series models, view it here.

10-26-01—- Lupin III Arcade Flyer

From Daniel courtesy Sam Spade of the Lupin Mailing List is this flyer for the new NAOMI Lupin Arcade shooting game, note the English information on here.

10-26-01—- Cinemax Anime Listings

According to the Mark Holtz post to the Anime News mailing list:

Goku I
In this Japanese anime film, a rough-and-tumble gumshoe’s investigation of the suicides of his four partners leads him to a female being with supernatural powers. After she tries to kill him, he awakens to find he has been mysteriously saved–and he has been given special powers to fight the evil being that wants to rule the world. (49 Minutes, TVMA)

Thu, Nov 1 5:45am ActMAX East Fri, Nov 2 5:05am @MAX East Sun, Nov 4 9:45pm ActMAX East Mon, Nov 5 8:30pm @MAX East Thu, Nov 8 10:10pm @MAX East Fri, Nov 9 2:45am ActMAX East Tue, Nov 13 4:00am ActMAX East Fri, Nov 16 5:10am @MAX East Sat, Nov 17 4:00am ActMAX East Sun, Nov 18 3:25am @MAX East Wed, Nov 21 11:05pm ActMAX East Sun, Nov 25 4:30am MAX East Tue, Nov 27 2:20am ActMAX East Wed, Nov 28 8:10pm @MAX East

Golgo 13: Queen Bee
This moving anime shocker finds a beautiful rebel leader battling a hit man who has been hired to kill her…by a politician who happens to be her father. (56 Minutes, TVMA)

Thu, Nov 1 10:05pm @MAX East Sun, Nov 4 3:35am MAX East Mon, Nov 5 2:00am @MAX East Fri, Nov 9 5:15am ActMAX East Mon, Nov 19 4:30am @MAX East Wed, Nov 21 1:05am @MAX East Thu, Nov 22 2:50am ActMAX East Fri, Nov 23 9:55pm @MAX East Wed, Nov 28 5:45am ActMAX East Fri, Nov 30 1:00am ActMAX East

Ninja Scroll
This Japanese animated saga tells the story of a Jubei, a nomadic ninja who takes on an evil reincarnated shogun with plans to take control of Japan. (91 Minutes, TVMA)

Tue, Nov 6 4:55am ActMAX East Thu, Nov 8 2:25am ActMAX East Sun, Nov 11 3:35am ActMAX East Tue, Nov 13 8:05pm @MAX East Wed, Nov 14 11:20pm ActMAX East Mon, Nov 19 1:10am ActMAX East Wed, Nov 21 3:45am @MAX East Thu, Nov 22 11:40pm ActMAX East Sat, Nov 24 10:00pm ActMAX East Tue, Nov 27 12:40am @MAX East Fri, Nov 30 2:00am ActMAX East

Vampire Hunter D (not Bloodlust)
This fast-and-furious anime actioner tells the story of a supernatural future world that is ruled by vampires. When a young girl is bitten by an evil Count, she must hire vampire hunter “D” to slay the Count…and save her from becoming one of the undead! (80 Minutes, R)

Fri, Nov 2 11:15pm ActMAX East Sat, Nov 3 9:40pm @MAX East Mon, Nov 5 9:40pm ActMAX East Thu, Nov 8 3:30am MAX East Sat, Nov 10 10:10pm ActMAX East Tue, Nov 13 2:40am ActMAX East Fri, Nov 16 12:40am @MAX East Tue, Nov 20 9:40pm @MAX East Wed, Nov 21 4:40am ActMAX East Sun, Nov 25 9:50pm ActMAX East Thu, Nov 29 1:30am ActMAX East

Wicked City
A secret pact between Earth and an alien dimension known as the Black World is about to expire–and some of the shape-shifting creatures of the parallel world have a plan to make humans their slaves! It’s up to a supercop and his alien partner to protect a 200-year-old wizard and maintain the peace accord in this anime flick. (82 Minutes, TVMA)

Tue, Nov 6 4:10am MAX East Thu, Nov 8 1:00am ActMAX East Fri, Nov 9 9:40pm @MAX East Sun, Nov 11 10:45pm ActMAX East Tue, Nov 13 9:40pm @MAX East Wed, Nov 14 12:50am ActMAX East Fri, Nov 16 2:50am ActMAX East Sun, Nov 18 12:30am @MAX East Sat, Nov 24 4:30am ActMAX East Tue, Nov 27 11:25pm ActMAX East Thu, Nov 29 1:10am @MAX East

AS ALWAYS, please double-check local listings for the actual time. An on-line TV listings source is http://www.deepspacefranchise.net/tvlistings/

10-26-01—- Kirby Anime Announced

In the November 2001 issue of EGM, page 50, a mention is made that a Kirby anime will be released in Japan sometime in the fall, The Hoshi no Kirby series started October 6, 2001 and is still currently running every Saturday morning at 7:30am. The Japanese homepage can be viewed here.

10-26-01—- J-Pop And Anime Connections In Season 2 Of Sundance Channel Music Program

J-group Cibo Matto and Daft Punk Toei videos directed by Leiji Matsumoto will be the focus of second season episodes of the cable Sundance Channel’s Sonic Cinema, a three-episode series that features collaborations between music and film, as well as clips and documentaries that feature commentary from the musicians, filmmakers, photographers and graphic designers who are included in the show. September 12th will feature Cibo Matto’s “Sugar Water” and October 19th will include clips for Daft Punk’s “One More Time” and “Aerodynamic,” courtesy Toei Animation Studios.

10-26-01—- UK News

Courtesy Animejin:

Yu-gi-oh premieres on Sky 1

Yu-gi-oh is the latest children’s anime to make it to UK TV screens. Here’s a quick synopsis: “Meet Yugi, and his best buds, Joey, Tristan, and Téa. They share a love for the newest game that’s sweeping the nation: Duel Monsters!” “Duel Monsters is a card-battling game in which players pit different mystical creatures against one another in wild, magical duels! Packed with awesome monsters and mighty spell-cards, Yugi and his friends are totally obsessed with the game.” “Yugi’s grandfather gives Yugi an old Egyptian puzzle that no one can solve, but when Yugi finally pieces the puzzle together, his life is forever changed. The puzzle instills Yugi with incredible powers, and ultimately creates his alter ego, Yami Yugi!” “Soon after, the mysterious creator of the Duel Monsters card game, Maximillion Pegasus, kidnaps Yugi’s grandfather and Yugi is drawn into a Duel Monster’s competition that Pegasus arranged. Now Yugi must duel his way through a tournament and defeat Pegasus in order to save his grandfather.” “Giant monsters! Powerful magic! And ancient Egyptian legends! Yu-Gi-Oh! King of Games! is one action-packed adventure series that holds all the cards! It’s your move.” Yu-Gi-Oh is on every Saturday and Sunday at 9:30am on Sky 1. For more information on the series, see the official website at http://www.yugiohkingofgames.com

Oh My Goddess Movie to get UK release

After the successful release of the Oh My Goddess video series, MVM are about to conclude negotiations with Pioneer for a UK release of the Oh My Goddess Movie. They hope to release VHS and DVD versions of the film simultaneously, sometime early next year. The much anticipated Oh My Goddess Movie was released in Japan this year. Here’s another synopsis: “Trouble in Paradise! Belldandy’s mentor, Celestin, was imprisoned for attempting to overthrow the Goddess system, but now he’s back! Using a system virus, Celestin, corrupts the Goddess system and removes all of Belldandy’s memories of Keiichi! Will Belldandy’s love for Keiichi prove to be the key to ruining Celestin’s plans, or will it be the final ingredient necessary to destroy our reality?!”

ADV drops the ball

All the forthcoming DVD’s from ADV Films that I’ve been listing have been put on hold, as they have found out that they need to resubmit them to the BBFC to get the subtitled versions approved. A revised schedule should be available sometime next month.

Current UK anime video release schedule

All of the following dates are subject to change.
Out now: Princess Mononoke (B), Oh My Goddess vol. 2 (VD)
29th October: Street Fighter II Movie (MD)
5th November: Sailor Moon vol. 1 (VT), Sailor Moon vol. 2 (VT), Hurricane Live 2033 (VT), Urusei Yatsura Movie 1 (VD), Bubblegum Crisis vol. 3 (VD)
27th December: Sailor Moon vol. 3 (VT)
Forthcoming: Evangelion Movie (MB), Virus (MB), Akira (MD), Dirty Pair Flash (AD), Ninja Resurection (AD), Slayers (AD), Cardcaptors: The Movie (B), Oh My Goddess Movie (VB), Gunsmith Cats (AD), Samurai X vol. 1 (AD), Burn up W (AD), Sin: The Movie (AD), Samurai X: The Movie (AD), Generator Gawl vol. 1 (AD)

(A)=ADV Films, (K)=Kiseki Films, (M)=Manga Entertainment, (V)=MVM, (T)=VHS tape, (D)=DVD, (B)=Both

10-26-01—- New Super High Capacity DVD From Matsushita

Video Business reports that Japanese electronics giant Matsushita has introduced a DVD disk that can store more than 50GB (gigabytes) of information on each side. Disks available today typically store about 5GB per side. The new disks should prove to be increasingly important in the era of high definition TV, since they will be able to store over four hours of high-def TV on each side. The disks should eventually also provide enormous potential for use in creation of collections of TV series that were not shot in high definition, since they can hold ten times as much as current disks, raising the prospect of a single DVD holding four or five seasons of Ranma ½ or some other long-running series.

While full exploitation of this new disk technology is clearly well in the future, the possibilities are mind-boggling. Unfortunately we may have to wait until the slow-developing market for high definition television finally takes off before this new disk technology is fully implemented, but early adoption for computer applications may hasten the day when a two-disk Seinfeld collection can encompass the entire series.

Source: ICV2.com

10-26-01—- Fanboy Updates

According to Fanboy Entertainment:

Dark Angel: Phoenix Resurrection #4 is out now! Yes, finally. DA:PR #5 and #6 are also done but we are not setting release dates for them yet. After all the delays and lateness problems we encountered with the first four issues, we are not going to let things fall behind again and are taking things slowly. We are going to wait until sensei is almost done with the next 4 issue arc before we put it on the schedule. I apologize for these further delays but we both feel this is for the best of the book. I will let you know more about the future of DA:PR soon enough. Yoshitoshi ABe’s WHITE RAIN has been delayed until January 2002. This hurts. We all really wanted this book out this year but it could just not happen. It will see the light of day though. The next Sidekicks issue is in the works as well. Expect to see this one-shot, Sidekicks: The Substitute, in Spring 2002. It is written by J. Torres, of course, and Takeshi is illustrating it now from his new home in Niigata, Japan. Also, expect to see some news shortly regarding some changes in the Sidekicks publishing plans in 2002. Well, that’s about it for now. I hope that helps. Thanks for all your words of encouragement and support!

10-26-01—- AIBO Anime Focus

The Daily Yomiuri has a piece on the new AIBO TV animation here.

10-26-01—- Takashi Miike Scores Double Bill At Tokyo Film Festival

A very interesting read here in the Yomiuri on Japanese filmaker Takashi Miike.

10-25-01—- Animeigo Updates

The Animeigo website has updated with the following:

AnimEigo is pleased to announce that Kimagure Orange Road, the TV Series, will be released on DVD February 1st, 2002. The complete 12 DVD Box set, containing all 48 episodes as well as our copious liner notes, will be available by preorder only for $240.00 + $10.00 S&H. We have deliberately held off announcing this preorder until we are well along in the preproduction process. We have completely rechecked and revised the subtitles (we are never satisfied!) and video tweaking and sweetening is underway. We expect to begin authoring sometime in November.

Authoring on Vampire Princess Miyu OVA Vol. #2, the disc is due near Christmas. Macross TV menu designs are being completed with the first disc is almost thru being authored. Bubblegum Crash is at the ending stages of being authored, Otaku No Video has begun initial authoring with menu designs added an subtitle revisions in progress. Anticipating a December release. Kimagure Orange Road TV has started video premastering work, initial menu design and subtitle work has begun. The studio is looking at a January release.

10-25-01—- CPM Roujin Z DVD Item

CPM’s media site has mentioned a 4/9/02 release for a remastered Roujin Z on DVD.

10-25-01—- Steam Boy Update

Source: Sany

It´s been 6 years since the pilot movie of Katsuhiro Otomo´s “latest” anime project was first presented to the public. Bedeviled by financial problems and flinty sponsors the anime was put on indefinite hiatus in 1998. But now it seems that what has to be Otomo´s follow-up to “Akira” will return with a big bang, courtesy of Production I.G AND Sunrise. On the Digital Contents Association held five days ago in Shinagawa a new trailer of “Steamboy” have popped up. According to official announcements more artworks will be presented at the Tokyo international fantastic film festival in connection with the “Akira Special Edition”. Obviously “Steamboy” will be created with a LOT of CG graphics (the animation itself is full digital), Hiroaki Ando, the CG director, and Shinji Takagi from I.G. have reported at DCA that the movie will feature around 400 3D-cuts, possesed with the same software packets which gave life to “Blood, the last vampire”. Despite those positive developments no exact release dates have been specified yet, though an interview with Otomo himself in the Asahi Shinbun newspaper from May 27 2001 quoted him saying something about next year´s autumm.
Official homepage of the Tokyo Film Festival:

10-25-01—- South Korea Anime Channel

South Korean based “Daigen Digital Broadcasting” will reportedly launch the all-anime channel “Ani One TV” to be financed by several Japanese firms, among them Toei animation and Shogakukan.

10-25-01—- German News & Rumors

According to www.monworld.de editor Patrik Nordsiek:

In Germany, there was a rumour about Card Captor Sakura. This rumour said, that the serie will be launched on the TV-Channel ARD. ARD is a channel, which is very serious, and we all didn’t thought, ARD would send some sort of Animes.

The rights for the series has a swiss channel, and they want to sell it. This swiss channel and the ARD are DEFINATELY in Talkings about selling the right to the ARD.

10-25-01—- Pada Pada Airship Adventure – New Jules Verne Based Anime Series

Headed to Japanese brodcast sat network BS ch. 5 WOWOW for a January 2nd 2002 debut is the new series “Pada Pada Airship Adventure”. Based on the fictional writings of 19th century visionary author Jules Verne (20,000 Leagues Under The Sea) who has once before served as the source of anime (Fushigi no Umi no Nadia 1989 GAINAX), the production is being heralded rather lavishly, it’s to be broadcast in HD High-Vision format and involving the Telecom Anime Film and Tokyo Movie Shinsha firms who previously worked with Hayao Miyazaki. A sneak preview is planned for December 2nd. At 16:50 a “making of” special will air introducing world view, characters, production (including involvement of cell animation and 3DCG techniques) and more. At 17:15 the first story of the series will premiere, setting the stage for the full broadcast in January.

Production Includes: TAF/TMS * WOWOW * KOKO * SEGA * ZET

10-25-01—- More Details On Godzilla Canned Goods

Thanks to Yukio-san of the ISDN Fanclub for the following additional details on Godzilla canned food items:

In commemoration of public presentation of the Godzilla series latest work “a Godzilla MOSURA king GIDORA large monster all-out attack” (December 15 public presentation), “the meat of the Godzilla mark” is put on the market from the 31st. Of-special-make canned food which, of course, used the corned beef which made beef and Horse meat raw material although it was not the meat of true Godzilla. The sales target of the first year is 500,000 pieces. Does monster king Godzilla get used to the Savior of the meat industry which shakes on a mad cow disease problem? Canned food of “the meat of the Godzilla mark” using the figure of ferocious Godzilla to the package. TAKARA of a putting on the market on the market agency names it the “SFX foods series” over which special effects and food were covered, and puts “the meat of the king GIDORA mark”, “the meat of the ANGIRASU mark”, “the meat of the radon mark”, “the egg of the Godzilla mark”, and “the egg of MOSURA” other than Godzilla on the market. raw material is new corned beef using beef and Horse Meat, and egg series uses the egg which is not obtained The noted scene of the movie of each character is used for the package, and it is effect called the canned food of the meat of a completely true monster. TAKARA “if this is eaten, feeling will win a fight which disguises itself as a monster and sends out tough energy and fire, and fighting! It is one article of the fine mark to say. It says, if arranged to easy “monster dish”.” Pull-date is three years and can be used also as emergency provisions for disaster prevention. The can badge which can collect the pattern of movie “Godzilla” series 25 work as an addition is also attached. A retail price is 500 yen and the sales target of the first year is 500,000 pieces. On Hakuhin-kan of the Ginza, Tokyo, and the KIDI land of Umeda, Osaka, from the 27th, precedence sale is carried out and it is completely put on the market from the 31st in famous department stores all over the country, or a general store and a volume retailer. Beef is using the product from Australia.

10-25-01—- European News

Thanks to Harold of AnimeManga.de has contributed:

New manga releases in France: from Glenat:
Ranma 1/2 Nr. 34
Katsuo, l’arme humaine Nr. 7
Pikachu Adventures Nr. 2

from Kana:
Monster Nr 1
Basare Nr 3

New videos (Tape):
Slayers Next & Slayers Try boxes, 8 tapes each (around 10 hours ) for 399 Francs.

Soon in French TV: Gundam Wing Series:
29. October, 17:30 Uhr EP 1
30. October, 17:30 Uhr EP 2
31. October, 17:30 Uhr EP 3
2. November, 17:30 Uhr EP 4

If successful they probably show Endless Waltz, too.

German News:
Bonenkai guest has cancelled: Takachiho Haruka won’t come to the AnimeCon of the MangasZene Magazine in December.

From AnimeManga.de internal News:
– New Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Videoclips are online.
– The Start is a full success! Over 15000 unique Visitors from Friday 8 PM to Monday 9 PM.

10-25-01—- New Metreon Updates

From Julia:

Anime Fans — The Metreon Festival of Anime is almost here! We’re adding more and more info to our website every day — check it out at www.metreon.com/anime! And if you’re a club president and haven’t reserved your table in the Anime Lounge — let me know! We’re offering club presidents a VIP pass to the Festival for both days and a table to set up however you like where you and your club members can meet! RSVP to me as soon as you can – the weekend’s almost here! See you at the Metreon Festival of Anime!

10-25-01—- J&R Alternate Giuliani Ribbon Cutting / BAAF Press Release

Mayor Rudolph Giuliani to Cut Ribbon at Grand Reopening Of NYC Landmark J&R Music and Computer World, Closed Since September 11th Due to Their Proximity to the World Trade Center New York’s Largest Computer, Music and Electronics Megastore, To Reopen on Monday, October 22 Official Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony, Hosted by Mayor, to Take Place Thursday, October 25 Week-Long Celebration With Microsoft XP Madness, Big Apple Anime Fest Stars And Limited Edition T-Shirts Benefiting the Twin Towers Fund

NEW YORK, Oct. 22 – J&R Music and Computer World announced today that Mayor Rudolph Giuliani will continue his outstanding efforts on behalf of New York City’s downtown businesses by hosting J&R’s official grand re-opening ribbon cutting ceremony. J&R will reopen on Monday morning, October 22nd but Mayor Giuliani will host the official ribbon-cutting ceremony on Thursday, October 25th. This will be the first time J&R’s Park Row store will be open since they were shut down on September 11th, due to their proximity to the World Trade Center. The NYC landmark has spent the last six weeks discarding damaged product, repairing and replacing damaged interiors and exteriors and bringing in factory-fresh merchandise to provide their customers with the quality of product and service they have come to expect. J&R’s entire retail complex will participate in the grand re-opening, with special low prices, promotions, giveaways and prizes, around the highly anticipated sales of Microsoft XP, special guests from the Big Apple Anime Fest and limited edition patriotic T-shirts, whose proceeds will benefit the Twin Towers Fund.

“We are very excited to welcome our loyal customers back to the music, computer and electronics megastore they have come to depend on,” said Rachelle Friedman, co-owner of J&R Music and Computer World. “Our thanks go out to all our customers, vendors, and members of our community who have supported us through what has been a challenging time. We are grateful to have Mayor Giuliani’s support and look forward to joining him and the rest of New York in getting back to work.”

In addition to the grand re-opening on Monday, J&R will host exciting events all week long. On Thursday, October 25, J&R will celebrate the highly anticipated sale of Microsoft XP with XP Madness — the store will open an hour earlier at 8:00 am and from that time until 10:00 am, they will have Microsoft vendors answering customer questions, as well as giveaways and free prizes every 10 minutes. Later in the day, J&R will host the kick-off of the weekend long celebration of Anime Manga Culture. Starting at 12:30 pm, anime celebrities will be signing autographs. The Big Apple Anime Fest runs October 26-28 at venues throughout Manhattan.

The following famous voice actors from the world of anime will be at the J&R signing:

Eric Stuart — supplier of the voice of “Brock,” the lead character of Pokemon and of countless others in the mega-popular series of Pokemon films

Rachael Lillis — an actress best known for her portrayal of the title character in Revolutionary Girl Utena

Crispin Freeman — provider of voices for characters in countless anime films including lead roles in Revolutionary Girl Utena and The Slayers

Roxanne Beck — voice of characters in Wakaba, Revolutionary Girl Utena and star of Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer

J&R will also be remembering the events of September 11 and all those who have been touched by that tragic day by selling limited edition patriotic T-shirts, featuring the American flag and the Big Apple’s signature initials: NYC. These T-shirts will be sold for $4.99 or for a $1.00 donation with any purchase over $50.00 and all proceeds will go to the Twin Towers Fund.

10-25-01—- UK YATA Meeting

From the release:

The next YATA meeting will be on Sunday 14th October. Once again we’ll be at the Adelphi, on the corner of Hunslet Road and Dock Street, in Leeds city centre. The Anime programme will start at about 7:15pm running until about 10pm. Tenchi Universe 11 & 12, Maho tsukai tai, OAV 5 & 6. Cowboy Bebop 1 & 2 … and almost anything people want to show.

10-25-01—- Tekaman Blade II Complete Collection DVD Release From Urban Vision

Urban Vision has confirmed the Tekkaman Blade II Complete Collection DVD will be available in the U.S. from October 30th. The DVD-9 disc includes all three stages and feature English 5.1 remastering, a special fan art gallery, internet connectivity and motion menus.

According to one unconfirmed fan report the collection is already on sale at an Electronics Boutique retailer.

Source: Daniel

10-25-01—- Book Club Style DVD Discusion Featuring Mononoke Hime

http://www.dvd-of-the-month-club.com has announced it will for the month of October be discussing Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and Princess Mononoke.

10-25-01—- DBZ IF Labs Figures

Tentative lineups for DBZ movie collection. IF Labs has announced their tentative lineups for the third series of both their Dragonball Z Movie Collection, and their new line of Dragonball figures. Dragonball Z Movie Collection Series 3 Garlic Jr. (green giant form) Dr. Weelo’s Brain Machine (from The World’s Strongest) Bulma as Prisoner (from The World’s Strongest, ala “Slave Leia”) Goku with Power Pole and Infant Gohan (intended as a Father-and-Son set) Dragonball Series 3 Jackie Chun Krillin Ox King All of the above are still subject to change. IF Labs is slated to release their first set of DBZ movie figures on January 15, and the Dragonball figures are slated for March.

Source: Figures.com

10-25-01—- BGC In Oz

Bubblegum Crisis 2040′ will come to an end on SBS-TV, with the final two episodes being shown as a double feature on Saturday, November 03 (2030-2130). Also, on Saturday, November 17, SBS-TV will be screening the 1999 cult 3-D anime film ‘A.LI.CE’ (2200-2130). Unlike almost all of its anime screenings, ‘A.LI.CE’ will be shown subtitled rather than dubbed. This is probably due to SBS acquiring the rights independent of any Western distributors.Source: Anihabara

10-24-01—- Turn A Gundan: Earth Light Update

Sunrise’s latest Turn A Gundam series, the Yoshiyuki Tomino directed ” Earth Light ” Turn A Gundam film has been confirmed as having a running time of 128 minutes.

10-24-01—- Angel’s Egg Officially In Limbo

ANS contributor Daniel has confirmed with Anchor Bay Entertainment the current status of Mamoru Oshii’s darque techno fantasy drama film Angel’s Egg:

I asked Anchor Bay why it wasn’t on their 2002 dvd release list, and this is what they had to say:
“We dont have a scheduled date yet, but we are still hoping to release ANGEL’S EGG in the next couple of years.”

Super sharp readers may recall the rather beleaguered status of the release, Anchor Bay first confirmed the acquisition in March 2000, with planned street date at that time for December of the same year. In August of 2000 ANS spoke with an Anchor Bay representitive who mentioned the firm was still tracking down quality elements for a release, and continuing progress on the production.

10-24-01—- Mangaverse Run-Down

Daniel reports Cinescape has all the books for January that will be released under Marvel’s Mangaverse division.

10-24-01—- Godzilla Canned Goods

The King Of Beasts Godzilla is appearing on canned food items across Japan as part of new marketing campaign in light of the newest Godzilla movie release. From the begining of November fans wil be able to find the canned itmes on supermarket shelves nationwide at 500 Yen apiece. 25 different images and packaging wil be offered.

10-24-01—- Art Of Silent Hill 2 DVD Release

In Japan the Konami DVD ART OF SILENT HILL has been delayed from a Nov. 1st release to a Nov. 11 release date.

10-24-01—- Japanese Release Matsushita Gamecube Details

Thanks to Daniel for the following:

You can get the link-and a pre-order-for the Matsushita GC-with dvd add-on-at Jagged Team. Stuff to know before buying: “The pre-order bundle includes the system itself, a remote control and A/V cables. If gamer’s want, then they can also pick up a copy of Super Smash Bros. Melee with the purchase. “More than just a Gamecube that plays DVDs, the Q system can play DVD-Rs, VCDs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs and regular music CDs, Matsushita has said. While it doesn’t support progressive scan play, it does feature Dolby Digital 5.1 options…. “…Just remember that this version of the Gamecube won’t play U.S. DVD’s or U.S. Gamecube software.” (Yet. ^_-)

10-24-01—- New Japanese Sportscar News Items

Busy Bee Toys Soop Edition 38 has been posted here, inside are details from the latest Japanese auto magazines with pics and details on the 2003 Honda Legend / Acura RL, New Honda NSX, Toyota 5000GT and New Toyota Altezza / Lexus IS.

10-24-01—- 3rd Matrix Film Details

From Cinescape via Daniel:

“Word has it that producer Joel Silver has finally revealed the title of the coming third MATRIX film. “According to 13th Street, in a recent interview with the producer, Silver revealed that the coming film will be called THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS. “Warner Bros. has also confirmed that that’s the title. “In related news, tonight’s ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT will feature a preview of the coming THE MATRIX REVISITED DVD. Check local listings for the broadcast in your area. “The DVD, which hits stores on November 20, will also feature info on the coming sequels.”

10-24-01—- Sabastein Jarry Interview With NTV

Famous French Otaku Sebastein Jarry will be the guest star of an NTV Japanese TV interview program “Sekai Marumie TV Tokusoku”, a show where the presenter is Takeshi Kitano. According to Jarry the network wanted to produce a show on Otaku and will film at his location between 11/05 – 11/09. A bit of a surprise announcement from the fan, the network will invite Hayashibara Megumi, and it will be may be possible he wil sing “What’s Up Guys” with the famed seiyuu.

10-24-01—- Midnight Eye Additons

Japanese cinema site Midnight Eye has updated with Seijun Suzuki coverage featuring a complete filmography and review of his 1966 film ELEGY TO VIOLENCE and review of HAIR OPERA. Get Started here

10-24-01—- Shenmue Movie To DVD

Sega is set to release their English Language Shenmue CGI compilation movie to DVD in Japan. Running 90 minutes the film is a compilation of Shenmue Chapter 1. Includes Japanese subtitles and possibly Japanese language dub track. The region 2 disc is out December 21st at 4700 Yen.

10-24-01—- New Xenosaga Trailer

According to the Gaming Intelligence Agency Ruliweb has scored a Direct-Feed Trailer of the new trailer for Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht shown at the Tokyo Game Show. Contrary to previous reports, the trailer contains entirely new footage — five and a half minutes worth, in fact. For those unable to download the movie, which is available only in a MPEG over 50 megabytes in size, we’ve prepared over 70 stills, an audio sample of the new Joanne Hogg song in the trailer, and a complete summary of the trailer’s events:

The trailer begins with a shot of a green planet in space. We then cut to a futuristic city, likely on the planet. A small flying pod approaches a huge cylindrical structure that towers over an empty blue sky. The camera pans across a bay skyline and through the skyscrapers that make up the city. A large black vehicle floats over head.

The next scene is straight from the playable section of the demo: KOS-MOS materializing to begin her training mission. We then see M.O.M.O., her hands clasped to her chest with her head bowed and eyes closed. A purple light radiates from her; in the background, we can see what appears to be a fallen A.G.W.S.

The camera pans slowly by KOS-MOS as she floats out in space, surrounded by Gnosis. A compartment in her stomach opens and she starts moving. A field of blue crystals simultaneously sprout from her back. A large wave of energy is seen radiating outward in space; it’s not clear if this is shot is part of the previous sequence. After a couple of view screens scanning a vehicle, we see KOS-MOS again. This time she is stepping slowly out of her freezing pod, still wearing her Jenova-style mask. She approaches a group of surprised humans and we see through her eyes as a targeting sight narrows in one of the humans. Her mask lifts up and we see one red eye glowing.

We then see scenes on board the Woglinde: A.G.W.S.es firing machine guns at a Gnosis while Shion clutches her head. A four-legged, insectoid creature made out of a red cloud — it looks like the shadow monsters from ICO — raises its head and charges up an energy beam in its mouth. Shion shields her face from the huge explosion; beside her, A.G.W.S. fall and the walkway she’s on starts to disintegrate.

A new character is then shown: a gray-haired version of KOS-MOS with much more jagged body parts and a mask over her eyes. This is presumably another entry in the line of KOS-MOS robots, though it’s of course possible that it’s some “evil” version of Shion’s KOS-MOS. The gray-haired KOS-MOS sits up in a pod, her head and body parts twitching around like an insect. She immediately tackles and mauls the human watching her, then crawls on all fours towards the other people in the room — some of whom are shooting at her — and knocks them all to the floor with a single blow each. The gray-haired KOS-MOS marches down a dark hall; some sort of mechanical spider jumps down in the background to meet her.

A man in a uniform patrols a gray spaceship as it prepares to take off. We then see the ship flying through hyperspace, firing blue laser beams at several other ships and destroying them. On board another spaceship, the Guy In The Red Hat (as seen in the first trailer) clamps his fist together. His sleek red spaceship surges forward, narrowly outrunning the explosion.

A few miscellaneous shots follow: A.G.W.S.es taking off, flying, and landing; Bishounen Villain Guy talking with the white-haired Realien in the background, and an unknown individual practicing martial arts in a dark room. Several characters are seen speaking: The Guy In The Purple Helmet, a bald man with a large purple “X” painted on his face (he looks reminiscent of Vanderkaum from Xenogears), several of the crew members of Red Hat Guy’s ship, and Shion.

We then see a white triangular spaceship drifting through a mass of Gnosis towards a blue planet. Various shots of the heroes speaking are seen, culminating in a long scene in which a distraught Shion is comforted by chaos. After some grainy footage that appears to be simulating some old video, M.O.M.O. is seen floating in a purple vortex that looks like an anime transformation sequence. Her clothes dissolve away, then — as she raises her hand — a new outfit forms around her.

A huge black spaceship, surrounded by smaller fighters, emerged from a bluish-white vortex and into the field of Gnosis in space. More assorted shots of the characters talking are seen, and then we see what appears to be the continuation of the Shion / chaos scene, in which Ziggy looks down and speaks down to M.O.M.O. as she stands beside chaos and Shion.

Two A.G.W.S.es — one blue and one pink — are seen in floating in space, in front of a long red spaceship. The camera then pans by a giant atrium enclosed in a dome; a pink monolith stands in the middle of the dome. (It seems that the dome is floating alone in space, though it’s not possible to tell for sure from the camera angle.) The camera pans past to the dome and we see KOS-MOS drifting through space with a determined look on her face. Her lips move, though no subtitle is displayed (this could be done simply in the trailer to conceal any important story bits). She loads and raises a gun.

A new character is seen, looking straight out of Phantasy Star Online. She is wearing a blue hat and a blue-and-yellow jumpsuit and has curly blonde hair that comes down to her shoulders. She speaks at length to Jr., whose face is seen on a large view screen, and then Jr. replies. We then see Shion, chaos, Red Hat Guy, and another brown-haired character eating lunch; they speak to each other. (The animation in this scene is very awkward and not at all characteristic of the rest of the trailer.)

Another Phantasy Star-esque character is seen: a woman with long purple hairs and violet clothes that immediately calls to mind memories of Nei. She appears to be seated in a spaceship, and talks as she types at a panel before her.

Several shots are shown of events in space. First is some sort of gray net-like structure between two brown planets (or, more likely, a brown planet and its moon). Next is a spaceship speeding towards the blue-green planet seen in the very first shot. The ship’s engines light up and it hurtles towards the planet, leaving a trail of fire. We then see the continuation of the scene with KOS-MOS drifting: as she cocks her gun, it starts to glow with a blue light. The gun expands into an absolutely massive phantasmal cannon that is many times larger than KOS-MOS — but she still holds and operates it with a single hand. Meanwhile, the long red ship hovers in space as explosions go off all around it (this might or might not be a continuous piece of the KOS-MOS scene). KOS-MOS’ huge cannon powers up and releases a bolt of blue energy that sets off several rings of energy. The energy starts to condense, outline something that is still invisible to us, and then Zohar appears. KOS-MOS nods in fulfilled satisfaction, and the trailer concludes.

The trailer also features a new song composed by Yasunori Mitsuda with lyrics sung by Joanne Hogg. This song is apparently different from the one played in the first trailer, meaning that fans can look forward to two vocal songs in Episode I. We’ve transcribed the lyrics to the new song below:

I’ve been watching you awhile Since you walked into my life Monday morning, when first I heard you speak to me I was too shy to let you know Much too scared to let my feelings show But you shielded me and that was the beginning Now at last we can talk You and I, in (?) our way And though I try (?) I love you It’s just so hard to say If I only could be strong And say the words I feel

My bleeding heart begins to race When I turn to see your face I remember that sweet dream Which you told to me I want just to be with you So we could make the dream come true And you smiled at me and that was the beginning

Now at last we can talk You and I, in (?) our way And though I try (?) I love you It’s just so hard to say If I only could be strong And say the words I feel

Tell me what you’re thinking of Tell me if you love me not I have so much I long to ask you But now the chance has gone When your picture (?) fades each day In my heart the memory stays Though we rant (?), you’re always smiling And I will hold it long

10-24-01—- Earth Girl Ajuna Director’s Edition (4)

Available in Japan on DVD from Bandai Visual on 10/25 is “Earth Girl Ajuna Director’s Edition (4)”, the release will include the 8th final televised chapter as well as the previously unreleased “9th chapeter – Before Being Born-” of the TV series project involving Macross creator Shouji Kawamori. Single layer DVD includes Dolby Digital (5.1ch stereo track)runing time 60 minutes, retail 5,000, includes bonus 8 page series background booklet.

Original Series Configuration: Shouji Kawamori
Character Designs: Takahiro Kashita
Design Support: Yoshinori Sayama
Digital Coordination: Yaseyuki Takeuchi
3D Motion Supervision: Ichiro Itano
Arts Supervision: Masanobu Nomura
Color Design: Miyoko Kasamori
Setting: Akihiro Hirasawa
Music: Yoko Kanno
Acoustic Supervision: Masafumi Mima
Animation Production: Satellite

10-24-01—- Special Super-Deformed Morpher

Figures.com reports:

Toynami’s Robotech Ace Roy Fokker’s “Skull Leader” Veritech Fighter is now available as this Previews Exclusive, Super-Deformed Morpher. This transformable figure comes packaged in a an illustrated collector’s tin, features a pull-back motor, can be morphed from jet fighter to Veritech robot, and also sports a cool chrome finish. Offered for pre-order in the November issue of Diamond Previews for $11.99. To find a store near you that will be carrying this Exclusive, click HERE or call 1-888-comic-book. This Exclusive Morpher joins Toynami’s extensive Super-Deformed Robotech series: previously released standard SD Morphers, SD Figurines and Keychains along with upcoming Super Veritech Morphers with detachable armor and Super Veritech ALPHA Morphers.

10-24-01—- FLCL DVD Details

From the release:

DVD Volume 1: Fooly Cooly Contains episodes 1 -2 Length: approx. 60 minutes LATE January Release (Tentative) Volume Title Language Catalog # ISBN UPC SRP FLCL (Fooly Cooly) Vol.1 Japanese/English Lang. English Subtitles SPFC-DVD01 193171214X 801975130194 $ 29.95

Recommended age: 13 and up
-Bilingual DVD
-2 episodes
-Character design sketches
-Translation notes
-Reversible cover
And more!

Naota wants to be normal. But with a talented brother leaving Japan for the US to play baseball, everyone now looks at him a bit differently. His brother’s girlfriend is acting strange and now there’s an even stranger girl hitting on him.


With a bass guitar.

Oh, did I mention the robots that keep springing from his head?

Produced by GAINAX (Neon Genesis Evangelion) and animated by Production I.G. (Ghost in the Shell), FLCL takes animation to yet another level. Get ready for this shocking and funny digital animation about adolescence, expectations and alien intrigue. Ready, steady, GO!

Volume 1: Fooly Cooly

Episode 1 – Fooly Cooly 12-year-old Naota already has enough to deal with at home. Both his father and grandfather are more than a little eccentric and less than a little mature. Not to mention the girlfriend his brother left behind, who is now making advancements on him.

Now, a self-proclaimed alien, Haruhara Haruko comes bursting on the scene. Naota is the key to her mission and the weirdness has only just begun.

Episode 2 – Fire Starter Masked by semi-innocent teasing and flirting, 17-year-old Mamimi is a girl with a past; harboring secrets that Naota doesn’t fully understand. There is definitely something about her that seems more complex than she lets on. For some reason, she’s obsessed with Fire Starter, a video game about fire and a god named Cantide. And nothing is the same after she sees a black winged deity.