Anime News Service – November 11 – 19 Anime News

11-19-00—- Media Blasters Items

The following interesting additions appeared on the Anime Works Homepage today:

First thing is that the Kenshin Art Contest is over so thank you for your entries. I am happy to say we received over 100 entries and had no choice becuase of the quality of the entries but to pick 17 winners. You will see these winners in the next Kenshin DVD False Prophet. Talking about new releases…

Just so you guys know all your stores should have already received Kenshin VHS and DVD of Shadow Elite and Kenshin False Prophet VHS. Kenshin False Prophet DVD should be in your stores last week of November. Rayearth Live should be in your stores first week of December. To answer two very popular questions about Kenshin and Rayearth: 1) Kenshin will not be released in a box set format for neither DVD nor VHS 2) The Rayearth Boxset for DVD is scheduled for April 2001.

Last but certainly not least, the corrections to Kenshin Legendary Swordsman have been completed and we are now duplicating a new set of DVDs. For all of you who have experienced problems you can now send in your DVD with DVD case to: Media Blasters, c/o Kenshin Replacement, 265 West 40th Street, Suite 700, New York, NY 10018. For all who have sent in their DVDs for replacement already we expect to begin shipping replacements first week of December. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

11-18-00—- Sputnik 7 Additions

DVD Animania received info mentioning Sputnik 7 has updated their web site, and has placed Orguss 2: Volume 2 (Episodes 3 and 4) on-line which has a running time of 57 minutes.

11-18-00—- BGC Upgrade Info

Franklin Harris of Pulp Culture Online e-mailed Kevin Cook of DVD Animania with the following details on M2-K and the BGC Megaset Upgrade option:

I haven’t seen any mention of this anywhere, so I thought I’d pass along the fact that M-2K is now offering upgrades for people who purchased the original, 3-volume Bubblegum Crisis DVD box set. To upgrade to the new-and-improved 4-volume version, see the instructions at:

11-18-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Nintendo’s upcoming N64 Pokemon title Pokemon Stadium Gold & Silver, to be released in Japan on December 14, at 6800 Yen wil include all 251 Pokemon with all of their special attacks. There are 4 play modes in the game: Nintendo Cup (for level 50 – 55 Pokemons), Little Cup (for Pokemons hatched from eggs and no higher than Level 5), Ultra Cup (for all Pokemons), and Challenge Cup (you can set your own rules in this mode). Other than all the Cup modes, there are several mulitplayer mini games, such as “Pushing the Pokeballs”, “Charge up the battery with electric Pokemons”, “Catch 100 eggs” and so on. You can also play your Gameboy Pokemon games using the 64GB Pak (Transfer Pak), the games supported are Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Gold, Silver and even the unreleased Crystal version.

Source: The Magic Box

11-18-00—- Cardcaptor Flashbacks

This weekend’s episode of Cardcaptors airing on the U.S. WB featured flashbacks of the previously unbroadcast episodes 1-3.

11-17-00—- Fanboy News

Excerpted from the release:Fanboy Entertainment will be offering the following comics in February 2001. Please preorder with your friendly neighborhood comic retailer today!

SPELLBOUND: The Magic of Love #1
Story and Art by Tomoko Taniguchi
Published by Fanboy Comics
Black and White Interiors
Full Color Cover
32 Pages
Available February 2001
Rescheduled from August 2000

An all new original manga series exclusively for U.S. fans from shojo manga superstar Tomoko Taniguchi! While her past series’ like Call Me Princess and Aquarium are English reprints of manga she did in the 80s, SPELLBOUND is a brand new series Tomoko is currently writing and drawing specifically for publication here in America. This is the first black and white manga series, shojo or otherwise, of its type, written and drawn in Japan by an actual manga artist just for fans here in the United States.

Ami is your typical Tokyo teenager; hip, stylish and more into music, fashion and boys than school and her part-time job. She’d rather spend her afternoon skating, jamming and shopping than studying. But unlike most other teens, Ami also has a secret life. She’s a practicing witch! Once given a powerful magic book, Ami has secretly been training in the mystic arts of magic. However, her intentions are not always the most noble as at times she likes to test her spells (and sense of humor) on her friends and cause a little mischief at their expense. However, she has yet to master the all important spell of love and win the heart of Hiro. But unbeknownst to Ami, Hiro has fallen for the charms of Nicole, the beautiful blonde American who has been hanging around their local hanuts recently. What is her interest in Hiro and how will all this affect Ami?

Combining elements of the supernatural like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Charmed with the MTV edge for hip fashion and music.

Featuring a variant cover by REVOLUTIONARY GIRL UTENA artist Chiho Saito!! Shipped in a 50/50 ratio.

Story and Art by Kia Asamiya
Published by Fanboy Entertainment
Black and White Interiors
Full Color Cover
32 Pages
On sale February 2001

From the mind and pen of Kia Asamiya! This is where SILENT MOBIUS all began. MOBIUS KLEIN is the prequel, telling the stories of the events that took place before the current SILENT MOBIUS storyline. In this second issue, we learn more of the mysteries surrounding Katsumi’s father, Gigelf Liquer, as well as meet other members of Nami’s family, the Yamigumo clan!

Continuing the events set in motion last issue, Gigelf and news reporter Fuyuka flee from the devastation left behind from Gigelf’s battle with Ganossa at Tokyo’s Narita airport. As they make their way into downtown Tokyo, they are attacked by Shiohara, one of Ganossa’s demonic minions. However, this is one battle Gigelf will not fight alone as two new combatants come forth and reveal themselves – Razan Yamigumo and… Compiler?!?!

Cover artwork available for your viewing pleasure at the following links:

Spellbound #1 – Taniguchi Cover:

Spellbound #1 – Saito Cover:

Mobius Klein #2 Cover:

11-17-00—- Urban Vision Contest

Excerpted from the release:

Urban Vision Entertainment and AnimeNation are sponsoring a contest starting Nov. 20, 2000! There are five chances to win a Wicked City Special Edition DVD!

Visit and click on the AnimeNation contest banner! Fill out a form for your chance to win! No purchase necessary, one random winner will be selected every week for five weeks! Contest ends December 22, 2000!

11-17-00—- Square And Shueisha Teaming To Put Manga Online

As previously reported, Square will be adding manga content to it’s Play Online gaming network. According to Famitsu, in the spring of 2001, Square will jointly establish a new company with Shueisha (publisher of Shonen Jump which has a weekly circulation of around 5.8 million units) to digitize manga contents and provide them online. Square mentioned the have not decided any of the details, including how users will browse manga, or how a potential fee would be levied.

11-16-00—- Yellow Monkey Hiatus

Well known to anime fans for their “Tactics” ending theme contribution to the Rurouni Kenshin TV series, the rock group THE YELLOW MONKEY announced Wednesday they will go on a hiatus period after their Tokyo Dome show on January 8th, 2001.

11-16-00—- BLOOD The Last Vampire Opening In Japan This Weekend

Production I.G.’s fully computer animated theatrical feature Blood The Last Vampire opens nationwide in Japan on November 18. A special “Stage Greeting” premiere screening event in Shibuya will bring together some of the principals involved in production.

11-16-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Sega has announced a new PSO 100,000 Person Reservation Campaign in Japan, for their upcoming Dreamcast online RPG game Phantasy Star Online, those who reserve a copy of the game at the participating shops will receive a PSO Original Dog Tag, which will be available for pickup on the sale day (December 21). In additional, you can enter the lucky draw to win one of the following items: Sharp DVD Player, Sharp MD Player, Casio wristwatch type digital camera, 5 sets of DreamEye, 20 sets of Super Poochi, and 100 sets of Original QUO card. There are 10 kinds of PSO Dog Tags, each with a logo of a race in the game.

Source: The Magic Box

Conspiracy Entertainment will release Bangaioh and Record of Lodoss War for the North American Dreamcast. Bangaioh is a free-roaming 2D shooter from Treasure, which is one of the most prominent developers of games in that particular genre. Record of Lodoss War is based on the Japanese fantasy anime of the same name and was developed by Kodokawa Shoten. The mech-heavy Bangaioh was released for the Japanese Dreamcast in December 1999, and Record of Lodoss War was released in Japan in June of this year. There are no specific dates for the North American release of either game, but they are expected to arrive in late 2000 or early 2001.

Source: Gamespot

11-16-00—- ADV Bits

ADV Films with new words on Spriggan, the section features what some people have to say about the movie. Check it out here.

Also, new pictures have been added to the sightings section. One of them is from ADV’s Samurai X screening in Austin, TX. The others are from the ADV Halloween party, view them here.

11-16-00—- Lain Lunchbox In The U.K.

A fan posted a report to Anihabara mentioning a few of The Serial Experiments Lain lunchboxes from Palisades were spotted on sale in the UK at Forbidden Planet, New Oxford Street London. Priced at £14.99 these boxes are just the standalone cases – not the boxset that pioneer are going to release which contains the DVD series of Lain a single CD by Boa who did the main title opening music.

11-15-00—- Japanese Anime Magazines Bulking Up On Multimedia

2 Japanese print publications dedicated to covering Anime have recently expanded their multimedia offerings by increasing content and adding material on CD-ROM.

With the current issue, AIC Comic Love Magazine has increased in pages and now comes with a CD-ROM on which one can find a large amount of data, images and video (in real video format) of AIC productions – past, present, and fututre. Also on the disc are interviews on video and seiyuu wallpaper. Kikuchi Masami (the Japanese VA of Tenchi in Tenchi Muyo) mentions in his interview on the CD that he would like to voice Tenchi Masaki in the third OAV series when production comes to fruition.

The December 2000 issue of AX magazine has decreased it’s number of print pages and now includes a CD-ROM. The disc features 520 MB of movie files in mpeg-1 format. Clips in this issue are made up of interviews (ie: with the Ah! Megami-sama movie seiyuu), game / anime video clips, and more.

11-15-00—- Gundam Typing Game In Japan

A new classic Mobile Suit Gundam typing game is headed for a December 22 release in Japan at 5200 Yen. The player polishes their keyboard typing skills while defeating the Zion MS forces of the 1 year war, many classic MS units are reproduced in 3D. The software is compatible with modern Japanese Windows and Macintosh systmes with at least 32MB of ram.

11-15-00—- New Aibo Reservations Start Thursday

Sony will begin taking reservations on Thursday for its new Aibo ERS-210 robot. Priced at 150,000 Yen, the new Aibo is designed to favor a baby Lion and it can recognize voice commads and be loaded with new software.

11-15-00—- 20,000,000 i-Mode Subscribers By March ’01?

NTT DoCoMo has announced that they expect more than 20,000,000 subscribers to their popular Japanese i-Mode mobile phone internet service by the end of March 2001. Currently, around 14,600,000 people are hooked up to the service that launched in Japan in February, 1999.

11-15-00—- Amano’s World News

Excerpted from the Amano’s World Website Announcement List

There are several new things to be seen at Amanosworld. Besides a new image of the week, we now have an Amano News section where you can keep up to date on the latest news and places where Amano will be doing signings.

Also added, is a new section to the forums where you can post your fan art.

We have been getting some requests recently for more posters. We are working on adding more in the future, but for now, there is another poster available in the store. We have limited quantities, so if you would like one, please order yours soon.

Thank You,
Amanosworld staff

11-14-00—- New Final Fantasy Trailer has posted an updated video trailer of the upcoming FF Movie.

11-14-00—- Further Lain Lunchbox Details

Anime On DVD was sent some new details on the Serial Experiments Lain Lunchbox by way of The Right Stuf International:

Apparently, some big chain retailers (such as Suncoast) managed to get some of the lunchboxes to sell. It looks like most small retailers are out of luck in getting them. So where did they all go? Pioneer’s snapped ’em all up to make the DVD box set. The company producing the lunchboxes, Palisades, has indicated that they aren’t making anymore of them, though the mini lunchbox will be available in February.

11-14-00—- Rurouni Kenshin Music Video Collection

A music video collection of Rurouni Kenshin Opening and Ending sequences featuring some new edited clips will be released on December 6th in Japan on DVD and VHS. Each will retail at 3,800 Yen, the VHS version has a running time of 35 minutes, the DVD – 40 minutes. Jacket art will be provided by Atsuko Nakashima. Themes include those by Judy And Mary, Siam Shade, and TM Revolution. Some surprise bonus tracks will also be included.

11-14-00—- New Anime On Fox Kids

Excerpted from the Anime Nation:

New Anime Coming to Fox Kids Kidscreen has confirmed that at least three new anime TV series are on their way to Fox Television`s Saturday morning line-up. 31 episodes of the recent Toei sci-fi “yusha” hero series Mushrambo will premier on Fox Kids sometime in 2001. Saban will be producing 21 episodes of the action/adventure Kanipan: Boy of Invention and 52 episodes of the highly successful Pokemon parody/clone Mon-Colle Knight. Both series are scheduled to premier on Fox Kids sometime next year. Lacey Entertainment, in co-operation with Canada`s Kaleidoscope Entertainment, Studio Pierrot, TBS and AD Vision, are currently marketing Power Stone, the 26 episode children`s anime television series based on the Capcom Dreamcast and arcade fighting game, for American television broadcast. AD Vision will release the series on home video in the US and Canada. Television broadcast rights have already been confirmed for Mexico and Portugal, with a television broadcast in Brazil almost a certainty.

11-14-00—- GTO DVD / VHS Release Details

The SPE Visual Works Studio Pierrot GTO TV series began a release to a home video in Japan on VHS and DVD formats in October. Following is an updated release schedule:

GTO Vol. 4 – VHS – 6,500 Yen – November 22
DVD – 5,500 Yen
GTO Vol. 5 – VHS – 6,500 Yen – November 22
DVD – 5,500 Yen
GTO Vol. 6 – VHS – 6,500 Yen – November 22
DVD – 5,500 Yen
GTO Vol. 7 – VHS – 6,500 Yen – November 22
DVD – 5,500 Yen
GTO Vol. 8 – VHS – 6,500 Yen – December 20
DVD – 5,500 Yen
GTO Vol. 9 – VHS – 6,500 Yen – December 20
DVD – 5,500 Yen
GTO Vol. 10 – VHS – 6,500 Yen – December 20
DVD – 5,500 Yen
GTO Vol. 11 – VHS – 6,500 Yen – December 22
DVD – 5,500 Yen

GTO Legend Of Onizuka – VHS – 6,500 Yen – January 24, 2001- Four no credit opening & ending collection – Sticker included with first presses

11-14-00—- Lain Lunchbox Update

Excerpted from The Right Stuf International:

Lain Lunchbox Discontinued! Palisades announced that they have decided to stop making the Serial Experiments Lain Lunchbox. No further information was provided for this decision. However, the mini Serial Experiments Lain lunchbox is scheduled for release next February.

11-14-00—- Anime Marathon In Stuttgart

The 3rd Anime Marathon takes place from 4-6 – 4-8 2001 in Stuttgart, Germany. For more information:

11-13-00—- Hand Maid May OAV

The current issue of the Japanese AX magazine mentions a Hand Maid May episode 11 will be produced as an OAV.

11-13-00—- Newtype Online Updated

From the release announcement:



The author Gichi Ohtsuka reveals the facts about the 15th member of the crew of the Pegasus! Your chance to contribute your own opinions about this latest incarnation of an old classic. (See Special Topics).


At last, more information on the ‘Oh! My Goddess’ movie. ‘Goddess’ creator, Kosuke Fujishima reveals us behind-the-scene anecdotes from OMG. You can also see special items on Fujishima’s ‘eX-D’ as well as ‘Sakura Wars 3’ (See Special Topics and Confidential File).


In ‘From Editors’ Room’, Find out how the ‘Goddess’ feature on this issue was arranged, and how your own votes affected that special arrangement. (See NT Forum)


After beginning to accept fan art through the Internet, we even got some from Kuwait! We are thrilled! (See Art Gallery)


If you are interested in authentic style of cover illustrations for Japanese model kits or figures, this is just for you. This is a ‘step by step’ instruction in a rare area of illustration. (See How to Art)


We continue the our giveaway of autographed limited edition CDs from Newtype’s 15th Anniversary Celebration. (Autographs are from voice artists of such anime as ‘Pokemon’, ‘Gatekeepers’, ‘NieA_7’, and ‘Oh! My Goddess’) This is the last chance, so why not find out how to enter in ‘Talk on NT’ (in NT Forum).

11-13-00—- Gundam Wallpaper Downloading Service

In Japan Bandai has announced a new wallpaper image downloading service to launch December 1. Fans can download illustrations of popular characters / mecha (including Gundam) as wallpaper for Windows PC’s. Each download has a charge of 300 Yen.

11-13-00—- KTEH Anime Schedule

According to Ken Patterson of KTEH San Jose:

KTEH’s Sunday anime lineup for the rest of the year:

11/26 9:30pm Macross: Codename Robotech
12/3 No Anime on (encore airing of “Ends of Time”)
12/10 8:30pm Dirty Pair Flash 1-4
12/17 9:30pm Bubblegum Crisis 1 & 2
12/24 No Anime (It’s a Wonderful Red Green Christmas runs to 10)
12/31 9:30pm Bubblegum Crisis 3

11-13-00—- Animecon UK

A new UK anime convention has been launched under the name ‘Animecon UK 2001’. It will be held from 5th to 7th October 2001 at the Britannia Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool. Details are on their website at

Source: Animejin

11-12-00—- Changes At TokyoPop

Tokyopop has announced several changes to it’s business structure including the discontinuation of it’s print magazine and e-commerce operation. The company sent the following e-mail to its magazine subscribers:


If you’ve been along for much of the ride, you know that TOKYOPOP has seen a lot of changes since we started back in 1997. As pioneers in this new territory of Asian Entertainment, we’ve been a bit like a battering ram: Many times we’ve broken through the walls; other times we’ve just smashed our heads against them. But throughout we’ve stuck to the vision that got us started in all this in the first place: Bringing entertainment from Asia to the US and beyond.

For over 3 years, we delivered – and we hope you enjoyed – a magazine that was, if nothing else, unique. We raised a few eyebrows (and a few other things if you believe our more feminist critics) and we introduced a lot of people to this exciting new world, as well as provided a source for those already into it. To help give you better access to the entertainment of Asia, we launched in December 1998, and strived to provide the best selection of imported anime, music, games and more at the best possible prices.

But, in the end, we couldn’t batter our way through the walls surrounding financial reality. We’re a small company with limited resources and we just can’t do all the things that we want to do and we believe you want to get. We never want to sacrifice product quality or customer service, and we’ve learned the hard way that those are expensive objectives to meet. Therefore, we’ve decided to focus on what we do best and on what we know we can deliver at the quality both you and we demand. As a result, we will be closing the doors on our e-commerce operation at the end of this year, and, as of this issue, we will no longer be putting out TOKYOPOP magazine.

That is not to say, however, that we will no longer be putting out Asian Entertainment. While the methods may change, the vision does not: We will always continue to bring entertainment from Asia to the US and beyond. As much as we hate to shut down the magazine and e-commerce, we know there is no way to shut down the force they represent. The trick is to channel that energy and passion into different, more sustainable formats. No one believes more deeply in or is more committed to the expansion of Asian Entertainment than the people on our team. In the future, that passion will continue to be reflected not only on, but also in all the new and existing lines we have in film, music, and publishing.

TOKYOPOP has broken down a lot of walls. TOKYOPOP magazine was the first national magazine to focus exclusively on Asian entertainment and our online shop was one of the early pioneers in bringing hard-to-find Japanese products to US fans at a great price. But, after 25 issues of magazines (including 12 issues of MixxZine, the predecessor to TOKYOPOP) and 2 years of e-commerce, the time has come to move on. Reflecting on the legacy of the magazine and online shop, in many ways, it is the trail they have blazed for the next phase of TOKYOPOP. The journey continues on a new and exciting path, and we hope you continue along for the ride.

Thank you for your support.


P.S. If you are a paid subscriber, you will be receiving a postcard in the mail explaining subscription refunds.

11-12-00—- Gate Keepers DVD Release

Gate Keepers Japanese DVD Release Schedule:

Gatekeepers vol.1
September 25th, 2000

Gatekeepers vol.2
October 25th, 2000

Gatekeepers vol.3
November 25th, 2000

Gatekeepers vol.4
December 21st, 2000

Gatekeepers vol.5
January 25th, 2001

Gatekeepers vol.6
February 25th, 2001

Gatekeepers vol.7
March 25th, 2001

Gatekeepers vol.8
April 25th, 2001

Source: STC News

11-12-00—- New DBZ Releases

FUNimation has announced 7 upcoming releases for the DBZ series for spring 2001:

Dragon Ball Z 40: Imperfect Cell – Discovery (D) Edited UNCUT
Dragon Ball Z 41: Imperfect Cell – Race Against Time Edited (D) Edited UNCUT
Dragon Ball Z 42: Kai Tournament – Final Round Edited (D) Edited UNCUT
Dragon Ball Z 43: Kai Tournament – Opening Ceremony Edited (D) Edited UNCUT
Dragon Ball Z 44: Imperfect Cell – 17’s End Edited (D) Edited UNCUT
Dragon Ball Z 45: Imperfect Cell – Hunt for 18 Edited (D) Edited UNCUT
Dragon Ball Z 46: Great Saiyan Man – Declaration Edited (D) Edited UNCUT
Dragon Ball Z 47: Great Saiyan Man – Gohan’s Secret Edited (D) Edited UNCUT

Source: The Right Stuf International

11-11-00—- Vandread DVD Video Release

From GONZO and director Mahiro Maeda, the Vandread TV series is headed to DVD in Japan starting in January. Following is release data for the Vandread DVD release:

Vol. 1 – 5,800 Yen – 55 minutes (Eps. 1-2) – January 26, 2001 – Extras: 3DCG clip, No credit OP – ED
Vol. 2 – 5,800 Yen – 55 minutes (Eps. 3-4) – March 30, 2001 – Extras: No credit OP (#3-4)
Vol. 3 – 5,800 Yen – 55 minutes (Eps. 5-6) – April 27, 2001 – Extras: No credit OP (#5-6), DVD Storage Box
Vol. 4 – 5,800 Yen – 55 minutes (Eps. 7-8) – May 25, 2001 – Extras: No credit OP (#7-8)
Vol. 5 – 5,800 Yen – 55 minutes (Eps. 9-10) – June 29, 2001 – Extras: No credit OP (#9-10)
Vol. 6 – 5,800 Yen – 80 minutes (Eps. 11-13) – July 27, 2001 – Extras: No credit OP (#11-13)

11-11-00—- Digi Charat News

As previously reported, 5 Digi Charat concerts are set to place in Japan in the coming months. A special Christmas album based on the series titled “Welcome To Xmas” is scheduled for release in Japan on December 2nd at 2,700 Yen. In other goods news, a picture collection “CHOCOLA 2000” also goes on sale on Dec. 2nd at 5,000 Yen.

In game related Digi Charat news, Takara’s “Life Game Of Digiko” is set to go on sale in January at the MSRP of 5,800 Yen. King Record will release a Gameboy Color title “Mah-Jong Party Of Digiko” on Dec. 8th at 3,980 Yen. A special Web Browser for Dreamcast goes on sale Dec. 14th hitting the Japanese market with the retail price of 2,480 Yen. The browser and chat features, VMU program, Dream Passport 3 are all styled in Digi Charat facia.

11-11-00—- Bandai Visual (Emotion) News In Japan

A special release of the Production I.G. film Jin-Roh in DTS Edition hits retailers across Japan Dec. 21st. The dual layer disc has listed running time of 100 minutes with the film aspect ratio in 16:9 – Soundtrack is Dolby NR dts digital. A box and picture collection are mentioned as extras.

The upcoming Playstation Patlabor GAME EDITION due out in Japan November 30th will feature game production staff comprised of some anime series veterans. The game will retail at 6,800 Yen.

11-11-00—- Anime Music News

The Vandread vocal original & sound track is out in Japan January 26th listing at 3,00 Yen. Included on the CD are the Opening theme TRUST by Salia and the Ending theme “himegoto” by SiLC, other vocal tracks and several BGM are alsoi featured.

From Byblos and Marine Entertainment the drama CD “Bonds-KIZUNA-” II goes on sale as a 2 CD set in Japan December 20th at 4,800 Yen. Two drama’s and a image vocal tracks are featured. Extra to this set is a limited edition poster.

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