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November 9-18 Anime News

11-18-99—- Princess Mononoke’s Distribution To Expand To 120 Theaters By 11-24

Miramax is expanding The Princess Mononoke’s limited American theatrical distribution to 120 theaters by Nov. 24th, here are a list of upcoming cities, dates, and theaters.

Oct 29 Angelika
Oct 29 Lincoln Square
Nov 19 Cinema 2
Nov 24 Cinema Arts- Huntington
Nov 24 Malverne
Nov 24 Clairidge-Montclair
Nov 24 Showcase- Fairfield

Oct 29 Sunset
Oct 29 Monica – Santa Monica
Oct 29 So Coast Village – Santa Ana
Nov 19 Colorado- Pasadena
Nov 24 UA Westwood
Nov 24 AMC Orange
Nov 24 Edwards Ontario
Nov 24 Edwards Long Beach
Nov 24 Pacific Winnetka

Oct 29 McClurg Court
Nov 24 Old Orchard
Nov 24 Yorktown
Nov 24 Canterra
Nov 24 South Barrington

Nov 5 Riverview
Nov 24 Bala
Nov 24 Neshaminy- Bensalem
Nov 24 AMC Hamilton

Nov 5 Embarcadero
Nov 5 Camera One – San Jose
Nov 24 Oaks- Berkeley
Nov 24 Park-Menlo Park
Nov 24 Sequoia-Marin
Nov 24 AMC Saratoga
Nov 24 Lighthouse Monterey
Nov 24 Rio-Santa Cruz

Oct 29 Coolidge Corner
Nov 24 Kendall Square- Cambridge
Nov 24 Framingham

Nov 5 Inner Circle
Nov 24 Potomac Yards

Nov 5 Inwood
Nov 24 Cinemark-l Pano

Nov 5 Maple – Bloomfield Hill
Nov 24 Michigan Theater- Ann Arbor

Nov 5 Greenway
Nov 24 Angelika Center

Nov 5 Garden Hills

Nov 19 Centrum

Nov 5 Carmike – Apple Valley
Nov 5 Mall of America – Bloomington
Nov 5 Showplace – Coon Rapids
Nov 5 Eagan
Nov 5 Centential Lake – – Edina
Nov 5 Showplace – Inver Grove
Nov 5 Lakeville
Nov 5 Lagoon
Nov 5 Wynnsong – Mounds View
Nov 5 Pavilion – Roseville
Nov 5 White Bear – White Bear Lake
Nov 5 Elk River
Nov 5 Crossroads – Waite Park(St. Cloud)
Nov 5 Willowcreek- Plymouth

Nov 5 Pacific Plaza
Nov 5 Varsity 3

Nov 24 Paradise Park- Hollywood
Nov 24 Mayfair- Coconut Grove
Nov 24 Aventura

Nov 24 Hollywood- Sarasota
Nov 24 Regency

Nov 5 Plaza- Frontenac

Nov 24 Manor

Nov 5 Century Dome 14
Nov 24 Olympus Point- Roseville

Nov 5 Camel View

Nov 24 Towson

Nov 5 Esquire
Nov 24 AMC Westminster
Nov 24 Flatirons-Boulder

Nov 5 Hillcrest
Nov 24 AMC La Jolla

Nov 24 Broadway

Nov 24 Cinema City
Nov 24 York Square

Nov 19 Enzian- Maitland

Nov 24 Castleton

Nov 24 Broadway

Nov 24 Downer

Nov 24 Esquire Art

Nov 24 Palace 14

Nov 24 Manor

Nov 24 Rialto-Raleigh

Nov 24 Green Hills

Nov 24 Broadway Center

Nov 24 Drexel

Nov 24 Fine Arts- Asheville

Nov 24 Columbus Center- Virginia Beach

Nov 24 Crossroads

Nov 24 Amherst #3

Nov 24 Canal Place

Nov 24 Wolfchase

Nov 24 Cable Car Cinema

Nov 24 Tinseltown

Nov 24 Baxter Avenue

Nov 24 Century Rio
Nov 24 Grand Illusion- Santa Fe

Nov 19 Centerville

Nov 24 Spectrum

Nov 24 Carefree

Nov 24 Orange Park

Nov 24 Willow Lawn

Nov 24 Downtown West

Nov 24 Westcott Cinema

Nov 24 Arbor

Nov 24 Little 5

Nov 24 Varsity Theater

Nov 24 AMC Oakview

Nov 24 El Con, Foothills

Nov 24 Campus-Iowa City

Nov 24 Orleans

Nov 24 Tinseltown

Nov 24 Orpheum

Nov 12 Dole Cannery- Honolulu
Nov 12 Kahala Mall- Honolulu

Nov 24 Continental

Nov 24 Century 16


11-17-99—- Turn A Gundam Diecast

Bandai is set to release a new diecast Turn A Gundam toy in Japan in a few weeks, it is to retail for 7,800 yen. Quality of the toy has been rated as exceptional and it is rumored to contain titanium parts.

11-17-99—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Capcom’s Dreamcast version of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Legacy for the Future, scheduled for release in Japan on Nov. 25, will contain two games in 1 package, the original Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and the semi sequel: Legacy for the Future Edition. Both games will be identical to the CPSIII arcade.

11-16-99—- Anime Inspired Holiday E-Cards

RIAP has released three of four animated e-cards for the holidays. These e-cards are created in an anime-inspired style and will appeal to fans of kawaii SD girls. They are free for download. Click here to download the holiday e-cards.

11-16-99—- Announces Fall Programming Schedule Corporation, a web site delivering programming exclusively through the Internet, announced earlier this week the launch of its fall season program lineup which includes new offerings of Japanese Animation on it’s Voyeager Anime channel.

In partnership with Voyager Entertainment, Inc.,’s Voyager Anime is currently running the 80’s Sci-Fi series, Star Blazers. plans to feature the entire Star Blazers series as well as other series in the coming months.

11-16-99—- Special Astro Boy New Year’s Postal Cards

The Japanese Ministry Of Posts and Telecommunicaions is issuing a special New Year’s Postal Card this year featuring an illustration of Osamu Tezuka’s Tetsuwan Atom (Astro Boy). On Nov. 1, the date this and other cards began selling, over 500 people were lined up in front of the entrance to the Tokyo Central Post Office before it opened at 9 a.m. The Tetsuwan Atom cards cost 50 yen.

Source: Anime Scene

11-16-99—- Pokemon: The First Movie Final Figures

The final boxoffice numbers are in for Pokemon: The First Movie for it’s opening weekend in North American theaters. Ticket sales for Friday through Sunday show the film has grossed $31,036,678 on 3,043 screens, averaging about $10,642 a theater. Total American gross to-date for Pokemon: The First Movie is $50,754,104. The film was acquired by Warner Brothers for $5 million and the studio reportedly spent $10 million in production to turn out the American version.

11-16-99—- Princess Mononoke Final 3rd Weekend Figures

The final boxoffice figures are also in for The Princess Mononoke during it’s 3rd weekend in limited release in North American theaters. This week the the film was added to 9 screens. Ticket sales for Friday through Sunday show the film has grossed $243,040 on 47 screens, averaging about $5,000 a theater, this has dropped it from the number 24 spot to the number 27 position on the Daily Variety Movie chart. Total American gross to-date for the Princess Mononoke is $963,310.

11-16-99—- Itasho Group To Take Up Roots In America

Itasho Group plans to open several “Itasho Books” stores in North America specializing in Japanese anime / manga merchandise. The first shop was opened in Atlanta in October. “Itasho Books” stores are also coming to Toronto and New York. Itasho would like to open ten additional North American stores within three years.

11-15-99—- Flapper Launched

The first issue of Media Factory’s new monthly manga magazine, “Flapper” on Nov. 5th in Japan. They plan to use “Flapper” to launch new characters and stories, that could make the transition to anime TV series, movies, and OAV’s and other media. A current regular feature in “Flapper”, Hiroshi Aramata’s “War Record of Alexander” has already made this transition. The 13 episode, Peter Chung / Madhouse TV series, Alexander, aired on the WOWOW broadcast satellite channel in Japan in September. Samsung Entertainment Group is pushing the large-scale animated TV sci-fi / fantasy epic, and an American release is expected soon. A theatrical adaption of Alexander is planned, as well as an upcoming Dreamcast game.

11-15-99—- Street Figher Zero OAV Seiyuu

The November issue of Newtype magazine reveals that the Seiyuu of Chun-Li in the upcoming Street Fighter Zero OAV’s will be Touma Yumi (Chun-Li in 3 Street Fighter II drama CDs released by Toshiba EMI in 1992 and 1993). Live-action film star, Kane Kosugi will voice Ryu. After appearing in a number of American films, Kane moved to Japan in the early ’90s. There he began a TV and movie career which landed him roles in Ultraman Powered, Ninja Sentai Kakuranger (as Jiraiya, aka Ninja Black), Zero Woman II, and Cat’s Eye. He is a practitioner of Karate, Kendou, Juudou, Kobudou, and Tae Kwon Do, and speaks English, Japanese, and Chinese.

11-15-99—- Princess Mononoke 3rd Weekend Boxoffice Estimates

The first boxoffice estimates are in for The Princess Mononoke during it’s 3rd weekend in limited release in North American theaters. This week the the film was added to 9 screens. Estimated ticket sales for Friday through Sunday show the film has grossed $250,000 on 47 screens, averaging about $5,212 a theater. Total estimated American gross to-date for the Princess Mononoke is $1,000,000. Final figures are to be released later today.

11-15-99—- Top Anime LD Sales (Japan) (As Of 11-15)

1. Martian Successsor Nadesico The Movie: The Prince Of Darkness
2. Card Captor Sakura Vol. 11
3. D4 Princess Vol. 3
4. Neo Ranga TV Vol. 10
5. Detective Conan 5th Part 6
6. You’re Under Arrest Special 4
7. To Heart Vol. 5
8. Ah! My Godness TV Vol. 6
9. Sekai No Monsho Vol. 5

11-15-99—- Top Anime DVD Sales (Japan) (As Of 11-15)

1. D4 Princess Vol. 3
2. Ruroni Kenshin OVA Vol. 4
3. Martian Successsor Nadesico The Movie: The Prince Of Darkness
4. Card Captor Sakura Vol. 11
5. Card Captor Sakura Vol. 2
6. Martian Successsor Nadesico The Movie: The Prince Of Darkness (varient version)

11-15-99—- Top Manga Sales (Japan) (As Of 11-15)

1. Hana Yori Dango 24
2. Detective Conan 25
3. Vagabond 4
4. 3X3 Eyes 32
5. H2 32
6. Trigun Maximum 3
7. Kaikan-Phrase 11
8. Wagandouro 1
9. Salaryman Kintarou 21
10. Genzohitoigatakiwa 2
11. Kaze Hikaru 5
12. Dokaben Professional Baseball Series 26
13. 1/2 Heart
14. Ol Sinkaron 15
15. Ashitamo Kitto Koishiteru 4
16. Devilman Lady 10
17. Cooking Papa 58
18. Bad Boys Glare 9
19. Hajime No Ippo 50
20. One Piece 10

11-14-99—- Pokemon: The First Movie – #1 In America

Pokemon: The First Movie is #1 at the box office in it’s opening weekend in the U.S., bringing in an estimated $52.1 million since it’s debut Wednesday. This represents a number of firsts in U.S. movie history, Pokemon is the first Japanese film to beat U.S. films in the U.S. market and take top slot in box office returns, it’s also the first Anime film to make the same achievements. Final box office figures are expected out tomorrow.

11-14-99—- J-Pop / Seiyuu News

Konami has started a new promotion for the release of their upcoming Tokimeki Memorial 2 title for PSX. They will be hosting music CD fairs on Nov. 26th at select store locations in Japan, and giving out special Tokimemo 2 posters to those placing reservation orders for Tokimemo 2 soundtracks & albums:
* Noda Junko’s single “Yuukino Kamisama” – original Hinomoto Hikari poster.
* Tokimemo 2 Original Soundtrack Vol. 1 – original Tokimemo 2 character poster.
* Tokimemo 2 Original Soundtrack Vol. 2 – original Tokimemo 2 character poster.
* Tokimemo 2 Vocal Tracks Album – original Tokimemo 2 character poster.
* Any other Tokimemo CD product – original Tokimemo 2 trading card (1 of 2 types).

11-13-99—- Toei Recruiting Creators With Anime Ideas

Toei Animation has started a new, “CR-TOEI Animation” project company, which will give lesser known creators with ideas matching Toei’s outlook a chance to possibly create their own anime. The new company is a joint effort between Toei and the creator agency, Creek And River. This company recruits new talent for future and unique ideas, and seeks to provide more opportunities for creators with those interesting ideas. The requirement for applying possible creations with Toei-CR is that you are a “professional creator”, meaning, you are making a living working creatively.

Source: J-Dream Direct Newsletter, J-Dream Web

11-13-99—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Konami will be releasing a new version of the handheld DDR, called Bemani Pocket Dance Dance Revolution Hello Kitty. The handheld will feature 7 songs: Butterfly, Friends, Moving on without You, Hold on Me, Whatever, Steady, and Ride on Time. A finger puppet Hello Kitty doll will be included with the system, so you can dance along with Kitty. The package is scheduled for release in Japan on Dec. 23rd, for 3200 Yen.

Atlus is producing two new Gameboy Color RPGs, the latest sequel of the Megami Tensei (Devil Summoner) series. Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Children Red Book and Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Children Black Book, will have basically the same story, but with different main characters, demons, and special events in each version. Players can engage in communication battles, exchanging demons, or merging the demons together. There are over 200 demons, and a data album recording all the demons that you have seen and captured. Both versions are scheduled for release in Japan this spring.

SNK vs Capcom: Top Decisive Battle of the Strongest Fighters for Neo Geo Pocket Color will allow players to engage in versus battles over the link cable, as well as exchange data with SNK vs Capcom: Clash Card Fighters, SNK vs Capcom and The King of Fighters: Dream Match 1999 for Dreamcast. Reportedly, players will be able to unlock hidden characters by exchanging data with these games, you will see 8 empty slots in the character selection screen. There are 3 fighting styles in the game: Rush Style, Counter Stylem, and Average Style. You can choose to play in Single, Tag, or Team Battle. Each character in the game will have a destined rival, there will be a special opening when each character encounters his / her rival. The game is out in Japan on Dec. 22nd, reatailing for 4300 Yen.

SNK has confirmed that they will be bringing out both SNK vs Capcom: Clash Card Fighters and SNK vs Capcom: Match of the Millennium for Neo Geo Pocket Color in U.S. this winter.

SNK America will be bringing the latest PSX Samurai Spirits game to US, under a new title, Samraui Shodown: Warrirors of Rage, the game is expected out in spring.

11-12-99—- News From Animeigo

Volumes 1-4 of the Kimagure Orange Road TV series are now available on VHS from Animeigo. You’re Under Arrest is now available in a “Criminally Complete” collection, with all 4 episodes on a single tape, you can find out more on it here.

11-12-99—- Viz Manga News

Viz Communications has number of new announcements in a recent press release:

Magical Pokemon Journey, a new 4 issue monthly Pokemon comic series will launch in March 2000 with the release of Magical Pokemon Journey #1. Written and drawn by Yumi Tsukirino, Magical Pokemon Journey will be the first Pokemon shojo (girls) comic released in America. In Japan, 4 volumes of the series have been published. Rather than being focused on battles and training, Magical Pokemon Journey is focused on humor and characters Each issue is 40-48 pages long, includes a full-color poster, and retails for $4.95 in the U.S. and $7.50 in Canada.

Pokemon: Electric Pikachu Boogaloo, a new graphic novel collecting the Pokemon limited series, is set for a March 2000 release. Drawn by Toshihiro Ono, the graphic novel will contain 4 color pages reproducing the covers of the limited series, plus an additional color comic created specifically for the graphic novel. Pokemon: Electric Pikachu Boogaloo is 160 pages, retailing for $12.95 in the U.S. and $19.50 in Canada.

Short Program, a graphic novel collecting the short manga stories of artist Mitsuru Adachi, originally published in Animerica Extra, is set for a March 2000 release. Some of his many other works include Touch (a long-running baseball drama/love triangle which was adapted into a TV series and movies), Jinbe (the story of a conflict between a young girl, her stepfather and her biological father), and H2 (a high school baseball story). The graphic novel contains all the Short Program installments from Animerica Extra Vol. 2, No. 2 to Vol. 2, No. 11, is 256 pages and retails for $16.95 in the U.S. and $25.50 in Canada.

Viz is set to release the latest of their Pokemon activity and story books in March 2000. New Pokemon Tales Read-aloud board books, each featuring a different character from the series. In Japan, over 40 books have been produced in this series, one for each major Pokemon. Each is 18 pages long, retailing for $4.95 in the U.S. and $7.50 in Canada.
Pokemon Origami 2, created by Ryoko Nishida, features Ash, Pikachu, Oddish, Squirtle, Chansey, Bulbasur, Poliwhirl, and others in this origami kit. It is 80 pages long and retails for $8.95 in the U.S. and $13.50 in Canada.
Let’s find Pokemon! 2 expands on the concept of the first book, Illustrated by Kazunori Aihara, 22 pages long, retailing for $11.95 in the U.S. and $17.95 in Canada.

11-12-99—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Konami’s upcoming card battle PSX RPG, Shin Yugioh Duel Monsters: The Sealed Memories, is scheduled for release in Japan on Dec. 9th, retailing for 5800 Yen. a Limited Edition of the game is out on the same day, listing for 9800 Yen. A new Guardian Star system is added to the game, once the player has equipped a Guardian Star, she will gain extra abilities, Guardians can also be summoned to help in battles.

At the Microcomputer System & Tool Fair 99 in Tokyo, Shinichi Okamoto from Sony Computer Entertainment, mentioned that Playstation 3 will be 1000 times more powerful than the PSX2, however, don’t expect to see PSX3 for at least 6-7 years.

Sega of Japan is currently working on a new golf title for Dreamcast called Hot Golf. The game is based on the popular manga. Each character will have special attacks, and the player can use non-standard clubs in the game. There are 4 play modes: Champion Mode, Practice, Versus, and Internet Battle Mode. In Champion Mode, the player can create his own clubs inside the Visual Memory screen.

SNK is set to start a new train station promotion for Neo Geo Pocket in Japan, they will be placing Neo Geo Pocket Color systems (with different software) inside Japanese JR trains in Dec. for people to try out.

11-12-99—- Pokemon Movie Opening Breaking Records

The final boxffice figures are in from Pokemon: The First Movie’s opening day, showing the film has grossed $10.1 million dollars. Analyists speculate, Pokemon should have one of the largest five-day debuts ever at the American box office. Wednesdays opening broke Wednesday records for Warner Brothers and became the biggest Wednesday-opening animated film ever, as well as the biggest Wednesday opening for any November release. Predictions indicate that the film could easily break $50 for the first five days of release.

11-11-99—- 1st Neon Genesis Evangelion American DVD Release Date Set

The first American Neon Genesis Evangelion DVD Volume is scheduled for release on Dec. 21st Volume, will contain four episodes, will retail for 29.99, and will contain 4 language tracks: English, Spanish, Japanese, French.

11-11-99—- Bandai Announces Release Of Silent Mobius TV Series

Yesterday, Bandai Entertainment announced that the 1st VHS volume of the 13-volume, Silent Mobius TV series will go on sale across North America on Feb. 8th, 2000. English dubbed (suggested retail price of $19.98) and subtitled (suggested retail price of $24.98) versions of Vol. 1, “Decisions”, will feature episode one and two of series.

The stage for Silent Mobius is in 2024 A.D., Earth is under attack from shape-shifting demons called the Lucifer Hawk. Rally Cheyenne and her hand-picked band of super-powered women, The Attacked Mystification Police (AMP), are out to combat the Lucifer Hawk and their attacks on our dimension. Over the years, the Lucifer Hawk’s killings have been on a steady rise, which concerns Rally. However, Rally has just sent for the orphaned Katsumi Liquer, a modest ordinary young woman who does not know the power she can wield against the demons’ savagery. Katsumi, herself, is unaware of the real reason Rally has sent for her, but the truth concerning her lineage and her life’s calling is about to be thrust upon her whether she wants it or not.

11-11-99—- J-Pop / Seiyuu News

The Card Captor Sakura TV ending single, Fruits Candy, features a version of the title track performed by the Tange Sakura (Sakura), Iwao Junko (Tomoyo), and Hisakawa Aya (Cerberos). The single is out in Japan Nov. 20th, listing for 1,050 Yen.

A new 2 CD Sakura Taisen musical album, Benitokage Sound Album, created from the 3rd Sakura Taisen musical production “Benitokage” which occured this summer at the Tokyo Seinen-Kan hall, goes on sale Dec 22nd in Japan. The first CD consists of live tracks performed by the Sakura Taisen Teikoku Kagekidan (Yokoyama Chisa, Takano Urara, Tomizawa Michie, Tanaka Mayumi, Fuchizaki Yuriko, Nishihara Kumiko), along with 4 additional new songs specially arranged for the release. The 2nd CD includes comments from producer Hiroi Ouji & cast recorded throughout the production of the musical. The album will retail for 3,150 Yen.

11-11-99—- Anime / Manga Gaming

SNK is working on a Neo Geo Pocket Color sequel of Ikari Warriors, entitled: Ikari The Return.

Koei has opened a new website called GameCity in Japan, which will provide free and paid online game services, such as game network server, game downloads, contests, online shopping and online mini games. GameCity will go into full service on Dec. 20. Three events are planned to promote the site, Winning Cup Millennium Online, Artwork CG Illustration Contest, and Mini Game Campaign.

Bandai is set to release it’s WonderSwan puzzle game sequel, TarePan Gunpey, in Japan on Dec. 9th, retailing for 2980 Yen. The game will feature the popular anime panda bear, Tarepan. A special TarePan Edition of WonderSwan will be released simultaneously with the game. The special TarePan WonderSwan + Game package will retail for 7600 Yen. Bandai will also release another WonderSwan puzzle game, The TaneMaki Bird, which features the popular anime crow TaneMaki. This game is scheduled for release in Japan on Dec. 22nd, listing for 2980 Yen.

11-11-99—- Pokemon Movie Opens Strong

The 1st Pokemon Movie debuted in theaters across the America yesterday, final figures for opening day are forthcoming but the film the is expected to carry a very strong return at the boxoffice. Receipts from 2,901 screens where Pokemon is showing were still being counted at the end of business last night, select matinee figures point to one of the best post-Labor Day single-day debuts for an animated picture. Warner Bros. studio executives, however, were reluctant to give an estimate for the day’s tally. Per theater estimates show returns as high as $15,000 for screens around major cities. Warner Brothers is giving away one Pokemon trading card with each movie ticket, this prompted bulk buying of up to 1,000 tickets at a time. The Pokemon Movie’s distribution will widen out to 3,043 screens on Friday.

11-10-99—- J-Pop / Seiyuu News

The 2nd Blue Gender soundtrack featuring music from the Anime TV series to begin airing in a few weeks on the TBS Network in Japan, is scheduled for release on Jamuary 19th (the 3rd soundtrack is out in March).

The 1st Trouble Chocolate vocal album featuring Tange Sakura & Hikami Kyoko has been scheduled for release January 19th.

11-10-99—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Sonic Pocket Adventure for Neo Geo Pocket has 2 new versus modes, Get The Ring and Sonic Rush, which enable two players to battle over the link cable. In Get the Ring the player’s goal is collect as many rings as possible in a given time. Sonic Rush is a racing game in which the goal is to reach the finish line as fast as possible, the stages will have different paths, obstacles and stunts. The game is is scheduled for release in Japan on Dec. 16.

Sunrise Interactive has delayed the release of their Dreamcast SRPG, Sunrise Heroes, from Dec. 2 to Dec. 9 in Japan.

11-10-99—- Slayers DVD Movie Box

The Slayers DVD ZuMovie Box goes on sale Feb. 25th in Japan for 14,800 Yen. Included in the box are Slayers: The Motion Picture, Slayers: Return, Slayers: Great, and some extras. The films will feature Dolby Digital and Stereo soundtracks.

11-10-99—- More Fake Pokemon Goods Seized In U.S.

Investigators have seized more than 10,000 counterfeit products, largely Pokemon goods, in raids on retailers in New York in the past week. This comes following a complaint filed by Nintendo of America Inc., a unit of Japan’s Nintendo Co.. The action follows a complaint filed with the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York by Nintendo of America and Winterland, a merchandiser of music and entertainment products.

11-9-99—- Yoshitaka Amano, Neil Gaiman To Hold Signing In Minneapolis

Yoshitaka Amano and Neil Gaiman will sign copies of their collaboration, The Sandman: The Dream Hunters in Minneapolis, Minnesota at DreamHaven Books and Comics (912 West Lake Street, Minneapolis) on Saturday November 20th. Select original paintings by Amano-sensei will be on display at the bookstore. For more information please call (612) 823-6161 or

11-9-99—- Princess Mononoke Final 2nd Opening Weekend Figures

The final boxoffice figures are in for The Princess Mononoke during it’s 2nd opening weekend in limited release in North American theaters. This week the the film was added to 30 screens. Ticket sales for Friday through Sunday show the film has grossed $384,220 on 38 screens, averaging about $10,131 a theater, this has boosted it from the number 33 spot to the number 24 position on the Daily Variety Movie chart. Total American gross to-date for the Princess Mononoke is $592,844.

11-9-99—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Nintendo of Japan has issued an apology to those who have reserved Pocket Monsters Gold & Silver for Gameboy in Japan. As mentioned earlier, due to the Taiwan earthquake, Nintendo will only able to supply 1.8 million copies of the game on the sale date of Nov. 21, 1.2 million copies short of the original forecast. Another 600,000 copies will ship to retailers on Dec. 1, and another 2.6 million copies will ship to retailers by the end of the year, making a total shipment of 5 million copies (2.5 millions for each version).

Koei’s Dreamcast historical war simulation game, Nobunaga Ambition Retsu Style, is out in Japan on Dec. 16, listing for 9800 Yen. The DC version will have two additional scenarios, making up a total of 9 scenarios.

Sega of Japan has pushed back the release of Shen Mue Chapter 1 for Dreamcast from March to April 2000.

Sony’s PSX RPG, Alundra 2,will feature over 10 mini games, divided into 3 categories: action puzzle, action / shooters, and action fighting. Games in the action fighting category let the fight boss characters thaty have been previously defeated. Alundra 2 is scheduled for release in Japan on Nov. 18.

11-9-99—- Digimon, Yugi-oh Movie Versions Under Consideration In Japan

Following in the footsteps of Pokemon, other virtual pets oriented TV series, game series with theatrical movie projects under consideration in Japan are Digimon and Yugi-oh: Duel Monsters.

11-9-99—- Pokemon Movie 2 Japanese Boxoffice Figures

In Japan, the second Pokemon film, Pocket Monsters: Revelation Lugia, has managed to bring in in 3.5 billion Yen ($33 million) to-date, compared with $4 billion Yen at the boxoffice for the first movie.