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Anime News Service – October 1-14 Anime News


– Australia’s The Age has a report on a current Japanese PC craze, Frienzoo.
The Scotsman reviews director Chanwook Park’s manga based film Oldboy. The Straights Times Of Singapore backs that review with one from the opposite side of the world.
– Ohio’s Hamilton Journal News is carrying the somewhat shocking article “Reading more fun than TV, Internet for some teens/8-23”. Oddly enough manga comics seems to be some of the things this group is reading.
The Decatur Daily has the Lady Death review, “Film version of ‘Lady Death’ not as triumphant as comic book “.
The Shorthorn Online has an article on UTA’s college anime club which is going on 10 years.
The Arbiter Online talks about the big plans of Boise State’s college anime club and covers their activities.
– Taka Ichise, who worked on The Ring and Dark Water, talks about The Grudge at Dark Horizons.

10-14-04—- Manga Entertainment Parent Reports On Earnings

IDT Corporation, the parent company of Manga Entertainment has released it’s revenues results, for fourth quarter and fiscal 2004. IDT Entertainment’s revenues were $106.7 million in fiscal 2004, compared with $5.0 million in fiscal 2003. Most of the increase in revenues was a direct result of several acquisitions, particularly the December 2003 acquisition of Anchor Bay Entertainment and the fourth quarter of fiscal 2003 acquisition of Film Roman. The improvement in operating performance was primarily due to the operating profits generated by Anchor Bay and Film Roman during fiscal 2004.

In May 2004, IDT Entertainment acquired Manga Entertainment, which distributes “anime” programming from its extensive library of licensed titles, including the award-winning Ghost in the Shell property. Anime is one of the fastest growing genres in the rapidly-expanding home video marketplace and Manga Entertainment is one of the largest distributors of such product in the United States and Europe. Manga Entertainment works closely with Anchor Bay, utilizing its infrastructure and achieving economies of scale. Manga is able to take advantage of Anchor Bay’s logistical distribution agreement with Fox Home Entertainment, making Manga’s properties available to a much broader base of customers through the mass market and other retailers to whom Anchor Bay distributes, such as Wal-Mart, Target and Blockbuster Video.

Through its wholly owned subsidiaries, Anchor Bay Entertainment and Manga Entertainment, IDT Entertainment distributes videos to mass merchants and other retailers. Anchor Bay’s library consists of over 3,500 owned or licensed video titles, including the Thomas the Tank Engine series, the Halloween series, and the Crunch fitness series, and Manga’s library consists of more than 300 titles of “anime,” or Japanese animation. This library provides IDT Entertainment with a significant recurring revenue stream, proprietary rights to future video productions and distribution access to the key mass merchandisers and video retailers such as Wal-Mart, Target, Blockbuster Video, Best Buy and Kmart.

10-14-04—- eigoMANGA’s RUMBLE PAK Heads To Iraq

A comic book publishing, eigoMANGA is inviting Japanese animation (anime) and Japanese comic (manga) fans you to help support the men and women of the US Military with the “RUMBLE PAK GOES TO IRAQ” program. The program sends care packages to the US Military stationed in Colorado Springs, Colorado in the form of anime gifts.

eigoMANGA is working in conjunction with A.N.I.M.E. Club, an anime group organization comprised of Army troops stationed at Colorado Springs and Air Force troops from Peterson Airforce base. eigoMANGA will send these troops care packages that includes anime and manga gifts, as well as messages from Americans who want to thank the soldiers for their service. These troops will be deployed to Iraq within by the end of October.

eigoMANGA is inviting fans and supporters to contribute in the “RUMBLE PAK GOES TO IRAQ” program by donating any anime, manga, or anime-related gifts through eigoMANGA’s office, website or upcoming live event, RUMBLE INVASION which is happening Oct 23 in San Mateo, CA.

10-13-04—- Exclusive: Wendee Lee USC Talk Program Schedule

ANS contacted Alan Liou, President USC Entertainment Industry Students Association and obtained the following details on Wendee Lee’s upcoming talk session:

1. Anime clip show that will serve as a Wendee Lee retrospective.
2. Autograph session at the very end if people want to bring their poster/hobbies for Wendee to sign.
3. Audience Q & A
4. A “mystery” live reading of one of Wendee Lee’s anime works from Ms. Wendee Lee herself. (Can’t disclose the work, it’s a surprise).
5. And much more.

10-13-04—- Voice Actress Wendee Lee To Speak At USC

USC Entertainment Industry Students Association (EISA) and USC Anime Club is pleased to announce EISA’s keynote speaker series guest of honor: Wendee Lee. Wendee Lee is one of the premiere voice artists in the world of anime today. She has been voicing for such notable titles as COWBOY BEBOP, AKIRA, and VAMPIRE HUNTER D since the mid 1980’s which all began with her first role as Vanessa Leeds in the anime classic ROBOTTECH. (Compiled from http://www.wendeelee.com/)

Her credits include: Akira (movie) as Kei Cowboy Bebop (TV) as Faye Valentine Cowboy Bebop: Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door (movie) as Faye Valentine Great Teacher Onizuka (TV) as Azusa Fuyutsuki; Examinee; Kyoko Uehara; Mrs. Sakurai; Nanako’s Mother; Tadashi Sakurai; Takahama Love Hina (TV) as Kaolla Su; Tama The Big O (TV) as Angel Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust (movie) as Charlotte Elbourne Witch Hunter Robin (TV) as Miho Karasuma

Wendee Lee will participate with host Alan Liou, President of USC EISA, in a discussion exploring Wendee Lee’s works, the creative challenges behind voice-acting for anime, and many more topics of interest.

Wendee Lee’s speaking event will be held on Wednesday, October 27, 2004 at the University of Southern California in the Taper Hall of Humanities in Room 201 from 8-10 PM. Admission is free. Prior reservation is required.

For information on parking, please go to the following links:

If you would like to attend, please contact Alan Liou at EISA@USC.EDU and give us your full name and email address so that you will be placed on a guest list. EISA will soon contact you notifying your confirmed reservation.

10-13-04—- Shueisha Suspends Manga Over Historical Revision Controversy

Japanese publisher Shueisha announced Wednesday it will suspend publication of “Kuni ga Moeru” (The Country is Burning) in the Oct 13 and Oct 28 editions of Weekly Young Jump. This move comes a few days after Japanese local politicians claimed it “distorts history.” “Some people say the photo used for reference in the drawing was fabricated. It was inappropriate to use such material,” a Shueisha representative said. The comic series, authored by Hiroshi Motomiya, is a fictional tale about the life of a bureaucrat in the turbulent times of the early Showa era (1926-1989). It has been carried in the magazine since November 2002. In the magazine’s Sept 16 and Sept 22 editions, the comic described Japanese soldiers massacring civilians in Nanjing in China, in reference to the Nanjing Massacre of 1937.

Source: Japan Today


– The Russian MosNews has an article on Samurai Jack, Dexter’s Laboratory and The Powerpuff Girls creator, Genndy Tartakovsky who criticizes the USA for lack of Self Expression. Genndy’s current project is a Hollywood Adaptation of Osamu Tezuka’s Astroboy.
The Enquirer News Service of Singapore reports on the appeal of manga and reviews some of the medium’s best known titles.
– Australia’s The Age has a large article on “Made In Japan” today and explores the creative ingenuity of the Japanese gaming industry.
– Diamond’s sales rankings for the direct market in August are out with Dark Horse’s “Trigun Maximum, Vol. 2” listed as the bestselling manga volume.
The Cincinati Post has a retrospective piece on Hello Kitty at the 30th anniversary mark titled “Hello Kitty began Japan’s pop culture exports”. Of note is new information supplied in a brief interview with Yo Kato, producer of the 30th anniversary Kitty Exhibition in Tokyo. Featuring works by fashion model Ai Tominaga and Lisa Marie Presley and including installations like a Hello Kitty UFO, a Kafkaesque Kitty de Milo statue, and a Kitty tattoo gallery. Mr. Kato estimates the number of visitors at 100,000 visitors so far. She mentions being approached to take the show to New York, London, and Paris.

10-13-04—- GITS2: Innocence Screening Details

Due to a strong interest from Canadian readers, ANS contacted Dreamworks on their plans for Mamoru Oshii’s Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence in Canada. Word from the studio has the film opening there later this month, debuting in Montreal on October 14th followed by Vancouver, Toronto and Edmonton on October 29th. Ghost will also be expanding in additional U.S. cities over the next month to meet a rising demand, including Anchorage, Baton Rouge, Charlotte, Hartford, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Memphis, Salt Lake City, St Louis, and Tampa. For a full list of theaters and more information about Production I.G.’s “Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence,” please visit http://www.gofishpictures.com/GITS2/.


– ANS Sponsor, Jlist sends in word that for a limited time window, various nude Japanese 2005 calendars available on the site. Access Jlist by clicking on the banners above.
– Ohio’s Athen’s News has a big feature on Dance Dance Revolution fever spreading on the Ohio University campus. A group of OU students recently founded the OU Dance Dance Revolution Society (DDRS) to promote awareness of the game and to bring together DDR enthusiasts. The Web site for DDRS — http://www.ohio.edu/ouddrs/ — is currently under construction, but will have more information soon.
Game Industry reports Bandai’s latest Naruto title for PS2: Naruto: Narutimate Hero 2, has ranked number one on Japanese sales charts this week and is selling significantly faster than the previous game in the series. This latest game to be based on the license sold some 231,000 units in its first weekend on sale, well ahead of the sales of its predecessor, which sold around 136,000 units in the same period of time, reflecting the growing popularity of the series.

10-12-04—- Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie Arrives on DVD and VHS November 16

Exciting Special Features Include an All-New Yu-Gi-Oh Monster Challenge and More!

Prepare for battle as “Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie” arrives on DVD and VHS from Warner Home Video (WHV) November 16. This animated film is based on the Japanese comic book, number one television series, video game franchise and trading card game that began as the brainchild of manga artist/writer Kazuki Takahashi. “Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie” features the voice talents of Dan Green (“Pokemon the Movie”) and Wayne Grayson (“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”) and debuts on DVD with bonus features including a Yu-Gi-Oh! Monster memory challenge and two music videos from the “Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie” soundtrack. In addition, a free Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card plus a mail-in offer for three more cards will be enclosed with each DVD and VHS as part of an exciting consumer promotion!

“Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie” will be available on full frame DVD format for $27.95 SRP and on VHS for $19.96 SRP.


“The perfect movie for all Yu-Gi-Oh! fans.” — Matthew and Melissa Tierney/Newsday

In the first-ever movie inspired by the popular Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game, comic books and TV series, heroic Yugi squares off against archrival Kaiba in an adventure even more dangerous when the virtual monsters in their cards become ferociously real…and when an old evil enters the fray. Who will win this ultimate showdown? The duels and strategies are unmatched! Whether you’re a novice duelist or a pro, you’ll want to watch and find out!

DVD ELEMENTS DVD features that will transport fans to a new dimension include: — Yu-Gi-Oh! Monster Challenge: Tests your memory. — Two music videos from the “Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie” soundtrack.

10-12-05—- MTAC Adds Lisa Furukawa Ray As Guest

MTAC Announces Fresh Face to the Anime Convention Scene
That’s right folks, the Middle Tennessee Anime Convention has announced the first guest for our 2005 gathering (April 1st – 3rd) – Lisa Furukawa Ray! MTAC is proud to welcome Lisa to her first ever performance at an anime convention. Her vocal and musical styling are unique to say the least and we’re confident our fellow anime fans will simply adore her. Lisa is currently preparing to release her second album, “Pearl Diver”, which features a dozen tracks composed in both Japanese and English. To learn more about her, visit her website at http://www.lisa-ray.net. To check out the MTAC site (pre-registrations currently available) visit http://www.mtac.net.
See you in April!

10-12-04—- DMP To Host Worst Halo Tournament

From Digital Manga Publishing’s Isaac Lew comes word of a new Worst Manga Promotion involving a Halo Network Tournament. For full details please visit: http://www.dmpbooks.com/halo2_contest.

10-12-04—- New Yamato Appleseed – Berserk – Items

Appleseed Action Figures & Miniature Collectible Figures
Welcome to Olympus, a utopia of the future where humans and man-made hybrid machines co-exist for survival. But not all is peaceful, nor as it seems… Now, it is up to one woman to confront her past to save the future of the human race. From the creative mind of Masamune Shirow, author of Ghost in the Shell, comes the first feature length film adaptation of his manga masterpiece, Appleseed. Yamato USA is extremely proud to commemorate this event with highly detailed, highly articulated action figures and pre-posed miniature collectible figures drawn from the upcoming film.

Action figures include Appleseed’s heroine, Deunan, and her companion, Briareos. Standing between 6.25″ and 7.75″, each figure features 17 points of articulation including double jointed elbows and knees and come packaged in a clamshell with themed accessories. Standing at approximately 4”, the assortment of six miniature figures include the Gugess and Hitomi B, a figure previously released in Japan only with purchase of a movie ticket. Each figure comes blister packed with themed accessories and/or display base.

Berserk Miniature Collectible Figures, PVC Statues and Resin Pendants Berserk, Kentaro Miura’s tale of lost love and violent revenge set against the turmoil of a medieval world, is captivating fans around the world with its visions of fate and terror. For several years now, Yamato USA has been the exclusive supplier of official Berserk collectible figures to fans through out North and South America. Today, Yamato is pleased to announce the arrival of its latest installment of Berserk Miniature Figures, as well as the re-release of two popular fan favorites: the Kuri Puck PVC Statue Assortment and Beherit Pendants.

Standing at approximately 3”, the assortment of six miniature figures include two versions – Birth Feast and Silence – of Guts, the Blackswordsman; Femto; Silat; Boscone and a bust of Zodd. Each comes packaged in a clamshell with themed accessories and / or display stand. The Kuri Puck assortment features both an happy and an angry variant. Each comes with simulated wood base and chestnut bloom in blister packaging. Finally, the Beherit Pendant is a reproduction of the demonic stone from Kentaro’s manga epic. At 1.5″, the Beherit Pendant fits in the palm of the hand or hung around the neck with the included 12” strap. Comes in both a regular, no face version and tears version, both beautifully hand painted and packaged in a collector’s window box.

Noir Resin Statues Yumura Kirika’s past is a mystery to her. All she knows is a feeling of emptiness… and an unbelievable array of killing techniques. Together with Mireille Bouquet, they are two deadly assassins working in an uneasy partnership under the codename Noir. Now these two beautiful, but deadly, ladies can be yours in the form of handpainted resin statues. Standing around 13”, each comes with display base in closed box packaging.

10-11-04—- Exclusive: Puffy Ami Yumi To Bring In 2005 With Special CN Countdown

A Cartoon Network Representative announced Sunday at the Puffy AmiYumi concert in Hollywood, California that on New Years Eve, Puffy AmiYumi will be bringing in the new year. This will come via a special videotaped countdown that took place at the end of the concert and will be showing on Cartoon Network at just before the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve.


The Hollywood Reporter covers the Shintaro Katsu samurai movies from Animeigo.
– From Daniel comes some news of the BBC’s recent developments in Japan:
BBC Worldwide said Thursday it will debut its new BBC Japan channel on Dec. 1. The general entertainment channel is the second territory-based channel the pubcaster has launched after BBC America four years ago. BBC Japan will carry a mix of comedy, factual, entertainment and kids programming and is part of a bid by the BBC to boost its international brand profile. The English-language net will have Japanese subtitling on some shows. “Establishing our own BBC channel in Japan is a major step for us. Audiences there associate the BBC name with top quality television and the time has now come to offer them a channel where they can see such programming from the BBC every day,” said David Vine, BBC Worldwide MD Asia Pacific. Added Katsuhiko Waza, president of BBC Worldwide Japan Limited: “There is a high positive awareness of the BBC name in Japan. This reputation has paved the way for a channel dedicated to the best of the BBC.”
Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Newsweek has an update on the animation industry boom in Singapore and Lucasfilm’s recent move.
– Pittsburgh’s Post Gazette talks about Tuesday night’s induction ceremony for the five newest members of the Robot Hall of Fame will kick off three days of activities celebrating the 25th anniversary of Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Institute (www.ri.cmu.edu). ASIMO, the walking humanoid robot developed by Honda Corp., will be inducted tomorrow night, along with SRI International’s Shakey, the first mobile robot. Three fictional robots also be inducted: Astro Boy, a Japanese animation of a robot with a soul; Robby the Robot, featured in the 1956 sci-fi movie “Forbidden Planet,” and C-3PO, the golden humanoid of the Star Wars movies.
Japan Today has an article on a group of local assembly members who have protested publisher, Shueisha Inc and Hiroshi Motomiya who wrote the manga “Kuni Ga Moeru” which is carried in Weekly Young Jump, saying that the manga presents the Nanjing Massacre “as if it was the truth.” The group sent a protest letter to Shueisha on Tuesday, claiming there is strong evidence that the Nanjing Massacre did not happen and no proof that it did.
Japan Today reviews Kodansha’s book “Draw Your Own Manga: Beyond The Basics”. The article mentions the series is the textbook of choice at Tokyo Animation College — the leading school for manga artists in Japan.
G4TechTV has published screenshots of Last Exile which will premiere on “Anime Unleashed” March 8, 2003, at 10 p.m. Eastern, and a 13-episode marathon on Sunday, March 14.
The Mainichi has a piece on five people who have been arrested in Toyama for selling pirated DVD copies of Dragonball and Doraemon on the Internet in two separate incidents, prefectural police said.
– The official website for the new game Robotech Invasion has launched courtesy publisher, Global Star Software.
The Houston Chronicle profiles music composer Jeff Walton who has done work for the Anime Network.
– Interesting piece on niche television program marketing over the weekend in the Chicago Tribune. The revival of the program Farscape is examined and Philip Swann, CEO of the consulting firm TV Predictions and author of “Television Dot Com: The Future of Interactive Television” makes an interesting segway comment on the possible future of anime. “If there’s strong niche interest in a show, there’s the potential of doing an on-demand version of it, depending on the cost of production,” Swann says. “Let’s say there’s an anime [Japanese animation] show that doesn’t have network numbers, but 100,000 people would watch it 24 hours a day if they could. Put that on on-demand, and you’ll make money.” The Nebraskan article goes on to mention: In the digital future, experts say, niche shows may only need the support of a core of 50,000 committed fans, as opposed to millions of Nielsen viewers. That brave new world of expanded cable and broadband offerings will “give new life to shows that didn’t quite make it on network TV and also give life to shows that never would have even made it to a network,” Swann says.
– Israel’s Ha’aretz reports on cureent buzz surrounding The Game On game exhibit in Tel Aviv. The exhibit, which will be on display until January in a huge white tent in the Eretz Israel Museum compound in Ramat Aviv, was set up through the joint initiative of the Barbican Centre in London and the National Museum of Scotland.
– Detroit Michigan’s South End has a large profile piece on Lupin III including series history and current success in America.
The Daily Nebraskan has a mainstream media viewpoint on the state’s first ever anime con in Lincoln. The article mentions AnimeNebrasKon (otakujinrui.kicks-ass.org/con), sponsored by UNL’s Otaku Jinrui club, was not without snags on Saturday and the con’s schedule was forced back 1 hour. Garnering the most attention in the exhibit hall was the showcase table ran by Cartoon Passion which featured anime videocassettes, figures, snacks and wall scrolls. Salesman Anthony Siu arrived in Lincoln from California the day before the event. The Tustin, Calif. company shipped seven 50-pound boxes of anime gear to UNL. Cartoon Passion’s sales at the event were quoted at around $3,000.
The Daily Texan talks of this weekend’s Linucon 2004 (www.linucon.org): Austin’s first festival devoted to Linux, sci-fi and anime. According to the article, cosplayers were making a large showing there.

10-7-04—- Chiho Aoshima Piece Featured In Carnegie International Exhibition

Artnet has published an article on the installation of the 54th “Carnegie International” exhibition at the Carnegie Museum (www.cmoa.org) in Pittsburgh which opens Ocotber 9th. Museum curator, Laura Hoptman notes this year’s show is graced by a new work from Japanese artist Chiho Aoshima:
“…She is one of the youngest artists in the show. Her work uses an anime, manga vocabulary, and usually it reflects an anime world of young women who often comport themselves in manga and anime sorts or ways — sometimes sexy, sometimes violent, but all in good fun. She makes these big, big murals and most of them — all of them that I had seen — are fantasy worlds. They’re mostly these wonderful, sexy utopias with floating young girls in long dresses amid flowers. And they’re really beautiful as only highly decorative contemporary Japanese work can be. So we asked Chiho to make a new mural, and she said yes. And I gave her a 40-foot wall in front of the museum — not the first thing you see but almost. And I thought, this is going to be great. This beautiful utopia and these bright colors are going to be great as the opener for my exhibition. Anyway, about two weeks ago I got the pdf file of the mural that we’re getting and — it’s an apocalypse! It’s our war. It’s unbelievable. It never occurred to me that an artist who is interested in zombies and lizards and cherry blossoms would directly engage with our moment in this way. Well, 40 feet in front of the museum is a pretty big venue for a battle scene, so I was hesitant to put this in Pittsburgh’s collective public face.


The Japan Times reviews Yogen and Kansen: 2 films based on Koji Suzuki (The Ring) Novels.
– A Japanese language article link on last week’s Nintendo Animation pospects has can be accessed at The Nikkei here.
The Tufts Daily has a preview of an upcoming screening events open to the public and hosted by the MIT Anime Club:
This Friday, Oct. 8, the club will be showing “Jin-Roh,” or “The Wolf Brigade,” considered one of the best Japanese animated films.
– 2 upcoming local library events to mention. The Brookdale Library in Minnesota will host the folowing in October:
• Manga Mania! Manga artist Erik Lervold will teach characteristics and techniques of Japanese manga (comic book art). Kids and teens ages 10 through 16 are welcome. Participants will create their own manga characters. The workshop will be at 2 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 21. Registration is limited to 75 participants.
• Awesome Anime! At 2 p.m. Friday, Oct. 22 kids and teens ages 10 through 16 are invited to watch “Spirited Away,” an award-winning anime movie by director Hayao Miyazaki. Popcorn and pop will be served.

IGN reviews Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament for the Playstation 2.
Gigex reviews Robotech: Invasion for PS2.

10-07-04—- Score Teams With Bandai

Score Entertainment and Bandai America Inc today announced a partnership to promote the launch of Bandai’s newest Inuyasha game for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system. Consumers purchasing this RPG game will find an exclusive Inuyasha TCG promotional card inside while supplies last. Inuyasha: The Secret of the Cursed Mask(tm) will hit shelves November 1st.

Inuyasha is a feudal fairy tale in which a series of fascinating characters (including a variety of goblins and demons) appear in a vividly told story, which reveals the rich and complex inner personalities of the main characters. Explore the fascinating world of Inuyasha and encounter your favorite characters from the hit Cartoon Network TV series in this highly anticipated RPG by Bandai. Can you unravel the mystery of the Cursed Mask? For more info about Bandai’s RPG game visit www.bandaigames.com/games/inuyasha_scm.html

This limited promo card, Iron Reaver Soul Stealer, is from the first Inuyasha TCG set, Tetsusaiga, which premiers on October 20th. Tetsusaiga is a booster only release featuring borderless cards, traditional Japanese-style design, and 263 cards. This TCG balances easy-to-learn game play with intricate strategy. For more details on the Inuyasha TCG please visit, www.InuyashaTCG.com

10-7-04—- Asian Cinema At AFI

Major thanks to Daniel for passing along some inside word that The Official AFI Website states that Zhang Yimou’s House of Flying Daggers will premiere at the Los Angeles international festival. Of interest is that a rep for AFI said at this link that Andy Lau, Takeshi Kaneshiro and Zhang Zhiyi will host the premiere. Andy Lau will also be hosting the Infernal Affairs trilogy, the first of which was given a limited release by Miramax and is being re-made into a film by Martin Scorcese. In addition, the upcoming Thai action film Ong Bak will premiere there, ideally the non-edited version from Luc Besson. Unfortunately, the official list at Yahoo News makes no mention of any anime screenings at the present time.

10-6-04—- Lady Death Film Ranks High On Anime Charts

In its first days of release, Lady Death: The Motion Picture, the original animated production from ADV Films, has shot to the top of the Best Seller list of Amazon.com for anime. In production for over three years, the tale of a young woman’s betrayal by, and ultimately conquest of, the arch-demon Lucifer, marks the first adaptation of an American comic book character by North America’s largest producer and distributor of Japanese animation. “ADV has always believed in Lady Death as the ultimate bad girl, so we are very excited to see that fans agree,” say John Ledford, President and co-founder of ADV Films. “This show is as dark, violent and beautiful as its title character, making it ideal for screening at Halloween parties where the kids aren’t invited.”

“Producing a project as epic as Lady Death was a big change for ADV,” adds ADV co-founder, Matt Greenfield, “But we’ve always been in agreement with creator Brian Pulido that this story and character were much bigger than what the motionless medium of comic-book art could ever portray. Lady Death has a unique and different look from anything ADV has released before, and I think the whole production team deserves applause for bringing this project to fruition.” Lady Death: The Motion Picture was officially released nationwide on Tuesday, October 5th.

LADY DEATH: THE MOTION PICTURE Volume: 1 of 1 Running Time: 80 minutes Age Rating: 17+ CAT: DLD/001 UPC: 702727054723 Pre-Book Date: 9/7/04 Street Date: 10/5/04 Format: DVD SRP: $29.98

10-6-04—- Creator Of Karaoke Honored

Asahi News reports 64-year-old Daisuke Inoue, an inventor living in Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture, has been awarded the Ig Nobel Prize for Peace (http://www.improb.com/ig/ig-top.html). Is contribution is cited as bringing karaoke to the world. The award was handed out at a ceremony held at Harvard University. Past Japanese winners include the inventor of Bow Lingual. Inoue was said to have made an original dozen karaoke machines, leasing them to bars in 1971.


Canada.com profiles anime voice actress, Rebecca Shoichet.
The Christian Science Monitor has an in-depth piece from Tokyo on Hello Kitty at 30.
The Malaysia Star is carrying a piece on one fanatic of anime and manga in the Southeast Asian nation.
– Courtesy Daniel, Geneon has posted press for Onmyoji 2 here.
– A preview for the I.G.-animated Prince of Tennis film can be seen at http://www.tenipuri.com/main.html.

10-6-04—- Appleseed To Open Waterloo Animation Festival

The Waterloo Festival for Animated Cinema has passed word on to ANS that the sci-fi anime feature film Appleseed will be the opening film of the 2004 Festival. Set in the year 2131 A.D., a non-nuclear war has left the Earth barren, and Deunan Knute, a female warrior, roams the Badlands, one of the many soldiers who continue to fight, unaware that the war has ended. One day, a mysterious assault force subdues and captures her for unknown reasons. She wakes up in a shining city named Olympus to the voice of an old lover who she had thought was dead. But, there is a dark side to utopia, and soon she is thrust into events that will force her to judge whether Olympus is a dream or a nightmare… and she must face her tortured past, overcome the disorienting present, and battle for the future of humanity.

The film features revolutionary new technology incorporating motion capture and new full 3D CG cel rendering to achieve its relentless, dynamic visuals. The “3D Live Anime” style combines the precision of computer graphics and the soul of cel animation, puppetry, and the meticulous composition and staging of live theatre. The results are truly stunning. Appleseed will be screening October 27th, 2004 at the Galaxy Cinemas at Conestoga, 550 King Street North, Waterloo, Canada at 17:00 and 19:30. Tickets and festival passes are available online from the festival web site at http://www.wfac.ca. The screenings of Appleseed are sponsored by Gemini.

10-6-04—- Waterloo Festival Of Animation

The Waterloo Festival for Animated Cinema has released details of it’s 2004 programme to ANS. The 2004 Festival will be opening with the North American premiere of eagerly anticipated anime sci-fi thriller Appleseed, created by Ghost in the Shell author Shirow Masamune. Set in the year 2131 A.D., a non-nuclear war has left the Earth barren, and much of the population is robotic. One last bastion of civilisation remains, and a female warrior will have to battle a conspiracy in order to save what is left of humanity.

Also headlining the festival selection is another anime sci-fi thriller of a completely different style: Steamboy, the triumphant return of Otomo Katsuhiro (creator of Akira) to the director’s chair. The most expensive animated feature film ever made in Japan, Steamboy is a visual spectacle. Set in a steampunk version of our 19th century, a young man inherits an invention that could change the course of history.

Also featured at the 2004 Festival is Japan’s Malice@Doll, a dark look at a robot who is given the gift of humanity – a gift she might not want. Finally, the Festival offers a Tidbits programme of films made by independent animators – often a single animator – who are challenging the commonly accepted limits of what a single artist can create. From Japan comes a collection of independent anime, including the world premiere of Kakurenbo, a visually stunning film steeped with Japanese mythos. Creators Morita Shuhei and Sajiki Daisuke will be on hand to present the film to the audience. Also featured is the U.S. film Kaze the Shadow Warrior, which employs cutting-edge techniques for facial expression animation.

The 2004 Festival runs from October 27th through the 30th, 2004 in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Tickets and admissions are available online at the Festival web site, and may also be purchased at the door. For more information, please visit: http://www.wfac.ca.

10-5-04—- Del-Ray Manga News

Random House’s Del Ray Manga devision has announced new shoujo manga acquisitions including Othello, by Satomi Ikezawa, and The Wallflower by Tomoko Hayawasa. Satomi Ikezawa is winner of the Kodansha Manga of the Year Award for the romantic comedy, Guru Guru Pon-chan. Othello is described as a classic tale of retribution, as shy Yaya unleashes her butt-kicking alternate personality, Nana, whenever she is bullied. Translation is to be handled by William Flanagan, formerly managing editor of Animerica Extra.

The Wallflower is described as a hilarious comedy about Sunako, a horror-obsessed high-schooler who mostly keeps to herself. Her aunt has other plans for her, however. She’s offering rooms in her boarding house to four gorgeous boys with the promise of free rent–but only if they can turn Sunako from a shy hermit into a beautiful lady. The Wallflower was originally published in Japan under the title Yamatonadeshiko Shichihenge. The Wallflower is being translated by David Ury, who has written both Japanese and American sketch comedy.

10-5-04—- Utada’s Exodus Released In USA

Japanese Pop-Idol, Hikaru Utada, made her American Album debut on Oct. 5th via Island Record’s release of Exodus. Many see the all English Language record as being a crucial factor in determining whether J-pop can make a breakthrough in winning worldwide popularity. Japan Today has analysis of the release in a feature article today and the official Island American website for Utada can be accessed here.

10-5-04—- ADV Films – Geneon – FUNimation Team Up

CANNES, FRANCE October 5, 2004 – The three largest producers and distributors of Anime in America – ADV Films, Inc., Funimation Productions LTD and Geneon Entertainment (USA) Inc. – announced plans to form a joint venture for the development and marketing of Anime. The announcement was made here today at MIPCOM by John Ledford, CEO and President, ADV Films, Kevin Corcoran, Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer, ADV Films; Gen Fukunaga, President, Funimation Productions LTD, Daniel Cocanougher, Vice President; Funimation Productions LTD; Yosuke Kobayashi, President and CEO, Geneon Entertainment (USA) Inc. and Hideki Goto, Vice President, Business Development, Geneon Entertainment (USA) Inc.

The new joint venture will focus on developing high quality entertainment series primarily targeted to children and young adults, where the team can best maximize their respective resources, talent and expertise. The synergy of these companies is impressive as together they reach 70 percent of the Anime home video market in the United States.

10-5-04—- Gundam F91 Chicago Date

Mobile Suit Gundam F91 set to open in Chicago on 10/22
AMC River East
322 East Illinois Street
Chicago, IL. 60611
312 596 0333

10-5-04—- October Breakout Month For eigoMANGA’s Rumble Pack

October Is The Break-Out Month For eigoMANGA’s Comic Book Series, RUMBLE PAK! San Francisco, CA: October is the break-out month for eigoMANGA’s flagship anthology series, RUMBLE PAK. It is a comic book publication comprising of original, Japanese-influenced comics (or manga) created by American artists, RUMBLE PAK has received industry-wide acclaim and has developed an underground fan following throughout and beyond California. October is the month for RUMBLE PAK to let fans nationwide know that it’s an emerging player in the US manga publishing market.

eigoMANGA will re-release Issue #1 of RUMBLE PAK to be offered for sale in Barnes & Noble, Media Play, and Tower Records stores nationwide, while expanding the title’s reach to include independent bookstores throughout Canada. It will appear on magazine shelves on October 15, 2004. eigoMANGA’s television program on ANIME MIX will feature original cartoons and animated shorts based off the comics featured in RUMBLE PAK as well as behind-the-scene footage of the artists of RUMBLE PAK.

eigoMANGA will also begin producing a RUMBLE PAK commerical which will air in select television markets through Comcast within the month of October. The San Jose Art Museum will continue its exhibition of “Art of the Zines,” featuring RUMBLE PAK Issue #1. The exhibit will run until the month of October. eigoMANGA is producing an anime concert and youth rally called RUMBLE INVASION inside a Tower Records store in San Mateo, CA on October 23, 2004. RUMBLE INVASION will also coincide with the mainstream release of RUMBLE PAK. And eigoMANGA is will be appearing in three anime conventions promoting RUMBLE PAK during the month of October. Metreon Festival of Anime in San Francisco, CA on October 10, 2004, Oni-Con in Houston, Texas during the weekend of October 23, 2004, and Yaio Con in San Francisco, CA during the weekend of October 29, 2004.

10-5-04—- Koch Vision To Release Galaxy Rangers To DVD

Koch Vision has announced the DVD debut of the 65 episode Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers TV series which originally was broadcast in the USA in 1986. Volumes 1-2 are slated for release on October 5th at a $14.98 retail. According to Koch, the DVD is completely restored and re-mastered with special features, including supplmental animation by TMS. Also planned is an extensive 2005 brand rollout, which will include publishing, apparel and an official site launch in October. Produced and created by Robert Mandell, director of F/X (1986) and the pilot episode of The X-Files (1993), the series begins 2086 where two peaceful aliens journey to Earth seeking help. In return for Earth’s assistance, the aliens share the plans for the planet’s first hyperdrive, allowing mankind to open the doors to the stars. With hyperdrive in hand, a team of unique individuals is assembled to protect Earth and its allies. These courageous pioneers — committed to the highest ideals of justice — set out to preserve law and order across the new frontier. The animation was done in Japan by famed Tokyo Movie Shinsa and was one of the first anime-style shows to be created, storyboarded, voiced and produced in the United States.

From this concept, The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers began airing in September 1986 as a series of sixty-five 30-minute cartoons, running five days a week. Combining elements of Westerns, space opera, and a sword-and-sorcery style of fantasy, it also offered a well-developed plotline and characters that pushed the boundaries of children’s programming. The stars were four unusual law enforcement officers, working to bring law and order to the new frontier of space. The last show aired in December 1986. Since then, The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers has reached cult status, sparking a loyal following since the show went off the air.


Game Industry talks about Birtish developer Revolution Software who has announced that it has signed a distribution deal in Japan for its recent adventure title, Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon. Of note is the localization of the title for the Japanese market: “In order to appeal to the market, the promotional materials and box art for the game have been redesigned in manga style, which should hopefully make the game sit better on the shelves of Akihabara.
India’s New Kerala asks the question “what will the future human face look like” and finds some surprising answers in a new exhibition at London’s Science Museum titled Future Face. The exhibit looks at the widespread use of digital enhancement to “improve” faces in photos and the implications of this technology for society. According to The Future Face curator Professor Sandra Kemp: “ We are subtlely being conditioned by the digital face and heading towards a face which no human being could have been born with. This face is smooth and narrow, with a small jaw, big lips and manga Japanese eyes for the females,” she said.
Gamespot reveals the current issue of the weekly Shonen Jump magazine in Japan mentiond a game called Jump Super Stars has been revealed to be in development for the Nintendo DS. Although the game’s genre is not yet known, it will feature a cast of characters culled from the pages of the magazine, including the eponymous hero of the popular Naruto series. GS goes further by stating: “A monthly American edition of Shonen Jump premiered in November 2002. Its popularity could mean a US release for Jump Super Stars, perhaps in a modified version that features the Shonen Jump manga currently running in the US edition of the magazine.”
About.com interviews Lucy Liu on her role in Kill Bill and inquires to her opinion on her character’s anime representation..
South Florida’s Sun Sentinel explores the growing popularity of Karate and Anime films in the USA and makes the following observation: “Some say anime films will be the hottest category in film for at least the next five years.
CableWorld has posted an interview with The International Channel’s Steve Smith who talks about future network plans which involve expanding into Asian pop culture content on the air as well as bolstering their offerings online: …”CW: What do envision putting up on the site?
Smith: Probably the first things would be Japanese anime, pop music shows. Right now we’re creating a Japanese pop music show and Korean pop music show and also a more broad Asian pop music show. That’s perfect. In a PC environment people are looking for more short-form content. So, music videos lend themselves extremely well to a PC environment; and then eventually some half-hour drama.

The Corvallis Gazette Times of Oregon interviews fans at a local gaming convetion who worry on the possibility of Anime going mainstream.
The Amarillo Globe News finds further evidence of Anime’s success with the female demographic in an article on the success of a local comic shop in the American state of Texas:
Japanese Anime cartoons are a big hit with young girls, McCommon said, because women often play strong character roles in the colorfully animated features.
– Event details courtesy Louisiana’s WBRZ:
Art exhibit: Anime pictures — the Japanese cartoon art form — created by Shantel Alexis Sibley of Springfield are on exhibit at the parish library in Livingston through Oct. 15. The library is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays, and 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturdays.
Spong in the UK reports on Microsoft’s latest X-Box Push in Japan and notes …“Although the Xbox lacks the anime franchises and RPGs that would have promoted the console’s popularity; the recent unveiling of the official Japanese Xbox Arcade website is a poignant reminder that there is plenty of appeal still to work with. “
– First hinted at last week, Mac Animation Pro has a full writeup on yu + co’s menu animation creations for The Anime Network.
– Konami has announced a Prince Of Tennis title forthcoming to the Nintendo DS. Based on the popular manga POT has already spawned an anime series on television, a stage musical, and more than a dozen video game versions. No release date has been announced, although the title would suggest a release next year.

10-5-04—- Digital Manga Publishing Announces New Titles

Digital Manga Publishing has announced preliminary details on 3 new manga acquisitions: Tenka Musou, Cafe Kichijouji de, and Seiyou Kotto Yougashiten.

10-5-04—- Yuricon Announces 2005 Event In Tokyo

Yuricon, a celebration of shoujoai and yuri in anime and manga, is bringing yuri back home with the Yuri Revolution event in Tokyo Japan!

On April 12-17, 2005, Yuricon will be sponsoring mini-tours and shopping trips around Tokyo, followed by the first all-yuri event to ever be held in Japan! Join us as we meet Japanese yuri fans, and well-known yuri artists in the Shinjuku Nichoume. Bring art to display in our exhibition space, all the Japanese you can manage to make new friends and your singing voice, as we karaoke the night away.

For more information on the Yuri Revolution event, or Yuricon, email us at yuricon@hotmail.com or visit our web site at http://www.yuricon.org


– 2 Articles On Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence from the University Daily Kansan. The first is an interview with Director Mamoru Oshii. The second is a review of the film itself.