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October 3-7 Anime News

10-7-99—- Seiyuu News

Yuko Miyamura will release a new Singles Collection album Dec. 1st, listing for 3,045 Yen.

Houko Kuwashima’s new single “Toki Hanate”, is scheduled for release November 10th, selling for 1,020 Yen. The title track is featured as the opening theme song to the new Blue Gender anime series airing on TBS in which Ms. Kuwashima provides voice for the character Joey. The B-Side track “Aiga Oshiete Kureta” is featured as the ending theme to the series. Ms. Kuwashima also has an upcoming release relating to the Kaitou Ranma OVA series, in which she plays Koishikawa Sana, out Jan. 28th.

10-7-99—- Major Anime Spread To Appear In TIME

A “major” feature on Anime is expected to appear within the next two weeks in the American TIME Magazine. The feature is to come out just in time for the nationwide release of Princess Mononoke, and is to center around the films world famous dirrector Hayao Miyazaki. It’s rumored that TIME had a chance to conduct a 1 on 1 interview with Mr. Miyazaki during his recent travels in Norh America. Helen McCarthy, author of the recently released, and incredibly well put together filmography/biography on Mr. Miyazaki: Hayao Miyazaki: Master of Japanese Animation is also expecrted to be interviewed by TIME.

10-7-99—- Media Blasters Acquires Rurouni Kenshin

Word is coming out of the East Coast Video Show, being held in Atlantic City that Media Blasters has acquired the Rurouni Kenshin TV series and possibly the OAV’s and Movie as well. A more formal announcement is to be made at AWA. More details to come.

10-7-99—- Seikai No Monsho

Bandai Visual is currently set to release a new PSX game based on the Star Emblem (Seikai No Monsho) Anime this spring. Star Emblem is a recent 13 episode sci-fi television series that ran on the WOWOW broadcast satellite channel earlier this year from Jan.- March. Directed by Yasuchika Nagaoka (New Cutey Honey OAV series), and featuring the voice talent of Yuka Imai, the anime itself is based on a series of science fiction novels by Shibue Morioka. The story chronicles a distant future where the planet Martin is invaded by the Arv, a group that is on its way to establishing a galactic empire. Martin becomes an Arv colony, governed by an Arv, Lock Lin. Seven years pass and Lock’s son, Jinto Lin, convinces his friend Count Hyde to get him a commission in the military, however, Jinto is not at all interested in a military life, he needs to hitch a ride on a space vessel so he can meet the granddaughter of Arv Emperor Rafil. The series is very well written, with excellent character designs. Seikai No Monsho is currently available on LD and in Japan, hopefully it will be licensed in the U.S. soon.
For more info visit Sunrise’s Seikai No Monsho hompeage here (Japanese).

10-7-99—- American Pokemon English Dub To Air In Japan

The American English dub of the Pokemon TV series will start airing in Japan later this month. To be called “Pocket Monsters Encore”, it will air Tuesdays on TV-Tokyo starting Oct. 19, its SAP (Second Audio Progaram) audio channel will provide the English dub audio track along with a newly added “Memo on Pokemon’s English conversation”. The Japanese Ministry of Education has reportededly voiced some interest in the billingual version.

Source: Anime Scene

10-7-99—- Anime / Manga Gaming

The Osaka District Court ruled today that the sale of second hand computer game software illegal.

To fill the 10,000 seats at The Square Millennium Private Show in Yokohama on Nov. 23 Square will draw to give out tickets from those who submitted a ticket application. the Application will be included in upcoming Square titles. Major announcements are expected at the show, including the next Final Fantasy game.

The Final Fantasy VIII Orchestra CD Sountrack is out in Japan on Nov. 21.

Bandai Visual is working on a new PSX adventure / war strategy title based on the Star Emblem anime produced by Sunrise. The game is divided into adventure and strategy modes, in adventure mode, you collect information and choose how the story proceeds, when you encounter enemies, the game switches into war strategy mode. The game is expected out in Japan next spring.

Sega will release Godzilla Generations Maximum Impact for DC in Japan this December, the sequel to their previous Godzila title. In the game you have to defeat the boss or complete certain tasks to finish the missions. There will be twice as many Godzilla types, the graphics and visuals have been imprioved.

Koei is working on a new Gameboy card battle game based on the characters of the Angelique series, called SweetAnge. This game will support the Pocket Printer, enable you to print out the cards, you can also exchange the cards with your friend using the link cable. The game is expected out in Japan in Dec.

10-7-99—- Anime In The Manistream Media

Anime has popped up in a few other American mainstream media Sources lately. The current October 18 issue of Forbes Business Magazine includes a short article on anime and manga entitled “Anime Opens on Main Street”. The article talks about the Pokemon craze, Mononoke, others and has a picture from the new Vampire Hunter D Movie. There’s also a story on Pokemon that’s expected to air on the CBS Evening News Tonight.

10-6-99—- You’re Under Arrest The Movie

You’re Under Arrest The Movie is slated for release on LD and DVD in Japan on Nov. 25th. The Movie set one year after the TV series ending, Natsumi and Miyuki’s have matured slightly and the story more serious than before. The story begins when Natsumi and Miyuki return to Bokuto precinct after one year of training at Police HQ. Traffic lights around the city are apparently malfunctioning and causing traffic inncidents. They discover a mysterious diskette, confiscated in a smuggling case, connecting it to the this to the traffic light mystery. The disk also contains a threat about the Sakura bridge being blown up. Who is the terrorist behind this latest case? Will Natsumi and Miyuki be able to stop him before his next strike? The Movie’s animation has been described as top notch, especailly during the many chase scenes. A special DTS sound version of the film will be released on DVD.

Taiho Shichauzo The Movie Tune Up Box |LD| 11550 Yen| Out: 11/25/1999
CAV in box. Contains trailers and spots+24-page booklet, 90 mins.

Taiho Shichauzo The Movie |DVD| 11550 Yen| Out: 11/25/1999
Contains trailers and spots+24-page booklet, 90 mins.

Taiho Shichauzo The Movie DTS Sound Edition |DVD| 13650 Yen| Out: 11/25/1999
Contains special dts edition, trailers and spots+24-page booklet, 90 mins.

10-6-99—- Godzilla 2000 Update

Toho’s Godzilla 2000 is currently being shot at the company’s studio in Seijo, Tokyo, when completed it will be 23rd Godzilla film and the first Japanese Godzilla feature in four years. G2K’s producer, Shogo Tomiyama recently said that the visual goal of the film is recreating the original Godzilla of 1954, with enhancements such as a larger mouth, dorsal fins twice the size of the originals and more rugged skin. Godzilla’s new height in the upcoming film is fixed at 55 meters to match the uniform number of Yomiuri Giants outfielder Hideki Matsui, whose nickname is “Godzilla.”

10-6-99—- More On SPEED’s Breakup

At yesterday’s press conference the four members that make up the pop idol group SPEED said that the time had come for them to go their separate ways and pursue individual careers, some have stated interest in studying acting in America, others will start solo singing careers, others will continue their education. However, they have pledged to continue to support each other. The group is currently recording its last album and will be performing at four major domes around Japan in November and December. In just three years, the band’s 10 singles and three albums have racked up sales of more than 20 million. The group is to officially disband March 31, 2000.

10-6-99—- St. Paul Ghibli Film Festival

Asian Media Access is set to present the Asian Children’s Film Festival: A Retrospective of the Legendary Studio Ghibli: The Magic of Miyazaki, Takahata, and Kondo.The festival runs from Oct. 22-24th at the Metropolitan State University Auditorium in St. Paul, Minnesota and will feature Princess Mononoke. Here’s the planned schedule

Oct. 22
5:00pm Laputa Castle in the Sky
7:10pm Princess Mononoke
9:30pm Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
Oct. 23
12:30pm My Neighbor Totoro
2:10pm Kiki’s Delivery Service
4:10pm Porco Rosso
6:20pm Pom Poko
8:40pm Castle in the Sky

Halloween Carnival — Asian Style: a whole-day children activities are presented accompanying film showings, such as: Halloween costume contest, Asian ghost-story telling, origami, kite, etc.

Oct. 24
12:30pm Grave of the Fireflies
02:10pm Porco Rosso
04:30pm Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
06:40pm Only Yesterday
08:50pm Whisper of the Heart

For more info, check out the festival’s website here.

10-6-99—- Manga Museums

As previously mentioned with Kichijouji district in Tokyo, towns across Japan are trying to come up with ways of stimulating their local economies by enticing visitors to their towns. Recently, many have incorporated popular anime and manga, with the assitance of their local authors in revitalization efforts. Kawakami, a town in Okayama Prefecture hosts a manga museum which opened in 1994, in it you can find many 1st issues of rare manga, including Tetsuwan Atom and Tetsujin 28 from decades past on display. Kawakami sponsors a manga contest as well. Both endeavors are bringing impressive results.

The city of Takarazuka, Hyogo Prefecture, operates a museum dedicated to Osamu Tezuka, creator of Tetsuwan Atom, and recognized by many to be the founder of modern day Manga. Daiei, Tottori Prefecture, home to Meitantei Conan author Gosho Aoyama, has a project underway to create a Conan Avenue. Daiei included a printed image of Conan on municipal shopping coupons distributed nationwide in March of 1999. The town received so many inquiries about these coupons that it has issued imitations.

Other Anime / Manga museums are curently in the works, the most famous perhaps is the Studio Ghibli Museum, being built in Inokashira Park in Tokyo. Another, expected to open in 2002 is being built in honor of Shotaro Ishinomori in Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture. Shizuoka Prefecture has submitted a plan to the city government for a museum that would honor the Chibimaruko-chan anime and manga.

10-6-99—- U.S. Pokemon Movie Out On Video In Japan Nov. 13th

While the Pokemon movie is out in theaters nationwide in the U.S. Nov. 12th, a special “U.S. Version” of the Pokemon Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back is slated for release on video in Japan, on Nov. 13th for 5040 Yen. The release features a complete version of the film, Containing the renewed U.S. version with extra CGI footage, plus extra features consisting of “The Birth of Mewtwo”, which aired on July 8th, and “Satoshi No Tabidachi Hen”. It also includes U.S. trailers and a replica of the poster used for U.S. release and production notes. It’s currently unknown if this version is conatins the same English Dubbed soundtrack as the Warner Brothers release or a Japanese soundtrack (If it is the Warner Brothers dub, due to the present extreme popularity of Pokemon in the U.S., this release would be a brilliant marketing move and could possibly rank as one of the most imported Japanese videos ever.).

10-6-99—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Chrono Cross will feature a new battle command called Erumento (Elemental), allowing you to use magic, items and techniques together during battles. A fatigue factor is present, affecting the character’s battle power, if you continuously using element attacks in the battle, they may not be able to attack due to fatigue and have to rest for a few rounds to regain strength. There are over 40 characters that will be able join your team, they include: Korcha, Jyakoto, Slash, Pierre, Miki, Tumalu. Villains include: Karsh, Marcella, Tukuvomi, Lutramia and Gvaoarun.

According to sales figures, Final Fantasy VIII has been the #1 best selling title for the past 3 weeks, first week sales accounted for 25% of total PS titles sold.

In a recent interview with Capcom’s Mr. Okamoto (creator of Biohazard), Okamoto-sensei stated that in his experience, the PSX 2’s 3D performance is approximately 15 times the power of Dreamcast, currently they are only using 1 / 15 of the power in the demos of Onimusha shown at the Tokyo Game Show. It will require time to master the performance of PS2, as development progresses we will eventually see the true power of the machine.

Bandai has announced that they are bringing the Japanese DC shooter Gundam Side Story: 0079 to US by the end of the year.

Capcom has sold over 1 million copies of BioHazard 3 for the first week of release in Japan.

ASCII’s internet drama e-sekai has proven to be a great success in Japan, on the first day of its launch on October 1, over 1.7 million visitors have accessed the first scenario of the drama Bird Cage of Gurauen from their website.

10-5-99—- SPEED’s Breakup Official

Pop idol group, SPEED, announced at a press conference on Tuesday that the group will disband on March 31, 2000, confirming earlier reports. The 4 Okinawa teens making up the group: Hitoe Arakaki, 18, Takako Uehara, 16, Eriko Imai, 16, and Hiroko Shimabukuro, 15 made their debut in 1996 with their single, BODY&SOUL, which was followed by other hits, STEADY and Go! Go! Heaven.

10-5-99—- J-Pop / Seiyuu News

Megumi Hayashibara’s 9th album, Fuwari, is scheduled for release the 27th selling for 3,059 yen. 1st pressings are to be packaged in a cover box-casing, including a 56-page photo booklet. Also look for her new single, Buusuka! Buusuka!, including the title track to be featured as the theme to the new anime TV series of the same name. Look for it Nov. 26 (1,020 yen).

The Gate Keepers Vocal Album is Scheduled for release Dec. 1st (3,059 yen), the album features a collection of character themes included in the upcoming Gate Keepers PSX RPG. Songs are performed by Iwao Junko, Inoue Kikuko, and Iizuka Mayumi. The album features a total of 9 vocal tracks produced by composer Tanaka Kouhei, whose previous works include Sakura Wars, MS Gundam 08th Team OVA and many others.

10-5-99—- First Pokemon Series To End

In Japan, the first Pokemon series will be coming to an end later this month. The second series, Pokemon Gold, is set to start Dec. Ash, Misty, and Gary are likely to return, however most of the Pokemon to be featured are new, and will correspond with the new characters Pokemon in the forthcoming Gold and Silver games. It’s rumored that the new series will feature the characters grown up, or perhaps be an alternate universe story.

10-5-99—- Upcoming Seiyuu Concerts

Shiawase Croissant’s First Live concert will take place 12/19 at Shibuya Eggman. Tickets are 3000 yen and go on sale 10/23.

10-5-99—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Final Fantasy Anthology for PSX is expected out in the U.S. Oct. 6th, the disc will include FFV (previously not released in the U.S.) and FFVI. Square has added sketches, stills, full-motion animation, and other extras. The Anthology includes a collector’s CD, with sountrack outtakes from both gammes as well as the the added artwork.

In the upcoming Pocket Monsters Gold & Silver the player starts the game with the 3 new Pokemon. The first is an anteater fire type Pokemon; the second is a water Pokemon which looks like an alligator, it uses its strong teeth and tail to attack; and the third one is a grass Pokemon with a large piece of leaf over its head. Both games will run in real time, there will be a built-in clock / timer in the cartridge, certain Pokemons will only appear in a certain time zone, and some special Pokemon League competition or events will only take place in certain days. Pocket Monster Gold & Silver are out in Japan on Nov. 21, for 3800 yen.

10-5-99—- SPEED To Disband

Japanese entertainment industry sources have passed word to several media outlets today that the popular teenage singing group SPEED is expected to break up.

10-5-99—- October Import Listings

Here are the Laserdisc and DVD Anime releases expected out this month in Japan:
(All prices listed in Yen)

Neo Ranga TV Vol 9 5,800
Vanny Knights LD Box 1 25,000
Tokimeki Memorial OVA Vol 2 6,476
Kareshi Kanojo No Jijo TV V7 3,700
Ah! My Goddess TV Vol 6 5,800
Arc the Lad TV Vol 4 6,000
Arc the Lad TV Vol 5 6,000
Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 #10 5,800
Galaxy Express 999 Memorial 5,800
Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne TV #1 5,500
Lupin III Fujiko’s Unlucky Day 7,800
Master Keaton File 5 7,800
Mamotte Shugo Getten #4 6,500
Gokudou-kun TV Act 4 6,600
Kakyusei Vol 2 TV Show 5,800
Nadesico The Movie Ltd 7,500
Starship Girl Yamamoto TV #2 5,600
To Heart TV Anime Vol 5 5,800
A.D. Police Action 4 5,800 Release Date:
Angel Links TV Vol 2 3,800
Card Captor Sakura TV V 11 6,800
Eden’s Bowy TV #3 6,000
Jyubei-chan TV Vol 4 6,000
Maho Tsukai Tai! TV #1 3,800
Power Stone TV Anime #2 7,800
Space Homeworld ABH TV #5 5,000
Stellar Buster Adv of Mito V6 3,800
Tenamonya Voyagers OVA #3 5,800
Tenshi ni Narumon! TV 3 6,000
You’re Under Arrest #4 4,500

Princess Nine TV #3 5,800
Ah My Goddess TV #6 5,800
Android Ana Maico 2010 V5 5,800
Neo Ranga Vol 7 TV 5,800
Arc the Lad TV Vol 4 6,000
Arc the Lad TV Vol 5 6,000
Betterman TV Vol 3 5,800
Trigun D-1 TV 6,800
Dual! Parare Run Run Vision 5 5,800
Gokudou-kun TV Act 4 6,600
Kakyusei Elf Version 5,800
Nadesico The Movie 7,500
Orguss TV Vol 3 5,800
Orguss TV Vol 4 5,800
Starship Girl Yamamoto #2 5,600
To Heart TV Anime Vol 5 5,800
Vanny Knights Box 1 25,000
AD Police Action #4 5,800
Angel Links TV Vol 2 5,000
Card Captor Sakura Vol 11 6,800
Card Captor Sakura Vol 2 6,800
Eat-Man ’98 TV Vol 7 4,800
Eden’s Bowy TV #3 6,000
Jubei-chan Vol 4 TV 6,000
Maho Tsukai Tai! TV Vol 1 3,800
Maho Tsukai Tai! TV Vol 2 6,000
Power Stone TV Vol 2 7,800
Record Lodoss War TV Box 2 24,800
Shin-Hakkenden #3 6,800
Space Homeworld of Abh TV #5 5,000
Tenamonya Voyagers OVA 3 5,800
Tenshi ni Narumon! TV #3 6,000
You’re Under Arrest #4 4,500

10-4-99—- Baby Spice Song To Be Featured In Pokemon Movie

The Warner Brothers released Pokemon Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back (Out Nov. 12th) will feature a song performed Emma Bunton (a.k.a. Baby Spice).

10-4-99—- Neil Gaiman Interview

Another Universe has conducted an intriguing interview with Neil Gaiman, who has written the English script for Miramax’s release of Princess Mononoke, and has Vampire Hunter D chartacter designer Yoshitaka Amano illustrating his latest graphic novel, Sandman: The Dream Hunters. You can read it here.

10-4-99—- Pioneer Entertainment To Distribute Viz Titles

Viz Video announced this morning that, beginning later this month, all Viz Video titles will be distributed to the home video market by Pioneer Entertainment LP.

10-4-99—- Blood Character Designs

Production I.G. has released 2 new character design sheets, of the character David from it’s upcoming Digital Animation Action / Horror film, Blood.

10-4-99—- Top Anime Laserdisc Sales (Japan) (As of Oct. 4th)

1. Card Captor Sakura vol. 10
2. Rurouni Kenshin vol. (9?)
3. Gasaraki vol. 9
4. You’re Under Arrest Special #3
5. Yo-No vol. 4
6. Seikai no Monsho #4
7. Cyber Fomula SIN #4
8. Betterman vol. 2
9. Harlock Saga #5
10. Master Keaton vol. 4.
11. Jubei-chan vol. 2
12. Mamotte Syugogetten! #3
13. Nanako Kaitai Chinsho #2
14. Sorcerous Stabber Orphen #9

10-4-99—- Top Anime DVD Sales (Japan) (As of Oct. 4th)

1. Neon Genesis Evangelion vol. 7 (Movie)
2. Card Captor Sakura vol.10
3. Card Captor Sakura vol.1
4. Dual! Parale-lunlun Story #4
5.You’re Under Arrest Special #3
6. Seikai no Monsho #4
7. Gasaraki vol. 9
8. Betterman vol. 2
9. Jubei-chan vol. 2
10. Yamamoto Yoko Mission 1
11. Nanako Kaitai Chinsho #2
12. Gaogaiger Half Box Division 1

10-4-99—- Top Manga Sales (Japan) (As of Oct. 4th)

1. Kamikaze Kaitoh Jeanne 4
2. Mars 11
3. Love Hina 4
4. Dragon Head! 8
5. Shoot!: Atsuki Challenge 9
6. BASTARD!! 21
7. Get Backers 2
8. Rurouni Kenshin 27
9. Fruits Basket 3
10. Kocha-Oji 8
11. Kareshi-Kanojo No Jijou 8
12. Flamess Of Recca 20
13. Harlem Beat 26
14. Inu Yasya 12
15. G-Taste 3
16. Garasu No Kamen 23
17. Psychometer Eiji 18
18. Tetsuya 11
19. B-Boy Zips 16
20. Love Mode 6

10-4-99—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Capcom has pushed back the release date of Biohazard Code: Veronica from this winter to sometime into the year 2000. To make up for the delay they will be releasing Biohazard 2 for Dreamcast in Japan this Dec. for 4800 yen. The DC version will feature high resolution and enhanced graphics, and a new Extreme Battle mode is added to the game. The the hidden play modes incleded in the PSC and PC versions such as The 4th Survivor and The Tofu Survivor will be taken out. A playable demo of Biohazard Code: Veronica will be included in the package.

Nintendo will be shipping 3 million copies of Pokemon Gold & Silver in Japan on Nov. 21. they are aiming to sell a total of 8 million copies of the Gameboy color title.

10-4-99—- Nadia To Air On U.S. TV?

There is a chance that a deal may be in the works to have studio Gainax’s Fushigi No Umi No Nadia (Secret Of Blue Water) (which has been licensed by ADV) broadcast on U.S. television in some capacity. Recent fan inquiries have revealed that the ADV has put the Nadia project on temporary hold. More specifically, they’ve reportedly been presented with some offers, including television broadcast and are currently pursuing these.

10-4-99—- Japanese Fall TV Anime Report

Hunter X Hunter:
Based on the popular Manga by Yu-Yu Hakusho creator Yoshihiro Togashi, Hunter X Hunter is about a boy, Gon, who sets out on a quest to pass the “exam” (which tests the limits of his physical strength and courage), and earn the “Hunter” license. Series director Kazuhiro Furuhashi (Rurouni Kenshin) and Takayuki Goto (animation director of Yu-Yu Hakusho) have teamed up to make this one of the new series of the fall to keep an eye on.

De Gi Carat
Produced by Madhouse, and featuring the mascot of the game goods store “Gamers”, this is a comic story of a girl with cat’s ears. Dirction will be provided by Hiroaki Sakurai (Cyberteam in Akihabara Movie). Begins Nov. 29th at 23:00 on TBS (within the program “Wonderful”)

Source: J-Dream Direct News Letter, J-Dream Web

10-4-99—- A-LI-CE

Gaga Communications will present their second project, A-LI-CE as an entry in the Tokyo International Fantastic Movie Festival this month. The story is about a girl, Alice, who wanders through a nightmarish future, defeating monsters and and solving mysteries in attempt to alter a bleak destiny. Seiyuu of Alice is Kaori Shimizu (Lain), A-li-ce’s character animation was aided using motion capture data of Kaori-san’s actual movements, posture and gestures. For more information go to Gaga’s official A-LI-CEpage here.

Source: J-Dream Direct News Letter, J-Dream Web

10-4-99—- Top Anime Laserdisc Sales (Japan) (As of Sep. 27th)

1. New Genesis GPX Cyber Fomura SIN vol.4
2. Initial D LD-BOX
3. Getter Robo G Memorial
4. Save me, My Guardian Shaorin (Shugo Getten) vol.3
5. Cyborg 009 Memorial
6. The Affiars of Two Lovers vol.6
7. Ultra Seven -The Day Fruit Ripes-
8. Lion King II
9. Spece Police SHIDER vol.7
10.Cowboy Bebop vol.9

10-4-99—- Top Manga Sales (Japan) (As of Sep. 27th)

1. Rurouni Kenshin (27) Nobuyuki Watsuki
2. The Affiars of Two Lovers (8) Masami Tsuda
3. BASTARD!! (21) Kazushi Hagiwara
4. Dragon Head (8) Ryutaro Mochizuki
5. Meiryotei Goto Seijuro (8) Hajime Kazu
6. Kiss (5) Tomo Matsumoto
7. Hell Teacher Nubei (31) Sho Makura/ Go Okano
8. Whistle! (7) Daisuke Higuchi
9. Seikimatsu Leader Legend Takeshi! (10) Kounen Shimabukuro
10.Kaiji (12) Nobuyuki Fukumoto

10-3-99—- Anime Invasion

The American cable network Fox Family Channel began running a new programming block called Anime Invasion today. The block ran from 7-11 AM ET and featured Digimon and Monster Rancher. Next Sunday the block is to run from 7-9 AM ET and will feature those two titles along with Mega Man.

10-3-99—- Resident Manga Artists / Anime Directors To Revamp Kichijouji

Well known names in Anime/Manga production: Katsuhiro Otomo (AKIRA), Tetsuo Hara (Fist of the North Star), and Suzue Miuchi (Mask of Glass) who are also residents of Kichijouji disctirct in Tokyo, plan to lend their collective talents to generating renewed interest in the region which has recently taken an econmic hit during Japan’s recession. The district board will market limited edition cards to be designed by the local artists as well as organizing a cosplay contests in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Kichijouji station. Studio Ghibli’s Animation museum will also be located close by after it’s completion.

Source: Anime Scene

10-3-99—- Jin-Roh Premiere

Jin-Roh will make it’s North American premiere at the Vancouver International Film Festival later today (Oct. 3) at 1:30pm, and then on Oct. 9 at 7 pm. Both screenings are to take place at Ridge theatre. more info can be found athe VIFF website here.

Produced by Bandai Visual (Emotion), written by Mamoru Oshii (Director: Angel’s Egg, Ghost In The Shell, Patlabor, Patlabor II) directed by Hiroyuki Okiura and based on Oshii’s live action films: The Scarlet Spectacles and Stray Dogs, Jin-Roh (Wolf Brigade).The film set in an alternate history 1960’s Japan occupied by Germany where riots and ominous occupying forces run rampant.