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Anime News Service – September 26 – October 17 Anime News

10-17-02—- New Manga From Tokyopop

From the release:


Rebirth, Chronicles of the Cursed Sword, Dragon Hunter and King Of Hell

Los Angeles, CA (October 16, 2002) – TOKYOPOP® expands its Fantasy/Action library with the acquisition of four new manga properties that will be published and distributed throughout the U.S. Favorites among teen boys, Rebirth, Chronicles of the Cursed Sword, Dragon Hunter and King of Hell are action-packed fantasy adventures chock full of swordplay, magic and the supernatural. Each will be released as part of TOKYOPOP’s growing collection of Japanese and Korean manga, which is currently distributed to national retailers such as Borders, Barnes & Noble, Waldenbooks and SUNCOAST across the country.

“We are thrilled with the opportunity to release these best-selling titles on the heels of the success of Dragon Knights, Ragnarok and Priest in the same genre,” said Stuart Levy, TOKYOPOP Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “These acquisitions could not be more timely as we continue the explosive expansion of our highly successful manga business.”

Rebirth Created by Kang-Woo Lee and first published in Korea in 1998, Rebirth tells the story of Dark Magician Deshwitat Rudbich, a vampire who was sealed in limbo 300 years ago by the Light Magician Kalutika. Resurrected in the present day, Deshwitat now vows to destroy Kalutika. He has the help of a team of spiritual warriors, and is determined to unlock the Light Magic necessary to bring this mad magician down for good.

Chronicles of the Cursed Sword Created by Beop-Ryong Yuy, this tale follows the life of Rayan, an orphan with no home, no skills and no apparent purpose in life. However, when he happens upon the PaSa sword — a cursed blade made from the bones of a demon king — he suddenly realizes he has the power to be a great hero. The sword’ s creator is the evil Shiyan, a royal vizier who needs the weapon to help him usurp the kingdom from its rightful monarch.

Dragon Hunter Created by Hong-Seock Seo, Dragon Hunter takes place in Kaya, a world where dragons shape people’s lives. Hunters make a living by slaying them, while shamans control them with incantations. Seur-Chong is a hunter with the Dragon’s Curse, a condition that gives him incredible strength and stamina, but it is slowly killing him. While this mercenary’s only initial concern is money, he is thrust in the middle of the power play among those who hire the hunters, and finds himself fighting for a cause more noble than anything he’ d ever imagined.

King of Hell In Na In-Soo’s King of Hell, there’s a rift between Hell and the mortal world, and lost souls have been escaping to torment the living. The King of Hell has released Ma-Je — the greatest swordsman in the underworld — to stop the wayward souls. A story with striking artwork and steeped in Eastern and Western mythology, King of Hell is currently one of the hottest new series in Korea.

10-17-02—- Manga On EOE

Thanks to Daniel for this:

From http://www.animeondvd.com/press/manga/manga022.php:

October 14, 2002

Dear Manga customers,

Over the past 2 weeks we have received some e-mails in regard to our latest DVD release, NEON GENESIS EVANGELION “The End of Evangelion.” There have been isolated reports of the disc not performing well on certain DVD players. We have spent a great deal of time investigating these reported technical issues with some of the country’s leading DVD authoring, replication and QC facilities.

As a standard procedure with all Manga DVDs, the NEON GENESIS EVANGELION “The End of Evangelion” DVD was tested on over 50 different brand DVD players at a leading professional DVD lab and passed all performance and functionality tests before it was released. Through our new research we have found that the product for sale in the marketplace meets all performance, quality and playback standards.

If you have experienced difficulties playing your disc, we recommend the following:

1.If you have purchased a possible problematic disc, please return it to your store for an exchange. It is highly likely that the replacement disc will perform correctly.

2.If this procedure does not work for you, please send us your disc including the packaging to:

Manga Entertainment Evangelion DVD P.O. Box 482 Lincolnshire, Il 60069-0482

After our manufacturer tests and confirms your returned disc to be problematic, we will send you a replacement disc (allow 2 weeks delivery.) If your returned disc tests not to be problematic, it will be returned to you as is.

In recognition of any confirmed problematic DVD and to cover the inconvenience of shipping costs and delay to you, we will also send you a courtesy advance DVD of our upcoming November release Virus, from acclaimed anime director Masami Obari (Fatal Fury-The Motion Picture). This offer is valid only through November 26, 2002.

We have also been receiving many e-mails in appreciation of the excellent quality and production of the NEON GENESIS EVANGELION DVDs and we thank you for your feedback and support.

Isolated DVD performance and functionality issues are industry wide due to the nature of DVD technology, players and replication. Manga Entertainment takes pride and has given every effort to bring you the highest quality DVD productions on both of our NEON GENESIS EVANGELION DVD releases.

Thank you,

Manga Entertainment

10-17-02—- Free Anime Stuff In California

Bay Area Anime is giving away some anime stuff FREE ! See link below. (Open only to California residents though)


10-17-02—- Akadot Contest

Akadot is hosting a special Halloween contest, details, prizes and more can be read at:


10-17-02—- Newtype Launch Party

NEWTYPE USA and NEWYORK-TOKYO are hosting a launch party for NEWTYPE USA – THE MOVING PICTURES MAGAZINE tonight in New York City. A special anime screening by ADV Films, Anime video scratching by SQUARESQUARE, Music by BETA, SHEROQ, OSCAR POCHE and an Open bar & Hors d’oeuvres will be part of the festivities.

10-16-02—- Ikuru North American Release

Home Vision Entertainment, one of the leading distributors of foreign and classic films on DVD, announced at the 38th Chicago International Film Festival Critic’s Choice on October 10th that they will be releasing Akira Kurosawa’s classic Ikiru in 2003. Roger Ebert hosted a screening of the acclaimed drama at the festival, and remarked “I first saw Ikiru in 1960 or 1961… Over the years I have seen Ikiru every five years or so, and each time it has moved me, and made me think.”

Source: DVD File Thanks to Daniel for the news.

10-16-02—- Lupin Official North American Site

www.lupinofficial.com is the site, and it will open on 11/10/02.

Source: Lupin Mailing List via Daniel-san.

10-16-02—- UK Miike Fans Alert


For the third year in succession, one of world cinema’s most outrageous, talented and prolific filmmakers returns for the 10th Annual Raindance film festival. Tickets for Takashi Miike’s new critically acclaimed films, Agitator and The Happiness of the Katakuris, are going fast. These films have never been screened in the UK before and this may be your only chance to see them. For tickets call the Curzon Soho: 020 7734 2255

Agitator is Miike’s take on the gangster film. Rival Yakuza tribes, Yokomizo and Shirane, are set against one another when a crazy member of one of the gangs-director Miike himself- transgresses on enemy territory and proceeds to do something horrific with a young waitress and a handheld microphone. All out gang warfare erupts and the city is in desperate search for a political solution to their troubles. But the one man they can’t control is the Higuchi gang’s rising star Kunihiko whose ideas of negotiation is No Retreat, No Surrender. Agitator is Miike’s homage to American director’s Scorsese, Coppola and Tarantino.

Playing: SATURDAY 26 OCTOBER at 8:45PM Curzon Soho (020 77340 2255) Tickets are £8/£5 concessions except where noted

The Happiness Of The Katakuris is the story of a modern, dysfunctional family. Father Masao Katakuri has just been laid off from his job as a shoe salesmen. With his retirement money, he decides to pursue his dream of opening a guest house in the mountains with his wife Terue, grandpa Jipei and their 30-ish children. Strange guests begin to arrive and mysterious happenings occur. The Katakuris family discover that their new guesthouse is doomed and cursed.

Playing: SUNDAY OCTOBER 27 AT 9PM CURZON SOHO (020 77340 2255) Tickets are £8/£5 concessions except where noted

10-16-02—- AIBO Speed Board

From the release:


SAN DIEGO, Oct. 16, 2002 – Entertainment Robot America (ERA), a division of Sony Electronics Inc., announced today the release of AIBO Speed Board [ERA-201TP2], a software enabled, four-wheel scooter device that allows the robot to skate about its environment autonomously. AIBO Speed Board will be available via the Web (www.us.aibo.com) and at select retail locations in mid-November. It will carry a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $249.

Additionally, compatible robot models, will also respond to voice commands, allowing owners to give AIBO directions, such as “turn left” or “turn right.” Further, the robots can learn specific moves, which can then be repeated for its owner when prompted by voice command. When AIBO is not zipping around on its speed board it will randomly dance.

“With the holiday season upon us we thought that now was the perfect time to offer AIBO a toy of its own,” said Victor Matsuda, ERA’s vice president. “AIBO fans have voiced a strong request for functionalities that showcase the robot’s abilities. The speed board pushes the robot’s entertainment capabilities to the extreme.”

The AIBO Speed Board package includes a Speed Board, AIBO-ware software, a display stand, an adapter [ERS-210/ 210A] [ERS-220/220A] and three interchangeable handle grips that come in black, white and orange.

# # # EDITOR’S NOTE – AIBO Speed Board is compatible with AIBO [ERS-210/ 210A] [ERS-220/220A] Entertainment Robot models.

10-16-02—- Metreon Coverage

Bay Area Anime has posted coverage of the Matreon Festival of Anime in recent days, many images are included.


ANS has learned from the representitves that The Waterloo Festival for Animated Cinema, running November 6th-7th, 2002 in Waterloo, Ontario, is pleased to announce its newest additions to the lineup: “Spirited Away” and “Spriggan”. Both movies will be presented in their original language of Japanese dialogue with English subtitles. All movies at the WFAC will be presented in full 35mm glory with digital surround sound, in a modern theatre with stadium/ampitheatre seating.

Pricing has been set at C$8 per ticket in advance, C$10 at the door. A limited number of passes, priced at C$30, are also available, and allow the bearer admission to all of the movies to be screened at the WFAC. Schedules and ticketing information can be found online at http://www.wfac.ca.

10-15-02—- AIBO Apps

From the release


SAN DIEGO, Oct. 15, 2002- Entertainment Robot America (ERA), a division of Sony Electronics Inc., will be making a variety of free software mini-applications•, dubbed “AIBO Treats,” available to owners via the Web (www.us.aibo.com), beginning October 15. The new software applications will give AIBOâ owners a multitude of ways in which to interact with their Entertainment Robot.

The first of the free downloadable AIBO Treats software will be AIBO DJ, which will give owners the ability to mix music together using the sensors on the robot that represent various sounds. Owners will be able to select their own samples and then play them over a rhythm track allowing users to create their own music.

AIBO Treats, which utilizes Sony’s OPEN-Râ software development kit, the tool-set that allows programmers to create new functionality for AIBO, will enable owners to experience the exciting applications that they can create for their robots themselves using these powerful tools.

“Based on our research and consumer feedback we plan to release a variety of downloadable software applications, over the next few months, designed to appeal to AIBO owners of all ages,” said Victor Matsuda, ERA’s vice president. “AIBO Treats will enable the robot to entertain and in some cases even educate its owner.”

Between now and the end of the year eight AIBO Treats mini-applications are planned for release. Titles will include AIBO Clock, a program that reminds its owner of important appointments, AIBO Boo; a program created for Halloween that allows the robot to make scary noises when someone passes in front of its camera; and AIBO Colors, a program that will help teach children to differentiate one color from another.

10-14-02—- Akira Live Action Update

Daniel sends us this:

A thread at http://forums.animeondvd.com/dcforum/DCForumID13/7041.html states that the plot will introduce Kaneda and Tetsuo (or whatever names they’re given in this version) as brothers. Corona mentions screenwriter for the live-action League of Extraordinary Gentleman-James Robinson-will be writing the script, and Jon Peters(I’m guessing the Brett Ratner Superman) will produce. Because Norrington is also working on “League”, an Akira live-action film may not come out until 3-4 years from now.

10-14-02—- ADV Films Moves/Contest

From the email:


HOUSTON, October 11, 2002-ADV Films’ corporate headquarters has outgrown its current digs; in the process of packing for the move, we’ve found quite a bit of great stuff that we don’t need anymore. Who benefits? Our loyal fans!

On the ADV Films website (http://www.advfilms.com), in COOL STUFF, under Contests, click on the button for “Moving Giveaway.” Just submit your contact information, and you’ll be entered in a random drawing to receive fantastic collectible ADV Films gear. It’s that easy!

The Grand Prize An authentic ADV Films banner-seven by ten feet. Wow! Used in actual convention settings! Luxurious black polyurethane-coated nylon tarp material, elegantly printed with the ADV Films logo and our world-famous tagline: “Animation for a New Generation.”

Second Prize For the 20 runners-up, we’ve got second-prize mystery grab bags. Including limited-edition Princess Nine promotional baseballs-previously available only to retailers. T-shirts! Posters! And some other stuff, too. If we knew what it was, we’d tell you about it now. But we’re not done going through our boxes!

With our 10th Anniversary right around the corner, ADV Films has outgrown its operational headquarters, and we’re moving-but not far! Our new space is bigger, brighter, and even more efficient than our space on Bintliff, and it’s ready for occupation.

When’s the move? ADV Operations will close down on Thursday, October 17, 2002 at noon CDT; ADV will reopen for business at the new location at 8:00 a.m. on Monday, October 21.

What’s the new address? A.D. Vision Inc 10114 W. Sam Houston Parkway #200 Houston, Texas 77099 USA As of Thursday, October 17, 2002, all general correspondence should be directed to this address.

Our telephone numbers won’t change; the main number remains: (713) 341-7100 Our warehouse hasn’t moved. It’s still at:

A. D. Vision Inc. Attn: Receiving 10551 Kipp Way #300 Houston, Texas 77099 USA

All returns should be sent to this address as well. Our website and email addresses won’t change. Please update all of your records to indicate the new address, and mark your calendars with the days when we’ll be closed down for the move. Thank you, and we look forward to working with you from our new space for years to come!

10-14-02—- “Celldar” Technology Stuns British Users

The UK’s Guardian newspaper has printed a story that may be of interest to Mobile Phone fans. Apparantly, methods have been revealed (if they indeed haven’t been fully exploited for several years now) for using Cellular phone transmission masts in a survailance capacity similar to that of radar.

10-14-02—- Ring Review

DVD Vision Japan has just posted a special review of the Dreamworks Japanese based horror film “The Ring”. You can read the review at: this link.

10-14-02—- Spirited Away Dominates American Anime Box Office

Box Office Mojo states the film is now at $2,657,000, which, according to this link, means it already beat Princess Mononoke’s box office take.

Thanks to Daniel for the link.

10-14-02—- Captain Tsubasa Art Contest

Captaintsubasa.net is hosting the first ever internet CT FANART contest. Goto www.captaintsubasa.net where all rules are stated in four languages. Thank you

10-14-02—- Kung Fu Cult Cinema Misc.

1)Wes Craven’s new film, PULSE, which was slated to begin shooting this week was stopped in its tracks by Dimension Films according to the Hollywood Reporter (by way of ComingSoon). Apparently, Dimension wants more script changes made to the project, a remake of Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s 2001 film, KAIRO about a group of friends being haunted by what may be the ghost of a recently dead friend.

A Dimension spokesperson ominously said that “Craven was expected to remain involved” as the project moved forward, though a new star would be sought as Kirsten Dunst, whom Dimension wanted, is now in talks to join the next Jim Carrey film. A new start date is “up in the air.”

2)On December 24th, Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment will release Chan’s Half a Loaf of Kung Fu and The Killer Meteors, plus the Jet Li actioner Black Mask 2: City of Masks.[Note: Jet Li is not in this film.] Extras are slim, with only trailers as extras, and retail is $24.95 for the Chan titles, and $19.95 for Black Mask 2.

3)A small independent company called 4-16 Prod, based in France, has finished the filming of one of their most ambitious short film called “HK”. Shot on Super 16 mm film, in the conditions of a long feature film, this short production has been inspired by the hong kong classics. But this short film doesn’t include much dialogs but mostly fights, and most of the dialogs were spoken in cantonese because they used chinese actors. As a chorégrapher for the fights you will find Enrico Horn (Stuntmen/fighter on De palma’s “Femme Fatale” and on “Kiss of the dragon”) and Emmanuel Lanzi (the White bad guy “Draco” from latest Peter Pau’s picture “The Touch”)

Two trailers are available to download…

4)Unlucky Monkey, Sabu movie, is still planned as the next release of the German based company, Asian Film Network. The release will of course include English’s subtitles. As for What they are planning next, SLOW FADE, HK movie directed by Daniel Chan, will follow at the beginning of next year, including the original Soundtracks with a 2002 remix of the main title especially done for the upcoming DVD release.

5)It’s here! The KIKAIDA DVD Volume 1! See KIKAIDA in all his red-byte-and-blue glory! Volume 1 features KIKAIDA episodes 1-5! Watch Kikaida battle the sinister Dark Destruction Corps and Professor Gill. The first wave of Dark attacks — Gray Rhino King, Green Mantis, Orange Ant, Blue Buffalo and Yellow Jaguar! Official release date October 15, 2002. Available in Hawaii at Tower Records, Borders, Sam Goody, Sam’s Club, Wal-Mart, Shirokiya, Long’s, and the “Generation Kikaida Online Store” (launching October 18).

The KIKAIDA DVD, Volume 1 includes these features: – Remastered picture and sound – Fully subtitled in English – English and Japanese menus – Cast and Crew profiles – Dark Destructoid Monster profiles (with sound!) – KIKU-TV on-air promo

For images and more details, go to: www.generationkikaida.com

6)Kino International acquired the rights to a couple of very interesting Asian title. Korean movies Take Care Of My Cat and Chi-hwa-seon, but also the Japanese Miike movie DEAD OR ALIVE: FINAL! No DVD release date has been announced so far but you might be able to catch these movie on a limited theater run.

7)…It seems that a card game based on the now cult movie “Battle Royale” is now available in Japan.

Web Page: http://www.tenky.co.jp/br/

Source: http://www.kfccinema.com/news/news.html via Daniel

10-14-02—- Metreon Anime Festival Updates

Julia sends the following:

** Hello Anime Fans! **

We’ve added even MORE fun and exciting elements to this year’s Metreon Festival of Anime! Check out these latest details:

— Clubs, remember you can bring your flyers, handouts and promotional literature to the MFA table at Action Theatre — promote your club to hundreds of anime fans!

— MFA:02 VIP Passes including Saturday showings of Cowboy Bebop: The Movie are now sold out! MFA:02 VIP Passes for Sunday showings of Cowboy Bebop: The Movie and MFA:02 All Access Passes are still available. Have you bought your ticket yet??

For more information, visit http://www.metreon.com/events or call (415) 369-6086 now to purchase your tickets!

Bandai Model Building Contests Bandai will host 3 model building contests on Saturday, October 12 at 12pm, 2pm and 4pm! Here are the rules:

– The competitions will include three teams of 2 at each of the scheduled contest times. – Pairs will need to work as a team to complete the model kit as fast as they can. – Each team will have a maximum of 60 minutes to complete their model – Teams will receive a skill level 1 action figure model kit. Character of the model kit will be the choice of the timer.

– Clippers will be provided for each team. – Model kits must be completely built with all parts indicated in the instructions as well as stickers placed on the action figure.

– All teams will be timed. – Times for all teams will be posted along with names of each participant on a board throughout the day. – The team with the fastest time for the day will be the winner. – Participants will need to return to the contest area at 5pm to check the board to see which team had the fastest time.

– Winning team will need to be present to claim their prize.

Panel Discussion with Bandai Saturday, Oct. 12 1:30pm in Bandai Shop Bandai will preview what’s to come in 2003. Plus, they will show the trailer for the popular anime title “Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex”.

Metreon Festival of Anime PARTY in Portal One [presented by VIZ] Saturday, Oct. 12 6-10pm in Portal One The MFA Costume Contest* will begin at 8pm and will be judged by Kelli Blackwell and Dr. Brown, Editors of Animerica Magazine.

Expect fabulous prizes from VIZ for Best Female, Best Male and Best Group! You’ll be able to sign up for the contest at the Bandai Shop before the party and inside Portal One once the party starts!

Enjoy $2 drink specials, snacks at The Pub, gaming and beats by DJ MUTEKI, DJ M.O.D. and DJ SOCKET! *No weapons, real or replica will be allowed.

Q & A with Gilles Poitras, author of “Anime Essentials” Sunday, October 13 1:30pm in Bandai Shop Have a burning question for this best-selling authority on anime? Here’s your chance to get the scoop from Gilles! Limited quantities of “Anime Essentials” will be available at Things From Another World on Metreon’s Second Floor. Check out Gilles’ website at http://www.koyagi.com/.

10-11-02—- Asian Cinema At AFI

www.afi.com states Millenium Actress(in Japanese with subtitles), Hideo Nakata’s(Ring 1+2) Dark Water(also in Japanese with English subtitles), and Shaolin Soccer(English dubbed with English subs)will be playing at this year’s AFI Fest. Shaolin Soccer plays on Nov. 10 and 15, Dark Water on Nov. 9 and 11, and Millenium Actress on Nov. 17 and 17. Tickets are $10 dollars, and can be ordered online or via telephone at the site.

Thanks to Daniel for the news.

10-11-02—- Black Belt TV Review

Comments about Black Belt TV-including some from Larry Kasanoff himself-can be found at Movie Poop Shoot. Thanks to Daniel for the info.

10-11-02—- Newe Voltron Details

Information on the new Voltron comic can be read at Thanks to Daniel for the info.

10-10-02—- Harris Polls Anime

The opinion tallying house The Harris Poll has launched an anime related poll with advertising circulating online.

10-10-02— New Tokyo Pop Links

The official Lupin manga site can be found at http://www.tokyopop.com/dbpage.php?page=product&productid=1411, with a December and February release date for the first two volumes. Another Initial D trailer is up at http://www.tokyopop.com/dbpage.php?propertycode=ITD&categorycode=VAN&page=trailers. Thanks to Dnaiel for the links.

10-10-02—- Anime Fringe Poll Update

From the mail:

RE: Animefringe Top 25 Poll Update

Animefringe Online Magazine’s Top 25 poll of anime web sites is back with an overhauled polling system that will ensure the most accurate vote counting.

What is The Animefringe Top 25 you might ask? Well, in a nutshell, it is our annual ultimate “people’s choice” poll to determine the top 25 anime-related sites on the web! Anyone can vote, and anyone’s anime-related website can be entered!

Just a reminder, the poll will run through December 25, 2002 and the results will run in the January ’03 issue of Animefringe.

For all off site linking, please use this url when linking directly to the poll page: http://www.animefringe.com/cgi-bin/top25.pl

10-10-02—- Spirited Away In Boondocks

Spirited Away was referenced in the October 10 nationally (American) syndicated comic strip, the Boondocks, which is well known among the fan community for using anime and manga-inspired art. (The actual strip can be viewed http://www.ucomics.com/boondocks/index.phtml ). Thanks to Daniel for this item.

10-9-02—- Asamiya Uncanny X-Men Previews

From the release:Continuing Marvel’s efforts to provide retailers and readers with advance looks at art before they order key titles, we are happy to release the first three pages of UNCANNY X-MEN #416. On sale December 4th, this 32-page issue features the debut of international superstar Kia Asamiya on one of Marvel’s most important titles, adding to the momentum already built by the critically-acclaimed writing of Chuck Austen.

In addition, a three-page preview of this key title will run at the end of all Marvel titles on sale in November, which will introduce even more readers to Asamiya’s amazing art. The promotional campaign will then continue with a free Marvel dotComic preview of UNCANNY X-MEN #416 atMarvel.com.

Retailers are reminded that Initial Order Cut-Off Date for UNCANNY X-MEN #416 is November 1st, and that the Final Order Cut-Off Date is November 14th.

10-9-02—- Last Samurai Japanese Actor Info

Thanks to Daniel for the following:

Corona lists the following Japanese actors who will be in the Tom Cruise Last Samurai movie: Ken Watanabe, Hiroyuki Sanada (Jiro in Dagger of Kamui, and Ryuji Takayama from Ring 1+2, according to IMDB), Shun Sugata [http://us.imdb.com/Name?Sugata,+Shun states he’s been in Kamen Rider ZX, Kekko Kamen 3 (I think that’s the live action one.), Organ, Taboo, Tomie: Replay, Ichi the Killer and Pulse.], Shin Koyamada, Seizo Fukumoto (Aka Kage-http://us.imdb.com/Name?Fukumoto,+Seizo ), Shichinosuke Nakamura, Koyuki(who was also in Pulse, according to http://us.imdb.com/Name?Koyuki ), and Masato Harada, who http://us.imdb.com/Name?Harada,+Masato says worked on Bandai’s Gunhead and Media Blasters’ Bounce Ko Gals.

10-9-02—- Inu Yasha Movie Theme Song Info

Thanks to Yukio-san (The Dead Shot Club) for this news from Japan:

It turns out that a popular unit “Every Little Thing (ELT)” deals with a movie first theme song on October 8. It will take charge also of an insertion song on a open animation movie “INUYASHA and the MUGEN castle in a mirror(INUYASHA Kagami no naka no Mugen jou)” (Toho) in December. The 2nd cartridge of the hit movie which recorded spectator mobilization of 1,400,000 previous works rides on vocal and Kaori Mochida’s (24) sweet song, and creates a new boom.

A movie “INUYASHA” is a work by Rumiko Takahashi known for “Urusei Yatsura”, “MEZON Ikkoku”, etc. A junior high school student’s girls are Inuyasha which carried out the time slip in the Age of Civil Wars, and was born between a supernatural creature and human being, and the fantasy which appears in an adventure.

The books which were serialized on “weekly boy Sunday” (Shogakukan) from 1996, collected popularity, and were sold are 32 million parts. It was animation-ized by the Nippon Television Network system (Monday of after [ 7-0 ]), and broadcast entered in 2nd. A screen version was made in the summer of last year, and 1,400,000 spectator mobilization and the box office revenue of 1,500 million yen were taken out.

According to the manufacture side, “INUYASHA” attaches importance to music, is made and, also in the past, appointed a singer?Ayumi Hamazaki (23) as the theme song. A synergistic effect — “Dearest” which used “no more words” used with the movie version with the big hit and the television version wins the Japan Record Award — has been induced.

An offer is issued as the theme of the movie ” “a wish” cures with the sweet song of ELT and suits the music tone of a system this time”, and it becomes fruitful. The television version under broadcast besides a theme song and an insertion song will also take charge of a theme song from January, next year (a sale day is undecided although CD of all the three music is carried out).

It is under work now and is already the last stage. Mochida read and wrote the lyrics for the script of a movie altogether. a movie first theme song — Mochida — “– it is very glad It was said that it was glad since a niece is also a great fan.” The musical piece revealed saying “It is doing its best to make”, and said, “It is glad if I have the fan of INUYASHA be glad.”

ELT takes charge of the image song of the 29th Fuji Television system “2002 Berlin marathon” of the last month. To the concept, Mochida wrote “self reliance” new and led the theme “a challenger” of this year of Naoko Takahashi (30) to the championship at it. The influence to which an effect affects “finishing [ an actual proof ]” at a movie is also likely to be expected very much. Source: Goo News

10-8-02—- No Ring Sequels Just Yet

Thanks to Daniel for this:

Surprisingly, producers Walter F. Parkes (MINORITY REPORT, ROAD TO PERDITION) and Laurie MacDonald (THE TUXEDO, CATCH ME IF YOU CAN,) announced in an interview to promote THE RING that DreamWorks currently has no plans to transform the thriller into a franchise….

“It would depend,” says Verbinski. “[DreamWorks] would only make a sequel if the movie was successful and I would only direct it if it was a good story.”

Source: Cinescape

10-8-02—- Viz At Metreon Festival Of Anime 02

From the release:

Attention Bay Area anime fans! Mark your calendars–it’s time for MFA:02–The Second Annual Metreon Festival of Anime!

On October 12th & 13th, Metreon will host 2 full days of anime screenings, model kit building contests, costume parties…and more!

While you’re there, don’t forget to check out Viz screenings and the Viz Cosplay Party in Portal One, where you can enter a costume contest to win a variety of prizes from SHONEN JUMP, Hamtaro and Ranma 1/2!

For complete MFA: 02 information and frequent updates, go to: http://www.metreon.com/events/index.html or call 415.369.6086 to purchase your passes today!

10-8-02—- New Tokyo Imagery

Shibuya passes into the new millenium and we are there firsthand with images of the festivities several hours post midnight. On Januray 1 we tour the city by bus and see the new city building ever upward near Tokyo Tower. Check out the pics on Page 21. On Page 22 and Page 23 we go into Tokyo Tower itself and photograph the panorama view of the surrounding city that can uniquely be experienced there.

10-7-02—- Beyblade Spins To Success

From the relase:

BEYBLADE SPINS TO SUCCESS Japan Sensation Sweeps The Nation As BEYBLADE Emerges As Top New Kids Animated Series FOR MEDIA CONSIDERATION:

October, 2002 – America’s kids have a new entertainment obsession. After achieving massive success in Japan, BEYBLADE is capturing kids across the U.S. in record numbers. An action adventure animated series with a sports competition theme, BEYBLADE airs daily on ABC Family as one of the new cable network’s highest rated shows.

In addition to watching BEYBLADE, kids are also living it – as the Hasbro BEYBLADE line of ultra-cool spinning tops rank among the hottest toys of the year.

With the battle cry “Let it rip,” kids are spinning their BEYBLADE tops in one-on-one and group competitions throughout the country. When they’re not playing with the BEYBLADE tops, they’re watching the television show – not only to watch the continuing adventures of the BEYBLADE champions, but to pick up important tips and techniques to improve their own skills.

As a programming staple on ABC Family, BEYBLADE has had a profound impact on the network’s all-important boys 6-11 demographic, increasing its time period – and emerging as a top-ranked series against both broadcast and cable kid competition.

Behind the BEYBLADE phenomenon is leading kids entertainment studio Nelvana, a company globally recognized for its commitment to quality children’s programming for three decades. Responsible for such high-profile, multi award-winning animated series as Babar, Franklin, Maurice Sendak’s Little Bears, Rolie Polie Olie and Pelswick – just to mention a few – Nelvana is fast becoming a powerhouse in action-driven kids television with such new animated series as BEYBLADE and Medabots.

BEYBLADE Rocks – and Spins Page Two

BEYBLADE made its U.S. bow with an impressive introduction by Hasbro, which launched the toy top nationwide during first quarter 2002. Acquired by Nelvana from d-rights, the animated series tells the story of a boy who learns to harness the power of his ancestors to perfect his technique in the sport of BEYBLADE.

10-7-02—- New Nakata Remake

In the wake of DreamWorks Pictures’ update of the Japanese horror sensation “The Ring” — the remake opens Oct. 18 — international film financing, production and distribution outfit Distant Horizon has acquired remake rights to original “Ring” helmer Hideo Nakata’s “Don’t Look Up” with an eye toward a U.S. redo. Horizon topper Anant Singh said his company is seeking a screenwriter to adapt “Up” for an English-language version. The film follows the “unraveling sanity” of a feature film director and his crew when the spirit of a murdered actress from another era comes to possess a piece of celluloid. Source: Hollywood Reporter via Daniel

10-7-02—- Spirited Away American Boxoffice

Box Office Mojo via Daniel-san states the film grossed, $600,000 this weekend, with a $1.8 million total box office take, at about $6,000 per theater.

10-7-02—- Gundam SEED CM News

Thanks to Yukio (Dead Shot Club) for these details:

An actress’s Aya Ueto (17) will appear in exceptional CM called broadcasting of a limitation by new work once every week. It is new CM of the plastic model (BANDAI) of “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED” broadcast from October 5 that she appears. CM time of the Gundam series latest work “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED” (10 month 5 day Saturday afternoon 6 o’clock broadcast start) of the TBS system is on the air. It appears from contents different every week [, such as disguising oneself as the scene from which Ueto makes a plastic model by CM in a dressing room, and the role of a newscaster, ]. And by new work, the Gundamu plastic model of goods is also incorporated for the shop, event information, etc. each time. Various CMs of Ueto and Gundam can be enjoyed only in CM instead of a week. The persons concerned say, “This CM is due to continue for the time being, and photography is performed on a minute, or every and an intermittence target how many times.” Ueto appointed as this exceptional CM won Special Jury Prize in the 7th national beauty girl contest, and entered the entertainment world. In the TBS system drama “The 3 rd year B class Kinpachi Teacher”, performed well the student who worries about sexual identity disorder, and it was brought into the limelight, and also a wide range of activity of the regular of a radio program, the voice actor of the Disney movie, etc. is carried out. ” “Gundam” started in Showa 54 and, also just now, as for CM persons concerned, even the generation of the parents in his 30’s is supported by the broad layer from the schoolchild for 20 years or more. The degree of attention is also increasing recently and Mr. Ueto tells ” and the reason for appointment exactly as a character which can appeal over two generation of parents and children. CD debut is achieved, and Ueto is also likely to become an ally with a Gundam fan’s reliable support this year, because the further activity — the starring movie “Azumi” which made the Age of Civil Wars the stage will be exhibited next year — is expected.

Source: Goo News

10-4-02—- Arjuna Project Launches

From the release:

Cypress, CA (October 4, 2002) – Bandai Entertainment announced today the launch of the www.Arjunaproject.com website in conjunction with the upcoming DVD release of Shoji Kawamori’s latest anime feature, Arjuna.

Arjunaproject.com will provide the latest in news and information on the Arjuna series release including – story/episode synopsis, character biography, story background information, behind the scenes look, staff biography, multimedia features, interviews, and home video release information.

Arjuna is created and directed by famed animator, Shoji Kawamori, best known for his role in the creation of the anime classic, Macross (Broadcast in North America as Robotech), Macross Plus, the Escaflowne series. Arjuna also features music composed by Yoko Kanno, best known for Cowboy Bebop, Macross Plus, and Escaflowne.

Arjuna features the latest in cutting edge CG animation from industry leader, Sate-light Studios enhanced through its anamorphic widescreen presentation and Dolby Digital 5.1 audio. In addition, Arjuna will also feature the original Japanese/English language, English subtitles optional, and isolated orchestral score track presented in Dolby Digital 5.1 for those wishing to experience the music without the dialogue and sound effects. A plethora of DVD extras and bonus materials are planned: Cast interviews, Arjuna Dictionary featurette, episode previews collection, TV promo spots, karaoke/music video, and Bandai Previews. Arjuna – Rebirth arrives on DVD home video on 10.8.2002.

10-4-02—- Gundam Broadband Streaming Moves Ahead In Japan

Thanks to Yukio-san (Dead Shot Club) for this nws from Japan:

Four companies, a BANDAI channel, the Mainichi Broadcasting System (MBS), NTT-east, and NTT-west, announced on September 26 that the new work TV animation “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED” by which a broadcast start is carried out from October 5 by MBS and the TBS series distributes by broadband at the broadcast next day. It is the first trial in domestic that another media also distribute the program under TV televising. Free distribution is carried out to the support site for members of the “B-Flet’s” “Flet’s-ADSL” “Flet’s-ISDN” 3 service which NTT-east and NTT-west offer “Flet’s and Square.” Another circuit user cannot peruse by only an Flet’s user’s monopoly distribution. Broadcast on television of this work will be from 6:00 p.m. on Saturday at 6:30 every week. A distribution format changes with connection area and, for Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East, zone width is 40kbps(es), 300kbps, 500kbps, and 1Mbps at Real form. Nippon Telegraph and Telephone West is Windows Media form, and is 56kbps(es), 300kbps, 500kbps, and 1Mbps. Only Tokyo distributes both Real and Windows Media. For a distribution opening day, the 1st talk will be in 0:00 a.m. on October 6. The contents offer period of each talk is one week from the broadcast next day.



10-4-02—- TIFF Details

The Hollywood Reporter states Luc Besson, Akira Kurosawa’s daughter, Kazuko Kurosawa, and South Korean director of Joint Security Area Park Chan-Wook will be among the jurors at the 15th Tokyo International Film Festival. According to the official English TIFF site (http://www.tiff-jp.net/e_index.html)the movies to be shown include the Ring re-make, Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla, Shusuke Kaneko’s(Gamera trilogy director)new musical-comedy called Koi Ni Uetaba featuring idol Yuka, and Korean films Sympathy For Mr Vengeance and Mil-ae .

Thanks to Daniel for the link.

10-4-02—- Newtype USA Availibility

From the release:


HOUSTON, October 4, 2002-Newtype USA, the leading anime and manga publication in the English-speaking world, today announced a partial list of the North American retailers that will carry the November 2002 premiere issue of the magazine. Negotiations with additional retailers were underway as of the date of this release.

“There’s been an absolute storm of excitement around the magazine launch, including quite a bit of curiosity and concern from readers wondering where they’ll be able to get the magazine,” said Newtype USA Business Manager Heather Swan. “Some of the information disseminated hasn’t been quite accurate; we’re hoping to clear up some of the confusion.”

Swan added, “Subscription is, of course, the best way to ensure that readers receive Newtype USA hot off the press.” Subscriptions are available through www.newtype-usa.com, at $89.95 (USD) per year (12 months). This price represents a 25% discount off the cover price.

Major Chain Retailers (to date): Suncoast Sam Goody Barnes & Noble Borders Media Play Waldenbooks Fry’s Tower Gordon & Gotch Canada (Chapters/Coles Books)

Independent stores: Newtype USA will also be available at independent anime, comic and specialty stores across the country. “If your local anime or comic store doesn’t carry Newtype USA, ask them to order it!” said Swan. “It’s the only way they’ll know that you want it.”

Through the Newtype USA website Single issues and back issues will be available for purchase through http://www.newtype-usa.com.

Diamond Distributors: Extensive discussion in fan forums and on chatboards has centered around whether Newtype USA will be available through Diamond Distributors (publisher of Diamond Previews).

Frequently asked questions:

Why wasn’t Newtype USA listed in the August Diamond Previews (October availability)? By the time we were able to secure the Newtype USA license and were able to confirm a printing and distribution date, the deadline (several months in advance) to submit information for Diamond’s August issue had passed.

Will Newtype USA be listed in Diamond Previews in the future? Absolutely. In fact, Newtype USA’s listings in Diamond began with the September cover-date issue of Diamond Previews.

Will Issue One be available through Diamond at a later date? Assuming that issues remain, Newtype USA Issue One will be available through the November 2002 issue of Diamond Previews (availability January 2003).

Availability Dates Newtype USA will ship from the printer on/around October 10, 2002, with availability at retailers across North America beginning October 15th (depending on shipping time).

10-4-02—- ADV Hello Kitty Release

From the announcement:



HOUSTON, October 3, 2002-ADV Films today announced a street date of November 26, 2002 for Hello Kitty’s Paradise: Pretty Kitty, the first of four volumes of the animated children’s series Hello Kitty’s Paradise. The title is available on VHS, and on child-friendly plug-and-play DVD.

Hello Kitty’s Paradise is another successful part of the Sanrio Company’s wildly popular Hello Kitty(r) franchise, built around the adorable, instantly recognizable kitten character. The title centers around the adventures of legendary Sanrio character Hello Kitty(r), her best friend Mimmy(tm) and their friends from school. Hello Kitty’s Paradise is a joyful take on childhood adventures, with a healthy smattering of educational content about such important skills as sharing, having good table manners, writing letters and being polite.

Episodes in Volume 1: Episode 1

“A Blooming Good Morning” Mama gives Kitty morning glory seeds to plant so she has an incentive to wake up early in the morning. “A Storybook Adventure” Kitty and Mimmy use their imagination to have an adventure inside Mimmy’s book.

Episode 2

“Kitty’s Clean Cuisine” Kitty learns important table manners such as washing your hands before you eat and pacing yourself when you eat, especially when you feel hungry.

“A Day Out With Dad” Papa takes the girls on a walk downtown where they visit various stores and find out what they sell.

Episode 3

“Underground Kitty” Kitty and Mimmy go underground to visit their friend Moley who tells them about living underground. “Watch the Birdie” Kitty and Mimmy nurse a sick bird back to health.

Episode 4

“Minding Manners” Kitty learns the right way to use her fork and how to be polite at the dinner table. “Streetwise” Mama takes Kitty and Mimmy downtown. On the way, she teaches the girls important lessons on staying alert and safe.

Hello Kitty’s Paradise: Pretty Kitty (DVD $14.98 SRP; VHS $9.98 SRP) contains four episodes, two segments each, of the beloved children’s series. In English. VHS and DVD versions include ADV Previews, and feature loads of Fun & Games throughout, including such diversions as “Nutty Numbers” and “Animals! Animals! The DVD edition also includes a free poster insert.

About Sanrio: Sanrio is a world-wide designer and distributor of character-branded stationery, school supplies, gifts and accessories. Founded in 1960 by Mr. Shintaro Tsuji, Sanrio is perhaps best known for Hello Kitty(r), the firm’s star character and corporate symbol. For more information, visit http://www.sanrio.com.

HELLO KITTY’S PARADISE: PRETTY KITTY Running Time: 90 minutes; Age Rating: All Pre-Book Date: 10/29/02 Street Date: 11/26/02 Format SRP DVD $14.98 VHS $9.98

10-3-02—- New Tokyo Images

9 new images from our travels in the land of the rising sun have been uploaded with Page 20.

10-3-02—- New Amano Exhibitions

From www.amanosworld.com:
October 30 through November 4,2002
ArtCologne in Germany
December 5 through December 8,2002

Thanks to Daniel for the tip.

10-2-02—- Bandai Ent. Attends Los Angeles Library Event

From the release:


Cypress, CA (October 1, 2002) – Bandai Entertainment announced its attendance at this year’s, “Teen Comic Age & Animation 2002 Festival” organized by the Los Angeles Central Library located in Downtown Los Angeles. The event is free to the public on October 5th – Saturday from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Los Angeles Central Library 630 W. Fifth St. Los Angeles, CA

Teens and their families are encouraged to come to the free event, which will feature special screenings of animation features, short films and cartoons from the United States and around the world. Bandai Entertainment will screen their anime including “Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack,” “Cowboy Bebop”, “Arjuna”, “Fancy Lala”, and Cartoon Network’s latest anime hit, “Mobile Fighter G Gundam”.

“The comic festival is a way to encourage teens who do not usually visit the library to discover the many resources available here,” said Georgette Todd, manager of Young Adult Services. “It is an effort to motivate them to read, write and explore creative ways of expressing themselves. It exposes them to potential career choices in the world of comics and animation.”

For more information about the “Teen Comic Age & Animation 2002 Festival,” call (213) 228-7510. This event is made possible by the Library Foundation of Los Angeles. Parking for Central Library is available at the 524 S. Flower St. Garage, located under the Library’s Maguire Gardens.

10-2-02—- Studio Proteus On Tezuka Manga


Since you’ve decided to release Astroboy, is there any chance you’re interested in releasing other Tezuka manga like Jungle Emperor Leo (AKA Kimba)?

Toren Smith:

We’re looking at other Tezuka works, including Jungle Taitei, but there are some problems with that series…the portrayal of the African natives is likely to upset “certain people.” It’s silly because the white hunters are presented in an even more negative manner, but…

It’s likely the next work we do will be Metropolis.

Source: Studio Proteus FAQ via Daniel

10-2-02—- Big Bandai Godzilla Toy Push Coming

In conjunction with the release of GODZILLA x MECHAGODZILLA, Bandai is preparing a massive Godzilla toy blitz. Beginning in November, monsters both old and new will be released in a variety of sizes, styles, and prices. Bandai has graciously provided Henshin! Online with exclusive photos of two of the more highly anticipated figures, Mechagodzilla 1975 and Titanosaurus. Thanks to Daniel for the link.

Details at www.henshinonline.com

10-2-02—- Gaming Bits

Jagged Team confirms a U.S. release for the GBA port of Capcom’s Rockman and Bass. Thanks to Daniel for the news. The site also has a list of cities and dates where Nintendo will be holding “Cube Clubs”.

10-2-02—- Newtype USA Partial TOC



HOUSTON, October 2, 2002-Newtype USA, the leading anime and manga publication in the English-speaking world, today went public with a look at the Table of Contents of the premiere issue (November, 2002):

The COVER STORY analyzes Mobile Suit Gundam SEED-characters, details of opposing armies, political alliances, mecha specs and insight from the director and producer.

FEATURE ARTICLES include coverage of

• HEATGUY J; • Final Fantasy: Unlimited; • Azumanga Daioh; • Cyborg 009; • .hack//SIGN; • Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex; • Tenchi Muyo! GXP; • Lupin the 3rd: Return of Pycal; • an interview with Voices of a Distant Star creator Makoto Shinkai; • a hilarious interview with Excel Saga Director Shinichi Watanabe; • and more!

The ANIME LAND section includes news about upcoming events, monthly sales figures, new releases, and what’s on TV in the U.S. and Japan.

FOR THE BARREL: A preview of the acclaimed serial novel (first installment in Issue Two!)


• The manga insert is Full Metal Panic Installment #2. Installment #1, which was featured in the Newtype USA Preview Issue, is included as a special insert (Preview Issues went fast!).

• RahXephon postcards • A centerfold of Faye, from Cowboy Bebop • A DVD insert from Bandai, including an episode of Arjuna.

Availability Newtype USA will ship from the printer on/around October 10, 2002, with availability at retailers across North America beginning October 15th (depending on shipping time).

What’s Next? On October 4th, the answer to the fundamental question-exactly where (and how) can I get Newtype USA?

10-2-02—- Cowboy Bebop West Coast Theatrical Premiere Headlines Metreon Festival Of Anime

Julia transmits:
On October 12 and 13, Metreon will present the second annual Metreon Festival of Anime — and I just got word that we’ll be screening the highly-anticipated premiere of Columbia/Tri-Star’s “Cowboy Bebop: The Movie”. This is the very first time anime fans on the West Coast will get a chance to see this film, and it will not be distributed nationwide until early 2003 — so we’re extremely excited to get the word out on this exclusive screening.

Film Synopsis: Set on Mars in the year 2071, COWBOY BEBOP: THE MOVIE is based on the much-loved animated television series by Japanese director Shinichiro Watanabe. (The show airs on the Cartoon Network in the U.S.) As the film begins, Spike (Steven Jay Blum) and his gang of gypsy vigilantes are roaming the city, looking for trouble when Faye (Wendee Lee) witnesses a bioterrorist attack. Hovering above the city in her spaceship, she sees a man fleeing the scene. Over 500 people die in the attack, and the city offers a monetary reward for any information. The gang jumps at the opportunity. They decide to branch out, each using their own tactics to research the tragedy. Spike slinks through Chinatown, being led by shady underground characters. Faye traces the image of the man she saw back to military files. And the young Ed (Mellisa Fahn) and her dog Ein do some handy computer research. Meanwhile Jet (Beau Billinglsea), holds down the fort, worried about the gang. When the criminal Vincent (Daran Norris), is identified, with a connection to Spike’s love interest Elektra (Jennifer Hale), the real action begins. Cowboy Bebop is scheduled for release by Columbia-TriStar Pictures in early 2003.

From The Release:


Metreon’s Action Theatre hosts a film festival devoted to Japanese animation and pop culture to include screenings of popular anime titles, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts to screen the premiere of “Cowboy Bebop: The Movie”

WHAT: Metreon-A Sony Entertainment Center is proud to present the second annual Metreon Festival of Anime. In conjunction with the Big Apple Anime Festival in New York, Metreon Festival of Anime will offer Northern California anime fans a chance to EXPERIENCE anime, preview the newest products, compete in model building contests, meet and interact with other anime fans, while viewing an exciting line-up of films.

The Second Annual Metreon Festival of Anime is proud to host the West Coast theatrical premiere of “Cowboy Bebop: The Movie”, based on the innovative anime series from Bandai Entertainment. Cowboy Bebop, currently an enormously popular, animated TV show, can be seen in the U.S. on Cartoon Network. The show, which fuses compelling sci-fi elements with an amazing soundtrack, has been called one of the greatest Japanese anime imports ever.

The weekend-long festival will showcase the latest from worldwide leaders in anime and manga: Sony, Bandai, ADV Films, Central Park Media, and VIZ. For information on screening times and event details, check www.metreon.com.

Tickets to Metreon Festival of Anime can be purchased by calling (415) 369-6086 in advance, or by visiting the Bandai Shop on Metreon’s Second Floor.

Pricing for Metreon Festival of Anime is as follows:

MFA:02 VIP Pass ($10) o The West Coast Premiere Screening of “Cowboy Bebop: The Movie” o Access to ALL Anime Screenings in Action Theatre, Saturday and Sunday, 12pm-6pm o Participation in Bandai Model Building Workshops o Entrance to exclusive Question & Answer sessions with Bandai Entertainment o Admission to VIZ Cosplay Party in Portal One, featuring costume contest, music and entertainment o 1800-point Gaming Passport to Portal One ($15 value) o Goodie Bag filled with freebies from ADV, Bandai, Viz and more!

MFA:02 All Access Pass ($5) o Access to ALL Anime Screenings in Action Theatre, Saturday and Sunday, 12pm-6pm o Participation in Bandai Model Building Workshops o Entrance to exclusive Question & Answer sessions with Bandai Entertainment o Admission to VIZ Cosplay Party in Portal One, featuring costume contest, music and entertainment o 1300-point Gaming Passport to Portal 1 ($10 value) o Goodie Bag filled with freebies from ADV, Bandai, Viz and more!

WHEN: Anime screenings at Action Theatre – October 12-13 from 12pm – 6pm “Cowboy Bebop: The Movie” at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts – October 12-13, 6:30 & 8:30pm

10-1-02—- Cradle To The Grave Poster

The official poster for the Jet Li/DMX/Mark Dacascos project is at http://www.jetli.com. Kudos to dDaniel for the link.

10-1-02—- Animate L.A. Still Open

According to the mail by Webmonkey:

We here at Animate USA have caught wind that a lot of you out there think we’ve closed shop and headed back to Japan. Well this is just a little reminder that we are, in fact, still open. So if you’ve stopped checking the site www.animate-world.com , or if you live in the area (general LA area) and haven’t stopped in because you thought we weren’t there anymore. come by, we’d like to see you all. But keep in mind, since our workforce has gone down a bit we now close Monday and Tuesday and are open from Noon to 6 P.M.. Wednesday through Friday and Sunday, and from Noon to 8 P.M. on Saturday.


Animate USA 7314 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90046 (323) 934-0500 www.animate-world.com

10-1-02—- Spirirted Away Theatrical Expansion

As of this past Friday Spirited Away expanded to 53 theaters from 26 in the previous days, an increase of 27 theaters. This is according to Box Office Mojo.

Source: Nausicaa.net.

10-1-02—- Jackie Chan Media

www.jackie-chan.com has photos of him touring the U.S. and a real audio interview he did with Los Angeles radio personality Rick Dees. Thanks to Daniel for the link.

10-1-02—- Anime Next Convention Update

From the release:

AnimeNEXT 2002: OCTOBER 11-13 @ SECAUCUS, NJ – UPDATE New York, NY — Sepetmer 26, 2002


* AnimeNEXT has extended it’s Pre-Registration Deadline to October 1, 2002!

* Our dealers room has been sold out!

* Also, three new guests have been added: + Lisa Ortiz, Voice Actress (Lina from “Slayers”) + Sean Schemmel, Director and Voice Actor + Kristen Nelson, Voice Actress

* Book your hotel room soon. Our hotel rates may not be guaranteed for much longer!


AnimeNEXT is NY/NJ’s newest Anime and Manga convention with something for everyone! Don’t miss out as we fuse Manga and Anime to present an exciting event! Come and be a part of the non-stop action and adventure that is AnimeNEXT!

* Guest of Honor Kia Asamiya * Ranma & Akane together for the first time @ AnimeNEXT! * Many other exciting Guests and Events


Pre-register online at PayPal payments accepted for on-line registration.

You can also download our registration form and submit it with a check or money order. Instructions are on the form:

RATES * Only $40 Adult 3-day membership **(before 10-01-2002) * Only $20 Child 3-day membership **(before 10-01-2002) (Group discounts are available for parties of 8 or more)


GUEST OF HONOR * Kia Asamiya Manga Artist and Creator Steam Detectives Martian Successor Nadesico Silent Mobius Dark Angel: Phoenix Ressurection

SPECIAL GUESTS * Myriam Sirois Voice Actress (Akane, Ranma 1/2) * Richard Cox Voice Actor (Ranma, Ranma 1/2) * Jamie McGonnigal Voice Actor (Omi, Knight Hunters) * Toshifumi Yoshida Producer, Viz Video * Mike Sinterniklaas Producer, NYAV * CB Cebulski Editor, Marvel Comics * Sean Schemmel Voice Actor and Director * Lisa Ortiz Voice Actress (Lina, Slayers)

PROGRAM GUESTS * Robert Bricken Editor, Anime Invasion * Robert DeJesus Artist, AiCANDY * Frank Pannone Editor, CPM Comics * Bill Rogers Voice Actor * Steve Pearl Moderator, rec.arts.anime.info * Kristen Nelson Voice Actress


* CosPlay * Music Video Contest * Video Premiers * Panels * Workshops + Manga (Drawing Comics the Manga Way) + Dubbing (Voicing Acting) + Kimono (The subtle art) + Shogi (Japanese Chess) + Origami (Art of Paper-folding) + and more!


* Spacious Exhibitor’s Hall! * Almost 10,000 square feet of Anime, Manga, and more! * Dealer’s Room is sold out!


Crowne Plaza Meadowlands (cpmeadowlands.crowneplaza.com) 2 Harmon Plaza, Secaucus, NJ 07094 Tel: 201-348-6900 Fax: 201-864-0963

RATES (Mention AnimeNEXT for group rate) * $102 Double or King * $149 Alcove Suite

ATTRACTIONS * 4 miles to Midtown NYC in a quiet & affordable area * Driving distance from NY, NJ, PA, CT, MA, DE, and MD * 12 miles from Newark International Airport * Bus and Rail connections available * Secaucus Outlet Center (NJ 0% tax on clothes) * Meadowlands Sports Complex


Sign up for our mailing list and receive updates via e-mail. The list is low volume and you should expect about 2 to 3 e-mails per month. e-mail:


9-27-02—- 9 New Tokyo Images

The new Millenium arrives in Japan as 2000 becomes 2001 and ANS was there in the very heart of Shibuya, the Times Square of Tokyo to capture the fanfare and celebration first hand. Join us on Page 19.

9-27-02—- Spirited Away And Millenium Actress Australian Premiere Slated For JAPANIME 02

Dendy Cinemas is presenting, in association with Madman Entertainment, JAPANIME 02 festival – a celebration of the very best Japanese animation, and a showcase of the sophistication, excellence, innovation, and diversity possible within the animation medium. The first Japanime Festival, held two years ago as part of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Arts Festival proved a massive success. Building on this popularity, JAPANIME 02 will be an even bigger and more diverse festival and will be presented in three major Australian cities – Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

The JAPANIME 02 Festival will open with the Australian premiere of Hayao Miyazaki’s highly-anticipated masterpiece SPIRITED AWAY – the highest grossing theatrical release ever in Japan, and the first animated feature to win the prestigious Golden Bear at this year’s Berlin Film Festival. SPIRITED AWAY screens courtesy of Niche Pictures. JAPANIME 02 has also secured the Australian premiere of Satoshi Kon’s MILLENNIUM ACTRESS, which is the first foreign language animated feature to be picked up for distribution by U.S. studio Dreamworks. Other highlights of the festival include Australian premieres of the hugely popular COWBOY BEBOP MOVIE, one of the most entertaining anime features of recent times; UTENA, the latest pinup girl on the gay and lesbian film festival circuit; PATLABOR 3, PRINCESS ARITE and a fully restored and digitally remastered AKIRA – the film credited with introducing anime to legions of fans in the West. The remastered AKIRA features a new translation that is closer in meaning and tone to the original Japanese version.

The increasing use of technology in animation is evidenced in a number of films such as the fully digital CGI features BLUE SUBMARINE No 6, AURORA and the stunning 2D/3D animated fantasy A TREE OF PALME. This year also features sessions on the work of independent directors who defy the corporate ethic of Japan, with showcases on the work of directors such as Koji Yamamura; plus a program of films based on the work of Rumiko Takahashi, the most popular manga writer in Japan and one of the nation’s richest women. 30 features and shorts will be included, plus forums and guests. JAPANIME 02 will also have four family sessions on the weekend, including nostalgia sessions with old favourites such as PRINCE PLANET.

As in 2000, Sydney based animation producer Deborah Szapiro is curating JAPANIME 02, and is proudly presented by Dendy Cinemas, creating a unique festival that is the largest and most contemporary screening program of animated feature films to take place in Australia.

Sydney: Dendy Opera Quays Cinema – October 16 – 21
Brisbane: Dendy Cinema – October 24 – 28
Melbourne: Kino Cinema – October 30 – November 4

9-26-02—- New At Midnight Eye

Japanese Cult cinema site Midnight Eye has updated with their Movie of the Week: NO ONE’S ARK
Proving that the film-making scene outside of Tokyo is still flourishing, Hazy Life director Nobuhiro Yamashita gives us this colourful tale of lowlife on the lam in the mean streets of Osaka.

Next up is a review of PERFECT BLUE – YUME NARA SAMETE
King of Pink director Toshiki Sato’s live action reworking of the novel which formed the basis of Satoshi Kon’s smash anime, Perfect Blue – but just how does it compare…?

In the coming month Midnight Eye will carry an interview with Tetsuo director Shinya Tsukamoto as he gives us the lowdown on his Venice Film Festival Award winning A Snake of June. Review is coming as well.

9-26-02—- Akron Art Museum Anime Programs

Via snail mail ANS has recently received numerous pieces of promotional material on an interesting new art exhibition in Akron Ohio. The remainder of Septemeber through January 2003 will see several anime/manga related events at Ohio’s Akron Art Museum.

Kicking off at the start of this month with a techno party the exhibition “My Reality: Contemporary Art and the Culture of Japanese Animation” which takes a look at the pop phenomena of Japanese Animation agains the backroup of modern art pieces. Tim Blum, co-director of Blum & Poe Gallery in Santa Monica, California works with a number of the headliner artists in “My Reality” including Takashi Murakami, Yoshitomo Nara and Paul McCarthy. Blum will hold a lecture session on Sunday Sept. 29th at 2:30 PM at the museum where he will discuss his personal relationships with the artists, his rich experience within the contemporary art worlds of Japan and the USA and his insights into why anime based artwork has captivated buffs worldwide. Blum lived in Tokyo for several years where he directed a contemporary art center and built relationships with Nara and Murakami. In the past Mr. Blum produced an extremely popular anime related exhibition at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art. He has also organized the production of a number of Murakami’s large scale sculpture projects. A 1998 text interview between Blum and Nara can be read here.

In October on Sunday the 13th, 2:20 PM-4:30 PM, the museum hosts “A Behind The Scenes Look At Anime”. The event gives fans an introduction to the Anime phenomena which has washed over American and European fans in great numbers over the past decade. Lee Barber, a Wooster artist and anime aficionado will host the lecture where 3 videos will be shown showcasing some the indutry’s true pioneering works. Studio Gainax’s silent college day projects Daicon III and IV and an englsih subtitled 1989 Mockumentary Otaku No Video.

Stay tuned for more news on events from Akron throughout January.

9-26-02—- Gungrave Announced For American Release

SEGA of America, Inc. today announced the release of “Gungrave” exclusively for the PlayStation2 computer entertainment system. A gritty story of an undead assassin exacting his revenge on a ruthless criminal syndicate, “Gungrave” features gameplay ripped straight from Hong Kong action moviesaction, a dark noir-inspired storyline, and a living cel-shaded universe designed by legendary anime artist Yasuhiro Nightow.

Assuming the role of the main character, Grave, players battle through sprawling, massively destructible environments. With a nightmarish arsenal of weapons, including an oversized coffin that doubles as a rocket launcher, and horrific special attacks like the “Hellhound Roar,” Grave must dispatch his enemies with extreme prejudice and extreme style.

“Not for the squeamish, ‘Gungrave’ is a gritty adults-only comic come to life,” said Mike Fischer, vice president, entertainment marketing, SEGA of America, Inc. “Fans of Hong Kong action movies, anime or straight-up pulse-pounding gameplay will be blown away.”

With characters and design by the famed anime artist Nightow, creator of the wildly popular Trigun series, “Gungrave” features cinematic-quality cut scenes that chronicle Grave’s bullet-riddled road to the ultimate revenge. The game also features dozens of unlockable surprises, including 3D action figures, artwork and action-packed movies. “Gungrave” is rated “M” for Mature and is available at retailers nationwide for an MSRP of $49.95.

9-26-02—- 9 New Tokyo Images

Shibuya prepares the new Millenium, minutes before it arrives and the crossroads of modern Japan transforms into a Times Sqaure like enviroment, we take note in pictures. Whta’s this? Jackie Chan has his own Chinese Diner in Tokyo?!! Go to Page 18.

9-26-02—- Jackie Chan On Mad TV

Thanks to Daniel for this item:

FOX has announced that martial arts action man Jackie Chan (THE TUXEDO, RUSH HOUR) will be guest starring on the satirical sketch comedy show, MAD TV.

On the show, Chan finds he is the latest victim of a reality television series. As cameras follow him, they are treated to a fight between Chris Tucker (Debra Wilson) and Owen Wilson (Josh Meyers), Chan’s “co-stars” from RUSH HOUR and SHANGHAI NOON.

The episode airs Saturday, September 28.

Source: Cinescape

9-26-02—- Manga Press – Astroboy – Virus

Manga presents a gripping 13-episode sci-fi action epic that combines the intelligence and cybernetic vision of Ghost in the Shell with the complex character development and furious mecha combat of the groundbreaking Neon Genesis Evangelion series. Virus is the latest work of veteran anime director, character designer and fan-favorite Masami Obari (Battle Arena Toshinden, and Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture).
Originally aired from October to December of 1997 on Japan’s TV Tokyo, Virus received a substantial share of its target Television audience. Perhaps because of its popularity, the similarity between this series and Universal Pictures’ 1999 feature film of the same name has led many to speculate that the later film, in which an electronic alien life-form takes over a research spacecraft and plots to wipe out humanity by means of an infectious machine-taking-over virus, was in part based upon the anime series.
Neo Hong Kong, 2097: The world has changed. Advances in genetic engineering and cybernetics have created an environment full of artificially enhanced humans and intelligent super-computers that operate using biological software. But the same technology that has allowed man & machine to merge has made both susceptible to a new kind of threat – digital viruses capable of controlling their hosts.
The last line of defense against this insidious foe is an elite task force known as STAND. Equipped with state-of-the-art armored cybernetic suits known as “variable gears,” only this special law-enforcement arm can deal with virus-infected war machines on their own terms.
But when a prototype armored gear is infected with a new virus during its unveiling, STAND has its hands full. Not only must they contend with the rouge machine, but a mysterious stranger know as Serge appears on the scene with his sights firmly fixed on STAND’s leader, Raven. Fascinated with the young man’s potential, Raven arranges for Serge to be unwittingly fitted with one of STAND’s variable gears. Not only is Serge’s thirst for vengeance corrected through this gambit, but the young man’s latent battle skills are awakened in time for him to soundly defeat the hostile prototype.
In the wake of the battle, Serge is invited to join STAND. But what is the secret behind Serge’s phenomenal strength and skill? What secrets do his past hold? And just what is his connection to the sinister “Incubator” – the self-aware orbital space station bent upon replacing humanity with its infected offspring?
DVD features include: Audio in 5.1 English, English & Japanese Stereo, Full-Frame video, character bios, character design and mecha design artwork.
Studio: Manga Entertainment Sales & Distribution: WEA
Street Date: November 26, 2002 Pre-Book Date: October 29, 2002
Suggested:13+ Contains Violence. Parental Discretion Advised.
Running Time: 120 minutes Genre: Action/Adventure
DVD (Volume One) SRP: $29.95 Barcode: 6-60200-4123-2 (6) Selection: MANGA4123-2

ASTRO BOY, America’s favorite boy-robot finishes his new and exciting episodes when the final Volumes of seven, eight and nine will be released on video November 26th. A multi-volume DVD series will be released in 2004.
This updated 51 episode children’s series contributes to the resurgent popularity of the character with a forthcoming feature film currently in production with Sony Films and Jim Henson’s Productions slated for release in 2004.
The story of Astro Boy takes place in April 2003, when a brilliant robotics engineer named Doctor Boynton looses his son Toby in a tragic car accident. Distraught over his death, the dedicated but heart-broken scientist uses his technical expertise to construct a robot in the boy’s image. But all was not as he’d hoped, for the scientist soon realized that the robot could never grow into a human being capable of filing the void in his heart. Abandoned to the care of Hamegg – the cruel ringmaster of a carnival where androids are forced to fight each other, Astro Boy is rescued by the kindly Doctor Elefun – an “android’s rights” activist who adopts the boy robot and guides him in the use of his special powers to aid and protect mankind.
Studio: Manga Entertainment Sales & Distribution: WEA
Genre: Children’s Action/Adventure Rated: Not rated.
Running Time: 150 minutes each volume
SRP: $14.95
Street Date for Volumes 7-9: November 26, 2002 Pre-Book Date: November 8, 2002
Volume 7 UPC: 6-60200-4092-3-4 Manga Selection #: MANGA4092-3
Volume 8 UPC: 6-60200-4093-3-3 Manga Selection #: MANGA4093-3
Volume 9 UPC: 6-60200-4090-3-6 Manga Selection #: MANGA4094-3

9-26-02—- New American Magazien On Japanese Toys

Thanks to Daniel for this news:

A new U.S. magazine focuses on Japanese toys.

Super 7 magazine is a publication *IN THE U.S.* dedicated to Japanese toys.

Not only that, but with the purchase of issue #1, you can order not one, but *two* very cool figures, again exclusive to the U.S.!

Now *this* is exciting and, when coming along at the same time as the U.S. release of Bandai figures, makes this an even better time to be a collector in the U.S.

Their web site is located at http://www.super7magazine.com so be sure to check it out and lend them your support. Source: Monster Zaero

2-26-02—- Wasabi Review

A positive review for Wasabi at New Times L.A. has this to say about the film:

“Wasabi is the first of two Luc Besson productions this season (The Transporter, with a bigger budget and way more hype, is due out shortly). Yet Wasabi is handily the better of the two…. Wasabi is also the best vehicle for the wonderful Jean Reno since his first major starring role nearly a decade ago in Besson’s The Professional…”

Thanks to Daniel for the item.

2-26-02—- Landmark Anime Fan Documentary Accepted Into St. Louis Film Festival

Dallas-based Tempest Production Company announced today that their first feature-length documentary, “Invasion: ANIME,” has been accepted into the 11th Annual St. Louis International Film Festival. “Invasion: ANIME” will be shown on November 17, 2002 at 10:00 p.m. in the Hi Point Theater, 1005 McCausland. The Festival runs November 14-24, 2002.

“Invasion: ANIME” is an in-depth look at the influx of Japanese animation (or “anime”) and its effect on American culture and entertainment over the last half-century. Interview subjects include names well known to anime fans across the world. Steve Bennett, president and founder of Studio Ironcat, artists and animators Akemi Takada, Senno Knife, Makoto Uno and Nobuyuki Takahashi, North American voice actors and directors Amy Howard Wilson, Tiffany Grant, Scott McNeil and Taliasen Jaffe and international anime experts like author Helen McCarthy and Dr. Susan J. Napier, Associate Director of Asian Studies, University of Texas, are but a few of more than 20 individuals who donated their time to this project.

“The whole documentary has been a series of happy accidents,” said producer/director Angela Alexander. Originally slated to be an inside look at science fiction-fantasy type conventions, a case of missing tape stalled that concept and gave birth to “Invasion: ANIME.”

“We were shooting at Project: A-Kon, a Dallas anime convention. The hotel’s front desk misplaced a case of video tape we had set up for delivery during the weekend, limiting what we could shoot,” explained Alexander, “so we chose to use the possibly once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity to get interviews with the Japanese artists who were guests of the convention.

“The rest, as they say, is history.”

“Invasion: ANIME”, shot on location in Dallas, San Francisco and New York, encompasses several important firsts for Tempest Productions, as it is their first feature-length production and first attempt at a modern-day subject. The company is best known for their short-form examinations of Dallas-Fort Worth history, nearing completion of a series of documentary shorts for the Centennial Celebration in Irving, Texas, and “An Authentic American Haunting: The Bell Witch of Tennessee.” Previous productions include “Etched in Stone: A Monumental History” (submitted for consideration in the CableACE awards) and “Utopia Lost: The La Reunion Commune.”

9-26-02—- Kosaikon 2003 Cancels

According to a statement by Kosaikon’s Racahel, the event, originally planned to occur May 30 – June 1 2003 in Valley Forge, PA, USA has now been postponed to some undisclosed time in 2004.

Reasons cited include the hotel arrangements which “had taken almost 2 months longer than promised to get the contract to us and there has been little support from the area fanbase. So we are going to regroup, possibly make some changes and take the extra time to make this even better than originally planned.”

9-26-02—- Independent I.G. Project To Be Supervised By Oshii

In the Spy Who Loved Kimchi’s newest update at Production I.G., he mentions that Ishikawa has assigned Mamoru Oshii to mentor Dwight on his short film. Ishikawa has chosen to sponsor the project out of the satisfaction of helping others. Oshii himself believes most people who claim they want to direct rarely act on their desire, but he feels differently about Dwight.

Thanks as always to Daniel for the tip.

9-26-02—- Battle Royal 2 Press Conference Opens With Chilling Revelation By Director

Thanks to Daniel for this news:

BUNTA here with some very sad, yet still inspiring news, in the world of Japanese film. Nipponese news services are announcing today that during yesterday’s press conference for BATTLE ROYALE 2 in Tokyo, Kinji Fukasaku (director of films as awesome and diverse as BATTLE ROYALE, FIGHT WITHOUT HONOR AND HUMANITY, and BLACK LIZARD) announced that he is ill with cancer.
The 72 year old director was originally diagnosed and treated for prostate cancer in 1996 and quickly recovered. Now it has returned and has spread to his bones and spinal column. Facing a regime of radiation treatments, the doctors have advised him not to work on another film.
But Kinji says he is going to do BR2 any ways, saying words to the effect that he’d like to use up the rest of his remaining time making movies.
Kinji, as always, remains a fighter. Wish him and his family the best.
Principal photography on BATTLE ROYALE 2 will begin in December and the film is slated for release in summer 2003.

Source: AICN

9-26-02—- Macross Zero Teaser Trailer

CS informs ANS on a Macross Zero OVA teaser trailer that can be found here (11.6MB) in .AVI format.

9-25-02—- 9 New Tokyo Images

At the end of the last millenium on New Years Eve 2000 we check out some arcades in Ikebukuro, attend a gorgeous lighting festival, goto historic Tokyo Station and pop crossroads Shibuya