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October 8-14 Anime News

10-14-99—- Perfect Blue Review

Metro Active Movies has posted a nice review of Satoshi Kon’s pyschological thriller Perfect Blue. You can read it here.

10-14-99—- Manga Event To Aid Taiwanese Earthquake Sufferers

50 popular manga artists, including Tetsuya Chiba and Shinji Mizushima participated in a charity event / auction in Ginza district, Tokyo on Oct 2, with proceeds and contributions of 980 thousand yen in total going to aid sufferers of Taiwan’s recent devistating Earthquake. Mr. Chiba had only recently attended a manga summit held in Taiwan last month, with the goal of improving cultural interchange between Taiwanese / Japanese manga artists. The hotel Mr. Chiba stayed in during the summit was subsequently destroyed in the earthquake.

Source: Anime Scene

10-14-99—- Japanese Fall TV Anime Report

Excel Saga
Based on the manga serialized in the “YOUNG King Ours” magazine, “Excel Saga” the TV series is directed Shinichiro Watanabe (Cowboy Bebop, Macross Plus). The story is based around Excel, who belongs to the secret association at the basement of an unknown city, the grop fights in battles to take over the world. However, they actually make a living working at a part-time job and renting a cheap apartment.
Began: Oct. 7th | Airing: 1:15 am on TV Tokyo

One Piece
Based on the popular manga serialized in “Shonen Jump”, the story takes place in a world where the oceans are ruled by pirates, a boy seeks the legendary treasure, “One Piece”, and tries to become the pirate king. The program will air in the slot previously held by the Dragon Ball TV series. The theme will be provided by Hironobu Kageyama (Dragon Ball Z).

Cyborg Kuro-chan
Based on the manga serialized in BonBon Magazine. A black cat, Kuro-chan, who never loses a fight, is transformed into a cyborg.
Began: Oct. 2nd | Airing: 8:00 am on TV Tokyo

Source: J-Dream Direct Newsletter, J-Dream Web

10-14-99—- Space Battle Ship Yamato Official Homepage – Launch!

An official homepage has been created for Reiji Matsumoto’s masterpiece, “Space Battle Ship Yamato”. Titiled “Space Battle Ship Hasshin!” the site has been created by Bandai, and includes news on Playstation titles, information on special books, upcoming DVDs, a database to lookup character backgrounds, story terms and sub-stories, and a monthly commentary magazine, “Monthly Yamato.” The first issue of “Monthly Yamato’s” lead feature s “Yamato and its time.” Click here to go directly to the official site. here (Japanese Only).

Source: J-Dream Direct Newsletter, J-Dream Web

10-14-99—- New Gunsmith Cats Manga

Published by Kodansha, Afternoon Addition, a new quarterly Japanese magazine from the staff of Afternoon Magazine (which features popular serials such as Ah! My Goddess), has lead off it’s inagural Autumn ’99 issue with a new and running Gunsmith Cats manga by Kenichi Sonoda. The new manga could serve as source material for a long rumored 2nd GSC OAV series or possibly a new TV series.

10-14-99—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Warp’s survival / horror / adventure game D2 is now in beta testing. When released, the game will be span 4 GD-ROMs and is expected out in Japan on Dec. 23rd.

Pro Action Replay CD-X, a CD version of Pro Action Replay will be released in Japan in Nov. and sale for 9800 Yen. The CD will function in the same capacity as the plug-mod version, and is specifically designed for the PSX 9000 series models, where the parallel port is absent.

Sony has sold over 4 million PocketStation units in Japan as of Aug.

10-14-99—- Pokemon Continues To Dominate American Video Charts

Released by Viz, Pokemon video sales continue to dominate the American Billboard Top 10 Kids Video Sales charts, holding no less than 3 positions as of Oct. 16th. Holding spot #2, is Pokemon: Pokey Friends; holding spot #3 is Pokemon: I Choose You Pickachu; and holding spot #6 is Pokemon: Seaside Pickachu.

10-13-99—- Cartoon Network, Toonami And An Anime Channel

John Oppliger from AnimeNation has written up an excellent first hand account of the events that transpired in the recent Cartoon Network Pannel at this past weeks AWA convention. His account cuts through alot of the hype currently circulating and relays the most probable current state of events on the whole range of issues with CN. You can read his report here (Scroll down to Oct. 12th).

In regards to Gundam Wing and other titles that may possibly air on the network John’s account also sheds some light on the actual state of affairs. Cartoon Network’s hint that the network was currently looking into airing other titles concurs with Bandai’s position that they are speaking with Cartoon Network in regards to airing their titles on cable, Gundam Wing being one of them. The status of Gundam Wing has yet to be resolved, so an official deal, if there is to be one, is still forthcoming.

10-13-99—- J-Pop / Seiyuu News

Two-Mix’s upcoming maxi-single “Side Formula”, is expected out the 27th. The single will feature 10 tracks including “Last Tears”, which will be the ending theme to the upcoming Jibakukun anime TV series.

Okui Masami’s upcoming maxi-single “Sorewa Totsuzen Yatte Kuru” will feature a new acoustic version of the Utena anime movie image theme “Tokini Aiwa”.

Delphine’s PC RPG DarkStone will be released in Japan in November, the Japanese character voices will be provided by well known seiyuu, including Hikami Kyoko, who will portray the role of the priestess.

Sakamoto Maaya’s upcoming singles collection, “Pachipochi”, may include pictures taken by producer Yoko Kanno.

10-13-99—- SyCoNet To License And Distribute Anime And Video Game Soundtracks

Syconet.com Inc. announced the launch of a new division, Otaku Music USA, today, the new division will license and distribute Anime and video game soundtracks. Otaku Music USA expects to acquire 500 to 700 soundtrack licenses, and secure its first agreement and begin production in the next 60 days. The Company’s division will sell the soundtracks through several distribution channels including its two websites, other leading music and CD Internet sites, major music distributors across the United States, and several reputable music and video stores that carry imported soundtracks and have strong sales in Anime-related items such as videos.

Source: Business Wire

10-13-99—- Monster Rancher On Fox

The Monster Rancher TV series will air on the American Fox Television Network this Saturday, the 16th (8:30 a.m. ET), and next Saturday, the 23rd (8:30 and 10 a.m. ET).

10-13-99—- Digimon Toys, Videos On The Way

The Digimon TV series, currently enjoying great success, airing on the American Fox Television Network, will get a large product boost from it’s owners Saban Entertainment, which have set-up a master toy license agreement with Bandai America. Fox Kids Home video will release a Digimon video in November that will coincide with a launch of Digimon action figures and toys, expected out in time for the holiday season. A Digimon collectible card game is also scheduled for next year.

10-13-99—- Princess Mononoke At New York Film Festival

Hollywood.com has included a sizealbe writeup of Princess Mononoke’s screening at The 37th New York Film Festival, in a recent article which you can read here.

10-13-99—- Card Captor Sakura Comic To Ship In December

Mixx is set to release Issue #1 of the newly licensed Card Captor Sakura manga in comic book form in Dec. The comic will retail for $2.95. Written and illustrated by osaka based CLAMP, the story tells of a fourth-grader named Sakura who finds an enchanted book in her father’s library that once held powerful magic Clow cards. Upon learning that the cards escaped the book to wreak chaos and destruction, Sakura resolves to track them down.

10-13-99—- Fist Of The North Star Gekiuchi CD-ROM

SSI Tristar has released the new Japanese typing tutor CD-Rom, Fist Of The North Star (Hokuto-No-Ken) Gekiuchi. The CD features Kenshiro who aids the user in the special technique of fast and effective typing. Upon success, the user is able to engage in some real Hokuto-No-Ken action in the form of included fighting games. The CD sales for 4800 Yen and sales as a hybrid for Mac and Windows Japanese.

10-13-99—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Chun Soft’s latest PSX RPG Dragon Quest Characters: Toruneko’s Big Adventure 2 has sold over 500,000 copies in less than a month’s release in Japan. The company will hold a Toruneko 2 Battle Contest in Japan in Nov., those participating will receive a special gift. Also, players who finish the game will be able to obtain a password from the game’s ending, by sending the password application form to Chun Soft, you will have a chance to receive one of 5000 Toruneko Pen Cases, the deadline of the contest is the end of Jan. 2000.

Gamefan has posted new screenshots of SNK’s upcoming Samurai Spirits sequel, you can view them here.

10-12-99—- Bandai Entertainment America News

Several pieces of exciting news from Bandai Entertainment:

AnimeVillage.com is set to offer Hitomi and other Escaflowne statues very soon. The digitally animated Saber Marionette J to X TV series has been acquired and will be released by Bandai as early as next summer. Finally, some very exciting news for fans with DVD players: Escaflowne TV series DVD’s are on the horizon, production is expected to get underway as soon as the English dub of the series is complete.

10-12-99—- Blood Production Bios

Production I.G. has posted new English bios of the production staff on it’s upcoming Digital Animation, Horror / Action feature, Blood:

Script: Kenji Kamiyama
Original Character Designer: Katsuya Terada
Character Setting/Animation Supervisor: Kazuchika Kise
Art Setting: Hiroshi Kato
Art Director: Yusuke Takeda
In-between Animation Checker: Chieko Ichimanda
Digital Filming: Miki Sakuma
Director/Storyboard: Hiroyuki Kitakubo

10-12-99—- Mangaton

The first ever Mangaton event, to be held in Lima, Peru is scheduled for Oct. 23rd. The event is sponsored by the Peruvian Japanese Association, and is to occur in conjunction with the 27th annual Peruvian Culture Week of Japan. Many local Anime / Manga releated businesses are expected to come together to sell goods and this event could lead to a larger full fledged western South American anime convention to be held in either either Peru or Chile, in a year or two.

10-12-99—- Studio Ghibli Museum Building Plan Approved

The building plan for Studio Ghibli’s Mitaka Animation Museum to be located in Inokashira Park in Mitaka City, has been approved by the Mitaka City Council in Japan, by a 23 to 4 vote. The next step is the actual construction, which is expected to begin soon. The museum is to open in October of 2001.

10-12-99—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Sonic Team is set to release Chu Chu Rocket for Dreamcast in Japan on Nov. 11. The game is an action puzzler and the first of Sega’s Simple Network Series, it will support all the major DC peripherals (Modem, keyboard, arcade stick, VMS, VGA Box) and up to 4 players will be able simultaneously play over the network.

Koei will release the Nobunaga’s Ambition: Retsu Style for DC in Japan on Dec. 16, for 9800 Yen.

Maisya / NCS has renamed their WonderSwan SRPG Langrisser D to Langrisser Millennium. The game is slated for release in Japan in March, this game may have some compatibility with the DC Langrisser but details are currently unknown.

10-12-99—- Future Boy Conan 2: Tiga Adventure

Future Boy Conan 2: Tiga Adventure the TV series, produced Nippon Animation begins airing on TBS in Japan starting on Oct. 16. directed by Keiji Hayakawa (assistant to Hayao Miyazaki on the first Conan series) the story centers around a boy named Tiga, who travels the globe, excavating sacred and mysterious sites in search of the “O parts”. Tiga meets a girl Tiana, whose father is an archaeologist also searching for the “O parts”. For more info on the Future Boy Conan 2nd series goto the official Nippon Animation website here.

10-11-99—- One Piece Anime Update

Based on the popular Manga serialized in Shone Jump by Eiichirou Oda, and produced by Toei, the One Piece TV series, premieres Oct. 20, at 19:00 on Fuji TV. Due to the Manga’s high popularity, this one of the most highly anticipated new shows of the season. For more information on the One Piece TV series, goto Toei’s website, located here (Japanese only).

10-11-99—- Developments Out Of AWA

Lots of new and exciting information was forthcoming from this past weekend’s Anime Weekend Atlanta 5 convention, the biggest news of course was the Kenshin acquisition but just as impressive was Turner’s Cartoon Network’s fairly large showing at the con, it seems Anime is to be a major part of their future, the Gundam [Wing] Tv series was announced to possibly air some time in the future and a push was evident to get the Tenchi Muyo TV series aired as well. The network hinted at getting more of the Sailor Moon TV series and stated that they do plan to air the Dubbed Sailor Moon movies in the near future.

Reports of a possible Turner all Anime channel have arisen after Cartoon Network’s statement that Toonami has consistantly been the best rated block on the network and that since they are curently working on a Hanna Barbara network, the posibility remains present that an all “Toonami” [Anime] channel could be in the works at some time in the future.

Other information coming out of the con include a 1st quarter 2000 expected release for the first volume of ADV’s Evangelion TV series DVD’s (which was confirmed on their website today), a 2 DVD release containing the 3 Evangelion Movies from Manga Entertainment, expected next year, because of the reaction to the extreme violence in Perfect Blue, the movie will be released in an edited “R rated” version (the unedited edition, will be released as a special “director’s cut”). Finally an announcement of an exciting extra to the Macross DVD’s by Animeigo’s owner, Robert Woodhead:

“The major extra we’re planning to have for Macross is to have the subtitles in English or Zentradi.”

The statement was of course a joke but he later added that subtitles with a “Zentradi” font will be available as an option on the DVD’s.

10-11-99—- Top Anime LD Sales (Japan) (As Of 10-11)

1. Card Captor Sakura TV Vol. 10
2. Samurai Spirits OAV 2
3. You’re Under Arrest Special 3
4. Rurouni Kenshin OAV 4
5. Gasaraki TV Vol. 9
6. Seikai No Monsho Vol. 4
7. GPX Cyber Formula OAV 4
8. Sorcerous Stabber Orphen Vol. 9
9. Detective Conan Vol. 5
10. Harlock Saga Vol. 5

10-11-99—- Top Anime DVD Sales (Japan) (As Of 10-11)

1. Neon Genesis Evangelion Vol. 7 (Movie)
2. Card Captor Sakura Vol. 1
3. Card Captor Sakura Vol. 10
4. Slayers Next DVD BOX
5. You’re Under Arrest Special 3
6. Cyber Team In Akihabara Vol. 1
7. Gasaraki TV Vol. 9
8. Dual! Parale-lunlun Story 4

10-11-99—- Top Manga Sales (Japan) (As Of 10-11)

1. AH! My Goddess 19
2. Flames Of Recca 20
3. Inu Yasya 12
4. Ghost Sweeper Mikami Gokuraku Daisakusen 38
5. Mamotte Syugogetten! 10
6. Jaja Uma Groomin Up 20
7. Kinnikuman Second Generation 6
8. Kocha-Oji 8
9. Kamikaze Kaitoh Jeanne 4
10. Monkey Turn 10
11. Love Hina 4
12. Fruits Basket 3
13. A Cheeky Angel
14. Soten Koro 17
15. Devil&Devil 9
16. Ganba! Fly High 26
17. Shoot!: Atsuki Challenge 9
18. Imagine 10
19. Mars 11
20. Get Backers 2

10-11-99—- New Pokemon Decks

Wizards of the Coast introduced the second expansion to the Pokémon trading card game last week. Fossil adds 47 cards with new characers like Dragonite, Hitmonlee, and Aerodactyl, the set contains 15 holographic cards. The cards are available in 11-card booster packs and 60-card, preconstructed decks.

10-11-99—- Anime Weekend Atlanta

Fansview has collected an excellent visual record of people, events, and happenings at this past weekend’s AWA 5.

10-11-99—- Princess Mononoke Official Website Sees Substantial Update

The Official Princess Mononoke Website has undergone a tremendous transformation from the single page of just a few days back, besides the tons of new information added, the beautiful user interface has been put together quite well, very professional.

10-11-99—- Gillian Anderson Long Time Fan Of Miyazaki

Just as an example of the wealth of new information added to the Official Princess Mononoke Website the following is a quote from the site, speaking of Gillian Anderson, who plays Moro in the Miramax release, most of you know her as “Scully” from the X-Files TV series and movie.

“Anderson was the first of the American actors to record her dialogue. A long-time fan of Miyazaki, she came to PRINCESS MONONOKE knowing what to expect from the Japanese master and still was surprised.”

10-10-99—- Bandai Visual (Emotion) News From Japan

Straight from the latest Bandai Visual (Emotion) news release:
The first 25 minute volume of the Sakura Wars 2 OVA is out Dec. 18th for 5,800 Yen on VHS, LD, and Region 2 DVD. Also out on those formats on Dec. 18th in Japan is the first 25 minute vol. of Steller Buster Mito 2: 2 Queens, it lists for 3,800 Yen. Finally on the same date, Minky Momo DVD-Box 1 is out for 29,800 Yen.

10-10-99—- Washington Post Article Mentions Mononoke, Miyazaki

This article in todays Washingnton Post makes mention of Princess Mononoke’s showing at the New York Film Festival and references it’s prolific director, Mr. Hayao Miyazaki, you can check it out at the above link.

10-9-99—- Manga Kissa

Manga Kissa (cafes) have been gaining popularity and patrons in Japan lately. Just a few years ago manga kissa were places where you’d find only the the most dedicated Otaku. Nowdays, more and more people are visiting them, coming into sit down, enjoy their favorite title, eat snacks, drink, and even log onto the internet. Once entering a kissa you must order an food or drink item costing on average, 4-500 Yen, then you’re free to browse the usually large selection (individual kissa collections range as high as 50,000 volumes) of manga.

10-9-99—- Sin

ADV announced a few months back that it’s currently engaged in a joint project to produce a Japanese animated feature film based on Ritual Entertainment’s first person shooter Sin. Some new details are out on the project, the films budget is estimated at under $1,000,000, with a tentative release in April 2000. The story revolves around Colonel John Blade, the owner of a private police force called the Hardcorps, which investigates human mutations and supernatural creatures. Ritual provided ADV with Sin’s design documentation, which they used as the basis of the film. ADV is co-creating the character designs, script, and other details with Japanese counterparts. A trailer was shown to Ritual and was said to be pretty impressive. Sin will have a near simulataneous release in Japan and the U.S., it’s currently unknown the details of a possible theatrical run but VHS and DVD have been selected as the media of choice for the home market release, the DVD is expected to come with full copy of the Sin game.

10-9-99—- Kenshin Goes To Media Blasters And ADV

At the Anime Weekend Atlanta convention on Friday Matt Greenfield of ADV announced that Rurouni Kenshin will be split between Media Blasters, ADV Films and Sony. The 95 episode Kenshin television series, will be released by Media Blasters on video, ADV has the rights to the Kenshin OVA’s and movie, finally Sony, the company that created Kenshin, will search attempt to have the series broadcast on U.S. television. Greenfield speculated a Sept. 2000 release for the OAV’s. He said there’s a chance that Kenshin might be released in the U.S. in the opposite order it was released in Japan, with the OAV’s and movies possibly coming out before the TV series. The official name of the series in the U.S. is still unknown. Sony believes Kenshin has a good chance of being a breakthrough anime series in the U.S.

10-9-99—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition is out for Gameboy on Oct. 25. In this version of Yellow all the Pokemon will be displayed in full color. Pikachu will follow you on the screen, instead of hiding inside the Pokeball. You will be able to print out the content of your Pokedex to the Gameboy Printer.

Capcom’s PSX port of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is out in Japan Oct. 14. The PSX version will feature 6 new PocketStation mini games, several new playable characters including Dio, Shadow Dio, Youth Joseph, Mariah, Hol Horse, Hawk, Vanilla Ice and Polnareff from the upcoming arcade sequel Jojo’s Venture: Legacy of Future; and a Super Story Mode which contains several of mini games.

Enix’s Dragon Quest VII, will feature a job system similar to DQ6 / FFV, and each character will be able to change to different jobs, such as thief, sorcerer, dancer, priest and fighter, you can learn special skills from the jobs, such as stealing. The skills will remain with the character even if he/she changed to different jobs later on.

Square will release the PSX RPG Dew Prism in Japan on Oct. 14, the game features two different scenarios depending on which of the 2 main characters you. By playing Ryu you will rely on fighting skills and transformation power in battles, if you select Mint, you mainly focus on weapon attacks and magic spells. Three new boss characters have been revealed: PsycroMaster, ModeMaster, and Trap Master. There will be several mini quests throughout the game.

The newly announced Dice de Chocobo will be added to the PSX Chocobo Collection, due out in Japan Dec. 22. The new game is a monopoly type board game with characters from the series. The Collection will list for 7800 yen.

10-8-99—- Anime Theme Rankings In Japan For September

1. Catch You Catch Me (Card Captor Sakura OP Theme) Performed by Gumi
2. COSMIC LOVE (Mito’s Great Adventure 2: Two Queens OP Theme) Performed by aya
3. Drill de Lun-Lun, Kuru-Lun-Lun (D4 Princess ED Theme) Performed by Kawana Midori + Omimura Mayuko
4. Oja-majo carnival !! (Oja-Majo Doremi OP Theme) Performed by MAHO-DO
5. Turn-A-Turn (Turn-A Gundam OP Theme) Performed by Saijo Hideki
6. Tenshi no Kyusoku (Yamamoto Yoko TV OP Theme) Performed by Okui Masami
7. Datte Daisuki! (Tenshi ni Narumon! OP Theme)
8. Shizume (Betterman ED Theme) Performed by mai
9. Chie to Yuuki da! Medalot (Medalot OP Theme) Performed by Takeuchi Junko
10. Over the rainbow (Mahou Tsukai Tai TV) Performed by Mahou Taukai Tai

10-8-99—- Manga Entertainment News

Manga Entertainment is set to release X The Motion Picture across the U.S in limited theater engagements during the first quarter of 2000. The also plan to theatrically release the three Evangelion films, the rights to which they reportedly paid around 2 million dollars. New video releases include the newly remastered Castle of Cagliostro directed by Hayao Miyazaki, Astro Boy (Which is also expected to see a U.S. TV release), the Rayearth OAV’s and Masami Obari’s Virus TV series.

10-8-99—- Seiyuu News

JVC has posted some new audio samples from Maaya Sakamoto’s upcoming single “Platinum”. The single is expected out Oct. 21st, selling for 1,020 Yen. both tracks are arranged by Ms. Yoko Kanno (Macross Plus, Escaflowne, Cowboy Bebop) the single features the new OP theme to the Card Captor Sakura.

10-8-99—- Sonic Moves Up To # 7

ADV’s Sonic The Hedgehog The Movie is curently at #7 on the American Billboard Entertainment charts.

10-8-99—- Toho Godzilla 2000 Website

Toho has created a large and very informative website on it’s latest, upcoming Godzilla feature, you can check it out by clicking here.

10-8-99—- Gaiman’s Sandman Reading At “Hero” Exhibit

Neil Gaiman’s scheduled Live reading of “The Sandman: The Dream Hunters” reportedly went off without a hitch last night at the Angel Orensanz Foundation Hall in New York City. Gaiman agreed to the reading which was part of a new exhibit being held to showcase Yoshitaka Amano’s new creation “Hero”. Amano himself illustrated “Dream Hunters” which goes on sale Oct. 27th . Before the reading Gaiman told the 200 fans in attendence: “This is the first time I will read the whole thing out loud…and probably the last.”

10-8-99—- Four-part TV Guide Commemorative Pokemon Covers On the Way

TV Guide is set to release a four-part commemorative cover series featuring Pokemon in its Oct. 30 edition. The four covers will create a mural featuring many characters from the popular Anime, Manga, and game series’.

10-8-99—- Miyazaki Interview

Another Universe has posted a fairly lengthy and very well done interview with Princess Mononoke director, Hayao Myazaki, you can read it here.

10-8-99—- Anime / Manga Gaming

According to this Register article, head of Sony’s PlayStation operation, Ken Kutaragi, projects that the Playstation 3 could be released as early as 2002.

10-8-99—- Card Caprtor Bootlegger Busted In Japan

Police in Japan have arrested a 22-year-old man who was selling illegally copied Card Captor Sakura TV episodes copied to CD-R (CD Recordable Discs) via the internet. The suspect, Kazuhiro Himono, was selling the CD-R’s at a price of 26,000 yen each, police said.

Source: Anime Scene

10-8-99—- Osaka District Court Rules Against Secondhand Videogame Sales

The Osaka District Court ruled on Thursday that sales of secondhand video game software without manufacturer permission is against the copyright law, acknowledging for the first time in this nation manufacturers’ rights to limit such sales. Six major Japanese game software manufacturing companies were involved in bringing the case. In Japan, sales of secondhand exceed sales of software sold through regular distribution channels only a few months after a game’s release.

10-8-99—- Forbes Article On Anime

As mentioned yesterday, this weeks issue of the American business magazine Forbes has an article on anime, you can read it here.

10-8-99—- New Ebert Article On Anime

Famous American movie critic Roger Ebert has written another article on Anime, you can read it here.