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Anime News Service – October 5 – 10 Anime News

10-10-00—- New Late Night TV Series Coming From APPP – Sci-Fi Harry

Begining this past weekend a new late night TV anime has began in Japan titled Sci-Fi Harry. Directed by Katsuyuki Kodera with and produced by A.P.P.P (the studio behind the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures Anime), the series revolves around a school boy’s life. Media Factory is handling video distribution on Harry, both DVD (3,800 Yen) and VHS (4,500 Yen) begin release in Japan on December 22nd.

10-10-00—- Megazone 23 DVD Box Details

The upcoming Megazone 23 DVD-BOX has a scheduled release date in Japan of December 16th, at a retail price of 19,000 Yen. It includes the 81 minute 1985 work, the 82 minute 1986 work, the 1989 60 minute work and another work ‘Day of MEGAZONE 23 III dissolution’ (60 minutes). Box illustration is by Haruhiko Mikimoto, extras include a lavish 64 page info manual with series info and interviews with staff. Also included is a 12 cm CD featuring “sentimental” performed by Kumi Miyasato.

10-10-00—- New Locke The Superman OAV

A new Locke The Superman OAV is in production in Japan, titled “Mirroring” it will be released to DVD in Japan on Dec. 22nd at the retail price of 7,800 Yen. The OAV is being produced by Pioneer LDC.

10-10-00—- Ghibli Works Lecture In Japan

A producer on many Studio Ghibli works, Toshio Suzuki, hosted a lecture in Mitaka city this past weekend where the English dubbed version of The Princess Mononoke with Japanese subtitles screened.

10-10-00—- Namco Founder Funding Film School

A founder of the Japanese videogame company Namco is funding a film school in Japan, Asahi is running an article on the details that can be read here.

10-10-00—- Manga Online From Comics One

Comics One has added several online volumes of manga including the the historical fiction comic Joan by Yasuhiko Yoshikazu (creator of Venus Wars and Rebel Sword), a light-hearted shojo romance – Memi Hoshino’s Dream Hotel, the action fantasy genre Kazan by Gaku Miyao, and the cyberpunk title Maico 2010 by Toshimitsu Shimizu.

10-9-00—- Berserk In Licensing Limbo

Excerpted from the Urban Vision Website:

“Well, we are currently unable to complete licensing negotiations at this time. We are not at liberty to say what our release schedule and format will be, since we are waiting for confirmation on the contract before we can plan anything.”

10-9-00—- Ah! My Goddess Movie Seiyuu Cast

As listed in Animage Nov. issue – Ah! My Goddess The Movie Preview Book – Collector’s Edition:

Belldandy: Inoue Kikuko
Morisato Keiichi: Kikuchi Masami
Urd: Touma Yumi
Skuld: Hisakawa Aya
Morgan Ru Fe: Kawasumi Ayako
Celestine: Yanaka Hiroshi
Peorth: Sakuma Rei
Ere: Kasahara Rumi
Ekusu: Yajima Akiko
Kurono: Horie Yui
Fujimi Chihiro: Imai Yuka
Morisato Megumi: Fuchizaki Yuriko
Hasegawa Sora: Ootani Ikue
Tamiya: Yanada Kiyoyuki
Ootaki: Futamata Issei

10-9-00—- aMedia Awards Mononoke

At the aMedia first annual “Ammy Awards” dedicated to acknowledging Asian and Asian American achievements in film and television in Los Angeles on Saturday, Studio Ghibli’s film The Princess Mononoke directed by Hayao Miyazaki walked away with the best Anime Award.

10-9-00—- Anime Creator Websites

Evangelion director Hideaki Anno and Ghost In The Shell Director Mamoru Oshii both have homepages on the WWW. Anno’s can be seen at: www.gainax.co.jp/hills/anno/index.html and Oshii’s can be seen at: www.oshiimamoru.com.

10-9-00—- Animeigo News From AWA 6

Excerpted from a post to an Animeigo mailing list:

Macross DVD delayed until Summer 2001

At Anime Weekend Atlanta we gave the first sneak preview of episode 1 of Macross, and also announced that we are pushing back the release of Macross to the summer. This was not an easy decision to make, but we think it is the right one. Here is our reasoning:

* We obviously want the Macross set to be perfect. We could rush Macross out for Xmas but doing so would run an unnacceptable risk of a player compatibility problem slipping through the cracks.

* Our experience with UY DVD has been eye-opening. Proper DVD authoring is much more complex than video mastering, and a nightmare with respect to player compatibility. We want to nail down all these issue before we release Macross. A major difficulty for us is that Anime fans tend to have one of two types of DVD players, either the inexpensive ones or the very early models, and these are the ones that have the most player-specific issues.

* The UY DVD problems and the re-authoring of BGC DVD have consumed a huge amount of Shin’s time, and have impacted our ability to progress on Macross. Even so, large amounts of the “minion” preproduction work, in particular the timing, have been locked down.

* As UY DVD and BGC dragged on, we realized that Shin was on the critical path for too many aspects of production, and we are going to be hiring an assistant producer to take on some of these functions and permit him to concentrate on DVD production issues.

* While Shin’s been battling with DVD player issues, his minions have not been idle. They have gone ahead and done the pre-authoring conversion work on a large number of titles, including the next UY TV DVD set, as well as the movies and OVAs. We are accelerating the production of the next UY TV DVD set to act as a test-bed for all the fixes we’ve uncovered on the first one. It will probably ship in January though we may be able to get it done in time for Xmas. We will reopen the signup on this next week.

* We have other products that are either in authoring or about to go into authoring, and are expanding the number of authoring houses we deal with. These projects include Spirit of Wonder, Lone Wolf and Cub, Oh My Goddess and Vampire Miyu. But we have to be careful because extra projects suck away even more time from Shin’s ability to work on Macross.

* Apart from discs that work in as many players as possible, a major benefit from the delay will be the ability to add some extras to Macross. Don’t ask what, we aren’t sure yet, and if we have to choose between functionality and compatibility and extra goodies, the goodies lose.

10-8-00—- Bandai Entertainment And Viz Announce Jin-Roh Plans At AWA 6

On Sunday, Jerry Chu of Bandai Entertainment took the stage briefly with Carl Horn at the “Pulp, Etc.” panel. The two announced Production I.G. / Bandai Visual’s film, Jin-Roh (written by Mamoru Oshii) has been licensed by Viz and Bandai Entertainment will be playing a role with Viz Communications to bring the film to a theatrical release in the U.S. as early as the spring of ’01. Fans are encouraged to check Bandai’s Anime Village for updates.

10-8-00—- ADV Films News From AWA 6

ADV Films’ Representitives David Williams and Matt Greenfield presided over a panel on Sunday where the following details were relayed:

– Super Milk-chan and Steel Angel Kurumi (Kotetsu Tenshi Kurumi) were announced as the latest acquisitions, a few more are pending and could be announced at Nan Desu Kan this weekend.
– The proof disc for Eva DVD 2 looks good, fans who may have have been disapointed with #1 maybe in for some nice surprises with #2.
– In the backcatalog Cutey Honey is coming up for a release next month. expect the disc to include interesting extras.
– ADV mentioned that they have several DVD authoring houses working on multiple discs and very soon (next month perhaps) fans can expect to see a DVD flood of 1 back catalog title being released per week, the DVD 9 format is going to be utilized as well. Back catalog titles in the works are Slayers OAV’s, Dirty Pair and Dirty Pair Flash, a Gunsmith Cats disc with all three epsiodes and extras like the “making of”, Curse of the Undead Yoma, Blue Seed in 4 disc releases with episodes as 7/7/6/6 on the discs.
– The ADV music label was said to be not on the back or front burners but it’s currently being advanced on the side, fans could see the label cranking up in possibly 2-3 months.
– At Otakon it was announced ADV would have 2 TV series licensed to air on American television, a fan asked about an update on this, ADV mentioned they still could’nt release details on TV plans just yet.
– Blue Seed discs will retail at $29.98.
– ADV is seeing a the introduction of the PS2 at the end of October as a possible boost to the Anime DVD market overall, they mentioned they are testing DVD’s so that they are compatible with a Japanese PS2 test unit.
ADV asked fans in a poll to rate their favorite back catalog titles for DVD releases, here are the most requested titles:
polling from a few week back has yielded results. The top 5 demanded titles were:

1. Gunsmith Cats
2. Blueseed
3. Sorcerer Hunters
4. Dirty Pair OVA
5. Those Who Hunt Elves

– ADV is seeking the Omake (“SD Nadia” etc..) extras for the Nadia DVD release, a company other thn Gainax has the rights to these.
– A fan asked if dub actor bloopers from titles could ever come out of ADV, the response was that often times the contract involved with dubbing cannot allow for anything other than the scripted voices.
– ADV is planning a multimedia blitz with Spectral Force, it will be released on video, as a video game, and a comic done by Studio Ironcat.

10-8-00—- Bandai Entertainment News From AWA 6

– The Outlaw Star and Cowboy Bebop Dub and Sub VHS second boxsets to be released soon are being relisted at $99.98.
– Gundam Wing continues to do very well in the US.
– A demo unit of the upcoming Outlaw Star DVD release volume was on display at Bandai’s table in the art hall, liner notes contain the extra “Technology of Outlaw Star” diagrams and info.
– End of 2000 – Begining of 2001 looks to be the release date for Saber Marionette J on DVD, extras wil include an image gallery.
– February will see the release of Gundam Wing Enless Waltz on VHS and DVD, both will feature chronium covers, the DVD will inlcude a Dolby Digital 5.1 audio track, the 3 OAV’s plus the Endless Waltz Movie.
– Summer 2001 is being billed as Gundam DVD blockbuster release season, the original Gundam TV Series, 0083, 0080, and M.S. 08th team are all planned.
– TV related news: If you’ve read online rumors about Escaflowne doing extraordinarly bad on the net or close to cancelation, it’s best to ignore them. Escaflowne’s TV ratings are respectable and the series will run on, in a number of markets baseball has prempted the broadcast of the TV series. Reports of the original Gundam TV series and Outlaw Star coming to Cartoon Network are something to keep an eye on, a contract with either of these has yet to be signed, as soon as anything solid is nailed down you can find the announcement at Anime Village.
– Bandai Entertainment and Fox will be releasesing Escaflowne on VHS dubbed, the Bandai version VHS/DVD are both 8 volumes – the VHS Fox version VHS will be 7 volumes with an episode count of 4,3,3,3,3,3,3 – this means the Fox TV version of Escaflowne will have a total of 4 episodes (including #1) cut completely from the total run, this will transition to the TV broadcast version.
– Bandai is soldifying their Gundam release scheme for the next several years, they plan on doing releases in a chronolgy style fashion with all of the original series universe 0079 – 0080 – 83 rolling out this year.
– Animevillage 3 is approaching quickly, look for a relaunch of the site very soon.
– An answer to questions of some music being changed from the Yoko Kanno score to other music in the Fox broadcast of Escaflowne: Escaflowne leaves Bandai as is in the original form, Fox Kids then does edits and so to prevent certain sequences from getting off key with an original BGM piece, alternate music is sometimes supplanted.
– Gundam Wing can be expected to air on Cartoon Network through March of 2001.
– After Saber Marionettes J gets released to DVD look for “Again” and then “J To X”.
– Bandai’s first live action release, Dark Soldier D is out in a few months.
– Pirates of Bandai Anime and merchandise are being watched and contacted.

10-8-00—- Studio Ironkat News From AWA 6

– Shimpei Itoh, the creator of Moldiver and Hyperdolls has a new project in the works with Ironkat for next year, look for more details soon.
– Shi Kurokawa of Animeigo was present at the Ironkat panel to take questions on the announcement there of Vampire Princess Miyu being released to DVD. Ironkat and Animeigo are collaborating on some items that will be disclosed in the near future, it could be siad that they could translate to some neat DVD extras like character sketches.

10-8-00—- Viz / Pulp News From AWA 6

– Viz’s new comic title Eagle, edited by Carl Horn is making strides into the mainstream media in the U.S., a recent Newsweek article and an sizeable L.A. Times article expected this week are giving the comic press in this American political season. A fan mentioned seeing a mention of Eagle on the cable news network CNN.

10-7-00—- Toonami Interview

www.fantasticon.com has interviewed Sean Akins of Cartoon Network on Toonami plans past and present. The 23 minute interview can be heard using the Real Player.

10-7-00—- Anime Theme Park Planned In Japan

An Anime related theme park “Japan Fantasy World” is being built in Yokohama Japan. The Japan Fantasy World Development Committee wil operate the park which is the product of a collaboration of twelve companies, 30 billion Yen will be invested in the project and plans are to open it’s doors in 2005. The park will be made up of attractions, shops and restaurants featuring popular Anime characters. The annual expected etimated attendence is 2.5 million people. Source: Nihon Keizai Newspaper, September 13, 2000

10-7-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

A Japanese market analyst has mentioned that the sales of DVD movies has surpassed the traditional VHS video in the summer of 2000, the sales of DVD movies have jumped up by as much as 280% comparing to last year. This is largely contributed by Sony’s PlayStation 2 console, over 3 millions units were sold in Japan alone.

Taito will be releasing a new Karaoke service for the i-Mode cellular phones by the end of this month. You will be able to play karaoke on your mobile phone. Music and lyrics will be downloaded from the server in real time.

Sony is developing a next generation of DVD media called DVR-Blue, which will have 5 times the capacity of the single layer DVD-ROM, at 22.5GB.

Source: http://www.the-magicbox.com

10-6-00—- DBZ CCG Tour Plans

The new Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game Frieza Saga will release in stores on October 11th.

“DBZ CCG Tour Schedule.”____________________ The Dragon Ball Z CCG Hummer is currently touring the country. Look for it and be a part of all that’s DBZ!! |Oct. 7-Orem, Utah Media Play 130 E. 1300 South 12-4 p.m…| Oct. 8-Midvale, Utah Media Play 7170 S. 100 East 12-4 p.m…| Oct. 9-Salt Lake City, Utah Table Top Games 736 E. 3300 South 5:00 p.m…| Oct. 10-Sandy, Utah Pressbox Sports Cards 10259 S. 1300 East 4:30 p.m…| Oct. 12-Fort Collins, CO Cardsmart 925 E. Harmony Road #200 4:30 p.m…| Oct. 14-Colorado Springs, CO Media Play…| Oct. 15-Denver, CO Media Play…| Oct. 28-Rockford, IL Media Play…| Oct. 29-Detroit, MI Media Play…| Nov. 4-Charlotte, NC Media Play…| Nov. 5-Atlanta, GA Media Play…| Nov. 11-Ft. Lauderdale, FL Galleria Mall…| Nov. 12-Bradenton, FL Melodie Calabro Collectibles…| Nov. 18-W. Nyack, NY Palisades Mall…|

For more info: http://new.topsitelists.com/run/dbzkingdom/

10-6-00—- Fanboy Entertainment Announces Sidekicks #2 Release

Excerpted from the Fanboy Mailing List:

Hello, everyone!

I just wanted to remind you all that SIDEKICKS #2 by J. Torres and Takeshi Miyazawa goes on sale this coming Wednesday, October 11th. I just got my copies in today and the book looks great! J. and Takeshi really outdid themselves with this issue. For a look at the cover, check out http://www.fanboyinc.com/Sidekicks/sk2cover.gif

Also, when you run down to your local comic book store to pick up SIDEKICKS #2 next week, don’t forget to tell them to order you the official SIDEKICKS T-shirt available in this month’s Diamond Previews. The front sports the Shuster Academy logo and the back features and all new image of Terry illustrated by Takeshi just for the T-shirt! The Sidekicks shirt’s Diamond item code is OCT002075 for large and OCT002076 for extra large. Smaller fans will be able to order baby tees and well as S and M sizes directly from us in November. For a look at the artwork, check out http://www.fanboyinc.com/Sidekicks/tshirt.gif

And a note to retailers, we still have SIDEKICKS #1 in stock for reorder through Diamond. Use item code number APR001624 to get extra copies for your shop today! Thanks!


10-6-00—- Animate Announces Opening Of Largest Anime Store In Japan

Animate, the largest chain of Anime merchandise related stores in Japan reopened it’s renovated Ikebukuro store today, the loacation is the largest such store on Earth, with eight stories, a stock of 100,000 volumes of manga, 50,000 anime related CDs, and other goods.

10-5-00—- Anime On Teletoon This Weekend

Tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday, Teletoon (the Canadian cartoon network) will show Anime starting at midnight (ET).

Friday midnight- Macrosee Plus – Volume I to IV
Saturday midnight- The Wings of Honneamise
2:30, Ninja Scroll
Sunday midnight- Patlabor – Volume I & II

10-5-00—- Misc Goods News

Another Universe reports that In December, the Fushigi Yugi Illustrations Vol. 1 collection book will return to print for the first time in four years. Volume One (90 pages, 8″ x 12″ softcover) features a gallery of the show’s characters with pictures and images dating as far back as 1993.

Kia Asamiya will be releasing a limited-edition, signed and numbered lithograph: Dark Angel Phoenix Resurrection around Christmas. The lithograph will be limited to 500 signed and numbered editions, although an unsigned version will also be available for a lower price. Measuring 20″ x 24″, the lithograph features a stunning picture of Kyo and Dark from the cover of Image Comics Dark Angel: Phoenix Resurrection # 1.

10-5-00—- Megami Tensei TV Series Info

A new fantasy Anime TV series based on the new Atlas Gameboy title Shin Megami Tensei begins running in Japan on October 7th between 7:30-8:00.

Planning: Naoji Kato (CBC), Tetsuya Watanabe
Director: Nobuo Takeuchi
Series Composition: Shin Fujita
Character Design: Tamura Shiyuuhe
Production: Dentsu, TMS, CBC, Dentsu, Atlas

10-5-00—- Hikikomori Article

Another very interesting article from today’s Asahi Newspaper, this one focuses in on the real world of reclusive youngsters in Japan and the phenomenon known as hikikomori (social withdrawal), which is sometimes attached to Otaku. According to the article, hikikomori in young people “seems to be rising at an alarming rate” in Japan.

You can read the full article here.

10-5-00—- Resident Evil On The Big Screen

Reuters / Variety is reporting that Paul Anderson (Director Mortal Kombat) will script and direct a live-action movie adaptation of Resident Evil based on the bestselling video game series. Filming on location in Europe will begin at the start of the new year. Resident Evil is slated to be released in theaters across the U.S. Halloween of next year.

10-5-00—- Hajime No Ippo TV Series Update

More info on the Hajime no Ippo Anime TV series based on the original manga by George Morikawa. As preveiously mentioned the series premiered on NTV October 3rd at 25:20. Staff info:

Layout: Kazuaki Itou
Producer: Hiroshi Yamashita
Character Design: Kouji Sugiura
Production: Madhouse

The Opening theme song single has a scheduled release of December 21st.
The Ending theme single will retail at 1,143 Yen and was released October 4th.

10-5-00—- Clamp Update

Print News (Kadokawa Shoten):
– ASUKA magazine featuring X on has a release date of Nov. 24th.
– Shonen Ace featring Angelic Layer has a release date of November 25th.
– Mystery Deluxe featuring “Lawful Drug” has release date of December 6th.
– Young magazine is being released weekly on Mondays featuring “Sayobitsu”. – Angelic Layer volume 3 has a release date of Dcember 1 at the retail price of 540 Yen.

New Goods For November:
– X A celluloid board laid under written paper 250 Yen
– X Phone card 1000 Yen
– X Set 700 Yen of clear two files
– ANGELIC LAYER A celluloid board laid under written paper 250 Yen
– Angelic Layer Phone Card 100 Yen
– ANGELIC LAYER Set 700 Yen of 2 clear files
– Card Captor Sakura cherry blossoms’ A celluloid board laid under written paper 250 Yen
– Card Captor Sakura Phone card 1000 Yen
– Card Captor Sakura Reversible poster 1200 Yen
– Card Captor Sakura Set 700 yen of 2 clear files

10-5-00—- Blood The Last Vampire Soundtrack Release

The original soundtrack to the Production I.G. film Blood: The Last Vampire goes on sale in Japan on November 22nd, retailing at 2,427 Yen. A special version will be released including trading cards.

10-5-00—- TV Tokyo And Newtype Firing Up Anime i-Mode Services

Japanese broadcaster TV Tokyo and well known Kadokawa Shoten published magazine Newtype are both launching new Anime related i-mode (a highly popular mobile phone internet service created by NTT DoCoMo) service. TV Tokyo’s “Animated Cartoon X” i-mode channel began October 2nd. There visitors can find Information, a game and a screen saver for your i-Mode phone.

“Newtype-i” launches Ocotber 16th, services offered include:

Daily-Newtype: Daily anime news and info.
Machiuke-Newtype: Select a character image from a popular anime for your i-Mode screen saver waiting screen of your phone, launch selections sinclude Gatekeepers, Sorcerer Stabber Orphen, and and Evangelion.
Animero-Newtype: Download Anime thtme songs to your phone.

10-5-00—- Internet-Capable Mobile Phones Dominate In Japan

Details of a private study by the Yano Research Institute released today reveal that the number of Japanese subscribers to Internet-capable mobile phone services is estimated to reach 31.6 million March 31, 2001, more than half the number of overall mobile phone service subscribers, projected at 61.42 million.

10-5-00—- Osaka Toy Woes

Asahi is running a very interesting article on the diffuculty some Tokyo toy manufacturers are running up against when localizing their products within different segments of the Japanese marketplace, in this case Osaka. You can read it here.

10-5-00—- Tylor Starts On International Channel

The Irresponsible Captain Tylor TV series premieres on the International channel this morning at 2 AM Eastern time.

10-5-00—- Additional Inu Yasha TV Series Seiyuu Info

In addition to the previously mentioned Inu Yasha TV Series Seiyuu:

Inu Yasha: Yamaguchi Kappei
Higurashi Kagome: Yukino Satsuki

The following additional cast were excerpted from the latest issue of Newtype Magazine:

Kikyou : Hidaka Noriko
Kaede : Kyouda Naoko
Myouga : Ogata Kenichi
Jaken : Nagashima Kouichi
Sesshoumaru : Narita Ken

10-5-00—- Pioneer Distribution Status Statement

Following up on yesterday’s comments from Chad Kime of Pioneer on their current and upcoming distribution status, the following statement has been released:

Dear Pioneer Consumer:

Pioneer cannot comment specifically about the status of any direct or indirect customers. However we can say the following:

1) Some product has experienced delays. However, all customers in good standing that place orders before our order dates receive product for the same on-sale date. Every customer has the same on-sale date regardless of their size or their market.

2) Pioneer has no policy of discrimination between types of customers whether they are distributors, on-line retailers, or brick & mortar retailers.

3) Pioneer Entertainment’s policy states that all orders placed after our order date for each product are not guaranteed to be fulfilled. Both Bandai Entertainment and Pioneer Entertainment normally order an initial inventory to fill pre-orders, potential late orders, and at least a month of re-orders. However, recently our retailers have placed re-orders that exceeded the forecasted quantities for specific titles and we have experienced temporary inventory shortages. In such situations we re-order to fill demand as well as extra product for inventory based upon revised forecasts. Again, this inventory is based upon an estimate which, in turn, is based upon our customers actual orders to date.

4) From October 2 to October 6, Pioneer Entertainment’s warehouse and shipping will be shut down as we switch over our accounting system, however our release schedule was adjusted to minimize its effect upon our fulfillment and some orders may still be shipped directly from our duplicators.

Pioneer regrets that some customers, such as yourself, have been experiencing difficulty obtaining product. While sufficient quantities were manufactured to cover pre-orders, the following product is now out of stock and expected to ship to our customers on the following dates:

Title Estimated Availability Date
Blue Submarine V.4 Mid-late October
Cowboy Bebop V.1 Early-Mid October
Cowboy Bebop V.2 Early-Mid October
Cowboy Bebop V.5 Mid-late October
Gundam Wing V.2 Early-Mid October
Gundam Wing V.3 Early-Mid October
Jubei-Chan V.1 & 2 Currently Available
Key the Metal Idol V.2 Early-Mid October
Tenchi the Movie 1-Tenchi in Love Early-Mid October
Tenchi the Movie 2 ` Mid-late October
Tenchi Muyo OVA Box Early-Mid October (limited supply, more product on re-order)

Thank you for your concern about our products and for your patience. I realize that this information is not exactly what you may be expecting or hoping for, however this is the only information that we can provide at this time.


Chad Kime
Assistant Marketing Manager
Pioneer Entertainment

10-5-00—- Escaflowne: Betrayal And Trust Release Details


Cypress, CA – Bandai Entertainment announces the second home video installment of the hit television series, Escaflowne. Currently on-air both on the Fox Kids Network and on YTV in Canada – Escaflowne is definitely not your run of the mill Saturday morning cartoon! Escaflowne’s ratings have continued its impressive climb upwards! Most popular among teens, hi teens, and young adult – Escaflowne’s success can be attributed to its engaging plot line, cutting edge animation, and a riveting soundtrack – Escaflowne is an animated feature whose mass appeal is limitless!

Hitomi, an ordinary girl, has found herself transported to the world of Gaea, a strange and mystical planet. And no sooner had she arrived then the battles began. Now, despite his heroic efforts, Van’s been captured and is being held prisoner by the evil Empire of Zaibach. Can Hitomi and the others rescue Van in time?

Bandai Entertainment Inc. is the premier manufacturer of Japanese animation on home video in North America. They have distributed such notable titles like “Mobile Suit Gundam” movies, “Escaflowne”, “Cowboy Bebop”, “Silent Mobius”, and “Outlaw Star”. Bandai Entertainment’s most recent release, “Gundam Wing” is one of the highest rated shows on Cartoon Network’s Toonami block. Bandai Entertainment Inc. is a subsidiary of Bandai America Inc., who makes the toys for the FOX hit television series, “Power Rangers” and “Digimon”. Bandai Entertainment is definitely, “Leading the Digital Revolution.”

“An Amazing Show!” – Animerica
“A total MUST for all anime fans!” – Protoculture Addicts
Created by Shoji Kawamori (“Macross Plus”, “Blue Submarine No. 6”)
Directed by Kazuki Akane
Music Composed by Yoko Kanno (“Cowboy Bebop”, “Brain Powered”)

ORDER CUT-OFF DATE: 10/31/2000
STREET DATE: 12/5/2000
RUNNING TIME: Approx 100 minutes

VHS SUB (UNEDITED) SRP: $29.98 is already available.

10-5-00—- Don’t Leave Me Alone Daisy DVD Collection Release Details

Excerpted from the official press release:


Cypress, CA – Bandai Entertainment announces the home video release of Don’t Leave Me Alone Daisy on DVD. Continuing their efforts to maintain their market dominance within the DVD market for quality Japanese animated features – Bandai Entertainment has created a competitive pricing and format strategy giving the consumers what they want most – great value at a great price.

Surrounded only by his inventions, Techno doesn’t really like to interact with others much. However, one day, when a girl attempts to “break into” his fortress. This hapless passer by, a girl named Hitomi, becomes the object of his affection. Techno decides that her name is “Daisy,” and begins his plans to win her heart. But can Annie and Yamakawa X protect Hitomi from the science nerd Techno or will his genius win Hitomi’s love? Don’t Leave Me Alone Daisy promises nonstop adventure and laughs.

Bandai Entertainment Inc. is the premier manufacturer of Japanese animation on home video in North America. They have distributed such notable titles like “Mobile Suit Gundam” movies, “Escaflowne”, “Cowboy Bebop”, “Silent Mobius”, and “Outlaw Star”. Bandai Entertainment’s most recent release, “Gundam Wing” is one of the highest rated shows on Cartoon Network’s Toonami block. Bandai Entertainment Inc. is a subsidiary of Bandai America Inc., who makes the toys for the FOX hit television series, “Power Rangers” and “Digimon”. Bandai Entertainment is definitely, “Leading the Digital Revolution.”

· Interactive DVD Menus
· Dolby Digital Surround Sound
· Original Story by Noriko Nagano
· From the creators of Ranma ½
· Special Premium DVD Collection – All 13 Episodes one 2-disc set!

STREET DATE: 12/5/2000
ORDER CUT-OFF DATE: 10/31/2000
RUNNING TIME: Approx 325 minutes

10-5-00—- Jubei-chan The Ninja Girl: Heart Of Steel Release Details

Excerpted from the official press release:


Cypress, CA – Bandai Entertainment announces the release of Jubei-Chan the Ninja Girl – Heart of Steel. The legend of Japan’s master swordsman, Yagyu Jubei is highly revered. But what will happen when Jubei’s swordsmanship is passed along to a young high school girl through a heart-shaped eyepatch? Death and destruction versus non-stop laughs – the battle begins!

Jubei-Chan fights off a ninja army, learns the true secrets of Jubei’s legendary powers, and comes face-to-face with Shiro’s twin brother. But even with her new knowledge of the lovely eyepatch and her own powers, will Jubei be prepared to face the final enemy? She will have to fight someone very close to her if she is to truly defeat the evil of the Ryujoji curse.

Bandai Entertainment Inc. is the premier manufacturer of Japanese animation on home video in North America. They have distributed such notable titles like “Mobile Suit Gundam” movies, “Escaflowne”, “Cowboy Bebop”, “Silent Mobius”, and “Outlaw Star”. Bandai Entertainment’s most recent release, “Gundam Wing” is one of the highest rated shows on Cartoon Network’s Toonami block. Bandai Entertainment Inc. is a subsidiary of Bandai America Inc., who makes the toys for the FOX hit television series, “Power Rangers” and “Digimon”. Bandai Entertainment is definitely, “Leading the Digital Revolution.”


· Created by Akitaroh Daichi
· Character designs are by Takahiro Yoshimatsu (“Slayers”)
· From the creators of “Ninja Scroll” and “Trigun”
· Produced by MADHOUSE Studio (“Ninja Scroll”)
· “Hilarious!” – Anime Jump!

STREET DATE: 12/5/2000
ORDER CUT-OFF DATE: 10/31/2000
RUNNING TIME: Approx 75 min.
VHS DUB SRP: $19.98