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Anime News Service – October 2-9 Anime News

10-9-06 (6:40PM EDT)—- Grudge 2 Director Signings In Burbank

Japanese director Takashi Shimizi will make a rare stop in the US to sign copies of two new releases this Sunday, October 15th in Burbank, California. The Great Horror Family (a horror/comedy anthology, which doesn’t officially hit streets until October 17th) and Ju-on 2 will be available for signing at Burbank’s horror store “Dark Delicacies” starting at 2pm. Copies of Ju-on 2 purchased at the store will contain a signature of Takako Fuji, who had pre-signed copies of the dvd. The actress has appeared in both the Ju-on and Grudge series.
Source: Kung Fu Cult Cinema | Thanks To Daniel For The News Submission

10-9-06 (6:40PM EDT)—- Negima Broadcast Format Video Differences

The Japanese blog Yakuroantena has done an illustrated writeup of the video differences between terrestrial and BS broadcasts of the new Negima anime series. Some side by side frame comparisons are posted, displaying how much of the 16:9 BS Japan image is lost in the terrestrial TV version.

10-9-06 (6:19PM EDT)—- Split Infinity Anime Will Be American Co-Production

Daniel Zelter writes in mentioning he contacted English fantasy author Piers Anthony by e-mail on the possible format of the forthcoming anime adaptation his Split Infinity novel and recieved the following reply:

“It seems to be an American company supervising the Anime and I don’t know how they are doing it. In fact I don’t know the company; the contract is obscure, at least to my eyes. So I am simply waiting to see what results.”

Split Infinity is published by Del Ray.

10-9-06 (6:01PM EDT)—- New Gov’t Committee To Look At Contents Power

Following his first speech last week mentioning the global pop-culture reach of Japan, new Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his Liberal-Democratic Party have put plans into action aimed at strengthening the nation’s “Soft Power Diplomacy”. A new “Cultural Tradition Creation Investigation Committee” has been appointed, to be chaired by Kenji Kosaka. The committee will look at supporing traditional culture and pop culture including promotion and exports of anime, manga, fashion and music.

10-9-06 (5:52PM EDT)—- Haruhi Suzumiya Sweeps Awards At Animation Kobe

Kyoto Animation reports their Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya TV anime has won top honors in 2 prize categories (“Best motion picture of the year and TV division” and “Radio Kansai Prize (theme song prize)”) at the 11th Animation Kobe.

10-9-06 (5:37PM EDT)—- Mekabi Issue 2 Confirmed

The official Mekabi Blog has confirmed issue 2 of Kodansha’s “Mekabi” (“otaku information synthesis magazine”) is in the pipes and on the way.

10-9-06 (4:14PM EDT)—- JFilm At AFM

Among the films screening at the American Film Market event to be held November 1-8, 2006 are Death Note [a subbed trailer is up at this link.] , Brave Story, Sukeban Deka (re-titled to Yo-Yo Girl Cop), Dororo, Heavenly Forest(based on a novel from the author of Viz’s “Be With You”) There’s also another Japanese film called Angel’s Egg which is in no way related to the Oshii movie. Thanks to Daniel Zelter for the news.

10-9-06 (4:14PM EDT)—- Fashion Designers Inspired By Anime

Fashion Week just went down in Milan, Italy. There, designers were showing off their Spring, 2007 collections. Dolce & Gabbana mentioned in their show notes that they were inspired by the voluptuous female heroines of anime with accented breast and hip features. You can view images from the show at the The Los Angeles Times. Anime and manga character designs wiht their eccentric uniqueness have been the basis for mainstream real world fashion designers many times in the past.

10-9-06 (3:30AM EDT)—- Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica To Be Animated

The Shounen/Seinen Kinetic Novel and game series Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica by Sakaki Ichiro (Scrapped Princess) and publisher Ocelot has been cleared for a future animation adaptation in Japan. The news broke on a promotional poster for GA Pocket Edition due in stores later this month. First released in 2005, 3 different novel series currently exist (Crimson, White And Black). The story occurs in a different world where “Spirits of the dead” exist naturally. A man is summoned from the earth to the Polyfonica continent on an alternate earth. There seems to be a big secret in this new world, and the spirits of the dead wait eagerly for the time when men discover this truth and their destiny. Wikipedia describes a Kinetic Novel as: notable for being an experiment in online content distribution. Most of these fall into the completely linear category, lacking any choices at all; as a result, some fans have begun using the term to describe other non-interactive titles.

10-7-06 (2:10PM EDT)—- Google Looking At You Tube

The Seattle Times reports Google maybe considering buying up You Tube. For better or worse (legal or legally ambiguous), the video site is currently the largest repository of Japanese animation video content on the web.

10-7-06 (11:23AM EDT)—- More Western Fantasy Gets Anime Adaptation

Piers Anthony, writer of the Xanth series, mentioned at the end of this newsletter that his Split Infinity novels will be getting an anime adaptation. More information on the series can be found at wikipedia. Thanks to Daniel Zelter for the news.

10-6-06 (11:12PM EDT)—- Geneon Ergo Proxy Site Goes Up

Geneon has just launched the teaser website for their November 21st release of Ergo Proxy at: www.ergoproxydvd.com The website features a trailer showcasing the title’s upcoming release and a countdown to the launch of the full website, which will be loaded with all sorts of goodies for everyone to enjoy.

10-6-06 (10:55PM EDT)—- FMA Director On Oh! Edo Rocket TV Series

Broadcasting next spring is a TV anime adaptation of author Kazuki Nakashima’s (Gurren-Lagann) novel Oh! Edo Rocket. The story is described as a super spectacle fantasy centering on a young pyrotechnician and his mysterious daughter who seek to build a huge firework that can shoot high into space. It was turned into a theatrical play presented in Osaka and Tokyo in August, 2001. Featuring a star studded cast (and no less than 6 famous character designers) confirmed production crew include Full Metal Alchemist Director Seiji Mizushima, Series Composition by Nobor Kaikawa (Kimagure Orange Road), Main Character Design by Takahiro Yoshimatsu (Jubei-chan), Additional Character Design: by Minamoto Taro (Natsume No Me), Takashi Shiina (Ghost Sweeper Mikami), and Yasuhiro Naito (Trigun), Abekawa Kineko and Takizawa Noboru. Animation production by studio Madhouse.

10-6-06 (9:46PM EDT)—- Emily Rodda’s Deltora Quest To Be Adapted To Anime

January, 2007 will mark the broadcast debut of an anime TV series adaptation of Australian fantasy writer, Emily Rodda’s Deltora Quest. Story synopsis is as follows: On his sixteenth birthday, Lief, the son of a blacksmith, faces the greatest challenge of his life. He must venture into the darkest and most terrible places in all of Deltora to find the seven magical gems stolen from the Belt of Deltora. When reunited in the Belt, these gems an amethyst, a topaz, a diamond, a ruby, an opal, a lapis lazuli, and an emerald will empower the heir to the throne of Deltora and free the people from the evil tyranny of the Shadow Lord. Confirmed staff include direction and series composition by Hongo Mitsuru (IGPX), Chara Design by Hiroyuki Nishimura, Screenplay by Oketani Arawa, Reiko Yoshida and Natsuko Takahashi, Monster Design by Junya Ishigaki, Prop Design by Hideki Takahashi and Masato Sawada, Art Direction by Masaru Sato, Music by Ko Otani and Animation Production by OLM.

10-6-06 (8:58PM EDT)—- Shinigami No Ballad To Become Drama

Based on Keisuke Hasegawa’s Shounen, Fantasy Seinen light novel published in Japan by Dengeki Bunko, Shinigami No Ballad: Momo The Girl God Of Death will become a live action TV drama in Japan. In the past the story was adapted to a popular late night anime TV series on WOWOW. No other details are available at this time.

10-6-06 (2:54PM EDT)—- Denno Coil Update

A new print ad spot has been circulating in Japan for Director Mitsuo Iso’s Denno Coil TV animation. NHK’s addition to the project is confirmed as well as Tokuma Shoten, Bandai Visual and Studio Madhouse’s involvement. Overall, the partners involved indicate this will be a very well footed and promising production.

10-6-06 (2:18PM EDT)—- Lucky Star Anime Details

New info is out on the progression of the Lucky Star Anime project in Japan. Yoshimizu Kagami’s 4-panel Seinen / Comedy / Moe genre manga (which serializes within the pages of Comptiq and other magazines) will be adapted to an anime TV series to begin Japanese broadcast in the spring of 2007. 3 collected manga volumes are currently on the market. Confirmed staff include Director Yutaka Yamamoto (Haruhi Suzumiya), Series Composition by Machida Douko, Chara Design by Horiguchi Yukiko (Haruhi Suzumiya), Animation by Kyoto Animation, Production by Lucky Star Paradise. Following their work on Kanon and Haruhi Suzumiya, fan favorite studio Kyoto Animation’s attachment to this project confirms a long standing rumor that a tight partnership exists between them and Kadokawa Shoten. It’s currently unknown if the Nintendo DS video game and drama CD voice cast will transition to the animation. The manga has ran since January 2004. Not originally meant to be serialized, Comptiq used Lucky Star as basically “page filler” at first but after gaining popularity it started it’s own dedicated run.

10-6-06 (11:18AM EDT)—- Osamu Tezuka Art Exhibition In Australia

In Japan, TEZUKA Osamu is acknowledged as an artistic master, heralded as an icon in the field of Japanese manga. In the West he is best known for Astro Boy and Kimba the White Lion which were serialised internationally for television in the 1960s. Tezuka: the Marvel of Manga opens at NGV International on 3 November 2006 and will introduce Australian audiences to Tezuka’s extraordinary exploration of the manga form. Tezuka (1928-1989) created over 700 manga titles during his lifetime. His work is acclaimed for its complexity and originality. Tony Ellwood, Deputy Director, NGV said: “The planning of Tezuka: the Marvel of Manga has involved over five years of complex negotiations to release important material from Tezuka Productions in Tokyo. This is the first time Tezuka’s original drawings have been seen in the West.” “The NGV is touring the exhibition to the Art Gallery of NSW and the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco. We are also producing a catalogue to support the show that will contextualise to western audiences for the first time the full scope of Tezuka’s artistic output.” Tezuka: the Marvel of Manga features black-and-white ink drawings for Tezuka’s manga, as well as colourful designs for covers and posters. Over 200 original works are presented, from the late 1940s to the late 1980s. The exhibition features two main streams of Tezuka�fs prolific manga work: – Manga “comic pictures” for a children and youth-based audience (including Astro Boy, Jungle Emperor, and Princess Knight); – Gekiga “drama pictures” that are more seriously-toned, adult-orientated narratives with realistic effect and emotional impact (including Crime and Punishment, Buddah and Phoenix). continues- Tezuka: the Marvel of Manga has been curated by Philip Brophy . artist, curator, writer and Australia’s leading authority on Japanese manga and animation. “Tezuka is revered as the figurehead of the manga and amime industries in Japan,” Mr Brophy said. “This exhibition will reveal the striking originality of his manga; its technical inventiveness, extraordinary calligraphic dynamism and its close relationship to his anime.” The exhibition has been organised in association with Tezuka Productions in Tokyo. The exhibition is on display at NGV International from 3 November 2006 . 28 January 2007. NGV International is open 10am . 5pm Daily, closed Tuesdays. A range of Public Programs will be developed in association with the exhibition. Visit www.ngv.vic.gov.au for more details. Admission: Adult $12 / Concession $8 / Family $32. Tezuka: the Marvel of Manga is a National Gallery of Victoria Touring Exhibition. It will be on display at the Art Gallery of NSW from 23 February . 29 April 2007, followed by a tour to the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco later in the year. Principal Sponsor: MINI Support Sponsors: Network Ten, Qantas, Madman, Lavazza, Melbourne Airport, Japan Foundation, 2006 Australia-Japan Year of Exchange.

10-6-06 (11:18AM EDT)—- New Broccoli Books

Broccoli USA’s Blog mentions that the E’s 1 manga will be out Jan. 10, the Galaxy Angel 2 manga will be out Jan. 24, and the Disgaea 2 manga will be out Feb. 28. Thanks To Daniel Zelter For The Link.

10-5-06 (12:07PM EDT)—- NANA 2 To Present An Original Ending

News out of the NANA 2 production symposium earlier this week suggests the live action film sequel will wrap the story in an original way unique to the movie series alone. It opens in Japanese theaters on December 9th. The reason for such an ending is linked to the fact that creator Ai Yazawa’s original manga is still running with no print end in sight. Production talked of considering extending the series to 3 or even 4 films to better disperse the manga plot and maybe allow time for Yazawa to pen her ending but 2 films were ultimately decided on. It was announced at the event that as of September, 2006 36.5 million NANA manga copies have been sold. The first film adaptation earned four billion yen in 2005. Aside from the unique ending, the story of NANA2″ covers manga volumes 6-12. 16 volumes have been published to date.

10-5-06 (9:55AM EDT)—- New Trailers From Bandai

Bandai Visual has uploaded new video trailers for a slew of upcoming R2 DVD titles.

10-5-06 (9:26AM EDT)—- Zero No Manitou PS2 Game Trailer

A preview video for the forthcoming Zero No Manitou Playstation 2 title has gone online at the official game website.

10-4-06 (4:47PM EDT)—- VIDEO: Otaku Hunting In Akihabara

You Tube is hosting a 10 minute long video clip from a Japanese TV news program chronicling the “otaku hunting” phenemona we reported on last week that’s occuring in Akihabara. This involved school teens stalking down protypical “A Boys” for their hobby cash. The history of such activity is plotted back through longterm and more recent history.

10-4-06 (9:46AM EDT)—- Souten No Ken Site Opens

The Japanese Fist of the Blue Sky site is now open at www.souten.tv with a teaser, a promo and cast and staff information. Of note is that Rina Aiuchi is doing the opening, zard is doing the ending, and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure composer Marco d’Ambrosio will be involved with the score. Thanks To Daniel Zelter For The News.

10-3-06 (3:48PM EDT)—- Mask Rider Director Orita Itaru Dies

Director Orita Itaru died of renal insufficiency in Japan September 27th. He was 72 years old. The funeral has already taken place. His home was in Ibaraki Prefecture Tonemachi Haneno. Orita directed and produced many SFX programs such as “Mask Rider” and other works of Toei.

10-3-06 (3:48PM EDT)—- VIDEO: Beijing’s First Large Scale Anime Exposition

TBS has video of what it calls the first, large-scale Japanese animation exposition to be held in the Chinese capital of Beijing. Merchandisers sold goods and fans cosplayed as their favorite characters.

10-3-06 (2:05PM EDT)—- New AIKA OVA Gets Title

The formal title of the new AIKa OVA series has been revealed as “AIKa R-16:VIRGIN MISSION”. Japanese release is scheduled for 2007.

10-3-06 (1:49PM EDT)—- Romanian Anime Festival

The Bucharest Daily News mentions The National Dance Center and the Desant Theater will host the first Japanese animation festival in Bucharest on October 7 and 8. The event, which also took place in Brasov on September 30, marks the launch of Otaku Romania, a cultural program aimed at promoting Romanian cartoonists, illustrators, animators, fashion designers and VJs. The National Dance Center will present the documentaries “Otaku in Akihabara” and “Otaku at the Comic Market,” along with screenings of anime films and discussions with the artists. The Desant Theater will host a multimedia party featuring artists Gojira (Bucharest), Rancha & Flow (Craiova), Bully (Bucharest) and AKM (Bucharest). The space will be separated into three rooms: in the big room it will be DJs vs. VJs, the middle room will be the Otaku Anime Room (anime vs. AMV), and the small room will host video games, according to the Desant Theater. The idea of the festival was formed during an event dedicated to Japanese animation which took place in May at the Carturesti Book Store and following several meetings organized by manga.ro in Brasov. Additional encouragement for such a festival, according to the director of the festival, Bogdan Gorganeanu, and its curator, Stefan Tiron, came from Masao Maruyama, the manager of the Japanese animation studio MadHouse, who visited Romania at the beginning of the year.

10-3-06 (1:47PM EDT)—- Hayao Miyazaki Starts Work On New Film

IGN Reports Hayao Miyazaki has launched full-scale work on his next movie for Japan’s Studio Ghibli. Miyazaki expects a 20-month production period with a theatrical release for his picture in 2008. The anime feature has no title yet, and the plot has not been revealed. However, locations in the old Japanese port city of Kobe have been scouted, including an old cafe and a view of the city from nearby mountains. Apparently the storyboards being produced for this film are unusual in that they’re being made and distributed to production staff in full colour, painted in watercolors.

10-3-06 (6:58AM EDT)—- Korean Boom Continues In Japan

The Hollywood Reporter talks about shows and movies from S. Korea which continue to grab a large market share from Japanese viewers and consumers. Kudos to Daniel Zelter for this news item.

10-3-06 (6:56AM EDT)—- Black Jack Nintendo DS Game Coming Out

Sega Japan has pictures of the portable interactive adaptation of Tezuka’s classic rogue surgeon manga. The game is expected to be released in Japan on Nov. 9 and retail for 4,800 yen. Big Thanks to Daniel Zelter for the news.

10-2-06 (2:43PM EDT)—- Saiyuki Reload: Burial Site

A website for the new OVA Saiyuki Reload: Burial will open soon at saiyuki-ova.net.

10-2-06 (11:12AM EDT)—- New Yamato Anime Movie Is A No Show

In a July 20, 2004 article the Asahi Shimbun published details that a new Space Battleship Yamato anime film titled “Uchuu Senkan Yamato Fukkatsu Hen” was in production, to be released in the summer of 2006. Further, A wide cross nation release in 400 theaters was targeted for the rollout. A budget of 2.5 billion Yen was also attached to the movie. As it turned out there was no Yamato film released this summer and in fact, as of Fall 2006, no information to date on the status of the project. So what could be going on with such a large film project? There’s been some rumor in the Japanese online world that the Yamato property might be the subject of current back and forth litigation concerning the rights. Such legal battles have occured on and off with Yamato in the past. Ex-producer Yoshinobu Nishizaki was to be heavily involved with development and has faced some rough times himself recently, having done jail time for a breach of the Stimulants Control Law. Further, copyright holder Tohoku-shinsha Film Corporation has been quoted as saying “It is certainly a troublesome matter. The current situation is we do not understood whether the film is being produced by us.”

10-2-06 (11:12AM EDT)—- Jigoku Shoujo Themed Cafe

Eg has some pics and details of hostess cafe that has redone it’s entire motif to match the style of the Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl) anime.

10-2-06 (10:48AM EDT)—- Chinese Fate / Stay Night Figures Getting Ragged Hard

A batch of Chinese made Fate / Stay Night figures have wound in Akihabara to some pretty negative reviews across the board.

10-2-06 (10:17AM EDT)—- Death Note Movie 1 TV Teaser

Just ahead of the theatrical opening of Death Note Movie 2: The Last Name on November 3rd, it’s been announced the 1st live action film will broadcast on Nippon Television Network October 27th. The first film only opened in Japanese theaters on June 17, 2006. It drew 2.2 million spectators.

10-2-06 (8:15AM EDT)—- Japanese Weekend Box Office Sept. 30 – Oct. 1

Courtesy Kogyo Tsushinsha:
1. Nada SoSo
3. Hula Girl
6. The Laws Of Eternity
8. Ultraman Mebius & Ultraman Brothers
9. Sugar & Spice
10. Tales From Earthsea

10-2-06 (6:00AM EDT)—- Nippon No Media Geijutsu 100 Sen Results

Marking their 10th anniversary, In July the the Japan Media Arts Festival began taking online votes for their Nippon No Media Geijutsu 100 Sen (Japan Media Arts Era 100). The series of web polls allows visitors to vote for their favorite 10 works (out of 100 choices) in the categories Music, Entertainment, Manga and Anime. The official results have just been announced and posted online. Evangelion took top honors in the animation segment with Nausicaa coming in 2nd place, Laputa coming in 3rd place, Gundam coming in 4th and Lupin III : Castle Of Cagliostro coming in 5th. 7 works of Director Hayao Miyazaki made the top 25. In the manga section SlamDunk took first place, Dragonball took second and JoJo’s Bizarre Advnture took 3rd. 209,284 votes were recorded from 33,884 people. Winners will be honored in January of next year at the Agency for Cultural Affairs Media Arts Festival 10th Anniversary Event in Roppongi.

10-2-06 (5:55AM EDT)—- FOX Executive Confirms Battle Angel Movie

Daniel Zelter writes in mentioning that from an article at IESB he picked up through Dark Horizons, 20th Century Fox’s chairman had this to say regarding James Cameron’s live-action adaptation of Yukito Kishiro’s manga:
TR: Well, we make a lot of sci-fi pictures. We are working on Halo right now with Universal, we have a very interesting, young, new filmmaker named Jim Cameron and Mr. Cameron tends to play in that sandbox.
IESB: You are doing Battle Angel and Avatar with him, what’s going on with those two projects.
TR: Yeah, both of those movies are on his plate. I could tell you everything but then I would be killed and no one would be able to feed my family.

10-2-06 (5:45AM EDT)—- Comiket Founder Yoshihiro Yonezawa Dies

The Mainichi Daily News reports:
Yoshihiro Yonezawa, a manga critic and president of Comiket, the world’s largest comic convention, died on Sunday from lung cancer. He was 53. Yonezawa organized the first Comiket (Comic Market) in 1975 to display and sell dojinshi (self-published manga and novels). In 2002 he won a Japan Society for Children’s Literature Prize for his work “Fujiko Fujio-ron: F to (A) no Hoteishiki” (Fujio Fujiko discourse: the F and “A” equation). The manga critic’s funeral will be held jointly by his family and the Comiket committee at Zenpukuji Temple in Tokyo’s Minato-ku on Oct. 7. The chief mourner at the funeral will be Yonezawa’s wife Eiko.
The official Comiket website also includes a mention of this sad news. It’s worth noting that it was only on September 30th (1 day before his death) that Comiket officially announced his retirement as president of the event and the severeness of his illness (he had been hospitalized since July). The management of the 31 year old event will be left in the hands of 3 people: Kahoru Yasuda, Yoshi Fudeya and Koichi Ichikawa.

10-2-06 (5:24AM EDT)—- GONZO To Animate Romeo And Juliet

At the GONZO Festa Fall ’06 held this past weekend in Tokyo a sneak preview clip of a hitherto unnanounced studio adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Romeo And Juliet was slipped in at the tail end of the show surprising attendees. After the clip was shown the title was revealed as “Romeo x Juliet”. Release is set for 2007 with a format as yet to be determined. Attendees say the trailer was of high quality and the content was something along the lines of Chevalier. The title was shown only at the end, catching many offguard with the Romeo and Juliet connection. Confirmed staff include Director Fumitoshi Oisaki (Kaleido Star, Sgt. Frog) Series Composition by Reiko Yoshida (Kaleido Star, ARIA) and Producer: Dongyang Ikeda (Kaleido Star).

10-2-06 (5:10AM EDT)—- Kiddy Grade Sequel

Production start of a sequel anime to the 2002 Kiddy Grade TV series was announced this past weekend on Suzumiya Haruhi SOS Brigade Radio #35. “KG2” is the tentative title for this new work telling new stories of main characters Eclair and Lumiere. Voice actress Aya Hirano (Lumiere) let the infomration slip on the radio episode. A “KG2” pilot film will be created first to promote the new animation.