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September 24-28 Anime News

9-28-99—- Encore News

DVD Animania, in an interview with Encore media, learned of the network’s plans to begin running it’s first Anime series, Blue Seed. It will be run 2 episodes a week starting Saturday Nov. 6 on the Encore Network.

9-28-99—- Pokemon Lawsuit Attorneys Almost Sue Themselves

The San Diego law firm won’t be suing Wizards of the Coast and 4Kids Entertainment over Pokemon cards after all. Milberg Weiss, one of the firms involved in the suit, discovered it was suing one of its own clients, according to The San Diego Union-Tribune. The firm realized it must withdraw as lead plaintiff in the case and it cannot defend its client. Three others firms in New Jersey, Los Angeles and San Diego are taking over the case.

9-28-99—- Lodoss Wars announced today that it plans to market Record Of Lodoss War action figures domestically within the next 10 days. Interestingly, the move in marketing the figures is being made on anticipation of the Lodoss Wars TV series, which is expected to air in the U.S. before the end of the summer 2000.

9-28-99—- Goddess Cadets

As previously mentioned, Xebec is working on a new TV series adaption of Goddess Cadets (Megami Kohosei), based on Yukiru Sugizaki’s popular manga. The series, expected to start airing sometime soon, will use 3D CG in it’s production. Production IG and IKIF are heavily involved in making this series visually stunning. The series will be Directed by Mitsuru Hongo, with Character Designa by Shinichi Yamaoka, here is a list of production staff:

Assistant Director: Takahiko Hoshiai
Megami Designer: Shingo Takenaka
Ship and Victim Designer: Akitoshi Maeda
Mechanical Artists: Takeshi Matsuda, Yoshiki Kuge
Setting/Script: Akira Okeya
Science Fiction Setting: Mitsuhasu Sakai
Color Setting: Yuko Kanamaru
Art Director: Toshihisa Koyama
(Production AI)
Sound Director: Masafumi Mima

9-28-99—- Kijuu Shinsekai Zoid

Kijuu Shinsekai Zoid (Zoid the New Century of Mechanical Beasts) began airing Sep. 4th on the Japanese network TBS. The TV series is based on Michiro Kamiyama’s popular manga of the same name. Kamiyama sensei is also the creator of Kaiki Keisatsu, Sai Police. Produced by Xebec, Zoid will make use of 3D Computer Graphics.

9-28-99—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Hudson’s Baku Bomberman 2 for N64 is 85-percent complete, and will be out in Japan on Dec. 3rd for 6800 yen. The gane will feature a story mode and a survival mode, at the start. Upon completeion of the story mode you’ll be able to play through a royal battle mode, as well as a time-attack mode. You’ll have both a two and four player option as well. New bomb types will also be included in the game including fire bombs, water bombs, and earthquake bombs. A US version of the game, ported by Nintendo, is already being planned for next year.

9-28-99—- Blood Character Designs

Production I.G. recently released character sketches of Saya (a mysterious girl with amazing swordmanship, the ultimate slayer to end to the vampire history) from it’s upcoming Digital Animation Action / Horror film, Blood:
(1) Saya Expressions
(2) Saya School Uniform

9-27-99—- Animetronic On MTV Tonight

A behind the scene look of Animetronic with Pioneer Producer, Yuji Moriya will be featured on MTV’s Road Rules tonight At 10 ET. For more information on Animetronic, click here (the 4th article down).

9-27-99—- The Real Mach 5

A 1/1 scale fully functional replica of the Mach 5 (including saw blade cutters, jumping ability through a special hydraulics system and interactive voice responses to steering wheel mounted buttons.) from Speed Racer (Mach Go! Go! Go!) is being constructed by Focus on Cars, a Long Beach CA. group for The Child Safety Network. CSN is creating the car to promote a nation-wide safety tour, called Child Safety Day At The Races.

Total cost to build the Mach 5 is estimated to be between $175,000 and $200,000. Currently, details of the public unveiling are still under wraps, the Mach 5 will privately debut at the Specialty Equipment Market Association Show, Nov. 2-5, 1999, in Las Vegas. Cos-playing characters from Speed Racer to Chim Chim will be part of the promotional events surrounding the movement of the Mach 5 around the country.

9-27-99—- New Sonic Toys On The Way

Grand Toys International, today announced that it has acquired the Canadian distribution rights for new Sonic The Hedgehog products from Toy Island Manufacturing. New York based Toy Island recently received the rights to manufacture and distribute Sonic The Hedgehog toys including 5.5″ action figures, vehicles, playsets, wind up vehicles, bendable figures, plush toys, electronic plush toys, remote control figures and vehicles, paper and stationery products, spring and summer toys and junior sporting goods based on Sega’s popular video game character, as he is featured in Sonic Adventure for the Sega Dreamcast and in the new animated television series Sonic Underground. Products are currently expected to be out across North America next year.

9-27-99—- Official Princess Mononoke Website Launches

Miramax has setup their official Princess Mononoke website at: When the site is completly fleshed out it will offer gallaries featuring hundreds of images from the film, behind the scenes footage, graphics to add to your own site, chat, web rings, and more!

9-27-99—- Ocean Group Begins Card Captor Dub Production

Canadian based Ocean Studios Group has begun English Dub production of Clamp’s Card Captor Sakura TV series, recently licensed by Nelvana. The series will most likely begin airing in North America in the Fall 2000 TV season.

9-27-99—- Bandai Visual (Emotion) Unveils Digital Engine Project

Bandai Visual (Emotion) recently announced their “Digital Engine Project”, set to seamlessly combine present animation production techniques with the most advanced digital technology currently available. Bandai’s goal is to forge new techniques for producing Digital Animation features that will be utilized by animators for sometime to come. 2 Forerunners of their project are now in production: Katsuhiro Otomo’s (Akira) Steam Boy and Mamoru Oshii’s (Ghost in The Shell) G.R.M, each film is budgeted at 4 billion yen.

Without the use of a single frame of traditional cell animation, Special Effects Director Shinji Higuchi and Digital Technology Director Hiroyuki Hayashi utilize the latest SFX and CG technologies, under the overall direction of Mamoru Oshii.

Mamoru Oshii: “Through the use of the new digital techniques and systems that are now available, I want to film actors and produce something that until now has been impossible without animation. This may seem an extraordinary ambition, but I believe the time is right to make the first steps.”

Steam Boy
Set in the late 19th century, at the dawn of the modern scientific era, Steam Boy is a full-length theatrical animation feature produced entirely in the digital realm, with no cell animation whatsoever.

Katsuhiro Otomo: “Thanks to the progress in digital technology, we now have the freedom to explore ideas that were impossible with the limitations of cell animation. With Steam Boy, I want to create a work that will appeal to a wider age range using the retro motif of a steam locomotive.”

9-27-99—- Anime / Manga Gaming

SNK announced that the Dreamcast port of King of Fighters ’99: Millennium Battle will support the DC Modem, as well as the VMS and link cable for Neo Geo Pocket Color, the DC game will be interactive with the NGPC version of the game, and you will be able to unlock hidden features by playing through the VMS mini games.

Parasite Eve 2 will incorporate more puzzle solving and adventure elements than PE1, the game will make use of FMV as background elements, and battles are now in real time instead of turn based. Aya is 27 in the game, but the Mitochondria inside her body, serve to give her a look much younger than her age. On screen objects are interactive During the battles, you can hide behind them to dodge attacks. Aya’s parasite abilities now have effective ranges, she can also bring a supporting character with her in the game.

Video Girl Ai’s Masakazu Katsura will be designing characters for the upcoming PSX game: “Love & Destroy” scheduled for release in Dec.

Capcom’s action / fighter: Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure) is out for PSX in Japan Oct.14th

The Atlus PSX RPG: “Gurouransaa” (Grow Lanser) is out in Nov. it will feature character designs by Urushihara Satoshi.

Datam Polystar is planning 3 versions (Aida Yumi, Ueno Fumio, Houjouin Shizuka) of it’s upcoming PSX Love Sim: “Poke Kano” (Pocket Girlfriend).

Pioneer LDC is working on a new PSX adaption of “You’re Under Arrest”.

The 2 CD PSX combat sim: Mobile Suit Gundam: Giren’s Ambition: Zion’s Lineage is in the works.

9-27-99—- Yoshitaka Amano News

October is shaping up to be a very promising month for Yoshitaka Amano fans. “The Sand Man: The Dream Hunters”, a collaborative graphic novel written by Neil Gaiman which Amano illustrated, will go on sale Oct. 27th (2 days before Mononoke Hime, [a film for which Mr. Gaiman has written the English script] opens on a nation wide theatrical limited release). Amano sensei will present a special exhibition running from October 6th through October 31st at the Angel Orensanz Foundation for the Arts in New York City. At the exhibition (held in a building inspired by the Cathedral of Cologne), a number of events are planned including Amano’s unveiling of his new project: HERO. Here’s is a schedule of planned events:

October 7th: 7 PM:
Special reading: By the author, Neil Gaiman, of THE SANDMAN: THE DREAM HUNTERS in its entirety.

October 9: 7 PM
Special screening: 1001 NIGHTS, 3D animated film.

October 14: 7 PM
Panel discussion: Comics Moderator: Robert Morales

October 26: 7 PM
Panel discussion: Video Games Special guest: Hironobu Sakaguchi, president of Square USA and creator of FINAL FANTASY(R) series

The Angel Orensanz Foundation for the Arts
172 Norfolk Street
New York City

9-27-99—- Capcom Offers Downloadable Mobile Phone Tunes

Personal custimization of the ringer tones on mobile phones to your favorite tunes is among the latest fads in Japan. Although a tedious task for most, numerous books advising people how to recreate the latest hits on cell-phones have been published. Now, Street Fighter II and Vampire Hunter game creator Capcom is offering a new service by introducing vending machines that can change mobile’s calling tones to songs of your choice in 10 seconds. Since the begining of September, Capcom has experimentally placed “Chaku-mero Collection” at shops throughout the Tokyo metropolitan area. Customers can choose from 500 songs, including the latest J-Pop hits, as well as opening and ending themes from popular anime series. Based on the success of the service, Capcom may expand the distribution of machines in the near future.

9-26-99—- Anime Returns To Sci-Fi Channel

Saturday morning anime returns to the Sci-Fi Channel this Saturday at 11:00 AM ET. Here’s the schedule for the next 9 weeks:

ROUJIN Z Nov. 27

9-26-99—- Pokemon Lawsuit Expands

Two 9 year old friends from Long Island, NY, who say they were forced to empty their piggy banks to buy endless packs of Pokemon collectible game cards in the hope of buying a rare one, have joined the law suit filed in San Diego, which claims Nintendo is involved in an “illegal gambling enterprise” and demands the company stop randomly including rare cards in regular packs. The now federal class-action suit seeks unspecified damages.

One of the kids’ lawyers, Neil Moritt of Garden City, L.I., said the Pokemon craze has the three elements of gambling.

“You pay to play … there is the element of chance, and you’ve got a prize,” he said. “It’s gambling.”

Nintendo’s lawyer, Richard Flamm, called the suit “baseless” and said Moritt’s law firm has filed similar actions against other trading-card makers.

“To our knowledge, none of these cases has been successful in asserting that trading cards is a form of illegal gambling,” he said.

9-26-99—- J-Pop / Seiyuu News

Megumi Hayashibara, will be releasing an essay booklet entitled “Nantoka Naru Naru” to coincide with her upcoming album release.

Namie Amuro’s next album is set for an early Dec. release.

Avex vocal unit Move’s new maxi-single “Blazin’ Beat” will include 10 tracks with several remix variations arranged by both Motsu & Kimura, including a new arrangement to their previous 5th single “Break IN2 the Nite”. The title track will be featured as the OP to the new “Kashiramoji-D Second Stage” TV anime series, scheduled to start airing in mid-October. The the single will include a CD-data extra track featuring a desktop application “Active Mascot” in which YURI (Move’s vocalist) will appear on your windows desktop screen giving you various information. 1st pressings include a feedback form for an opportunity to receive a special analog record release of “Blazin’ Beat / Break IN2 the Nite”. (10-27-99 release | 1,260 yen | AVCT-30009)

Okui Masami’s new maxi-single: “Eternal Promise”, is Scheduled for release 11-26-99. The title track will be featured as the image vocal theme song to the Sorayuke! Uchuusenkan Yamamoto Yoko TV anime series. (1,200 yen | KICS-762) You can expect her concert video on 12-23-99, featuring her concert performance that took place 9-12-99 at the Hibiya music hall in Tokyo. (Okui Masami : “Her-Day Concert Live ’99” Video (VHS) | 5,700 yen | KIVM-249) (DVD | 5,700 yen | KIBM-1)

9-25-99—- New TV Series Roundup

Here are listings on a number of new Anime TV series starting in Japan next month:

Oct. 1
Donkey Kong (18:30, TV Tokyo)
Oct. 2
Cyborg Kuro-chan (8:00, TV Tokyo)
Majutsushi Ophen – Revenge [Sorcerous Stabber Ophen – Revenge] (17:00, TBS)
Oct. 3
Guru-Guru Town Hanamaru-kun (9:30, TV Tokyo)
Gozonji! Gekkou-Kamen-kun (10:00, TV Tokyo)
Oct. 4
Ippatsu Kiki Musume [Dangerous Girl] (24:37, TBS)
Oct. 5
Chikyu Boei Kigyo Die Guard [Earth Defence Enterprise – Die Guard] (18:00, TV Tokyo)
Jibaku-kun (18:30, TV Tokyo)
K├┤tesu Tenshi Kurumi [Mechanical Angel Kurumi] (19:00, WOWOW)
Oct. 6
Mugen no Revious [Infinite Revious] (18:00, TV Tokyo )
Seraphim Call (25:45, TV Tokyo)
Oct. 7
Excel Saga (25:15, TV Tokyo)
Bule Gender (25:50, TBS)
Oct. 8
Ningyo Zoshi Ayatsuri Sakon (WOWOW)
Trouble Chocolate (25:45, TV Asahi)
Mirai Shounen Conan II – Taiga Adventure (17:30, TBS)
Oct. 13
The Big-O (19:00, WOWOW)
Oct. 14
Ima, Soko ni iru boku [I, who exist there now] (19:00, WOWOW)
Oct. 16
Hunter x Hunter (18:30, Fuji TV)
Oct. 18
Wild Arms – Twilight Venom (19:00, WOWOW)

9-25-99—- Blood

Production I.G.’s Upcoming DA (Digital Animation) film Blood: The Last Vampire, an action-horror story of a battle between humans and vampires, is expected out in Japanese theaters in the coming months. I.G. recently released the production credits for the film:

Original Planning: Production IG
Co-Planner: Mamoru Oshii (Oshii School)
Director/Storyboard: Hiroyuki Kitakubo
Animation Director: Shinji Takagi
Original Character Designer: Katsuya Terada
Character Setting/Animation Supervisor: Kazuchika Kise
Mechanical Designer: Jun Matsumoto
Special Effects Setting/Supervisor: Hisashi Ezura
Art Setting: Hiroshi Kato
Art Director: Yusuke Takeda
Matte Paiting Studio: Biho
In-between Animation Checker: Chieko Ichimanda
Color Supervisor: Katsue Inoue
Digital Filming: Miki Sakuma
3D Director: Tokumitsu Kifune
3D Works: IKIF+

9-25-99—- Miyazaki’s Surprise Visit At MOMA

Those in attendence today for the 3:00 PM screening of My Neighbor Totoro in the Titus 1 Theater at the New York Museum of Modern Art, recieved a surprise visit by the film’s prolific director: Hayao Miyazaki. Upon his entrance most of the over 400 in the theater broke out into a 2 minute standing ovation. Miyazaki spoke briefly through an interpretor saying: “This film is eleven years old. However, since the idea was very hard to sell to companies and supporters, the idea actually spent thirteen years in my head before the eleven years since it was made.” “Nothing would please me more than for you to enjoy it and go home happy.” He is expected to attend the showing of Princess Mononoke (another film which he directed) at the New York Film Festival Sunday night.

Miyazaki is perhaps the most well known Japanese Animation movie director in the world, he recently attended a screening of Mononke at 24th Toronto International Film Festival, while his visit at MOMA was technically a surprise, it was heavily rumored he might drop in since he is currently travelling in North America.

9-25-99—- X Movie Update

Manga Entertainment’s next theatrical release: X/1999, will make it’s UK premiere at the Leeds International Film Festival on Oct. 15th. After that it’s expected to tour the UK until late Nov. Release Information on X The Movie’s American sreenings should be to soon.

9-25-99—- Pokemon Candy

Candy Planet Co. recently announced a licensing agreement with Nintendo of America Inc. through Leisure Concepts Inc., the licensing division of 4Kids Entertainment to create Pokemon candy products, available this fall with retail prices from $0.99 to under $10. Products will include Pokemon candy and gum products with collectible stickers and tins, plus gummi fruit treats in the shape of Pokemon characters and candy dispensers.

9-25-99—- Anime / Manga Gaming

At TGS, Square announced it will present “Square Millenium” on 11/23/99 in Yokohama Japan. “Millenium” will be a company event to showcase their upcoming titles for the next Millenium. Details on what will be presented are sketchy but appearing on Square’s Monitors at the show, were the numerals XI (Nine).

9-25-99—- Top Laserdisc Sales (Japan) (As of Sept. 20th)

1. The Affiars of Two Lovers vol.6
2. Ultra Seven -The Day Fruit Ripes-
3. Cowboy Bebop vol.9
4. Blue Submarine No.6 vol.3
5. To Heart vol.4
6. Tenchi Muyo! in Love 2
7. Lion King II
8. Devilman Lady vol.8
9. D4 Princess vol.2
10.Taiho Shichauzo (You’re under arrest) Special vol.2

9-25-99—- Top Video Game Sales (Japan) (As of Sept. 20th)

1. PS Beat Mania Append 4th MIX -the beat goes on-
2. PS World Succer Live Winning Eleven 4
3. PS Front Mission Third
4. PS Nobunaga no Yabou Reppuden (Nobunaga’s Ambition: The Legend of Gale)
5. PS Dance Dance Revolution 2nd ReMIX
6. PS Wild Arms 2nd Ignition
7. PS Dokodemo Issho (Always Together)
8. PS Getterrobo Daisakusen! (Getterrobo Great Plan!)
9. PS Ore no Ryouri (My Cooking)
10.PS Minna no Golf 2 (Everyone’s Golf 2)

9-25-99—- Japanese Fall TV Anime Report

The Madhouse produced X TV series will follow the story of the Manga and Movie around the seven Mitsukais who try to destroy major spiritual spots around Tokyo, eventually destroy the Earth and the seven Seals who try to stop the Mitsukais.

Sorcerous Stabber Orphen Revenge
The Second Orphen series deals with Orphen and others seraching for lost youth. The same staff will return from the first series.

Kiju Shinseiki Zoid (Zoid the New Century of Mechanical Beasts)
Zoid started as an action figure from Tomy, which became a big hit 15 years ago. In the anime a boy who controls the millitaristic battle machine Zoid in the middle of a world war of between two factions, the Impreialists and the Repulics.

Wild Arms
Based on the popular PSX RPG game, Wild Arms is about a sorcerer boy and a vampire girl on a search to find the legendary weapon, “Arms.” in a spaghetti western world.

Dai Guard
Produced by Xebec, directed by Seiji Mizushima (Generator Gawl), in the year 2030 alien invaders attack the Earth. In order to fight them, humans construct the robot Dai Guard. Because its development was funded by one company, Dai Guard became a robot for the promotion of that company.

Source: J-Dream Direct Newsletter, J-Dream

9-25-99—- Boy King

A 10 episode novelized version of “Boy King”, a surealistic story of a bishonen assasin like Mikoto with the ability to handle birds began running in the October issue of Japanese magazine Newtype. Written by Shoujo Kakumei Utena screenplay writer Yoji Enoto, illustration cuts / drawn by Utena character designer Shinya Hasegawa.

Source: J-Dream Direct Newsletter, J-Dream

9-24-99—- Animeigo News

Some new release news directly from Animeigo:
Urusei Yatsura TV vol. 22 is now in stock, you can order it directly from their website now.
The second volume of Kimagure Orange Road, the TV Series, is also out you can order it here. Animeigo has posted complete liner notes for KOR TV here.
The complete compilation of Bubblegum Crash on a single tape is now now available here.

9-24-99—- Hyogo Culture Week

Hyogo Business & Cultural Center has organized Hyogo Culture Week, several Anime / Manga related events to take place in Seattle (WA), Portland (OR), and San Francisco (CA) here’s a tentative scedule of planned events:

10/14-15: Exhibit Installation @ Pacific Science Center, Seattle, WA

10/15: Evening Opening Reception & Lecture
5:30-6:30 pm Reception @ Ackerley Family Exhibit Gallery
6:30-7:30 pm Lecture @ Building 2
1) Greeting by Tezuka Production or The Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum
2) Visual Presentation: “Japanese Vision in Digital Culture  Why Japanese Animation and Games are Unique?” (1 hr.) by Machiko Kusahara

10/16: “Hyogo Family Day”
@ Ackerley Family Exhibit Gallery 11:00 am, 12:00 pm, 1:00 pm (30 min-1 hr./each session) Short Video & Demonstration by Manga, Anime, and CG artists from Hyogo
Short Talk & Lecture @ Rotary Discovery Lab 2:00-2:45 pm
1) Greeting by Tezuka Pro. or The Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum
2) Short discussion: “Behind Anime and Pokemon  Japanese Vision in Contemporary Entertainment” (30 min.) by Machiko Kusahara
3:00-4:00 pm Lecture: “Osamu Tezuka: The God of Manga” (1 hr.) by Frederik L. Schodt

10/17: “Hyogo Family Day”
@ Ackerley Family Exhibit Gallery 1:00 pm, 2:00 pm, 3:00 pm (30 min./each session)
Short Video & Demonstration by cartoonists & CG/Anime artists from Hyogo

10/23, 10/24: “Family Day”
@ Ackerley Family Exhibit Gallery 12:00 pm, 2:00 pm (1 hr. session x 2 times/day)
Short video, Demonstration & workshops by Seattle local cartoonists & CG/Anime artists

11/1: Transport from Seattle to Portland, OR

11/3-11/15: Exhibition & Workshops @ Oregon Museum of Science & Industry (OMSI), Portland, OR

11/16: Transport from Portland, OR to San Francisco, CA

11/19-11/21: Exhibition @ Miyako Mall in Japantown, San Francisco, CA

For more info contact: Hyogo Business & Cultural Center (206) 728-0610

9-24-99—- Yoshihiro Togashi News

Manga Artist Yoshihiro Togashi (creator of Yu Yu Hakusho) who is presently serializing Hunter X Hunter in Shounen Jump, has fallen under fan criticism in Japan lately. Jump has repeatedly not carried his manga since January and his recent illustrations are said to be very rough. Togashi attended Comike in Tokyo on Aug. 15, selling his own Dojinshi, he was reportedly criticized by some magazines and fans. Togashi hit a slump in serializing Yu Yu Hakusho and lowered the illustration quality substantially near it’s end. An Anime TV series adaption of Hunter X Hunter will begin airing Oct. 16th, on Fuji TV. Togashi and Naoko Takeuchi (creator of Sailor Moon) were of course married last year, Shounen Jump cites this as the reason for the quality slack in Hunter X Hunter (getting adjusted to a married life is usually a huge change for most people).

Source: Anime Scene

9-24-99—- Anime / Manga Gaming

SNK is currently working on a 32-bit Neo Geo handheld that it plans to release almost the same time as Nintendo’s recently announced Game Boy Advance. Details are sketchy, SNK plans to reveal some things at next years E3, in LA.

Capcom has revealed details on a hidden mini game in Biohazard 3: Last Escape, called The Mercenaries, you will be able to play it after finishing the game once. In the mini game you can play as the 3 supporting characters: Carlos, Nicholai, and Mikhail, each character will have different weapon, limited amount of bullets and items. You are goal is to finish the stage within the time limit, while getting rid of as many enemies as possible. You can get time extension by defeating multiple enemies at once, evade enemy attacks or enter empty rooms. Upon completion, you will receive money and rewards, that you can use toward upgrading your weapon and accessories in the actual game.

More details are out on Parasite Eve II, this game will take place in Los Angeles, three years after the battles with Eve in PE 1. Aya Brea has joined a new team called MIST (Mitochondria Investigation and Suppression Team). The story begins on 9/4/00 in New York, the Midocondoria suddenly reappeared in a building located in the downtown area, while evacuating people out of the city, the police force was unable to with stand the power of Midocondoria, and the MIST team is sent to investigate the incident. In this game, battles will be in real time, movements an weapons pretty much remain the same, a radar will show you the location of enemies. The story is expected to be at least twice as long as PE1.

Konami has switched it’s Dreamcast RPG Reiselied to the PS2 platform. PSX Yugioh Shin Duel Monsters: The Sealed Memories is out in Japan on Dec. 9.

According to an interview with Miyamoto in the Dengeki N64 magazine, software for the Dolphin is still in very early development stages, it will simply not be possible to launch the console within the year 2000.

Miyamoto has revealed details on the two upcoming Zelda titles. Zelda Gaiden for N64 is 20% complete. The game will take about the same amount of time to complete as Ocarina Of Time, but the story will progress in about half of the time. Ura Zelda will be 64 Disc Drive exclusive, and make use of the 64DD functions such that the game will not work on cartridges alone, this title may have support to the GB Camera to create masks for Link.