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Anime News Service – August 26 – September 16 Anime News

9-16-02—- Media Blasters Theatrical Release Schedule

From, courtesy to Daniel for the link:

October 05 Scarlet Diva Calgary Film Festival, Calgary, Canada
October 09 Fudoh 4 Star Theater, San Francisco, CA
October 12 Versus Olympia Film Society, Seattle, WA
October 12 Scarlet Diva Royal Cinema, Toronto, Canada
October 18 Fudoh Clinton Street Theatre, Portland, OR
October 18 Versus Dark Wave Festival, San Francisco, CA
October 19 Versus/Freeze/Q/Ichi Exophagy Film Festival, Alberta, Canada
October 25 Scarlet Diva Cinema du Parc, Montreal, Canada
October 25 Riki Oh – The Story of Ricky Rhode Island Horror Festival, Newport, RI
October 25 Robotrix Rhode Island Horror Festival, Newport, RI
October 31 BioZombie The Grand Illusion, Seattle, WA
November 01 Fudoh Cinema du parc, Montreal, Canada
November 01 Scarlet Diva 4 Star Theater, San Francisco, CA
November 07 Fudoh Royal Cinema, Toronto, Canada
November 10 Riki Oh – The Story of Ricky Subway Cinema, Asian Horror Festical, New York, NY
November 10 Visitor Q Carnegie Melon U, Pittsburgh, PA
November 13 BioZombie Subway Cinema, Asian Horror Festical, New York, NY
December 07 Pistol Opera Smithsonian, Washington D.C.,
December 11 Fudoh George Eastman House, Rochester, NY

More features will be added later in the month to help theater vendors. Our Theatrical Representative at Media Blasters is Carl Morano and he can be reached at (212) 944-9224 Ext. 240

9-16-02—- Ring Novel News

5 September, 2002: The English version of the Ring that had been listed on Amazon has turned out to be bogus. Just as we suspected, the listing was based on an older press release naming Viz as the publisher, while a newer statement from Viz (issued in June) claims that copyrights are instead held by Vertical, Inc. Word is that the we can expect the Vertical edition around Spring of 2003 (Thanks Johhny Butane).

Source: Thanks to Daniel for the link

9-16-02—- Animagic Guests

Ani-Magic 2002 Guest List: Petrea Burchard – Ani-Magic welcomes Petrea to her very first Ani-Magic appearance! Petrea has been acting professionally for over 20 years in the Los Angeles area. To say she’s ‘best known’ as Ryoko (Tenchi Muyo) would be an understatement – over several series and movies, her voice has become synonymous with that troublesome space pirate. Recently, she lent her voice Lain’s mother (Serial Experiments Lain). Mrs. Burchard will be appearing at Ani-Magic on Saturday only.

Tristen Citrine – Tristen is an exceptionally talented costumer, both as a fan and as a professional. At the Venetian Resort/Casino in Las Vegas, she works on costumes and wigs for the scores of actors in their performances. At Ani-Magic, it’s more likely we’ll see her in a perfect recreation of some character, or perhaps in a costume entirely of her own design! Her website is at

Robert DeJesus – Robert is one of the most popular American manga artists, both in the U.S. and in Japan! Here his work can be found in Small Bodied Ninja High School, Family Pet, or Ai Candy. Across the ocean, he is one of the few American artists to have his work appear at Japan’s Comic Market. The Offical Robert DeJesus Home Page is at

Tiffany Grant – Tiffany has been acting since 1994, and to list all her roles would fill this page! To name a few – Maki (Burn Up), Madam President (Golden Boy), Elysse (Plastic Little), Asuka Langley Sohryu (Evangelion), June (Sol Bianca), Chocolate (Sorcerer Hunters), Dug Fin (Dragon Half), and several roles in Excel Saga. Not just a voice actress, she has also written several script adaptations for AD Vision. You can find her homepage at

Matt Greenfield – Matt is the producer for ADV films, bringing us the quality subs and dubs we come to expect from them. He was once just an anime fan, but managed to make it a profession! ADV’s massive release schedule has forced Matt to cut back on convention appearances, so we’re glad to have him at Ani-Magic. ADV’s home page is

Yaya Han – Yaya has been cosplaying since 1999 – although some of her extravagant costumes look like they’d take a decade to make! Her cosplay extends not only to anime, but to J-Rock costumes as well as her own original creations. As if that weren’t enough, Yaya is also a talented artist, weaving detailed linework into her compositions. Yaya’s site is at

Mike Hayes – The Haze-man hails from New Jersey, where he rules Haze Studios as a divine monarch. At the con, he’ll be showing the basics to drawing manga, as well as some advanced techniques, proving to would-be-artists that yes, you too can draw! Check out Haze Studios, at

Amy Howard-Wilson – Some of us may be too young to remember Amy’s best work, but you can always find a tape (or the new DVD collection) of Star Blazers. Her role as Nova drew many early anime fans into what is now an international obsession. More recently she has reentered the voice acting realm, playing Miranda in Irresponsible Captain Tylor! We’ll be hearing Amy’s voice for years to come. Her webpage is at

Katy Kleinhaus – Katy will be representing Speed Racer Enterprises at the con, bringing with her the Speed Racer 35th Anniversary Party! Has it really been 35 years since young Speed cruised across our TV screens? Come check out classic episodes from the series, a day when men were men, and cars were fast! The Speed Racer Official Pit Stop is at

Jason Lee – Is he a voice actor, a stand-up comedian, or an anime producer? Jason may well be known for his role of Mamoru Kusanagi (Blue Seed), but his biggest contribution to anime is coming through Gaijin Productions. This new translation and dubbing studio, founded by Jason and Amanda, will soon bear fruit with the release of Burn Up Xcess! Gaijin Productions makes their home on the web at

Wendee Lee – What hasn’t Wendee done? A Southern California native, she’s known for many of the most popular characters in anime – Faye Valentine (Cowboy Bebop), Umi Ryuzaki (Magic Knight Rayearth), Yuri (Dirty Pair), Kaoru Suu (Love Hina), even as far back as Robotech’s Vanessa on the bridge. In addition, she has made a name for herself as a writer and director of various dubs. Her home page is at Mrs. Lee will be at Ani-Magic on Saturday only.

Scott McNeil – Gundam Wing’s popularity continues to grow, aided in no small part by Scott’s voice for Duo Maxwell. This same voice is heard through Piccolo (Dragonball Z), Captain Harlock (Galaxy Express 999), Ken Masters (Street Fighter), Wolverine (X-Men Evolution), and several roles in Transformers: Beast Wars. Scott’s quite a character himself, and is never without a crowd of followers at a convention.

Kirby Morrow – Another member of the Gundam Wing cast, Trowa Barton owes his use of English to Kirby, as do Van Fanel of Escaflowne and Dr. Tofu of Ranma ½. Kirby is also an accomplished and professional actor on film, with roles on the big screen in Avalanche Alley and on the small in Stargate SG-1. Kirby’s site is at the aptly named

Amanda Winn Lee – Amanda has played an astounding number of female leads, including Momiji Fujimia (Blue Seed), Gally (Battle Angel), Rally Vincent (Gunsmith Cats), Captain Tita (Plastic Little), Rei Ayanami (Evangelion), and Rio (Burn Up W). She also directs dubs, most recently for her studio, Gaijin Productions, and has also become a voice in video games through Oni’s Konoko. Always spirited, and always encouraging to her fans – perhaps the most interesting character Amanda has is herself!

Crispin Freeman – He’s played pretty boys, tough boys, and irresponsible boys. Now the voice of Touga (Utena), Zelgadis (Slayers), and Captain Tylor is headed for Ani-Magic! An avid actor, both through voice and on stage, Crispin has also taken to directing and adapting dubs. His webpage is at

Ani-Magic 2002 Is going to be held on October 4-6th at the Best Wester Inn in Lancaster, CA. For Details go to

Source: Ani-Magic2002( via Jorge

9-13-02—- Asian Cinema Briefs


1)Tom Cruise & Paula Wagner’s C/W Productions and Paramount have bought the remake rights to this year’s HK blockbuster “The Eye” from Peter Chan’s Applause Pictures, becoming the fastest Asian film remake deal ever.

2)Celestial Pictures have bought the copyrights to many Shaw Brothers films including lots of Chang Cheh’s directorial classics. Before the releases of the DVD of such martial arts classics, Celestial will coordinate a Chang Cheh film festival with the HK Film Archive this winter.

Source: AICN

9-13-02—- Finland And Poland Get Spirited Away

September 13, 2002: “Spirited Away” in Finland and Poland Poland details: -Distributor: Monolith -Release date: October 30, 2002

Finland details: -Title: Henkien piilottama -Release date: Fall 2002

Thanks to Mary for the Poland information and Antti Autio for the Finland details.

Source: via Daniel

9-13-02—- Tokyo Pig Rolls Out

From the relase:

Miramax Television’s Anime Comedy Series Is Part of the New ABC Family Kids’ Action/Adventure Line-Up This Fall

BURBANK, September 13, 2002 . . . The hyper-kinetic, ultra-hip original anime comedy series “Tokyo Pig” debuts on ABC Family on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 14 (10:00 a.m., ET/PT) as part of the network’s new Fall kids’ action/adventure line-up, featuring a combination of anime, live-action, and animated series.

The utterly unique “Tokyo Pig,” an anime comedy romp produced by Miramax Television, in association with SME Visual Works, Inc., reveals the fantastic adventures of nine-year-old Spencer and his magical pet pig, Sunny. In the first episode, Spencer’s world changes after he draws a sky full of pigs in his journal and his sidekick Sunny appears out of the clear blue sky. When paired with Sunny, Spencer discovers he has the ability to make whatever he imagines come to life. Now — with powers kids can only dream about – the duo embark on a new adventure each week as Spencer tries to keep his stray thoughts and careless scribbles in his journal from running wild and turning his life upside-down.

In next week’s episode, entitled “Invasion of the Pig Clones,” Spencer forgets his gym bag and his mom sends Sunny to school to deliver it. Sunny and Spencer quickly become the center of attention at school. Feeling upstaged by Spencer and Sunny, class nerd Wigstaff attempts to create his own pig by downloading Sunny’s brain into his supercomputer. This episode premieres on Saturday, September 21 (10:00 a.m., ET/PT).

Also debuting on ABC Family is the popular live-action/CGI parallel universe fantasy, “Galidor: Defenders of the Outer Dimension” and the animated “NASCAR Racers,” bringing the national obsession with stock car racing to a new, younger audience. ABC FAMILY ACTION-ADVENTURE LINE-UP (all times are ET/PT)

Saturdays 7:00 a.m. “Beyblade” 7:30 a.m. “Medabots” 8:00 a.m. “Best of Power Rangers 8:30 a.m. “Power Rangers: Wild Force” 9:00 a.m. “Beyblade” 9:30 a.m. “Medabots” 10:00 a.m. “Tokyo Pig” 10:30 a.m. “Spider-Man” (1995) 11:00 a.m. “Galidor: Defenders of the Outer Dimension” 11:30 a.m. “NASCAR Racers”

Sundays 7:00 a.m. “Beyblade” 7:30 a.m. “Medabots” 8:00 a.m. “Best of Power Rangers” 8:30 a.m. “Power Rangers: Wild Force” 9:00 a.m. “Beyblade” 9:30 a.m. “Medabots” 10:00 a.m. “Best of Power Rangers” 10:30 a.m. “Power Rangers: Wild Force” 11:00 a.m. “Galidor: Defenders of the Outer Dimension” 11:30 a.m. “NASCAR Racers”

Weekdays 7:00 a.m. “Beyblade” 7:30 a.m. “Medabots” 8:00 a.m. “Power Rangers: Wild Force” 8:30 a.m. “Spider-Man” (1995)

9-12-02—- CPM January

From the release:

The following are CPM Manga’s releases for January 2003:

Record of Lodoss War Deedlit’s Tale Book Two: Forest of No Return (Graphic Novel) (pocket size format) Writer – Ryo Mizuno Artist – Setsuko Yoneyama

LODOSS, the accursed isle where elves, dwarves, heroes and kings face powerful military and magical opponents, is home to the High Elf DEEDLIT and her human companion, PARN.

The villagers of Kanon are in peril. The Marmo army is bearing down on them and their only escape is through the Forest of No Return. But the forest has an Elvin curse that will banish trespassing humans into a timeless limbo. Can Deedlit lift the curse, or will Parn and the entire village be lost…forever?

Written by Record of Lodoss War creator Ryo Mizuno and lavishly illustrated by Setsuko Yoneyama, Deedlit’s Tale: Forest of No Return blends mysticism, romance, and epic fantasy and spins them into a compelling narrative.

1/08/2003 $15.95 192 pages Black and White CPM Manga ISBN: 1-58664-875-6 UPC: 7-19987-00632-4-00211 Catalog number: CMX 63202G

Geobreeders Book Five: Big Trouble at Tokyo Tower (Graphic Novel) (comic size format) Story and Art by Akihiro Ito

“. . . a roller coaster ride that drips with style and dynamism.” -Manga Max

Tokyo Tower is falling down!

From snowy wastes to urban sprawl, the Phantom Cats wreak havoc and destruction wherever they appear. The next target on their list is the seat of all paranormal activity in Japan…Tokyo Tower.

Will Kagura be able to stop the cats’ path of destruction or will Tokyo Tower fall?!

Written and illustrated by the mega-talented Akihiro Ito, Geobreeders was made for fans of high action, intense thrills and cute chicks with guns!

1/15/2003 $15.95 248 Pages Black and White CPM Manga ISBN: 1-58664-877-2 UPC: 7-19987-00615-7-00511 Catalog number: CMX 61505G

and from Manga 18

Adventure Kid Book One: User-Friendly (graphic novel) (pocket size format) Story and Art by Toshio Maeda

Possessed by an ancient computer, a virile man opens a door to a digital dimension of lust, violence and debauchery filled with armed thugs and horny demons. Can he escape with his sexy ladyfriend or will he become a part of the evil machine’s lustful programming?

From the creator of “the Erotic Grotesque” style of manga and anime – Toshio Maeda!

1/22/2003 $16.95 208 pages Black and White Manga 18 Adults Only ISBN: 1-58664-878-0 UPC: 7-19987-00635-5-00111 Catalog: CMX 63501G

9-12-02—- J-Entertainement Briefs

Read all about a new Lone Wolf & Cub historical drama being coming to japanese tv.

Takeshi ‘Beat’ Kitano Interview. Its the same Venice one, just more information on the conception of “Dolls”

Thanks to Nick for the links.

9-12-02—- Ayumi Signs On To Resident Evil 0

“J POP Music and J POP 7 have reported that J-pop singer Ayumi Hamasaki will be the new official spokeswoman for Resident Evil 0. This news was immediately followed by the report that Rebecca Chambers, the game’s protagonist, was modeled after the features of the singer. Of course, anyone familiar with the import scene will know that Ayumi Hamasaki is no stranger to the videogame world as she even had her own game for PlayStation 2 called Visual Mix.”

Source: Jagged Team via Daniel

9-12-02—- Ghost Manga News

From Studio Proteus, thanks to Daniel for the link:

NEWS FLASH! Special Announcement #1: Yes, believe it or not; The Kodansha Bilingual Edition of Ghost in the Shell 1 has been released (the ISBN is 4-7700-2919-5) for those who wish to special order it.

It includes the original Frederik L. Schodt translation before I mangled it, and also includes the TWO DELETED PAGES of “cyber sex.” A must for hard-core fans!

Special Announcement #2: Ghost in the Shell 2: Man-Machine Interface is still officially scheduled for release in October, 2002. If you’re looking for an actual day, that has not yet been fixed. Keep an eye on the Dark Horse site!

Regarding the status of the “standard” and “adult” versions of the books, regrettably, it looks like he has changed his mind on allowing us to do a separate adult version. At least, he hasn’t sent us the materials after many requests, and the deadline is almost on us. So I think he’s had second thoughts. Well, that’s Shirow–he often changes his mind! Maybe we can do it for the collection…

You’ll be able to purchase the issues via mail order or at your friendly local comic book store.

ID3 is still in the planning stages and we’re still discussing options as to format and a special limited edition.

Special Announcement #3: If you have a question, before you write us, please 1) check the FAQ page, 2) use the site search engine, 3) do not include any attachments. Thanks!

9-11-02—- Remembered

ANS is suspending our news posting activities today in memorial of the imeasurable tragedy and losses of one year ago in the USA.

9-10-02—- PS3 Plans Materialize

Source: Gamespot via Jorge:

While Sony basks in the success of its PlayStation 2, expectations are rising that its successor will be out by 2005, in an entirely different form.

Sony remains tight-lipped about the timing of its next-generation product’s debut, but it is dropping some hints about the PlayStation 3’s likely shape–or more accurately, lack of shape.

“We’re not thinking about hardware,” said Kenichi Fukunaga, spokesman for Sony Computer Entertainment. “The ideal solution would be having an operating system installed in various home appliances that could run game programs.”

Fueling expectations of a 2005 target date is a chip project between Sony, IBM, and Toshiba, Japan’s largest chipmaker and coproducer of the PS2’s complex microprocessor. The four-year project, code-named Cell and set for completion in spring 2005, aims to create a powerful processor for home electronics with ultrafast Internet connections that could, for example, transmit high-resolution moving pictures.

“It’s possible PlayStation 3 would come out in 2005, since that’s when Sony’s Cell project will yield something,” said Kazuharu Miura, an analyst at Daiwa Institute of Research. He added that, by 2005, Japan’s broadband infrastructure for high-speed Internet service will be largely complete, and Sony will likely have a clearer idea of what kind of online games people want to play.

Sony said it had not decided how to integrate the Cell processor into its next game console, but the general idea is to use the chip in Internet servers and home electronics to divide computing tasks among networked machines.

This would give the devices as much processing power as a supercomputer, such as IBM’s Deep Blue machine that defeated Gary Kasparov at chess, and enable them to handle everything from games to video recording to downloading data from the Internet.

“We’ve started with boxes–making boxes to do specific things. But if you have a chip this powerful, you can add functions to any box. It’s reverse thinking,” Fukunaga said.

9-10-02—- Kitano Speaks

Takeshi Kitano talks about the differences between his films and Hollywood films at Reuters. Thanks to “comedyjim” of‘s forums and Daniel for the info.

9-10-02—- Farscape Anime Plans?

Thanks to Hollis for this:

First the bad news:
It seems declining ratings signaled the death of FARSCAPE. Despite the vociferous love of the show by its fans, ratings had been going down since the beginning of the year, after the show enjoyed strong showings in the ratings from its 1999 debut through the end of 2001.
The powers that be at the SciFi Channel decided not to exercise its right to order a fifth season of the show last week, and the official statement came yesterday.
Here’s an indication of how thin the margin for error is at SciFi. STARGATE SG-1, from May to August, averaged a 1.7 rating (1.32 million viewers) and it survives. FARSCAPE, in the same period, averaged a 1.2 rating (958,000 viewers) and it is now gone.
According to Variety, there will be new episodes of FARSCAPE from January (which we knew) through the series conclusion in March (which is new).

Now the good news:
The creators at The Henson Co., the producing house for the show, and co-creator Rockne O’Bannon are reportedly working on a script for a Japanese-style anime feature film incarnation of the show.
More on that when it comes.
Meanwhile, to help save FARSCAPE the show, go here:

the link for the article is:

9-10-02—- Konami Signed To New TMNT Videogame

From the release:

New York, NY (September 10, 2002) – 4Kids Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE: KDE), the exclusive worldwide agent and co-producer of the all-new TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES animated series, today announced that Mirage Licensing, Inc., the holder of the rights to TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, has licensed Konami Corporation as the exclusive worldwide developer and publisher of video games. This agreement is based on the upcoming all-new TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES animated series, which is scheduled to debut on the FOX BOX in the first quarter of 2003.

The agreement returns Konami to the role the gaming giant held during the birth of the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES phenomenon in the late 1980’s and early ’90’s, when the company created a dozen TMNT video games with gross cumulative sales of nearly half a billion dollars.

With the first release planned for the 2003 holiday season, the all-new Konami-created TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES video games will be published across multiple game platforms.

Premiering September 14, 2002 on FOX, the FOX BOX is a Saturday morning children’s television block programmed by 4Kids Entertainment. In addition to co-producing the new TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES television series, 4Kids also serves as the exclusive merchandise licensing agent for property worldwide.

“We are delighted to welcome back Konami as publisher of TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES video games,” said Al Kahn, Chairman and CEO of 4Kids Entertainment. “We look forward to Konami repeating its success with the Turtles franchise.”

“4Kids’ and Mirage’s exciting plans for the all-new TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES are designed to take this universally popular franchise to new levels of success,” said Kazumi Kitaue, Konami Corporation Executive Officer, CS Division. “The new Turtles television series offers extraordinary creative opportunities for video game designers.”

Gary Richardson, CEO of Mirage, said: “We’re thrilled to partner with Konami to produce video games based on the all-new TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES series. With Konami back as video game publisher and Playmates Toys continuing as master toy licensee, we’re excited to be working with the team that helped Mirage create the original success of the franchise. We can’t wait to see samples of the new Konami TMNT video game on the big screen at E3 in May of 2003.”

The TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES were created in May 1984 when Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman published a 40-page, black-and-white comic book. The original TMNT animated series debuted in 1987. It was the #1 children’s television show throughout the late 1980’s and early ’90’s. TMNT merchandise licensees, including Konami and Playmates Toys, were enormously successful, reportedly selling approximately $3 billion in toys, videogames and other merchandise within all product categories worldwide to date.

9-9-02—- Power Rangers 10th Anniversary Celebration

All 10 Red Rangers From The Past 10 Seasons Return For The Ultimate Epic Battle In “Forever Red” Airing Saturday, October 12 (8:30 a.m., ET/PT) on ABC Family Kids Block

BURBANK, September 9, 2002… ABC Family Kids celebrates the 10th anniversary of the action/adventure phenomenon “Power Rangers,” with a special Red Ranger reunion episode, entitled “Forever Red,” airing SATURDAY, OCTOBER 12 (8:30 a.m., ET/PT), followed by a Red Ranger marathon SUNDAY, OCTOBER 13 (7:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon, ET/PT) and a week of episodes dedicated to the popular red-costumed character from “Power Rangers: Wild Force,” MONDAY, OCTOBER 14 through FRIDAY, OCTOBER 18 (8:00 a.m., ET/PT) and a two-part “Power Rangers: Wild Force” showcasing the Red Lion Zord, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26 and SUNDAY, OCTOBER 27 (8:30 a.m., ET/PT).

In the episode entitled “Forever Red,” SATURDAY, OCTOBER 12 (8:30 a.m., ET/PT) ten Red Rangers from the series’ history beginning with “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” 1993 through “Power Rangers: Wild Force” 2002 unite to rid the world of the menacing Machine Empire and Serpenterra, once and for all. Never before have ten Red Rangers joined forces to battle the forces of evil. Buried underneath the surface of the Moon lies the dreaded Serpenterra, the most powerful Zord ever built. It has remained undisturbed for years but now, the forces of evil have rediscovered this colossal scare.

Additional October highlights include:

Red Ranger Marathon, Sunday, October 13 * Mighty Morphin Power Rangers “Missing Green” (7:00 a.m., ET/PT) – Jason’s guilt of Tommy’s loss of power causes even more problems for the Power Rangers.

* Power Rangers: Zeo “King For A Day, Pt.1” (7:30 a.m., ET/PT) – Prince Gasket uses a brain device to erase Tommy’s memory, transferring his powers to the Altor monster, the victor of the monster battles.

* Power Rangers: Zeo “King For A Day, Pt.2” (8:00 a.m., ET/PT) – When Tommy, under the influence of Prince Gasket, attacks Jason, the other Zeo Rangers watch from the Viewing Globe in horror. The Rangers appear in the arena and confront Tommy, and a battle ensues. Will Tommy realize that his friends are not his enemies before it’s too late?

* Power Rangers: Turbo “The Curve Ball” (8:30 a.m., ET/PT) – T.J.’s confidence is shaken when Heath, the new baseball pro in town, arrives with a wicked curve ball that T.J. cannot hit. Later, when T.J. saves Heath after a nasty bicycle crash, he shows his gratitude by teaching T.J. how to hit his curve ball, which helps him to hit the Strike Out monster out of the park.

* Power Rangers: In Space “A Ranger Among Thieves” (9:00 a.m., ET/PT) – Andros sets out to make new friends in Angel Grove and unwittingly joins a group of car thieves. When Andros discovers that his new friends have been stealing cars, he rejects them. Two of the thieves, Suzy and David, feel badly about what they’ve done, so when Voltagehog is after Andros, they help him. The Rangers defeat Voltagehog with the Astro Megazord.

* Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy “Mean Wheels Mantis” (10:00 a.m., ET/PT) – The Motor Mantis Monster challenges the male Rangers to a motorcycle race and the Pink and Yellow Rangers become the prize trophies.

* Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue “Trial By Fire” (10:30 a.m., ET/PT) – Carter begins to doubt his abilities as a Ranger, but soon recalls a past childhood experience when a fight-fighter saved him from a raging fire, and is inspired to continue his life-saving services to the needy seaside community.

* Power Rangers: Time Force “The Quantum Quest” (11:00 a.m., ET/PT) – When Archeologists unearth a strange box deep in the ground, Ransik sends Brickneck to retrieve the ancient box. Circuit informs the Rangers that they must find the box in order to get control of the Quantum Ranger powers as well as the Quantasaurus Rex Megazord.

* Power Rangers: Wild Force “Lionheart” (11:30 a.m., ET/PT) – Venturing from his home in the Amazon jungle, Cole enters the city of Turtle Cove searching for his long-lost parents. Once there, he is recruited by the Rangers and fulfills his true destiny by becoming their Leader.

Red Ranger Wild Force Week, Monday, October 14 – Friday, October 18 MONDAY, OCTOBER 14 * Power Rangers: Wild Force “Darkness Awakening” (8:00 a.m., ET/PT) – The Rangers separate when Taylor challenges Cole’s judgment, reuniting just in time to battle the notorious Barbed Wire Org. Their mission is far from over, however, for the Evil Master Org has returned and is plotting his revenge!

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 15 * Power Rangers: Wild Force “Soul Searching” (8:00 a.m., ET/PT) – As Lion lies injured in the jungle, Cole searches for the majestic Soul Bird – but finds Evil Master Org instead!

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 16 * Power Rangers: Wild Force “Secrets and Lies” (8:00 a.m., ET/PT) – Cole the Jungle boy thinks he’s a Farm boy after Signal Org steals his memory.

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 17 * Power Rangers: Wild Force “The Master’s Last Stand” (8:00 a.m., ET/PT) – Cole finally learns the truth about his parents when Master Org captures the Wild Force Rangers and reveals his sinister origin.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 18 * Power Rangers: Wild Force “Taming of the Zords” (8:00 a.m., ET/PT) – When the Lion Tamer Org takes control of the Wild Zords and turns them against the Rangers, Kite mysteriously saves the day.

Red Lion Zord Saga, Saturday, October 26 & Sunday, October 27

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26 * Power Rangers: Wild Force “The Master’s Herald, Pt. 1″(8:30 a.m., ET/PT) – A new Ninja Duke Org, Onikage, arrives and tricks Toxica into cutting off her horn in order to kidnap the Princess for Mandilok.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 27 * Power Rangers: Wild Force “The Master’s Herald, Pt. 2” (8:30 a.m., ET/PT) -Master Org returns to reclaim the Nexus and the Princess as his prisoner, while the Rangers must hope for a miracle to escape from the shadow world.

9-9-02—- Akira Cine-Manga Page

The official page for the Akira cine-manga is up at Tokyopop with creator info. The first volume is expected to arrive on 1/21/03 and will be priced at $14.99. Thanks to Daniel for the link.

9-9-02—- Paracon ’02

Thanks to Tracy and Jeff for mentioning:

I would like to point out that the ParaCon Anime Festival is scheduled for Sunday, September 22 this year near. Tickets, which include park admission, are $29.98. Tickets purchased before Sept. 15th include a t-shirt and color badge. More details at

Also the Moon Festival Celebration is being held the day before, which might be of some interest to some readers, even though it is not anime.

The event is to occur at Paramount Great America near the Bay Area California.

9-9-02—- I.G. URL Shift

Daniel has pointed out the followin

9-9-02—- Utada Married

Akadot is currently running an article on some news that just broke in Japan on Singer Hikaru Utada’s marriage, check it out here.

9-6-02—- Foxbox Website Opens

From the release:

New York, NY (September 6, 2002) – To complement the September 14 debut of FOX BOX, the country’s newest kids broadcast television network airing Saturday mornings on FOX, 4Kids Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE: KDE) has launched FOXBOX.TV, an interactive website that will extend the reach of FOX BOX beyond domestic television to the global, 24-7 world of the Internet.

As of September 7, the more than one million kids who log on to every month will be redirected to FOXBOX.TV, where they can explore and interact with the characters from their favorite FOX BOX programs as never before, thanks to the latest in online technology. Characters like Kirby, Ultraman Tiga, Kid Muscle, the Stargate Command team, and the culinary creatures from Fighting Foodons are all featured on the website to transform kids’ computers into a literal “Fox Box” as they download cool screensavers, music and icons; play games; enter sweepstakes; and discover history, trivia and news about their favorite characters that are not revealed in the on-air programs.

As the official online destination for the FOX BOX, FOXBOX.TV also offers advertisers a means to become fully integrated with the Saturday morning FOX BOX. Through associations with the popular characters, co-branded initiatives, mini-sites and the use of all forms of rich media, advertisers’ brands and services will connect directly with kids in a unique way.

Dan Barnathan, Executive Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Promotion for 4Kids Entertainment, said, “FOXBOX.TV truly enhances the kids’ viewing experience and offers advertisers a very targeted and effective means to capitalize on the power of the FOX BOX programs and characters. I’m also pleased to announce that Peter Fontana has been named Director, Integrated Sales & Marketing for 4Kids Entertainment. Peter joins us from AOL/Time Warner with a tremendous amount of integrated sales experience, to handle the day-to-day ad sales for FOXBOX.TV.”

Premiering Saturday morning, September 14 at 8:00AM ET, PT / 7:00AM CT, MT, the FOX BOX features four hours of the best in action adventure, fun and surprises, including such high-profile entertainment as KIRBY: RIGHT BACK AT YA!, an animated series based on the Nintendo video game superstar, as well as the action-filled series ULTRAMAN TIGA, ULTIMATE MUSCLE, FIGHTING FOODONS and STARGATE INFINITY.

9-5-02—- Upcoming Yoshitaka Amano Events Worldwide

From courtesy Daniel:

Upcoming Exhibits October 19 through November 23, 2002 Happy Lion Gallery 963 Chung Kig Road Los Angeles, CA., 90012

October 24 through 28th FIAC / PARIS Fiac Artfair-Leo Koenig booth Paris expo, Porte de Versailles, Paris ACCESS

This week we follow up the design project Amano is working on for the town of Kanayama’s new bridge, which we showcased in a prior weekly. Amano is creating four bronze fairy statues representing fire, wind, water, and earth. These bronze statues will be placed on the rails of the brigde. We’ve shown the fire fairy in a prior weekly, so here are the rest.

9-5-02—- New Column On Anime Love

Anime Love has a new (S)he said, He said, article entitled “If Anime Couples Existed In The Real World Would They Really Cut It As A Couple And Last?”. Kudos again to Daniel for the referral.

9-5-02—- Giant Robot Current Features

The newest issue of Giant Robot (#26) has interviews with Stephen Chow and Parappa creators Mayada Matsuura and Rodney Greenblatt. Thanks to Daniel for the news.

9-5-02—- Millenium Actress USA Update

Courtesy Daniel, a reviewer at AICN mentions that Millenium Actress is slated for distribution in 2003.

9-4-02—- New Tokyo Images

Our latest round of 9 images from Tokyo are now online, final shots from Comike 59 day 1 are featured as well as a visit to Studio Pierrot’s studios near Mitaka city. Check them out here.

9-4-02—- Much Dragonball News

Thanks to Sammuel for this:

Cartoon Network has announced that new episodes of Original Dragonball are tentatively scheduled to premier on October 21st 2002. The new episodes of Dragonball Z premiers on September 16th 2002.

According to the current Anime Invasion Magazine, the distribution license to the first 53 episodes of Dragonball Z, the first two American TV seasons, will revert back to FUNimation from Pioneer at the end of the year. FUNimation plans to re-script and re-dub these episodes for American release totally uncut and uncensored to bilingual VHS and DVD. How exactly this will be done remains to be seen as an uncut release will expand the 53 American episodes back to their original roughly 75 Japanese episodes and thereby confuse the existing established American episode numbering.

FUNimation has confirmed plans to alter the name of Vegeta’s and Bulma’s daughter Bra to “Bulla” in the English dub of Dragonball Z. The name change (actually closer to a very loose translation) avoids criticisms of sexism or the inclusion of inappropriate sexual references in a children’s cartoon, but also eliminates part of the running joke with Bulma’s family being named after clothes: Bulma as in “bloomers”; Professor Briefs; Trunks, as in shorts, underwear or swim trunks; and Bra.

9-4-02—- Japanese Cult Cinema Latest

Thanks to Nick for sending in the following courtesy kfccinema:

Ashitaga Arusa: The Movie ASHITAGA ARUSA: The Movie is the movie adaptation of a popular comedy TV series in Japan. The story evolves in an office where they are building a space rocket. The first time director only made TV series and acting before.

Ryoma RYOMA is a romantic comedy about the love story of a soldier. The director is apparently very well known for a movie that he made in 2001 called TOKYO MARYGOLD

Muscle Heat An action movie were the story happen in the year of 2009 in a Tokyo dominated by the Yakusa. Fortunately for the city, a guy, specialized in marital art and firearms, decides that it is time that someone take care of the situation.

Battle Royale Extended Edition: From Vidmarc.demon.UK More info on the already released (August 23) Tartan BR 2 DVD edition will feature:

Disc 1: Special Edition of the film featuring additional footage & alternate ending. Scene Selection, Dolby Digital 5.1 Audio, Optional English Subtitles, Video Aspect Ratio: Anamorphic Widescreen, Running Time: 117 mins approx, Language: Japanese, Subtitles: English

Disc 2: EXTRA FEATURES: The Making of Battle Royale (50’19”), Battle Royale Press Conference (9’30”), Instructional Video: Birthday Version (3’07”), Audition and Rehearsal Footage (7’08”), Special Effects Comparison Featurette (4′ 30″), Tokyo International Film Festival 2000 (4’25”), Battle Royale Documentary (12’07”), Basketball Scene Rehearsals (8’38”), Behind-the- Scenes Featurette (10’07”), Filming On-Set (10’59”), Original Theatrical Trailer (1’48”), Special Edition TV Spot (0’30”), Special Edition TV Spot: Tarantino Version (0′”30″), Director’s Statement (text pages), Kinji Fukasaku Filmography (text pages), ‘Beat’ Takeshi Filmography (text pages). All With Optional English Subtitles.

Stacy will hit the US Synapse Films has announced that they are in pre-production on a DVD of the Japanese zombie film STACY! The movie, full of zombie movie reference, deal with an epidemic that transform school girl into zombie, if you are a fan of very low budget movie that new will probably please you very much.

KFC has linked a review of Takashi Miike’s Kin’yu Hametsu Nippon: Togenkyo no Hitobito at:

Family Storyline: 2 JoPok brothers went to InChon to control it because their clan wants to go China & InChon is the first right before it.. But they meet their worst enemy, a woman, who happens to be running a Salon. After being deceived by their families, both the 2 brothers and the woman team up for vengeance. This is an Action/Comedy.

9-4-02—- Guardians Of Order To Publish Slayers And Utena Ultimate Fan Guides

From the release:


Guardians Of Order, Inc., in association with Enoki Films USA, Inc., announced today that it will publish reference and role-playing books for the Slayers and Revolutionary Girl Utena anime series under its Ultimate Fan Guide line starting in spring 2003. Additionally, Guardians Of Order will release a Slayers d20 System role-playing game in summer 2003.

Both Slayers and Utena are exceptionally popular anime series that have garnered much critical acclaim from anime and role-playing fans everywhere. Slayers is a 78-episode fantasy series that follows the exploits of the beautiful teenage sorceress-supreme, Lina Inverse, and her mighty band of spell-casting, sword-wielding adventurers. Utena’s 39 episodes detail the spiritual journey of high school student Utena Tenjo on her quest to find the mysterious boy she met when she was only six years old.

“Both of these series are excellent additions to our Ultimate Fan Guide line,” said Guardians Of Order President, Mark C. MacKinnon, “and we are thrilled to be working with Enoki in this venture. Both Slayers and Utena will be explored in three Guides each, featuring episode summaries, character profiles, setting and theme analysis, RPG information, and hundreds of full-colour images. We will also release the entire Slayers series as a colour hardcover d20 System role-playing game book that will make an ideal addition to any fantasy RPG campaign. With these two great shows adding to our publication schedule, 2003 will be an even better year for our company and our fans.”

“We are pleased to work with Guardians Of Order to create these products,” added Enoki Films USA President, Yoshi Enoki. “Both Slayers and Utena enjoy great support from their fans, and here’s to the fans!!”

9-4-02—- GITS Stand Alone Complex Update

The newest column for the show is up at Production I.G..

Thanks to Daniel for the link

9-4-02—- ZOE TV American Release

From ADV Films, special thanks to Daniel for informing us:
Zone of the Enders – Dolores, i: Countdown to Destiny hits stores November 19, 2002. This is the first volume in the TV series follow-up to the upcoming Zone of the Enders: Idolo OVA. Suggested Retail Price is $29.98. DVD extras include: ADR Session with Japanese Voice Actors Mitsuru Miyamoto & Narumi Hidaka, Clean Opening and Closing Animations, Production Sketches, Conceptual Artwork and ADV Previews. Also, each of the six volumes in Zone of the Enders: Dolores, i comes with four exclusive Zone of the Enders trading cards.

9-4-02—- Hamtaro American Release Videogame From Nintendo

Coming this fall, Hamtaro: Ham-Hams Unite! is a heartwarming hamster adventure in which players must reunite the Ham-Ham pals. You’ll have to know the Ham-Ham language in order to progress in the game! But don’t worry, the game will include a Ham-Ham dictionary containing over 80 words and sounds to help you as you help Hamtaro to find all his Ham-Ham pals!

Stay tuned for more information as the fall release date approaches!

Source: Nintendo via Daniel

9-4-02—- Sept. AnimeFringe

From the Anime Fringe release:

Animefringe Vol.3 #9 – September 2002 –

Hey what’s new? Team Animefringe has cooked up some great features this month on a number of cool anime series that we’re sure you’ll want to check out. The big story this month is on an sweet young lady named Kristine Sa who’s a Asian-American pop star. Be sure to check out the interview we have with her as well as all the other great content you’ve come to love! Oh, and expect something interesting next month.

Cover Story: – Kristine Sa – Interview With a Rising Asian-American Pop Star – Every day, Asian influence seems to be creeping more and more into popular culture. In many places, Asian foods are becoming increasingly more available, Asian design is influencing modern decorating and architecture, and Asian musical styles are slowly influencing popular western music. One such artist who is set to help lead the wave of the future is up-and-coming pop musician Kristine Sa. Animefringe recently managed to steal a little bit of this busy lady’s time and sat down to conduct an interview with her about her career and where she wants to go from here.

Features: – Strawberry Eggs – Hibiki Amawa was just your average kid out of college looking for work. When his new landlord get’s on his case about the rent, it’s up to him to land that all important teaching position. But, after a spiteful principle cuts off his manhood and hands it too him in a plastic bag (no not literally), it’s up to him to prove the old hag wrong. Now, Hibiki is going to prove the lady wrong. There’s only one catch, he has to do it while dressed as a woman!

– Steel Angel Kurumi – Kurumi loves Nakahito. Nakahito doesn’t know what he wants. Lifes hard when your a pre-pubescent kid, but Nakahito has it real tough. He’s a mystic in training that accidentally awoke a sleeping mechanical angel that’s one part crazy, love-sick girl and the other kick-ass killing machine. Add in a lesbian sister, a small-breasted freak, and lots of spies and you’ve got the making of one hilarious action comedy.

– Rahxephon – Our staff braved the world of Dissociative Identity Disorder to bring you this skewed look at the new series RahXephon. Filled to the brim with giant mechanical beasts, complex plotlines, and so many similarities to Evangelion that it hurts, RahXephon is too complicated to examine with conventional means. What did the last two sentences mean? Why do we insist on running circles around your cognitive circuitry? Read on to find out!

– Azumanga Daioh – The current big hit in Japan, Azumanga Daioh is leaving the Japanese populace in stitches. Best to make sure you know what you are getting into before you watch show. Make sure to stock up on the proper medical supplies when your stomach stops hurting in laughter.

– Seven of Seven – Meet Nana, she’s finishing up middle school and in love with her classmate, Yuichi Kamichika. Meet Nana again, she’s also finishing up middle school…well, meet Nana and her six copies. Welcome to the wacky world of Seven of Seven, where Nana has to study for her high school entrance exams… If the six aspects of her personality will stop distracting her.

– The Ring – Within one week of reading this article, you will go see The Ring (even if you have to find it bootlegged). Japan loves it, Dreamworks is doing it’s own version, shouldn’t you be introduced to the creepiness of Sadako’s fury?

– Shonen Jump – Going strong in Japan for over thirty years, Shonen Jump has spawned countless fan favorite series such as Dragon Ball and One Piece. Now that phenomenon is coming to North America in a brand new 250 page manga anthology. Animefringe has the full skinny on the new magazine and a few bits of info from the dogs mouth – that’s right VIZ itself.

– Yasuhino Imagawa – Marching to a Different Drummer – On August 10th 2002, Yasuhiro Imagawa, the creator of such series as G Gundam (which began its American television run the same week) and Giant Robo gave a lecture on his experiences in the anime industry at Atlanta’s Georgia State University. Animefringe’s Ridwan Khan was in attendance and has this report.

Editorial: – Chasing Otakuism – Anime Strangelove (or how I learned to stop worrying and find shoujo ai) – Remember those kids from Gundam Wing? Heck, who could ever forget them. Duo and Heero. Just the thought of some of the yaoi combinations can make people run away screaming. But, what about the other side of that? What about all the girl couples out there? This month, our resident shoujo ai expert, Danielle D’Ornellas takes a look at that very topic. Be afraid, be very afraid.

The Rest: As always we’ve got a number of great reviews this month including manga reviews of Paradise Kiss Vol.2 and Bastard!! Vol.1. If you are looking for some funny thing to do to pass away some time at school or work, be sure to print out our latest word searches (Excel Saga and Spirited Away) and be sure to check out our latest contest. Pioneer has given us 5 Hellsing Vol.1 DVDs to giveaway. So be sure to enter! The contest ends on September 29!!

9-4-02—- FLCL Special At Akadot Retail

Fans can find the following at Akadot Retail:

After many long and annoying delays, FLCL has arrived to the American shores. But was it worth wait? Is it worth the price? Is FLCL all is cracked up to be? Luckly the A.R. staff is a bit cracked up ourselves and the results are worth it for you. We, your friends at Akadot Retail, have conjured up an amazing deal to relieve the frustration of it all. While other retailers are giving away the norm or ignoring the under aged sobered audience, Akadot Retail synched up to the point of absolute insanity and made this insane package!

The FLCL “Kanchi Robot Combine!” Combo!

1 FLCL DVD – contains Episodes 1-2 1 Kanchi Action Figure Why is this a big deal:

You are saving $36.00 off of Retail! Honto ne! $36.00! That’s a whopping 60% off sticker price. But hurry there is only a limited number of these exclusive A.R. packages available. So don’t sit on your otaku duff, like a vegetable. Take advantage of this deal today.

( The FLCL merchandise from the “Kanchi Robot Combine!” Combo is also available for individual purchase )

9-3-02—- New Manga DVD Releases

According to via Daniel, it looks like Guyver’s no longer on Manga’s list for this year, and the following titles have been added for November 26:

Virus Volume 1 (DVD) SRP=$24.95
Street Fighter II (4 DVD Box Set) SRP=$134.95
Astroboy Vol. 7 (Dub) SRP=$14.95
Astroboy Vol. 8 (DVD) SRP=$14.95
Astroboy Vol. 9 (DVD) SRP=$14.95

9-3-02—- J-Pop Tour Events USA

Dreams Come True monkey girl odyssey west coast-mix! (Update 9/1)

Tickets are now on sale!

October 11th: House of Blues (Las Vegas, NV) Price: $20 Starting Time: 8:00pm Box Office: 702-632-7600 Buy Tickets Online: House of Blues: Ticketmaster:

October 12th: House of Blues Sunset Strip (West Hollywood, CA) Price: $20-25 Starting Time: 7:30pm Box Office: 323-848-5100 Buy Tickets Online: House of Blues: Ticketmaster:

October 16th: Fillmore (San Francisco, CA) Price: $25 Starting Time: 8:00pm Box Office: 415-346-3000 Buy Tickets Online: Ticketmaster:

October 18th: Moore Theatre (Seattle, WA) Price: $20 Starting Time: 8:00pm Buy Tickets Online: House of Blues: Ticketmaster:

October 19th: Centre for the Performing Arts (Vancouver, BC) Box Office: 604-602-0616 —

I’m sure the Vancouver show will have online tickets available via Ticketmaster Canada very soon!

Source: Dreams Come True Joy

9-3-02—- Yukikaze Eludes The Grasp Of Consumers In Japan – U.S. Acquisition Prospects

Continuing to be quite a tricky grab in Japan’s retail sectors, Yukio-san (Dead Shot Club) has informed us of the following fromnear his home city of Yokohama:

There was a very shocking thing. DVD of “the battle fairy YUKIKAZE” became sold-out. It takes four to six weeks to get this DVD. Although a huge DVD store is near my place of work and the poster of “YUKIKAZE” was stretched in large quantities here, there was no DVD of “YUKIKAZE” also here.

Given the production associates behind Yukikaze, the scale and budget of the project and assembly of top-notch staff and cast, ANS has recently probed the prospects of a possible American acquisition with potential licensing candidates. The results were no comment across the board. ANS does anticipate an eventual acquisition announcement from some sector within the next 6 months – 1 year.

9-3-02—- Limelight Anime Radio Hits Airwaves

Limelight Media (formerly known as Limelight Publishing Inc) will be holding a press conference to announce the successful launch of Anime in the Limelight, our popular Internet Japanese Animation (or Anime) music show, as a weekly half hour program on Original Hits KUMU AM 1500 at the offices of Maverick Media, 765 Amana St Suite 206 on Friday September 6th at 3:00 PM.

Japanese Animation has seen explosive growth in the USA, from its roots in the 1960s Trans-Lux shows (Astroboy, Speed Racer) to the 70-80’s GenX favorites (Raideen, Star Blazers and Robotech) to today’s mainstreaming of Anime (Pokemon, Gundam Wing, Cowboy Bebop)which includes hundreds of hours a month of programming on services like Cartoon Network, UPN, NBC, Fox etc. Yet one thing is missing amongst all the bedsheets and snack foods and tshirts…the MUSIC. Japanese Animation’s rich background of music can generate shows in ANY format– rock, jazz, country even religious music. So where is that music? On Hawaii’s own Anime in the Limelight.

Debuting in October 1997, Anime in the Limelight (or AitL) has become one of the most widely recognized Japanese Animation music shows on the Web. We are even used as an example of Anime music by the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the newsgroup, and one of only two programs mentioned by name. We’ve worked very hard to obtain that degree of listener recognition. Each show contains original Japanese Animation music tracks in Japanese language by the original artists, with English-language introductions, background history, anecdotes and news items by the “Legendary Anime DJ MAX”(now in his third contract extension). Most of our listeners are computer-literate high school, college or graduate students, and middle-aged professionals.

AitL, an ASCAP-licensed webcaster transmitting by Real Audio streaming technology, averages a worldwide audience of approximately 2-3000 a month with essentially word-of-mouth advertising. Encores of our weekly show will be uploaded to the Anime in the Limelight homepage at and we plan to make them available nationally for radio airplay though Maverick Media as early as January ’03. KUMU AM 1500 openly supports variety in radio, and Anime in the Limelight would not be on the air without the dedication and assistance of Chuck White, KUMU AM’s Sales Manager, who has supported AitL’s air debut since initial talks were held in early summer.

Plans for an actual radio debut were pushed up by the Internet Radio crisis (see for more info) and our desire to give listeners what they had wanted all along, variety in radio. Over 80 MILLION radio buffs rediscovered radio through streaming audio stations like ours per Arbitron. Many niche genres (like jazz stations or ethnic music) find ready listeners who feel they are unserviced by their local radio markets. This contrasts with conventional radio’s “cookie cutter” playlists generated by the central planning bureaus. Although very cost-effective in terms of advance planning and marketing, radio now sounds pretty much the same coast to coast.

9-3-02—- New Miike Film

Courtesy Daniel, AICN talks about a project from Takashi Miike called TRUE STORY OF ANDO’S GANG – LEGEND OF OUTLAW FIRE (Jitsuroku Ando Gumi – Kyoudou-den Rekka), a revisionist story of gangster/actor Noburo Ando’s life, starring Riki Takeuchi, Renji Ishibashi of Audition fame, and Sonny Chiba.

9-3-02—- Millenium Actress Contest In Japan

Thanks as always to Yukio (The Dead Shot Club) for this news:

Animation “1000-year actress” contest holding! (Evening-paper FUJI) In commemoration of public presentation (14 days) of an animation movie “a 1000-year actress”, a “1000-year fashion contest” (championship prize of 1000 dollars) is held on September 9. An actress’s Tsukino Ohta (21) appears in PR in the style of the Taisho romantic style at the supporter of this event. The contents of a movie draw the trip beyond the time and space to the whole life and the future of oneself which a large actress follows, and the dress of each time appears. which Ohta told “– you are also various — please carry out appearance and appear in a contest — “

Source: Goo News

8-31-02—- Lines Drawn As VHS VS Beta Style War Brews For Next Gen DVD’s

A high-capacity replacement for current DVD technology has been announced by NEC and Toshiba. But the replacement will be incompatible with a rival technology proposed by nine other companies in February. NEC and Toshiba said in a joint statement that the new technology “will allow manufacturers to continue to use existing DVD plants and equipment and so minimize the investment required for the transition to next-generation DVD players and drives.” Blu-ray was developed by Sony, Sharp, Hitachi, LG, Matsushita (Panasonic) Thomson, Philips, Pioneer, and Samsung. Both technologies are set to debut in 2004. Both technologies use a blue laser for recording and playback, which has a shorter wavelength than the red lasers currently used in DVDs. It should be possible to make blue laser players that can also play existing DVDs. But neither of the two proposed standards will require manufacturers to do so, says Chris Buma, of the consumer electronics department at Philips.

Existing problems
Blue laser light has a wavelength of 405 nanometres, whereas a red laser has a 650-nanometre wavelength. The shorter wavelength means more data can be squeezed onto a conventional 12 centimetre-sized disk. The Toshiba-NEC technology would increase data storage capacity from the current 4.7 to 8.5 gigabytes to between 15 and 30 gigabytes, although a 40-gigabyte disk is also planned. Thirty gigabtyes translates to more than 12 hours of television quality video. But Blu-Ray discs are expected to hold between 40 and 50 gigabytes of data. The competing standards will compound existing problems with the latest recordable DVD technology. There are three different standards: DVD+RW DVD-RW and DVD-RAM. Few players currently offer compatibility across the board. Dave Holes of the UK’s Consumer Association says that further incompatibility will only make matters worse for buyers. “Everyone’s been pinning there hopes on there being a single standard,” he told New Scientist. Both new technologies will be submitted to the DVD Forum, the regulator charged with approving optical disc storage standards. The forum represents more than 230 companies.

Source: The New Scientist

8-30-02—- Ranma 1/2 Hard Batle DVD Fix Extended

From the front-page of

Ranma – The Solution!!! Did you order one of the earlier Ranma 1/2 Season 3 (Hard Battle) DVD Box Sets and get one that had problems? Viz has taken notice and has issued an official notification for replacements on their website! You can read their statement below:

Attention Ranma Fans: Viz Communications has found a problem with the recently released ‘Ranma 1/2 Hard Battle DVD Box Set’. The error occurs on Disc 5 of some of the Box Sets. The Japanese audio track on Episodes 22 and 23 are missing and only the English soundtrack is available. This was an error that occurred during the manufacturing of that disc.

To receive your free replacement DVD with the corrected Japanese language track, please send your defective ‘Ranma 1/2 Hard Battle’ disc 5 to:

Ranma Hard Battle Disc Viz Communications P.O. Box 77010 San Francisco, CA 94107

Be sure to include the following information:

Full Name Return Mailing Address Email Address

We will send you a replacement disc and a small gift for your trouble, and notify you via email once the replacement disc has shipped. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

8-30-02—- New Tokyo Images

9 new images continuing our look at Comike 59 have been uploaded for viewing | here. Herein, following our arranged early admission, the unimaginable mass of half a million manga fans who board trains, autos and fly into the Daiba Waterfront area of Japan from all across the nation beat a path directly into the Big Site Convention Complex.

8-30-02—- Some Japanese Trends Korean

Akadot has added an article examining some Japanese trends tha had their origins across the expanse which is the Sea of Japan in South Korea.

8-30-02—- Super Techno Arts Jojo’s Release Info

Super Techno Arts has announced that “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” English language production has officially started on August 7, 2002.

More than 100 years have past since the battle between Jonathan Joestar and the vampire, Dio Brando. Dio’s escape from the ocean depths awakens the psychic power known as “Stand” within Joseph Joestar and Jotaro Kujo (JoJo). They join forces with other Stand Users to face the ultimate evil to save JoJo’s mother Holley from the deadly curse.

Produced by: Super Techno Arts Inc. Executive Producer: Kazufumi Nomura

Audio Post Facility: MarcoCo. Studios Audio Post Supervisor: Terri d’Ambrosio

Assistant Dialogue Recordist: David Cuetter Dialogue Editor: Al Nelson Re-Recording Mixers: Marco d’Ambrosio, Tom Myers

English Language Script: Mark Giambruno/Yuki Yoshioka/Julie Huffman/Cindy Yamauchi

English Production Producer: Cindy Yamauchi

Casting by: Voice One Casting/Voice Recording Director: Elaine Clarke

Jotaro Kujo – Abie Hadjitarkhani
Joseph Joestar – Michael Bennett
Muhammad Avdol – J.S. Gilbert
Noriaki Kakyoin – Doug Boyd
Jean-Pierre Polnareff – Mark Atherlay
Dio Brando – Andrew Chaikin
Holley Kujo – Carrie Francis
N-Yah Gail – Kathy Garver
J. Gail – Dave Arendash
Hol Horse – Roger Jackson

Profiles Elaine Clarke (Casting/Voice Recording Director) Elaine is the owner/founder of Voice One, an audio production company, casting service, and voice-over school in San Francisco. She is the author of the best selling voice-over book, There’s Money Where Your Mouth Is [Back Stage Books].

Abie Hadjitarkhani (Jotaro) Abie is a voice actor, writer, and filmmaker. He recently completed post-production on “Brain Pirates”, an unflinching inquiry into the fringes of urban subculture and the cutting edge of body modification: lobotomy as a path to enlightenment.

Michael Bennett (Joseph) Michael has worked on radio and TV commercials for such clients as Fox Sports New York, Nissan, Sony, Hewlett/Packard, and Sprint. His work in video games includes Sega’s “Superman” and Spectrum Holobyte’s “Top Gun”.

J.S. Gilbert (Avdol) J.S. has performed voiceover for number of commercials, games, and corporate projects. His voice has been featured in many best selling games including Dark Wizard, Total Mayhem, Syphon Filter, and Twisted Metal.

Doug Boyd (Kakyoin) Doug contributed his voice to number of commercials, educational toys, animated episodes, and motion pictures such as “FernGully 2”, “Spy Kids”, and “Fly Away Home”. Among his CD-ROM projects are “Shadow of Destiny”, “Syphon Filter”, and “Carmen SanDiego” series.

Mark Atherlay (Polnareff) Mark has been involved in the San Francisco voiceover industry for 4 years. He has been heard in dozens of local/national radio and TV commercials, as well as Sony Playstation and CD-Rom games such as “Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego?”

Andrew Chaikin (Dio) Andrew has provided voices for such games as Jedi Starfighter, Star Wars Galaxies, and Lord of the Rings, as well as TV, radio, and Web shows. He also made his name as a singer, songwriter, and producer with the a cappella band The House, and is a world-renowned vocal percussionist.

Carrie Francis (Holley) Carrie has performed in numerous theatrical productions in the Bay Area, including San Francisco’s longest running original musical “A Party of One”. Enjoying an exciting new career in voiceover, she recently recorded a pilot for Safeway Select TV.

Kathy Garver (N-Yah) Best remembered for her co-starring role as Cissy in the CBS prime time television hit, “Family Affair”, Kathy has also garnered critical acclaim in movies, stage, voiceover, and audio book narration. She is also known for her voice as Firestar in “Spiderman and His Amazing Friends” series.

Dave Arendash (J.Gail) A life-long fan of animation, Dave makes his animation debut in “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.” He has also done extra work for “The Drew Carey Show” and number of commercials.

Based on the original manga series by Hirohiko Araki, the first volume of “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” DVD will be released in November/December of 2002. 7 episodes of OVA prequel series and 6 episodes of OVA sequel series will be available on total of 6 volumes, with sound and music upgraded to 5.1 surround system for the sequel series. Character design and animation director by Junichi Hayama, music composed and arranged by Marco d’Ambrosio of MarcoCo., and sound design by Tom Myers of Skywalker Sound.


– Street Date: November/December 2002
– Episode count: 3 Episodes x 30 minutes each
– Format: Region 1 DVD Bilingual (Japanese/English)
– DVD Extras: Staff interview, production footage, art gallery, and more
– Inserts: 2 x Tarot Cards designed by Hirohiko Araki
– Price: Individual disc – $29.99 Art box with individual disc – $44.99
– Animation Production: A.P.P.P.
– Executive Producer: Kazufumi Nomura
– Distribution by: Super Techno Arts Inc./Diamond Comic Distributors

More than 100 years have past since the battle between Jonathan Joestar and the vampire, Dio Brando. Dio’s escape from the ocean depths awakens the psychic power known as “Stand” within Joseph Joestar and Jotaro Kujo (JoJo). They join forces with other Stand Users to face the ultimate evil to save JoJo’s mother Holley from the deadly curse.

8-29-02—- Shirow Article In Super Manga Blast

Ghost In The Shell II author Masamune Shirow is part of feature interview for the October 2002 issue of Super Manga Blast according to this Comicon piece.

8-29-02—- Viz NYC Coverage

From the annoucement:

To celebrate Labor Day weekend and the end of a successful convention season, Viz is taking Times Square by storm! With the premiere of Inuyasha on Cartoon Network on Saturday, August 31st, and its screening at the con, fans can get a taste of the anime releasing on DVD this fall from Viz. Plus, with 3 booths — SHONEN JUMP, Animerica, Viz — fans will have access to some great giveaways and prizes. So, if you’re in NYC this weekend, stop by the Viz booths and make sure you have time for the following screenings and panels. Hope to see you in New York!!

Saturday, August 31, 2002
SCREENINGS 3:15 – 5:00 PM Trouble Chocolate Episodes 1-4 Video 1, Broadway Ballroom N, 6th Floor

4:00 – 5:30 PM Great Dangaioh Episodes, 1-4 Video 2, Broadway Ballroom S, 6th Floor

5:00 – 6:30 PM Project Arms Episodes 1-4 Video 3, Majestic Complex, 6th Floor

Sunday, September 1, 2002
SCREENINGS 9:15 – 10:30 AM Inuyasha Episodes 1-3 Video 4, Shubert Complex, 6th Floor

PANELS 4:00 – 5:00 PM Viz Panel LP2, Soho Complex, 7th Floor

Monday, September 2, 2002
SCREENINGS 9:15 – 11:30 ZOIDS Episodes 1-4 Video 4, Shubert Complex, 6th Floor

2:30 – 3:00 PM Hamtaro Video 4, Shubert Complex, 6th Floor

PANELS 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM Shonen Jump Panel LP2, Soho Complex, 7th Floor

8-29-02—- Gutsoon Signs Deal With Diamond Distributors

From the release:



For Immediate Release:

(Los Angeles, CA) (August 29th, 2002)-Gutsoon! Entertainment, the U.S. sister company to Japan-based Coamix, has signed a distribution agreement with one of the world’s largest comic book distributors, Diamond Comic Distributors for the distribution of their flagship publishing property Raijin Comics, it was announced today by Nobuhiko Horie, Chairman, Gutsoon Entertainment and Coamix.

The agreement marks the next step for Gutsoon! Entertainment, following the announcement of the launch of their first U.S. weekly-manga anthology last month, at Anime Expo, Long Beach. The first issue is now scheduled to be in stores Dec. 4th, 2002.

Highlighting the distribution deal, is Gutsoon! Entertainment’s new lower shelf price, offering manga fans Raijin Comics at a single-issue rate of $4.95. Down $2.00 from the original single-issue rate plans. Fujin, the special supplement included with the weekly issues, which will feature news and updates on anime, videogames and trends will be offered at .99¢.

“Our agreement with Diamond marks our commitment to offering Raijin Comics to manga fan lovers everywhere, said Nobuhiko Horie. “With over 1000 suppliers and over 4500 comic book shops and specialty retailers as their distribution outlets, Diamond Distribution is the ideal outlet for us to provide readers easy access to the first weekly manga comic book everywhere.”

Raijin Comics will feature leading manga artists Hara Tetsuo’s “Fist of the Blue Sky” (the prequel to the widely popular hit series, “Fist of the North Star), Tsukasa Hojo’s “City Hunter”, Inoue Takehito’s “Slam Dunk” and Niwana Makoto’s “Guardian Angel GETTEN. The key demographic for the company’s product remains 15 to 34 year old males, however, the increase in story lines with strong female characters has generated equal interest among female readers.

Diamond Comic Book distributors, is the world’s largest distributor of English-language comic books, graphic novels and is an exclusive distributor to the comic book specialty market with five distribution centers and distribution points throughout the world to include North America, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and Puerto Rico.

For interested subscribers, Gutsoon! offers Raijin Comics special subscription opportunities for those manga fans who may be interested in receiving their weekly comic book. For three-months at a rate of $4.95/issue (12 issues of Raijin Comics and 12 issues of Fujin). A six-month subscription will also be $4.45/issue (24 issues of Raijin Comics and 24 issues of Fujin); a twelve month subscription is being offered at a special rate of $3.95/issue (48 issues of Raijin Comics and 48 issues of Fujin). To thank the newest subscribers, a special premium (gift) will be given to both six month and twelve-month sign-up subscribers.

Created by Horie, President and CEO of Coamix, Hara , Hojo , accomplished editors Negishi and Yamamoto, Gutsoon! Entertainment, Inc. is a privately-held corporation operated by its shareholders and U.S.-based management team. The company’s partners include publishing powerhouse Shinchosha, Hakuhodo and Sega Corp., who will work with the company to develop game and anime based content

8-29-02—- Doomed Magalopolis Press

From the release:


HOUSTON, August 29, 2002-ADV Films today announced the impending release of DOOMED MEGALOPOLIS on DVD. Presented in a two-disc set, this marks the first DVD release of supervising director RinTaro’s (Metropolis, Captain Harlock) seminal horror masterpiece. Produced by one of Japan’s premiere animation houses, Madhouse Studios (Ninja Scroll), this English-language adaptation-by Carl Macek (Robotech, Lady Death)-remains true to form, delivering a chilling tale of genuine horror constructed in a classic 4-part mini-series format.

A classic struggle between good and evil, Doomed Megalopolis takes place in the context of a devastating earthquake that destroyed much of Tokyo in 1923. The tale posits an alternate cause for that destruction, putting a supernatural spin on the actual event.

“Doomed Megalopolis is really a triumph of the anime form,” said Macek. “It’s a completely unique-and very adult-supernatural horror tale, set dramatically against a backdrop of pre-war Japanese history and culture. It’s unlike any other title I’ve had the opportunity to produce, and I’m very excited that we’ve been able to bring it out on DVD.”

ADV Films President, CEO and Founder John Ledford was equally excited. “Doomed Megalopolis has long been a fan favorite, and the question of when it would be released of DVD has been a perennial hot topic,” said Ledford. “We can finally answer, ‘it’s coming!'”

The Story: Set in Tokyo during the first decades of the 20th century, Doomed Megalopolis tells the story of the powerful mystic Kato’s obsession with the conquest of Tokyo-“the greatest city on earth.” But Kato’s actions awaken the long-dead spirit Masakato, the legendary guardian of Tokyo. Unable to stand along against Masakato’s power, the calculating Kato uses an innocent woman as an unsuspecting pawn in the hope of producing an offspring capable of challenging Tokyo’s mystical protector. But Kato never counted on the effect that a team of unlikely heroes would have on his sinister plans. Nor could he anticipate the destruction his spells would cause for the millions of innocent citizens of Tokyo…

ADV’s release of Doomed Megalopolis combines all four parts of the title: “The Haunting of Tokyo,” “The Fall of Tokyo,” “The Gods of Tokyo” and “The Battle for Tokyo.” The DVD will clock in at over three hours; final packaging artwork is in progress as of the date of this release. NOTE: Doomed Megalopolis contains adult content and is rated 17+; pricing details and release dates are TBA.

8-29-02—- New Tokyo Images

ANS has uploaded 18 new photos from our trip to Tokyo this morning. Featured in this round are more views from Comike 59 where we saw more people (close to a half million) physically gathered at one event than ever before, and an anme/manga event at that. Here fans can see several exclusive shots from a sneak peek we got in the exhibitors hall. Check them out here

8-29-02—- Was Miyazaki Right? 2002 Toei Animation Festival Cited As “Failure”

The following scoop comes hot off the Japanese press courtesy our dear friend in Yokohama – Yukio Suzuki (The Dead Shot Club):

The TOEI shock, the “animation festival of summer” performance failure

Evening-paper FUJI 13:00 on August 29

The “animation festival of summer” of TOEI was completely beaten with the box office revenue of 400 million yen (till August 16). “festival” of an every year, spring, and summer talks about the industry persons concerned only to the box office revenue around 2 billion yen, respectively, “This number is unusual.” The shock is running to TOEI which Yusuke Okada’s CEO new system just started in June. Manufacture of “festival” is the TOEI animation (an old name is TOEI DOUGA) in which Director Hayao Miyazaki of “Studio GIBURI” was also in office once. This company has produced the masterpiece of long animation, such as “Sindbad’s adventure” and “a cat which wore boots”, at the long-established store for foundation 45 years.

Although the hit had been flown in old “festival”, it was simultaneous public presentation of three works of the “fierce fight crash gear turbo” of a first appearance in “DEJIMON frontier” and”Kinniku man 2″ and this time this summer. Although the movie performance persons concerned secured 2 billion yen by “ONE PEACE” popularity at ” “spring festival”, it is a child partner and fashion changes violently. The popular animation work which fell was taken out and it failed this summer. It is said that it is “. Toho, a rival, secured the box office revenue favorably with spring “Doraemon” (2,300 million yen), “detective Conan” (3,300 million yen), and the “Pocket Monsters” (3 billion yen) of summer.

Programming was decided before more than half a year, and a “mistake” is not the responsibility for the present organization. But, also as for Toho, new CEO (Mr.Hideyuki Takai) took office at the period. Now, the opinion which doubts of the constitution as a company of TOEI has also come from the movie industry.

“The lot of money of a unit moves by Character Goods etc. to cinematization of animation billions of yen, and a nerve is used also for the relation between an original publishing company, a television station, etc. Hit animation could not be easily made from movie company initiative like the former.” (movie producer)

However, a box office revenue may also improve with the work after “festival of summer.” The “theater version mask rider Ryuki” of the present Now Showing is a hit the box office revenue of 2 billion yen is expected to be. “Kyouki no Sakura” of Yousuke Kubozuka starring in autumn. “If it sings love?” of the musical of Yuuka first starring is prepared, and popular works, such as Morning Musume’s “Dan, The tale of a little dog” etc., are prepared in the New Year. TOEI aims at the uptrend of a box office revenue now.

Source: Zak Zak

8-29-02—- Columbus College Of Art & Design Fall 2002 Anime Events

Reader, Jacob who attends Columbus College of Art and Design, in Columbus, Ohio has written in mentioning their institution is having two anime-related events this fall.

Columbus College of Art & Design presents a constant, kaleidoscopic array of visual arts exhibits, symposia, workshops, lectures by visiting artists and educators, and other activities. These programs serve as an important part of our students’ educational experience as well as an opportunity for the community to come downtown for a free and exciting journey into the arts.

Exhibitions and programs are held in the Canzani Center, located at Cleveland Avenue and E. Gay Street (just south of the 100-foot-tall ART sculpture). Programs are free (unless otherwise noted) and open to the public. Seating for symposia and lectures in the auditorium is first come, first served – neither tickets nor reservations are required.

Canzani Center and Acock Gallery hours are daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Thursdays until 9 p.m.). Visiting Artist programs are held on Mondays from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. (unless otherwise noted) in the Canzani Center Auditorium.

ANIME: From Pokemon to Apocalypse
August 30 – October 12 Opening receptions August 29 5:30 – 8 PM
Acock Gallery

With deep roots in historical Japanese aesthetic traditions like Medieval Zen cartoons and 10th-century comic animal scrolls, Japanese animation has grown into an influential art form and film culture. Unlike Western animation traditions, anime is a film culture based in comics with story lines that appeal to adults as well as children, addressing complex stories about life, love, death, the apocalypse, and life in an altered world. Appropriating American culture and often utilizing the English language, anime is a truly global product with global appeal. Included in the exhibition are almost 50 original animation cells, original drawings by Miyazaki, and a video kiosk.

ANIME: Symposium
October 11, 6 p.m.

As a grand finale to our Japanese animation exhibition, this symposium will bring in several established and emerging scholars and artists who work with this subject and/or medium. The keynote speaker, Dr. Susan Napier, is the author of the first major study of this popular art form, Anime: From Akira to Princess Mononoke: Experiencing Contemporary Japanese Animation.

The ANIME Symposium is sponsored by Adam’s Mark Hotel Columbus, Time Warner Cable, AEP, and Kimball Midwest.

For more info:

8-28-02—- Fighting Fairy Yukikaze Selling Quick In Japan

Yukio sends us this report from Yokohama even as a large Typhoon approaches from the south (The Dead Shot Club): Where was sold-out although I went to buy DVD of “the Battle fairy YUKIKAZE.” Although I looked at the preview of this work by “Anime-TV” of Yokohama (TVK) last week, it seems to be a very wonderful work. Although I went to buy it on the 3rd after this work was put on the market, I was already sold out. The making staff rode on F-15 (eagle) fighter of the actual Self-Defense Forces, and the battle scene of this work was made reference. In this film preview, the pilot of the real Self-Defense Forces did the guest performance, and had announced the episode about the flight of an actual fighter.

8-28-02—- Portrait Infringement Tussle Between JPBPA, NPB, Konami

Thanks as always to Yukio for this news (Dead Shot Club):

It was announced that the Japan Professional Baseball Player Association (JPBPA) took [ Tokyo District Court ] KONAMI and the Organized Nippon Professional baseball (NPB) in Japan by portrait rights infringement. While regarding as questionable that the company sells the baseball game software in which a professional baseball team and a player appear by one-company monopoly, it is supposed that it will be in charge of portrait rights infringement of a player to sell software without consent of a player meeting.

This player meeting is asking for the check of there being no authority for a Nippon Professional baseball (NPB) and KONAMI to permit use to a third person by this lawsuit about using selling prohibition of the game software by KONAMI, a player’s name, a portrait, etc. for computer game software.

According to this JPBPA, NPB concluded the contract of the contents of making KONAMI monopolizing use of a player and a professional baseball team name for three years in 99, without notifying to a player side. Moreover, the company refused the sub license (re-consent) about use of a player name etc. on substance to other game makers.

For this reason, JPBPA concludes “If only one company monopolizes use of a professional baseball team and a player name and the consent of one company will not be obtained, other software makers have a possibility that it may become impossible to take out the game software dealing with professional baseball, and various software may not appear on the market, and we are anxious also about leading to a professional baseball popular fall.”

A name, such as being sold in the case of a pro-baseball player (for example, the trading card with which the photograph was carried), and a portrait are the side as property rights in portrait rights since economical value is produced. — The right of a publicity is accepted.

It is claimed that there is no authority for a player meeting to permit the right which uses a player’s portrait for a KONAMI and NPB side as “a pro-baseball player’s portrait rights belong to a player individual.” Although [ a professional baseball team side / with a uniformed player’s contract ] a player’s portrait rights belong to a professional baseball team “JPBPA side It agrees for a player to be photoed by a photograph, a movie, and television when a professional baseball team directs in a contract, It agrees for the right about the photograph taken by doing in this way to belong to a professional baseball team, and for a professional baseball team to use it for the advertisement purpose. — Only by having specified two points Each professional baseball team has appealed against a player’s portrait etc. that it is not being able to use commercially without a player’s individual consent.”

On the other hand, it is supposed KONAMI “will expect strongly that this problem will be solved harmoniously and quickly between NPB and JPBPA as KONAMI, although it is very regrettable that the NPB decided on presenting a case to the court.”

The professional baseball team is, as for a NPB, to manage a player’s portrait rights by “uniformed player’s contract on the other hand. Moreover, a player’s portrait rights have economical value because a game is held, and the professional baseball team is doing immense investment. It is retorting that furthermore, a professional baseball team should manage portrait rights in order to prevent use of a portrait by which a professional baseball team’s honor is damaged with a player.”

Japan Professional Baseball Player Association (JPBPA)


Nippon Professional baseball (NPB)


8-28-02—- Day Of Comics And 5th Asia Manga Summit In Japan

Much thanks to Yukio-san (Dead Shot Club) for this info:

Months [ 08 ] 27, 2002 (Tuesday) Culture Day on November 3 (public holiday) is authorized also as a day of comics. While announcing that a Japanese cartoonist association (Yanase Takashi chairman of the board of directors) enacts Culture Day on November 3 on “the day of comics”, it was announced that “5th Asia MANGA summit” is opened from October 12 to the 14th in Yokohama-shi. About 500 persons say that there is also an event for fans, such as participation and exhibition of an original picture, from nine the country and areas in Asia. It is [ that a Yanase chairman of the board of directors will present a favorite person with a comic book like “Valentine about the contents of a memorial day, and ] –. “It pledged” to release contents at which everybody will be surprised by that day.”

Source: Goo News

8-28-02—- Galaxy Angel Acquired

ANS has picked up on a minor spoiler acquisition announcement for Anime Expo New York. The first season of the produced 2 season Galaxy Angel TV Anime has been acquired for U.S. distribution. The show aired on Japan’s Sky PercTV and TV Tokyo over 2001-2002 as a Sc-Fi / comedy series featuring beautiful girls. Production by Broccoli and Bandai Visual. Animation is by Madhouse, Executive Producer Takaaki Kitani.

The first season ended it’s run over Japanese TV on Septemberd 29th 2001 at 25 eepisodes. A second series began airing in February 2002, comprised of 2 10 minute mini episodes inside of a larger 30 minute weekly broadcast. Comic was serialized in Monthly Dragon Junior by Kadokawa Shoten. About 2 months ago word first came down in Japan that a third season of Galaxy Angel is being planned.

The GA franchise in Japan, rich in female vocal telent spawned several audio related offerings such as CD’s. Mari Iijima fans note, the original voice actress (seiyuu) for Macross’ Lynn Minmei recorded 2 songs (including the main theme) for the Galaxy Angel PS2 game, currently it is not expected that the game will be released in America.

8-28-02—- 1st Episode Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex At AXNY

ANS has learned fans attending Bandai Entertainment’s panel at Anime Expo New York (coming very soon now) will be treated to a special screening of the 1st episode of Production I.G.’s new Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex TV Series.

8-28-02—- BAAF Changes

The following near last minute changes for BAAF attendees have come in:

The Friday night Cowboy Bebop premiere is SOLD OUT
There will also be a special late night screening (courtesy of TriStar Pictures) on Saturday, August 31 @ 11pm. Tickets are available at the Loews State Theater box office.

Also make sure to buy your ticket in advance for the following titles:

– Exclusive NYC Screening (your only chance to catch this on the big screens in NYC!!) of “Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counter Attack” w/ Director Yoshiyuki Tomino

– Exclusive Sneak Preview of Satoshi Kon’s “Millenium Actress” w/ Producer, Taro Maki

– “Vampire Hunter D: Blood Lust” w/ Masao Maruyama

– Other hot movies not to miss: Perfect Blue, Grave of the Fireflies, Black Jack, Roujin Z, Uzumaki, Princess Blade, Metropolis, Escaflowne, Jin-Roh & Princess Mononoke!! Info:

8-27-02—- Pixar Spirited Away Gala Preview Event

Pixar Animation Studios on a rare occasion will open it’s doors to the public, hosting a Gala preview of Studio Ghibli’s Sprited Away on Sunday September 15th, 2002, 12:00-5.00 PM at Pixar Animation Studios, Emeryville California. Cost will be $200-$1000 with all proceeds benefiting the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) ( A sneak peek of the new Disney/Pixar short film, Mike’s New Car will also be shown, enjoy a cocktail reception and silent auction. Guests will have the choice of viewing the movie in Pixar’s state-of-the-art digital theater before or after the reception. Celebrity guests will include:

John Lasseter – Academy Award-winning director at Pixar Animation Studios
Hayao Miyazaki – World-renowned director of Spirited Away from Studio Ghibli
John Ratzenberger – Well-known actor from “Cheers” and character voices in Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story, Toy Story 2, A Bug’s Life, Monsters, Inc., & Walt Disney Studios’ Spirited Away.

$1,000 – Director’s Circle (limited to 50 people)
12pm or 5pm: Viewing of Spirited Away
3pm: Private VIP tour with celebrity guests
4pm: Exclusive cocktail reception with celebrity guests

$200 – Friend of JDRF
12pm or 5pm: Viewing of Spirited Away
3pm: Cocktail reception and silent auction

For more information goto

8-27-02—- Shonen Jump Press Party Report

Akadot’s Gary Poulos has written up an account of Viz’s press party for the launch of Shonen Jump, read it at the link.

8-27-02—- More On Monsters Inc. Manga

From the release:


Premiere Manga Publisher Will Release Disney/Pixar’s Monsters, Inc. In October 2002

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Los Angeles, CA (August 27, 2002) – Demonstrating its efforts to make manga a household word, TOKYOPOP® announced today it will publish a graphic novel based on the globally successful Disney/Pixar property Monsters, Inc. The deal further expands TOKYOPOP’s position as the leading publisher of manga in the U.S.

After debuting in theaters in 2001, Monsters, Inc. — a joint production of Disney Studios and Pixar Entertainment — received four Academy Award® nominations and was an enormous box office hit with audiences. Monsters, Inc. follows the story of an elite group of monsters responsible for scaring children at night. Havoc erupts when Sulley, the top scarer, accidentally lets a human girl cross into the monster world, where she stirs up a scare of her own.

The 104-page paperback manga version of Monsters, Inc., which features collectible stickers of the entire monster cast, will hit the shelves of bookstores and comic book retailers in October 2002, just after the film’s American DVD/VHS release.

“TOKYOPOP’s introduction of this huge property and its well-known characters to the manga format exemplifies the strength and reach of this exploding area of publishing,” said John Parker, TOKYOPOP’s President and Chief Operating Officer. “Monsters, Inc. will not only appeal to experienced manga fans and collectors, but is certain to attract even the youngest of readers, exposing many of them to the format for the first time. This association with Disney marks a first in what we hope will be a long and successful relationship in this medium.”

“Disney characters first appeared in comics in 1930. We’re thrilled to continue this long tradition by teaming up with manga industry leader TOKYOPOP,” said Margie Chan, Disney Publishing Worldwide’s Director of English Language Licensing Worldwide. “With TOKYOPOP’s quality products and solid manga track record, we’re confident in their ability to successfully introduce Monsters, Inc. into this exciting genre of comic publishing.”

8-27-02—- Zatoichi Item

Criterion/Home Vision have added The Specialist, Zatoichi #3: Blind Swordsman – New Tale of Zatoichi and Zatoichi #4: Blind Swordsman – The Fugitive to their 10/22 slate.

Source: The Digital Bits via Daniel

8-27-02—- Ogawara’s Zoomer Design Adapted For Reality

Gundam mecha designerkunio Ogawara’s Honda Zoomer concept design will be created according to ZDNet Japan who reports a custom made working model of the design will be exhibited at the C3 (Cultural Convention of Characters) event on 24 and 25 August 2002. A Ogawara designed leather “rider suit” was also manufactured to accompany the red Zoomer. The suit was made by Kadoya, which makes rider suits and other leather goods. Unfortunately, the helmet could not be produced due to safety concerns.

Source: Ma-ten and Natsume Maya

8-27-02—- Lunar Legends To Surface In America

Ubi Soft Brings Lunar Legends Over After All

Sometimes, in bigger companies, things just get mixed up. That’s what happened when RPGamer debunked the rumor that Ubi Soft was bringing Lunar Legend to North America. Lucky for RPGamer that the guys at Hidden Galaxy dropped a note that not only was the game listed on Access Ingram’s website, but the game had a UPC.

After checking out the UPC, finding that it was indeed owned by Ubi Soft, a phone call was made. Now Ubi Soft can firmly say that Lunar Legend IS coming to North America, and they will be publishing it. This area of the office just didn’t know about it until recently. It happens.

Ubi Soft will be making the official announcement late this week. If the Access Ingram website is accurate, Lunar Legend should be in stores as soon as November 13th of this year at a retail price of $39.99

Source: (

8-27-02—- Wolverine: Netsuke – The Art Of War

Further delving into Japanese elements, Marvel Comics has announced WOLVERINE: NETSUKE — THE ART OF WAR:

Pratt Painted Project Captures The Power & The Pain!

August 27th, 2002

War is a horrific concept. But artists throughout the centuries have also — through sheer talent — captured beauty amidst terror. Such is the case with WOLVERINE: NETSUKE, the all-new, four-part, fully-painted mini-series written and illustrated by George Pratt. The first issue — which returns Logan to samurai surroundings — goes on sale September 4th… but you can feast your eyes on the cover and three interior pages right now!

8-27-02—- New At Midnight Eye

Midnight Eye has updated with a look at the Movie of the Week: PING PONG
Fumihiko Masuri’s frenetic sporting spectacular is in a league of its own.
Midnight Eye

Japanese cinema’s Golden Age is given the animated treatment in Satoshi Kon’s intriguing stroll down memory lane through the eyes of an aging actress.

8-27-02—- English Subbed Taisho Trilogy Screening In L.A.

From the release:

Japanese American Cultural and Community Center and the Asian Film Foundation (AFF) Present EROTIC-GROTESQUE-NONSENSE: SUZUKI~STYLE

A Charity Benefit for Streetlights and AFF LOS ANGELES, CA—Maverick director Seijun Suzuki is once again stirring filmgoers out of their slum-ber with his latest film, Pistol Opera. Now see his most ambitious achievement, the fabled “Taisho Trilogy,” at the George & Sakaye Aaratani/Japan America Theatre. For the first time in sequence on the big screen, Seijun Suzuki’s Taisho Trilogy — Zigeunerweizen, Mirage Theatre and Yumeji. A triple-threat descent into mystery, betrayal and madness. For mature audiences only. One weekend, one screening per film — one chance to find out why you shouldn’t have missed “Pistol Opera.” Thematically-related and made over a twelve-year period, the Taisho Trilogy takes place in an era of, to use Suzuki’s words, “eroticism, grotesqueness, and nonsense.” A world away from his hard-boiled crime movies, these films look at a vital period in Japan’s history through a cracked kaleidoscope. Suzuki’s heady images ripple with enigmatic beauty; his stories, ranging from the mystery of Zigeunerweizen and the comedy of Yumeji to the ghostly love story of Mirage Theater, are urgent and fascinating. The films showcase Suzuki’s dreamlike sense of narrative as well as his landmark flair for cinematic color. It’s a trip down the rabbit hole seen through the looking glass: in Suzuki’s world, the absurd and nonsensical take on a mysterious and horrifying, yet wonderful and captivating meaning. Never released in the United States and lost to the world for the better part of a decade, these three films are among Suzuki’s very best. Seijun Suzuki’s Taisho Trilogy is a must-see event for fans of Suzuki and fans of the cinema. Complete film info at

**Sep. 7, 5pm: Mystery Screening
**Sep. 7, 7pm: Suzuki-Style Kimono Fashion Show
**Sep. 7, 8pm: Zigeunerweizen
**Sep. 8, 2pm: Mirage Theatre
**Sep. 8, 3:30pm: Film Panel
**Sep. 8, 5pm: Yumeji

Featuring a fashion show sponsored by Kimono-ya á la Suzuki-style, film forum and more. If you miss this, you will never forgive yourself. General admission $8; JACCC Members $6. Tickets on-sale now at the George & Sakaye Aratani/Japan America Theatre, 244 S. San Pedro Street, downtown Los Angeles, Little Tokyo. Box office open Mon-Sat from 12 noon to 5 p.m. or call 213-680-3700. Proceeds will benefit Streetlights ( and the Asian Film Foundation.

8-26-02—- Final Fantasy Sites Launched

SquareSoft has launched the websites for FF1 and FF2 REMAKES over the weekend. The game is scheduled to be released in Japan on October 31st. Here is the link to the website: