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September 11-17 Anime News

9-17-99—- Mixx To Publish Gundam Wing Manga

Today, Mixx Entertainment announced that they have acquired the exclusive North American publishing rights to New Mobile Report Gundam Wing, the most popular Gundam title of the ’90’s. The manga will begin running monthly in it’s own comic book beginning in February 2000, and will be compiled into a series of Pocket Mixx graphic novels beginning in May 2000.

The Gundam Wing story takes place in the year AC 195 in the midst of a space colony revolution. After two decades of oppression, a network of space-based rebels strike back at their opposing force, OZ. Using super-strong armor called gundanium, scientists construct advance mobile suits called Gundams. Five highly-trained combat pilots are dispatched to Earth to wage a guerilla war against OZ and its Alliance.

Bandai U.S. has already announced that it will release the the Gundam Wing TV series and Endless Waltz (OAVs / Movie) domestically soon. Rumors are also circulating on a possible U.S. TV release of the series.

9-17-99—- Tezuka Exhibit At Pacific Science Center

The Pacific Science Center, located in Seattle, Washington is planning an exhibit to one of Osamu Tezuka’s greatest works, Astroboy (Mighty Atom). “Astro Boy: The Art of Japanese Comics and Animation”, will be shown in the Ackerley Family Exhibit Gallery from October 16th through 31st. Exhibit displays will feature manga and anime), original cels, demonstrations of illustrations and CG anime presentations by leading artists of Japan’s comic and animation industries. The exhibit is to be sponsored by Hyogo Prefecture, Hyogo Business and Cultural Center and Tezuka Productions. Here’s the planned events schedule for the opening day:

Saturday, Oct. 16
Seattle Rotary Discovery Labs
Special lectures
2:00 p.m. Machiko Kusahara, media researcher and associate professor of the University of Kobe Graduate School
3:00 p.m. Frederik L. Schodt, Japanese comic specialist, author and translator

* For more information, goto the Pacific Science Center website by clicking here. (Thanks to Isaac Alexander for the link.)

9-17-99—- Princess Mononoke To Show At Cleveland Ghibli Film Festival

Princess Mononoke will highlight an upcoming Studio Ghibli film festival at Cleveland Cinematheque Theater of the Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, Ohio. The festival will run from Oct. 28th through Nov. 4th.

Thursday, October 28th
8:15PM- Princess Mononoke (Dub) Friday, October 29th
7:30PM- My Neighbor Totoro (Sub)
9:20PM- Castle in the Sky
Saturday, October 30th
5:30PM- Kiki’s Delivery Service (Dub)
7:30PM- Porco Roso (Sub)
9:30PM- Nausica and the Valley of the Wind (Sub)
Sunday, October 31st
1:30PM- Pom Poko (Sub)
3:45PM- Whisper of the Heart (Sub)
8:45PM- Only Yesterday (Sub)
Thursday November 4th
7:00 PM Grave of the Fireflies (Sub?)

9-17-99—- New Perfect Blue Theater Dates

Directly from Manga Entertainment, here are new Perfect Blue theatrical screening dates and cities.

AUG 20 Cinema Village New York, NY
SEP 17 Piper’s Alley Chicago, IL
OCT 1 Varsity Theater Seattle, WA
OCT 8 Laemmle Monica Santa Monica, CA
OCT 8 Laemmle Colorado Pasadena, CA
OCT 8 Edwards University Irvine, CA
OCT 15 Opera Plaza Theatre San Francisco, CA
OCT 15-19 UC Theatre Berkeley, CA
OCT 15 Towne Theatre San Jose, CA
OCT 29 Rafael Film Center San Rafael, CA
NOV 5 Cedar Lee Theatre Cleveland, OH
NOV 5 Regal Arbor Theatre Austin, TX
NOV 5 Regal Koin Center Portland, OR
NOV 19 Crest Theatre Sacramento, CA
DEC 3 Regal University 6 Anchorage, AK

9-17-99—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Square has announced Parasite Eve 2 for PSX. Japanese release is expected in December. In the game you again assume the role of Aya, the camera angle will shift according to her moves, and you can use radar to detect hidden enemies. Square has also revealed their Tokyo Game Show list. Games to be shown include: Dew Prism, Vagrant Story, Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Chocobo Stallion and an unannounced title (Parasite Eve 2?).

Sunrise Interactive has released some new info on Sunrise Heroes, their new robot battle SRPG scheduled for release on Dreamcast in Japan in December. This game will feature a HUGE selection of mecha and characters from various Sunrise anime series. The game is to include custom battle formations before entering a mission. When engaged in battles, your mothership can perform long range assistance attacks to help your forces in the field.

Production I.G. will be handling animation production in Namco’s new PSX RPG, Tales of Eternia. The story takes place in a peaceful world Eternia, the main hero is a boy, Rid and his childhood girlfriend Farrah. Expect the game out in Japan in the spring of 2000.

It’s currently unknown whether SNK’s upcoming PSX Samurai Spirits sequel will be an RPG or a Fighter. The game is to be totally original, it takes place 20 years after Samurai Spirits 2, Haomaru is now an old swordsman and Nakoruru has become a protective holy spirit. Battle sequences will be in full 3D, and many new characters are to be introduced including Seishifou Kuki, Tohma Kuki, Jin-Emon, Yaci Izangi, Haito, Jushirou, Hanzo II, Saya, Garyou, Rapo and Mikoto.

Tecmo is porting Monster Farm (Monster Rancher) to GameBoy Color, expect the Japanese release this winter.

Those who pre-ordered a Dreamcast at before September 3, but failed to receive their console on time will be sent a mystery gift directly from Sega.

9-16-99—- Bandai News

Bandai U.S. is set to release it’s remaining titles for 1999. Subbed volumes of AWOL, Yoshiyuki Tomino’s Brain Powered (you read that right, Brain PowerEd with an E, the Japanese title was Brain Powerd. Also of note on the U.S. Brain Powered release, the English dub version will contain a newly created opening for mass release, the subtitled version contains the original, uncensored opening sequence.), EAT MAN ’98 vol.1-2, Ehrgeiz, Silent Mobius TV, Cowboy Bebop vol. 2 and Haunted Junction Vol 6 will all be released soon. Also expect English Language Dubs for Saber Marionette J Again, Gundam Movies, Outlaw Star, Cowboy Bebop, and Blue Submarine No. 6 in the near future and DVD releases of Cowboy Bebop and Outlaw Star early next year.

*Source: AnimeVillage Weekly

9-16-99—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Square has announced over 400,000 copies of Final Fantasy VIII for Playstation have been sold in the first week of it’s release in US.

Sega of America has announced the total revenue of the Dreamcast launch for the first four days has reached $132,712,000, over 372,000 units of DC were sold, breaking all the previous console launch records in North America.

Capcom will be producing the 2D arcade and Dreamcast ports of SNK vs Capcom. Over 20 characters are scheduled to be in the game, so far, Ryu, Chun-Li, Guile, Ken, Blanka, Zangief, Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami, Mai Shiranui, Terry, Benimaru and Raiden are confirmed. Characters with weapons may be present and two bosses are to be included, one from each company. The game is still in early stages of development, more details on the game will be announced at the Tokyo Game Show this weekend.

Konami is planning a PSX sequel to the Gameboy card battle game Yugioh II called “Shin Yugioh Duel Monsters: The Sealed Memories”.

9-15-99—- Kyoro-Chan Anime

An Anime series featuring Kyoro-chan, mascot for food retail chain Morinaga is currently airing in Japan on TBS. In the series, Kyoro-chan runs into a Professor named Matzgale and they decide to travel around the world for several years. On the return journey home they are seperated in a storm at sea, now Kyoro-Chan is on his own and gets mixed up into many adventures.

9-15-99—- Gundam / Princess Mononoke To Be Featured On New Japanese Stamps

The Japanese Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications is including 10 stamps featuring images from anime / manga in a new stamp series focusing on the events and cultures symbolizing Japan’s 20th century. The stamps will be issued over 8 months (from this past August to next December). Anime to be included on the stamps will be: Mighty Atom (Astro Boy), The Rose of Verusailles, Space Cruiser Yamato, Mobile Suit Gundam and others. Interestingly, Princess Mononoke will be featured on a stamp under the film genre (not anime) due to it’s enormous sucess in Japan. Others film stamps to be issued will include Godzilla and famous Japanese director Akira Kurosawa.

* Source: Anime Scene

9-15-99—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Kenji Terada (writer of Kimagure Orange Road, scenario writer of early Final Fantasy games) will be making a appearance at the Tokyo Game Show this weekend most likely in support of a project he’s writing for with Japanese software company Aki. The project will be the first to link the Dreamcast and the Game Boy, it ‘s joint venture between Sega, Media Factory, and Aki.

Square has begun development of the 10th Final Fantasy game for Playstation 2. Final Fantasy 9, still under development itself, it will remain a Playstation 1 title but may contain enhanced graphics, etc. when played on PSX 2.

Media Factory is working on a new real-time war simulation for Dreamcast, based on the Madhouse / Peter Chung Anime series, Alexander. Titled “Alexander Wars”, the game has been under development for 3 years, it’s scheduled for a Japanese release in March 2000. The game is to feature full motion video animation scenes but it’s currently unknown whether the DC version will include network support. A PC version of Alexander Wars with network support is scheduled for release next spring.

Capcom is saying Street Fighter III W Impact (Double Impact) for Dreamcast will contain Street Fighter III and Street Fighter III 2nd Impact. The game is expected out in Japan this winter and will be an exact arcade port.

Nintendo of America has confirmed that Zelda Gaiden for N64 will see a U.S. release next year. Donkey Kong 64 will be released stateside Nov. 22. A new system package consisting of a Jungle Green Nintendo 64 console, one controller, Banana Yellow Donkey Kong 64 cartridge, and a 4MB Ram Pak (all for $129.95) to comemorate the release will be out same day.

9-15-99—- Unicron Toy

Takara recently unveiled a prototype Unicron transformer at a Japanese toy show, they are considering releasing the in an extremely limited run of 2000, selling each one for 50,000 Yen (around 500 bucks, yikes!!). While demand for the transformer is high, and all toys produced would most likely be scooped up in a short period of time, the high price has outraged many Japanese fans.

9-14-99—- New Pokemon Trailer

IGN has posted a new trailer from the upcoming Pokemon Movie, to be released in theaters nationwide Nov. 12th. You can download it here.

9-14-99—- Macross Plus DVD Release Delayed

Manga Entertainment has pushed the street release date for Macross Plus DVDs 1 & 2 (originally Sept. 26) back to Oct. 12th.

9-14-99—- Tokimeki Memorial Vocal Collection

To comemorate Tokimeki Memorial’s 5th anniversary, gamemaker Konami’s Music Entertainment division has announced plans for a special memorial album. The albun is to be released January 23rd with a concept bringing together a comprehensive collection of the top, fan fan picked tokimemo character songs, selected from the previous album and single releases. Konami has posted up a tentative listing of tokimemo songs that can be selected for inclusion here. Konami will also be accepting tokimemo illustrations and comments, which will then be randomly selected to be included in the album’s special booklet. Those planning to attend the upcoming Tokyo Game Show, can vote for your favorite songs and submit illustartions and comments at Konami booth.

* Source: info posted to rec.arts.anime.misc by Iwata Shoji | V-Idols

9-14-99—- New Seiyuu Album Releases

Yonekura Chihiro’s 4th album is out Nov. 3rd (KICS-754 | 3,059 yen). Entitled Colours, it will include 10 tracks total, 6 confirmed tracks include:
“Will” (Senkaiden Houshin Engi TV opening)
“Friends” (Senkaiden Houshin Engi TV ending)
“Feel Me” (Revive Dreamcast game theme)
“Truth” (original song, composed & written by Chihiro)
“Birth of Light” (High School Aura Buster OVA theme)
“My Song for You” (Eve Burst Error Extra CD Drama ending)

Sakamoto Maaya’s new single, “Yoakeno Kaze wo Kikinagara” (OP for the new Risky & Safety TV series on WOWOW, in the series she is seiyuu of Katsuragi Moe) is out Nov. 3rd (PCDG-00116 | 1,020 yen). The B side track is another series theme performed by seiyuu Iwatsubo Rie, who plays both Risky and Safety. Both tracks are written & arranged by Tamiya Terashima (producer of themes for Key the Metal Idol).
Sakamoto Maaya’s single “Platinum” (new opening for Card Captor Sakura) has been pushed back from its original 9/22 date to an Oct. 21st release (VIDL-30450 | 1,020 yen)

Konishi Hiroko’s (seiyuu for Sawanoguchi Sae in Mahou Tsukai Tai! OVA & TV) debut album, “Novelette” is to be released Oct. 27th (TYCY-10025 | 2,854 yen). The 14 track album is arranged by Asakawa Ryo (producer of Hiroko’s recent single “Don’t Love”, featured as the opening for “Music Break” on Tokyo-TV).

Maeda Ai’s 2 new singles, “Keep On” [title track will be the new ending to Digimon TV, in which Maeda Ai plays Tachikawa Mimi], produced by TM Network’s Kine Naoto and “Like a Candle” [features PSX RPG game, Spectral Force (in which Maeda Ai is seiyuu for Tina) them] will both be out on Oct. 8th (Keep On: NEDA-10009, [1st press includes Digimon game card] | 1,020 yen) (Like a Candle: NEDA-10010 | 1,020 yen)

(Kingetsu Mami) Fujisaki (Tokimemo) Shiori’s new single is out Nov. 3rd (KMDA-1 | 1,020 yen).

Two-Mix’s new 9 track maxi-single,”Love Formula” is out Oct. 27th (title track is planned to be main theme for a new anime series) [WPC7-10035 | 1,300 yen]. Takayama Miru’s 3rd new single has been postponed until November. Two-Mix’s new album “Rhythm Formula” is also set for November release. Two-Mix’s official website is now up:

Okui Masami’s new maxi-single is set for a Nov. 26th release. Her 1999 live video has been set for a Dec. 23rd release.

Hayashibara Megumi’s 9th album, “Fuwari” will consist of 13 tracks, mostly original songs. Realease is scheduled for Oct. 27th (KICS-755 | 3,059 yen). 1st presses are packaged in box casing including a special 40 page photo booklet.

Iwao Junko’s new single, “Watashini Kaerou” is set for an Oct. 20th release (PCDA-01189 . 1,020 yen). The title track has been commented to assume a slow-ballad melody. The B-Side, “Nayuta no Yume” is a newly remastered version of a song that was originally included in the Devilman Lady anime trading box 1st pressing.

* Source: info posted to rec.arts.anime.misc by Iwata Shoji | V-Idols

9-14-99—- Anime / Manga Gaming

* Banpresto will release Super Robot Wars II For Beginner (a remake of the robot SRPG game from ’91) on PSX this winter, retail will be 2000 yen.

* Namco’s new PSX RPG Tales of Eternia is currently 25% complete.. A new Linear Motion Battle System is used, allowing more than 1 character to perform combo attacks at the same time. The map / navigation screen will be changed from 2D to 3D graphics, with rich details like in 2D. The game is expected to see a release sometime in 2000.

* Square will release the PSX version of Chrono Trigger in Japan on November 2nd, retail will be 4800 yen, it’s sequel, Chrono Cross will be released in Japan on November 18, for 6800 yen.

* An original NeoGeo game, Magician Lord, is being converted for the NeoGeo Pocket. It is still unsure if this game will be based on the original or a port. No release date has yet been announced.

* Playstation-Europe has some more info and images of the upcoming Playstation 2.

* Here are some technical specifications for the PSX 2:

Processor: 128 bit Emotion Engine, 294.912 MHz
Graphic: Graphics Synthesizer, 147.456 MHz, 4MB Embedded cache VRAM
Memory: 32 Mbytes Direct Rumbus RDRAM
Sound: SPU2, 48 channels + Software Sound, 2MB RAM
I/O Processor: PS CPU, 33.8 MHz or 36.8 MHz, 2MB Memory
Disc Device: CD-ROM (24X speed), DVD-ROM 4X Speed, Front tray loading
Media: PS2 CD-ROM, PS2 DVD-ROM, PS CD-ROM, Audio CD, DVD-Video
Size: 301mm (W) x 178mm (H) x 78mm (D)
Accessories: Dual Shock 2 Analog Controller, 8MB Memory Card, PS2 Demo CD, A/V Cable, AC power cord
Ports: 2 Controller ports, 2 Memory card slots, 2 USB Ports, Optical Digital Port, AV Multiout port, IEEE1394 i.Link port, PCMCIA Card Slot (Type 3)

9-13-99—- / Trade Winds International Distribution Agreement the leading U.S. distributor of Anime videos and DVDs, today announced a distribution agreement with Trade Winds International, a leading Japanese manufacturer of Anime trading cards. According to the agreement, will sell Trade Wind’s five product lines of Anime trading cards, which are rapidly gaining popularity abroad. Chief executive officer Sy Picon commented, “We are very pleased with our agreement to distribute Trade Winds’ trading cards. By expanding our product offering, we expect to greatly broaden our customer base and attract a new generation of Anime fans.”

“We are excited to extend our reach in the United States and believe our relationship with will prove to be both long lasting and fruitful,” stated Tatsuya Saji, director of Trade Winds International U.S. operations.

*Source: Business Wire

9-13-99—- Future Boy Conan 2nd

Nippon Animation is currently working on a sequel to the first Future Boy Conan series, the new show is to be called Mirai Shonen Conan 2: Taiga adventure. It will be aired on the Japanese TBS network Saturdays, at 5:30 pm, starting in Oct.

9-13-99—- Five Star Stories English Manga

Several months back, it was announced that Mamoru Nagano’s wonderful, sci-fi, fantasy epic Manga, The Five Star Stories would finally be translated into English and released in the U.S. through a deal between FSS publisher Toyspress and Kinokuniya Publications. The first, second, and third volumes are all out, retail for $8.98, and are available through Kinokuniya. The individual volumes are physically huge, they are formatted reading from right to left (as the original Japanese manga). Japanese sound effects are intact and defined in an illustrated dictionary the at the end of each volume. On the first page you get color character bios and further on in, color backgrounds on the galaxy, worlds, and countries involved in the story. The Five Star Stories is an unparalleled English Manga experience. Find out how to get the FSS Manga directly from Kinokuniya by clicking here

9-13-99—- Anime / Manga Gaming

* Several Japanese news sources are reporting new details regarding the Playstation 2. The system is set to be released on March 4, 2000 in Japan for 39,800 Yen ($370US) (this is down, from the original projected price of 45,000 Yen). It will then be released in the rest of Asia next Summer, and finally in the US and Europe in the fall of 2000.

* Gaming Age was reporting for a short time yesterday, an official “leaked” name for the PSX 2 as : “Playstation Wonderful”. They later pulled this information, and now believe it was false.

9-12-99—- New York Times Princess Mononoke Article

As expected, the New York Times published their article on Mononoke Hime (and a little on Anime in general) in today’s Sunday issue. You can read the article here (you have to register [it’s free] or be registered to access the article.)

9-12-99—- Washington D.C. Anime Film Festival

A Japanese animation film festival featuring Princess Mononoke will be coming up for those in in the Washington D.C. area. “A Century of Japanese Animation” will run from Sept. 17th -Nov. 19th at the Freer Gallery of Art in downtown Washington. Here are the films to be shown: All titles subtitled, unless noted.

Sept. 17: Ghost in the Shell, 7 pm (Dubbed)
Sept. 26: Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, 2 pm
Oct. 1: The History of Japanese Animation Part 1 and Part II, 7 pm
Oct. 2: My Neighbor Totoro 2 pm
Oct. 3: Short Films for Children 2 pm
Oct. 15: Experimental Shorts 7pm
Oct. 16: Princess Mononoke 2 pm
Oct. 30: Black Jack 2 pm (Dubbed) Nov. 6: Only Yesterday 2 pm
Nov. 19: Pompoko 7 pm

Admission for all films are free. For more info: call: (202) 357-2700

9-12-99—- Anime / Manga Gaming

* Rumor is, Donkey Kong 64 will feature a flawless conversion of the original Donkey Kong arcade game. In order to play the Donkey Kong arcade game in DK64, players have to first find an arcade unit in one of the levels. Finishing all four stages in the arcade port will give the player an extra banana.

* The fourth and final “mystery” Team Sonic game project in production has been revealed as Phantasy Star Online. Mentioned vaguely in the latest issue of Dreamcast Magazine, the game will be an online RPG for the Sega Dreamcast. Sega has made no official announcements regarding the title yet but details are expected soon.

* Japanese Electronics giant NEC will liquidate NEC Home Electronics (where systems such as the Turbograffix 16 originated), shifting its company’s focus to semiconductor, computer, and communications equipment, according to a report today in Japan’s leading business daily.

* A guy with a portscanner decided to see what would come up, running a port scan on his Dreamcast, the results are VERY interesting. Read about what he found here.

* Next Generation is keeping tabs on the happenings at the JAMMA convention.

9-12-99—- Anime Channel Petition

At last count, the DVD Animania Anime Channel Petition to Encore Media, has almost 950 signatures. If you have’nt already, sign it and show your support for a possible all Anime channel.

9-12-99—- Neil Gaiman Interview

Canadian based movie ezine, Corona Coming Attractions, recently posted an article, which includes a very interesting interview with Neil Gaiman (writer of the English script for Princess Mononoke). In the article Gaiman talks about his work adapting the dub screenplay of Mononoke Hime. Click here to read it (the interview starts a little bit down the page).

9-11-99—- Cowboy Bebop Movie Confirmed!

The October 1999 issue of the Japanese magazine, Newtype, confirms Sunrise is working on a movie version of the super cool Cowboy Bebop. Not many details are given, but so far it’s known that the director will be Shinichiro Watanabe, story will be provided by Hajime Yadate, and character designs will be provided by Isam Imakake. Yoko Kanno will probably also return, blessing the film with a wonderful, original soundtrack. The film is expected to be released in Japanese theaters sometime (probably summer) in 2000. Very cool. With the TV series, currently being released here in the U.S., theres a very good chance the Movie will see a U.S. release also. Much more to come..

9-11-99—- Starblazers Samples Posted

Studio Next, has posted some Starblazers series samples online here. Studio Next has teamed up with Voyager Entertainment, who will be releasing the series on DVD next year, to stream the episodes online. Six episodes will be available, two from each season.

9-11-99—- Top LD Sales (Japan) (As Of September 6th)

1. Cowboy Bebop vol.9
2. Tenchi Muyo! in Love 2
3. To Heart vol.4
4. Blue Submarine No.6 vol.3
5. Taiho Shichauzo (You’re under arrest) Special vol.2
6. Gasaraki vol.8
7. Saver Marionette J to X vol.9
8. Better Man vol.1
9. Seikai no Monsyo (The Crest of the World of Stars) vol.3
10. Queen Emeraldus vol.3

9-11-99—- Top DVD Sales (Japan) (As Of September 6th)

1. Cowboy Bebop vol.9
2. DVD Ultra Seven vol.7
3. DVD Ultra Seven vol.8
4. Tenchi Muyo! in Love 2
5. You’re under arrest (Taiho Shichauzo) Special vol.2
6. Blue Submarine No.6 vol.3
7. Better Man vol.1
8. Gasaraki vol.8
9. Dual! Parare Runrun Story vol.3
10. Seikai no Monsho vol.3

9-11-99—- 4th Gundam Big Bang Project Event Planned

This fall, the 4th Gundam Big Bang Project Event is planned around the series Turn A Gundam with the theme “Feel Turn A, Experience Turn A.” The event will feature a concert conducted by composer, Yoko Kanno and performed by the Tokyo Phil Harmony Symphony Orchestra. The event site will be at Tokyo International Forum. The Lobby Gallery will exhibit mobile suits designed by Syd Mead, including including some which have not previously been shown to the public. Akira Yasuda’s illustrations of the characters will also be shown. A live performance will include the seiyuu of Turn A Gundam. As done at the Gundam Symphony last year, images from Turn A Gundam will be shown on a screen behind orchestra and syncronized to the music.

*Source: J-Dream Direct Newsletter. J-Dream Web

9-11-99—- Godzilla 2000

Gozilla 2000 will open in Japanese theaters December the 11th. This new Godzilla film is to show Godzilla in a completely different light, emphasizing him as furious and scary (probably a lot scarier and cooler than the Hollywood Godzilla). In this film Godzilla is 55 meters tall and weighs 25,000 tons. The story starts when 6,000 year-old meteorite is discovered deep in the ocean, somewhere near Japan.

*Source: J-Dream Direct Newsletter. J-Dream Web

9-11-99—- Nadesico The Mission For Dreamcast

In Japan, Nadesico The Mission for Dreamcast, was released last month. The game is based on the movie, where Ruri is Captain. Nadesico TV series director, Tatsuo Sato also provides direction in the game and Keiji Goto provides character designs. The first Nadesico game out in a year, it includes a limited edition poster illustrated by Keiji Goto. Nadesico The Mission retails in Japan for 6,800 yen. Hoshino Ruri’s (Minami Omi) first CD was released Aug. 27th, another is expected in the near future. The Nadesico Movie is expected out in Japan on LD and VHS in about a month.

*Source: J-Dream Direct Newsletter. J-Dream Web

9-11-99—- 4th Galaxy Express 999 Film Planned

This past Thursday, Leiji Matumoto announced at a press conference at New the Takanawa Prince Hotel in Shinagawa, Tokyo that a 3rd Galaxy Express 999 movie is currently in production with a planned theatrical release, sometime in the year 2002.

* Source: Anime Scene

9-11-99—- Anime / Manga Gaming

* According to Sega X the Dreamcast brought in a whopping $97,904,618.09, in its first 24 hours of release. This of course, absolutely shatters all previous entertainment retail sales records for a 24 hour period.

* Game fan has posted screenshots from Street Fighter EX3: Capcom’s first official game for the Playstation 2. Go check them out here.

* Donkey Kong 64 is out on November 22. You play as five characters throughout the game, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Tiny, Chunky, and Lanky. There will be eight worlds and each character will have five goals to complete in each of those worlds.

9-11-99—- Alexander

The 13 episode, Peter Chung / Madhouse series, Alexander, begins airing on the WOWOW broadcast satellite channel on September 14th. Samsung Entertainment Group is pushing the large-scale animated TV sci-fi / fantasy epic, budgeted at $500,000 per episode. A U.S. release should be forthcoming soon. Peter Chung’s character designs look incredible for Alexander (as does eveything associated with this series), it’s definetly one to keep an eye on.

For more information on Alexander itself, go to the official website by clicking here.
To go to WOWOW’s Alexander page click here.