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September 29-October 2 Anime News

10-2-99—- Vampire Hunter D Update

An English-dubbed version of the new Vampire Hunter D movie will most likely be released to theaters in America before Japan. The English-language dialogue has been recorded, in the recent Talk Live Discussion, held on the 24 with Vampire Hunter D creator Hideyuki Kikuchi this was revealed. Mr. Kikuchi has been sent a videotape of the complete English dubbed version of the movie with no sound effects or music. It was also revealed that a new PSX Vampire Hunter D game is on the way. It will be a 3D action game with an expected release in Dec.

10-2-99—- Seraphim Call

With the new Sunrise TV series Seraphim Call set to premeire on TV Tokyo the 6th, King Records has announced special character soundtrack albums (each featuring a individual episode ending theme song performed by the character/ seiyuu) will be released 1 month apiece, at 2,000 Yen each. The first album, out the 22nd, features Kasahara Hiroko/”Kurimoto Yukina”. The album includes the first ending theme “Yume Mitemo Iijanai”, along with the episode background image tracks. Preorders are to include a Seraphim Call Calendar for 2000.

10-2-99—- Review: Saber Marionette R

Based on the popular manga and novels by Satoru Akihito, the 3 part Saber Marionette R OAV was originally released in Japan in 1995, a full year before the Saber Marionette J TV series. The story takes place on Lalatsu, a planet that has been inhabited by a male-only population ever since their spaceship drifted onto the planet 200 years previous. The inhabitants develop female androids via cloning technology. Lime, Cherry and Bloodberry are all androids with one exception, they each contain a Maiden Circuit giving them emotions and a heart like real girls. The story begins in the city-state of Romarna.

If you’ve already seen J you should immediatly notice a change in overall tone. R has a gritty feel to it, although it elegantly combines that with a very uplifting cheery, fantasy, blue skies, and lost days of youth sort of feeling, the balance and is incredible. Character designs are provided by Izuna Yoshitsune and Yuichiro Tanuma. A trio of excellent voice actresses make up the the main cast. Lime: Megumi Hayashibara, Cherry: Yuri Shiratori, Bloodberry: Akiko Hiramatsu.

Act 1: Face, the clone of Romana’s ruler Virey, stages a revolt to overtake the throne. Virey’s other son, Junior, attempts to save his home with the help of the Saber Marionettes. He challenges his brother and his saber creations, the Sexadolls.

Act 2: During the battle, Junior, Cherry, and a dysfunctional Lime attempt to flee the city to the lower social sratum. Taking refuge in a farm, they plan to rescue Virey. After some heavy training, they’re on their way butsoon find themselves face to face with Sexadol Brid and some giant fighting robots!

Act 3: Junior, Cherry, and Lime make one last attempt at a rescue, but they are intercepted. Is it too late!?

Saber Marionette R | English Subtitled | Contains Acts 1-3 | 96 min. | $24.98
Order Saber Marionette R directly from Anime Village by clicking here

10-2-99—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Bandai plans to release Digimon World, a card battler/RPG for PSX in Japan this Dec. The game will be in full 3D, during the quest you have to search for the Digimon cards, and during the battles, you can summon the different digital monsters to battle for you. They also plan to release DigiMon RPG for PSX in US, due to the increasing popularity of the Anime. Since the game is still under develop in Japan, don’t expect to see the US version of the game until sometime in late 2000.

Sega Zone has reported a special trick has been discovered to allow Japanese Dreamcasts to play US DC games, provided that you have a copy of the demo disc from the Nov. 99 Issue of Official Sega Dreamcast Magazine. This swap trick has been confirmed to work with NFL 2000, it should work with any single disc game. Here is the procedure:
Load up the demo disc
Return to the Dreamcast main menu
Select Play, when the blue Sega screen pops up, as soon as it fades to white, open the Dreamcast CD cover, the disc should stop spinning and the screen will remain in white.
Replace the demo disc with any US game disc, and it will now load properly on a Japanese Dreamcast system.

Sega of Japan has officially delayed the release of Shen Mue Chapter 1: Yokosuka for DC from Oct. 28 to sometime in the spring of 2000. The reason for delay are some complex programming adjustments and a debugging process. Sega also mentioned that the next 4 chapters of Shen Mue (2-5) could be released in a single package next year.

Namco has established a new game software development subsidiary called Monolith Software, the vice president and president of the new firm are Tetsuya Takahashi and Hiroshi Sugiura, former Final Fantasy director from Square. Monolith Software will be developing a series of RPGs for PSX 2 in 2001.

Nintendo will be showing a prototype of the 128 bit Dolphin in Aug. 2000. Full details of the system will be announced at the same time.

10-2-99—- Princess Mononoke Website Updated

Miramax has updated it’s Official Princess Mononoke Website with a much higher quality Quicktime version of the trailer, and a space where you can submit your webpage to become part of the official Princess Mononoke web-ring.

10-2-99—- Slayers To Air On Sci-fi Channel / Anime On MTV Soon?

Kidscreen News has revealed a bit of interesting news in a recent interview with C.B. Cebulski of Central Park media:

“Slayers has been picked up by the Sci Fi Channel, indicating a growing awareness that some anime is not as adult as once thought.”

Another line from the article makes reference to anime on MTV:

“Two of Central Park’s teen anime products have been featured on MTV’s Cartoon Sushi, including Iria (about a female bounty hunter) and Genocyber (a high-tech intergalactic fantasy). MTV has expressed interest in widening its offerings of anime, according to Cebulski.”

On MTV, this is interesting because of the recent re-ignition of rumors surrounding Neon Genesis Evangelion possibly airing on the network. Regarding Slayers, it’s not yet known the way it will be shown. Will it air in Saturday Anime or receive it’s own regular timeslot? A line about Saturday Anime in the Sci-Fi Channel FAQ would seem to indicate the latter:

“We have no plans to acquire the rights to anime series – we only run anime movies.”

10-2-99—- Nausicaa Course

Anime Craze has conducted an interview with Marc Hairston, who among other things, recently co-taught the first American college course where Hayao Miyazaki’s Nausicaa Perfect Collection Volume One was chosen by professors as a required text book!! Check it out at the above link.

10-2-99—- McFarlane Toys To Produce Princess Mononoke Figures

McFarlane Toy Representatives at this years Canadian National Comicbook Expo revealed that they have acquired the toy right for Mononoke and will be producing a toy line based on the film, with a release expected as soon as the film is out in theaters.

10-1-99—- FUNimation Dragon Ball DVD’s Announced

www.toriyama.org has posted some very intersting information on forthcoming Dragon Ball DVD releases. After the Pioneer released DVD’s, FUNimation will release DVD’s themselves that will contain both subbed (using new direct transaltion scripts) and dubbed tracks. There are also negotiations underway to get the other movies released on DVD. Expect the first release in the spring of 2000. Click the above link for the full information.

10-1-99—- 3 New Volumes of Dragon Ball Z On The Way

Funimation is set to release three new uncut volumes of DBZ (#24, #25, #26) on Oct. 27th.

10-1-99—- Donkey Kong CG Series Airs In Japan

Donkey Kong Country, the computer animated series began airing yesterday on TV Tokyo. Currently Airing in the U.S. on the cable network Fox Family Channel, Donkey Kong Country is produced by the French Canadian company Medialab, and incredibly popular in Canada. Among other things, talented Japanese seiyuu Megumi Hayashibara (Lina Inverse [Slayers], Faye Valentine [Cowboy Bebop]) will be providing the voice for Deedee Kong, fans will probably recognize some other familiar names in the voice credits:

Donkey Kong: Yamadera Kouichi
Deedee Kong: Hayashibara Megumi
Crashkey Kong: Nakao Ryuusei
Cassidy Kong: Kanai Mika
Blaster Kong: Nakamura Daiki
Funky Kong: Banana Ice
King Cruel: Kosugi Juurouta
Clamp Shougun: Sonobe Keiichi
Crusher: Asou Tomohisa
Critter: Hirano Toshio

10-1-99—- Initial-D 2nd Stage

The sequel to the popular late night anime tv series Initial D is set to air Oct.14th on Fuji TV. Based on Shuichi Shigeno’s manga, Initial D 2nd Stage continues the story of teens who race custom modified sports cars late at night on highways near the suburbs of Tokyo. A lead character, Takumi Fujiwara must master the “Drift Technique” in order to win races where road often curves around local mountiains. The series features awesome and very accurate CG cuts of the cars as well a custom sampled exhaust and engine sounds from the actual cars modeled, this adds an incredible air of realism to the series.

10-1-99—- Pokemon #1 Kids Show On Saturdays

Pokemon continues to dominate Saturday morning ratings, giving the WB Network it’s third winning week in a row. The show was the most watched show among kids 2-11 and boys 6-11. In the 10 a.m. timeslot, it was number one with an average 7.6 rating, which was a 28 share of all the 2-11 year-olds watching.

10-1-99—- Review: Cowboy Bebop Vol. 1: Asteroid Blues

Every few years an anime comes along that truly sets it’s own paradigm. Cowboy Bebop, is perhaps the most recent example of such an anime, where everything falls in to place near perfect, making it appealing on multiple levels. So many contributing factors have come together to make this so with the Cowboy Bebop television series, be it the excellent direction provided by Watanabe Shinichiro (Macross Plus), incredible story by scriptwriter Nobumoto Keiko (Macross Plus), strong character designs by Kawamoto Toshihiro (Golden Boy), real-working mecha designs by Yamane Kimitoshi or a trully aweing sountrack that only Ms. Yoko Kanno (Macross Plus, Escaflowne) can provide. The story follows the adventures of a group of 21st-century bounty hunters, as they ply the solar system via warp gates in search of wanted criminals with a sometimes wacky, sometimes deadly, always unpredictable outcome. Cowboy Bebop is an anime not to be missed!

Episode 1: Asteroid Blues
Jet and Spike must track down Asimov Solensan, a narcotics dealer of “Red Eyes” a very dangerous drug which induces berserker rages in the user. With a price on his head of only 2.5 million woolongs, he sure becomes tough to catch! Will he and his apparent pregnant girlfriend be able to elude the cowboys?

Episode 2: Stray Dog Strut
Spike and Jet take a job to recover an item stolen from a research laboratory and bring in the thief, Hakim. Upon Arriving on Mars, Spike is led on a wild dog chase first by the thief and then by the item itself!

Cowboy Bebop Vol. 1: Asteroid Blues | English Subtitled | Contains eps. 1 & 2 | 50 min. | $24.98
Order Cowboy Bebop Vol. 1 directly from Anime Village by clicking here.
Click here to order the English language dub ($19.98).

10-1-99—- Betterman

With 2 volumes now out on VHS, LD, and DVD in Japan, the Betterman TV series, produced by Sunrise, is enjoying enormous success as a popular import title. Betaman, created by the same team behind King of Braves Gaogaiger, is an original action/adventure/superhero drama set in Yokohama in the year 2006. The story is centered around an optimistic, lonely student named Keta Aono, who meets two girls, Saihinoki and Sakura. The chance encounter throws Keta into a battle, with the human race’s survival on the line. Betterman Ramia then reveals himself as a true enigma, is he friend, foe, android, alien? Betterman has pretty good chance of eventually being picked up in the U.S., but if you can’t wait get the import!

Betterman S-1 DVD/VHS/LD: 5800 Yen
Betterman S-2 DVD/VHS/LD: 6090 Yen

10-1-99—- Review: Magic Knight Rayearth Manga Vol. 3

The story of Magic Knight Rayearth comes to a climax in this, the third and final volume of the #1 bestselling manga by CLAMP. The Magic Knights encounter new enemies: Ascot, Gardina, and Lafarga at key points in their quest to the sea, wind and fire shrines, but are these new adversaries truly friend or foe? Each Knight must also face her own personal challenge in order to don her elemental spirit armor. The world of Cephiro depends on they’re sucess and the defeat of Lord Zagato! Be sure not to miss out on the dramatic conclusion!

$11.95, Out: Just Released, Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4,
Order Direct From Mixx/TokyoPop, Pages: 208

9-30-99—- Wicked City

Urban Vision is set to re-release the Madhouse produced supernatural action-adventure film, Wicked City, directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri. Originally released by Streamline Pictures, This 90 minute feature is back by fan demand after two years of moratorium. Street Date for the sub ($29.95) and dub ($19.95) is 12/7/99.

9-30-99—- Enix To Take Up Roots In North America

Enix Corporation, one of Japan’s top five publishers of game software and publisher of the awesome Dragon Quest RPG series, is establishing a subsidiary company in Seattle between Nov. / Dec. 1999. The company is to be called: Enix America Inc.

9-30-99—- Review: Eat Man ’98 Vol.1: Bye Bye Aimie

Bolt Crank, the mercenary with the ability to eat weapons and reconstitute them through his hands, is back in Eat Man ’98, with a new slant that serves to bring the story closer to the original manga. While remaining present, the deep ironic tone of the first series (still my favorite Eat Man series) seems to be lightened, Bolt is more animated this time around, making more interjections, as in Akihito Yoshitomi’s original manga. OP and ED sequences are a nice mix of Digital coloring and traditional cel animation and about 3% of the total animation in the first 2 episodes is digitally aided.

In this volume’s 2 episode story arc, an unknown assassin is killing biotech research scientists one by one. When Bolt Crank arrives on the scene he becomes an immediate suspect and is thrown in jail. Aimie, a local member of the police knows Bolt is innocent, she also shares an unknown past with him. Who is the real assassin? What is their reason for the killings? How is Bolt connected to the case? Get the first volume and find out!

Eat Man ’98 Volume 1: Bye Bye Aimie | English Subtitled | Contains eps. 1 & 2 | 48 min. | $24.98
Order Eat Man ’98 Vol. 1 directly from Anime Village by clicking here.

9-30-99—- Film Score Monthly Mononoke Article

Film Score Monthly has posted an article on Princess Mononoke the film and the soundtrack, you can read it here.

9-30-99—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Victor Soft is developing a new Dreamcast war sim called Doku Senki. The story is set around a war between two planets and features over 90 stages. There are 2 play modes, Scenario (story) mode and 2 Player Mode (fighter). Each unit in the field posesses attributes corresponding to 6 elements: wind, water, fire, light, darkness, and earth.

Konami has released The Art of Metal Gear Solid, a new artbook in Japan, for 4800 yen, featuring character, mecha designs, illustrations, and artwork collections from Shinkawa Hiroshi.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Legacy of the Future for DC will be identical to the arcade version. The game will feature 5 new characters and a new Challenge Mode. After defeating an opponent, Joseph will come out to evaluate your fighting skills based on physical strength and super combo gauge, and send you the next opponent based on the evaluation, you can choose to recover either your strength or super combo gauge before entering next fight. The game is to be released in Japan in November.

Chunsoft / Enix’s newly released PSX RPG Dragon Quest Characters: Toruneko’s Big Adventure 2 has sold over 290,000 copies in its first week of release in Japan.

9-30-99—- Iwao Junko Concert

Dates for Iwao Junko’s upcoming concerts in Tokyo have been set for Jan. 5th and 6th. Tickets will go on sale Oct. 30th for 4800 yen.

9-30-99—- Nadesico The Movie: The Prince Of Darkness

Kidou Senkan Nadesico (Martian Successor Nadesico) The Movie: The Prince of Darkness, is out in Japan on Video, Laserdisc, and DVD on Oct.22 for 7,875 Yen. The film version of Nadesico, directed by Tatsuo Sato with character Designs by Kia Asamiya, was voted best anime of the year in this year’s Animage fan poll. The story takes place a year after the TV series, the original Nadesico crew has been dissolved, each member leading separate lives. Ruri Hoshino is the new captain of the Nadesico. A mysterious 10 meter tall robot appears destroying 4 space colonies and a new force appears in the name of Martian successor. The Nadesico is dispatched to engage the new enemy.

9-29-99—- Angel Temptation Magical

SyCoNet.com today announced it will market Trade Winds International’s Angel Temptation Magical collectors cards on its website. Fifty-four of Japan’s finest artists provide illustrations for the cards of which only 1,500 sets are available worldwide. The Angel Temptation Magical TV series is expected to be broadcast in the U.S. toward the end of the summer next year.

9-29-99—- Different Kind Of Pokemon Seizures In Chicago

Customs officials announced Tuesday that they had confiscated $50,000 worth of counterfeit Charizard, Jigglypuff, Diglett collectible game cards, videos and other Pokemon merchandise being shipped through O’Hare International Airport from Japan. The cards seized did not bear the Nintendo Seal Of Quality present on authentic cards, officials expect to discover more counterfeit merchandise in the future, especially in advance of the holiday season.

9-29-99—- New Gigantor Comic

Antarctic Press, in association with Entercolor Technologies Corp., has announced that an all-new Gigantor color comic series will be released released monthly starting in Jan. 2000, priced at $2.50 an issue.

Created as Tetsujin 28-go by Mitsuteru Yokoyama in 1956 and first appearing on American television in the mid-1960’s, the story details the adventures of a boy crime-fighter named Shotaro Kaneda as he controls the giant robot known as Gigantor. Writing will and illustrating the new series will be Ben Dunn (Ninja High School, Warrior Nun Areala) and Ted Nomura (World War II: 1946).

9-29-99—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Square has released a few new Quicktime Movies for it’s upcoming Chrono Trigger rerelease.

#1 (100 x 150, 850 K) | #2 (160 x 240, 2.1 MB)
#3 (220 x 330, 3.9 MB)

The PSX scheduled Samurai Spirits sequel: The New Chapter of Blade, has been confirmed as a 3D adventure / Fighter (SNK classified the game as a sword battle drama entertainment title), other feeatures are of course a large cast of new characters, and dozens of animtion FMV’s througout. The game is out in Japan on Dec. 2, for 6800 yen.

SNK has announced that they are working on a new sequel to the Metal Slug series, tentatively titled as Metal Slug 3. The game will remain 2D, and run on the 16-bit Neo Geo cartridge system. Game speed will be improved, there will be more weapon selections and many more branching routes will be present in each level.

Japanese game retailers are spreading word that Enix will be pushing back the release date of their PSX RPG Dragon Quest VII: Warriors from Eden, from Dec. to sometime in January 2000.

Namco’s Tales of Eternia, this game will feature 4 main characters, the 4 will be able to participate in battles and connect together to initiate combos. Due to a large amount of voice data, the game will be distributed in double CD set in March 2000.

Media Works will release their war sim / RPG Eternal Fantasia 3: Perpetual Blue for Dreamcast and PSX on Dec. 22, for 5800 yen.

Capcom will release two of their Dreamcast fighting games: Street Fighter III W Impact and Kikaioh in Japan sometimes in January.

Nomura Securities announced that they will be expanding their internet stock exchanging services, Nomura Home Trading, to Dreamcast. Users will be able to use the DC to perform online transactions and home trading starting on Oct. 18 in Japan.

9-29-99—- ASCII To Broadcast New Drama To Japanese Dreamcast Users

ASCII will be broardcasting a new internet drama series in Japan called e-sekai on Oct. 1. Dreamcast users will be able to watch the drama over at ASCII’s website. The first epsiode, called Bird Cage of Gurauen, will be produced by Yasushi Akimoto. ASCII also plans to implement interactive shopping and chatting services related to the drama. You will need to purchase special software for 2800 yen to watch the drama with Dreamcast.

9-29-99—- Drawn From Life

Shoujo Manga artist Yumiko Oshima, famous for her works: Wata-no-Kuni Boshi (A Star over the Cotton Country) and Tanjou (Birth) (published in 1970, it was one of the first girls manga to tackle the pregnancy issue), recently published a 6-page manga account of her own experience under cancer treatment and operation at the end of 1997. Her cancer is now benign and has no chance to recur for the present.

Source: Anime Scene

9-29-99—- Nan Desu Kon Report

World of Anime has written up an interesting account of the events transpiring at last weekend’s Nan Desu Kon 3 convention, held in gorgeous Denver, Colorado. You can read the report here.

9-29-99—- Slayers On DVD Soon

AnimeOnDVD is reporting that Central Park Media has just wrapped up a deal to have the Slayers TV series released on DVD, look for a release early next year.