Anime News Service – September 2nd-4th Anime News

– 9-4-06 (7:12PM EDT)—- Web Newtype interviews the cast of GONZO’s new TV animation series Pumpkin Scissors. Premiere is set for October.

– 9-4-06 (7:09PM EDT)—- Yahoo Streaming will freely deliver a preview of Katsuhiro Otomo’s FREEDOM OVA between the 18th – 24th of September. The prequel story DVD “FREEDOM Previsited” will retail for 1,575 Yen with an October 27 release. DVD Vol. 1 will retail at 3,990 Yen and is now scheduled for release at the end of November. To commemorate the 35th anniversary of Nissin Foods Cup Noodle the 24-minute first volume will also be available free of charge during the the first ten days of November. A FREEDOM screening party will occur in Palette Town, September 17-18.

9-4-06 (5:13PM EDT)—- Anime inspiresd artist Takashi Murakami will be exhibiting in South Africa, at 34 LONG in Cape Town from 14 November to 9 December 2006.

– 9-3-06 (5:32PM EDT)—- The DVD “Animelo Summer Live 2006 -OUTRIDE-” featuring the concert festival of anime theme songs held at Nippon Budoukan on July 8, 2006 will be released from King Records and the Victor entertainment in Japan on December 21st. Retail is 5040 Yen. The set will contain four and a half hours of performances by Masami Okui, JAM Project, Nana Mizuki, Naozumi Takahashi, Kuribayashi Minami, Chihiro Yonekura, ALI PROJECT, savage genius, AKENN with The NaB’s and more. Extras include artist rehearsals and backstage footage.

– 9-3-06 (4:16PM EDT)—- The upcoming Rozen Maiden Ouburture special will feature an opening song by ALI PROJECT. The broadcast is expected at year’s end.

– 9-3-06 (2:39PM EDT)—- Nikkan Sports has an update on Paprika at Italy’s Venice Film Festival. It’s said the film was spoken very highly of from spectators and media alike. The main theater built to hold 1000 where it was shown was filled to overcapacity. 1060 tickets sold out in less than an hour. A 5 minute standing ovation followed the screening. SONY Pictures has high expectations being quoted as saying “There is a possibility of receiving some prizes”. Prizes will be announced on September 9th. You can catch another view of Director Satoshi Kon following the event at Tokyo Shimbun.

– 9-3-06 (2:16PM EDT)—- Due on Japanese newstands in less than 1 week, some advertisements for the October, 2006 edition of Newtype Magazine have been circulating around hyping their big Evangelion scoop. The cover will supposedly read ‘REBUILD OF EVANGELION’.

– 9-3-06 (2:10AM EDT)—- eg has images and a report from a “NHK Ni Yokouso” fan event held in Akihabara on August 27th. A number of cast and staff were on hand to talk to fans.

– 9-3-06 (2:06AM EDT)—- Web Newtype has images and details of a talk event featuring the main cast of “Naruto” held August 4th in Tokyo.

– 9-3-06 (1:50AM EDT)—- According to Bandai Visual their upcoming R2 DVD-BOX release of the 7 episode AIKa OVA will feature video created using a HD Telecine of the original 35mm film. Look for the BOX on January 26, 2007 for 16,800 Yen. Creditless openings and audio commentary are special features.

– 9-3-06 (1:46AM EDT)—- As High Definition Video Disc Media Creeps Closer A Number Of Series Are Going For Their Last Stab In The Japanese Market On DVD. Bandai Visual Is Giving Fans A Chance To Get All 6 Episodes Of Blue Submarine No. 6 In A 2 Disc Set For 10,395 Yen. The Release Will Occur On 12/22/06. Watch Impress Has Details.

9-3-06 (1:23AM EDT)—- Dengeki Online: Final Episode Of “Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni” TV Anime Recorded. Dengeki Has An Image Of The 7 Main Cast Members On The Occasion And Records Their Thoughts On The 26 Episode Studio Deen Work. The Episode Brodacasts via Kansai Telecasting Corporation on September 27th at 2:00.

– 9-3-06 (1:03AM EDT)—- The duo Porno Graffiti will perform the ending theme of the “Ayakashiayashi” TBS TV anime series which debuts in October. The single including the song “Winding Road” will go sale on October 4th. The group first drew acclaim in the anime world after performing the theme of Full Metal Alchemist In 2003. That single sold 500,000 units. The announcement was first hinted at a July 22nd concert in front of 60,000 fans. A 20 page special booklet will come with the single. The corresponding music video and jacket design will be heavily influenced by the animation.

9-3-06 (12:35AM EDT)—- Chunichi Shimbun: Forget Crop Circles From Orbs Of Light, Black Helicopters, Doug & Dave And the Aliens, a Japanese kindergarten has created a stunning image of Anpanman in an adjacent rice field. It’s said that parts of the image will change color over time (the cheeks will turn red showing the character’s trademark blush) as the crops there begin to bear fruit. Harvesting is scheduled for the first ten days of October.

9-2-06 (11:48PM EDT)—- Satoshi Kon And Goro Miyazaki Arrive At Venice International Film Festival

– 9-2-06 (11:18PM EDT)—- T.M. Revolution front man Takanori Nishikawa is currently celebrating 10 years since his professional debut. His newly formed band which include guitarist Hiroshi Shibasaki of WANDS fame, the “Abingdon Boys School” will provide a theme to the D Gray Man TV anime which will debut on TV Tokyo this October.

9-2-06 (7:12PM EDT)—- Black Blood Brothers To Broadcast And Be Available Online Simultaneously
– 9-3-06 (2:01PM EDT)—- German online magazine AnimeY reports Wedding Peach creator Nao Yazawa will visit the Frankfurter Buchmesse bookfair in Germany which takes place October 4th-8th, 2006. There she will participate in a conference, as well as doing book-signings.Source: Special Thanks To Mica.

– 9-2-06 (10:12PM EDT)—- Mainichi Shimbun has a crictical look at Yasuhisa Hara’s “Kingdom” and Glass No Kantai.

– 9-2-06 (9:20PM EDT)—- Asahi Shimbun has a review of Enterbrain and marginal’s occult / mystery manga “Astral Project Gatsu No Hikari”.

– 9-2-06 (8:36PM EDT)—- Yomiuri Shimbun mentions Yoko Nihonbashi (G Senjou Heaven’s Door) is back after a 3 year hiatus with her new manga “Shoujo Fight”. The story follows a women’s volleyball team. Tankabon available from Kodansha, released in July for 620 Yen plus tax. Akiyoshi Kazutaka’s “Sougatsu Miko 2” tankobon has begun being published through Media Factory since August, 2006. Retail is 540 Yen plus tax. As the title implies, the plot focuses on a young woman of a Shinto Shrine high in a mountain. Finally, Ogawa Yayoi’s “Kiss & Never Cry 1” began release in tankobon format from Kodansha in August, 2006. Retail is 410 Yen plus tax. The storline centers on ice skating and love on the rink.

– 9-2-06 (7:57PM EDT)—- Amatatsu Satoaki’s “Machi Ha Gaijin” will restart it’s serialization in Weekly Shonen Magazine from No. 41 to go on sale on 9/13.
– 9-3-06 (4:43PM EDT)—- Japanese Hentai PC game developer Alice Soft has decided to allow many of it’s old titles (for Windows and computer systems such as MSX2, PC-8801, PC-9801 and FM TOWNS) to enter freeware status. The title probably getting the most attention in this release is the 1996 fan favorite Kichikuou Rance.
– 9-3-06 (7:00PM EDT)—- Amazon Japan is now taking reservations for Yamato’s fully transformable “YF-19” figure from Macross Plus. Retail is 19,740 Yen, release is set for November 25th, 2006.

– 9-3-06 (6:54PM EDT)—- Tamashii has launched a product page for it’s forthcoming fully transformable “Chougoukin Tamashii GX-34 Gunbuster” firgure. Due in November, 2006, retail is 18,900 Yen. Standing 30cm tall construction includes Zinc alloy, ABS plastic and others.

– 9-3-06 (6:38PM EDT)—- In August SEGA released Misato and Rei “Prize Shin Seiki Evangelion EX Motor Riders Figures”. The 10cm tall set was designed by Shiga Hiromi / unsweet. Interestingly, the mostly PVC figures use skin soft silicon in the boobs and torso area which leads to some interesting poseability. Retail is 2,453 Yen.

– 9-3-06 (5:10PM EDT)—- Yamato has announced new statues of Koichi Yamazaki’s characters Tandem Twin Animal Girls “Rei” (7,140 Yen) and Tandem Twin Animal Girls “Kitama” (7,140 Yen).

– 9-3-06 (5:10PM EDT)—- WAVE has announced a 1/10 PVC ABS 1/10 scale figure of Sonsaku Hakufu (Completed Figure) Miyazawa Model Ver. The character appears in Yuji Shinozaki’s Ikki Tousen. Retail is 2,940 Yen.


9-4-06 Konami’s Otogi Jushu Akazukin website has updated with an outline of the 11th episode. The official School Rumble TV series website has updated with a summary of episode 24. Kadokawa’s Welcome To NHK TV animation site updates with the outline of the 9th-14th episodes. The official Innocent Venus website has been updated with a November 24th release date for DVD Volume 1. Retail is 6,090 Yen. VAP’s official Utaware Rumono website has updated with a summary of the ninth episode, character information, and information on the extras to be included in DVD-BOX. TV Tokyo has launched an official pre-site for the new Galaxy Angel TV series. Premiere is scheduled for October 10th,2006 at 26:00. A 2 hour special will kick off the Pokemon Diamond And Pearl TV series at 19:00 on TV Tokyo Thursday, September 28. Toei’s Olynssis TV series has been given a broadcast start date of midnight, Thursday, October 5th via ABC (Asahi Broadcasting Corporation). Seiyuu Ogasawara Arisa has joined the TV series cast. Official TV series website updated with broadcast and DVD details. CBC Network will carry the second season from 27:20 on Thursday, October 12th. Final DVD Volume 9 will hit the Japanese market on September 27. The product’s jacket image has just been released and published on the official site. Retail is 4,174 Yen. Official TV series website renewed in the following areas: story, characters, gallery, STAFF&CAST, COMICS, ITEM, LINKS. Premiere is scheduled for TV Tokyo Channel 12 on October 4th 25:00-25:30. Official pre-site opens for bishonen butler boys TV series “Marginal Prince ~Gekeishu no Ohjitachi”. Companion site mentions FLAME will perform the opening theme, while the ending is being doen by Hiroshi Kurota. Premiere set for October.

9-3-06 Kyoto Animation’s official Haruhi Suzumiya TV Series website has updated with reservation information for DVD Volume 4 and new Gallery images. DVD Vol. 3 is out on September 22, 2006.

9-2-06 “Red Garden” TV Series New Character Visuals Available On Website. Premiere Scheduled For TV Asahi On October 3rd At 26:40. “RED GARDEN” pre drama CD Chapter 0 Lost Words Will Retail At 1,470 (including tax), Release Date: 2006/9/27. “Strike Witches” TV Series New 7th Wallpaper available for download on “Special” Page. Kadokawa Sneakers Pocket Edition Novel Adaptation Will Go On Sale On October 1st. Author Is Yamaguchi Noboru. “Yoake Mae Yori Ruriiro Na Crescent Love” TV Series Wesbite Opened “Character” data page updated. Premiere On BS-i from October, 2006. 009-1 TV Series Preview Trailer And Staff Interviews Posted. Broadcast premiere On TBS October 5th At 1:25 New Episodes On Thursdays Weekly. “The Galaxy RailWays” TV season 2 Premiere Via CBC On Wednesday, October 4th, 2006 25:45. “Ohran Koko Host Club” TV Amimax Premiere On Friday, October 27th At 22:00. Ohran Koko Host Club Official Website. Jigoku Shojo Futakomori 2nd TV Series Premiere Via Animax On Saturday, October 7th 19:30. Jigoku Shoujo Official Website. “Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion” CLAMP / SUNRISE TV Series Premiere via Mainichi Broadcasting System – Thursday, October 5 25:25-25:55. Official “Sumomo” TV anime Website Opening. Premiere Scheduled On TV Asahi At 26:40 On Thursday, October 5th, 1st episode titled “Chijousaikyou No Kyokon” NHK BS2 Site For ‘Animation Movie Theater’ Where “Andalusia No Natsu”, “Hoshi No Koe” and “Kakurenbo” will broadcast on Friday, October 27th at 23:00. “Top Wo Narae 2! & Top Wo Narae! Gattai Gekijouban” Movie Osaka, Nagoya, Niigata Screening Information. “Atagoal Ha Neko No Mori” Movie Blog. Fujimi Bookstore Official “Rocket Girl” Page.

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