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37 New Fall TV Series Scheduled

With the new Japanese fall anime TV season now locked in, it’s come to light that 37 series will comprise the schedule. The number is down 18 series on 2006 autumn season.

Production I.G. On Star Ocean Anime Sequences

Square Enix launched a portal site for 2 new Star Ocean RPG’s it will be promoting at the Tokyo Game Show later this month. One of them, Star Ocean First Departure for PSP, will feature cut scene animation sequences produced by Production I.G.

Pizza Hut Ties Up With Latest Evangeline Film

American based restaurant chain Pizza Hut has struck up a new web campaign/partnership for its Japanese stores involving the new Eva movie. Online orders and club members can get an oversized Ayanami Rei cardboard cutout as well as special wallpapers.

NEC Computers GOLGO 13 Campaign

NEC’s ULTRALITE computer brand has adopted Takao Saito’s James Bond style manga assassin Duke Togo as part of a new promotional campaign. A Golgo 13 manga strip informs buyers as to the various features of the computers, fans are offered a free Wallpaper with clock and calendar features as well.