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Otaking Goes On Dieting Binge

ZakZak has a current pic of Studio Gainax’s Otaking Toshio Okada. Their article discusses how the 49 years company’s co-founder, shed his former 117 kilos persona to arrive at his current 67 kilos one. At one point he said he had to buy his pants in a wrestler specialty store but dipped in recent times to around 50 kilos. He used to post images of all the food he ate to his blog but got a lot of comments saying he was eating way too much. He estimates he took in as many as 4000-4500 calories a day at the high point. Okada is believed to be the inspiration for the pudgy otaku lead character Tanaka in Gainax’s 1990 OVA Otaku No Video. He says he realized that by overeating he was gambling with his body and by decreasing his weight he would win. Therefore Okada made a conscious investment in what he ate and drank from a certain point and set a goal of consuming only 1500 calories a day. One of his techniques included cutting a Mega Mac into 4 segments, eating only 1 and throwing away 3 of them.

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