Anime News Service – May 6-7 Anime News

5-7-02—- Kadokawa Shoten & Toshiba To Provide Digital Broadcast Contents

Major Anime media holder Kadokawa Shoten Publishing who also owns film producer and distributor Asmik Ace, has teamed up with with electronics maker Toshiba to provide film and other contents for digital broadcasts. As part of the tie-up, Toshiba bought a 1% stake (270,000 shares) in Kadokawa in March, with the intention of increasing it to 3% in the future. Kadokawa also owns 250,000 shares of Toshiba stock, for a 0.01% stake. The partners will begin offering an interactive pay service in July on digital satellite TV. In addition to film, the service will feature a variety of lifestyle programming. Content and other sales are expected to amount to $125m (Y16bn) by 2005. Also, at the end of 2003, Kadokawa will start providing entertainment and city-related information via mobile phones, personal digital assistants and car navigation systems, in association with Toyoyta and other partners.

Source: Screen Daily

5-7-02—- Vote To Predict Live Action DBZ Actors

FUNimation has updated their official American DBZ site with a form on which fans can vote for actors to play live action versions of respective DBZ characters. According to the site:

FUNimation Vice President and Producer Daniel Cocanougher had this to say:“FUNimation is very excited to be working with FOX in their production of a live-action Dragon Ball Z Feature Film. FOX plans to place this movie on a fast-track production schedule, and may have a movie released as early as Fall 2003 or Summer 2004. FOX is an excellent movie studio, producing such huge hits as X-Men and Star Wars, among many others. They feel that this project will not end with one movie, but will become a major, multi-picture franchise like Star Wars. Clearly, this is a remarkable upward turning point for the Dragon Ball Z property. It will also be very interesting for all Dragon Ball Z fans to try to predict the names of the stars, the director and producers, and the storyline that will be used.

5-7-02—- Chobits Clips

JVC Music’s Mserve has uploaded TV CM streaming OP and ED video clips for the CLAMP anime Chobits.

5-7-02—- Sailor Moon X?

The Japanese fan site Moon Phase has updated it’s current and future anime schedule with a listing for Fall 2002 reading “Sailor Moon X?” (note the question mark opposed to other listings). To their credit or likewise, Moon Phase’s schedule is used by a number of English language websites forcasting what the future holds anime wise and the structure and comments there mirrors some more closely than others. In the past, Moon Phase broke information that The Big O Season 2 would be forthcoming and would possibly air in America first then in Japan (it should be noted that those items have yet to be confirmed, or indeed, denied by an official party).

5-7-02—- Nanaka 6/17

Based on the manga Nanaka 6/17 (Nanaka Junana Bun no Roku) by Yamagi Ken, serialised in Monthly Shonen Champion, an anime adaptation has been announced in Japan. To be produced by JC Staff (Utena), director Sakurai Hiroaki is attached to the project about an seemingly ordinary highschool girl with a 6 year old’s spirit.

Source: Natsume Maya

5-7-02—- Anime Style Comic – Wanderlust Luanches

From the release:

Wanderlust from Chiseled Comics is “go for launch”

A multitude of worlds have been pioneered beyond the boundaries of Sol, and the major rivals in this limitless expanse are the Interplanetary League and the Omega Coalition. Several months after a struggle over each other’s territories, an unidentified party brutally strikes two deep-space traveling ships of the League Armada. Are the attackers their old enemies the Omegas, or as some have suggested, a nameless threat so staggering that the League personnel cannot muster a true defense? Outgunned but undaunted, Jake Sumner and Helen Wentzel fire up their AMPs…

Filled with epic space battles and daring espionage, Wanderlust is created and written by Bryant Shiu, with artwork by rising star Brett Weldele and inks by Michael Halbleib (Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe). Best known for his work on the successful Couscous Express for AIT/PlanetLar, penciller/colorist Weldele was picked by Wizard Magazine as one of the Top Five Buzz Creators of 2002. His artwork also can be found in May’s Ultimate Spider-Man Special for Marvel and Shot Callerz from Oni Press.

For Wanderlust, Weldele fused qualities of manga/anime and animation, in general, with his own style to generate a look that stands on its own. “From the outset, Bryant wanted the flavor of anime mixed into the art,” Weldele said. “It’s been a fascinating process, starting from our collaboration during the character and mecha designs, to see how much of the anime influence ends up in a series that really runs the spectrum in concept and design.”

Weldele’s talent and enthusiasm are familiar to veteran comics pro Halbleib, who has known him for several years and is “a personal fan of his work.” Halbleib had referred Shiu to Weldele at the start of Wanderlust. The inker’ s versatile technique proved to be a perfect fit for Weldele’s pencils. “The comic required a smoothness and grace to the inked lines that I thought we carried off superbly,” Halbleib said.

Shiu agrees. “Both these guys have amazing range and expertise,” he said. “There’s a sleekness, and yet so much drama and excitement are conveyed that there really could be no one better artistically for the book.”

But as important as those ingredients are to the comic, another is Shiu’s approach to penning space sagas. He describes Wanderlust as possessing “a distinct edginess and focus on characterization. This is Top Gun meets Star Wars meets Saving Private Ryan meets Alias the tv series.”

While providing pulse-pounding dogfights between squadrons of weapon-laden mecha and the intrigue of deadly, elusive spies, he’ll be exploring the backdrop for the story as well as the different motivations of the characters. “The scope of the Interplanetary League is promptly established and the League-Omega conflict will be addressed from time to time, though the unidentified threat

Anime News Service-Review: Ultraman Tiga – Dyna – Gaia

By Daniel Zelter

I first got into Ultraman when one of my local stations showed the Australian remake. Other than having an entirely Australian cast, the monsters and fights seemed very close to the Japanese version. And for a while, I was so into the show I would play the Bandai Super Nintendo game. (I’ve even seen clips of the 60’s dubbed versions which were still better dubs than the 60’s Giant Robo series known over here as “Johnny Soko and his Spinning Toy”) For those who aren’t aware, Ultraman(at least from what I remember) is a long running series about a special taskforce which fights aliens(aka GUTS); and one of them has the power to turn into a giant robot known as Ultraman. Each Ultraman then uses wrestling techniques and lasers to subdue the said monster. Anyway, after seeing these dvd’s in my store, I knew I had to rent them.

Tiga and Dyna is about the newest generation of heroes-the Super GUTS. They allow a mysterious Dr. Kusaragi to “borrow” their fighting styles in order to power up a space ship(with a cannon reminiscent of Yamato), which is supposed to be more reliable against aliens than Ultraman Dyna. (The current Ultraman tv series this movie is based on.)Unfortunately(and predictably), Kisaragi is really being possessed by a group of aliens who use the space ship(which can transform into a giant robot)to wreck havok on earth. Asuka(the person who can turn into Dyna) and his girlfriend Mai are badly hurt in the on-going battle; so Asuka tries to find out how Ultraman Tiga(the last Ultraman)managed to save the world, so he can use that same technique. If you’ve seen enough anime, this is not the movie for you, as the dialogue has enough cliches to fill the Grand Canyon. (“Human beings can do anything”, “Human beings are weak and therefore deserve to be destroyed”, it’s all there!)

Not to mention the actors for this film, particularly Takeshi Tsuruno(Asuka)are really annoying, since they deliberately try to over-act. (For example, in one scene, Asuka and the GUTS captain discuss this threat as if it were a baseball game. But the worst scenes are when they get a child with an Ultraman figure to try to help raise morale among the population. The product placement and the fact that they used a kid really cheapens the drama.)

And I’m assuming that-for marketing purposes-Asuka’s supposed to be a cross between a bishounen and a rebel, but he comes off as an annoying jackass similar to Freddie Prinze Jr. Why Mai seems to care about him is beyond me. If it weren’t for the comic relief of Ryo Kinomoto, who plays the GUTS captain, I really wouldn’t be able to stand this movie. On the plus side, the cgi works, with ships that look more realistic than anything from the recent Star Wars films; and the fact that its from Studio GONZO(Blue Sub No.6)might be enough for you to want to check this movie out. But the other problem with the film is that relationships from other Ultraman series are mentioned, so you can’t entirely enjoy Tiga and Dyna as a stand-alone movie.

On the other hand, this isn’t a problem with Ultraman Gaia. In this movie, Tsutomu, a grade-school kid, is an Ultraman Gaia (the Ultraman which apparently comes after Dyna)otaku, with merchandise all over his room. Unfortunately, his grades are in trouble, and he’s not popular with his peers. Even his friends(including the new student Lisa Nanase) don’t take him seriously when he regales them with his dreams involving Gaia. So when he sees a mysterious red ball which grants him any wish he wants, he decides to summon Gamu(the bishounen pilot who is really Ultraman Gaia)to his world. Of course, the bullies who picked on Tsutomu find out about the ball’s powers and use the ball to summon deadly monsters. Gamu is then in for the fight of his life, as he tries to protect Tsutomu’s world from being destroyed.

There were a lot of reasons I liked Gaia more than Tiga and Dyna. One, the acting was much better, especially from the actor who portrayed Gamu. His friendship with Tsutomu was so realistic and meaningful that no yaoi doujinshi artists could ruin it, even if they tried. I also liked the use of fire and explosions to demonstrate the scope of the power of the monsters. Combine those with harrowing moments(such as when the children are holding on to upturned balconies),and you get one of the most dramatic and powerful kaiju films for your money. On a side note, Gaia also has a more memorable theme song. Finally, even though characters from the Gaia series appear, their relationships are kept to a minimum, so you can enjoy the movie without needing to know who’s who.

Since I’m not really a tech-head like people who run other anime sites, I’ll just say I liked the Japanese audio on both dvd’s, and had no problems with the track. (I didn’t hear the dub.) The picture was lovely, and had a nice widescreen format for the viewer to appreciate all of the action. My only gripe is the theme songs at the end-as well as the credits-weren’t subbed, and I’d really like to know who played Gamu, as well as the staff who produced the special effects.

Anyway, if you need to know the cast for Ultraman Tiga and Dyna, go to The director and writer for Gaia is mentioned at


Anime News Service – Silent Hill Movie Hoax

  • 28th Apr 2002
  • News

Daniel submits the following from Corona:

“There currently is no Silent Hill movie in development.

“Five days ago the Bloody Disgusting horror website posted what they claimed was an “interview” with a representative from Dark Aura Entertainment, supposedly a film production company that was developing a movie based on Konami’s survival horror video game Silent Hill. The Bloody Disgusting interview made it seem that the rights were owned or controlled by Dark Aura, that they were in discussions with New Line Cinema to release a Silent Hill movie, and that preliminary casting ideas had already been heard.

“There was just one big problem: it appears they never had the film rights to Silent Hill.

“Whether it was the webmaster of the Bloody Disgusting website that took their source’s authenticity for granted or part of a larger deception remains unclear. The interview with the Dark Aura representative has now vanished from the Bloody Disgusting site. What is clear is that the reports of a Silent Hill movie being in development were picked up by at least half-a-dozen other websites, further propagating the false story.

“According to our own sources, video game manufacturer and Silent Hill rights owner Konami is aware of the false story now and may be taking further action to make sure someone is not misrepresenting their property. We’ve checked with multiple individuals working in Hollywood at high levels and have been told that there was never a Silent Hill movie in development at New Line Cinema.

“We contacted the webmaster of Bloody Disgusting in an attempt to find out more information about their original source. We received this reply: “You know what, I appreciate you letting me know, I have been told this now by 3 good sources, I think I’m going to try and contact New Line myself, and if they deny it, I’m taking any posts of theirs down.” We guess they got that denial from New Line.

“Still, that hasn’t stopped a flood of emails from coming in from people who are now convinced a Silent Hill movie is imminent. There might very well be a movie one day, but it’s not coming from Dark Aura Entertainment. Hopefully, with the creation of this page, we can begin putting a stop to the rumors”

Anime News Service – April 23-27 Anime News

4-27-02—- New From Radio Comix

Mangaphile #15:
An anthology comic dedicated to promoting manga and manga-style comics in America! Articles this issue include the Eye on Manga review, the Manga Checklist, and Doujin World by Dan Kanemitsu! Comics this issue include “Spiral” by JC Amberlyn, “The Tank” by Neumann and “Switch” by Amado Rodriguez Jr.!

For more info:

4-27-02—- Patlabor WXIII UK Premiere At OneDotZero Film Festival

This year’s ICA Onedotzero film festival, which maintains the unofficial tradition of showing at least one anime film, playing host in the past to Perfect Blue, X, will play host this year to Madhouse’s Patlabor WXIII. For the the festival’s info page check here, it will be showing from Sunday, May 18th.

4-27-02—- Super Techno Arts Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Press

From the Super Techno Arts press release, thanks to Danile for the scoop:



JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure out on Region 1 DVD Fall/Winter of 2002

Based on the original manga series by Hirohiko Araki, the first volume of “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” DVD will be released in Fall/Winter of 2002. 13 episodes will be available on total of 6 volumes, with sound and music upgraded to 5.1 surround system for the original 6 episodes. Character design and animation director by Junichi Hayama, music composed and arranged by Marco d’Ambrosio of MarcoCo., and sound design by Tom Myers of Skywalker Sound.

Street Date: Fall/Winter 2002 (date TBA)
Episode count: 1st Volume 3 Episodes x 30 minutes each
Format: Region 1 DVD
Animation Production: A.P.P.P.
Executive Producer: Kazufumi Nomura
Distribution by: TBA
Official Super Techno Arts Inc. Website Launch Date: 5/01/02

More than 100 years have past since the battle between Jonathan Joestar and the vampire, Dio Brando. Dio’s escape from the ocean depths awakens the psychic power known as “Stand” within Josef Joestar and Jotarou Kujo (JoJo). They join forces with other Stand Users to face the ultimate evil to save JoJo’s mother Holly from the deadly curse.”

4-27-02—- Soultaker Spinoff On The Horizon?

The TV anime Nurse Witch Komugi-chan Magical te (Soul Taker Spinoff?) begins broadcast in August.

Source: Natsume Maya

4-26-02—- Irwin 5′ DBZ Figures In Stores

Irwin’s 5″ DragonBall Z Series 8 action figures are now starting to appear in stores. This series stars include: Dabura, Angelic Goku, SSJ Gohan, Videl, and Trunks & Goten 2-pack. To see a pic of the new figures and get more info, got to

Source: AnimePro –

4-26-02—- DoCoMo Begins 3G Streaming

All Net Devices reports NTT has launched a trial version of its forthcoming streaming video service, V-Live which uses MPEG 4, streaming live and archived video content to phones and PDAs via its third-generation (3G) FOMA system.

4-26-02—- Pia Carrot e Youkoso Movie

Akiba-K News has updated mentioning an anime movie based on the game Pia Carrot e Youkoso will be produced, although the movie will have a new storyline, with the season planned to commence at the end of September 2002. A tentative title could be “Pia Carrot e Youkoso!! ~Sayaka no Natsu Monogatari~” (Sayaka’s Summer Story).

Source: Natsume Maya

4-26-02—- Vandread News has announced the production of a Vandread Gekitou Hen, as a new part to the Second Stage. It’s the second instalment of “another Vandread” by director Higuchi Shinji, with new theme music.

Source: Natsume Maya

4-26-02—- New Astroboy Anime And Manga Status

According to Charabiz a new Tetsuwan Atom (Astroboy) TV anime is slated for broadcast in April 2003, with broadcast lined up for Southeast Asian countries (South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, etc) likely for around October 2003. The full CG Hollywood Tetsuwan Atom movie is scheduled for release in July 2004, with simultaneous release in Japan and in the US. The movie will be a joint production of Sony Pictures Entertainment and Jim Henson Pictures. Director will be Eric Leighton (who worked on Disney’s “Dinosaur”). Production costs are estimated at 10,000,000,000 yen with a similar budget for advertising. Apart from the two anime, a new manga will be published by Shogakukan commencing October 2002 and various Tetsuwan Atom events are planned, including on Atom’s birthday on 7 April 2003.

Source: Natsume Maya

4-26-02—- Subway Cinema Asian Film Fest In The NYC

Cinescape states:

“Subway Cinema in New York City will be sponsoring an Asian film festival April 26 through May 2 with Gamera 2 & 3 showing. Gamera 2 will be screening on Saturday, April 27 at 2:00 pm, while Gamera 3 will screen on Saturday, April 27 at 4:15 pm and again on Monday, April 29 at 6:30 pm. In addition Club Daikaiju will be sponsoring raffles for Gamera merchandise at the film festival on Saturday”

Also, the Subway Cinema site mentions Visitor Q(now banned in New Zealand) and Pistol Opera will be there, as well as a movie called Kiss the Moon from the people behind the Korean hit Attack the Gas Station.

Thanks to Daniel for the news

4-26-02—- Ang Lee Hulk Direction

You can read about Ang Lee’s intended approach to the Hulk movie at Cinescape. Thanks to Daniel for the link.

4-26-02—- Hellsing Site

The Right Stuf reports the official website for Gonzo’s Hellsing has opened courtesy Pioneer at

4-26-02—- Ninja Scroll TV Series

The Right Stuf reports Urban Vision’s website is indicating that the company has licensed Ninja Scroll TV and the show is currently under production. The series will be supervised by Yoshiaki Kawajiri (Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust) and directed by Tatsuo Sato (Nadesico), with character designs by Takahiro Yoshimatsu (Trigun). No information on when the series will be released as of the present.

4-26-02—- ADV Press: Nadia – Sailor Moon

ADV Films has circulated new press on Nadia: The Prophecy Fulfilled and 2 new Sailor Moon releases.

4-26-02—- TRSI – Anime Trax Listings For June 2002

The Right Stuf has circulated June press for it’s coming Video titles and CD’s coming from Anime Trax.

4-26-02—- Mature Anime Themes – Minneapolis Anime Festival

The Star Tribune has a cover report on the growing relations of Japan’s adult (read: not neccesarily

Anime News Service – April 11-16 Anime News

4-16-02—- Mahoromatic End Of The Year DVD Special

Mahoromatic End Of The Year Special DVD will be released after volume 6. Shotaiken! Mahoromatic is due June 25 with the end of year special (broadcast on 14 December 2001) (with a digest of episodes 1 to 8) and “Live! Mahoromatic” Length 25 minutes Catalogue number PIBA-1357 Price 1,800 yen (excluding tax)

Source: Natsume Maya

4-16-02—- Votoms Online At One

Votoms Online celebrated its first anniversary this past weekend. The site will be celebrating by adding new features, and kicking off their Votoms Online Battling Arena in a day or so. The V.O.B.A. is a battletech-type online strategy game set in the Votoms universe. Anyone interested in signing up can get info at

4-16-02—- Macross Chara Designer / Dirty Pair Director On Blue Remains

On June 14 Toei’s 3D CGI Movie Blue Remains will be released in Japan. The sci-fi marine action anime, directed by Takizawa Toshifumi (Densetsu Kyojin Ideon, Dirty Pair) with character designs by Mikimoto Haruhiko (Macross) features a scientific research couple who return in their spaceship to Earth in 2062 only to find that its surface has been rendered uninhabitable by nuclear explosions and humanity is forced to live in the oceans. The couple entrust their daughter Amamiku with the task of revitalising the Earth. Weighing in at 75 minutes long no details of the DVD release have been made as yet. VHS will feature Dolby Surround with letterboxed aspect ratio. The official site with trailer can be accessed at

Source: Natsume Maya

4-16-02—- Coca Cola Unveils C-Mode

Coca-Cola (Japan), NTT DoCoMo Inc. and Itochu Corp. stated yesterday that they will be launching a new consumer service throughout Japan that will incorporate Coca-Cola vending machines and DoCoMo’s ‘i-mode’ mobile phone internet service called, the ‘Cmode’. The full story can be found at Yahoo News, thanks to Anjiro-san for the link.

4-16-02—- Multimedia Enhanced Zoids Web Comics Online

Chapters one to four the Zoids web comics now have added sound effects. The sixth and final instalment of the present story is now available for download, however the page will have new contents at the end of April.

Source: Natsume Maya

4-16-02—- More On New German Anime Channel

Thanks to Tobias for the following:

Quite an interesting piece of news about what’s going on in Germany concerning Anime…

Just a comment: RTL II is the (free) TV-channel in germany, which broadcasts most of the anime (like Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne, Dragonball Z, Doremi, Crayon Shin-chan, Ranma 1/2 and so on). The “dpa” is germany’s biggest and most serious news agency.

Animexx: For many fans [in germany] a long desired dream should be fulfilled by this: According to an News by the “Deutsche Presse Agentur” (dpa), Josef Andorfer, the manager of RTL II announced on a media fair in Cannes, that RTL II will start an own Anime-TV-Channel in 2004. The channel does not have a name yet, but will be available by sattelite (Astra) and shows _only_ Anime.

4-16-02—- Localized Edit Of Comet-san Hits Korean TV

The classic Comet-san anime TV is airing throughout Korea on KBS2 TV on Sundays 7:50-8:40am, the channel can be viewed online here. For the Korean market broadcast several character clothing items has been altered and a comparrison of the changes can be seen here.

Source: Natsume Maya

4-16-02—- Medabots To ABC Family

Medabots, according to a new Nelvana-ABC Family agreement, is now secured as a daily fixture on ABC Family, televised Monday-Friday (8:30 a.m., ET/PT). The futuristic series about kids and their high-performance pet robots emerged at the top of boys 6-11 ratings when the series debuted last Fall on Fox Kids – and made equally impressive debuts on Canada’s YTV and Fox Kids Latin America. After achieving an impressive debut on Fox Kids Latin America last October, Medabots continues to remain a powerful performer, reaching over 13 million kids in 20 countries across the region. Flushed with its Western Hemisphere success, Fox will continue to broadcast Medabots on all its European cable outlets this Fall.

“We are delighted to bring our wildly successful Medabots series to ABC Family,” said Nelvana President Toper Taylor. “Boys throughout the U.S., Canada and Latin America have embraced this imaginative world where every boy owns his own amazing pet robot. The daily exposure for Medabots on ABC Family will even further expand the audience for this proven series.”

ABC Family is distributed in over 84 million homes across America.

4-16-02—- Further AppleSeed Media And Details

A larger still grab of previously posted Deunan image for the upcoming Appleseed movie can be viewed at Ascii24 here. ascii24’s report mentions the movie staff will seek Shirow’s collaboration. It’s also possible an independant new storyline will be created for the movie. Also unique to their report are confirming details of the international scale on which AppleSeed will be rolled out. Of 50,000 action figure / DVD sets 15,000 will be sold within Japan. Another still image from the movie, of Briareos, is available in this ZDNet Japan report. Character design of Deunan will be by Maeshima Shigeki (official website).

Source: Natsume Maya

4-16-02—- Japanese Film Event At Egyptian Theater L.A.

From Egyptian Theater site via Daniel:

“THE SHORT SHORTS FILM FESTIVAL Wednesday, May 15 – 7:30 pm Presented in association with the Japan Foundation of Los Angeles and the Consulate General of Japan in Los Angeles SSFF makes its stateside debut at the American Cinematheque after three immensely successful years touring Japan and Singapore where the Festival draws audiences of 30,000 who come to see the best short films the world has to offer. Among the international selection presented this evening, two shorts by aspiring Japanese filmmakers will make their world premieres. Jane Campion’s Palme d’ Or-winning “Peel” leads the lineup, in keeping with SSFF’s tradition of presenting shorts by world-renowned feature filmmakers. The eclectic mix continues with live-action and animated shorts from Norway, Korea, England, Wales, Mexico, Germany and the United States. Join several of the filmmakers as well for a post-screening discussion.”

4-16-02—- European News – Hamutaro –

Anime News Service – April 5-10 Anime News

  • 10th Apr 2002
  • News

4-10-02—- Soul Hunter: City Of Fire Release

From the ADV Films Announcement


HOUSTON, April 10, 2002 – ADV Films has set the street date of June 18, 2002 for the DVD release of Soul Hunter: City of Fire, the fifth volume of the amazing anime series based on a series of popular Chinese novels and an incredibly successful Japanese comic book. Soul Hunter is directed by Junji Nishimura of You’re Under Arrest! fame.

The Story: Two potent forces are locked in a frightening standoff. Leading the allied forces of the North and West, Taikoubou and crew attempt to establish a new ruling dynasty. Across the battlefield, noble Bunchu heads the Emperor’s army, reinforced by the sudden return of the Yin princes – now immortals augmented with incredible powers! Will either side back down from the brink of a catastrophic final battle that no one can win? Meanwhile, as her enemies fight each other, Dakki uses her twisted magic to create a gigantic, ravening monster! As it rampages out of control in the capital, Taikoubou must drop everything and play the hero once again. Now the power of immortals locked in conflict rages unchecked through the deserted streets of the doomed city. By the time the battle is done, will China be left for the alliance to rule? Find out in the City of Fire – the fifth exciting chapter of Soul Hunter!

ADV Films’ DVD release of City of Fire ($29.98 SRP) will feature the English-language version as well as the Japanese-language version with English subtitles. DVD extras include translator notes, a “relationship tree” with character descriptions, a comprehensive glossary of terms, voice actor profiles, and ADV previews.

SOUL HUNTER: CITY OF FIRE Running Time: 100 Minutes; Age Rating: 12+ Pre-Book Date: 5/21/02 Street Date: 6/18/02 Format SRP DVD $29.98

4-10-02—- New Escaflowne Dates

Thanks to Bandai Entertainment’s Jerry Chu for this information:

For more information about the Escaflowne movie – please visit


Sacramento UA Market Square at Arden Fair 1739 Arden Way Sacramento, CA 95815 (916)568-1770

Boston/Cambridge Brattle Theater 40 Brattle St. Cambridge, MA 02138

Tempe/Phoenix Harkins Valley Art 505 South Mill Avenue Tempe, AZ 85281 (602)222-4275

Portland Clinton Street Theater 2522 SE Clinton Street Portland, OR 97202 (503)238-5588 theater

Las Vegas Brenden Palms 14 4321 West Flamingo Road Las Vegas, NV 89103 (925)677-0462

4-10-02—- Final Nadia In Love Volume Press

From the announcement:


HOUSTON, April 10, 2002 – ADV Films has set a street date of June 4, 2002 for the home video release of Nadia in Love – the ninth volume of Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water. This charming anime series was produced by Gainax, the creators of Neon Genesis Evangelion, and loosely based on Jules Verne’s classic tale, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. ADV Films plans a concurrent day & date release for both the VHS and DVD formats of this captivating title.

The Story: With King the lion cub in the evil clutches of Grandis’ former love, it will take everything Nadia and the rest of her friends have to save him! But something sinister awaits our adventurers as they finally draw near to Nadia’s homeland. Dark forces from the past pursue them, while the last pieces of Nadia’s heritage come together. Will her fate doom them all? Or is there someone that can save them? Find out as Nadia’s magical adventure approaches its ultimate conclusion in Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water- Nadia in Love!

ADV Films’ VHS release ($19.98 SRP) of Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water- Nadia in Love is in the English-language version. The DVD release ($29.98 SRP) will feature the English-language version as well as the Japanese-language version with English subtitles. DVD extras include an interview with voice actor Nathan Parsons (Jean), a preview of Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water- The Prophecy Fulfilled (the final volume in the Nadia series), and previews of other ADV releases.

NADIA: THE SECRET OF BLUE WATER – NADIA IN LOVE Running Time: 100 Minutes; Age Rating: 12+ Pre-Book Date: 5/7/02 Street Date: 6/4/02 Format SRP VHS $19.98 DVD $29.98

4-10-02—- DVD In April Netype

The April 2002 issue of Newtype Magazine includes a supplemental DVD with 5 main menu items. 1st are several Patlabor items, which include a trailer for W XIII, the whole of OAV 1, several interviews, a clip of Minipato. The second menu leads to a trailer for the Turn A Gundam movie, a trailer for the eX-D movie, a trailer for an aerial-combat type show called Seitou Yousei Yukikaze and, finally, a trailer for Legend Of The Sacred Stone. The third menu item leads to trailers for a game and OAV from the project.Hack series. The fourth item leads to clips of the design, production and packaging of Gundam model kits via a documentary with no narration. Menu 5 leads to a Full Metal Panic trailer, and Snow Sugar trailer.

4-10-02—- G-Gundam Arrives In Canada

Reports are coming in from Canada regarding the arrival of G-Gundam model kits in local large retail stores such as Toys R Us and Wal-Mart.

4-10-02—- Ad Firm Seeks Anime Designs

The firm Add-Creative, a recently formed creative design company has mentioned a few their recent comissions have requested that they illustrate in an anime / hentai style. The company is prospecting to possibly explore working relationships with talented individuals who can produce quick sketches and character designs that they can then develop and illustrate theirself. Those interested are prompted to look at the company portfolio first (in particular the Illustration section). Add-Creative has already collaborated with people all over the world and don’t find distance a problem as long at potential applicants speak English.

4-10-02—- Suikoden Release Set

Daniel has posted the following mention to our Mailing List:

Gamespot states the game will be out in Japan on July 11. No information on when it will come out in North America though.

4-10-02—- Viz Graphic Novel Releases For July

From the release:


Anime News Service-Review: Ichi The Killer

  • 22nd Mar 2002
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By Nicholas O’Malley

“Ichi the Killer”

Kakihara … Tadanobu Asano
Nao Omori … Ichi
Shinya Tsukamoto … Jijii
Based on the manga by … Hideo Yamamoto
Directed by … Takashi Miike
126 mins.

So here we are at the historic Egyptian Theater in Hollywood. And here I am trying to pry Daniel Zelter away from Patrick Macias, author of “TokyoScope: The Japanese Cult Film Companion”. Macias was doing a book signing today and now I had to pull Daniel, long time contributor to ANS, away so we could find a couple of seats before the movie starts. When Daniel had gone into his “I hate Animerica” rant, I knew time was up. “Dear God, man.” I said, and dragged him away. I knew if I had not interacted, Daniel would still be hanging on to Macias’ every word. That Patrick, he must be the devil himself! Just kidding, that was a lie. The Macias devil bit that is. He’s a cool guy. Into the theater we went.

Before we get to business, I want to talk about Chuck D. Now Chuck has been a great supporter of Japanese film festivals in the U.S. and is the organizer of the Japanese Outlaw Masters festival held at the Egyptian. I want to thank him for coming up with such a prestigious or notorious selection of new, recent, and old films. Now on to the film.

There isn’t a lot in ‘Ichi’ that can be said without giving some surprises away. Here’s an example:


Don’t worry he won’t rape you anymore.


Did you kill him?


Yes. Now I can rape you.

If you can comprehend something like that, you’re halfway to feeling the disturbing nature of the film. Its two main characters are both equally sick. Kakihara, a man with hideous open wound scars on his face, is on the trail of Ichi after he killed his boss, the Shinjuku Yakuza leader of the Anjo Group. Ichi, a sad crybaby who’s been bullied all his life, is the hitman for Jijii and his group, who want Anjo Group out of the way for reasons never really explained. Ichi dons a rubber super hero outfit with ichi-ban (1) on the back and razor blades on the back heels of his shoes. Jijii tells Ichi that the yakuza are bad men, worse than the bullies that beat him up and that he has to kill them. When Ichi gets mad, he goes homicidal, killing and dismembering everything in his path. Kakihara is excited that someone as destructive as Ichi exists. He wants to kill him badly.

Forty percent of what I liked about ‘Ichi’ is listening to the audience squirm, moan and tap their toes at what for them must be an excruciating experience. I did my share of squirming as well but as my dad always told me, when there’s a gory or scary moment in the movie, just think of all the people behind the cameras bored, drinking their millionth coffee, and listening to the director drone on take after take. Kind of detracts from the onscreen horror presented to you or just a little. I was expecting rows of people to start disappearing but amazingly a lot of them stayed. I was even surprised to see an elderly couple hanging in to the very end of the flick even though they thought it was sick. But unfortunately ‘Ichi’ has awfully realistic violence and upon that there are tons of scenes that will make you squirm.

But as I thought about it, if you take away all the violence in ‘Ichi’ you basically have a thirty-minute film of actual narrative. The narrative itself is weak and contains an ending that makes the film fall apart. ‘Ichi’ based on the manga by Hideo Yamamoto (Voyeurs Inc.) didn’t especially rely on an involving story to sell the book but instead sheer shock value. The manga has actually been banned in a few prefectures in Japan. It’s this kind of formula that works for the dangerous filmmaker, Miike who has always made absurd movies with unbelievable scenes of violence and action. I myself have advocated most of these films to friends but I can honestly say with Ichi, I felt jerked around.

Technically, ‘Ichi’ is a superior film in make-up and special effects. It’s rare to see a man split in half by razor blades with his guts spilling out, look so well.

The casting is awesome. Asano (Gohatto, Electric Dragon 80,000 Volts) as Kakihara is a performance that makes you both laugh and shudder to think what he’ll do next as he enters a room. Shinya Tsukamoto (director of Tetsuo: The Iron Man, Gemini, and Tokyo Fist) who last appeared in Miike’s Dead Or Alive 2: Birds, gives a rare full-fledged performance that actually includes lines and nudity! And Nao Omori as Ichi a strange twisted character, so unbelievable that to even think of having empathy with someone like that may very well bring you certain death.

As I said earlier, there isn’t a lot in ‘Ichi’ that can be said without giving some surprises away. So much of this movie is riding on the absurd violence and the absurd comedy of that violence. On that level, I enjoyed it a lot. This isn’t a film for everyone. Don’t take it seriously.


Anime News Service – March 16-19 Anime News

  • 19th Mar 2002
  • News

3-19-02—- Midnight Eye Updates

New at midnight Eye this week is an interview with Kazushi Watanabe, the actor best known for playing the title role in Takashi Miike’s VISITOR Q. Watanabe is currently making a career for himself as a director, and together with our interview we also review his debut feature 19. You can view it here.

Several new book reviews have been added here.

3-19-02—- Ring Remake

“Received word that the remake is already scheduled for a September release in Japan via the Toho distribution arm.”

Also, a teaser for the film-which appeared in the back of the comic adaptation of the recent “The Time Machine”-is linked to

Thanks to Daniel for the link.

3-19-02—- Possible Avalon Release Date

The following information on Oshii’s live-action film came from Upcoming Movies, thanks to Daniel for posting this to our Mailing List:

“Release Date: TBA 2002 (limited release; at least at first)… Languages: Polish with English subtitles (note: there’s a chance Miramax might have this dubbed, but subtitles seem more likely)….”

3-19-02—- Sequential Tart Anime Chat

Sequntial Tart will host a special anime and manga chat on Wednesday March 20th at 9 PM EST. Fans can participate at:

This month in the anime and manga section of the site ST focussed on horror and the many works that “scare” them. You can check that out here.

3-19-02—- Konami Yugioh Cards GBA Addition

Thanks to Daniel for this Gamespot Item :

“Konami has announced that a set of collectible cards will included in the Game Boy Color version of Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories, its upcoming trading-card game for the Game Boy Color. The set will include three different holographic silver-foil cards that will only be available inside the packaging for the game. Only the initial shipment of the game will include the limited-edition cards. Subsequent shipments will include a completely different set of cards. The limited-edition cards will include three monsters: blue-eyed white dragon, exodia the forbidden one, and dark magician. Yu-Gi-Oh! games have sold in excess of 7.5 million units in Japan. Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories for the Game Boy Color ships to North American retailers tomorrow.”

3-19-02—- X Manga Return Note

Thanks to Jorge for this news:

I just bought today the new issue of Animerica Extra. Inside are the details for the return of X/1999 to it’s pages:

The End of The World is Coming Back!
X/1999 fans rejoice! You get to see the pain and misery of your favorite characters as we resume the countdown to the end of the world in graphic novel format!

Our apologies for the wait, but starting in may, the long awaited X/1999 volume Volume 7:Crescendo will see it’s North American debut! Volume 8 will come out in August, and Volume 9 will come out just in time for Christmas! It’s been a long time and a lot of work, but it’s finally happening!

The rest of the colums talks about a new Animerica Extra cover done by Chiho Saito, a Haiku contest, a Fushigi Yuugi poster and an old favorite returning to the pages of Animerica Extra in september. That’s about it.

Source: Animerica Extra (

3-19-02—- Square/Nintendo Reunion Perspective

The below link incudes a perspective report concerning the Square/Nintendo deal, thanks to Jorge for the scoop

: FFOnline

3-18-02—- Yaoi Con Looking For A Few Good Volunteers

From the release:

Yaoi-Con 2002

Yaoi-Con 2002 is sending out a call to fans interested in helping to create a slam-bang convention event for yaoi enthusiasts worldwide! If you’ve got the time, skills and determination to see tasks through to completion, play well with others, and harbor a love for all things yaoi that just won’t quit, have we got a job for you!

Being a Yaoi-Con Staff member offers many rewards, not the least of which is having a hand in making Yaoi-Con 2002 bigger and better than our groundbreaking 2001 premiere!

Take a look at our committee and requirements profiles and find out if there’s a niche you’d be the perfect fit for:

– Programming – Events/Panels/Workshops – needs enthusiastic people to bring out ideas of what to do at Yaoi-Con 2002 and to help coordinate programming and events. If you’ve got ideas, we want them – and you! 🙂 Contact Kiri at

– PR needs people to work on premiums (design and contacts), write and edit con announcements, and assist in convention representation in the anime world. Contact April at

– Volunteering needs a few dedicated individuals who are willing to commit a lot of convention time to manning the volunteer/info table and a minimal amount of pre-con involvement. Have any questions or interest? Contact Bill at

– Dealers Committee needs people to help contact and coordinate with prospective and confirmed companies coming to Yaoi-Con. Contact Tracy at

– Mailing List Distribution needs people who are willing to help spread the word about Yaoi-Con by passing on written announcements and/or auctions to MLs. Please contact us *first*; we need to coordinate the ML postings and moderator permissions on the lists. (“Please don’t try this on your own.” -g-) Contact April at

– Sponsorship Committee needs assistance in gathering quotes for various sponsorship items, and numerous other projects. Contact Tracy at

If you think you can help, please contact the supervisors for more information about the committees and tasks.

Thank you for your interest in Yaoi-Con!

3-18-02—- Immoral Angel Title Correction

Thanks to Frank of CPM for sending us these revised details on the Immoral Angel release:

Immoral Angel Book One: Fall From Grace (graphic novel)

Remi would do anything to save her father’s life, including being forced into servitude by sadistic Nekozo Kyuso. She endures unimaginable torture at his hands, and is strained to the breaking point for her master’s amusement.

When will her sufferings come to an end? How many more humiliations can she endure before she strikes back? And just what is the menace of the Lemmings?

7/3/2002 $16.95 176 pages Black and White Manga18 Adults Only ISBN: 1-58664-868-3 UPC: 7-19987-00622-5-00111 Catalog: CMX 62201G

2-18-02—- New Guardians Of Order RPG Imprint

From the Guardians Of Orderrelease:


Anime News Service – March 13-15 Anime News

3-15-02—- Studio Proteus On Harvey Noms

From the update to Studio Proteus website:

Special Announcement #1: Studio Proteus received 3 Harvey Award nominations this year:

Best Graphic Album of Previously Published Work:
Lone Wolf and Cub

Best American Edition of Foreign Material:
Lone Wolf and Cub
Super Manga Blast!

I’m not at all surprised about Lone Wolf …best-selling books always get nominations, but the SMB nomination is a real surprise and of course makes me pretty happy, as that mag is my baby. Lone Wolf will win, of course, but the nomination is nice. My sincere thanks to everyone who works on SMB.

3-15-02—- IMDB Selects Cowboy Bebop As “Movie Of The Day”

American cinema supersite, The Internet Movie Database selected Cowboy Bebop as “Movie Of The Day” on March 13th, excepted below is a selection of their review:

“No probing tentacles. No attempts at wacky cosmic worldviews. No schoolgirls in dress uniform. Just good old-fashioned Bebop. “Cowboy Bebop” breaks from the standard clichés of most anime productions to its benefit. The series debuted in 1998 to much popular acclaim, and gained an adoring following, mostly owing to its hip feel and its fresh soundtrack. Spike Spiegel is the hero of the show; he’s a former gang member now turned bounty-hunter. Along with his sidekick Jet Black (whose missing left arm has been replaced by a robotic one) they cruise space in their ship, the Bebop, looking for their next big score. They also pick up new members of their crew, like a genetically altered Corgi, a croupier who may or may not be the 200-year-old manifestation of Lady Luck, and a hapless computer hacker named Ed. Odd? Yes. Distancing as most anime seems to be? Not at all. “Bebop” seems to owe its roots to the Occidental old television series “The Wild, Wild West” (the title sequence even employs the same geometric screen approach), as it mixes bizarre mysteries with hints of sex and a lot of snappy action.”

3-15-02—- Metropolis UK Release

The online video retailer Blackstar ( is currently listing the UK release of “Metropolis” for April 22nd. Both VHS and DVD widescreen versions are listed, but there is currently no information on what (if any) extras the UK DVD release will contain.

Thanks to Duncan Law-Green for the news.

3-15-02—- Asia AICN News

From AICN via Daniel:

China/HK: “Our deepest blessings go out to Jackie Chan, whose mother passed away on 28th Feb at the age of 86. The funeral was held on Mar 6th and Jackie had already gone back to work the next day to host an HK special for Discovery Channel. Jackie is now shooting “Shanghai Knights”, but after the accident at the set of “Highbinders”, Hollywood insurance companies have forced Jackie to have at least 60 days off during the shooting of “Shanghai Knights”. Jackie is ok with it and said he will use the holidays to develop his next project “Titanium Rain” with Media Asia…Just one day after the funeral in Australia, Jackie is in HK to be a host of a Discovery Channel special: Go Here To See”

Japan: 1)”Shooting[for the new MechaGodzilla film] will start in June and the film’s world premiere will be held at the Tokyo International Film Festival in October.

2)”I recently saw “Alive”, the new film by Ryuhei Kitamura (“Versus”), and believe me if you liked his previous film, you’ll be TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY!! Set in a futuristic maximum-security prison, the story follows a bunch of ruthless death-row prisoners who volunteer to participate in an experiment dealing with a virus from outer space. Naturally the experiment goes awry, and you have a bunch of mutated killers running amok!! Much violence ensues, and we get to see a heck of a lot blood and guts and some AWESOME fight scenes. Unfortunately, there really isn’t much depth to this film. If you like some great fight scenes and some groovy FX-work, “Alive” will be right up your alley. I’ll give this a C+.

3)”I also happened to catch the new baseball comedy from director Satoru Izaka, “Mr. Rookie”. As reported previously in the column, the film follows the story of Hanshin Tigers, a sluggish team, who get some much needed help from a masked pitcher. With the help of Mr. Rookie, the team starts to move up in the championships until the very last game – where the player finally reveals his identity. The film ended up being entertaining and real-life player Kazuhige Nagashima was very good in the titular role. I’ll give this a C+ as well.

4)”also saw the raunchy comedy “The Bleep Brothers”, directed by Yoshiyasu Fujita. The film is just a set up of crazy antics, following the story of two foul-mouthed comedians who become superstars after getting their own show. The show pretty much is a bunch of “bleeps” since their humour cannot be heard on prime time TV. Much comedy follows after it’s revealed that the younger brother is still a virgin. The film was absolutely hilarious and audiences were just dying in their seats!! Much of the humour is thanks to actor Kentaro Seagal (Steven Seagal’s son), who plays the younger sibling. This film is destined to be a cult classic!!”

3-15-02—- Resident Evil Review

Check out a witty-but positive-Resident Evil movie review at New Times L.A. from a critic who apparently has had experience with the games.

Source: Daniel

3-15-02—- Zatoichi Release From Criterion

The Digital Bits states that Criterion will be releasing the following films on 5/14: Zatoichi #1: Blind Swordsman – The Tale of Zatoichi and Zatoichi #2: Blind Swordsman – The Tale of Zatoichi Continues.

Thanks to Daniel for the scoop

3-15-02—- FUNimation To Launch Anime Club Initiative

Funimation has revealed a new idea entitled “Operation Anime”. The goal of Operation Anime is to help clubs promote anime by providing fans with sneak previews of great anime footage along with other materials. You MUST be over 13 in order to participate. Here is a quick run down of what OP is all about.

• One member must submit information about the

Inside Domo Anime: America’s Latest Soundtrack Label

By Jonah Morgan

In early May word came that anime soundtrack licensor newcomer, the Los Angeles-based Domo Records, had announced the American acquisition and release of Osamu Tezuka’s Metropolis CD Soundtrack. Visitors to the company’s site linked above would be offered a special discount deal of 15% Off via the Web Direct Special Price. Visitors type in “15%Off” in Special Instructions column in order form. (Offer expires on May 31, 2002 / Does not include S&H).

ANS caught up with Tatsuya Hayashi-san of Domo recently and inquired a bit into the company and it’s plans.

1. For our readers in the anime community who may not be familiar with Domo Records, could you give us a brief history of the company including its mission statement or audience Domo is pursuing.

Los Angeles based Domo Records is best known for its expertise in the New Age and World Music genres. Domo is home to new age icon, as well as, Grammy and Golden Globe recipient Kitaro. Named one of the most successful New Age labels by Billboard Magazine in 1993, today, Domo maintains the highest artistic standards in the music business, consistently charting numerous releases in the genres of World, Adult Contemporary and New Age music.

2. At what point did Domo come to recognize a possible market for anime CD soundtrack releases?

Demand of Japanese animation in the U.S. is growing. This also means exposure of Japanese music is getting growing as well. As a Japanese owned label, Domo found huge opportunities and advantages in this market.

3. How did the opportunity to license the Metropolis CD come about and how was the move pursued?

In Japan, the movie “Metropolis” was released prior to the U.S. launch. It became a massive hit! We had confidence that it would create the same response in the U.S. market. The composer for this movie, Toshiyuki Honda is well known for composing director Jyuzo Itami’s works. Music for “Metropolis” had a great variety, from Dixieland Jazz, Classical to Techno, and shows his great talent. We were fortunate we could license this soundtrack in the U.S.

4. What if any are Domo’s future plans for the anime soundtrack arena?

Domo Anime has kicked off with the soundtrack for Metropolis and plans to release a couple more within the year. Anime fans in the U.S. are purchasing imports at a high price from Japan. We would like to provide “good anime music with a reasonable price” as domestic releases.

5. Any closing words for the anime fans out there?

Everybody loves animation music. Its fun! Domo Anime would like everyone to enjoy it.

Below is domo’s listing for the CD: Metropolis-Original Soundtrack From the velvet smooth delivery of the torch song theme of METROPOLIS, “There’ll Never Be Good-Bye” to the rambunctious and infectious ragtime jazz rhythms of the lead track, “Metropolis,” the music from the animated original motion picture soundtrack to METROPOLIS is a magical and wildly unexpected as the film itself.

Produced by Toshiyuki Honda, with co-producers Kozue Okada and Shinji Komori, and featuring the talents of Atsuki Kimura and Minako “mooki” Obata, the music from METROPOLIS is the perfect mood setting music for this elaborate production. Inspired performances abound on the 20-track collection including the truly unexpected Joe Primrose penned “St. James Infirmary.” Lush orchestral arrangements mesh with snappy jazz tracks in this beautifully crafted musical escapade.

Retail Price $18.97 Web Direct Special $12.97 Extra 15% OFF with e-coupon: $11.02 (you save $7.95!)

Anime News Service – February 26-28 Anime News

2-28-02—- Metreon Anime Screening Updates

San Francisco’s Metreon has announced free Anime screenigs will occur throughout 2002. More info can be obtained at Action Theatre at Metreon-A Sony Entertainment Center will be host to an ever-changing line-up of anime and action movies, and will present features from leading anime film makers throughout the year. Features from leading anime film and toy maker, Bandai Entertainment will screen in February and March.

From the creators of “Ghost in the Shell” and “Akira”, Action Theatre is proud to present the ADVANCE DVD SCREENING of
“Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade”

FRIDAY, March 1 at 7:30pm;
SATURDAY, March 2 at 1:00pm and 7:30pm
SUNDAY, March 3 at 5pm

Starting Friday, March 1, 2002 in Action Theatre, a limited number of “Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade” DVDs will be available for purchase before its national release date. You will also receive a free Jin-Roh poster with a purchase of a DVD, while supplies last.’s Shopping page can be accessed here, check there for more info on the Bandai Shop at Action Theatre – a 500 square-foot retail space featuring anime products, toys, model kits and DVDs.

2-28-02—- Domestic Licensing Items

Also in this months Right Stuf Updates Pioneer Entertainment has raised the prices on the Armitage III: Dual Matrix DVD (Special Edition w/ltd edition lunchbox/figure). Although the company has yet to decide on the final costs they have temporarily raised the price of the set to $69.98.

Synch Point has mentioned to Right Stuf an indefinite delay for the release of I’m Gonna Be An Angel DVD. A pre June target date has been mentioned and a firm release date is expected for next month.

2-28-02—- Tenchi Muyo GXP Request Overload

According to the latest Right Stuf International update, (AIC), the Japanese producers of the Tenchi Muyo Series, have been swamped with so many requests from American fans for information on the release of the new series outside of Japan that they’ve had to post a message on their English website asking fans to stop asking. The company has promised to post everything they have regarding the English release as soon as it’s been licensed (which could be some time considering its just beginning production). For more info:

2-28-02—- Sen Confirmed Down Under

From via Daniel:

“Dale confirmed with Madman Entertainment that the firm is bringing “Spirited Away” to Australia:Madman is hoping to do a theatrical run hopefully in late 2002, with an Australian VHS/DVD release in early 2003. The above dates are very tentative at this stage, since this must be the biggest project Madman has ever done.”

2-28-02—- Best Motoring International Updates

For fans of the best selling Japanese motorsports video magazine, the staff of Best Motoring International will be in the U.S. in April to exhibit at the SEMA/International Auto Salon ( BMI plans to bring along a very special car (and possibly a very special guest) from Spoon Sports.

Currently, the magazine releases it’s volumes on VHS video cassette, regarding some viewer questions asking about a possible DVD release, Cost, overall market demand and piracy are some of the issues that are holding BMI back from the transition.

Although BMI is currently focuses on the North American market, a PAL territory release may be pending. On requests for a driving techniques video BMI has mentioned it is under consideration.

BMI’s Official web site, linked above will be upgraded in the next several weeks with the Vol. 4 release promos, MPEG Library updates, new wallpaper downloads, redesigned forums and more.

2-28-02—- Truly Lost Treasure – Astroboy Episode 34 Among Discovered Cache Of Episodes Screening In Japan

A big thanks to Yukio-san (Dead Shot Club | ISDN Fanclub) for submitting the following:

From an article running at FUJI ZAK ZAK Evening News:

“A lost episode of “Astro boy” is broadcasted 39 years later.”

Masterpiece “Astro boy” of Mr. Osamu Tezuka broadcasted as the domestic anime series of the beginning of 1968. Episode 34 “Midoro ga numa” (Midoro marsh) called “a lost work” revives till now for 39 because film does not exist and lets you please with the former fan.
New program “BS entirely perfection collection” of NHK-BS2 digging up a one theme broadcasting it deeply. NHK features “hero of eternity, Astro boy” intensively in April from March, and the whole book broadcasts volume 25 minutes of “Midoro ga numa” (Midoro marsh) sealed by a program of this we April 3 (10:00 p.m.). As for the anime series of an atom, film of a 6 work is not discovered among all 193 stories.
English version of “Midoro ga numa” (Midoro marsh) was America, and it was discovered last year.
“Because it was the 50th year and wanted to make you the first theme of a new program by all means since comics of an atom appeared this year, I borrowed it with the sound tape which a MUSHI- production saved together and I revised digital and re-constructed” it (a NHK chief producer) Atom challenges a lizard of “Midoro marsh” which a story has advanced intelligence, and turned a person into a slave a fight. A lizard is the contents which an adult I prophesy that “mankind will fall sometime soon”, and to die is made to think about last. Between fans, the reason why a work by the same author product was considered to be “an illusion” has one more.
It “is the only work which “zero studio” made of Syoutaro ishinomori, Fijio akatsuka, Fujio / F / Fujiko, Jiro Tsunoda which lived with “Tokiwa sou” (Tokiwa Apartment) which is famous for a younger student of Mr. Tezuka” (enthusiast comics magazine editing person) Furthermore, from what was never broadcasted again, there was such a legend. “When Mr. Tezuka watched a preview, I have remained silent in pessimistic contents.”
Therefore the production staff minded it, and it was said that I disposed of Japanese version (enthusiast comics magazine editing person). As for I understand nobody truth, but “Astro boy” being