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Tokyo Tower

By Jonah Morgan

When one looks at the modern sprawling metropolis of Tokyo, one is looking at a very new cityscape. Take any guided tour of the city and you’ll often be reminded of the fact that the majority of development you see around you came about in only the last 50 years or so. Horribly firebombed in second World War by the allies, when time came to rebuild, Tokyo Tower was to become a symbol of new Tokyo. Not only a place one could look to see the face of technological and engineering prowess that Japan represented but a place where one could goto to look down upon that same progress from horizon to horizon around them in later years as part of arguably the most modern city on Earth.

I visited the tower on the first day on the new millenium, Januray 1st, 2001. It was a cold, crisp and calm morning replacing the chaotic celebratory fervor I witnessed in Shibuya just hours before on New Years Eve. As our tour bus approached the base of the structure the doors opened and our guide stood in the doorway, giving us warning that would later prove quite fair: “We lose alot of people on the tour at this point.” The reason being we were about to enter one of the most visited tourist destinations in all of Japan and we had less than 1 hour to make our way through the lobby, up into the general observatory spend our time there and at the shops, and then back down again, there was a bit of twist on the return trip as well, you see, coming down we would be landed via elevator not in the ground floor lobby at which we first arrived but on the roof of the building immediately beneath the tower and would have to find then take the stairs down to the lobby level. Don’t meet back in time for boarding and you are left to tour on your own. Fair enough, although I would find there are clocks in the tower, it’s a good thing to bring along a watch.

Stepping out of the bus we got a brief look at the base of the tower which is about all you can see as the bus drives up. Here everyone took a stare upwards and got their first up close look of the peak, a few folks took images and video of the quite imposing structure, someone mentioned the quite obvious orange color of the paint compared to pictures. We walked into the lobby which was quite packed and remeniscent of an airline ticket counter with lines all queued up. At this point we were informed our tickets were good for admission into the lower level squarish General Observatory at 150 meters. Our guide pointed toward the counter where one could get a ticket to the higher level Special Observatory at 250 meters but warned time constraints did not allow for for the excursion on that particular day. Perks of the higher level observatory include a true panoramic view of the city which was often less crowded people wise. Most importantly, on a clear day, from the higher observatory one has a view of the other great Japanese landmark, Mount Fuji.

Tokyo Tower

Eventually it was time to board an elevator which made it’s way up into the general observatory, the elevator is composed of a many windows so that one can get the true perspective of the height one is going to. The door opened to the general observatory and although it was generously filled it was not so congested that you couldn’t move about freely and even walk straight up to one of the many windows and look out on the city. Such a view, I thought. Coming from seeing nothing but American cities (in person at least) my whole life, the slight but obvious differences in building construction techniques become apparant, the buildings are quite closely spaced. Open up the pamplet you get coming in and you can easily orient yourself and spot the various districts that comprise the metro area. The Daiba waterfront area held particular interest for me, there one gets a view of Tokyo Bay, the majestic Rainbow Bridge, the huge ferris wheel and Tokyo Big Site where Comike is held. Before I knew it time was almost up, I headed for the elevator which made it’s way down to the building roof and soon found the stars which rounded down to the lobby, finding the exit I walked out to the parking lot and took a few last images of the tower before hopping on the bus. Just in time too!

Coming from the average joe or jill’s knowledge of the most recognizable manmade landmarks on Earth one cannot help but notice a resemblence between Tokyo’s Tower and a structure standing in Paris, France. The statistics that come printed on a complimentary handout when one buys a ticket into the tower reveal this iron monolith is much more than mere pale comparisoned copy. Indeed Japan’s Tower has been the world’s highest self-supporting iron tower since it’s construction in 1958 weighning in at 333 meters. Paris’s Eiffel Tower is 320m high. Representing the advancement in metals technology in the 50 year’s seprating the two towers’ construction dates, Tokyo’s tower weighs a mere 4,000 metric tons. It is much lighter than the Eiffel Tower which weighs 7,000 metric tons. Paint used for the Tower is 28,000 liters, equal to 140 drums. In many pictures it’s color appears to be red and white, however in person the true color becomes noteable as the white and orange scheme regulated by Japan’s aviation agency. This structure serves as the number one crucial communications vector point in the city, where 14 broadcast signals for five FM radio stations and nine TV stations are transmitted. Beyond commercial broadcasts one will notice other antennas junting out from many

Anime News Service – January 16-25 Anime News

1-25-03—- Anime Web Hit Hard By Sapphire Virus

The emergance of a computer worm Saturday halted access to many of the net’s popular anime destinations. The worm, tagged “Sapphire” or “SQL Slammer” infested networks worldwide, carrying a self-regenerating mechanism allowing it to multiply quickly across the Internet. Worst hit by the bug are servers in South Korea where Sapphire is blamed for crashing almost all Internet services.

1-25-03—- Sudden Death Of Shonen Jump Editor Leaves Fans – Industry Stunned

Editor-in-Chief of Japan’s Shounen JUMP, 44 year-old Takahashi Toshimasa, suddenly died January 24th. Toshimasa was at an interview concerning the new One Piece movie, when suddenly he faltered and was rushed to the hospital, he was pronounced dead sometime after arrival. Cause of death is still unknown and preliminary reports suggest that he was not ailing. Toshimasa was the JUMP EIC since July.

1-24-03—- Animated Classics Of Japanese Literature Coming From CPM



NEW YORK, NY (January 23, 2003) – Central Park Media has set February 11 for the introduction of the Animated Classics of Japanese Literature series on DVD. This most highly anticipated release will provide an excellent opportunity for the American audience to experience this award-winning literature first hand. These beautifully animated episodes are based on masterpieces of modern Japanese literature. In an effort to retain the authenticity of these programs, they are only available in Japanese with English subtitles.

The Izu Dancer/The Dancing Girl/A Ghost Story DVD The Izu Dancer by Kawabata Yasunari: · Kawabata Yasunari (1899-1972) won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1968. A young student falls in love with a traveling dancer, but societal differences may tear them apart. The Dancing Girl by Mori Ohgai: · Mori Ohgai (1866-1922) was a pioneer in the Japanese Romantic literary movement. A Japanese man working in turn of the century Berlin fathers a child with an impoverished dancer. But political difficulties force him to choose between his career or the woman he loves. A Ghost Story by Koizumi Yakumo: · Koizumi Yakumo (1850-1904) is the author of many books on the Japanese culture. A blind lute player chants the old legend. His music attracts the attention of the dead, who request a special performance.

TITLE: The Izu Dancer/The Dancing Girl/A Ghost Story DVD RUNNING TIME: 75 minutes RATING: Ages 13 & Up SRP PRICE: $29.99 CATALOG #: USMD 2277 STREET DATE: February 11, 2003

Botchan: Parts 1 & 2/Student Days DVD Botchan: Parts 1&2 by Natsume Soseki: · Natsume Soseki (1867-1916) is considered one of the pioneers of modern Japanese literature. The new teacher Botchan has arrived, and he challenges students and peers alike in one hilarious situation after another! Student Days by Kume Masao: · Kume Masao (1891-1952) was a prolific novelist, playwright, and literary critic who devoted much of his life to improving the state of art and theater in Japan. Young Kenkichi is determined to enter a prestigious school. He sacrifices every waking hour to his studies, but at what cost?

TITLE: Botchan: Parts 1 & 2/Student Days DVD RUNNING TIME: 75 minutes RATING: Ages 13 & Up SRP PRICE: $29.99 CATALOG #: USMD 2275 STREET DATE: February 11, 2003

The Harp of Burma: Parts 1 & 2/Season of the Sun DVD The Harp of Burma: Parts 1 & 2 by Takeyama Michio: · Takeyama Michio (1903-1984) was a noted scholar and translator. He received the Mainichi Shuppan Bunkasho literary prize, for his depiction of war in The Harp of Burma. Near the end of World War II, a soldier is missing and presumed dead by his captured comrades. A mysterious monk may hold the key to his disappearance. Season of the Sun by Ishihara Shintaro: · Ishihara Shintaro (b. 1932) is a prize-winning author, cultural icon, and outspoken politician. In 1955, he was awarded the Akutagawa Literary Prize for his novel Season of the Sun. A boxer and a beautiful woman share a tumultuous relationship in post WWII Japan. Will love guarantee them a happy life, or will pride tear them apart?

TITLE: The Harp of Burma: Parts 1 & 2/Season of the Sun DVD RUNNING TIME: 75 minutes RATING: Ages 13 & Up SRP PRICE: $29.99 CATALOG #: USMD 2273 STREET DATE: February 11, 2003

The Sound of Waves: Parts 1 & 2/Growing Up DVD The Sound of Waves: Parts 1 & 2 by Mishima Yukio: · Mishima Yukio (1925-1970) was awarded the Shinchosha Literary Prize for his novel The Sound of Waves. A poor fisherman falls in love with the daughter of the most powerful man in his village. To overcome this obstacle, he must prove his bravery in a terrible sea storm.

Growing Up by Higuchi Ichiyo: · Higuchi Ichiyo (1872-1896) overcame poverty and ill health to publish some of the most acclaimed works of her generation. Two friends are torn apart when one joins a gang, betraying the bond of trust between them.

TITLE: The Sound of Waves: Parts 1 & 2/Growing Up DVD RUNNING TIME: 75 minutes RATING: Ages 13 & Up SRP PRICE: $29.99 CATALOG #: USMD 2280 STREET DATE: February 11, 2003

All DVD Listings offer the following behind-the-scenes features:

Ø Author Biographies Ø Trailers Ø Japanese with English Subtitles Ø DVD-ROM Features Art & Sketch Gallery

1-24-03—- Gutsoon Distribution Expands With Ingram Deal

Torrance, CA (January 23, 2003)—Starting in March 2003, North America’s first weekly manga anthology magazine, Raijin Comics, will be sold in over 2,000 U.S. independent book stores, as well as Barnes and Nobles, Borders, Waldenbooks, and Hastings!

Gutsoon! Entertainment, the sister company to Japanese based Coamix, has signed a distribution agreement with Ingram Periodicals to place their flagship publishing property, Raijin Comics, in a diversity of retail book stores. The deal, signed in late December, means the magazine will now be available to manga fans and readers in the mainstream market place. Raijin Comics is also distributed by: Diamond Distributors, FM International, Triple A Anime, and Digital Manga. Raijin Comic’s first issue was launched in the U.S. in Direct Market stores. December

Anime News Service – January 1-15 Anime News

1-15-03—- Terminal Gaming

According to The Age, a Hong Kong computer game enthusiast has been found slumped dead at a terminal in a game centre after playing non-stop for hours, police said today. The 28-year-old was found slumped at his screen early yesterday after he apparently had played the online game Diablo II since early Friday evening.

His death at a game centre in Hong Kong’s Yuen Long district came eight months after a 17-year-old game centre employee was found dead after playing Diablo II through the night.

1-15-03—- FF X-2 Soundtrack Releases

Japanese recording label, Avex, announced they’ll be releasing the, Final Fantasy X-2 OST, in Japan on Mar. 31, 2003 for Â¥3500 yen. In addition, a seperate Final Fantasy X-2 theme song will be release as a CD single on the same day for Â¥800 yen.

Source: Anjiro-san via The Magic Box

1-15-03—- Tokyopop To Publish Battle Royale Graphic Novel

Famed Comic Book Writer Keith Giffen to Deliver the Shocking U.S. Adaptation

Los Angeles, CA (January 15, 2003) — TOKYOPOP®, the #1 U.S. publisher of graphic novels, will bring one of Japan’s most disturbing and macabre properties to North America. Recognized as a modern day Lord of the Flies, Battle Royale introduces readers to a horrifying world in which reality games like today’s Survivor get a homicidal maniac twist and are taken to the ultimate extreme. TOKYOPOP has tapped Keith Giffen — one of the comic book industry’s most revered writers — to do Battle Royale’s U.S. adaptation. Giffen is known for such popular U.S. comic books as Justice League and The Legion of Super Heroes, among others.

“He’s perfect for the series,” says TOKYOPOP Senior Editor Mark Paniccia. “He understands the nature of the story, the subtext and the delicate nature of the social message that’s being sent through one of the most graphically violent comics of the century.”

“I am very excited about working on this project for TOKYOPOP,” Giffen adds, “I thought I knew the limits to which ‘extremes’ could be taken – I was wrong!”

In this manga series’ chilling future, random Jr. High School classes are chosen to compete in a game called “Battle Royale.” The rules: one student must become the sole survivor after three days or ALL will perish. With an island as their backdrop, the students are armed and sent out into the fields alone and unprepared for the horror that awaits them. Classmates turn on each other in a battle for survival, where treaties are made and broken, and former friends become foes as the relentless countdown continues. Amid the betrayals and rising body count, two classmates confess their love for each other and swear to survive the deadly game together.

The infamous Battle Royale manga was originally created by author/artist team Koushun Takami and Masayuki Taguchi. Its shocking social commentary has also spawned a movie adaptation by the late veteran Japanese director Kinji Fukasaku, cited as the inspiration for such famed U.S. filmmakers as Quentin Tarantino and John Woo.

1-15-03—-Exclusive: New Details On Miyazki’s Next Film Project

The February 2003 issue of the Japanese Magazine Animage mentions Hayao Miyazaki’s latest project, “Howl’s Moving Castle” will be based on the works of popular British children’s author Diana Wynne Jones. It is a love story about Sophie, an 18 year old girl who is magically transformed into a 90 year old woman, and Howl the Magician set in the background of the eve of a war. According to Miyazaki, it is a standard war melodrama with design for the world being based on late 19th Century European fantasy painters works mixed with science and magic. Miyazaki is currently working on designs and Studio Gibli is in the process of testing 3D computer graphics. Work on the actual production is scheduled to start on Feb. 1st and is aimed at being completed in Spring 2004.

Thanks to Tzara for the information

1-14-03—- German Ghibli Retrospective

From February 2nd till February 12th INDAC, the International Nights and Days of Animation Cologne, Germany will present a retrospective with the work of STUDIO GHIBLI. The german dubbed version of “Spirited Away” will be presented there for the first time officially.

Vom 2. Februar bis zum 12. Februar startet in Köln die achte Ausgabe des Kölner Trickfilmfestivals INDAC (Int. Nights and Days of Animation Cologne) Das Festival zeigt eine umfassende Retrospektive des Werks des weltberühmten Studio Ghibli und seiner Meisterregisseure HAYAO MIYAZAKI und ISAO TAKAHATA. Mit den Filmen “Prinzessin Mononoke” und “Die letzten Glühwürmchen” hatten beide Regisseure auch hierzulande bereits Aufsehen erregt, bevor Miyazakis Film “Spirited Away – Chihiros Reise ins Zauberland” auf der Berlinale mit dem Goldenen Bären ausgezeichnet wurde und damit schlagartig ins Licht der breiten Öffentlichkeit trat. Inzwischen gilt der mit zahlreichen weiteren Preisen überhäufte Film auch als heisser Oscarkandidat bei der diesjährigen Oscarverleihung.
Wir freuen uns in Zusammenarbeit mit Universumfilm die deutsch synchronisierte Fassung des Films in Köln vorstellen zu können. Nicht minder aufregend ist die Aufführung der weiteren Filme, die Miyazaki und dem Studio Ghibli die weltweite Achtung der Trickfilmer einbrachten. “Nausicaa”, “Totoro” oder “Laputa” geniessen in Animatorenkreisen einen geradezu legendären Ruf, John Lasseter, Regisseur von Toy Story I + II, sieht in Miyazaki gar seinen geistigen Mentor. Umso verwunderlicher war es, daß hierzulande die Filme dem Publikum vorenthalten wurden.
INDAC 2002/03 ist stolz diese Lücke endlich schliessen zu dürfen. Weitere Infos zu den Filmen und dem Zeitplan des Festivals unter

Ansprechspartner: Johannes Wolters email: Tel. 0221-7200494 Fax. 0221-7200494 Handy:0179-1083349

Aufführungsorte sind die ehem. Cinemathek im Museum Ludwig, die Universität zu Köln und das Japanische Kulturinstitut (Japan Foundation)

Unterstützt wird das Festival durch das Kulturamt der Stadt Köln, der Universität zu Köln, Studio Ghibli, Wildbunch, Universum Film, Telepool, Buena Vista Germany.

1-14-03—- Anime On A Budget

Bay Area Anime has uploaded their latest article:

Despite anime becoming laregely more available in the last couple of years, one thing has not changed: the price. So for all of us with a tight budget, Bay Area Anime has assembled a list of some low-cost alternative ways to get anime.

1-14-03—- CPM Rolls Out Dynamite Dozen Anime Collection


Anime News Service – November 1-31 Anime News

12-27-02—- Gundam Seed Music News

Thanks to Yukio-san (The Dead Shot Club) for the following:

Vivian Hsu is new unit formation. The new theme music of “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED” is sung. Vivian Hsu of the talent of the Taiwan graduate will construct and sing a new unit “Vivian or Kazuma” with kazuma of “SIAM SHADE”, and had an interview with the theme song “moment” of “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED” (TBS system) in the city of Tokyo on December 19. The lyrics were performed at the house of Vivian and it became joint work. She has also first challenged the voice actor.

Source: Goo News

12-27-02—- New Guests For Akon

From the latest Project A-Kon update

ARIK RENEE AVILA – artist – founder of In addition to designing the last 2 A-Kon posters, Arik has done the popular “D7 Peacemaker: Stage One” short film (premiered at last A-Kon), done with his own style of Flash drawing and animation. Also among his list of accomplishments are 5 interactive movies in Epcot Center, and the release of 2 digital movies. We should have footage for the new fully animated film he’s working on at A-Kon 2003!

JONATHAN CLEMONS – author – has translated over 70 manga and manga titles including “Sol Bianca”, “The Cockpit”, “StreetFighter II”, “Gunsmith Cats”, “Ironfist Chinmi” and “Slow Step”, as well as ancient Chinese ballads. He is a scriptwriter for the SF adventure “Halcyon Sun” and has done audio dramas for “Judge Dredd” and “Strontium Dog”. He is the resident ‘anime expert’ on the UK’s Sci-Fi Channel, and is co-author of “The Anime Encyclopedia” and the forthcoming “Dorama Encyclopedia: A Guide to Japanese TV Drama Since 1953”.

P.N. ELROD – author – “The Vampire Files”, “Jonathan Barett: Gentleman Vampire”, and two “I, Strahd” novels. Her newest novel “Lady Crymsyn” was published in November, and she has 2 books out collaborating with actor Nigel Bennett (LaCroix of “Forever Knight”

NEWTON EWELL – artist – Gaming illustrator on “Turok II: Seeds of Evil”, “Stratosphere” and Cartoon Frolics’ “TOTEMS” comic, as well as illustrations in the “Robotech” Art books.

STEVE KYTE – artist – Award winning illustrator from England.

EDWARD LUENA – artist – “Crow of the Bear Clan”, manga styled comics

HELEN McCARTHY – author – Author of “Hayao Miyazaki: Master of Japanese Animation: Films, Themes, Artistry” and “The Anime Movie Guide”, Co-Author of “The Erotic Anime Movie Guide” and “Anime! A Beginners Guide to Japanese Animation”.

MONICA RIAL – voice actor – “Gasaraki”, “Princess Nine”, “Generator Gawl”, “Sorcerer on the Rock”, “Steel Angel Kurumi”, “Excel Saga”, among others.

RIKKI SIMONS – voice actor, artist – voice of GIR from “Invader Zim”, colorist & background designer for “Invader Zim”, colorist on “Jackie Chan Adventures”, and other shows. Also 3D illustrator, and Digital Painter. Projects include “Reality Check”, “Sushi Girl” comics, Visit for more info on Rikki.

TAVISHA WOLFGARTH SIMONS – artist – Character Designer, Illustrator, Photo styler, Colorist. “Reality Check” & “Sushi Girl” comics, is her website.

AMY HOWARD WILSON – voice actor – voice of “Nova” from Star Blazers, also voices in “Nadesico”

AND: (from last e-newsletter)

TRISTEN CITRINE – cosplay guest DRAGONBALL Z – Numerous actors/actresses from DB and DBZ DUEL JEWEL – J-Rock Band TIFFANY GRANT – voice actor KYLE HEBERT – voice actor AMANDA WINN LEE – voice actor JASON LEE – voice actor BRUCE LEWIS – artist, publisher SCOTT MCNEIL -voice actor LISA “HONEY-CHAN” NELSON – cosplay CHRISTOPHER PATTON – voice actor NOBOYUKI TAKAHASHI – publisher, promoter, industry specialist J SHANON WEAVER – voice actor

Also appearing will be folks from IC Productions (formerly Studio Ironcat), Radio Comix, Antarctic Press, and more, will make appearances and participate in many A-Kon activities.

12-21-02—- ANS At Five

Anime Journalism on the internet was founded on January 1, 1998, in 2 weeks we mark the 5th birthday of Anime News Service but our readers are getting all the presents! Stay tuned for our 5th anniversay special articles, coverage, party, contests and much more.

12-21-02—- 600 ML Members

As of this morning the ANS Mailing List has logged it’s 600th member. Those searching for some of the most lively interactive discussions on the realm of anime news can now talk to world fandom by signing up today.

12-20-02—- First Tokyo Mint Love Hina Statue Sells Out

ANS has gotten some details from Californian based Statue producer Tokyo Mint on their latest goings ons read them here. The company has the rights to release a series of cold-cast resin statues based on Love Hina, created by Akamatsu Ken which appeared in Shukan Shonen magazine and has been collected in fourteen volumes, which have sold over 6 million copies in Japan. In 2002, the property was launched in America, with the manga released by Tokyopop, the anime on DVD by Bandai, and posters from 1000 Editions.

12-20-02—- Anime Unleashed Homepage

Techtv’s official website for their latest Anime block has been uploaded to:

12-19-02—- Tech TV Anime Unleashed Press

From the release:

Anime Unleashed on TechTV: The exciting world of anime is landing on TechTV beginning December 30! Early 2003 we’ll be bringing TechTV viewers five full anime series throughout the week.

Although it’s easily identified by its distinctive visual style, anime knows no boundaries. It’s not merely a style of animation but a genre unto itself where you may find sophisticated science fiction, fantasy adventure, romantic comedies, and even wrenching drama.

In the TechTV spirit, Anime Unleashed focuses on the science-fiction elements of anime — titles that imagine what our near or far future will be like, investigate the the relation between humans and machines, dream of what alien civilizations could be like, and more.

Anime Unleashed exemplifies the difference between its titles and Western animation by showing the depths of characters, themes and contortions of plot explored in anime. Viewers will encounter realistic scenarios, complex relationships and flawed personalities. Despite their deficiencies, the protaganists of Anime Unleashed’s titles are beholden to their desires, their hopes and their dreams.

Our first anime series will start on December 30 with single half-hour episodes airing Monday through Thursday at 1 a.m.

Anime News Service – November 7-30 Anime News

11-30-02—- Upcoming Anime On Sci-Fi UK

Rory sends us the following:

The schedule for Anime on the UK Sci Fi Channel:

5th December – 11:50pm Perfect Blue

12th December – 11:35pm Bounty Dog

19th December – 11:50pm Adventure Duo(kid)

26th December – Midnight Spriggan

2nd January – Midnight Akira

9th January – 11:40pm Gunbuster

16th January – 12:45am Riding Bean

16th January – 1:40am Shadow Skill

23rd January – 12:25am Rayearth

30th January – 12:10am Wings of Honneamise

11-26-02—- Sony Enters Mobile Phone Movie Push

From the Novermber 12

Sony Movies to Debut on Cell Phones

Sony Pictures has become the first major film studio to enter the area of mobile data entertainment, signing a deal with T-Mobile to provide film clips, movie-related games, and ring-tones tied to movie themes to U.K. customers before the end of the year. The package of material is being priced at between $1.50 and $3.00 per month. Today’s (Tuesday) London Financial Times reported that as handsets with large color screens and highspeed connections to the Internet take the place of older models, revenue from mobile data services could account for 35 percent of operators’ revenues by 2006.

Thanks to Daniel for the news.

11-26-02—- DVD Vision Japan Update

DVD Vision Japan has just completed it’s last set of anime reviews for 2002. To see a complete list, please visit the following link:

11-26-02—- Japanese Movie Poster Compendium Coming

DH Publishing will soon release Japanese Movie Posters: Yakuza, Monster, Pink and Horror. Open up Japanese Movie Posters: Yakuza, Monster, Pink and Horror, and enter a time and place where samuai clash, monsters roam the earth, ninja lurk in castle shadows, and pristine geisha rumble with yakuza gangsters.

This book is a colorful tribute to 50 years of pupular movie-making and graphic design from Japan’s studios, from high-budget epics to cult B-movies, from Mifune to Mothra. Japanese Movie Posters, filled with vivid reproductions of vintage posters, illustrates why these films and their graphic designs continue to influence artists and film-makers in the West. Introduce your readers to the strange, beautiful, and sometimes hilarious world of classic Japanese movie posters.

For a sneak peek at sample pages, photos, and text, got to and go to “For Booksellers”

11-26-02—- Tokyopop Scores CLAMP Quintet

Los Angeles, CA (November 26, 2002) – – TOKYOPOP, the leading and most prolific U.S. graphic novel publisher, is about to publish five new properties from the “rock stars of manga,” CLAMP: CLAMP School Detectives, The Man of Many Faces, Duklyon: CLAMP School Defenders, Miyuki Chan in Wonderland and Shirahime-syo: Snow Goddess Tales. The most popular manga creators in America, CLAMP sells millions of graphic novels every year. Other great TOKYOPOP series to CLAMP’s credit include Angelic Layer, Cardcaptor Sakura, Chobits, Clover and Magic Knight Rayearth, each followed passionately by readers. This quartet of fabulous females never fails to create best-selling manga, and the following five short series are no exception.

Three of the five new stories take place in the fictional “CLAMP School Universe,” an elite, self-contained city within Tokyo that is divided by educational levels and has its own banks, hospital and transportation system:

CLAMP School Detectives This story follows the antics of a trio of pre-teen sleuths whose unique abilities allow them to help girls in distress around their school campus. The team is made up of Student Body President and resident brainiac, Nokoru Imonoyama, who is able to detect a woman crying from 2 km away; Student Body Secretary Suoh Takamura, a fifth grade master martial artist; and fourth grader Akira Ijyuin, a debonair master thief, who is also known as the “Man of 20 Faces.”

The Man of Many Faces The debonair Akira Ijyuin reappears in this shoujo romantic comedy that follows the master thief and the girl who loves him from grade school into adulthood. The story begins with Akira as a CLAMP School third grader, who lives with his two mothers and is ordered to steal bizarre items at their whim. When he’s forced to hide from the police one night, he takes refuge in the room of a young girl, who falls in love with him in spite of their four-year age difference.

Duklyon: CLAMP School Defenders This is CLAMP at their most wacky! High school freshmen Kentaro and Takeshi are members of an elite police force that protects the CLAMP School from otherworldly invaders. The “Defenders” take their orders from beautiful but merciless Elli Chusonji, who keeps the boys in line with threats (they’re more afraid of her than their villains). When they hear a certain song play over the intercom, they don their armor, grab their weapons and set off on the next adventure. Their nemesis: Sinister Kotobuki, an alien who leads a secret organization hoping to take over the Earth.

Miyuki Chan in Wonderland In this story (which has also been released as an anime), CLAMP has created a loose, sexy retelling of Alice in Wonderland and its sequel, Through the Looking Glass. Things get a little bizarre as young Miyuki-Chan encounters scantily clad female equivalents of the famous fairy tale’s cast, all of whom make a pass at her. The book features over a dozen full-color art pages, including character designs from the cult classic anime.

Shirahime-syo: Snow Goddess Tales A unique, stand-alone volume, this is an anthology of folktales about the “Snow Goddess,” whose tears create snow. The art style is a departure from typical CLAMP artwork, being made up of brushstrokes and naturalistic backgrounds. TOKYOPOP plans to release Shirahime-syo: Snow Goddess Tales as a special edition hardback before the book debuts in paperback form.

11-25-02—- Manga Product Updates

Daniel sends us this item: has the following release schedule:

January 28, 2003 Bounty Dog SRP=$24.95 Dangaioh SRP=$24.95

February 25, 2003 The Guyver Volume 1 SRP=$29.95 The Guyver Volume 2 SRP=$29.95 Virus Volume 2 SRP=$24.95

11-25-02—- Botcon ’03 states Botcon 2003 will be held at the following venue:

Hyatt Regency O’Hare Chicago, Illinois July 25-27, 2003

Also, an exclusive limited-edition Unicron mold(about 500 in all) is only available through this link.

Thanks to Daniel for the link.

11-25-02—- Blood Site Uploaded

Viz’s official site for the manga and anime

Anime News Service-Review: Blame! Web Animation

By Matt Anderson (DVD Vision Japan)


In a strange cyber dungeon, adventure seeker Killy travels the miles and miles of tunnels, trying to get out. He also tries to avoid the flesh eating cyborgs, suspicious citizens, and trained killers. Unfortunately, as he completes each level, he finds another with nastier traps and worse monsters.

In Log 01: Megastructure, we are introduced to Killy’s world. It is full of twisted steel, holograms, and strange creatures. A computer readout full of ones and zeros flashes across the screen. Down on the lower levels, Killy waits for his next adventure. He is a battle hardened man, who says nothing.

BLAME! Log 01: Megastructure is only 5 minutes long, and about a minute of it is composed of credits. There is no dialogue, no action either. It merely sets up the world that Killy lives in. At first starting at some sort of hive, it moves first to what looks like the surface world, and then back down the bottom of the underground, where Killy is sitting. He looks up at the camera, and that is it. Oh, there is some sort of hologram fish flying around. Weird. Cool, but weird.

The animation style is just like the manga. Looking like the occasional color pages, it truly is a manga come to life.

The overall video and audio quality is pretty good. There are very little pixels or garbage. The animation is fantastic with plenty of detail. The sound is pretty awesome, for a net movie. I hope that they release it on DVD one day.

As far as the technical side, the first episode is a download, not a streaming feed. Unfortunately, you will have to download and install the GET MEDIA player. It will not play unless you have it. Also, the registration and installation is all in Japanese. If anyone wants instructions on how to download the program, the video file, and how to install it, please email me at I will send a response as soon as possible.

While the Blame! fan will salivate at this video, the new fan may be a little disappointed. Keep watching it, because as the story unfolds, you will get some awesome action.

Anime News Service – Musical Background For Yoko Kanno’s Latest Project

According to Steve Conte’s Thunderdog Music label, while not much information surrounding the project is available to date Seatbelts member Steve Conte has confirmed a reunion with anime composer Yoko Kanno and the Seatbelts group on the new animated TV series, “Wolf Rain”. The setting for the show occurs on Earth post a future ice-age. The series will be animated by Bones (Cowboy Bebop), with composition by Yoko Kanno and lyrics by Tim Jensen, performance by the Seatbelts.

According to the site:

Last month Yoko came from Tokyo to NYC to record Steve on three new songs at Soundtracks Studio. They recorded a song called “Stray”, and two versions of the title song “Wolf Rain”…one with the Seatbelts and one with Steve solo on a nasty, funky acoustic guitar. The sessions were engineered by the great Joe Chiccarelli who was Frank Zappa’s main engineer for 20 years and just recorded the new Elton John album.

Anime News Service – First Tokyo Mint Love Hina Statue Sells Out

Tokyo Mint, LLC has informed ANS that its first imported Love Hina statue-the gorgeous Naru Narusegawa Bikini Statue-sold out before shipping to retailers in December. The Naru statue, which was imported in an exclusive North American edition of 600, shipped to distributors December 12.

“We’ve been extremely gratified by the response to this first release in our Love Hina statue series,” said Tokyo Mint President Milton Griepp.

“Since we were just beginning to establish distribution for the line and a number of distributors have told us that they’ll begin carrying our line with our second statue, we expect even heavier demand for future releases.”

The second release in the Tokyo Mint Love Hina statue series, the Shinobu Maehara Bath Towel Statue, is scheduled for release in May 2003, but because of the long lead time for manufacturing distributors and some retailers will begin taking pre-orders in January. The new 1/8-scale statue, featuring another popular character from the Love Hina series, will be released in a limited North American edition of 800 at a MSRP of $99.

Tokyo Mint, LLC has also announced that the second statue in its exclusive line of Love Hina collectible statues will be Aoyama Motoko with Sword. This statue will be the first of this character, and the first at the larger 1/6 scale; it stands a full 13″ high. The North American edition will be 600, the same edition size as Tokyo Mint’s sold out Naru Narusegawa Bikini statue, which was released in December 2002. Each statue displays beautifully on a wooden base, and comes carefully packaged in an attractive color box (Japanese packaging with Tokyo Mint edition labeling). MSRP will be $139.

Anime News Service – September 26 – October 17 Anime News

10-17-02—- New Manga From Tokyopop

From the release:


Rebirth, Chronicles of the Cursed Sword, Dragon Hunter and King Of Hell

Los Angeles, CA (October 16, 2002) – TOKYOPOP® expands its Fantasy/Action library with the acquisition of four new manga properties that will be published and distributed throughout the U.S. Favorites among teen boys, Rebirth, Chronicles of the Cursed Sword, Dragon Hunter and King of Hell are action-packed fantasy adventures chock full of swordplay, magic and the supernatural. Each will be released as part of TOKYOPOP’s growing collection of Japanese and Korean manga, which is currently distributed to national retailers such as Borders, Barnes & Noble, Waldenbooks and SUNCOAST across the country.

“We are thrilled with the opportunity to release these best-selling titles on the heels of the success of Dragon Knights, Ragnarok and Priest in the same genre,” said Stuart Levy, TOKYOPOP Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “These acquisitions could not be more timely as we continue the explosive expansion of our highly successful manga business.”

Rebirth Created by Kang-Woo Lee and first published in Korea in 1998, Rebirth tells the story of Dark Magician Deshwitat Rudbich, a vampire who was sealed in limbo 300 years ago by the Light Magician Kalutika. Resurrected in the present day, Deshwitat now vows to destroy Kalutika. He has the help of a team of spiritual warriors, and is determined to unlock the Light Magic necessary to bring this mad magician down for good.

Chronicles of the Cursed Sword Created by Beop-Ryong Yuy, this tale follows the life of Rayan, an orphan with no home, no skills and no apparent purpose in life. However, when he happens upon the PaSa sword — a cursed blade made from the bones of a demon king — he suddenly realizes he has the power to be a great hero. The sword’ s creator is the evil Shiyan, a royal vizier who needs the weapon to help him usurp the kingdom from its rightful monarch.

Dragon Hunter Created by Hong-Seock Seo, Dragon Hunter takes place in Kaya, a world where dragons shape people’s lives. Hunters make a living by slaying them, while shamans control them with incantations. Seur-Chong is a hunter with the Dragon’s Curse, a condition that gives him incredible strength and stamina, but it is slowly killing him. While this mercenary’s only initial concern is money, he is thrust in the middle of the power play among those who hire the hunters, and finds himself fighting for a cause more noble than anything he’ d ever imagined.

King of Hell In Na In-Soo’s King of Hell, there’s a rift between Hell and the mortal world, and lost souls have been escaping to torment the living. The King of Hell has released Ma-Je — the greatest swordsman in the underworld — to stop the wayward souls. A story with striking artwork and steeped in Eastern and Western mythology, King of Hell is currently one of the hottest new series in Korea.

10-17-02—- Manga On EOE

Thanks to Daniel for this:


October 14, 2002

Dear Manga customers,

Over the past 2 weeks we have received some e-mails in regard to our latest DVD release, NEON GENESIS EVANGELION “The End of Evangelion.” There have been isolated reports of the disc not performing well on certain DVD players. We have spent a great deal of time investigating these reported technical issues with some of the country’s leading DVD authoring, replication and QC facilities.

As a standard procedure with all Manga DVDs, the NEON GENESIS EVANGELION “The End of Evangelion” DVD was tested on over 50 different brand DVD players at a leading professional DVD lab and passed all performance and functionality tests before it was released. Through our new research we have found that the product for sale in the marketplace meets all performance, quality and playback standards.

If you have experienced difficulties playing your disc, we recommend the following:

1.If you have purchased a possible problematic disc, please return it to your store for an exchange. It is highly likely that the replacement disc will perform correctly.

2.If this procedure does not work for you, please send us your disc including the packaging to:

Manga Entertainment Evangelion DVD P.O. Box 482 Lincolnshire, Il 60069-0482

After our manufacturer tests and confirms your returned disc to be problematic, we will send you a replacement disc (allow 2 weeks delivery.) If your returned disc tests not to be problematic, it will be returned to you as is.

In recognition of any confirmed problematic DVD and to cover the inconvenience of shipping costs and delay to you, we will also send you a courtesy advance DVD of our upcoming November release Virus, from acclaimed anime director Masami Obari (Fatal Fury-The Motion Picture). This offer is valid only through November 26, 2002.

We have also been receiving many e-mails in appreciation of the excellent quality and production of the NEON GENESIS EVANGELION DVDs and we thank you for your feedback and support.

Isolated DVD performance and functionality issues are industry wide due to the nature of DVD technology, players and replication. Manga Entertainment takes pride and has given every effort to bring you the highest quality DVD productions on both of our NEON GENESIS EVANGELION DVD releases.

Thank you,

Manga Entertainment

10-17-02—- Free Anime Stuff In California

Bay Area Anime is giving away some anime stuff FREE ! See link below. (Open only to California residents though)

10-17-02—- Akadot Contest

Akadot is hosting a special Halloween contest, details, prizes and more can be read at:

10-17-02—- Newtype Launch Party

NEWTYPE USA and NEWYORK-TOKYO are hosting a launch party for NEWTYPE USA – THE MOVING PICTURES MAGAZINE tonight in New York City. A special anime screening by ADV Films, Anime video scratching by SQUARESQUARE, Music by BETA, SHEROQ, OSCAR POCHE and an Open bar & Hors d’oeuvres will be part of the festivities.

10-16-02—- Ikuru North American Release

Home Vision Entertainment, one of the leading distributors of foreign and classic films on DVD, announced at the 38th Chicago International Film Festival Critic’s Choice on

Anime News Service – August 26 – September 16 Anime News

9-16-02—- Media Blasters Theatrical Release Schedule

From, courtesy to Daniel for the link:

October 05 Scarlet Diva Calgary Film Festival, Calgary, Canada
October 09 Fudoh 4 Star Theater, San Francisco, CA
October 12 Versus Olympia Film Society, Seattle, WA
October 12 Scarlet Diva Royal Cinema, Toronto, Canada
October 18 Fudoh Clinton Street Theatre, Portland, OR
October 18 Versus Dark Wave Festival, San Francisco, CA
October 19 Versus/Freeze/Q/Ichi Exophagy Film Festival, Alberta, Canada
October 25 Scarlet Diva Cinema du Parc, Montreal, Canada
October 25 Riki Oh – The Story of Ricky Rhode Island Horror Festival, Newport, RI
October 25 Robotrix Rhode Island Horror Festival, Newport, RI
October 31 BioZombie The Grand Illusion, Seattle, WA
November 01 Fudoh Cinema du parc, Montreal, Canada
November 01 Scarlet Diva 4 Star Theater, San Francisco, CA
November 07 Fudoh Royal Cinema, Toronto, Canada
November 10 Riki Oh – The Story of Ricky Subway Cinema, Asian Horror Festical, New York, NY
November 10 Visitor Q Carnegie Melon U, Pittsburgh, PA
November 13 BioZombie Subway Cinema, Asian Horror Festical, New York, NY
December 07 Pistol Opera Smithsonian, Washington D.C.,
December 11 Fudoh George Eastman House, Rochester, NY

More features will be added later in the month to help theater vendors. Our Theatrical Representative at Media Blasters is Carl Morano and he can be reached at (212) 944-9224 Ext. 240

9-16-02—- Ring Novel News

5 September, 2002: The English version of the Ring that had been listed on Amazon has turned out to be bogus. Just as we suspected, the listing was based on an older press release naming Viz as the publisher, while a newer statement from Viz (issued in June) claims that copyrights are instead held by Vertical, Inc. Word is that the we can expect the Vertical edition around Spring of 2003 (Thanks Johhny Butane).

Source: Thanks to Daniel for the link

9-16-02—- Animagic Guests

Ani-Magic 2002 Guest List: Petrea Burchard – Ani-Magic welcomes Petrea to her very first Ani-Magic appearance! Petrea has been acting professionally for over 20 years in the Los Angeles area. To say she’s ‘best known’ as Ryoko (Tenchi Muyo) would be an understatement – over several series and movies, her voice has become synonymous with that troublesome space pirate. Recently, she lent her voice Lain’s mother (Serial Experiments Lain). Mrs. Burchard will be appearing at Ani-Magic on Saturday only.

Tristen Citrine – Tristen is an exceptionally talented costumer, both as a fan and as a professional. At the Venetian Resort/Casino in Las Vegas, she works on costumes and wigs for the scores of actors in their performances. At Ani-Magic, it’s more likely we’ll see her in a perfect recreation of some character, or perhaps in a costume entirely of her own design! Her website is at

Robert DeJesus – Robert is one of the most popular American manga artists, both in the U.S. and in Japan! Here his work can be found in Small Bodied Ninja High School, Family Pet, or Ai Candy. Across the ocean, he is one of the few American artists to have his work appear at Japan’s Comic Market. The Offical Robert DeJesus Home Page is at

Tiffany Grant – Tiffany has been acting since 1994, and to list all her roles would fill this page! To name a few – Maki (Burn Up), Madam President (Golden Boy), Elysse (Plastic Little), Asuka Langley Sohryu (Evangelion), June (Sol Bianca), Chocolate (Sorcerer Hunters), Dug Fin (Dragon Half), and several roles in Excel Saga. Not just a voice actress, she has also written several script adaptations for AD Vision. You can find her homepage at

Matt Greenfield – Matt is the producer for ADV films, bringing us the quality subs and dubs we come to expect from them. He was once just an anime fan, but managed to make it a profession! ADV’s massive release schedule has forced Matt to cut back on convention appearances, so we’re glad to have him at Ani-Magic. ADV’s home page is

Yaya Han – Yaya has been cosplaying since 1999 – although some of her extravagant costumes look like they’d take a decade to make! Her cosplay extends not only to anime, but to J-Rock costumes as well as her own original creations. As if that weren’t enough, Yaya is also a talented artist, weaving detailed linework into her compositions. Yaya’s site is at

Mike Hayes – The Haze-man hails from New Jersey, where he rules Haze Studios as a divine monarch. At the con, he’ll be showing the basics to drawing manga, as well as some advanced techniques, proving to would-be-artists that yes, you too can draw! Check out Haze Studios, at

Amy Howard-Wilson – Some of us may be too young to remember Amy’s best work, but you can always find a tape (or the new DVD collection) of Star Blazers. Her role as Nova drew many early anime fans into what is now an international obsession. More recently she has reentered the voice acting realm, playing Miranda in Irresponsible Captain Tylor! We’ll be hearing Amy’s voice for years to come. Her webpage is at

Katy Kleinhaus – Katy will be representing Speed Racer Enterprises at the con, bringing with her the Speed Racer 35th Anniversary Party! Has it really been 35 years since young Speed cruised across our TV screens? Come check out classic episodes from the series, a day when men were men, and cars were fast! The Speed Racer Official Pit Stop is at

Jason Lee – Is he a voice actor, a stand-up comedian, or an anime producer? Jason may well be known for his role of Mamoru Kusanagi (Blue Seed), but his biggest contribution to anime is coming through Gaijin Productions. This new translation and dubbing studio, founded by Jason and Amanda, will soon bear fruit with the release of Burn Up Xcess! Gaijin Productions makes their home on the web at

Wendee Lee – What hasn’t Wendee done? A Southern California native, she’s known for many of the most popular characters in anime – Faye Valentine (Cowboy Bebop),

Anime News Service – August 1-13 Anime News

8-13-02—- Inside The Showakan

Read about one fan’s final visit to one of Japan’s longest-running theaters before it closed down at Thanks to Daniel for the link.

8-13-02—- GTO Author Interview

Akadot interviews GTO author Tohru Fujisawa at the link above. Thanks to Daniel for posting the link to our ML.

8-13-02—- Soccer Manga WILD STRIKER Goes Anime

Courtesy Yukio-san (The Dead Shot Club):

The popular soccer comics under series “the hungry heart” are animation-ized by the “weekly boy champion”(Syukan shonen champion) in the title of “hungry heart-WILD STRIKER”, and are broadcast by the Fuji Television system from October 9. AC Milan of Italy Serie A cooperates in this animation. It is due for use of the uniform of the AC Milan team to be attained and to be broadcast also on the commercial broadcasting “a media set” of Italy in autumn next year. At the interview held in the city of Tokyo on August 8, the original author’s Yoichi Takahashi and a voice actor’s Natsuki Kato were present. Kids Alive which sings the theme song “2nd STAGE” (Avex) of this work also announced the song. Prior to a ground wave broadcast, it is broadcast also by the animation channel “Animax” of SKYPerfecTV! ! from September 11.

Source: Goo News

8-13-02—- Author Arrested Per Anti-Prostitution Law

This info comes courtesy of Yukio-san (The Dead Shot Club) in Yokohama:

The cartoonist of a “Weekly boy jump” (Syukan Shonen jump) was arrested by the Anti-Prostitution Law. The Kanagawa Prefectural-Police juvenile division and an Isezaki office are doubt of juvenile the Anti-Prostitution Law violation noting that an indecent act is done to a woman quantity student on August 7, and they arrested 1-8-5, Tamagawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo and suspect cartoonist Mitsutoshi Simabukuro (27). Suspect Simabukuro came out in 1996. “The end-of-the-century leader tradition Takeshi” will be under series from 97 years to the comic magazine “a weekly boy jump” (Shonen jump) of Shueisha. The Shogakukan comics prize (section for children) is won with this work last year. According to investigation, suspect Shimabukuro is doubt of having passed the cash of 80,000 yen to (16) = at the time in the city of woman quantity student = which became acquainted to the encounter system site of a cellular phone in the hotel in Yokohama usually [ 12 ] in November, last year, and having done the indecent act. Suspect Shimabukuro says that he accepts suspicion.

Source: Goo News

8-13-02—- Sailor Venus Seiyuu Birthday

Courtesy to Geoff Wynn for this info:

A very happy birthday on the 9th to voice actress Fukami Rica. She is 39 years old. Fukami-san was the voice of Aino Minako/Sailor Venus. You can check out her info at

8-13-02—- Yuricon Latest Event In New York

Yuricon, a celebration of shoujoai and yuri in anime and manga, is pleased to be bringing you the finest in hot chicks on a warm August evening, this Sunday, August 18. 🙂

Join us from 4 – 8 PM for classic tough chicks anime cocktails with a yuri twist. We’ll be watching classic BGC, Devilman Lady and Kekko Kamen at New York’s warmest and fuzziest lesbian bar.

Cover charge is $5, $4 with a Yuricon sticker and there will be giveaways to the first 20 people! Bring like-minded friends – men and women welcome, over 21 only, please.

For more information about Yuricon, please visit our site at or email us at

For more information about Yuricon 2003, June 13-15 in Newark, NJ, please visit

Meow Mix is located at 269 Houston, in New York City. Check out their website at for more information or directions.

8-13-02—- Digimon Voice Iinterview

Dave Wittenberg, perhaps best known as the voice of Digimon’s Henry Wong has participated in an interview conducted via a text chat. You can read it here.

8-12-02—- New Anime Inspired Property: Starstrikers


AVIEMORE, SCOTLAND, 12 August 2002 – Bron-Bron Studios today announced future plans for StarStrikers, the groundbreaking anime-inspired teenage fiction property, and its accompanying website. Since its relaunch on April 1, 2002, the official online home of the StarStrikers – located at – has been offering a new short story featuring California’s most unlikely heroes each month. And with the online strand of the franchise [dubbed StarStrikers Rising] reaching its halfway point, things are really about to start heating up!

StarStrikers follows the adventures of an oddball group of youngsters battling to save Earth from a race of demonic aliens, the DaakuYuurei (pronounced dah-koo-you-ray). Disguised as humans, they intend to make Earth the latest in a long-line of planetary conquests. but Corinne, Darryl, Sylvia and a small robot called Lowenstein – collectively known as the StarStrikers – have other plans! Rising sees the team jostling with DaakuYuurei agents the Victory 5 for control of the Tome of Revolution, a mysterious artifact that promises unlimited power to whoever possesses it. Each monthly story is a self-contained tale in its own right, but regular readers are rewarded with continuing storylines throughout the year-long series.

The sixth StarStrikers Rising story, “Sun, Sea & StarStrikers,” due to appear in mid-August, will see the team hitting the beach for more anarchic hi-jinks. However, from September onwards, more dramatic storylines will start to take precedence. As team leader Corinne Morrigan faces a number of life-altering decisions, her opposite number – the rampaging redhead Kitty Belle – has problems of her own. An old face from the past returns to make her life a nightmare, but her greatest battle will be with herself. a battle that threatens to decimate the city of Los Angeles!

If the first half of StarStrikers Rising exemplified the light-hearted, wisecracking side of the property in the tradition of popular anime series such as Digimon and Sailor Moon, the second half owes more to darker, cult fare such as

Anime News Service – July 21-25 Anime News

7-25-02—- More On Guillotine Release

Thanks to Daniel for mentioning Amazon has Master Of The Flying Guillotine for pre-order under $20, and claims it will be available on dvd Sept. 17.

7-25-02—- Asian Cult Films Latest

Thanks to nick for this news from KFCS:

Battle Royale DVD
From sexgoremutants Here’s coming the much-anticipated directors version of the cult movie ‘Battle Royale’. Released in cinemas in Japan, but never before seen in the UK, the Battle Royale Directors Cut DVD features an extra 8 minutes, including an alternative ending (all with optional English subtitles), presented in anamorphic widescreen. This limited edition two-disc set also features a Making Of documentary, interviews with director Kinju Fukasaku and Beat Takashi Kitano, and original theatrical trailer. In addition, the boxed set will include a poster art collectors card and a unique film frame card and a 4-page booklet. Choose your weapon and fight for your copy now before the new term begins. The limited edition set will retail for £29.99 and will go on sale from the 29th of September.

The Ultimate Godzilla DVD Collection DVD
From Sony Music! Five huge DVDs in one monstrous collection! The Ultimate Godzilla DVD Collection features Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Godzilla VS. Mothra, Godzilla’s Revenge, and Terror of Mechagodzilla, as well as a special bonus DVD, Rodan. Release Date: September, 2002/A>

Dolls Takeshi Kitano’s [Fireworks, Brother, Kids Return, Violent Cop] next directorial project, “Dolls”, is finally complete and will be released in Japanese theater this October and will be released internationally sometime next year. The film’s central theme is love and focuses on 3 stories overlapping each other. Official Web Page:

Drive The new Sabu [Non-Stop] movie, Drive, is also getting a release this August in Japanese theater. Official Web Page:

Tokyo 10+01 is the new movie from director Higuchinsky (Uzumaki) and will be released in August in Japanese theater. WE don’t have that much info about it yet, except that Japanese actor Masanobu Ando is on the main cast and that the movie si distributed by KSS (Versus) Official Web Page:

At last, the masterpiece MASTER OF THE FLYING GUILLOTINE, will be released as a special edition. The DVD will contain the English and mandarin language and English sub. A remastered wide screen transfer and a couple of interesting extra: 12 Minutes Of Restored Footage; Audio Commentary By Film Critics Wade Major & Andy Klein; Trailers (Original Chinese Release, US Release, US Restored Version Release); Still Gallery; Biographies

The original Ring
The book of The Ring, writ[ten] by Koji Suzuki, will be available in English in North America this September, for a listed price of 15$. As for the American remake of Hideo Nakata’s movie, it will open in theater on October 18th.

And finally, straight from the Miramax headquarters is J. D. Nguyen’s interview of RING’s Executive Producer and all around cool guy, Roy Lee. Wanna know what’s happening with all the Asian remakes and future upcoming projects that are coming out in Hollywood? Read on and be amazed!

7-25-02—- Nintendo To Establish Booth In Panasonic Center From September

Thanks as always to Yukio (Dead Shot Club) for this info:

Matsushita Electric Industrial(“Panasonic co’ltd”) announced establishing the booth “Nintendo Game Front” (NINTENDO game front) where Nintendo can experience the game software of the company in the “Panasonic center” to be opened in the Ariake waterfront subcenter in September on 24. The about 30-person accommodation by 130.72 square meters are possible for the width of a booth. Free experience of a “NINTENDO game cube”, the newest game software of the “Game Boy advance”, etc. can be carried out. At the present ordinary homes, it is said by using Matsushita’s newest digital equipments, such as a big screen plasma display and a video projector, that the highest game experience with difficult realization is offered. Furthermore, proposals of new “play”, such as a cooperation function of a game cube and the Game Boy advance, are performed. The Panasonic center is an institution which generally introduces a product, technical development, etc. of the Matsushita group. In the company, it is regarded as the “comprehensive information reception-and-transmission base” which is not a mere showroom institution. In addition, about collaboration with other companies of Nintendo, it is said that it is now undecided.

7-25-02—- ADV Manga?

Courtesy Michael and sourced to a piece on Right Stuf’s, it looks like anime giant ADV Films will soon be backing up it’s initial foray into publishing by jumping into the manga arena, competing with manga giants Viz, Dark Horse, Tokyopop and CPM.

Animation World Network’s ( latest newsletter contained an interesting blurb on a new partnership formed between ADV Films and Japanese based CoMix Wave, Inc.. ADV will work towards promoting CoMix Wave’s properties stateside.

You can read the excerpt from AWN’s newsletter below.

North American anime distributor A.D. Vision, Inc. (ADV), has partnered with CoMix Wave, Inc., a Japanese anime and manga management and production company, to promote and popularize CoMix Wave’s creative talent and holdings. CoMix Wave manages more than 50 of Japan’s top manga artists and illustrators, and works to discover and promote new talent within the industry. The company also manages production – both in Japan and overseas – of a variety of anime projects, including Koji Morimoto and Studio 4C’s Clio Award- winning spots for Hong Kong shoe franchise La Saunda, and the film Voices of a Distant Star by Makoto Shinkai. As part of the new alliance, ADV hopes to expand recognition of manga artists within an American fan base. ADV will also help CoMix Wave create and market merchandise and related media from the artists’ works and intellectual properties.

7-24-02—- Anime Music Takes To Costa Rican Airwaves

Thanks to Jay for this:

Today, Wednesday july24th, radio station 979 conexion gave the fandom of Costa Rica the oportunity to listen to 4 anime hit songs: Zankoku no Tenchi no Thesis from Neon Genesis Evangelion, Its Gonna Rain from Rurouni Kenshin, Sakura Saku from Love Hina