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12-10-01—- Tenchi Muyo GXP Voice Data

Yanada Seina – Mogi Shigeru
Amane Kaunakku – Suzuki Mariko
Masaki Kiriko – Sakuma Kumi
Ryouko Baruta – Hisakawa Aya
Kuramitsu Mitoto – Mizutani Yuuko

12-10-01—- Male Dead Or Alive 3 Seiyuu

Brad Wong : Yukimasa Kishino
Gen Fu : Aono Takeshi
Zack : Shimada Bin
Jan Lee : Furukawa Toshio
Ryu Hayabusa : Hori Hideyuki
Bass : Gouri Daisuke
Leon : Totani Kouji
Ein/Hayate : Midorikawa Hikaru

12-5-01—- Dead Or Alive Female Seiyuu

Kasumi : Kuwashima Houko
Ayane : Yamazaki Wakana
Tina : Nagashima Yuko
Lei Fang : Touma Yumi
Helena : Koyama Yuka
Christie : Mitsuishi Kotono
Hitomi : Horie Yui

11-12-01—- Japanese Cellphone Subscriber Figures

Source: Telecommunications Carriers Association (TCA) as of end of October 2001

NTT DoCoMo Inc. – 38,828,000
au Group – 1,845,400
TU-KA Group – 3,982,600
J-Phone Group – 11,266,600
NTT DoCoMo W-CDMA FOMA – 11,000
i-mode – 28,638,000
EZweb- 8,724,400
J-Sky, 8,819,500.

Anime News Service – July 1 – August 13 Anime News

9-13-01—- Post WTC Disaster NYC Anime / Manga Industry Status

A gratious extension of thanks to Fanboy Entertainment’s C.B. Cebulski and Octavio for the following questions and answers provided by the manga publisher’s head:

>>1. Where were you when the incident happened?

Asleep. We work late, usually on the phone to Japan until the early AM hours, and in turn we sleep later than most people. I got to the office a little before 11AM and turned on the computers. I couldn’t connect to the net on the computer that booted up first, one that still has a 56K modem. I then went over to one of the other computers with a cable modem and checked our e-mail. All of a sudden I had about 50 e-mail messages on my screen in Japanese and English, all titled ARE YOU OK?, IS EVERYTHING ALRIGHT? and such. I immediately flipped on a TV and saw the Twin Towers had been destroyed. I seriously thought I was still asleep, deep in some bad dream.

>>2. If in NYC, How far away were you from the scene?

Pretty far. We are uptown on 82nd St., several miles from “ground zero”. We went outside around noon and saw thousands of people were marching north up Broadway, walking home or trying to get out of the city.

>>3. What are your feelings are at this moment after all that >has passed?

I honestly still can’t believe the Twin Towers are gone! We were just there Friday with relatives who were visiting NYC from Sweden. It actually helps put things into better perspective as I clearly remember how monumental and enormous they were.

>>4. Do you know anybody that maybe or is a victim of the attacks and are
>they alright?

Thankfully, as far as I know, no one I know was hurt or personally affected by all this.

>>5. What are the feelings of Mr. Kia Asamiya and any Japanese guests that
>are visiting NYC about this event?

Kia Asamiya has been back in Tokyo for a few weeks. He is as shocked as anyone else by all this, maybe more so as he just recently left New York after spending so much time here. Kia had just seen the Towers last month with his own eyes as well. No other Japanese guests, in the manga/anime sense of the word, I know of were in NYC at the time. I have seen lots of Japanese tourists though who are now stranded here for ther foireseeable future.

>>6. Are you planning to do anything in the efforts of aiding those in need?

Trying to give blood but the lines are still too long right now. Mutsumi is type O which is needed at this time. We’ve also been donating whatever is needed. The church in front of our home is a relief center and collecting things like water, flashlights and batteries.

>>7. Is Fanboy Entertainment affected by these turns of events?

Not directly. However, we have been expecting FedEx packages and deliveries and what not which have not arrived. There is also no mail service. We hope people understand that we will not be able to fulfill orders and get product out for a few days. Phone service is still spotty and unreleiable so e-mail is the best way to get in touch with us now.

>>8. What is the statement you wish to make towards the anime fans on your
>well being and others involved with Fanboy Entertainment?

Don’t worry about us. All is well here. Your thoughts and prayers should be for the victims of this terrible tragedy, the relief workers, and those in need here in NYC.

>>9. Do you know anybody else in NYC that is ok? (Lisa Ortiz, Crispin
>Freeman, any other voice actors in NYC, other people involved in anime in
>>NYC, etc.)

I know most people at Marvel Comics, DC Comics and CPM are fine. I hear the folks at Media Blasters are OK as well. Not sure about any of the voice actors and actresses though. Manga retouch artist Dan Nakrosis is alright. Licensing agent Dave Bernstein is fine. Dubbing Director Tony Salerno is OK.

9-13-01—- Japanese Anime / Manga / Seiyuu Events – September 2nd Half

From the list compiled by Hitoshi Doi:

2001.09.15 6th Animation Kobe
Kanai Mika Nogawa Sakura Kakazu Yumi Kobayashi Yumiko Kawakami Tomoko Komori Manami

2001.09.15 The Place of Happiness event in Ishimaru Soft One
Mizuki Nana

2001.09.16 Chara Fes Osaka 2001 Aki
Adachi Mari Sonozaki Mie Sasajima Kaoru Koyama Kimiko

2001.09.16 [12:00] Shiawase Baizou Keikaku -Kolla Pa! event Yamagiwa Soft
Yamamoto Maria

2001.09.16 [15:00] Shiawase Baizou Keikaku -Kolla Pa! event Ishimara Soft One
Yamamoto Maria

2001.09.16 Senoir Seniorita vol 1 event in Aoni Museum
Takazuka Masaya Kisaichi Atsushi Nagashima Yuko Komatsu Rika

2001.09.16 The Place of Happiness event in Animate Shibuya
Mizuki Nana

2001.09.13 Iwao Junko Toga Toga 4 days
Iwao Junko

2001.09.14 Iwao Junko Toga Toga 4 days
Iwao Junko

2001.09.15 Iwao Junko Toga Toga 4 days
Iwao Junko

2001.09.16 Iwao Junko Toga Toga 4 days
Iwao Junko

2001.09.21 Baby Leaf event in Animate Ikebukuro
Mieno Hitomi

2001.09.22 The Place of Happiness event in Animate Machida
Mizuki Nana

2001.09.22 Baby Leaf event in Animate Kichijoji
Mieno Hitomi

2001.09.22 Birthday Disk Imai Yuka event in Yamagiwa Soft
Imai Yuka

2001.09.23 Strawberry Room event in Yamagiwa Soft
Iizuka Mayumi

2001.09.23 [13:00] Hatoni Mamedeppo! event in Animate Ikebukuro
Yamamoto Maria Nasu Megumi Kugimiya Rie

2001.09.23 [17:00] Hatoni Mamedeppo! event in Disk Inn Kichijoji
Yamamoto Maria Nasu Megumi Kugimiya Rie

2001.09.23 Baby Leaf event in Animate Shibuya
Mieno Hitomi

2001.09.23 Valgo Birthday Party in Yokohama
Imai Yuka

2001.09.23 Pink Pineapple talk event
Adachi Mari

2001.09.23 Iwao Junko Live Circuit 2001 in Bottom Line
Iwao Junko

2001.09.24 Iwao Junko Live Circuit 2001 in Nagano
Iwao Junko

2001.09.29 Strawberry Room event in Animate Ikebukuro
Iizuka Mayumi

2001.09.29 Tennensui 1 Day’s Live
Adachi Mari Sayama Riko Matsumoto Miwa

2001.09.29 Baby Leaf event in Animate Machida
Mieno Hitomi

2001.09.29 Iwao Junko Live Circuit 2001 in Kooriyama
Iwao Junko

2001.09.30 Di Gi Charat Tour 2001 in Club Diamond Hall
Sanada Asami Sawashiro Miyuki Hikami Kyoko

2001.09.30 Kingetsu Mami Live -Jump Daze!
Kingetsu Mami

2001.09.30 Shiawase Baizou Keikaku event
Yamamoto Maria

2001.09.30 Iwao Junko Live Circuit 2001 in Sendai
Iwao Junko

9-13-01—- Right

Anime News Service-Review: Cowboy Bebop: Knockin On Heaven’s Door DVD Region 2

By Jonah Morgan

It may have been a fitting coincidence that on the heels of the major news that Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment plans to release the Cowboy Bebop Movie in North America last Friday, at almost the same time on the other side of the globe in Japan, retailers were gearing up to release Bandai Visual’s region 2 DVD version of the film. As I type this in it’s first week of release, acccording to several leading ranking charts for the sales of DVD’s in Japan, the release of Cowboy Bebop: Knocking On Heaven’s Door has achieved the #1 slot for Japanese DVD sales. With the recent announcement surrounding CTHE’s plans for the Metropolis DVD there is a good chance fans may be looking forward to many if not all of the below features in an American release. On Saturday the 25th, Yukio-san, a close friend of ANS and editor Jonah Morgan picked us up a copy and put in express mail where it reached us on Wednseday.

The Cowboy Bebop Knockin On Heaven’s Door DVD lists a running time of 114 minutes with 13 minutes of extras, Sound Track is Dolby digital (5.1ch), DVD is single sided dual layer, aspect ratio 16:9, retail is 7,800, serial: BCBA – 1065. Extras include Special information for theaterical release, TV ads, textless OP and ED, special I.S.S.P. FILE (16 page booklet). As for the contents of the disc, director Watanabe personally selected the chapter marks for the Movie chapter menu. Release was on January 25.

Before going down the list I will say this release is aimed at the collector with a retail price of 7800 Yen. Fans are greeted to this disc with a transparent clear Amaray case with Chronium silver / orange / black slip cover with original illustration by series character designer Toshihiro Kawamoto. Open that up and the DVD disc itself reveals a color print of Vincent, the film’s dark bioterroist villian, removing that, a pic of Spike aiming his hand pistol at the viewer can be seen.

The liner notes section of the case is semi packed with the 16 page full color I.S.S.P. booklet. The booklet is content heavy, with lots of Kanji. The various backgrounds of of figures in the film are explored including Vincent. Other paper documents are a few Bebop promotionals and a Beat ad book from Bandai. Get through all of that to the inside of the shell and the fan / collector elements of this dvd keep revealing themselves, there one can find an easy check chapter listing personally selected by director Watanabe.

Stick the disc in and we have fluid video menus, not that animated menus are not fairly common with DVD releases these days in Japan but the menues featured here are truly on par with some of the work’weve seen coming out of Bandai Entertainment and their Bebop releases.

Extras are all pretty common fare for a film release but skipping back to the chapter select we take a major depart from the chapter select quality used by Bandai Entertainment’s releases. Although we do have Mr. Watanabe’s chapter marked tracks listed unnumbered as Japanese katakana, hiragana and Kanji titles, fans of the American Bebop DVD’s who grap the Region 2 Movie may be disapointed to find no video cut-scene chapter selection. However, this is where the chapter printout on the DVD case itself comes in handy , although it unfortunetly is also not number / track listed either but it can aide the viewer quite well in-film.

Onto the movie, alot of things about Knockin On Heaven’s Door struck me as it being TV Bebop like, before I go into that I will mention that within the movie are a great deal of interesting camera angles and shots (in the grocery store notice the shot from in the corner like a security camera angle). When some films go to the big screen conversion they can alter drastically from previous anime or manga incarnations but with the Bebop Movie we have very little X media – film transtion feel or even that general big cinematic feeling at least visually (Audio wise- it’s a whole different story with a shaking Dolby Digital 5.1 track ondisc). That’s not a slam either, with Bebop TV we had already assembled perhaps the most talented group of people that were in a position to create Bebop, characters were so detailed, the plotlines deep, wittily written and wrought. Backgrounds filled with unrelenting details. With the film it’s my personal opinion that we basically see the TV version transfered fully intact onto the big screen, we can see the movie’s extra budget in the use of the latest CGI effects, the souoped up budget at play with more fluid animation scenes, more detailed backgrounds, more richly colored and penciled cels, but in the end it’s same (good) old bebop fans are used to.

After a brief scene we get an Opening Sequence accompanied by one of many of Yoko Kanno’s wonderful new upbeat melodies for this rendition, then it’s back into the plot, without giving the story away, story setting is in virtually the same 2071 (betweeen eps. 22-23) but the story of the movie could be looked at as an alternate series of events that the characters come into contact with and not neccesarily within the TV series universe. The 4 bounty Hunters are on the trail of a terrorist (Vincent) who commited a massive attack at the Mars crater capital injuring and killing 500, a pricetag of 300,000,000 Woolong rests on his head. Supporting TV characters Punch and Judy (hosts of the TV bounty hunters program) and the 3 old guys Carlos, Antonio, and Jobin return. TV mecha also return (images here) with an upgrade for Spike’s SwordFish II, and the introduction of a new black diamond shapped Martian fighter that is be piloted by the movie’s main villian.

Video Wise, the transfer is great on the dual layer release, you can tell

Anime News Service – June 9-29 Anime News

6-29-01—- Tomoko Kawakami Anime Expo Appearance Hosted By Synch-Point

From the release:

Synch-Point is proud to host Tomoko KAWAKAMI for Anime Expo 2001.

LOS ANGELES, CA – Best known for her voice acting in such memorable anime as Revolutionary Girl Utena (Utena), Fushigi Yuugi (Chiriko) and Tenshi ni Narumon (Noelle), the talented Ms. Kawakami amazes animation fans everywhere with her vocal range.

A special guest of Synch-Point (Digital Manga, Inc.), Ms. Kawakami will be participating in several panels at Anime Expo.

Barring schedule changes, Ms. Kawakami has a planned joint panel with Kunihiko IKUHARA, Director of Revolutionary Girl Utena will be held on Friday and a special Tenshi ni Narumon!/Synch-Point panel to be held the same day!

Ikuhara urges fans to meet Ms. Kawakami. In a statement released by the famed director, he says “Tomoko Kawakami is a talented voice actress. She has many kinds of voices that range from pretty and cool, to strong. And of course, she looks good! I encourage you to meet her. She’s a lot of fun.”

Ms. Kawakami will be a key panel member of a special Tenshi Ni Narumon!/Synch-Point panel with Diana Kou (English voice of Noelle) to discuss the finer points of voiceover acting and Tenshi ni Narumon! on Friday. This in-depth panel will cover various Digital Manga projects and the trials and tribulations of translating a challenging series like Tenshi ni Narumon!/I’m Gonna Be An Angel! to English. Other panel speakers include Fusako Shiotani (English voice over director) and Stephanie Sheh (producer).

Synch-Point is the Production division of Digital Manga, Inc. Founded in 1996, DIGITAL MANGA INC. is dedicated to bringing quality anime and manga experiences to both fans and the mainstream. DIGITAL MANGA localizes and produces titles in English that communicate across culture lines and commits itself to bridging communications between the US and Japan. DIGITAL MANGA devotes itself to strengthening ties with Japanese anime studios and product manufacturers with the goal of making Japanese anime more understood in the United States and other countries.

6-28-01—- Robotech Release News

According to a post to the Anime On DVD forum by ADV’s David Williams, a 9/18 release has been set for Robotech discs 5 & 6 ($14.95 each) and the 3rd box set ($44.95).

6-28-01—- Gundam Ace Magazine In Japan

Anihabara mentions a new magazine called “Gundam Ace” was recently started in Japan, it features the manga “Kidou Senshi Gundam the Origin” by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, who worked on many of the Gundam series, but this is his first time to illustrate a comic.

6-28-01—- Orphen Limited Edition Figure

ADV Films is offering a chance to win an exclusive Orphen figure through their website where only 150 limited release porcelain figures were created.

6-28-01—- Akira Items

According to an update on the Akira website, the DVD will feature a “Capsule Option” – translation of Japanese graffiti and over 4500 stills.

6-28-01—- Osamu Tezuka Online

According to Kyodo News:

Animation works by Osamu Tezuka, a deceased popular Japanese cartoonist, will be available on the Internet from August, Tezuka Production Co officials said Tuesday. The company and CONTENTS JAPAN, an Osaka-based Internet production firm, established a new web site to show the animations Tuesday

6-28-01—- Viz El Hazard Graphic Novels Delayed

Viz has announced via TSRI that they are delaying the pending release of the El Hazard graphic novels to a later, as yet unspecified date.

6-28-01—- Palisades Busts Delays

The Right Stuf mentions Plalisades Marketing’s Tenchi Muyo Ryoko Mini Bust has been pushed back until 8/1, the DBZ Goku Mini Bust has been pushed back until 8/15.

6-28-01—- DBZ CD Release

Faulconer Productions has announced the release of 2 DBZ soundtracks on 7/15: the Trunks Compendium and the Best of DBZ.

6-28-01—- Fanboy Items

According to The Right Stuff Fanboy Inc has canceled the publication of their Kia Asamiya Sketch Collection: Sketchy Situations. Their upcoming release of Yoshitoshi ABe’s one shot manga White Rain, has been delayed to a 7/25 date.

6-27-01—- Resident Evil News

Daniel sends in the following:

I got this from First off, the film’s official title is Resident Evil: Ground Zero. Then the article explains why none of the characters from the games are in the movie. “Speaking to Shivers magazine, Anderson explained, “To be scary you have to be unpredictable, and that’s why I felt completely free to reinvent the story and use my own set of fresh characters. There was no point in using the Jill Valentine character from the first Resident Evil game, as the fans would know she wasn’t going to be killed because she pops up in the later games. The suspense dynamic of who is going to live, who is going to die and what people’s allegiances are was only going to work with new characters.”

6-27-01—- Japanese Cinema Bits

Thanks to Daniel for this news from the Asia AICN Report:

1)”The Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Rose Cinemas (kinda long name, I know) is having a Kinji Fukasaku retrospect, and will be screening “Battle Royale” on July 6th, 7:30 pm. They are also screening his awesome “Black Lizard” along with some other lesser known stuff…

“More info can be found here:

3)”- Two new Japanese horror films have been completed. The first one, “Moju vs. Isshunbousi” was directed by legendary cult director Teruo Ishii while “Watashi No Hone” was directed by first time director Takayuki Ogino. I’ll keep you up-to-date on these films as more information is released.”

6-27-01—- Escaflowne News

According to the last DVD of Escaflowne (#8), there will be a limited release of the Escaflowne movie later in 2001, followed by a VHS and DVD release sometime in 2002. Bandai has also reserved the URL but has yet to add any content.

Thanks to Justin Evans for this item

6-26-01—- Boogiepop Phantom DVD Release

Anime On DVD has posted the following release dates and info on TSRI’s release of Boogipop Phantom:

Boogiepop Phantom Vol #1 – 09/25/01
Vol #2 – 10/30/01
Vol #3 – 11/27/01
Vol #4 – 01/29/02
Box Set (all 4 Volumes) – 1/29/02

Each individual vol. retails at $29.95 and has

Anime News Service – May 26 – June 8 Anime News

6-8-01—- Animeigo Street Delays

From the release:

We had previously announced a street date for BOAH DVD (AV200-062) and Vampire Princess Miyu 2 DVD (AV201-071). Those dates, however, have been put on hold indefinitely due to authoring house problems beyond our control. We will announce a new street date for both later this year. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

6-8-01—- Figure News reports:

Toycom has a slew of Action Figures coming your way, all in limited supply.

*Future Ninja: has been sold out to distributors; the figures offered to the U.S. running ONLY 1000 pieces. SRP of $29.99 each.

*Giant Robo: scheduled for release this month for a SRP of $44.95. The two styles, Bazooka and Missile, will together be limited to just 6000 pieces.

*Samurai X and BERSERK: both scheduled for September release and both to have runs of 10,000 pieces.

Medicom, best known for their high quality version of another world-famous building block – Kubrick, will be celebrating 47 sets (and counting) this year with a Comic Con Exclusive. Exclusive in question will be Tetsujin 28 (aka “Gigantor”) available for the first time individually and featuring a “deep blue” metallic repaint. This Exclusive will be limited to only 2001 pieces and will only be available at Comic-Con International: San Diego and Wizard World Chicago.

Oversea toy maker Kaiyodo in partnership with Diamond will be unleashing a Neon Genesis Evangelion EVA Unit 01 Glow-in-the-Dark Exclusive Figure at San Diego and Wizard World Chicago 2001. “The First Angel Adam” will come blister carded marked with a Comic Con Exclusive Sticker and limited worldwide to only 2001 pieces. Pictured above is a first hand look.

Beckett Dragon Ball Z Collector and Irwin Toys have teamed up to produce an Exclusive Teen Trunks action figure. This new Limited Edition Trunks figure is Fully Articulated and is painted using an Exclusive Metallic paint. The only way to obtain this unique Teen Trunks figure is through a special subscription page in either Beckett Dragon Ball Z Collector or Beckett Pokemon Collector magazines. A released date is scheduled for late July andquantities are limited.

6-8-01—- DVD News

The Right Stuf mentions ADV Films will release Robotech Macross Saga DVD 3: Homecoming, DVD 4: Battlefront and the Robotech Macross DVD Box 2 on 8/7. City Hunter TV Series 10 is due on 6/19

6-8-01—- International Channel Items

UMJAMS Anime News reports:

The International Channel will repeat some of the anime features from April in June. Here is the schedule (schedules are subject to change without notice).

June 9 – Ninja Cadets – 1 am Eastern time (which is the same as June 8 at 10 pm Pacific time) June 9 – Princess Rouge – 2 am Eastern time (which is the same as June 8 at 11 pm Pacific time) June 16 – Earthian (parts 1 and 2) – 1 am Eastern time (which is the same as June 15 at 10 pm Pacific time) June 17 – Earthian (parts 3 and 4) – 1 am Eastern time (which is the same as June 16 at 10 pm Pacific time) In addition, we’ll repeat some of the Japanese movies. Please visit here for more information.

6-8-01—- Final Fantasy X News

From the Madman’s Cafe is relaying the following FFX News Items:

Square has released 5 wallpapers of Final Fantasy X in their new “downloads” section of the game’s promotional site in The released wallpapers individually feature Yuna, Tidus and Kimali.

Square and has released an Official commercial trailer of Final Fantasy X. The trailer is in streaming video, approximately 3 minutes long. For the 64Kbps and higher streaming video, check’s Movie Section. To save the movie for viewing after a download, check the site’s Real Media File.

Square has released a promotional sample of their upcoming Final Fantasy X theme song, “Suteki Da Ne”. The 45 second long sampler comes with an introduction announcement, one of which announcer is composer Nobuo Uematsu himself. For the sample, visit’s Section. The Maxi single CD of “Suteki Da Ne” is scheduled for release in 7/19, priced 1300 Yen. The CD will include the vocal & instrumental versions of the song, as well as “Utikisama”- an original song by vocalist Rikki, and “Pure Heart” – the arranged vocal version of Aerith’s Theme music from Final Fantasy VII.

Convenience store Seven-Eleven of Japan, has announced that a limited edition summon creature figure will come as a bonus for reservations of Final Fantasy X. While a series of summon creature figures are scheduled to be released for sales as products under the name “Final Fantasy Creatures”, the Valfare’ figure “Serial No.00” will only be available as a reservation bonus at Seven-Eleven. The bonus figure will come in three different variations- crystal, metallic, or full color. Reservers cannot select the color- it is chosen randomly.

6-7-01—- Figure News reports Toycom is set to release a line of Berserk action figures in September:
Guts (Hawk Soldier) (Item#:27207-1/UPC#: 6-93904-27207-1) , Guts (Black Swordsman) (Item#:27209-5/UPC#: 6-93904-27209-5) , Casca (Item#:27208-8/UPC#: 6-93904-27208-8) , and Griffith (Item#:27210-1/UPC#: 6-93904-27210-1).
Each is 7″ tall, and features 17 points of articulation. Retail is $17.99.

Yamato’s Dark Angel, Toycom imported Action Figures (in conjunction with Studio Tron: creators Kia Asamiya and Michitaka Kikuchi’s art studio and Fanboy Entertainment) are to receive the Exclusive treatment. The two characters Dark and Leen from the anime Dark Angel: Phoenix Resurrection, will each receive an Exclusive Translucent Figure at Comic-Con International (July 19-22) in San Diego (sorry, no Wizard World). Leen will be cast in clear yellow, with Dark in clear orange. Each will be Extremely Limited- 300 each and will be selling for approxiamtely $14.95. As an added treat, creator Kia Asamiya will be on hand to answer questions!
The standard assortment, which had an initial first run of 3000 figures each, stand approximately 6 to 8 inches tall, each figure being extremely highly detailed and offering 12 points of articulation. These can now be found at select specialty stores such as

Anime News Service – May 15-25 Anime News

5-25-01—- New Anime July Shows

According to the writeup presented by Anihabara

Furit Basket (Jul.5 18:00, TV TOKYO) Stories about a girl, and strange family which transform into animals when they hold a woman. Directed by Daichi, Akitaro.
Cosmo Warrior Zero (AT-X) Matumoto Reiji’s new work. In the end of 30th century, human being is accepting the coexistence with mechanized people. However, Captain Harlock rebelled against them and went to the space. Warrior Zero is appointed to exterminator of him….
Shaman King (Jul.4 18:30, TV TOKYO) Shaman has a supernatural power which make ghosts haunt on his body, and use ghost’s power or special ability.
I-MY-ME Strawberry Egg (WOWOW[free]) Amawa Hibiki is a teacher, and she is a hot-blooded woman, but she is loved by girl students? Directed by Yamaguchi, Yuuji.
Mahou Shoujo Neko Taruto [Magic Cat Girl Taruto]
Stories of a cat ear girl who studies magic.

5-25-01—- Range Murata Items On Ebay

Thanks to C.B. of Fanboy Entertainment for sending in this item:

First off, ESSENCE: The Art of Yoshitoshi ABe went on sale nationwide this week. Run down to your local comic shop this Wednesday and pick up your copy while they last!

Yes, we are aware our site has been hacked. While we were at Anime Central this past weekend, we were also in the process of changing our servers. Unfortunately, we were not able to devote 100% of our time to the switch and we were invaded by the Poison Box hackers. We have since corrected the problem and the sitre is back up an running!

As many of you know, we had lots of great exclusive Fanboy products on sale at Anime Central last weekend. Not all of the products sold out though and we wanted to make them available on the web to fans across the country who didn’t make the con. However, with our website now down, this presented a slight problem. So we’ve done the next best thing and taken some of the items to eBay where we are offering them for their original sale prices. The two items up on eBay now are the super popular Range Murata postcard set and the almost sold out Range Murata 2001 “Build It Yourself” Calendar. Click the following links to check out the items:

Postcard Set: here Calendar: here

5-25-01—- Spring And Chaos Release

Excerpted details from the press release:

TOKYOPOP® Anime’s first title, Shoji Kawamori’s Spring & Chaos, will arrive in stores Tuesday, May 29, 2001, as a Special Collector’s Edition DVD. To commemorate the release of this special film by the visionary anime director Shoji Kawamori, creator of such well-known titles as Macross and Escaflowne, each limited edition DVD comes in a collectible slipcase and includes a limited run animation cel from the film. Kawamori received his start in 1978 when, at the age of 18, he was tapped by STUDIO Nue to design mechanized robots for their new anime series, Daimos. With his next project, Super Dimensional Fortress Macross, he cemented his reputation as an innovator of animated design with the creation of the Valkyrie, a transforming US Navy F-14 fighter plane, which was an introduction to anime for many fans worldwide. He would bring this renowned design sense to many of the most famous anime titles ever produced including, Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory, PATLABOR 2: The Movie, and Wings of Escaflowne along with several returns to his most famous creation including Macross 7 and Macross Plus. In 1996, Kawamori lent his vision in celebrating the 100th anniversary of the birth of one of Japan’s most respected poets, Kenji Miyazawa, with the film Spring & Chaos. The film symbolically recounts the life of Miyazawa and his work, which is known for its dramatic and surreal imagery. Kawamori exquisitely and powerfully portrays the heart of Miyazawa, the man and his works, in this animation masterpiece. To capture the essence of this scientist/poet, Kawamori employs several different animation techniques, including pencil animation, CGI, and hand-drawn animation. It is a must-see work for anyone interested in animation, Japanese culture, and the expression of art on film.

Spring & Chaos also includes, in addition to the special features, a booklet with facts about the film, biographical information about Kawamori and Miyazawa, and a poem written by Miyazawa in 1924. The DVD itself also includes a special interview with Kawamori and Producer/Sound Director Atsumi Tashiro.

Spring and Chaos Release Date: May 29, 2001 Item #: TPV-872 UPC: 6-45573-00872-7 Running Time: 57 min. / 10 min. Bonus English & Japanese Language Tracks Subtitles in English, Chinese, French, German, Korean, and Spanish. Appropriate for All Ages

5-25-01—- DBZ Season 5 Airdate Set


FUNimation is happy to announce that starting September 3 new episodes of Dragon Ball Z will begin airing on Cartoon Network. Until then, viewers can enjoy a double dose of their favorite TV series that is Cartoon Network’s No. 1-rated show. DBZ is being aired in back-to-back episodes in the popular Toonami block. The extended Dragon Ball Z lineup began May 14 and airs weeknights from 6-7 p.m. EDT, then 12 to 1 a.m. EDT for Toonami’s Midnight Run. “This is a testament to just how well-loved the characters of Dragon Ball Z have become,” said Gen Fukunaga, president of FUNimation, which introduced the Japanese TV series to America. “No other series has ever been allowed that amount of time during Toonami, so this obviously is a very exciting time – not only for FUNimation, but for all Dragon Ball Z fans.” In addition, the Cartoon Network has designated May 25 as Z Day, which means that the entire Toonami will be dedicated to airing Dragon Ball Z episodes. Viewers have been and can cast votes online for their top 2 DBZ episodes, which will be included in the May 25 broadcast. And starting June 25th, be sure to tune into Cartoon Network to watch the Dragon Ball series that will begin airing in the time slot immediately following DBZ. Dragon Ball is the series that started it all. Stay

Anime News Service – May 4-14 Anime News

5-14-01—- Nausicaa CD Giveaway and Milan Entertainment are promoting the North American release of their latest CD release by giving ten winners a copy of the Mononoke Hime Symphonic Suite CD. Interested fans can glean more here.

5-14-01—- DVD News

Anime On DVD reports Central Park Media will release CLAMP’s swordplay and magic tossing epic RD Vega to DVD from 8/14. The disc will run 90 minutes in bilingual form with trailers and added art gallery.

According to the official FAQ updates at

The Garlic Jr. DVD’s that were scheduled to come out in June and July have been moved. We will let you know the rescheduled release dates as soon as they are available. Z Warriors Prepare has also been rescheduled. We are adding the Episodes 106-108 from the Trunks Prelude to Terror video to the Z Warriors Prepare DVD so it will contain 5 episodes (106-110). Continue to check here for updates on the VHS and DVD release schedule.

This just in: World Tournament – The Draw and World Tournament – Blackout, which are scheduled for VHS release on July 17, are anticipated to be the first videos to have simultaneous release of VHS and DVD. That means you will be able to get these videos on DVD July 17. This is the anticipated schedule, which means that it is not final and there could be a change. This is very exciting news. In addition, it is anticipated that every release after these will be simultaneous with VHS and DVD, providing that any new video release has not aired on Cartoon Network. Be sure to regularly check the FAQ’s for updates on the VHS and DVD release schedules.

From the Urban Vision Release:

Urban Vision Entertainment proudly announces the GATCHAMAN COLLECTION DVD

Gatchaman is back and better than ever on DVD!

“Stylish and elegant design… The mecha are terrific. ****” The Anime Movie Guide

Motion Menus! Digitally Enhanced! UV Trailers! UV Weblink! FREE GIFT INSIDE!

Gatchaman has been revamped – stylish and more dynamic than ever! The new OVAs manage to modernize the characters without compromising the design of the original series. This three volume mini-series continues the story from the 1970’s hit TV series — known as “Battle of the Planets” & “G-Force” on U.S. television –through to the ultimate confrontation between the Alien Galactors and the Human Race.

This disc contains all three volumes:
Volume 1 “The Dragon King”
Volume 2 “The Red Specter”
Volume 3 “The Final Countdown”

Msrp $29.95, in stores 7/17/01
UPC: 638652107008
Not rated. Contains mild violence. Parental discretion is advised.

Approx. running time: 135 minutes: three 45 min. episodes

All rights reserved.
Packaging Design ©2001 Urban Vision Entertainment
Licensed for private home use in US & Canada only. Region 1 encoding Licensed through HARMONY GOLD U.S.A. INC
Produced by Tatsunoko Productions
Directed by Hiroyuki Fukushima/Akihiko Nishiyama
Written by ART MIC
Character Design by Yasuomi Umezu
Music by Maurice White and Bill Meyers
English Language Version Written and Directed by Steve Kramer

Special Thanks to SOFTCAPITAL Q-1

5-13-01—- Akadot Cell Collecting Article

Akadot is running an article on the art of and behind the activity of cell collecting at this link.

5-13-01—- Anime Expo Guests

According to the current Guest Of Honor queue at the Anime Expo website:

KIA ASAMIYA Manga Guest of Honor for AX2001! Anime Expo is proud to announce Mr. Kia Asamiya as a Guest of Honor for Anime Expo 2001. A prolific manga artist, Mr. Asamiya’s first title debuted in 1986. In 1988, his most well-known manga, Silent Mobius, began publication. His other works include Dark Angel, Compiler, Steam Detectives, and Corrector Yui. Several of his works have been adapted into animated television series, video series, and movies. Mr. Asamiya is also a renowned illustrator and has published numerous artbooks. He is currently working on a special Batman™ story with D.C. Comics.

SCOTT FRAZIER Reunion Guest of Honor from AX93, AX94 Anime Expo is pleased to announce the appearance of Mr. Scott Frazier, one of Anime Expo’s 10th anniversary reunion guests. Mr. Frazier has contributed much to the anime industry in various fields. He served as the Episode Director of Susie-chan & Marvy, the Supervisor of Quo Vadis 2, and the Technical Director of Grandstram. He also worked on the backgrounds for Genocyber 1-3, and Moldiver. His other works include Cel Checking for Bubblegum Crash 1-3 and production work for RikiOh 2. And last but not least, Mr. Frazier was the creator and artist of Transcendence, an original manga.

NOBORU ISHIGURO Reunion Guest of Honor from AX95, AX96 Anime Expo is pleased to announce the appearance of one of the “honored grandfathers” of Japanese animation and esteemed pillar of the anime industry, Mr. Noboru Ishiguro. Mr. Ishiguro has worked in the anime industry for a very long time and brings with him a well-known history of being Director of Spacecruiser Yamato (a.k.a. Starblazers), Legend of Galactic Heroes, Megazone 23, Macross TV series and Macross: Do You Remember Love? movie, and countless other popular anime titles.

HIDENORI MATSUBARA Anime Guest of Honor for AX2001! Anime Expo is pleased to announce its latest Guest of Honor, Mr. Hidenori Matsubara. Mr. Matsubara has been working in the anime industry for a long time and has served as an animator on such series as Otaku no Video, Ranma 1/2, Macross II, Patlabor: The Movie and Blue Submarine No. 6. He is best-known to anime fans as the man who adapted manga artist Kosuke Fujishima’s designs for animation in the original Ah! My Goddess OVA series and the 2000 Ah! My Goddess movie. He is also the character designer for the Sakura Taisen TV series, once again, adapting Mr. Fujishima’s designs. This is Mr. Matsubara’s first U.S. convention appearance.

HARUHIKO MIKIMOTO Reunion Guest of Honor from AX92, AX95 Anime Expo is pleased to announce the appearance of one of the most popular character designers of anime fandom, Mr. Haruhiko Mikimoto. Mr. Mikimoto is best known for his work as character designer for Macross TV series, Macross: Do You

Anime News Service – April 20 – May 3 Anime News

5-3-01—- Online Animation School Backed By Industry Giants Opens

An online animation school by Telecom opened on April 2, 2001 at Only in Japanese at present, the school has download-able assignments that students are graded on. The school uses a customized version of “RetasPro PencilMan” called “PencilMan School” that is provided upon sign up. The course fee is 55,500 Yen. Studios that are backing the venture include Sunrise, Studio Pierrot, and Studio Ghibli.

5-3-01—- DVD News

Anime On DVD is running these The Right Stuf released Central Park Media DVD street dates:

Utena, Revolutionary Girl: The Movie – 11/13/2001 – 80 minutes – 29.99$
Beast City 1-2 – 11/13/2001 – 90 minutes – 29.99$
Strange Love – 10/09/2001 – 80 minutes – 29.99$
Sohryuden: Legend of the Dragon Kings: Under Fire – 11/13/2001 – 90 minutes – 29.99$
Sins of the Sisters – 11/13/2001 – 90 minutes – 29.99$
Ping Pong Club 5: Goes for Broke – 11/13/2001 – 180 minutes – 29.99$
Night on the Galactic Railroad – 10/09/2001 – 108 minutes – 29.99$
My My Mai (1-2) – 10/09/2001 – 90 minutes – 29.99$
Battle Skipper: The Movie (1-3) – 11/13/2001 – 90 minutes – 29.99$
Teacher’s Pet – 10/09/2001 – 90 minutes – 29.99$
Spaceship Agga Ruter 1-2 – 10/09/2001 – 120 minutes – 29.99$
Masquerade 1-2 – 09/11/2001 – 120 minutes – 29.99$
Fencer of Minerva 2: The Tempest – 08/14/2001 – 90 minutes – 29.99$
Demon Beast Invasion 3/4 – 08/14/2001 – 90 minutes – 29.99$
Demon Beast Invasion 5/6 – 10/09/2001 – 90 minutes – 29.99$
Demon Beast Invasion Box Set – 10/09/2001 – 270 minutes – 79.99$

Anime On DVD is reporting Matt Greenfield of ADV reportedly listed both the Sakura Wars TV series and Sakura Wars OVA 2 as licensed by their company in a Sakura Con panel followup.

5-3-01—- Hi Res Captures Of Giant Gundam

First reported on about 1 year ago, Aint It Cool News has a report and several hi resolution images of a giant Zeta Gundam MS constructed by an engineer in Japan.

5-3-01—- Neil Gaiman On Avalon

English Princess Mononoke script writer, Neil Gaiman will apparently writing some material on the English release of Mamoru Oshii’s Avalon according to AICN:

…with the writers strike looming, I am madly trying to finish writing some additional material for a very cool Polish/Japanese film called AVALON, so am spending all my time in my hotel room playing and replaying the video of the film and making notes and writing bits.

5-3-01—- Figures News


Irwin’s new 12” figures, Future Trunks and Tien, are now available at toy stores nationwide. Both figures are ultra-posable, and have real cloth outfits.The figures come in window boxes, and retail for $19.99-$27.99.

Takara has announced three more sets of show-exclusive G1 Transformer reissues. The additional sets include: Ramjet, Thrust and Dirge Inferno and Grapple Trailbreaker and Hoist Unfortunately, since these are Japanese toy show exclusives, they will be extremely hard and expensive for US residents to obtain.

Optimus Prime, leader of the heroic Autobots, is now immortalized in this new 1/8 scale cold-cast resin bust, designed and sculpted by Raven Hood! The bust itself is 6”, and is approximately 8.75” tall with the base. This is the first in a series of statues and busts, with a bust of Megatron, the leader of the evil Decepticons, planned as the next release. The bust is available through the May 2001 issue of Previews and carries a price tag of $49.99.

5-3-01—- Anime Yuuenchi Guests

The previously mentioned Kodomo no Hi Anime Yuuenchi event on 5/5 will feature such big name guests as Anno Hideaki, Takamori Yoshino, Inoue Kikuko, Ohtsuka Akio, Hayashibara Megumi, Miyamura Yuko, Mitsuishi Kotono and Toyoguchi Megumi.

5-1-01—- 3rd Akadot Cowboy Bebop Contest

Akadot’s 3rd Cowboy Bebop contest has been posted here, the prize is a Cowboy Bebop Artbook ( courtesy of signed by Bebop’s character designer Toshihiro Kawamoto, director Shinichiro Watanabe and screenwriter Keiko Nobumoto.

5-1-01—- Morning Musume Manga

Thanks to Shizuki for this news:

A manga series based on the j-pop idol group, Morning Musume, is going to start in the June 2001 issue of Nakayoshi (Kodansha). The manga title will be called “Musume. Monogatari,” and it will be drawn by Kamisaki Yutaka. The Mini-Moni (a sub-group of Morning Musume) already has a manga series running in the magazine Shogaku 2-nensei (2nd Grader).

5-1-01—- Figure News

Kaiyodo’s newly unveiled Cowboy Bebop action figure line. Spike’s figure can be viewed at the link.

Kaiyodo’s new Trigun figure, Money The Gail can be viewed at the link. Gainax’s popular anime series has been keeping oversea toy company Kaiyodo very busy. Not only has the public received accurately detailed figures of the bio-mechanical Evangelions Eva-00, Eva-01, Eva-02, Eva-03, Eva-04 and the shy, red-eyed Rei Ayanami, but exceptionally unpainted, clear variants. And if that were not enough, Kaiyodo repeated their run of Evangelions, only this time applying metallic paint and also released a massive Box Set of EVA 01. As the saying goes, their can’t be enough a good thing. Later this year (Fall), Kaiyodo will be releasing two new Eva Units: Eva-01 Test Type Full Action Figure: Matsumura Version and Eva-05 Mass Production Model Full Action Figure. Click below for a better look at our exclusive Eva-01 prototype pic- on display at Tokyo Toy Show 2001!

5-1-01—- Manga Eva Movie Update

More news from Sakura Con courtesy of a report to the Anime On DVD forum:

In regards to the Evangelion movies, “It is looking like a two disc set including both movies, set for around the end of October. The disc will also feature lots of extras including voice director commentary (English), VA interviews, director interview. He said that there will about 2 hours of extras included. He also confirmed that there will be no edits.” Once the Evangelion movies are done, “Virus Buster Surge, Ghost Sweeper and Astro Boy. Virus Buster Surge might also include a commentary track.

Anime News Service – April 8-19 Anime News

4-19-01—- Live Action Star Blazers News

Thanks to Daniel for the following:

AICN has a review of the script for the long-awaited Disney live-action version of Star Blazers.

4-19-01—- DVD News

Anime On DVD reports:

Some new light has been shed regarding the Ranma 1/2 OVA DVD release from last year. Some may recall that the set had an inverted audio problem that caused headaches for some people (whereas others barely even noticed it if at all) and we had heard from Viz at the convention circuit earlier this year that replacements were in the works and there’d be a swap out deal of some sort. I believe we did cover this before, but just to be on the safe side, the folks at Right Stuf (who handles Pioneer’s customer service and other issues like this) now have confirmed and passed onto their CSR’s that this is an open-ended program if you do have this set that is defective. So be sure to contact them. The way to tell the difference between the two sets (I believe) is that the original has the clear plastic slipcase the slides DOWN over the box like the Tenchi Muyo box set. The new versions have the same slipcase but it’s like the second Fushigi Yugi box in that it slips the disc in on the side, like a book into a boxset.

According to a new post on the Anime On DVD forum from currently vacationing rep David Williams of ADV, Neon Genesis Evangelion Collection 0:8 is set for a 6/26 release, bringing the series to its conclusion.

4-19-01—- Akira Cali Dates

Anime On DVD reports on new Akira theatrical dates for 4/27/2001: Digital Screenings at AMC MEDIA CENTER NORTH 6 770 North First Street Burbank, CA 818-953-9800

AMC 1000 VAN NESS San Fransisco, CA 415-922-4262

4-19-01—- Digimon Spanish News

UMJAMS Anime News reports:

Luis Daniel Ramirez, the Spanish voice of Angemon has announced that they will began dubbing the second season of Digimon on April 17th. Thanks to Mauricio Villarroel for the information.

4-19-01—- June Anime Goods

From the UMJAMS Anime News report:

Diamond Distributor’s Previews magazine is listing the following items for a June time frame release. It is very likely that some will be delayed, and others are already being solicited or post June releases.

Dark Horse Comics will be releasing action figures based on Minnie May, and Rally from Gunsmith Cats. The figures are 6″ tall, and have 10 points of articulation. Both were approved by creator/manga artist Kenichi Sonoda, and will retail for $14.99 each. Both come with an assortment of weapons. (Rally’s is more true to the manga as her gun models match what she used in the manga where as Minnie comes with a a machine gun, and two small handguns in addition to her grenades. This September Dark Horse will be importing two resin statues of Dirty Pair partners Kei and Yuri for $69.99 each. The statues are 8 ½ tall, 1/8th scale, sculpted by Amaha Minatogawa and are fully painted and ready to display. Two t-shirts of the Dirty Pair couple, and two addition t-shirts of the individual members with art by Adam Warren will be released in June. Also arriving in September will be an imported action figure of Shadow Lady for $34.98. Sculpted by Shigeru Yamazaki, the figure comes with a detailed display base and includes De-Mo, her pint-sized, bat-winged sidekick. The figure features limited articulation. An Akira tube poster set, with four posters 15 ½” x 19 ½” posts will retail for 19.99.

A Silent Mobius Tenth Anniversary Lithograph will be released for 25.00. It features a full color image by Kia Asamiya measuring 11 x 17 and is printed on a special, thick, porous paper stock at Asamiya’s personal request. This limited lithograph is specially numbered in red, and limited to 333 copies.

Other t-shirts being released in June include new Dragon Ball Z shirts of Cell saga era events, entitled “Frontline”, “Gohan’s True Power”, and “Hi Density Trunks”. Also being released is a t-shirt of the fan service laden Agent Aika entitled “Little White Secrets”. Robtech -shirts of “Robotech Super Fortress” and “Robotech Veritech Reflective Logo ” are due to be released. Gundam Wing fans can look forward to “Gundam vs. Epyon” and “Gundam Zero Leader” shirts, and a Deathscythe Hell hat. A Martian Sucessor Nadesico “Prayer for Ruri “, and two Kenshin t-shirts “Samurai X Kenshin Collage” and “Samurai X Shadow” will be released. Also being released will be the horror t-shirt entries of t-shirts of Vampire Hunter D “Gathering Storm”, and Wicked City.

In the bust category we can expect Krillin of Dragon Ball Z, and Wolfwood of Trigun for $52.80 each. Krillin will be the second release in Palisades Marketing’s Dragon Ball Z line. The cold-cast resin bust measures approximately 6 ½” tall and comes mounted on a sculpted logo base, apackaged in a collector’s window box.

In the mecha arena the much anticipated Giant Robo die cast figures are due. The figures can in boozako and missile variants and retail for 45.00. The imported 8″ figures are 80% metal and come with Genrei figures. An imported Mazinger Z Resin Statue will retail for 199.99. The painted statue features the Mazinger standing 14 tall, with an 18 wide base with a foot on top of a defeated Garuda K-7. The sixth set of Evangelion Kubricks will feature Misato Katsuragi, EVA-01 Overdrive Version (with removable helmet), and Zaruel The 14th Angel for $12.99. The blue Ghost in the Shell Fuchikoma statue with Batoh is being solicited, but will be released in August. The 6″ figure retails for 65.00.

An other statues being released is a King of Fighters 2000 Cula Diamond Resin Statue for $74.99. The imported statue features an 1/8th scale resin statue was sculpted by Eiji Nakayama, and comes mounted on a display base, enhanced with simulated diamond crystals emerging from the base. The vinyl statues of Final Fantasy VIII’s Laguna Loire, and Quistis Trepe will be re-released for $39.99 each.

The demonic looking figure

Anime News Service – April 2-8 Anime News

4-7-01—- Evangelion Movie DVD Extras Scoop

Thanks to Adrian for the following:

Hi, I came across this interesting post on the madman entertainment fourm (australian distro for ADV, manga and Funimation titles) it is a reply letter from tiffany grant, it mentions that there will be many interviews including one that she did with Mr. Yamaga at Fanime con it will appear on the eva movies dvd’s i’ve posted the post below

Ok, some of you will remember a while ago I sent an email off to Tiffany Grant asking her whats up with the voices. I know this issue has been resolved but I’ll just post it here anyway.


Hello Adrian,

Thank you so much for your kind, supportive letter. WIthout fans like you, there would be no point in doing these shows. I am so glad you enjoyed Eva & my performance in it. It was a great thrill & hoor fo rme to be able to participate on such a ground breaking show.

I have no idea whatsoever how there could be any rumors that I am not working on the Eva movies. Ever since Manga Entertainment announced they had rights to them, they began confirming that we all wanted to reprise our roles. I was contacted by Manga about three days after the official announcement. That was July 1999, and the plans do seem to be finally coming together.

At Fanime Con in San Jose last weekend, they began recording the first of many interviews that will appear on the DVD – including myself & Gainax co-counder, Mr. Yamaga (co-producer of the NGE series & movies).

— Has there been any of the original cast that has not lent their voice in the movies? And if so who?

Well, it looks like we will begin recording in a few months time. The translation should begin soon, and then the adaptaion will be written. I will be sure to put out updates when there is actual news to report. So, since we have not yet recorded, I can’t exactly answer your question. I had heard at one point that 12 or 13 original cast members were confirmed. I am not sure who will portray Toji as there were actually three different VAs for the role in the series.

Thanks once again, for your support, Adrian, I truly appreciate it.

Best wishes, Tiffany Grant

Toji had 3 OVA? Weird

4-7-01—- Cinema / Gaming News Links

Thanks to Daniel for his latest submissions on the cutting edge of Gaming / Movie news:

I got this from the April 6th edition of

“Sony’s Columbia Pictures Productions (Asia) is planning to produce a number of Chinese-language films in Hong Kong, several of which will feature stars of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, the Hong Kong Oriental Daily reports. The company, according to the newspaper, is currently preparing to produce a “Charlie’s Angels-style film” with “a bevy of beautiful actresses, ” including Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon singer (“A Love Before Time) Coco Lee. The film, titled Angels of the Dusk, is due to be shot in Thailand and Shanghai. Columbia has also signed Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon star Zhang Ziyi to star in a film titled Golden Zenith, the newspaper said. Each of the films, the newspaper said, was budgeted at about $5 million.”

According to jagged team, an event called Tv Game Kingdom 2001 is expected to be held in the Tokyo Dome on June 16 and 17. Nintendo, Sega, Sony and other game developers might appear.

You can also read about GameJam-an event Sega holds to celebrate the Dreamcast-at jagged team.

There was a small error on the Sonic 2 release date. It will be June 19, not the 23rd. And according to gamespot, it will be a worldwide release.

gamespot mentions that Enix has now shipped over 4 million copies of Dragon Quest 7 to Japan. The second chapter of Dragon Quest Monsters 2 is expected to be in Japan on April 12.

Based on information found at gamespot , PSO users now number over 200,000, counting those in the U.S., Japan and Europe.

The Dreamcast game, Confidential Mission, is expected to be released in Japan on June 14, for about $47. This information was obtained at gamespot

You can read about national gaming statistics-for the U.S.-at gamespot .

And finally, a new clip of Shen Mue II is available gamespot .

jagged team has linked a Konami pre-site for Silent Hill 2. The official site will be out in August, with the actual game supposed to be out later this fall.

Also, according to jagged team , the home version of Sega’s 18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker will not have any online options.

And finally, if you feel like posting this, AICN has linked the Rush Hour 2 trailer.

4-7-01—- Figures News reports:

Takara has announced that they will indeed be releasing a reissue of Starscream, one of the most evil characters from the Transformers series. The figure, as with all of the reissues, will be recast from the original mold, and will therefore be an exact reproduction.

It is unknown at this point if Takara will also release variants of the figure, but it is probably a safe bet that we’ll at least see a black variant of some kind.

Also unknown at this point is whether or not Takara will continue with the reissue line, despite the fact that it has been a solid hit with collectors. The fact that Takara had no Transformers on display at the Tokyo Toy Fair might spell bad news for the line, but only time will tell.

Starscream will retail for around $40.00 in the US.

Takara has announced the lineup for the third wave of their popular PVC versions of generation one Transformers. Act 3 will feature figures of much more varied heights than the previous two series, and will apparently there will be no more clear variants.

Act 3 will include:

Fortess Maximus (standing nearly 5″) Raiden (the Trainbot combiner, not seen in US) Soundwave

Anime News Service – March 21 – April 1 Anime News

4-1-01—- Toynami Announces Release Dates

Toynami has announced the release for their 12″ Tenchi Figure Set (composed of Ayeka, Tenchi and Ryoko) has been pushed back to late May. The delay is said to be due to a last minute modification in the dolls.

Future Schedule:
Robotech Figurines/Keychains: Available
SNK VS Capcom Keychains: Available
Robotech Super Deformed Morphers: Available May
Tenchi 12″ Dolls: Available May

4-1-01—- DOA 3 Clip

Mad Man’s Café has uploaded a clip of about a 10% complete Dead or Alive 3 running on an Alpha version of X-Box.

4-1-01—- New Toriyama Project

Planet Namek is reporting on an ad in the April Monthly Jump apparently announcing DBZ creator Akira Toriyama’s new manga series:

” Witness Akira Toriyama’s New World! In the June issue…Akira Toriyama enters again! At last, his new drawn work will be released! This is Akira Toriyama’s trump card! “

4-1-01—- Robotech DVD News

The Right Stuf lists the first two Robotech DVD’s as being delayed from 5/22 to a 6/19 release. ADV’s Robotech Macross Saga Box DVD Set is also slated for release on 6/19 including audio commentary track with Carl Macek, production sketches and international clip in French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese audio.

3-31-01—- Macross Restoration

AnimEigo has posted from their restoration of the original Macross TV series here.

3-31-01—- DVD News

Anime On DVD reports Manga will release Production I.G.’s 45 min. Computer aided anime film Blood: The Last Vampire on 7/31 for $24.95. Landlock is due on on 6/26, retailing at $29.95

AnimEigo’s site mentions Urusei Yatsura Sets 2 & 3, Vampire Miyu, Baoh, and Oh My Goddess are being authored now.

Delayed to a 4/17 release is the Cartoon Network edited dub only versions of Blue Submarine No. 6 and Gundam Wing Endless Waltz (movie only). The Armored Trooper Votoms TV Series DVD’s are now delayed to 5/29.

3-31-01—- Billboard Charts Update

From the latest Billboard Kids Video listings this week:

3. `Sailor Moon: The Legend Begins’
9. `Sailor Moon: Red Hearts’
10. “Digimon: The Movie,” FoxVideo.

3-31-01—- Guardians Updates

Guardians Of Order has announced it’s latest supplement for the Big Eyes Small Mouth RPG, Cute & Fuzzy Cockfighting Seizure Monsters/ Cute & Fuzzy Seizure Monsters has been released weighing in at 112 pages and retailing at $15.95. The Centauri Knights supplement is out in mid April, retailing at $15.95. The Big Ears, Small Mouse BESM suppliment is due in late May. The El Hazard RPG is expected in late July retailing at $29.95. The Tenchi Universe supplement to the Tenchi Muyo RPG is due in early August, retailing at $19.95. The second Hong Kong Action Theatre! edition is slated for mid-July.

3-30-01—- Right Stuf To Carry Escaflowne Statues Exclusively

According to distributor The Right Stuf they have signed an exclusive deal with Bandai to exclusively distribute their Escaflowne Statue Collection. The painted cold-cast resin statues include12″ Hitomi and 9″ Escaflowne

3-30-01—- German Mononoke News’s mailing list was updated with a post containing news that the German dub of Mononoke Hime, “Prinzessin Mononoke”, is being released to German theaters on April 19, 2001. Initial reviews are appearing in movie magazines there now. The Japanese version of the film subbed in German subtitles is being shown at festivals including the Japanese movie festival at the 3001 cinema in Hamburg ( on April 16. The German voice of San is reportedly by the same voice actress of Sailor Mercury. A Buena Vista German spokesman reportedly has mentioned the release planned for the film is “small scale”, and this could be due to Mononoke’s unfortunately poor turnout outside of Japan. Quicktime trailers can be viewed here:6.3 MB Qicktime 3 and 7.6 Quicktime 4.

3-30-01—- Digital Manga Announces Synch-Point Production Division / FLCL / Tenshi Ni Narumon

Excerpted from the official Digital Manga

Official Press Release For Immediate Release: March 30, 2001

DIGITAL MANGA INC. announces SYNCH-POINT production division and the acquisition of I’M GONNA BE AN ANGEL and FLCL

Los Angeles, CA – DIGITAL MANGA INC., is proud to announce SYNCH-POINT ( a new production division, which will be producing English language versions of Japanese animation.

SYNCH-POINT is also proud to announce the acquisition of I’M GONNA BE AN ANGEL (TENSHI NI NARUMON) and FLCL for North American distribution.

With an original concept by HEAVEN PROJECT and produced by BANDAI VISUAL, STUDIO PIERROT, and TV TOKYO, I’M GONNA BE AN ANGEL is a 26-episode TV series that revolves around Noelle, a strange and innocent girl with a halo on her head. She meets and falls in love with Yuusuke, and moves her family of witches, vampires and demons into his house. But Yuusuke has a crush on Natsumi. When Noelle overhears Yuusuke referring to Natsumi as an angel, Noelle vows to become Yuusuke’s angel. But what does it really mean to become an angel? And why does Noelle already have a halo on her head?

FLCL is the wacky sci-fi OAV series from GAINAX (NEON GENESIS EVANGELION) and PRODUCTION I.G (BLOOD, JIN ROH). Naota has a problem. His older brother is out of the country. Now Naota seems to be seeing an awful lot of his brother’s girlfriend, Mamimi. And things get even harrier when Haruko whizzes in on her Vespa. She whacks Naota on the forehead with a bass guitar and now all kinds of things are growing from there. We haven’t even mentioned the aliens yet. What the heck is going on here? With outrageous characters, stunning visuals, and shocking gags, FLCL takes animation to a new level.

Founded in 1996, DIGITAL MANGA INC. is dedicated to bringing quality anime and manga experiences to both fans and the mainstream. DIGITAL MANGA localizes and produces titles in English that communicate across culture lines and commits itself to bridging communications between the US and Japan. DIGITAL MANGA devotes itself to strengthening ties with Japanese anime studios and product manufacturers with the goal of making Japanese anime more understood in the United States and other countries.

For more information contact:
Ardith Santiago

Anime News Service – March 15-20 Anime News

3-20-01—- Riidocomic Magazine

The men’s comic magazine Riidocomic is beig reintroduced to the Japanese market on March 27th (May edition). Featuring action works such as Red Caeser by Kenji Okamura, the book will retail at 300 Yen.

3-20-01—- 5th Tezuka Nominations

According to Anime News Network

According to March the 18th of Asahi Shimbun, seven Manga have been nominated for the 5th Tezuka Osamu Bunka-sho (“Tezuka Cultural Award”). These are:

Inyoh-Shi (“The Master of Shade and Light”) , story by YUMEMAKURA Baku, drawn by OKANO Reiko, published by Hakusen Sha.

Gu-gu Datte Neko De Aru (“Even Gu-gu is a Cat”) by OSHIMA Yumiko, published by Kadokawa Shoten.

Kemusho on Naka (“In the Penal Institution”) by HANAWA Kazuichi, published by Seirin Kogei Sha.

Vagabond by INOUE Yuhiko, published by Kodansha.

Berserk by MIURA Kentaro, published by Hakusen Sha.

Yajikita in DEEP by SHIRIAGARI Kotobuki, published by Aspect.

ONE PIECE by ODA Eichiro, published by Shueisha (One Pieve got the greatest number of nominations from manga fans for the second straight year).

The winners will be announced in May. Last year’s winner was Morohoshi Daijiro (Familly name first) who won for his manga “Saiyu-Yoen-Den”, which is based on the Chinese legend of the Monkey King (Hsi Yu Chi), on which Akira Toriyama’s Dragonball is also losely based. Frederik. L. Schodt won a special award for his book “Dreamland Japan”.

3-20-01—- Sailor Moon S Date

Right Stuf reports Pioneer will release Sailor Moon S TV Series 5/6 DVD on 6/12/200, with a running time of 140 minutes it will retail at $29.99.

3-20-01—- Dark Angel T-Shirt And WWF

From the Fanboy Entertainment mailing list:

Last night, the WWF wrestler Raven wore a Fanboy DARK ANGEL T-shirt, based on the Kia Asamiya manga title, during his match on MTV. I guess he is known for typically only wearing comic related shirts based on titles and characters he enjoys reading. Someone mentioned to me that this is the first time he has worn and anime or manga related shirt. However, another fan replied that he has worn the other Fanboy produced Kia Asamiya DARK ANGEL T-shirt before in the ring.

Well, anyway, here are some of the pics of him in the shirt last night. They’re kind of blurry though…

3-20-01—- Misc. Asia Cinema And Gaming Links

Thanks to Daniel For This News:

According to and , there’s a new Eko Eko Azarak movie in the works. The movies are based off a manga by Shinichi Koga; and the film is being directed by Kosuke Suzuki, with Natsuki Kato starring as Misa.

According to Gamespot, CSK and AM2 have licensed the rights for the software-used in Shen Mue-to third-party companies.

Gamespot mentions that Tetsu Kayama co-CEO of Sega, is expected to take the place of Sega’s former president. He’s expected to fulfill that position, after a shreholders’ meeting in June. Meanwhile, Yoshiji Fukushima will become acting chairman until the leadership issue is resolved.

Gamespot has details of the updated Capcom Vs SNK that Capcom is releasing for DC. There will be two new fighters from both companies, as well as the ability to play-by default-previously unlockable characters in the original version. The game, as well as CVS2, are expected to be shown at TGS.

And contrary to speculation, Capcom will not be leaving the arcade business. There will be a new arcade game within the next fiscal quarter. But they do admit that arcade sales have been minimal, and they’re diverting some of their funding towards the home market. This information was obtained at Gamespot

According to AICN , there’s a mini-review of the Japanese horror-action-comedy movie known as Versus, and an interview with the director, Ryuhei Kitamura, as well as four of the actors. The interview hints that an American distributor(possibly Miramax) might have picked it up. Also, Harry mentions that he saw Avalon, and is working on a review.

Pictures of Breath of Fire for GBA are available at Gamespot . Supposedly there are new environments and easier gameplay. The game will be released in Japan around July, with no American release dates confirmed.

3-20-01—- Daa! Daa! Festival 2001

The “Daa! Daa! Daa! Festival 2001” event will take place from 3/27 to 4/1 at Animate Ikebukuro, 8th floor. There one can find cels, illustrations, goods, etc on display, admission is free. Special events are planned for which one needs tickets:

3-31 Kawamura Mika signing session

4-1 Daa! Daa! Daa! Producer and Seiyuu Talk Show
Nazuka Kaori
Sanpei Yuuko
Kanai Mika
Chiba Chiemi

3-20-01—- Diamond Time

A new TV show called Diamond Time DX is airing on Sky PerfecTV channel 729 which has information on anime, games, and seiyuu.

3-20-01—- Gundam Wing Endless Waltz Movie # 3 On Billboard

The Billboard top video sales chart lists the Gundam Wing Endless Waltz Movie in the #3 slot this week.

3-20-01—- Figures News reports:

Made from PVC, these gorgeous 7″(approx) Dark Angel Action Figures(SRP $12.95 each) from Toycom come packaged in a great lookingblister pack to compliment the figures. Dark Angel has 8 points ofarticulation and comes with sword and Kyo (small angel) and Leen has5 points of articulation and comes with 4 crystal balls and Shiki (smallangel).

These are Pre-Order Items, expected to be in Toycom’s warehouse by earlyJune. These will produced in limited quantity, and due to a verylarge response from showing the products at the recent NY Toyfair and theincreasing popularity of this great Manga comic book, Toycom has almostsold out their entire inventory.

This summer, Irwin will release the first wave of a new kind of action figure–figures that come with special rubber-like suits that can be used to “morph” this figure into a more powerful form!

In the case of these Secret Saiyan Warriors, each Saiyan figure, which will be about 4″ tall, will come with a Super Saiyan suit, so you can power-up the figures yourself!

Each figure will be articulated at the ankles, hips, waist, shoulders, and neck, and will retain this articulation to some degree within the outer suit.

Look for these in stores mid-summer, retailing for approximately