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Anime News Service – May 1-5 Anime News

5-5-02—- Castle In The Sky At Tribecca Film Fest

The Tribeca Film Festival is screening Castle In The Sky (presumably the Disney dub) in New York on May 11 at 7:00 PM. More info can be had at

Source: Hayao Miyazaki Discussion Group

5-5-02—- Jet Li News

The following links are at:

Pictures from Li’s newest American production Cradle 2 The Grave, an article about Kelly Hu commenting on her work on Cradle, and an article on Jet Li receiving an award from John Woo at the East West Players Visionary Awards.

Thanks to Daniel for the scoop.

5-5-02—- Official Lupin III: Return Of Pycal Site

An official page for the 2002 oav Lupin: Return of Pycal has been posted at, you can see stills, see clips and even use a forum.

Thanks to Daniel for the heads up.

5-5-02—- Utada Hospitalized

The Japanese music popstar Hikaru Utada who recently announced an American record deal with Island Records has been hospitalized in Japan. Utada had been working under medical supervision after recovering from an operation to remove a benign tumor from her ovary, but her condition deteriorated a couple of days ago, the record company said. The singer first became ill at the beginning of April, suffering the side effects of her medication. Utada will cancel all her bookings until May 21, her music office said.

Source: The Japan Times

5-4-02—- Ghost In The Shell 2 Manga Possibly In October

According to the latest news posted to the Studio Proteus website, mangaka, Masamune Shirow is nearing the end of the process involving flopping and modifying the pages of the Ghost In The Shell 2 Manga: Man-Machine Interface for the Western audience. Proteus is aiming to release the first issues in October. ID3 is still in the planning stages and the studio is still discussing options as to format and a special limited edition.

5-4-02—- Tristan MacAvery Interview

Wild Violet Issue 3 (Rising Sun) features an interview with voice actor Tristan MacAvery (Gendo in Neon Genesis Evangelion, Grandpa Danbei in Cutey Honey series). Also included are a review of For the Sake of Peace by the president of Soka Gakkai International, Daisaku Ikeda; as well as original poetry, fiction, humor, essays and reviews. The Rising Sun issue is available from the main index:

5-4-02—- G-Breaker Anime

A recent flyer still image features anime style animation still grabs from a pending version (in some media) of Kikou Busou G-Breaker (Ground-Breaker). Based on the Sunrise Interactive giant mecha game currently in release to Playstation 2.

Source: Natsume Maya

5-4-02—- The Death And Rebirth Of VHS

2 articles Today from Video Business Magazine on the once upon a time format of choice for those purveying anime wares: formerly known as VHS. While the not so shiny, rather opaque and rectangular / plasticy format has slowly been dropped by almost all USA anime licensors, much of the rest of America’s video production industry (from the casette authors to the stores selling) has also been disengaging itself from the format. This has prompted the International Recording Media Association to appeal to retailers not to prematurely remove videocassettes from their store shelves. IRMA will be participating a campaign to launch shortly. According to the group’s president, the program’s aim is to create an awareness that 90% of TV homes still have VCRs, and only 25-30% of them have a DVD player. This leaves 70-75% who don’t own DVD players. Thusly, the message to retailers will be abandoning VHS too early may marginalize 70-75% of those seeking video product. Details can be read in the full article here.

Finally, while VHS lingers, analog format developer JVC is set to make a stab at reviving the hope for VHS goodness with their Digital-VHS standard. D-VHS uses the same size cassettes and many of the same mechanical features as the original, the players are compatible with older VHS cassettes. What sets D-VHS apart from traditional VHS, DVD (around 4.7 gb single side on average) and even the vaunted Blu-Ray “DVD Replacement” format (27 gb single sided single layer on average) is with a reported 44 gigabytes of uncompressed casette space and a 28.2 Mbps data throughput the USA home video market’s first high-definition movie release will arrive there perhaps by months end with hardware on tap now. You can read the entire aricle here. At present no American anime licensing company or Japanese based distributor has expressed the desire to release material on the D-VHS format.

5-4-02—- Japanese Headlines Scan

Thanks to Anjiro-san for his news contributions:

Nintendo Co.Ltd. was said to be the only platform maker without an online strategy for their system. However a source leaked from an industry saying Nintendo will unveil their plans for internet-based services for the Gamecube at an industry tradeshow later this month. For more information go to iWon.

The Seattle Times is reporting that RealNetworks and SCEI extended their joint-partnership and because of this, the PlayStation2 will be incorporated with RealMedia.

DoCoMo Inc. plans to unveil their new handsets, FOMA, which can stay on standby mode for up to 200 hrs., several times longer than the present one, next year, company spokesmen said Friday.

5-4-02—- Current World Musical Pulse

U.K.-based site, Guardian Unlimited, has a short article of what musical talents are well-known in Japan and other countries. The piece which can be read here references popular British names which are current hits in the Japanese scene.

Thanks to Anjiro for the news.

5-4-02—- USA Anime & Manga Industry At Book America Expo

Following up on the below piece, it seems Tokyopop will not be the sole representitive from the American Anime Industry at this weekends lofty Book Expo America trafe show. Listed also are Viz Communications, Stone Bridge Press, Darkhorse Comics, Comics One and Triumph Books.

5-4-02—- Tokyopop Announces Angelic Layer And Master Of The Clow Manga

This weekend’s Book Expo America, the largest publications trade show in America held in

Anime News Service – February 26-28 Anime News

2-28-02—- Metreon Anime Screening Updates

San Francisco’s Metreon has announced free Anime screenigs will occur throughout 2002. More info can be obtained at Action Theatre at Metreon-A Sony Entertainment Center will be host to an ever-changing line-up of anime and action movies, and will present features from leading anime film makers throughout the year. Features from leading anime film and toy maker, Bandai Entertainment will screen in February and March.

From the creators of “Ghost in the Shell” and “Akira”, Action Theatre is proud to present the ADVANCE DVD SCREENING of
“Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade”

FRIDAY, March 1 at 7:30pm;
SATURDAY, March 2 at 1:00pm and 7:30pm
SUNDAY, March 3 at 5pm

Starting Friday, March 1, 2002 in Action Theatre, a limited number of “Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade” DVDs will be available for purchase before its national release date. You will also receive a free Jin-Roh poster with a purchase of a DVD, while supplies last.’s Shopping page can be accessed here, check there for more info on the Bandai Shop at Action Theatre – a 500 square-foot retail space featuring anime products, toys, model kits and DVDs.

2-28-02—- Domestic Licensing Items

Also in this months Right Stuf Updates Pioneer Entertainment has raised the prices on the Armitage III: Dual Matrix DVD (Special Edition w/ltd edition lunchbox/figure). Although the company has yet to decide on the final costs they have temporarily raised the price of the set to $69.98.

Synch Point has mentioned to Right Stuf an indefinite delay for the release of I’m Gonna Be An Angel DVD. A pre June target date has been mentioned and a firm release date is expected for next month.

2-28-02—- Tenchi Muyo GXP Request Overload

According to the latest Right Stuf International update, (AIC), the Japanese producers of the Tenchi Muyo Series, have been swamped with so many requests from American fans for information on the release of the new series outside of Japan that they’ve had to post a message on their English website asking fans to stop asking. The company has promised to post everything they have regarding the English release as soon as it’s been licensed (which could be some time considering its just beginning production). For more info:

2-28-02—- Sen Confirmed Down Under

From via Daniel:

“Dale confirmed with Madman Entertainment that the firm is bringing “Spirited Away” to Australia:Madman is hoping to do a theatrical run hopefully in late 2002, with an Australian VHS/DVD release in early 2003. The above dates are very tentative at this stage, since this must be the biggest project Madman has ever done.”

2-28-02—- Best Motoring International Updates

For fans of the best selling Japanese motorsports video magazine, the staff of Best Motoring International will be in the U.S. in April to exhibit at the SEMA/International Auto Salon ( BMI plans to bring along a very special car (and possibly a very special guest) from Spoon Sports.

Currently, the magazine releases it’s volumes on VHS video cassette, regarding some viewer questions asking about a possible DVD release, Cost, overall market demand and piracy are some of the issues that are holding BMI back from the transition.

Although BMI is currently focuses on the North American market, a PAL territory release may be pending. On requests for a driving techniques video BMI has mentioned it is under consideration.

BMI’s Official web site, linked above will be upgraded in the next several weeks with the Vol. 4 release promos, MPEG Library updates, new wallpaper downloads, redesigned forums and more.

2-28-02—- Truly Lost Treasure – Astroboy Episode 34 Among Discovered Cache Of Episodes Screening In Japan

A big thanks to Yukio-san (Dead Shot Club | ISDN Fanclub) for submitting the following:

From an article running at FUJI ZAK ZAK Evening News:

“A lost episode of “Astro boy” is broadcasted 39 years later.”

Masterpiece “Astro boy” of Mr. Osamu Tezuka broadcasted as the domestic anime series of the beginning of 1968. Episode 34 “Midoro ga numa” (Midoro marsh) called “a lost work” revives till now for 39 because film does not exist and lets you please with the former fan.
New program “BS entirely perfection collection” of NHK-BS2 digging up a one theme broadcasting it deeply. NHK features “hero of eternity, Astro boy” intensively in April from March, and the whole book broadcasts volume 25 minutes of “Midoro ga numa” (Midoro marsh) sealed by a program of this we April 3 (10:00 p.m.). As for the anime series of an atom, film of a 6 work is not discovered among all 193 stories.
English version of “Midoro ga numa” (Midoro marsh) was America, and it was discovered last year.
“Because it was the 50th year and wanted to make you the first theme of a new program by all means since comics of an atom appeared this year, I borrowed it with the sound tape which a MUSHI- production saved together and I revised digital and re-constructed” it (a NHK chief producer) Atom challenges a lizard of “Midoro marsh” which a story has advanced intelligence, and turned a person into a slave a fight. A lizard is the contents which an adult I prophesy that “mankind will fall sometime soon”, and to die is made to think about last. Between fans, the reason why a work by the same author product was considered to be “an illusion” has one more.
It “is the only work which “zero studio” made of Syoutaro ishinomori, Fijio akatsuka, Fujio / F / Fujiko, Jiro Tsunoda which lived with “Tokiwa sou” (Tokiwa Apartment) which is famous for a younger student of Mr. Tezuka” (enthusiast comics magazine editing person) Furthermore, from what was never broadcasted again, there was such a legend. “When Mr. Tezuka watched a preview, I have remained silent in pessimistic contents.”
Therefore the production staff minded it, and it was said that I disposed of Japanese version (enthusiast comics magazine editing person). As for I understand nobody truth, but “Astro boy” being

Anime News Service – February 4-5 Anime News

2-5-02—- Berlinale 2002 Mini Report

Following up on an item relateing to the Berlinale 2002 festival, a huge thanks to Sven in Germany for this news:

I want to complete the news from the berlin film festival called “Berlinale 2002”.

On this film festival you can see TWO of the newest and hottest anime from japan: the record-anime “Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi” (engl. and german sub) and “Palumu no Ki” ( A Tree of Palme) (engl. sub). The last anime “Palumu no Ki” is not started in japan yet. So, the germans can see it as the first in the world. ^_^ To the japan films: on “Berlinale 2002” will be screening 11 films from japan or co-productions with japan. You can see it in the programm. The films are:

“KT” by Junji Sakamoto (jap./korean) – engl. sub
“Honogurai Mizuno Sokokara” (Dark Water) by Hideo Nakata (jap.) – engl. sub
“All about Lily Chou-Chou” by Shunji Iwai (jap.) – engl. sub
“Itai Futari” (A Painful Pair) by Hisashi Saito (jap.) – engl. sub
“GO” by Isao Yukisada (jap./ korean) – engl. sub
“Manzan Benigaki” by Ogawa Shinsuke, Peng Xiaolian (jap.) – german sub
“Hama Maiku” (“Namae no Nai Mori” and “Yokohama Mike” by Aoyama Shinji (jap.) – engl. sub
“Shurayuki Hime” (The Princess Blade) by Sato Shinsuke (jap.) – engl. sub
“Kasei no Kanon” (The Mars Canon) by Kazama Shiori (jap.) – german sub
“Enan no Musume” (Daughter from Yan’an) by Ikeya Kaoru (jap./ mandarin) – engl. sub

Programm download as .pdf format:
Click Here
The official Site:

2-5-02—- Animejin UK News

The below is as reported by Animejin all italicized text in this item Copyright Jonathan Weeks:

Pokemon Musical to tour UK:
The latest incarnation of Pokemon, the musical ‘Pokemon Live!’ is set to tour the UK in May.
The tour dates will include:
Glasgow Armadillo: 2nd-3rd May
Manchester Apollo: 4th-5th May
Brighton Centre: 7th May
Bournemouth International Centre: 8th May
London’s Hammersmith Apollo: 9th-11th May
Newcastle Telewest Arena: 12th May
Nottingham Arena: 14th May
Blackpool Opera House: 16th May
Birmingham NIA Academy: 17th-18th May
Cardiff International Arena: 19th May
Unfortunately, the actual content of the show is too cringe inducing to describe here.
Sources: Ana Nova

Minamicon closes registration
Every March, anime fans gather in Southampton for the annual Minamicon anime convention organised by the London Anime Club. This year, the event has proven so popular that the convention has sold all of its places in advance. The organisers are therefore asking anyone who is not already registered, not to turn up on the day as they will be unable to let them in.

2-5-02—- Matrix Reloaded Updates

From Daniel-san, thanks goes out to him for this news:

This came in from Corona :

“On today’s edition of Entertainment Tonight there will be some kind of first look at The Matrix Reloaded. Exactly what will be shown on the pop culture program is unclear, but it’s bound to be of major interest to fans of the sci-fi franchise. “The sequel carves a continuation of [my character] Neo’s journey and his quest to find out the truth,” Keanu Reeves told ET at their website. “It’s more about the conflict with the machines and the humans.”

“Jada Pinkett-Smith will also get a chance to talk a bit. “These sequels are going to blast the original off the screen, and that’s exactly what the fans want,” the actress who plays Morpheus’ love interest, Niobi, had to say.Check your local listings for when today’s Entertainment Tonight airs in your neck of the woods. [Originally appeared on Entertainment Tonight’s website.]”

2-5-02—- Site Related: ANS Archive Expansion

In a further effort to build on site features, while one can always find the most current up to date news on our main page, more visitors are utilizing our archive and search features to find news from months or years past. News on the topics we cover are often missed by our efforts and also existed long before ANS and the internet and so we will no longer ignore this body of knowledge. As of today, ANS will begin expanding our archives back through time, adding news items from the past with no back limit. It’s our goal to build the largest news database on the topics we cover and we will soon be adding stories from weeks, months, years, decades, centuries-ago etc….. Readers who have news items from the past to contribute can do so by emailing them to

2-5-02—- New OAV Series: Gate Keepers 21

A new website has launched to coincide with the announcement of the new Gatekeepers 21 OAV series. A joint production between Kadokawa, Bandai Visual and GONZO, Directing will be Yamaguchi Harashi, Character Designs by Keiji Goto, monster designs by Mahiro Maeda, mecha designs by Kawahara Tomohiro.

2-5-02—- Japanese Cinema News

Thanks to Daniel for this news:

Spirited Away will be one of the films competing at the Berlin film festival, along with “KT” (A Japanese/Korean co-production)and “Bridget”.(A French/Japanese co-production)

Source: AICN mentioned that Ichi the Killer will be playing at the Film Comment Selects in New York from February 18-28. The main site for Film Comment (Filmlinc) mentions that Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s “Barren Illusion” and “Pulse”,Makoto Shinozaki’s “Not Forgotten”, Hideo Nakata’s “Ring”, Nobuhiro Suwa’s “H-Story”, and Akihiko Shiota’s “Harmful Insect” will also be present.

This post states Viz’s theatrical releases for this year will be “Uzumaki”,[Check out the manga from Pulp.]Hideo Nakata’s “Chaos” and Katsushito Ishii’s “Shark Skin Man & Peach Hip Girl”. Unfortunately, no word on when exactly Dead or Alive will hit dvd, but a poster at Anime On DVD’s has mentioned that Patrick Macias is trying to insure the film will receive decent treatment.

Via Cinescape:

1)”The big news today is that last week…GMK…was shown to the suits at Sony. An insider attended the showing that will determine if GMK will have a theatrical release. The insider remarked he was impressed with the

Anime News Service – October 24 – 31 Anime News

10-31-01—- Outlaw Star OAV Probability

According to Anime Nation:

After yesterday’s “Ask John” article about the slim possibility of new Outlaw Star animation being produced, reader “Sany” informed us that the official Japanese Morningstar site has tentative character designs and a story outline for an Outlaw Star 2 OAV series. However, the same page also states that because animation director Mitsuru Hongo is very busy, there is no scheduled production date for this tentative OAV series.

While this may be interesting news, Sany has received the following e-mail response directly from the creator of Outlaw Star confirming that there are no current plans to actually produce any new Outlaw Star anime:
“Hello. My name is Takehiko Ito. I can speak a little English. You looks project in my site contents. It’s plan for Outlaw Star 2. But, that title is only plan and frozen yet. We planning new and different project now. Sorry. I love Outlaw Star too. Maybe I continue Outlaw Star by comic. Thank you!”

10-30-01—-AIC English News

From the AIC English Site comes word that:

the November AIC Japanese website Top Page Illustrator: “Ah! My Goddess” is now online.

The cell-Shading 3D “bishoujyo*” Animation Master online class will start from early November on AIC Japanese website. This online “Animation Master” class will teach people how to modeling anime characters by using Animation Master.

Online Class Staff include Instructor : “Dr. Iguchi” (The 3D CG animation director of “Mahou Yuugi”) Speical class assistance: “Koyori” Speical student : “Akari” (who try to modeling herself)

This class is co-porduced by CG Online. All illustrations are created by Mr. Ryuichi Makino (Battle Athletess character designer) and Mr. Kami Imai.

“Mahou Yuugi” 2D online anime will start to boardcast every Friday from November 16th on Lycos Japan. Go to Lycos’s “Mahou Yuugi” homepage © AIC·Magicaland Magic Union ©1998-2001 Lycos Japan Inc.

“Mahou Yuugi” OVA #1 with Padudu figurine DVD set will release by King Records Inc. on 29th December, 2001 in Japan.

Credits for both 2D and 3D Edition: Dirctor: Mr.Hayashi Hiroki Character designer: Mr. Azuma Kiyohiko 3D Script Writer: Mr.Hideyuki Kurata 2D Script Writer: Mr.Ohnoki Hiroshi “Mahou Yuugi” comic is serialized on monthly comic magazine “Dengeki Daioh” in Japan by Media Works. This comic edition is created by Mr. Katura Yukimaru.

10-30-01—- Lupin TV Series Second DVD Box

Daniel writes in:

Check out for an ad and jacket images for the second series of Lupin on dvd. (Thanks to Lupin Encyclopedia for helping me find it.) All I can tell you is that if you have a region-free player, go for it. It’s not only the best series out of all three, it’s got some excellent Miyazaki-directed and produced episodes near the end.

Included in the set are discs comprising of 26 episodes of the series. Extras are “specially made BOX receipt” and the 2 IN 1 tall case ×13 packs along with Luxurious 160 page booklet. Disc contents include color animation episodes with monaural / stereo soundtracks. DVD’s are single sided and dual layer, 4: 3 aspect ratio. Running time approximately 380 minutes.

10-30-01—- Sailor Moon R Movie Broadcast

Cartoon Network will air the Sailor Moon R movie this Friday, November 2nd, view the schedule here.

10-30-01—- Robotech Topping Amazon Sales

According to the Listing sales of ADV Films Robotech releases dominate the lineup with five in the top ten, including volumes 2-4,7,9.

10-30-01—- Chinese Manga News

Chinese Manga Online is in the process of re-structuring, the URL above will take you to their site.

10-30-01—- SNK Fairwell

From The Magic Box:

SNK has released a press message about their closure:
Dear All NEOGEO fans/customers, It is with deepest grief that In the Autumn of 2001, SNK will close the company history in its business. It was all of your favor and encouragement which made our passion running to make better games for SNK fans. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank and everyone of you for your continuous help and assistance rendered to SNK since its incorporation in Japan July in 1978. Without your support, SNK Corporation would not have been possible throughout 23 years of operation. With all our heart-felt gratitude, thank you once again !

Due to the bankruptcy of SNK, their final arcade game The King of Fighters 2001 will be distributed by Sun Amusement in Japan in mid-November. The Korean firm Eolith also mentioned that they will develop The King of Fighters 2002 for next year.

10-30-01—- Heidi – Yamato Return To Japanese Airwaves

Japanese Broadcast sat station WOWOW has announced it will air the entire TV series run of classic 70’s anime Space Battleship Yamato and Heidi Of The Alps in December. This will be the first time since the original airing in 1974 that the two series have rebroadcast in Japan. Yamato begins December 24th at 23:00, Heidi starts on December 1st at 14:35.

10-29-01—- Yugi-oh Honored

This week’s TV Guide (Oct.27-Nov.2) ranks Yu Gi Oh at the top of “The 10 Best New Kids’ Shows”.

10-29-01—- Konami Character Buses And Trains

Among the multitude of advertising tools and the disposal of anime and game companies in Japan, public transportation vehicles are often chosen due being excellent vectors continuosly being visibale in the often heavily crowded city streets. Two loved Konami properties are currently being heralded in this type of campaign, Sakura Tasen The Movie and Tokimeki Memorial 3. From Nov. 1st the Sakura Taisen campaign is planned to run for 3 months, it of course advertises the movie scheduled to open nationwide in Japan December 22nd. The bus wraps it’s tour of duty on Jan. 31st. It’s route will be in Tokyo.

Meanwhile, also in Tokyo will run the Tokimeki Memorial 3 decorated bus and train. Both will apparantly operate from stations in Shibuya and Shinbashi. Operation period is for 1 year from Oct. 10 2001 – Oct. 10 2002. Fans can view the Sakura Wars Movie Bus here and the Tokimeki Memorial 3 Bus and Train here.

10-29-01—- Channel 4 Animation Special Featuring I.G.

The U.K.’s Channel

Anime News Service – October 14-18 Anime News

10-18-01—- Flcl Director Kazuya Tsurumaki To Appear At OmochaBox

FLCL Director Kazuya Tsurumaki to appear at OmochaBox

October 18, 2001 Los Angeles, CA – Kazuya Tsurumaki, director of the cutting-edge, Japanese animated mini-series FLCL (pronounced Fooly Cooly), will be making an appearance at the OmochaBox retail store on October 27th from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. to sign autographs.

FLCL is a psychedelic, surreal fantasy set in modern day Japan in a little town called Mabase where the life of pre-teen Naota is torn asunder by the outrageous alien Haruko and the flirtatious, picture of innocence Mamimi. However, Tsurumaki (Evangelion, Nadia of the Blue Water) tosses into this relatively innocuous premise large robots that spring forth from Naota’s head, secret agents that snoop around, lethal uzis battles, even more lethal Vespas, and a sophisticated satirical voice that ties everything together.

Autograph session line priority will be given to customers who purchase one of the many exciting FLCL products available at OmochaBox including FLCL artbooks (FLCLism and FLCL GroundWorks), action figures and more. Priority tickets will be distributed to customers starting October 19th. Only the first fifty customers will be guaranteed an autograph.

What: FLCL Director Kazuya Tsurumaki Autograph Signing
When: Saturday, October 27, 2001
Time: 2 p.m. – 3 p.m.
Where: OmochaBox
10811 W. Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90064
Web Site:
Phone: 310.481.1410
Fax: 310.481.1409

FLCL will be released on DVD in the US beginning in late January 2002. A co-production between Synch-Point ( and Production I.G USA (, the highly anticipated DVD will contain the first two episodes of the six part OVA series.

10-18-01—- Animevillage Not Scheduled To Be Relaunched

From the Anime Village Posting: posting:

Due to restructuring, will not be relaunched. On, you’ll find timely updates and detailed information regarding our current product line as well as future endeavors and company news, including other projects and sites that will cater to the growing needs of the anime enthusiast! Visit our site at and please give us your comments and suggestions. Thank you for your interest in Bandai Entertainment!

10-18-01—- Michie Tomizawa Retirement Confirmed Only For Sakura Taisen Role

In light of updated information on Michie Tomizawa’s Sakura Taisen role retirement announcement at this past week’s Tokyo Game Show indicate the retiremnent announcement made can at this time only be confirmed for her Kanzaki Sumire role for certain with other possible game and anime voicing role possibilities for the actress left open for the future.

10-18-01—- Love Hina OAV Series U.S. Status

ANS has contacted Jerry Chu of Bandai Entertainment, Love Hina’s current exclusive North American animation licensor, according to Bandai’s Producer of Marketing, Bandai has no imminent announcements regarding the newly announced Love Hina OAV’s for the American market.

10-18-01—- Miyazaki Interview

In the U.K. film critic Jonathan Ross has reviewed Mononoke Hime on the Film 2001 program, along with a short overview of Miyazaki’s other films. The critic reportedly gave the 1997 Ghibli blockbuster a glowing review, of note, in the review of several other Ghibli films, most were credited to “Buena Vista Home Video”, the titles credited are Porco Rosso, Totoro and others.

10-18-01—- 3rd Blackjack Promotional Anime Online

The 3rd Blackjack promotional animation is now here and was posted on Oct. 12. This latest short takes on the style of a movie trailer.

10-18-01—- Tristar Rintaro / Metropolis Primer

Tristar Pictures is proud to announce that METROPOLIS, based on the classic manga (comic book) by Osamu Tezuka (the Godfather of Anime and Manga), directed by Rintaro (“X”) and written by anime legend Katsuhiro Otomo (“Akira”), will have its first U.S. screening at this year’s inaugural edition of New York’s Big Apple Anime Fest on Friday, October 26 at 5:00PM at the DGA Theater (110 West 57th Street, between 5th and 6th Avenue). METROPOLIS will open theatrically in the U.S. in January 2002.

Based on the classic manga (comic) by Osamu Tezuka, the Godfather of Anime and Manga, METROPOLIS was brought to the screen by two of the most respected figures in Japanese animation today: Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira) and Rintaro (X, Galaxy Express 999). In fact, Rintaro began his career working for Tezuka on his popular Astro Boy (Tetsuwan Atom) television series.

In the late 1940s, long before Astro Boy and Kimba the White Lion established Osamu Tezuka as one of the most influential animators of all time, the legendary illustrator created the classic manga Metropolis. Set in the future, Metropolis is a grand city-state populated by humans and robots, the cohabitants of a strictly segmented society. Amidst the chaos created by anti-robot factions, detective Shunsaku Ban and his sidekick Ken-ichi are searching for rebel scientist Dr. Laughton, to arrest him and seize his latest creation, Tima, a beautiful young girl. Tima is a new top-of the-line android created to succeed the leader of Metropolis. When they locate them, Shunsaku quickly comes to realize that the eccentric scientist is beyond their reach, protected by a powerful man and his fierce desire to reclaim a tragic figure from his past.

More than fifty years since it was first imagined, Tezuka’s vision of the inability of scientific progress to fulfill basic human needs — in spite of its mechanizing even the most fundamental aspects of life — confirms him as a prophet as well as a fabulist. Directed by Rintaro and written by Otomo, the retro-futurism of the story – as well as its precautionary tale — is spectacularly rendered in its visual style, combining the best in Japanese cel animation with the latest in digital technology. METROPOLIS has been selected to be shown at a number of international film festivals including Locarno, Sitges and Hamburg.

10-18-01—- Speed Racer Hollywood Feature Current Status

According to Variety Warner Bros. Pictures has entered into a $1.2 million deal with Christian Gudegast and Paul Scheuring to write a new script for Speed Racer, a feature adaptation of the classic animated series that has spent more than a decade in development at the studio. Hype Williams is attached to direct the picture. Writers Mark Levin and Jennifer Flackett (“Madeline”)

Anime News Service – April 8-19 Anime News

4-19-01—- Live Action Star Blazers News

Thanks to Daniel for the following:

AICN has a review of the script for the long-awaited Disney live-action version of Star Blazers.

4-19-01—- DVD News

Anime On DVD reports:

Some new light has been shed regarding the Ranma 1/2 OVA DVD release from last year. Some may recall that the set had an inverted audio problem that caused headaches for some people (whereas others barely even noticed it if at all) and we had heard from Viz at the convention circuit earlier this year that replacements were in the works and there’d be a swap out deal of some sort. I believe we did cover this before, but just to be on the safe side, the folks at Right Stuf (who handles Pioneer’s customer service and other issues like this) now have confirmed and passed onto their CSR’s that this is an open-ended program if you do have this set that is defective. So be sure to contact them. The way to tell the difference between the two sets (I believe) is that the original has the clear plastic slipcase the slides DOWN over the box like the Tenchi Muyo box set. The new versions have the same slipcase but it’s like the second Fushigi Yugi box in that it slips the disc in on the side, like a book into a boxset.

According to a new post on the Anime On DVD forum from currently vacationing rep David Williams of ADV, Neon Genesis Evangelion Collection 0:8 is set for a 6/26 release, bringing the series to its conclusion.

4-19-01—- Akira Cali Dates

Anime On DVD reports on new Akira theatrical dates for 4/27/2001: Digital Screenings at AMC MEDIA CENTER NORTH 6 770 North First Street Burbank, CA 818-953-9800

AMC 1000 VAN NESS San Fransisco, CA 415-922-4262

4-19-01—- Digimon Spanish News

UMJAMS Anime News reports:

Luis Daniel Ramirez, the Spanish voice of Angemon has announced that they will began dubbing the second season of Digimon on April 17th. Thanks to Mauricio Villarroel for the information.

4-19-01—- June Anime Goods

From the UMJAMS Anime News report:

Diamond Distributor’s Previews magazine is listing the following items for a June time frame release. It is very likely that some will be delayed, and others are already being solicited or post June releases.

Dark Horse Comics will be releasing action figures based on Minnie May, and Rally from Gunsmith Cats. The figures are 6″ tall, and have 10 points of articulation. Both were approved by creator/manga artist Kenichi Sonoda, and will retail for $14.99 each. Both come with an assortment of weapons. (Rally’s is more true to the manga as her gun models match what she used in the manga where as Minnie comes with a a machine gun, and two small handguns in addition to her grenades. This September Dark Horse will be importing two resin statues of Dirty Pair partners Kei and Yuri for $69.99 each. The statues are 8 ½ tall, 1/8th scale, sculpted by Amaha Minatogawa and are fully painted and ready to display. Two t-shirts of the Dirty Pair couple, and two addition t-shirts of the individual members with art by Adam Warren will be released in June. Also arriving in September will be an imported action figure of Shadow Lady for $34.98. Sculpted by Shigeru Yamazaki, the figure comes with a detailed display base and includes De-Mo, her pint-sized, bat-winged sidekick. The figure features limited articulation. An Akira tube poster set, with four posters 15 ½” x 19 ½” posts will retail for 19.99.

A Silent Mobius Tenth Anniversary Lithograph will be released for 25.00. It features a full color image by Kia Asamiya measuring 11 x 17 and is printed on a special, thick, porous paper stock at Asamiya’s personal request. This limited lithograph is specially numbered in red, and limited to 333 copies.

Other t-shirts being released in June include new Dragon Ball Z shirts of Cell saga era events, entitled “Frontline”, “Gohan’s True Power”, and “Hi Density Trunks”. Also being released is a t-shirt of the fan service laden Agent Aika entitled “Little White Secrets”. Robtech -shirts of “Robotech Super Fortress” and “Robotech Veritech Reflective Logo ” are due to be released. Gundam Wing fans can look forward to “Gundam vs. Epyon” and “Gundam Zero Leader” shirts, and a Deathscythe Hell hat. A Martian Sucessor Nadesico “Prayer for Ruri “, and two Kenshin t-shirts “Samurai X Kenshin Collage” and “Samurai X Shadow” will be released. Also being released will be the horror t-shirt entries of t-shirts of Vampire Hunter D “Gathering Storm”, and Wicked City.

In the bust category we can expect Krillin of Dragon Ball Z, and Wolfwood of Trigun for $52.80 each. Krillin will be the second release in Palisades Marketing’s Dragon Ball Z line. The cold-cast resin bust measures approximately 6 ½” tall and comes mounted on a sculpted logo base, apackaged in a collector’s window box.

In the mecha arena the much anticipated Giant Robo die cast figures are due. The figures can in boozako and missile variants and retail for 45.00. The imported 8″ figures are 80% metal and come with Genrei figures. An imported Mazinger Z Resin Statue will retail for 199.99. The painted statue features the Mazinger standing 14 tall, with an 18 wide base with a foot on top of a defeated Garuda K-7. The sixth set of Evangelion Kubricks will feature Misato Katsuragi, EVA-01 Overdrive Version (with removable helmet), and Zaruel The 14th Angel for $12.99. The blue Ghost in the Shell Fuchikoma statue with Batoh is being solicited, but will be released in August. The 6″ figure retails for 65.00.

An other statues being released is a King of Fighters 2000 Cula Diamond Resin Statue for $74.99. The imported statue features an 1/8th scale resin statue was sculpted by Eiji Nakayama, and comes mounted on a display base, enhanced with simulated diamond crystals emerging from the base. The vinyl statues of Final Fantasy VIII’s Laguna Loire, and Quistis Trepe will be re-released for $39.99 each.

The demonic looking figure

Anime News Service – March 1-8 Anime News

3-8-01—- Big O Official

Excerpted from the press release:

There’s A New Giant Robot On The Block BIG O Joins Toonami Line-up on Cartoon Network on April 2

Cartoon Network will premiere BIG O (TV-Y7/FV) on Monday, April 2 at 5:30 p.m. (ET, PST) as part of the Toonami action-adventure programming block. This marks the first time that the Japanese animated series will appear on American television. BIG O will replace Outlaw Star in the Toonami line-up. BIG O takes place 40 years after a mysterious occurrence known only as “The Event” has destroyed Paradigm City and erased the memories of its citizens. Although Paradigm City has since recovered, it maintains an austere existence under police rule and its citizens are forever questioning what happened to them 40 years ago. Roger Smith, also known as The Negotiator, travels through Paradigm City’s bleak urban landscape, rubbing elbows with both shady criminals and captains of industry. He solves problems on behalf of his clients, while he struggles with his own mysterious past. In his quest to safeguard Paradigm City, the Negotiator is assisted by Norman, his loyal butler, Dorothy, an android companion and BIG O, a towering robot.

Toonami, Cartoon Network’s popular afternoon action-adventure programming block airs weekdays 4-7p.m. (ET, PT) and features programs like Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, Gundam Wing, Tenchi Muyo!, Outlaw Star and Ronin Warriors. Intermittently throughout the three-hour programming block, Toonami features popular music, computer generated 3-D animation segments and the block’s host, TOM, an animated character who inhabits the space vessel Absolution.

3-8-01—- Irwin Toy Bought Out

Irwin Toy, license holder for Dragonball Z action figures, announced Tuesday, March 6 that it had been acquired by Livgroup Investments Ltd., a private holding company. Livgroup bought 100% of Irwin stock, for which they paid $6.25 per share, for a total of nearly $55 million, a figure which includes the debt they assumed from Irwin. This announcement comes nearly a week after rumors that Irwin was in negotiations to sell. There was speculation that one of hte major US toy companies, such as Hasbor or Mattel, was the potential buyer; however, Livgroup Investments, owned by investor Richard Ivey and consumer products specialist Jean-René Halde, turned out to be the buyer. Mr. Halde, who has experience in consumer products companies throughout Canada, will step in as new CEO.

“What I like is that they’ve gone from, 10 years ago, basically being a distributor of products in Canada to today being a manufacturer of exclusive products which seem to be doing well in the U.S. and other countries,” Mr. Halde said.


3-8-01—- X Suspended In Animerica Extra

From the Viz release:

The serialization of X/1999 has been suspended in the manga anthology Animerica Extra starting in Volume 4, Number 5. We apologize for the suspension, especially during a crucial point in the plot, but we must adhere to the terms in our contract for publishing X/1999. Our licensing department is working to bring the title back to Animerica Extra for Volume, 4, Number 9 and to be sure that this type of problem can be prevented in the future.

3-8-01—- DBZ Manga Uncut Update

According to Viz via Planet Namek:

AND NOW…A SHOCKING MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR! As most of you know, back in Dragon Ball Part 3 #3, we announced that due to parental complaints the Dragon Ball manga was going to be “edited” for content. Soon after that, we got hundreds of letters and e-mails begging us not to censor the manga. An online petition to bring back uncensored Dragon Ball was set up by Julian Grybowski, and soon got more than 10, 000 signatures. We listened to your suggestions, and now we are proud to announce:


After much consideration, we’ve decided that this is the best way to do it. Many of you suggested this (too many to thank you all individually), and you can see the label on this comic and on Dragon Ball Vol. 4 which came out in February. Also, we will soon be reprinting Dragon Ball Vol. 1-3 and re-inserting the material which was censored in the graphic novel version. You can tell which is the uncensored version because it’ll have the “13 and Up” label in the lower right corner. The censored graphic novels will not be reprinted and will soon be unavailable.

Because of this label, you might not be able to find Dragon Ball graphic novels at certain large chain stores. (You should still be able to find Dragon Ball Z.) However, we at Viz have decided that this trade-off is worth it-it’s better to keep Toriyama’s spirit intact. Our thanks go out to all the fans who signed the petition and wrote us intelligent letters saying what you think-it’s because of you and all the other Dragon Ball readers that this happened.

3-8-01—- Financial Stance Of Tokuma

According to Anime News Network:

Speaking with Nippon Keizai Shimbun (“Japan Economic Newswire”) in an interview published on March 8th, Matsushita Takeyoshi, the new president of Tokuma, announced the sale of several divisions in order to cut the company’s 100 billion yen (US$840 million)debt, which includes a 5 billion yen operating deficit for the 1999 fiscal year. He said that it should take the company 4-5 years to pay off its debt.

Tokuma has already sold its Direct TV assets, as well as cut back its operation in BS and CATV. Their movie division, Daiei will also suspend all major production for a while.

On the other hand, Tokuma is launching 3 new magazines geared towards female students and middle aged people. And most importantly to Anime fans, Tokuma will not be selling Studio Ghibli. It is expected that Ghibli will turn a profit with Miyazaki’s latest film, Sen to Chihiro.

3-8-01—- Sen To Chihiro Image Album

A post to the mailing list mentions the image Album of Studio Ghibli’s latest film, “Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi” will be released on April 4, 2001. The cover can be viewed here.


TKCA-72100, 3000

Anime News Service – January 19-21 Anime News

1-21-01—- New Anime Central Guests

A staff member of Chicago’s Anime Central convention, Frank Sanchez, posted the following 2001 guest list, on the forum of Anime News Network:

In addition to:

Kia Asamiya – Character Designer – Nadesico, Silent Moebius

Yoshitoshi Abe – Character Designer for Serial Experiments Lain

We now have for Japanese guests:

Range Murata – Character Designer for Blue Submarine No. 6

Naoko Matsui – seiyuu with large track record in voice acting, some of her credits include Akane from Kimagure Orange Road, Rally Vincent from Riding Bean, and Azusa Shiratori from Ranma 1/2

Shin Nasagawa – From Squaresoft, Character Designer for Final Fantasy IX and the upcoming Final Fantasy X.

Yoshio Yamakawa – Also from Squaresoft, Monster Designer for Final Fantasy IX and the upcoming Final Fantasy X.

I’m really excited and I sure hope all of you are too. Hope this helps bring you over to Anime Central this year! ^_-

1-21-01—- DBZ Translator Article

Planet Namek has posted a new interview from this weekend with Steven J. Simmons, the translator for the subtitles of the DVDs. The interview is rather lengthy and answers many questions on the production.

1-21-01—- Toynami Robotech Toy Item

Excerpted from the newsgroup post:

Here is a post by Tom Bateman from earlier today over at the RDF HQ newsboard:

“Hey all,

I just wanted to let you know that I just conducted a very detailed interview with George Sohn, the President of Toynami, in which we discussed his company’s plans for upcoming ROBOTECH toys.

Its good to see that the keychains, morphers and figurines are getting a good response, but I wanted to tell you all that these items are just the beginning.

George and his company is hard at work creating the REAL VF-1 Valkyries and are shooting to have their first one out by this summer.

I would like to say more, but you’ll have to wait until George’s interview (which I am working on transcribing right now) to learn more. I plan to have it ready for the official launch of ROBOTECH.COM, coming VERY soon.


p.s. There is no way we would EVER remake that crappy Matchbox Veritech.”

1-21-01—- Battlefield Earth Anime Planned

Excerpted from this Publisher’s Weekly piece:A deal with Japan’s Pine Com International has been made for 20 hour-long animated films based on Battlefield Earth by L. Ron Hubbard; the deal, worked out between Javier Ruiz of Author Services and Sammy Sakoda of Pine Com, also includes rights to interactive games and a comic book series.

1-21-01—- Battle Royale Kubrick Figures Announced

Based on the characters from the controversial Japanese manga based film Battle Royale, come new Kubrick figures from Medicom. Each of the 3 figures retails at 905 Yen, is about 60mm tall, includes map card. When Map pieces A-C are combined a complete larger map is made. Damage stickers are included with 2 of the 3 figures. Commisioned by (BR) Manufacture Committee.

1-21-01—- Mainframe Animation Update

Mainframe Entertainment recenlty listed it’s current projects in this excerpt from the company’s latest press release:

Mainframe Entertainment Inc. is the world’s most prolific producer of computer animation for television, and is expanding into long-form CGI for feature films and interactive entertainment. Since 1994 Mainframe has had six computer animated television series on air in the North American market, on YTV, ABC, the Cartoon Network, Fox Kids and Fox Family Channel. The company is currently in production on 26 half-hour episodes of Action Man(TM), an all-CGI television series that began regularly scheduled broadcasts on Fox Kids and YTV in August and the all-new Heavy Gear(TM) television series, based on the popular video game. As well, the studio is in production on a large-format stereoscopic feature film based on Gulliver’s Travels for release in IMAX 3D theatres.

Source: DBZ Kingdom

1-20-01—- D-Boy At Toyfair reports D-Boy’s expected offerings for Toyfair include a Vash the Stampede piece, from Trigun: already 2 action figures and a collectible resin bust, will be getting the vinyl treatment! Stay tuned for more details!

*Nine Rings of Wu-Tang: been curious to what happened with this action figure line based on the hip hop rap group Wu Tang Clan? Well, the comic of which these are based on, is no longer- thus the delay. D-Boy does have plans to release two of the figures, however- Femme Kryle and Ghost Face Killa – both to kind of test the waters and see if fan interest is still there.

Dark Angel: characters from the original black and white manga by Kia Asamiya will be on display. The first series will include: Dark, Leen, Zen, and Tan.Size will be 1/8 scale, that’s between 8 and 10 inches tall, come equipped with a GOOD amount of articulation, base and accessories, and will come packaged in window boxes.

1-21-01—- Z.O.E. OVA Update

New staff details on the upcoming Zone Of Enders 2167 IDOLO OVA series follow below. The game version is produced by Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear Series), the plot occurs in the 22nd century in the Solar System. Mankind has established space colonies out to the orbit of Jupiter, a colony there named Antilla is the farthest human settlement from Earth and referred to as the end of the world, residents of Antilla are called “Enders” for this reason. A introvert boy living there, Leo Stenbuck accompanies his friends to a UN Space Force facility to steal from their junkyard and gets apprehended. At the same time a fanatical military regime on Mars called Z.O.E. hijacks the Antilla colony which becomes a battlefield. Leo witnesses the death of his friends who used to bully him, he feels responisble for their deaths and runs from the scene to find the reason of the colony’s hijacking the giant robot humanoid weapon “Jehuty”. The game system includes support for the analog stick, which enables free aerial movement. The game allows for the best camera angle when locking onto an enemy target.

The game is being touted as a “Robot Animation Simulator and features some industry veterans including Character Designer Nobuyoshi Nishimura who worked on

Anime News Service – December 23-31 Anime News

held in Akihabara Sunday, December 17th. The event reportedly drew12-31-00—- Animefringe Top 25 Sites

From the news release:

The results of Animefringe’s poll for The Top 25 Must-Visit Anime Websites are now available in the latest issue of Animefringe: Online Anime Magazine. Find out what the sites are that every otaku should have book-marked and learn why they are so cool. Also, full results of the poll are available at the end of the article. But, remember the Top 25 is just one part of our spectacular One Year Anniversary issue!
Anime Fringe

12-31-00—- New CPM Press

Central Park Media’s latest press releases for March can be viewed here.

12-31-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Higher Voltage is reporting that During the recently wrapped Shoeshia Jump Festival, Capcom announced the development of a the latest Jojo’s game based on the 5th chapter of the whole Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure epic manga.

12-31-00—- New Year’s Anime Marathon

Excerpted from DVD Animania:

This weekend’s (12/30) Saturday Anime lineups: (All Times Eastern Standard Time)
Tekken: The Motion Picture – 07:40 AM Encore Action Channel
Macross II: Lover’s Again – 10:45 AM Encore Action Channel
Tekken: The Motion Picture – 05:00 PM Encore Action Channel
This weekend’s (12/31) Sunday / New Year’s Eve Anime lineups: (All Times Eastern Standard Time)
Macross II: Lover’s Again – 12:00 AM Encore Action Channel
Darkside Blues – 07:20 AM Encore Action Channel
Darkside Blues – 05:00 PM Encore Action Channel
This weekend’s (1/1) Monday / New Year’s Day Anime lineups: (All Times Eastern Standard Time)
Darkside Blues – 07:20 AM Encore Action Channel
Patlabor: The Mobile Police – 06:30 AM Encore Action Channel
Shadow Skill: Part 1 – 08:10 AM Encore Action Channel
Shadow Skill: Part 2 – 09:00 AM Encore Action Channel
Sol Bianca – 10:15 AM Encore Action Channel
DNA Sights 999.9 – 11:15 AM Encore Action Channel
Ghost In The Shell – 12:05 PM Encore Action Channel
Patlabor 2: The Movie – 01:30 PM Encore Action Channel
Patlabor: The Mobile Police – 03:20 PM Encore Action Channel
Shadow Skill: Part 1 – 05:00 PM Encore Action Channel
Shadow Skill: Part 2 – 05:50 PM Encore Action Channel
DNA Sights 999.9 – 07:10 PM Encore Action Channel
Ghost In The Shell – 08:00 PM Encore Action Channel
Psycho Diver – 09:20 PM Encore Action Channel
Patlabor 2: The Movie – 10:10 PM Encore Action Channel

12-31-00—- Project A-Kon Announcment

Excerpted from the latest circulating A-kon E-flyer:

Guests so far include (there will be more, but Japanese guests are currently celebrating their holidays and will not get back with us until mid January.):

TIFFANY GRANT – Voice actress, “Evangelion”, “Gunsmith Cats” and much more!

NEWTEK – the CGI Company that handles computer animation programs such as LightWave will do demos of various programs for us during the weekend.

STEVE BENNETT – Animator for Urusei Yatsura, Final Yamato, and many other shows

STUDIO IRONCAT – We don’t know which artists will attend yet, but we’ll let you know.

BEN DUNN – Head of Antarctic Press

ANTARCTIC PRESS – will be represented by the likes of: JOE WELTJENS, DOUG DLIN, TED NOMURA, and more!

ELIN WINKLER – President, Radio Comix, has her own comic line!


VALKYRIE GAMES – Stellar Horizons game developer

RODNEY CASTON – host of for fan subtitlers

LEE W MADISON – Artist responsible for all the cool Badge Art A-Kon has had for the last 11 years, as well as Staff T-Shirt designs.

NEWTON EWELL – Game design artist, fine art and fine anime illustrator, mech designer, and all around swell guy. (we haven’t actually ASKED him yet, but it wouldn’t be an A-Kon without him!)


* Anime cel painting workshops conducted by animator Steve Bennett ($5 materials fee-pay at the door-gets you paints, acetate, brushes, all that you need to create your own cel!)
* Computer Animation demos & classes with NewTek!
* ‘AniName That Tune’ – how fast can you identify your fav. Tunes?
* ‘Anime Match Game’ – was great fun last year, is back again!
* ‘Japanimayhem’ – the rousing tongue-in-cheek look at the anime world in a ‘killer’ card game
* Sunday Banquet With The Stars & A-Kon anime awards ceremony! 5th Annual!
* Cram packed dealers room-149 tables crammed with stuff!
* 3 24-hr Video theaters, and a couple side theaters
* CLUB J-POP – hear the latest in Japanese music hosted by Radio Wasabi (called CLUB WASABI for this year’s Kon!)
* Parties, fellowship, fans, etc.
* Live Sushi Demo – see how that fish is really cut up! And eat the samples! Seminar conducted by Tokyo One Japanese Restaurant chefs.
* Martial Arts Stage Fighting Demo – see actual Hollywood actors conduct seminars on how to do real stage fighting, with weapons and hand-to-hand – make your cosplay presentations look REAL!
* Cosplay makeup demo- learn how to make prosthetics and apply them properly to bring your characters to life – hosted by an actual Hollywood makeup artist and an actor who has been every alien in the book! Watch an actual anime character come to life in 3-D on a real human body (looks lots different than 2-D on paper!)
* Komik Market – THE place to find cool new clubs, small press comics, personalized artwork, etc.
* Model Contest (handled by AVD)- bring your entries!
* Live Action Games (Animania, Maximum Comics’ games, Night of the Yakuza, Vampire, etc. )
* 24 hr. RPG and CCG Gaming
* Battletech (by Mechwarriors Guild)
* Fan Video Contest
* Opening Ceremony with cool stuff
* FREE PRIZE PACK for pre-registered folks (all kinds of goodies)
* Costume Contest on Saturday Night
* DANCE on Saturday night by RFO
* KARAOKE on Friday Night!
* Prizes, Giveaways galore!
* Panels, discussions with guests, industry professionals, etc.
* Displays from anime companies
* KAOS Room – 24 hr. Networked, Computerized Gaming room
* Commemorative T-shirt (designer TBA)
* Panel topics

Anime News Service – December 6-10 Anime News

12-10-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

According to the upcoming title listings of both Babbages’ and Electronics Boutique, Crave will be releasing Record of Lodoss War: The Advent of Cardice on January 17th, 2001. The title had previously been confirmed for a U.S. release, but no publisher or release date had been named. Released last summer for the Dreamcast in Japan, the Kadokawa Shoten-developed action RPG turns the popular Record of Lodoss War anime series into a Diablo-inspired action RPG quest. A few English screenshots of the title have been released by IGNDC.

Source: The GIA

12-10-00—- Right Stuf Updates

The Right Stuf is running news that VIZ has announced that they will be pushing back the release date for Sadamoto’s Der Mond Art Book until 3/1/2001.

Palisades Marketing has announced that they some of their products will be delayed and/or canceled. See the list below for full details:

Sol Bianca: The Legacy Wall Scroll – DELAYED until 3/1/2001
Trigun Mini Lunchbox – DELAYED until 3/15/2001
Ninja Scroll Mini Lunchbox – CANCELLED

12-10-00—- Orphen DVD Date

Etailer is listing the following inforamtion associated with the the release of the DVD Orphen: Scion or Sorcery Vol. #1 – 3/20/2001 Release date – 3 eps. – $29.99

12-10-00—- J-Pop Article

Asahi is running an article here on a new book, JAPAN POP! Inside the World of Japanese Popular Culture (Edited by Timothy J. Craig. ISBN 0-7656-0561-9. U.S.: M.E. Sharpe. 360 pp. $22.95).

12-9-00—- Tenchi Univision Broadcast Edits

Ecxcerpted from an interesting post by Kyle Thomas Pope:

I checked the Spanish Tenchi TV against the DVD and it is edited though the edit appears to be different from Toonami’s. Specifically the scene where Katsuhito takes out Mihoshi’s mecha and we are introduced to Mihoshi’s butt has been edited to remove the view of Mihoshi’s posterior wiggling in the air. This dub is produced by Cloverway so I imagine the standards are going to be a little different from CN which edited their version of Tenchi themselves. Since Cloverway hasn’t demonstrated any use of digital bikinis in Sailor Moon they might not show up here either. So those scenes of nudity might get the close cropping treatment if they are not removed completely. Only time and future episodes will tell.

12-9-00—- Happy Lesson Project Announced

Just announced in Japan, fan favorite manga artist Mutsumi Sasaki’s Happy Lesson is being developed into a cross-media project with games, radio drama’s, CD’s, and an OVA series planned. The story of Happy Lesson features 5 bishoujo teachers.

– Happy Lesson Drama CD (title forthcoming) – Winter 2000 Release – Bonus Tracks Planned
– Happy Lesson Character Album – Autumn 2000 Release – 953 Yen

– Dreamcast Game Version – Spring Of 2001 Release

– OVA – Spring Of 2001 Release (from KSS)

12-9-00—- Anime Music News

Continuing on in the series that is releasing never before commercially available recorded format music from Space Battleship Yamato, the CD ETERNAL EDITION – File No.7 ‘Space Battleship Yamato PART III’ is scheduled for release on Feb. 1 at 2,500 Yen.

Based on Konami’s hugely popular Tokimeki Memorial game series, the drama CD Tokimeki Memorial 2 Vol. 3 “The Mind Which Wishes And Keeps It Secret” (rough translation) goes on sale December 21st, retailing at 2,718 Yen. On the disc are the drama, a Sakura character image song “Angel’s Whistle”, and an extra drama – “Super-Steel Robo God Doraibar”. 1st press units include trading cards.

Masami Okui will be singing the OP and ED themes of the upcoming Xebec produced anime TV series, Tales Of Eternia. The series will begin running on WoWoW BS Ch. 5 in Japan from January 2001. The theme song single is out on Feb. 7, retailing at 971 Yen. The titles of both OP and ED themes has yet to be announced but both feature Okui’s vocals and will be arranged by Yabe Toshirou.
A Live tour 2000 VHS and DVD version is headed for release on Dec. 21st, they will inlcude rehearsal and concert footage.

12-9-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Sony’s PS2 RPG Popolocrois Story III uses a new “cell shading” technology which shows 3DCG like hand drawn animated cartoon. The game takes place 15 years after Popolocrois Story II, in which you play as a young prince of the kingdom, the son of the hero in Popolocrois Story II. The story is about romance, friendship and adventure. Popolocrois Story III is scheduled to release in Japan sometimes in spring of 2001.

Sega will be showing the popular Dreamcast adventure game Shenmue in movie form in Japan in January 2001, in 5 different locations. The movie will be in English, with Japanese subtitles.

Source: The Magic Box

12-8-00—- Former Vice President Of Irwin Founds New Toy Company – Toynami is running an article here on the launch of a new toy company, Toynami, which has been founded by the previous Vice President of Toycom- George Sohn- in October. Toynami will make a market debut with a series of 12″ Tenchi Muyo action figures in January.

12-8-00—- Anime Flash Parody

Cartoon Network has uploaded an anime Flash parody under their Happy Hiro / Web Premiere toons section.

12-8-00—- Escaflowne On Billboard Sales Charts

Billboard has just released its latest Top 40 Video Sales Chart with Escaflowne – Betrayal and Trust (V.2) debuting as a new release ranked 22 nationally.

12-8-00—- Media Blasters Acquisitions Updates has been updated with the following upcoming title listings:

Jewel Hunter Lime BEM
In the world of demons dwells a cute litte girl named Hunter Lime, whose simple, comic adventures will win the hearts of viewers of all ages. She and her companions seem constantly at wits end, caring for each other and yet never able to honestly express their feelings. And along the way they battle Jewel Bem, a shape changing monster who materializes from everyday items. Produced by Atsuko Nakajima the animator of Ranma 1/2.

An epic Samurai battle with a touching love story.

A teacher must somehow teach a group of bad boys how to straighten out and fly straight. See how Madonna does it in this

Anime News Service – October 21 – 30 Anime News

10-30-00—- Spanish Card Captor Sakura Voice Actors

The Card Captor Sakura TV series, to air from Nov. 1 on Cartoon Network Latin America will feature the following Spanish Voice Actors:

Sakura : Cristina Hernandez
Shoran : Uraz Huerta
Tomoyo : Monica Villase
Fuyitaka : Enrique mederos Kerberos (Kero) : Yamil Atala
Yukito : Enzo Fortuni
Touya : Luis Daniel Ramírez

Source: Anihabara

10-30-00—- More Manga Bits

A few more information bits on upcoming Manga Entertainment releases today from reader, Dan:

Will Giant Robo have any of the extras of the region 2 Giant Robo? Will the X dvd have the X music video? And how many episodes will be on each Streetfighter 2V dvd?

Manga: “1) We’re working on it. 2)I don’t think so 3) 29 episodes on 4 DVDs divides into seven episodes on the first 3, and eight on the last disc.

10-30-00—- Amamo’s World Web Updates

Excerpted from the Amano’s World Website Announcement List (


It’s been quite a while since you’ve heard from us here on the Amanosworld list. We’ve been working very hard to update the website and put up lots of new art for you to enjoy. There will now be regular updates so check back often. Many of the updates will be art that is exclusive to the site. You won’t see it anywhere else! Make sure to check out the “Weekly Amano” section to see new and unpublished art. We will be keeping a back log of a few weeks of updates, but after that, we will be removing them. Be sure to check out the art while it is up! This week will feature a special Halloween greeting and art series from Amano. We’re also working to add some exciting new items to the store and a new forum will be open soon for discussing artwork and the projects on which Amano has worked. There are many exciting new things happening here at Amanosworld and we look forward to sharing them with you.

Amanosworld Staff

10-30-00—- Anime Article

The Honolulu Star Bulletin has posted this article on the growing popularity of Anime / Manga.

10-30-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Five Star Stories Creator Mamoru Nagano designed the 3P Anna character in Tekken Tag Tournament released in the U.S. last week for Sony’s Playstation 2 console.

A stuffed animal version of Sony’s popular Pocket Station character Toro is being released in Japan and marketed under the product name Pose Taro by SCE.

Initial broadband experiments have recently taken place in Osaka, Japan, where Sony is interconnecting a Play Station 2 console via cable modem to the internet. The empty Expansion Bay (PCMCIA slot) on currently released PS2 units will house the hard disk drive / modem when they are marketed in Japan and the U.S. in 2001.

Sega announced this week it will grant licenses on the architecture of it’s Dreamcast console. This opens the door for other companies to develop 3rd party products (Televisions, PC’s car navigation units, and advanced cell phones) capable of acessing Dreamcast software.

10-30-00—- Matrix DVD Listed Under “Hollywood Price” In Japan

As previously reported, Warner Home Video rolled out a new DVD pricing structure in Japan in September called “Hollywood Price”. Titles marked under “Hollywood Price” (61 to date) carry a MSRP very close (2000 – 2500 Yen) to the American retail of the same DVD.

The Anime-inspired techno thriller The Matrix Iron Giant Special Edition, and Deep Blue Sea Special Edition are among the newest DVD’s. The American film Romeo Must Die featuring HK star Jet Li will also carry “Hollywood Price” pricing, marked at 2500 Yen when it’s released on DVD in Japan on Nov. 23rd.

10-30-00—- ROBODEX 2000

The 3-day Japanese robotics expo “ROBODEX 2000” will kick off in Yokohama Nov. 24th. Several robot manufacturers will exhibit their creations. Sony’s robotic pet AIBO and Honda’s Humanoid robot P3 will be among some of the robots on display.

10-30-00—- Anime Screening In Toronto

Excerpted from the info release:

This is the Anime Club east of Bloor and Bathurst!

—————————————————– Don’t miss our next meo show on November the 4th!

1:00 Jubei-Chan The Ninja Girl TV 5, 6 (AP. 50 min meo) 1:50 City Hunter TV 1, 2 (AP. Mokkori 50 min) 2:40 Furi Kuri OVA 1, 2 (AP. 60 min meo!) 3:40 Kochira Kameari Kouenmae Hashutsujo The Movie (AP. 100 min) Canadian Premiere! ^^ meo5:20 Berserk TV 20, 21 (AP. 50 min) —————————————————–

A big welcome goes out to all of AnimeXtreme’s Newest suckers, I mean, members! Be sure to pick up your membership cards at the next show.

Highlights include the original City Hunter TV series starting at AnimeXtreme, By order of Akira Kamiya the GOD of all voice actors, and voice of our beloved pervert/hero “Ryo Saeba”, he has ordered Silver to start showing all City Hunter episodes if Silver wants him as a guest at CNAnime’01 ^^ mokkori..mokkori??

Furi Kuri is also beginning at Axe. It is uh, GAINAX! Hello?!? For our members that don’t know, Gainax are them brains that worked on some show called “Evangelion”. This one’s a no brainer, you must come and see it. It’s a robot anime, but not a robot anime. What is it? There’s a huge iron in the middle of the city. A robot comes out of a kid’s head and insanity begins… need I say more? Actually, it’s Gainax trying to reinvent the “robot anime” genre/stereotype and taking HARSH shots at Yoshiyuki Tomino (Gundam creator) while there at it! Woohoo! Good for them. Take that for abandoning the newtype concept you punk. Vol. 2 will be the REGION 2 DVD BABY! with english subs for those that wanna check it out.

meo Then there’s the movie with the insanely long title, the movie is even more insane than the title! The title means “This is the Police Box in front of Kameari Park”! Based on the popular manga which is OVER a 100 books (and u think dragonball and ranma is long?) and known as the longest running cartoon serial in Japan. Come find out why Ryotsu is “the man!”, well..sort of… He’s a self

Anime News Service – June 13-17 Anime News

6-17-00—- Cardcaptor Costs

According to this L.A. Times Calender article, Canadian-based Nelvana (the company behind the North American releae of the Card Captor Sakura TV series), has spent roughly $100,000 on each Cardcaptors episode, adding in new music, scripts and vocal tracks.

6-17-00—- Manga Entertainment Developments

Manga has updated their website listing box art for the Patlabor 1 and Sword for Truth DVD’s and VHS artwork for their release of X. Also listed in the Summer explosion page are Angel Cop and the two Patlabor movies.

6-17-00—- Viz Donates $100,000 In Graphic Novels To U.S. Puublic Libraries

Excerpted from the official press release:


San Francisco, CA (6/16/00)-Viz Comics, America’s 5th-largest comics publisher and largest publisher of Japanese comics, has recently donated over $100,000 in books and videos to U.S. public libraries. “It is pleasing to discover the help of a gift such as yours in active support for the library,” praised Marjorie Rump, Deputy Director, Kern County Library (CA). “Your gift has put some new books on our shelves, a most important element in vital library service.”

Comics are underrepresented in libraries, but the demand for manga (Japanese comics) has never been greater, especially with young readers. “I am certain that San Francisco teens will be thrilled with these titles,” confirmed Jennifer Collins, Middle School Outreach Librarian, San Francisco Public Library.

The increasing popularity of Japanese animation–through TV broadcast of Pokémon, Gundam Wing and Dragon Ball Z, or direct-to-video releases–is leading millions of viewers to the original comics that inspired these popular series. Manga stories cover all genres and ages, and are equally enjoyed by males and females–romance, comedy, crime drama, science fiction, fantasy, action.

In Japan, popular titles regularly sell over 1 million copies per week before being collected in “graphic novel” (book) form, and they as much a staple of Japanese libraries as of bookstores. Viz has actively encouraged greater readership both among children with Pokémon, and teens with Ranma ½. Viz has donated $100,000 of graphic novels, books, magazines, videos and comics to fifteen library regions:

Tucson, AZ
San Francisco, CA
Dallas, TX
Bakersfield, CA
Santa Clara, CA
San Antonio, TX
Los Angeles, CA
Carmel, IN
Seattle, WA
Oakland, CA
Brooklyn, OH
Spokane, WA
San Diego, CA
Columbus, OH
Madison, WI

Viz’s Director of Sales and Marketing Oliver Chin explained the motivation for this large scale effort, “As a publisher, Viz has a enduring responsibility to help improve public literacy and young people’s enjoyment of reading. Since 1997, we have increased the sales of anime and manga on all retail fronts. Simultaneously we have actively increased the supply of circulating copies among libraries which lack the budget and resources to satisfy reader demand. Response has been overwhelmingly positive, and Viz will to continue build enthusiastic readership at the grassroots level across the country.”

In addition, Viz regularly donates to community non-profit organizations, such as the Japanese Community Youth Council, Los Angeles Tofu Festival, and San Francisco Rescue Mission. On June 6, 2000, Viz donated $12,000 of Pokémon calendars and comic books to San Francisco’s Chinatown Branch Library for their Summer Reading program. “Thanks again for your support and generosity towards the public libraries here in the Bay Area (those graphic novels are still flying off our shelves!),” commended Dorothy Yiu Chang, Branch Manager, Oakland Public Library.

6-17-00—- Viz Comics Press Releases

Excerpted from the various Viz Communications Press Releases:


San Francisco, CA (6/16/00)-Viz Comics proudly announces the October 2000 return of one of the most popular, long-awaited manga ever published in America: Neon Genesis Evangelion Book 5. The psychologically driven science fiction series that revolutionized anime on Japanese television, available on VHS and DVD from A.D.V. Films, Neon Genesis Evangelion resumes monthly publication after a hiatus by the artist and character designer, Yoshiyuki Sadamoto.

Studio Gainax’s Neon Genesis Evangelion is Japan’s biggest combination anime and manga hit of the last five years. Now discover (or rediscover) Evangelion in this artistically stunning, psychologically intense manga adaptation which diverges dramatically from the anime! In the year 2015, half of the human race is dead, and the survivors face a terrifying last judgment from giant “Angels.” Within Tokyo-3 and the headquarters of the secretive organization called NERV, a handful of teenagers are trained to pilot the colossal superentities known as “Evangelions” and battle the Angels on their own terms, whatever the cost to their minds and souls.

In This And Future Issues: As withdrawn young Shinji, EVA-02 pilot, struggles to come to terms with his responsibility, his dim view of the world is challenged by his fellow pilots and classmates, the seemingly emotionless Rei and manipulative, moody, brilliant Asuka. But while children play, Kaji, double agent and the former (and possibly future) lover of Shinji’s commander Misato, comes dangerously closer to the secrets of NERV’s true purpose–a secret nailed to a cross in the darkest depths of Tokyo-3, and a secret buried within the Antarctic ice. And the appearance of a giant eye in the heavens heralds the Angels’ latest and deadliest assault…

Yoshiyuki Sadamoto is the character designer for The Wings of Honneamise, Nadia, and many other anime, illustration and art projects. His latest art book, Der Mond, will be released in America by Viz in November 2000. Evangelion is his only full-length manga series.



San Francisco, CA (6/16/00)-Viz Comics announces the November 2000 release of Banana Fish Vol. 4, the controversial series from Viz’s mature manga anthology Pulp: New Japanese Pop Culture. This graphic novel contains the installments from Pulp Vol. 3#11 through Vol. 4#6.

In 1973, in Vietnam, an American soldier goes mad and guns down his companions. In 1985, in New York City, gang leader Ash Lynx is drawn into a mystery when he is given a strange drug by a dying man. As Ash begins to investigate, his discovery sparks the unwanted interest of Mafia boss Papa Dino, and a series of puzzling suicides tears apart the New York crime community.