Anime News Service – June 13-17 Anime News

6-17-00—- Cardcaptor Costs

According to this L.A. Times Calender article, Canadian-based Nelvana (the company behind the North American releae of the Card Captor Sakura TV series), has spent roughly $100,000 on each Cardcaptors episode, adding in new music, scripts and vocal tracks.

6-17-00—- Manga Entertainment Developments

Manga has updated their website listing box art for the Patlabor 1 and Sword for Truth DVD’s and VHS artwork for their release of X. Also listed in the Summer explosion page are Angel Cop and the two Patlabor movies.

6-17-00—- Viz Donates $100,000 In Graphic Novels To U.S. Puublic Libraries

Excerpted from the official press release:


San Francisco, CA (6/16/00)-Viz Comics, America’s 5th-largest comics publisher and largest publisher of Japanese comics, has recently donated over $100,000 in books and videos to U.S. public libraries. “It is pleasing to discover the help of a gift such as yours in active support for the library,” praised Marjorie Rump, Deputy Director, Kern County Library (CA). “Your gift has put some new books on our shelves, a most important element in vital library service.”

Comics are underrepresented in libraries, but the demand for manga (Japanese comics) has never been greater, especially with young readers. “I am certain that San Francisco teens will be thrilled with these titles,” confirmed Jennifer Collins, Middle School Outreach Librarian, San Francisco Public Library.

The increasing popularity of Japanese animation–through TV broadcast of Pokémon, Gundam Wing and Dragon Ball Z, or direct-to-video releases–is leading millions of viewers to the original comics that inspired these popular series. Manga stories cover all genres and ages, and are equally enjoyed by males and females–romance, comedy, crime drama, science fiction, fantasy, action.

In Japan, popular titles regularly sell over 1 million copies per week before being collected in “graphic novel” (book) form, and they as much a staple of Japanese libraries as of bookstores. Viz has actively encouraged greater readership both among children with Pokémon, and teens with Ranma ½. Viz has donated $100,000 of graphic novels, books, magazines, videos and comics to fifteen library regions:

Tucson, AZ
San Francisco, CA
Dallas, TX
Bakersfield, CA
Santa Clara, CA
San Antonio, TX
Los Angeles, CA
Carmel, IN
Seattle, WA
Oakland, CA
Brooklyn, OH
Spokane, WA
San Diego, CA
Columbus, OH
Madison, WI

Viz’s Director of Sales and Marketing Oliver Chin explained the motivation for this large scale effort, “As a publisher, Viz has a enduring responsibility to help improve public literacy and young people’s enjoyment of reading. Since 1997, we have increased the sales of anime and manga on all retail fronts. Simultaneously we have actively increased the supply of circulating copies among libraries which lack the budget and resources to satisfy reader demand. Response has been overwhelmingly positive, and Viz will to continue build enthusiastic readership at the grassroots level across the country.”

In addition, Viz regularly donates to community non-profit organizations, such as the Japanese Community Youth Council, Los Angeles Tofu Festival, and San Francisco Rescue Mission. On June 6, 2000, Viz donated $12,000 of Pokémon calendars and comic books to San Francisco’s Chinatown Branch Library for their Summer Reading program. “Thanks again for your support and generosity towards the public libraries here in the Bay Area (those graphic novels are still flying off our shelves!),” commended Dorothy Yiu Chang, Branch Manager, Oakland Public Library.

6-17-00—- Viz Comics Press Releases

Excerpted from the various Viz Communications Press Releases:


San Francisco, CA (6/16/00)-Viz Comics proudly announces the October 2000 return of one of the most popular, long-awaited manga ever published in America: Neon Genesis Evangelion Book 5. The psychologically driven science fiction series that revolutionized anime on Japanese television, available on VHS and DVD from A.D.V. Films, Neon Genesis Evangelion resumes monthly publication after a hiatus by the artist and character designer, Yoshiyuki Sadamoto.

Studio Gainax’s Neon Genesis Evangelion is Japan’s biggest combination anime and manga hit of the last five years. Now discover (or rediscover) Evangelion in this artistically stunning, psychologically intense manga adaptation which diverges dramatically from the anime! In the year 2015, half of the human race is dead, and the survivors face a terrifying last judgment from giant “Angels.” Within Tokyo-3 and the headquarters of the secretive organization called NERV, a handful of teenagers are trained to pilot the colossal superentities known as “Evangelions” and battle the Angels on their own terms, whatever the cost to their minds and souls.

In This And Future Issues: As withdrawn young Shinji, EVA-02 pilot, struggles to come to terms with his responsibility, his dim view of the world is challenged by his fellow pilots and classmates, the seemingly emotionless Rei and manipulative, moody, brilliant Asuka. But while children play, Kaji, double agent and the former (and possibly future) lover of Shinji’s commander Misato, comes dangerously closer to the secrets of NERV’s true purpose–a secret nailed to a cross in the darkest depths of Tokyo-3, and a secret buried within the Antarctic ice. And the appearance of a giant eye in the heavens heralds the Angels’ latest and deadliest assault…

Yoshiyuki Sadamoto is the character designer for The Wings of Honneamise, Nadia, and many other anime, illustration and art projects. His latest art book, Der Mond, will be released in America by Viz in November 2000. Evangelion is his only full-length manga series.



San Francisco, CA (6/16/00)-Viz Comics announces the November 2000 release of Banana Fish Vol. 4, the controversial series from Viz’s mature manga anthology Pulp: New Japanese Pop Culture. This graphic novel contains the installments from Pulp Vol. 3#11 through Vol. 4#6.

In 1973, in Vietnam, an American soldier goes mad and guns down his companions. In 1985, in New York City, gang leader Ash Lynx is drawn into a mystery when he is given a strange drug by a dying man. As Ash begins to investigate, his discovery sparks the unwanted interest of Mafia boss Papa Dino, and a series of puzzling suicides tears apart the New York crime community.

May 31 – June 12 Anime News

  • 12th Jun 2000
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6-12-00—- Anime Expo Programming Schedule Announced

The programming schedule for Anime Expo 2000 has been released to the Anime Expo Website which can be viewed here.

6-12-00—- Wong To Direct Live-Action Mai The Psychic Girl

Kirk Wong (The Big Hit) will reportedly direct Sony Pictures’ Movie adaption of Mai The Psychic Girl, based on the Manga illustrated by Gekiga Ryoichi Ikegami and written by Kazuya Kudo.

The story of Mai circles around events in the life of an average teenage girl who posses pyschic abilities, and a special heritage, the responsibilities of which she is reluctant to accept until she draws the attention of a secret organization who is actively targeting children with strong psychic powers.

Tim Burton was at one time being reported as a director for the Mai film, later Francis Ford Coppola developed the property further. Kirk Wong directed The Big Hit for Sony and many Hong Kong action films that include Gunmen and Crime Story. Wong is currently developing Six for Warner Bros. Pictures.

6-11-00—- Princess Mononoke Listed On Starz/Encore Site

American cable broadcasters – Starz/Encore has updated it’s website listing Hayao Miyazaki / Studio Ghibli’s The Princess Mononoke which will be aired on the network(s) soon, you can view the entry here.

6-11-00—- Anime Trivia Quiz Book Author Appearence

Ryan Omega, author of The Anime Trivia Quizbook, released by Stonebridge Press will appear today at 8 p.m. at Printers Inc. Bookstore, 310 California Ave., Palo Alto. California.

6-10-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

SNK will reportedly end American and European operations later this year effecting distribution in those areas for their products for Neo Geo Pocket, Dreamcast, and PlayStation. The company will continue to produce games and systems in Japan, and the possibility exists that third parties will license them for foriegn release.

Sunrise Interactive’s G-Saviour for PS2 is reportedly close to completion. the Mecha action title is set for release in Japan this summer to retail at 7800 Yen. Occuring in Space Year 0224, the game’s main character Reed Fox, battles against enemies known as bugu.

6-9-00—- Utena 35mm Premiere At AX2000

Excerpted from the official release by Mike Tatsugawa:

The Utena Movie, “Revolutionary Girl Utena: Adolescence Apocalypse,” will make its 35mm North American debut at Anime Expo. Directed by AX Guest of Honor Kunihiko Ikuhara and with character designs by AX Guest of Honor Chiho Saito. The Utena movie takes the characters of the popular television series and reveals them in a whole new light. Two showings of this film are being planned, one on Saturday and one on Sunday.

6-9-00—- Titan A.E. Article – ‘Fox Counting On ‘Titan’ To Be Giant Hit’

According to this article by Angela Dawson of Entertainment News Wire running in the Friday edition of the Philly Daily News, American film producers – 20th Century Fox are counting on their cross-media animated theatrical feature – Titan A.E. to be a giant hit at the American box office. According to the piece, the film’s producers acknowledged the fact that their target audience is generally turned off by animated films and decided to create something different and darker. A moodier color palette used in modern comic books and human characters drawn in an Americanized version of the popular Japanese Anime style are just some aspects topping off the production. You can read the entire article at the above link.

6-9-00—- Macross Toys Delayed

Excerpted from the newsgroup posting:

To all concerned,

Due to product improvement, the release date for the Macross Plus line has been moved back to Early August. We apologize for the delay and any inconvenience.


Toycom Management

6-9-00—- Daily Yomiuri Article – Manga As An Academic Discipline

The Daily Yomiuri Online is running a fascinating article in it’s Saturday Edition entitled Manga problem animates academics that tackles the subject of Manga being treated as an academic discipline, you can read the piece at the link.

6-9-00—- SciFi U.K. Anime Brodacast Status

Excerpted from a post to the SciFi U.K. Forum: “There are no plans to increase the amount of anime on a permanent basis. However, once a month we show a double-bill of anime movies on Saturday night (usually starting around 10:00 PM) and in August we are planning a special anime event which will include a whole week of anime movies (some will be premieres) at midnight. Stay tuned for more details.”

6-8-00—- Ranma 1/2 Movie 2 On KTEH This Month

San Jose California-based public television station KTEH will broadcast Ranma 1/2: Nihao, My Concubine (The second movie) June 25th, at 9:30 P.M.

6-8-00—- World’s 1st DVD-RAM Recorders From Hitachi In August

Japanese Electronics firm Hitachi Ltd. announced on Thursday it plans to roll out the world’s first DVD-RAM video recorders and camcorders to the Japanese market on August 25th.

6-8-00—- FUNimation Launches New DBZ Site

FUNimation has rolled out the company’s latest Dragonball Z Website which can be viewed by clicking on the link.

6-8-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Banpresto has announced development of a new sequel to Super Robot Taisen Alpha, tentatively titled Super Robot Taisen Alpha 2, a Japanese release is expected sometime by the end of the year.

Capcom newest Vampire Hunter / Darkstalkers sequel for Dreamcast and Naomi has been announced. The title will feature network-battle support.

6-8-00—- Diecast GM

Bandai reportedly has a new diecast GM Gundam toy in production in Japan to be part of the same toy line featuring diecast Gundam and Red and Green Zaku.

6-8-00—- Daily Yomiuri Online Article – Crayon Shin Chan’s Prospects In The U.S.

The Daily Yomiuri Online Japanese Newspapaer is running an article today entitled “Will ‘Crayon Shin-chan’ crash and burn in U.S.?”, it has some interesting information on the series’ prospects of crossing over into America.

6-7-00—- Disney/SPJA Costume Policy For AX2000

Excerpted from the official release by Mike Tatsugawa:

After consulting with Disneyland’s Hotel, Security and Legal Departments, we have agreed on the following guidelines for costumes at Anime Expo/Disneyland:

Disneyland considers the entire Disney experience to be a “show”. This “show” begins from the moment that guests enter the Disneyland properties. This rule applies especially in the case of the Disneyland Park and less so at the Disneyland Resort

May 26-30 Anime News

5-30-00—- Dark Angel French Manga Release

Generation Comics has recently published a French language version Kia Asamiya’s Dark Angel which has been released in Europe. The original black and white manga which ran in NewType magazine during the late 1980’s – ’90s hits Europe with this first volume containing the entire first Japanese volume of the manga (193 pages).


5-30-00—- Takada Akemi Art Auction

Love Beyond Borders-Online Charity Auction

This early April Chinese Masterpiece Animation Corp. invited Akemi Takada, a well-known Japanese character designer, to Taipei for her first Taiwan original painting exhibition. In this 3-day exhibition, Takada demonstrated the painting techniques and interchanged her ideas with local audiences.
Apart from amazing everyone with her brilliant talents and techniques, she decided to auction her two demonstrated artworks- (Yu) (Magic Angel) & (Ayukawa Madoka) (from Kimagure Orange Road) for charity by donating the money to TZU CHI Foundation’s Project Hope, a reconstruction plan for September, 21st Earthquake survivors. All audiences, including Akada’s Japanese colleagues, were truly impressed by her action. “It is really unusual for Akemi Takada to have her artworks sold because she treasures her works so much and seldom give them away easily,” said one of her Japanese colleagues.
The last time Akemi Takada gave demonstration was ten years ago in Paris, that’s why these two works are extremely special and truly showed Takada’s love beyond borders. The activity reached its climax when Mr. Hsiu, an animation-store owner from Tai Chung, made the final bid of NT$280,000 on the first artwork, (Yu). The second one- (Ayukawa Madoka) is generally acknowledged as exceeding the previous one in terms of delicacy in character design and is now available for those who feel upset to miss the first chance.
The online charity auction will begin at 6/03, 3:00pm to 6/04, 3:00pm, on Coolbid ( ) with the bid starting from NT$150.000. Also, the times has joined this meaningful event and they will report all the details about this event on their website. We truly welcome more people to participate in this charity auction to dedicate themselves to the post-earthquake reconstruction work.

Event Information and Links:
Auction Time: 2000/06/03 15:00 ~ 2000/06/04 15:00
Online auction:
For those who can’t make it online, we offer a live auction at the following address. .
Chinese Masterpiece Animation Corp.
12F, No57, Fu-Hsing N. Rd. 105, Taipei, Taiwan
For more info, pls contact Jerry at
Tel:02-27510999EXT51 Email:
Related website: Chinese Masterpiece Animation Corp.
Project Hope

5-30-00—- ADV September Titles

Excerpted from the official press release:



HOUSTON – ADV FILMS ( , North America’s top distributor of Japanese animation, is pleased to announce their latest set of hot new anime titles, all shipping in September, 2000. This includes the first spectacular volume of the eagerly awaited Science Fiction/Combat epic Gasaraki, the second volume of Lost Universe, part three of the very popular Sakura Diaries series, and the fourth installment of Spell Wars

Set in the near future, Gasaraki is a riveting science fiction epic that explores the future of warfare and corporate espionage as giant robots and their pilots face off in the arms race of the 21st century. The first stunning volume, Gasaraki: The Summoning, which contains four complete episodes, will street on September 26 in both English dubbed and subtitled editions. This date was moved from an originally released date of August 22.

Also hitting stores on September 26 is the third volume in the popular Sakura Diaries series and the fourth installment of Spell Wars. Largely billed as an animated version of Melrose Place, Sakura Diaries follows the exploits of three college students and their love triangle. Spell Wars, a fantasy title, plays like a scarier Scooby Doo, and has blossomed into a real franchise for ADV. Both the sexy comedy Sakura Diaries and the sci-fi fantasy Spell Wars pre-book on August 29. Spell Wars will be released in both subtitled and dubbed formats.

Following on the heels of the recently released first volume, Lost Universe volume 2 continues to amaze and delight sci-fi/fantasy fans with its no-holds-barred action and intricate plot. Fans of Slayers have really accepted this series as the next “must-have” title. Street date for both the dubbed and subtitled versions of Lost Universe 2 is September 12, and pre-book date is August 15.

All September titles carry a suggested retail price of $19.98 for the dubbed version and $29.95 for subtitles. Lost Universe 2 and Gasaraki each run approximately 100 minutes, and Sakura Diaries 3 and Spell Wars 4 each run 90 minutes.

Lost Universe 2 Dubbed Format ($19.98 SRP) Subtitled Format ($29.95 SRP)

Flushed Into Space Category Code: VHSLU/002D Category Code: VHSLU/002S

UPC Code: 702727055331 UPC Code: 702727059438

PRE-BOOK : 8-15-00 STREET : 9-12-00

Gasaraki Dubbed Format ($19.98 SRP) Subtitled Format ($29.95 SRP)

Volume 1 Category Code: VHSGK/001D Category Code: VHSGK/001S

UPC Code: 702727054334 UPC Code: 702727058332

PRE-BOOK : 8-29-00 STREET : 9-26-00

Sakura Diaries 3 Dubbed Format only ($19.98 SRP)

Category Code: VHSSM/003D

UPC Code: 702727054839

PRE-BOOK : 8-29-00 STREET : 9-26-00

Spell Wars 4 Dubbed Format ($19.98 SRP) Subtitled Format ($29.95 SRP)

Category Code: VHSSH/010D Category Code: VHSSH/010D

UPC Code: 702727029639 UPC Code: 702727034831

PRE-BOOK : 8-29-00 STREET : 9-26-00

5-30-00—- Right Stuf Release Info – August

Excerpted from the official press release:

Right Stuf International Release Information: August 2000

The Irresponsible Captain Tylor OVA Collection 2 “The Importance of Being 16” – “The Samurai’s Narrow Escape” Pre-book date: 8/9/00 – Street date: 8/29/00 Approximately 60 minutes, Digitally mastered VHS Hi-Fi Stereo

English Dubbed version: Catalog#: RS9212 UPC#: 7-42617-92123-0 ISBN: 1-57032-043-8 Suggested Rating: 13+ Genre: Science Fiction / Comedy SRP: $19.95

English Subtitled version: Catalog#: RS9222 UPC#: 7-42617-92223-7 ISBN: 1-57032-042-X Suggested Rating: 13+ Genre: Science Fiction / Comedy SRP: $19.95

Kimba, the White Lion [1966] Volume 9 “The Civilized Jungle” Pre-book date: 8/9/00 – Street date: 8/29/00 Approximately 100 minutes, Digitally mastered VHS Hi-Fi Mono

English Dubbed Catalog#: RS7009 UPC#: 1-42617-70093-4 ISBN: 1-57032-858-7 Suggested Rating: ALL AGES Genre: Adventure SRP: $14.95

Kimba, the White Lion [1966] Volume 10 “Disaster!” Pre-book date: 8/9/00

May 20-25 Anime News

5-25-00—- Viz News

Excerpted from the official press release:


July Issue of “Dragon Ball Z” will ship with 20″ x 30″ color poster

Viz Comics proudly announces that the July issue of “Dragon Ball Z” (Part 3, #6) will ship with a 20″ x 30″ folder color poster. This poster, featuring Vegeta, Goku, Piccolo, Yamcha, Tenshinhan and other popular characters, is only available in this issue of the comic and is not for sale separately.

One of America’s bestselling manga, with circulation increasing every month, “Dragon Ball Z” is the original story by Akira Toriyama which as made into the anime now playing on the Cartoon Network. Join the adventures of Goku, Earth’s strongest hero, and his friends as they fight the good fight against aliens, time travelers, and other villains who want to control the world and the 7 wish-granting Dragon Balls. It’s a battle where martial arts power is stronger than guns or bombs… and where even the Gods are getting involved! “Dragon Ball Z” is the ultimate super-action/science fiction story, spwaning over 400 TV episodes, and #1 in Japan for over 10 years! Viz Comics is also printing “Dragon Ball,” a separate monthly comic showing the adventures of Son Goku as a child, from earlier in the “Dragon Ball Z” continuity.

“This is a great story, well-drawn, with incredibly paced action sequences that leap off the page to spellbind the reader. Fluid, violent and unexpectedly realistic, both the “Dragon Ball” books, “Dragon Ball” and “Dragon Ball Z”, are top-notch buys,” says

5-25-00—- Pokemon Theme Singer Suing Nintendo

American Pokemon TV animation theme (“Gotta Catch ‘Em All”) singer, Jason Paige, is suing Nintendo of America and a number of other companies for not compensating him fairly for using his voice in numerous Pokemon advertisements. Paige’s lawyer, David Jaroslawicz is demanding $120 million U.S. in compensation for services rendered and damages.

5-25-00—- New Book On Japanese Pop Culture

A new book called Japan Pop: Inside the World of Japanese Popular Culture is due out in the U.S. by the end of May. Here is the information I received directly from the publisher:

Title: Japan Pop: Inside the World of Japanese Popular Culture
Author: Craig, Timothy J around 350 pages with illustrations

Paperback: $22.50
ISBN: 0765605619
Tentative release: May 31, 2000

Hardcover: $64.95
ISBN: 0765605600
Tentative release: May 26, 2000

M.E. Sharpe

5-24-00—- Evangelion On Amazon Bestseller’s List

Submitted by Ditchdigger:

I thought you (and the fans) might be interested to note that on’s hourly-updated Top 100 DVD Sales chart, the first Neon Genesis Evangelion DVD is currently (5/23/2000 10:00PM EST) ranked #53! Meanwhile, the Sailor Moon S Movie is #61 (though the dubbed VHS is #5 [five] on the Top 100 VHS Sales chart!).

5-24-00—- X On Sputnik7

Starting this Friday, May 26th, will be webcasting Manga Entertainment’s X film over the Internet, until Sunday, May 28th.

5-24-00—- Current Anime Expo 2000 Guest Of Honor List

Excerpted from a posting By Mike Tatsugawa:

Ms. Rika Fukami has had a long career as a voice actor in Japan. Her first role was a relatively minor part (“Girl A”) in Tokimeki Tonight, but she has since then added some very impressive roles to her list of credits. American fans will know her best as Sailor Venus from Sailor Moon and as Myung from Macross Plus. Other roles include Angela in Kurogane Communication, Helen Jackson in V Gundam, and Akiko in Prefectural Earth Defense Force. Currently, Ms. Fukami is portraying one of the “Mystery Characters” in the new Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure OVAs. Ms. Fukami is appearing as a Guest of APPP.

Anime Expo is very proud to announce Mr. Keiji Gotoh as a Guest of Honor. Mr. Gotoh’s work is well-known to American anime fans, as he has served as the character designer on Those Who Hunt Elves (I and II), Bakuretsu Hunter (aka Sorcerer Hunters), Hyper Police, and of course the Martian Successor Nadesico television series and movie. He was also the character designer for the Double Cast PlayStation game. Mr. Gotoh has worked in the anime industry since the mid-1980’s and has become one of the most sought-after designers and illustrators in the industry. His most recent work is as character designer for the television series Gatekeepers. This is Mr. Gotoh’s first appearance at an American convention.

Anime Expo is proud to announce the return of Mr. Junichi Hayama. Best-known as the character designer for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and Fist of the North Star, Mr. Hayama has also worked on Be-Bop High School and King of the Desert Gandalla. His most recent work is as character designer for the New Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure OVA series. Mr. Hayama is appearing as a guest of APPP/Super Techno Arts and is looking forward to returning to Anime Expo.

Anime Expo is pleased to announce Mr. Kunihiko Ikuhara as a Guest of Honor. Mr. Ikuhara has long been active in the anime industry. After years of working his way up the ladder, he was given the job as director of Sailor Moon. In 1996, he founded the creative collective BePapas. As a part of BePapas, Mr. Ikuhara created and directed the TV show Revolutionary Girl Utena and the 1999 Utena Movie, Revelation of Adolescence. His latest work includes the book co-authored with Mamoru Nagano, Schell Bullet.

Anime Expo is also pleased to announce the attendance of Mr. Hirotsuge Kawasaki as a Guest of Honor. Mr. Kawasaki began his career as an animator and has worked very closely with Katsuhiro Otomo. He worked as an animator on Akira, served character designers on Memories, and also directed the story “Stink Bomb.” His most recent work is as the director of Spriggan.

Anime Expo is pleased to announce Mr. Mahiro Maeda. A member of Gonzo Studios, Mr. Maeda is a director, designer, and illustrator. His most recent work was as director for the revolutionary series Blue Submarine No. 6. Working with an all-star creative team, he also helped to bring the state-of-the-art 3D mechanical designs to life for this series. Mr. Maeda has had a

Anime News Service – May 8-19 Anime News

5-19-00—- Blue Sub No. 6 To Air On Cartoon Network

Excerpted from the official press release:


Home video distributor Bandai Entertainment Inc., proudly announces the future broadcast debut of Blue Submarine No. 6 on Cartoon Network. Broadcast details, including airdate will be forthcoming.

================================ The oceans of Earth have risen, leaving most of the land underwater. Even worse, humanity is plagued with attacks by a race of sea mutants, dedicated to the eradication of mankind. Our last hope is the state of the art Blue Submarine No. 6 and her crew. Made up of the best personnel in the naval fleet, ace pilots Mayumi and Tetsu are in for the fight of their lives as the fate of all mankind hangs in the balance. ================================

BLUE SUBMARINE No. 6 combines traditional cel and cutting-edge 3D animation to provide a unique look never seen in an animated series before. Blue Submarine No. 6 is considered one Japan’s most technically advanced animated features today.

5-19-00—- Boy’s Be TV Seiyuu Data

Boys Be Kanzaki Kyouichi – Suzumura Kenichi
Kurumizawa Makoto – Ishida Akira
Kenjou Yoshihiko – Ishikawa Hideo
Nitta Chiharu – Murai Kazusa
Mizutani Aki – Shiratori Yuri
Kazama Yumi – Nagasawa Miki

5-18-00—- Final Slayers Novel

The Final Slayers novel titled The Demon Slayers was released in Japan May 15th. The first novel was first released in January 1990.

5-18-00—- Fanboy’s Sidekicks #1 Expands to 40 Pages

Excerpted from the official press release:

SIDEKICKS #1 Expands to 40 Pages, Variant Covers Announced

Fanboy Entertainment is pleased to announce that due to the enormous demand for the eight page Sidekicks Preview Edition and the unexpected positive hype the book has generated, they will be increasing the page count of the Sidekicks #1 from 32 pages to 40 pages! The cover price will not change and remain at $2.75 as solicited.

“J. and Takeshi have a story to tell, and what a fabulous story it is.”, comments Fanboy Entertainment’s publisher, C.B. Cebulski. “The first issue was supposed to be 32 pages, but Takeshi ran a little wild and the book clocked in at 35 pages. What we originally planned, as was announced in an earlier press release, was that the eight pages originally seen in the Preview Edition were going to be removed and J. and Takeshi were going to rework the story with new art to make it shorter. But after the three of us got together in Chicago at Anime Central last weekend, plans changed. The previews were snatched up and the fan reaction was overwhelming. After reviewing all the original art for Sidekicks #1 and trying to formulate a plan, we all agreed that book should be left as is, unchanged.”

Fans will now be able to enjoy the full Sidekicks experience as it was originally meant to be read. “I’d been pondering the expansion idea for a while, ever since J. first informed me of the page crunch. I saw CrossGen came out and did the same thing recently. I’ve heard their actions received a really positive response from the fans and retailers, so we felt that there was no harm in our trying something similar.”, Cebulski explained. “Eight more pages of story for the same price. Who’s going to complain about that?”

In addition, it appears that not all of the buzz Sidekicks has been generating has been restricted to the fan community. Several prominent comic creators have also taken an interest in the series and in the manga stylings of newcomer Takeshi Miyazawa. Cebulski explains, “After I sent out the Sidekicks Preview Editions to the press, industry and a few friends, the calls started coming in. J.’s story grabbed people and Takeshi’s art started making waves. Now, thanks to the kind offers of several artists, Sidekicks will sport a few very high class variant covers. Manga master Kia Asamiya will be providing the alternate cover to the first issue. Ed McGuiness, Superman’s superstar penciler, will be covering Sidekicks #2. Then, on the third issue of Sidekicks, Tellos’ talent Mike Wieringo and Kaboom’s kickin’ Keron Grant provide the alternate covers. Never did we expect that kind of line up on a start-up series by a start-up publisher!” The variant covers for Sidekicks #1 and 2 will!

ship in 50/50 ratios, with the main cover drawn by Takeshi Miyazawa. Issue #3 will see the covers shipped equally between the three artists.

Cebulski also notes that the Sidekicks lettering has been changed. “Takeshi handlettered the eight page Sidekicks Preview Edition himself. Personally, I loved it. It was fun and original. However, reaction to it for the most part has been negative. It’s about the only complaint we received about the book. Most people said they thought it was hard to read. But I guess that’s a bonus benefit of having done the preview book. We’ve now gone back in and relettered the whole book to make it clearer and more legible. I guess it’s better we found out sooner than later. People are going to be blown away!”

Sidekicks #1 goes on sale in June for $2.75.

5-17-00—- J-Pop / Seiyuu / Anime Music News

The Sakura Taisen Gouka Kenran OVA single, Furui Piano is now set for release June 14th, listing at 1,260 Yen. Featured on the track are seiyuu, Takano Urara, Nishihara Kumiko, and Ikura Kazue, and image tracks, Furui Piano Kagayaki.

Komori Manami’s new single, Poppuna Yuuki, featuring the main theme to the upcoming Ojamajo Doremi # (sharp) anime motion picture.

Yonekura Chihiro’s new single, Return to Myself, will include the new opening theme song to the Monkore Knight anime TV series. The B-Side track, Tohkue will become the ending theme to the Monkore Knight movie set for releasde later in the summer in japan. Release for the single is set for July 26th, with a retail price of 1,020 Yen.

5-17-00—- Bandai Entertainment Announcements

Releases from Bandai Entertainment on the horizon – Excerpted from an E-mail by Jerry Chu:

Tenamonya Voyagers – Bilingual DVD (FIRST [Exclusive] DVD [Release] – THERE WILL BE NO VHS – DUB or SUB)

Don’t Leave Me

April 16-27 Anime News

4-27-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Bandai’s Mobile Suit Gundam Ambition of Giren: Genealogy of Zion for Dreamcast will feature internet support, players will be able to download the guidebook for this game from Bandai’s website. VGA Box will be included in the porrt. Japanese release is set for June 29, at the retail price of 6800 Yen.

After some delays, Nec Interchannel’s Sentimental Graffiti 2 for Dreamcast will be released in Japan on July 25th.

4-27-00—- CPM Subtitle VHS Moratorium Looms

Reportedly, due to corporate repricing and restructuring within American Anime & Manga producers / distributors Central Park Media, virtually all of CPM’s subtitled VHS titles, including Patlabor, Project A-ko and Utena, have been placed on moratorium until sometime this fall.

Source: Anime Nation

4-26-00—- Princess Mononoke DVD Update

Excerpted from a summary of a telephone conversation between Michael Johnson (owner of and Eric Maehara (VP of Home Video, Buena Vista Home Entertainment):

Mononoke DVD: no firm release date, other than “before the end of the year,” according to Mr. Eric Maehara, VP of Home Video, Buena Vista Home Entertainment. He also could not give any details about the features or contents of the DVD. Team Ghiblink will continue to check with Buena Vista to bring you the release date and contents of the DVD when that information becomes available.

4-26-00—- Maruchi’s Tea Time Online Manga

Maruichi’s Tea Time, an online Manga by Nozomi Yanahara can be found on American cable news network, CNN’s website, as part of a feature on Japan and technology. Maruichi’s Tea Time tells the story of a family’s purchase of Maruichi, a robot which mimicks human actions. Click here to read more.

4-26-00—- Animazement Report

Mike Toole of Anime Jump has issued his report of this year’s Animazement Convention, held in Raleigh, North Carolina, it can be viewed here. The account is one of the most comprehensive released to-date, with exclusive photos, and analysis delivered with Mike’s unique brand of humor. (Thanks for the comments Mike!)

4-26-00—- New Jersey Based Anime Club Hosting Marathon

Friday, April 28th, starting at 8:00 pm, the Steven’s Anime Club (located in Hoboken, NJ) will be holding their annual Boken all-night anime marathon. There is no cost to gain entry, and the club plans to provide free junk food.

The club is hoping to get a big fan turnout this year. Series already booked to be screened include: Riding Bean, Transformers The Movie (Canadian release).

For Directions And More Informaiton:
Steven’s Anime Club

4-26-00—- Iwao Junko Summer Concert Tour Dates

7/16 – Kobe Kitchen George
7/20 – Nagano Junk Box
7/30 – Yokohama 7th Avenue
8/12 – Kyoto
8/13 – Kyoto
8/20 – Nagoya Bottom Line
9/9 – Hibiya Yagai Dai Ongakudou

4-25-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Square has revealed the official names+stats Final Fantasy IX’s major characters:
Zidane Tribal: 16 years old, has a tail.
Adelbert Steiner: 33 years old, a knight of the royal family, with a duty to guard the princess.
Vivi Ornitier: 9 years old, black wizard.
Garnet Til Alexandros 17th: princess of the royal family.
Eiko Carol: 6 years old.
Freija Cresent : female knight with a murky past.
Quina Quen: a gourmand.
Salamander Coral: a wolfman.

Epoch is producing a new 3D N64 action Doraemon title, Doraemon 3: Futoshi Town SOS. The game will utilize the N64 microphone. There will be mnay mini spread throughout the game. Japanese release is set for July 28th with a retail of 6800 Yen.

Konami’s upcoming Gameboy Color card battle game Yugioh Duel Monsters III will reportedly include over 10,000 types of cards in the game, among them will be cards from the Yugioh Official Card Game.

Imagineer has announced two new Hello Kitty related Gameboy Color title projects, “Hello Kitty’s Sweet Adventure: To meet Mr. Daniel”, and “Dear Daniel’s Sweet Adventure: To look for Hello Kitty”. Japanese release is set for both of these titles for June 10th, with a retail of 3980 Yen for each.

4-25-00—- Toonami Website Launch

An official website for Cartoon Network’s Toonami programming block has been launched containing games, comics, information on shows and scheduling. You can hop over to the site by going to

4-25-00—- Anime USA 2000 Convention Announced

Excerpted from a post to rec.arts.anime.misc:

Anime USA is pleased to announce the date and location for its second year anime convention. The convention will be held at the Holiday Inn Rosslyn Westpark Hotel on September 8-10, 2000. It is located one block away from the Rosslyn Metro Station. Please note this is twice as large as the hotel that we had last year.

Holiday Inn Rosslyn Westpark Hotel at Key Bridge
1900 North Fort Myer Dr.
Arlington, VA 22209

1-800-368-3408, Special Code AUI
Hotel rates are $96 per room

You’ll find everything that we had at last year’s convention, but with twice the room. This is the only anime convention in Northern Virginia for the rest of the year!

*3 Video Rooms
*Fan Video Contest
*Costume Play
*Dealers Room
*Art Show & Auction
*Video Game Room

For a limited time, pre-registration is $20. If you send us a valid hotel confirmation number with your payment, you can pre-register for only $15. You can also pre-register and pay on-line through our secure server with a credit card at If you would like to mail your registration, please include your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address (optional) to:

Anime USA
7395-B Lee Highway
Falls Church, VA 22042

4-24-00—- Urusei Yatsura TV DVD Orders Closed

Posted to the Animeigo mailing list today by Robert Woodhead:

The UY DVD 1-5 set is in replication. We are no longer accepting orders for this set online (if you contact us directly, we might be able to squeeze you in, but no promises).

If you have already signed up, you will get an email within the next few days reconfirming your order. If you don’t get one by Friday, April 28th, please contact us to check. The phone number is 1-800-24-ANIME or 1-910-251-1850; the email address is

4-24-00—- Anime Central Guest Additions

Guest Addiitons for Anime Central Anime Convention, to be held in

April 6-15 Anime News

4-15-00—- New Vampire Hunter D Movie Completed

Excerpted from a recent post to the Urban Vision website:

The new Vampire Hunter D movie is completely finished, and now, as of 4/12/00, we are still working to get the dubbed version (which was completed before the Japanese version) out in theaters. Since we really want to give the new film the kind of backing it deserves, we are currently negotiating sale of the script to another studio, or a partnership, or coming up with a budget to release it in theaters ourselves. All this is strictly hush-hush, so our apologies, but you’ll have to wait until we confirm everything before we can post any info on the website!

4-15-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

– Banpresto’s upcoming Dreamcast SD Gundam title, Super Hero Avengers has had it’s release delayed until July.

In Japan, Sony’s PlayStation2 console and 8-megabyte memory card it comes with have reportedly been designated as ”general-purpose products related to conventional weapons” under the foreign exchange control law, due to the fact that they contain components that can be used for military applications+devices.

4-14-00—- Kia Asamiya Working On Batman Manga

Manga artist / creator, Kia Asamiya, is also working on a black-and-white Batman manga in Japan titled Child of Dreams. The manga is running monthly in Kodansha’s Magazine Z and is the first original Batman comics series to be published in Japan. “In it, a Japanese news crew travels to Gotham to report on the mysterious legend of the Batman. And of course they end up running right into him,” Cebulski said. “So far, in the series, Batman has encountered Two Face, the Penguin, the Riddler and the Joker, but none are the real deal. There is a new drug circulating through Gotham that makes average citizen think they are these villains from Batman’s rogues gallery. Bruce Wayne has also taken an interest in the Japanese female reporter Yuko Yagi.”

“But as for its Japanese format, it will continue running monthly in Magazine Z in Japan for 10 more months, 14 parts in all. It will clock out at around 400 pages total,” he said. “It is scheduled to be collected into two 200-page editions in Japan as well. It is taking place in Gotham now but his investigation into the drug takes Batman to Japan halfway through the story in Part 8.

“The first Japanese collected edition, the Gotham Collection — might not be the actual title but that is what we are calling it — will collect parts 1-7 where Batman is still in Gotham. It should be released later this year. The second edition, the Toyko Collection, will collect the second half of the story, chronicling Batman’s adventures in Tokyo. Due in late 2001 probably.”

Source: Comics Continuum

4-14-00—- Burger King And Pokemon 2

American Hanburger chain, Burger King has signed a deal to offer promotional toys from Warner Brothers’ North American release of Pokemon 2 Movie.

4-14-00—- Urusei Yatsura DVD Images From Animeigo

Animeigo has uploaded 2 images of it’s forthgoming Urusei Yatsura DVD release. You can view a package and disc image by clicking on the links.

4-14-00—- ADV Sakura Diaries DVD Release

ADV has announced a street date for the first Sakura Diaries DVD:

Sakura Diaries Chapter 1 DVD
Street Date: 7/25
Contains episodes 1 – 3
English and Japanese Audio
English Subtitles
SRP: $24.98

4-14-00—- A-Kon Guest Additions

Recent Gust of Honor additions to this year’s Project: A-Kon convention, to be held June 2-4 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel at the Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport:

AKEMI TAKADA – We are very proud to announce our Special Guest this year will be Akemi Takada. Ms. Takada is the character designer/illustrator for Kimagure Orange Road, Maison Ikkoku, Urusei Yatsura, Creamy Mami, Fancy Lala, and Mobile Police Patlabor, among others. MUCH thanks to Digital Manga for sponsoring her visit to A-Kon! We must show her how great the fans at A-Kon are and make sure she feels welcome! Her official homepage is

SHAWN THE TOUCHED – White Radish returns with new animation that will premier at A-Kon 2000!

KUGAYAMA RIKAKO – A very well-known artist in the dojinshi world, she draws bishojo artwork and has published many pieces commercially. She’s also a character designer and is current designing characters for an anime to be broadcast next year.

BIJOKI JUNCTION – Very well known dojinshi artist, he draws many bishojo dojinshi, specializing in erotica. Has published several comics commercially

For more information:

4-13-00—- Bandai (Emotion) Release News In Japan

In Japan, Bandai Visual (Emotion) will release Gundam Wing DVD Collection 1 on June 25th. Total Running time on the collection is 325 minutes, retail is 18,000 Yen.

June 25th, Dunbine Exact Memo Box 1 Baistonueru is out, running time 750 minutes, retail is 36,800 Yen.

Also on June 25, the 1st Slayers OVA series will be released as a collection-BOX DVD, all 3 OVA’s (90 min.) are included, retail is 6,00 Yen.

Finally on June 25, Blue Sub No. 6 “Blue Sixth Digital Plus”, a behind the scenes production on the Blue Sub OVA series and upcoming PSX title is out with a running time of 45 minutes and a retial of 3,800 Yen.

4-13-00—- YTV To Air Original Japanese Gundam Wing OP

An addendum to the earlier news of the Gundam Wing TV series’ upcoming broadcast on Canada’s YTV. Reportedly, the original Japanese opening sequnce featuring (OP) TWO-MIX’s “Just Communication” will air as in the original Japanese version, just prior to the start of the episode.

4-13-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Bandai has a new Great Detective Conan adventure game for WonderSwan in development, Japanese release is set for July.

4-13-00—- Urusei Yatsura DVD Update

Excerpted from today’s post to the Animeigo Website:

RED ALERT – UY DVD Preorder will close at 8:00AM ET, Monday April 17th!

The UY DVD 1-5 set is being sent to replication this week. If you want to order the set and have not done so yet, please sign up now! If your order is late, we will try to fill it but there can be no guarantees. If

Anime News Service – March 23-27 Anime News

3-27-00—- Top Anime DVD Sales (Japan) (As Of 3-27)

1. Angelique-Shiroi Tsubasa no Memoir-[Making]
2. Infinite Ryvius S-1
3. Urusei Yatsura: Only You (Un-cut Theatrical Feature)
4. Momoiro Sisters

3-27-00—- Top Manga Sales (Japan) (As Of 3-27)

1.Kareshi No Kanojo No Jijou 9
2. Monster 13
3. Hana Yori Dango 25
4. Yugi-oh 17
5. Angelic Layer 2
6. Rookies 9
7. Wild Cats 1
8. Basara 27
9. Kochira Katsushi Kaku Kamearikouenmae Hashutsusho 118
10. Naruto 1

3-27-00—- Top Video Game Sales (Japan) (As Of 3-27)

1. Ridge Racer V – PS2
2. Kessen – PS2
3. Fantavision – PS2
4. Street Fighter EX3 – PS2
5. Mobile Suit Gundam Gihren’s Greed Blood Of Zeon – PSX
6. Beatmania Append 5th Mix – Time To Get Down – PSX
7. Pokemon Silver – GB
8. Pokemon Gold – GB
9. Eternal Ring – PS2
10. Driver – PSX

3-27-00—- Top J-Pop Album Sales (Japan) (As Of 3-27)

1. “Eternity” – Every Little Thing
2. “Sakurano Kinoshita” – Aiko
3. “Dreams Come True Greatest Hits: The Soul” – Dreams Come True
4. “Romantist Egoist” – Porno Graffitti
5. “Mediumslow” – Masayuki Suzuki
6. “Ayu-Mi-X II Version US+EU” – Ayumi Hamasaki
7. “Hide Best Psycho Community” – Hide
8. “B’z The Mixture” – B’z
9. “Here” – Grapevine
10. “Horizon Millenium Abum&Singles” – Gardens

3-27-00—- Top J-Pop Single Sales (Japan) (As Of 3-27)

1. “Stay By My Side” – Mai Kuraki
2. “Deep Impact” – Dragon Ash Featuring Rappagariya
3. “Red Beat Of My Life” – Eriko With Crunch
4. “Tsunami” – Southern All Stars
5. “Akai Nikkicyou” – Akagumi 4
6. “Kiiroi Osorade Boom Boom Boom” – Kiiro 5
7. “Sukininatteku Aishiteku / Kinkino YaruKimanman Song” – Kinki Kids
8. “Aoi Sports Car No Otoko” – Aoiro 7
9. “Love Day After Tomorrow” – Mai Kuraki
10. “Good Bye Yesterday” – Miki Imai

3-27-00—- Pioneer Release Update

Excerpted from the Pioneer Entertainment Weekly update:

Vision Of Escaflowne: Vol. 1 Dragons and Destiny DVD Bandai 10406
669198043093 $29.98 5/2/00 6/6/00
0430 13UP Stereo 100 Canada
Hitomi Kanzaki is a typical high school girl, with typical problems, but when a vision of a young man battling a dragon becomes a reality, her life changes forever. Drawn into a strange vortex with the swordsman, Van, Hitomi is thrust into the strange world of Gaea. Van must learn to master the suit of armor, Escaflowne, before he and Hitomi are crushed by the ambitions of the Empire of Zaibach. Van and Hitomi will encounter both allies and enemies in an effort to unlock the secrets within Escaflowne, and Hitomi’s heart, stirred by love and adventure, will, at times ache with sorrow. But why was she sent to this world? Her journey has just begun!

Cowboy Bebop: Session 2 DVD
Bandai 10385
669198129193 $29.98 5/2/00 6/6/00
1291 13UP Stereo 125 Canada
Contains episodes 6-10 of the television series – five full episodes! Spike and Vicious conclude their reunion with a deadly duel. And after that, more mayhem and hilarity await as the crew of the Bebop continues to try and make a living as bounty hunters. As they travel, they will meet up with a feisty space trucker, make a stop on Venus, and meet up with the great hacker Ed.

Cowboy Bebop: Session 3 DVD
Bandai 10386
669198129292 $29.98 5/2/00 6/6/00
1292 13UP Stereo 100 Canada
Contains episodes 11-14 of the television series – four full episodes! First, the crew must fight against a strange organism that’s boarded the Bebop. Surviving that, they move on to find their lost cash, and Spike begins the search for the missing Julia. But it turns out that his old enemy Vicious is involved. Finally, they must solve the mystery of a high-tech crime that seems to have been perpetrated by a ghost.

Blue Submarine No. 6: Vol. 2 Pilots DVD
Bandai 10378
669198094194 $19.98 5/2/00 6/6/00
0941 13UP Stereo 30 Canada
After surviving another undersea battle with Zorndyke’s forces, the crew of Blue Submarine No. 6 returns to base for repairs. While on base, Tetsu continues to display his trademark lack of concern for authority and continues to annoy Mayumi. However, during a battle planning video conference, Zorndyke breaks in with a pirate transmission, sending the human forces into a panic. What cruel fate does he have in store for mankind, and has he truly turned his back on his own people?

Created by Satoru Ozawa – CG company GONZO Mechanical designs by Shoji Kawamori (Macross Plus)
Utilizes the latest in 3D Computer Graphics (CG) Animation 5.1 Surround Audio for the Japanese tracks!

Haunted Junction DVD Collection
Bandai 10428
669198113093 $39.98 5/2/00 6/6/00
1130 13UP Stereo Canada
Meet Haruto Hojo, an ordinary high school student with an unusual problem. He’s got ghosts and spirits running amuck at school! Appointed President of the Saints Club, Haruto, Mutsuki, and Kazuo are charged with the task of investigating strange phenomena on campus and improve the quality of life for the school spirits that roam the halls. But how can three students handle the likes of Hanako, the sultry bathroom spirit, a Kosak-dancing skeleton, a fish monster living in the school’s pool, Red Mantle, Nino-kun, and the rest of the Saito school spirits?

Originally created by Atsuko Nakajima

3-27-00—- Anchor Bay Update

Anchor Bay Entertainment has updated their news page with the following today:

-to the fans of Hayao Miyazaki’s Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind (a.k.a. Warriors of the Wind) we are currently in neogtiations with a company to provide the DVD community with the original uncut version of the film under the original name. There will be additional postings once some final details are worked out.

3-27-00—- Kizuna OAV #3 In Production

K2 Company’s website (personal homepage of Kodaka Kazuma) is reporting that they are currently working on Kizuna OVA #3.

Title: “KIZUNA ~Koi no Karasawagi~” (KIZUNA ~Much Ado About Love~)

Staff: Director/Story/Storyboard – Yamazaki Kazuo (Director of Please Save My Earth; Asst Director of Slayers Complete)
Character Design/Art Director – Yamamoto Sawako (Mecha Art Designer of Gasaraki)
Producer – Kawasaki Tomoko (Shoujo Kakumei Utena, Kusatta Kyoushi no Houteishiki, FAKE)


Anime News Service – Event Report: Animazement 2000 March 10-12 Raleigh, North Carolina

Day 1 (Friday, March10)

On Friday Morning at 11:20 AM ET, at this past weekend’s Animazement ’00 convention in Raleigh, North Carolina, one could not help but feel the energy of excitement as the time drew near for the opening ceremonies. Approaching the Raleigh North Hilton hotel from the front, con-goers who may not have been certain that this was the hotel of the convention were at least reassured that something relating to Anime was going on here by the fact of House Of Anime’s large storage truck matted on the left, right, and back door with a full mural of anime-series illustrations.

Con-goers were out in full force, the turnout on Friday alone was staggering. The side-lobby of the Hilton served as registration point at the front desk, to the left of it were two long gropings of tables, from left-right, the lower tables were the pre-registration desk, to the left of it was a table selling Animazement ’00 T-Shirts, on down the row were many pro/fan artists, showcasing their works. From left-right, the upper groupings of tables were composed of companies, exhibiting different works, handouts, posters etc. Of note were Neko-Con R ’00’s setup. On down the tables some distance, Jerry Chu of Bandai Entertainment was setup, on their table were many flyers, posters, a 1/100 scale Wing Gundam model, a brand-new 4-page handout of the Gundam Wing VHS/DVD release, and a 22-25 inch TV. What was playing on that TV clearly was drawing the most attention though, it was a near-complete version, volume 1 of the Cowboy Bebop DVD. The disc is to include five episodes, the usual digital features and loads of extras, namely, Session 0 (or a part thereof), and an awesome menu. Mike Toole of Anime Jump asked Jerry to switch over to the menu, it was really incredible, and visually intense, featuring animated selection variables. Upon selecting a partucular episode, a sub-menu was brought up with smaller thumbnail video clips from different parts in that episode. The menu interface resembled a cross between the computer display that Spike and Jet use onboard the Bebop.

Jerry said that the Vision Of Escaflowne TV Series should see a release date on DVD near June, Outlaw Star is set for DVD release in July, it could feature the same price/format that Cowboy Bebop has.

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing will not receive a Subtitled VHS release.

Prelimenary television ratings from Cartoon Network’s Premiere of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing earlier this week rank it as the highest rated Toonami slot show for that day. Midnight Run airings of Toonami are also seeing a significant boost by Gundam Wing’s addition.

Bandai will release Silent Mobius TV and Brain Powerd VHS, switching over to filling tapes with 5-6 episodes very soon, prices will remain the same. Bandai hopes to have both titles released on DVD eventually.

Around 12:00 it was time for opening ceremonies, walking through the main-lobby, past the elevators and down the main hall where the panel rooms were, a line of several hundred people had formed. One point of importance about Animazement, was that although you were aware that close-to several thousand people were here doing something or another at a particular point in time, you never felt that presence of a large crowd. Almost all con-goers were very easy-going, and of-course excited, the energy was there and almost every guest of honor made reference to the high level of enthusiasm of the fans in attendence. Another point of interest is the high female con-going turnout, the ratio of guys-to girls there was maybe 3 or 4 to 1. Costumers were out in high numbers as well, many of the costumes were very well put-together.

At opening ceremonies, all guests of honor were present on stage (Kia Asamiya, Kunihiko Ikuhara, Akira Kamiya, Chiho Saito, Yuu Watase, Hiroyuki Kitakubo, Kazuto Nakazawa, Koichi Tsunoda, Nov. Takahashi, Toshifumi Inagawa, Brett Weaver, Scott Houle, Rachel Lillis, Lisa Ortiz, and Pamela Weidner), the con was officially kicked off and every guest gave an opening statement.

Yuu Watase’s panel was to be held in the same room at 1:00. Many people left after opening ceremonies but the room still managed to be filled to near capacity, with open seats near the back. Watase-san briefly stepped off stage after opening ceremonies, and talked with various attendees, posed with people for photos etc.. In attendence on the right side of the room was Michiyuki Honma, producer of Studio Pierrot, the studio that produced the Fushigi Yugi Anime and who is currently producing Miss Watase’s upcoming TV series Ayashi No Ceres. The panel began, and Watase-san took the stage with Taka, the translator. Questions to her varried from her influence on different works, to how she got her start in drawing Manga, to her favorite character and even some on assertations that some of family-related characters were “closer” than just family (^_^). Watase-san said she had drawn since an early age, she got her professional boost in highschool when she won an art-contest. Those in attendence were very enthusiastic, at one point a troop of cos-players walked in, among them was the giant white cat (Ack! what was that series/character!!??) costumer who won the award for top prize costume on Saturday. At their appearence, Miss Watase laughed, pleasently startled, the crowd joined in also. The majority of questions were focused on Watase-san’s most known U.S. work, Fushigi Yugi, she said that she selected the voice actor of Tamhome out of 10 candidates, and asked the crowd which media they had greater access to, Anime or Manga books, the answer that came back was anime. Towards the end of the panel, the focus of conversation shifted to her recent Ayashi No Ceres Manga / upcoming anime TV series to begin airing in April on WoWoW BS ch. 5 in Japan. She mentioned that in her opinion, the anime had a much better direction and production team than Fushigi Yuugi. It was asked if this series will

Anime News Service – February 22-March 7 Anime News

3-7-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Square has announced that it’s upcoming PSX RPG, Final Fantasy IX is currently set for release in Japan in July. PS2’s FF X is due out in Japan next spring.

3-7-00—- Kubrick Medicom Evangelion Toys On The Way

Medicom has slated the release of three new Kubrick sets of figures from Neon Genesis Evangelion, the toys will go on sale in Japan in June.

3-7-00—- March Import Anime DVD Listings

DVD Anime releases scheduled for release this month in Japan: (All prices listed in Yen):

Cyber Team in Akihabara Pata-Pi 6 5229
Kareshi Kanojo No Jijo OP. 4 5229
Akazukin ChaCha DVD BOX 3 28350
Koutetsu Tenshi Kurumi DVD-3 6090
Excel Saga (Road to Excel Saga) 1 First-pressing limited BOX Edition 6090
Senkaiden Houshin Engi Vol.5 6930
Shojo Kakumei UTENA (Revolutionary Girl Utena) (Theatrical Feature) 7875
OVA Tokimeki Memorial Vol. 1 6090
OVA Tokimeki Memorial Vol. 2 6090
Nanako’s Anatomy Report opr. V The Last Spiral_Former Part 6090
TENCHI MUYO (Kaikoki) DVD-BOX First Press Limited Edition 25200
TENCHI MUYO (Kaikoki) [Chikyu-hen] DVD-BOX First Press Limited Edition 20160
TENCHI MUYO (Kaikoki) [Ucyu-hen] DVD-BOX First Press Limited Edition 20160
Serial Experiments Lain DVD-BOX Resurrection First Press Limited Edition 29400
Maison (Mezon) Ikkoku DVD 24-Limited pressing 121800
Golden Boy 5+6 4935
Sotsugyosei 3 6090
Mujinto Monogatari XX 2 (Tales from the Desert Island) XX 2 7140
Doukyusei 2 7+8 4935
Dragon Night 4 3+4 4935
Ninpo Midare Karakuri 1 + 2 4935
Angelique-Shiroi Tsubasa no Memoir-[Making]
Urusei Yatsura: Only You (Un-cut Theatrical Feature) 6090
Neolanga Vol.12 6090
BETTERMAN VOL.8 Limited Box Edition 6090
BETTERMAN VOL.8 Regular Edition 6090
TRIGUN D-6 7140
Rurouni Kenshin-Meiji Kenkaku Romantan 24 5775
Rurouni Kenshin-Meiji Kenkaku Romantan 25 5775
Rurouni Kenshin-Meiji Kenkaku Romantan 26 5775
WILD ARMS Twilight Venom Vol. 3 6300
Chikyu Bouei Kigyo Die Gard 3 6090
Gaogaiger FINAL02 – Destroyer god ”Decisive battle in storm” 6090
Karakuri-soushi Ayatsuri Sakon 2 8190
Karakuri-soushi Ayatsuri Sakon 2 8190
Excel Saga (Road to Excel Saga) 2 6090
Theatrical Freatures LUPIN III : Kutabare Nostradames 5040
Theatrical Freatures LUPIN III : DEAD OR ALIVE 5040
MASTER KEATON File 10 6090
Boogiepop Phantom evolution 1 6090
Magic Monkey(Saiyuuki) 5040
Ninpu Kamui Gaiden (The Dagger of Kamui) Vol. 6 5250
Gigantor (Tetsujin 28go) Vol. 7 5250
Gigantor (Tetsujin 28go) Vol. 8 5250
Yusei Shonen Papy Vol. 2 5250
Yusei Shonen Papy Vol. 3 5250
Starship Girl Yamamoto Yohko: Mission 7 5880
Cyber Team In Akihabara The Movie 2011 nen no natsuyasumi 7875
DiGiCharat Vol. 1 4935
Kakyusei The Director’s Cut Vol. 7 6090
Jibaku kun 4 6930
Ima Sokoniiru Boku Vol.4 5775
Nanako’s Anatomy Report (Kaitai Shinsho) opr.VI The Last Spiral Later Part 6090
Beast Wars Metals: TRANSFORMERS DVD-BOX 1 (First-pressing Limited Release) 18900
Iketeru futari 7140
SOL BIANCA 4 – Cuarto- 6090
SHIN (New) TENCHI MUYO! TV 21-23 6090
SHIN (New) TENCHI MUYO! TV 24-26 6090
Magical girl PRETTY SAMY TV 1-4 6090
Magical girl PRETTY SAMY TV5-7 6090
Shin Hakkenden Vol. 8 7140
BURN-UP EXCESS DVD vol. 5 3990
BURN-UP EXCESS DVD vol. 6 3990
Ao no 6 go Vol. 4 [MINASOKO] (Last) 6825
Tenshi ni Narumon! (Angel’s Web) Vol. 8 6300
Eden’s Bowy Episode 8 6300 Release 3/25/2000
Angel Links Vol. 7 (Last) 5250
Power Stone 7 (Last) 8190
Cyber Star 6 5250
Maho Tsukai-Tai! Vol. 5 6300
Turn A Gundam 4 8190
Stellar Buster Mito (The Adventures of Space Pirate Mito) 2 Queens Vol.3 5250
Macross DVD Collection MACROSS PLUS 2 10290
Macross DVD Collection The Super Dimension Fortress MACROSS 2 15750
Little Princess 1 3990
Little Princess 2 3990
Little Princess 3 3990
Mugen no Ryvius Vol. 1 5250
Ao no 6 go Vol.4 [MINASOKO] (Last) 6825
Vampire Miyu Integral 7 5040
ORGUSS DVD-BOX [First Limited Edtion] 42630

3-7-00—- March Import Anime Laserdisc Listings

Laserdisc Anime releases scheduled for release this month in Japan: (All prices listed in Yen):

Koutetsu Tenshi Kurumi LD-3 6090
TV Animation Series Houshin Engi Vol. 5 6930
Steam Detectives Rinrin Box 23100
Nanako’s Anatomy Report opr.V The Last Spiral_Former Part 6090
Cyber Formula SIN Round 5 5040
Urusei Yatsura, the TV series: Complete Edition 242697
Trouble Chocolate ACT.2 7140
Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo 2 Satsuriku no Deep Blue 4935
Kaito Jeanne Vol.6 5775
BETTERMAN VOL.8 Regular Edition 6090
MASTER KEATON File 10 8190
Boogiepop Phantom evolution 1 6090
Starship Girl Yamamoto Yohko: Mission 7 5880
Danguiser (Choushinki Dangaiza) Vol.3
Kakyusei Director’s Cut Vol. 7 6090
Nanako’s Anatomy Report(Kaitai Shinsho) opr.VI The Last Spiral Later Part 6090
SOL BIANCA 4-Cuarto- 6090
Ima Sokoniiru Boku Vol. 4 5775
Bibanca no Daiboken 4935
MELTYLANCER The Animation CODE:006 [Hoshi no kanatae…] (Last) 6090
Tenshi ni Narumon! (Angel’s Web) Vol. 8 6300
Eden’s Bowy Episode 8 6300
Angel Links Vol. 7 (Last) 5250
Power Stone 7 (Last) 8190
Cyber Star 6 5250
Maho Tsukai-Tai! Vol. 5 6300
Turn A Gundam 4 8190
Stellar Buster Mito (The Adventures of Space Pirate Mito) 2 Queens Vol.3 5250
BLACK JACK Vol. 8 [Midori no Omoi] 6300
Vampire Miyu Integral 6 5040

3-6-00—- Final Fantasy Movie Website Launch

Square launched it’s official website for it’s upcoming CG theatrical feature, Final Fantasy, this morning. is visually impressive with many features and information related to the film.

3-6-00—- Gundam Wing Uncut To Air On Weeknights

On the heels of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing’s debut on Cartoon Network today, the uncut version of the series will air on weeknights beginning tonight at 12:00 AM.

3-6-00—- Card Captor Sakura TV Series American Broadcast Debut In Fall?

The current issue of LICENSE! Magazine includes a full

February 15-18 Anime News

2-18-00—- Hidamari No Ki

The March issue of the Japanese magazine, Animage, mentions Nippon TV will soon air a new late night TV series, Hidamari No Ki (The Tree In The Sun), based on the manga by “The God Of Manga”, Osamu Tezuka. The story is set at the end of Edo period, where samurai, American “black ships”, and the end of “old-Japan” are all factors. A central character, Ryo-an, Tezuka’s real great grandfather who was a “ranpo-i,” a doctor who knows Western medicine. Another central character, Manjiro, is a lowly but a true samurai who believes in justice. Direction will be by Sugi-i Gisaburo, with animation production by Studio-Madhouse. The 25 episode series begins in April.

Source: EX

2-18-00—- Square And Disney Announce Game Project

At the PlayStation 2 Festival in Japan today, third party game designer, Square and American Media-Giant, Disney announced joint PSX 2 game project that will be released in Japan in 2001 and rest of the world in 2002. The games current codename is ‘Disney All Stars’, Square has said the game will include both Disney characters and original characters. Final Fantasy director, Tetsuya Nomura, will lead the project and design new characters for the game. Both companies will share in all aspects of the game’s creation / production.

2-18-00—- Digimon Writers

Pentech International has announced a licensing agreement with Saban Consumer Products to create a line of Digimon writing instruments. Digimon pencils and pens are to be expected in stores in April.

2-18-00—- Miramax Mononoke Hime DVD Minus Japanese Track, English Subs?

The current Image Entertainment Update lists Miramax’s upcoming American DVD release of Mononoke Hime without a Japanese-Language vocal track and Englsih Subtitles.

2-18-00—- Nazca In Entertainment Weekly

Jonathan Klein of New Genration Pictures has passed word that the Nazca TV series received a mention on page 87 of this week’s issue (Feb 25th) of the American Entertainment Weekly magazine.

2-18-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Sony Corporation’s main server of it’s website ceased working early Friday morning after reportedly being bombarded with orders for it’s PlayStation 2 game console. The PSX 2 will be released nationwide in Japan on March 4th, Inc., began accepting advance orders for the console over the Internet at midnight Thursday. Purchasers buying via the site receive a 1000 Yen discount dropping the total price for the console to 38800 Yen.

Capcom’s upcoming title, Power Stone 2, for Dreamcast / Arcade, will feature a new button layout with the Action button replacing the Jump button, allowing the player to execute differetn actions. 7 different kinds of Power Stones are present, upon collecting 3, the character will transform. Power Stone 2 is scheduled for release in Japan on April 27th.

Square Europe and SVG have announced a partnership to publish and market Squaresoft games in Europe, with Front Mission 3 the first game to be releaasd under the deal.

Dreamcast Tech:
– Sega of Japan will release Dream Passport 3, which will feature support of the Dreamcast digital camera, Dream Eye for video mail and chatting, a new instant messanger program called Ch@b Talk, and the ability to download and play over 300 classic Mega Drive and PC-Engine titles.

– Sega’s digital camera, DreamEye, scheduled to be released in Japan release in June, will feature a 640 x 480 maximum resolution, once taken, images can be saved into the built-in flash memory or VMS using .JPG compression. The camera runs on AAA batteries, 31 images can be stored in flash memory. A voice message and photograph can be sent out using the Dreamcast as well as video chat with other people over the internet, Sega will also develop games use the DreamEye in-play.

– Sega has confirmed the development of a new VMS, which will feature a much larger memory, store and playback of MP3 audio, and a headphone jack.

2-18-00—- Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Commercials Online

Akelexre of the Toonami’s Basement Website has uploaded .MPG video files of the Cartoon Network’s currently running Mobile Suit Gundam Wing commercial spots. You can download them here.

2-17-00—- ADV News

Covering a wide range of issues that have arisen out of Katsucon, David Williams of ADV posted the folowing on re.arts.anime.misc today:

ADV Fansubs is a plan I’ve been working on bringing to life for over a year now. This was born out of several issues. One was the future availablity of subbed VHS, given most retailers are losing interested in carrying it. Another was the desire to bring some of the “classic” anime titles to the fans and collectors who would enjoy having good commercial versions. These are subtitled videos targeted directly at the fans. A brief example is with our City Hunter TV releases. People familiar with City Hunter know he has a pet word, “Mokkori”, which is difficult to translate well in every instance where he uses it. Since this line is targeted at fans, we decided to leave the word as is in the subtitles and to provide a “liner note” at the beginning of the video to explain it’s usage. The first two titles are the City Hunter TV series and the Nadia TV series. These will be released at the rate of at least one volume per series each month for $19.98. The primary source for these videos will be direct from ADV via web, mail and phone orders. We also plan to take the ADV Fansubs line to as many conventions around the country as we possibly can. Although we won’t be putting the strong marketing push to retail outlets with these titles that we do with our other titles, we will offer them to retail so some stores may carry them as well. A subscription service will be set up for these titles where you can have the video shipped directly to you as soon as each volume is released. The first volume of City Hunter and Nadia are set to begin sales towards the end of this March. I hope that helps explain a little more about the new line. I’ll

Anime News Service – February 11-14 Anime News

2-14- 00—- More DVD News Out Of Katsucon

DVD Animania is running a report it received from Katsucon regarding future Viz Communication DVD’s. The Ranma 1/2 OVA DVD Box Set, presently scheduled for a May release, will consist of 3 disks = 4 episodes per-disk. Extras include all DoCo music videos, an interview with Rumiko Takahashi, and line art drawings. The Please Save My Earth DVD version release is set for sometime in June or July, and Key The Metal Idol is slated for a release on three DVD’s sometime this summer.

Anime On DVD is reporting that According to the ADV panel at Katsucon, ADV’s Rurouni Kenshin OVA/Movie acquisitions will be released on three DVDs’. The Three three discs will include the movie on one disc, the first two episodes of the OAV on another DVD, and the third and fourth episodes on the third disc.

ADV’s new DVD catalogue reportedly lists the following DVD releases minus release dates: Battle Angel, Blue Seed 1 & 2 (4 eps each), BGC Tokyo 2040 1 Genesis & 2 Crusade (4 eps each), Burn Up W (all 4 eps), Cutey Honey (4 eps), Destroy All Monsters, DP Flash: 1 Angels in Trouble & 2 Angels retribution (3 eps each), Gamera, Gasaraki 1-3 (4-3-3), Gunsmith Cats (all 3), Eva 1-3 (4 eps each), Legend of Crystania: The Motion Picture, Lost Universe (4 eps), Martian Successor Nadesico (4 eps), Ninja Resurrection, Plastic Little, Princess Nine 1st Inning (3 eps), Queen Emeraldas, Ruin Explorers (4 eps), Sakura Diaries 1-4 (3 eps each), Sakura Wars (4 eps), Rurouni Kenshin (no ep count given), Slayers: The Motion Picture, Sonic The Hedgehog: The Movie, Sorceror Hunters (4 eps), Tekken: The Motion Picture.

The list also includes All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku – The Movie and Golden Boy, but according to an ADV representitive: for various reason these titles should not be on the list.

2-14-00—- Some Japanese Toys Hormone Disruptive?

A Japanese consumer watchdog organization has recently claimed that chemicals included in the production of some toys may be hormone disruptive to children. In tests it has detected phtalic acid ester and bisphenol A in some toys made of vinyl chloride. In six sample products, bisphenol A was discovered in Ultraman Tiga, Hello Kitty Ball and Nakyoshi Friends. Pthalic acid turned up in Hello Kitty Ball, Dobutsu Mizuteppo, Nakayoshi Friends and Licca dolls, the group’s members have said.

The association of toy manufacturers claims it has been marking toys that pass safety guidelines, however, there are currently no regulations or guidelines on the use of endocrine disrupting chemicals. The 580 toymakers that make up the association have will reportedly present a new set of guidelines by April of this year that would require manufacturers to disclose the chemicals and materials used in toys for ages 3 and under.

Source: Asahi Shimbun

2-14-00—- Pokemon Fashion Show

On Sunday, at 11:00 AM, Hasbro presented an internet “fashion show” at (archived there now for viewing), where viewers were treated to “Pokemon 2000: A Sneak Pikachu”, where they could catch a glimpse of what products lie in wait out there in the Pokeverse for the year that is currently upon us.

Pokemon Think Chip Figures were showcased that allow the upload and download of training and past battle experience along with the Pokemon Think Chip Battle Stadium, a real life Dexter, The Talking Pokedex, which includes statistics, training exercises and attack sounds for Pokemon.

Nintendo’s N64 Pokemon Stadium game was previewed, it allows players to battle with their Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow trained Pokemon characters from Gameboy. Pokemon Gold and Silver, for Gameboy Color were also previewed with a current U.S. release slated for Fall.

2-13-00—- Neon Genesis Evangelion U.S. Broadcast Premiere

Studio Gainax’s 1995 Neon Genesis Evangelion TV series is set to make it’s first-ever U.S. Television Brodcasting starting, Sunday, March 5th at 9PM on KTEH-54, in the San Jose, California area.

2- 13-00—- Top Anime DVD Sales (Japan) (As Of 2-14)

1. Koutetsu Tenshi Kurumi DVD-2
2. Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory Vol. 2
3. Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory Vol. 1
4. Gaogaiger Final OVA Vol. 1
5. Kareshi Kanojo No Jijo OP. 3
6. Card Captor Sakura Vol. 14
7. Card Captor Sakura Vol. 5
8. (Macross DVD Collection) Macross Plus 1

2-13-00—- Top Manga Sales (Japan) (As Of 2-14)

1. Vagabond 5
2. Mahojin Guru Guru 12
3. H2 33
4. GTO 14
5. Clover 7
6. Bronze-Zetsuai Since 1989 – 11
7. Kaikan Phrase 12
8. Salary Man Kintarou 22
9. Oishinbo 69
10. Flames Of Recca 22
11. Massugu Ni Ikoh 18
12. Le Cirque De Karakuri 11
13. Angel Sanctuary 16
14. Tensai Yanagisawakyoujuno Seikatsu 15
15. Dragon Knights 16
16. Oishii Kankei 16
17. Tenshino Tsuranokawa
18. To Heart 3
19. Goddess Candidates
20. Major 27

2-13-00—- Top Video Game Sales (Japan) (As Of 2-14)

1. Biohazard Gun Survivor – PSX
2. Koneko Mo Issyo – PSX
3. Popolocrois 2 – PSX
4. Pokemon Silver – GB
5. Pokemon Gold – GB
6. Donkey Kong GB – GB
7. Crazy Taxi – DC
8. Card Captor Sakura Limited Edition – PSX
9. Roomania #203 – DC
10. Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 – N64
11. Card Captor Sakura – PSX
12. Valkyrie Profile – PSX
13. Let’s Go By Train Nagoya Tetsudo Hen – PSX
14. Chase The Express – PSX
15. Gran Turismo 2 – PSX
16. Donkey Kong 64 – N64
17. Muscle Ranking Vol. 1 – PSX
18. Doko Demo Issyo – PSX
19. SNK Gal’s Fighter – NGPC
20. Fish Eyes 2 – PSX

2-13-00—- Top J-Pop Album Sales (Japan) (As Of 2- 14)

1. “Genius 2000” – Namie Amuro
2. “Suite Season The End Of Genesis” – T.M. REVOLUTION TURBO TYPE D
3. “FB Best Eternal Trax” – Favourite Blue
4. “Love Is The Message” – Misia
5. “VOXXX” – Denki Groove
6. “Zard Cruising&Live (Limited Edition)” – Zard
7. “Recycle: Greatest Hits Of Spitz” – Spitz
8. “Freedom” – Yuki Koyanagi
9. “Yesterday&Today” – Tokio
10. “Fresh Brash Old Man”