February 5-10 Anime News

2-10-00—- American Sol Bianca DVD Vol. 1 Release Set

The Pioneer Entertainment Update lists Sol Bianca The Legacy: Vol. 1 Lost Treasures DVD with a U.S. release date of March April 25th retailing at $29.98.

2-10-00—- Monster Rancher Toy Update

Playmates line of action figures and products based on the anime TV series / video game, Monster Rancher, is hitting stores across the U.S., with plush beanie toys and more than 400 monster action figure toys attainable through collecting “Mystery Monster Rancher” four, eight and 18-packs. Talking electronic Monster Rancher toys are slated for a July release.

2-10-00—- Sakura Taisen Music News

A Sakura Taisen 4-CD music box titled, Taishou Kayou Karaoke Daizenshuu is scheduled for release in Japan on March 15th retailing for 7,140 Yen. The CD’s include a collection of close to 60 background tracks, newly arranged from the Sakura Taisen game series, CD drama, OVA’s, and musical’s. 1st presses come with special packaging.

The Sakura Taisen Gokakenran OVA CD single is currently scheduled for release on March 15th, listing at 1050 Yen. The single will feature the title track, Furui Piano by Takano Urara, and the B-Side track, Kagayaki, by Nishihara Kumiko & Ikura Kazue. 1st presses include a jacket-size original illustration sticker.

2-10-00—- Wizards Of the Coast Announce Release Of Card Game Base Set 2

Wizards Of The Coast have have announced the launch of it’s Base Set 2 expansion to it’s Pokemon collectible card game. The release comes on the one-year anniversary of the initial trading card game release, Base Set 2 contains a mix of cards from the original base set and the Jungle expansion. Each of the 130 cards in the new deck will feature a Base Set 2 symbol. Wizard’s also plans to release a two-player Starter Set containing an instructional CD-ROM or CD-ROM and video. Three Base Set 2 preconstructed theme decks will be released soon also, titled “Lightening Bug,” “Grass Chopper,” “Hot Water”, and “Psych Out.”

2-10-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Namco has completed a gun sniping Golgo 13 arcade title, set for release in Japan on March 3rd. The game will feature an original story with selectable stages from the start.

Capcom USA plans to realease their upcoming PSX RPG, Breath of Fire IV to America with a release set for this fall.

Playstation 2 Information:

– A Japanese newspaper has reported that the PSX 2 may have incompatibility issues with existing PSX games, apparently, some games are programmed to work directly with the PSX 1 hardware. Sony plans to release a complete list of games that are incompatible with PSX2.

– Sony has revealed that the PSX 2 DVD capabilites will support all contemporary DVD player protocols, including multi-angle, multi-story, wide screen and subtitling features. Sony will reveal more PSX2 DVD applications at the Playstation Festival 2000, to be hosted February 19 – 20. A demo DVD title to be used at the event, will be the American live action film, The Matrix.

2-9-00—- American VHS Video Release Date Set For Slayers Try

CPM’s VHS release of Slayers Try Vol. 1: Majestic Journey is slated for May 9th. Sub and Dub tapes will contain 4 episodes and are priced at $19.99.

2-9-00—- CPM Geobreeders DVD Release Date

The Right Stuf lists CPM’s Geobreeders DVD-ROM with a release date of May 16th, in Hybrid format, with a running time of 90 minutes.

2-9-00—- Pulp Editors Release Statement To United Kingdom Readers

The following statement was released on the internet today to U.K. readers of Viz Comic’s Pulp Magazine:

Dear UK readers,

Hello from San Francisco. We’ve recently come to the somewhat belated discovery that there’s been a respectable (or, considering the magazine at hand, not entirely respectable) amount of discussion of our magazine, PULP, on this newsgroup.

We would like to invite and encourage you to send in your comments and/or fan art via e-mail if you so desire. We certainly don’t mind printing your criticism as well as any positive remarks.

Beginning with our June issue, PULP will be adding two new manga stories in addition to the ones currently running, as well as an expanded range of articles. Our price, however, will remain the same at US$5.95. We’re reaching a little closer towards the Japanese model of plenty of manga between one cover for a low price.

Recently, two writers associated with PULP had the opportunity to meet with European fans of manga and anime culture at the International Film Festival, Rotterdam’s “Japan Edge” presentation. Even though it is true that PULP is an American magazine and may sometimes give the impression of addressing only American audiences, we are certainly gratified that it has a following abroad. When you look at it, Europeans and Americans alike come as strangers to manga, but I don’t doubt that you have a slant on things that would be most interesting. We look forward to hearing from you.

Please send your mail to:



Carl Gustav Horn, Manga Editor
Alvin Lu, Columns & Departments Editor

2-9-00—- Kamen Rider Making A Comeback

The Kamen Rider (Masked Rider) Live-Action henshin sci-fi TV series, originally airing in 1970 and created by late cartoonist Shotaro Ishinomori is now back, more popular than ever, airing in Japan on TV Asahi networks in the Kamen Raida Kuga (cougar) series. According to TV Asahi, the first two episodes of the new series, aired 8-8:30 a.m. Jan. 30 and Feb. 6, posted viewer ratings of 27.5 and 28.4, respectively, among children aged between 4 and 12 years old. The rating for viewers of all ages stood at 8.9 for the first episode, faring well against news programs on NTV (16.4), TBS (12.1) and Fuji TV (4.5) that shared the same time slot. On Feb. 2nd the TV station’s official Kuga Web site (www.tv-asahi.co.jp/kuuga/) received 36,857 hits, which is the highest figure for any of TV Asahi’s program Web sites.

The story is based around 24-year-old Yusuke Godai (played by Jo Odagiri), who secretly acquires a belt with strange powers, found during an archeological excavation in Nagano Prefecture. The Archeologists accidentally break the magic seal on a

February 1-4 Anime News

2-4-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

SNK’s upcoming PSX version of The King Of Fighters ’99: Millennium Battle will reportedly be based on the Neo Geo CD Version, hidden characters: Kyo and Iori are playable from the start and the last boss Krizalid will be playable after some advancement. There is a new Art Gallery Mode, Voice Gallery Mode and Color Edit Mode, where players can customize the costume color of each character, save, and reuse in other play modes. There will be no extra Striker characters as in the Dreamcast port. Release in Japan is set for March 23rd, the title will list at 5800 Yen.

Capcom / Arika’s PSX 2 launch title, Street Fighter EX3, will feature several new characters including a totally new character, Ace. New play modes include Arena Mode, Tag Battle, Dramatic battle (1 v.s. 3 or 2 v.s. 1 etc.), Team Battle (up to 5 v.s. 5), and a new Character Edit Mode, where players can create their own character by earning experience points, which is used to purchase new moves. Japanese release is scheduled for March 4th for a listing price of 6800 Yen.

Square EA will reportedly release Front Mission 3 for PSX in the U.S. on March 22nd.

Microcabin has announced they are producing Marionette Company 2 for both PSX and Dreamcast, the game will be the sequel of their promotion adventure Marionette Company.

Jaleco’s Stepping Stage 3 Superior arcade machine is set to appear in Japanese arcades in March. Jaleco has partnered with Avex and BMG to bring together pop songs from U.S., there will be a number of movie and anime themes also including Galaxy Express 999 themes.

2-4-00—- Studio Sunrise Selling Exclusive Anime Images Via Website

Studio Sunrise, the animators of such famous series as Gundam, Votoms, and Cowboy Bebop has added a new feature to it’s website, where they are selling exclusive images for downloading / viewing. Images cost between 120Y – 200Y image, you must be a member of Sunrise’s members club” providing a valid credit card #. You can visit the page below:


2-4-00—- ADV Films And The Right Stuf Strike Distribution Deal

U.S. Anime licensing giant, ADV Films announced on Thursday, a distribution deal for the entire catalog of films for The Right Stuf International Inc. The Right Stuf Inc. is an impressive player in the U.S. Anime industry in it’s own right, holding licenses to Osamu Tezukas’s Kimba The White Lion, and Studio Gainax’s Kareshi No Kanajo No Jijou.

2-3-00—- Seiyuu News

Male seiyuu group E.M.U. will release their final album “Ore Tachi No Sotsugyou” in Japan on Feb. 19th. Contains new solo songs, new group songs, and some old group songs.

The schedule for seiyuu Sakura Tange’s upcoming March concert tour has recently been set. Tickets are will go on sale Feb. 5th. at 5000 Yen per-ticket:

3/15: Akasaka Blitz
3/17: Osaka
3/18: Nagoya
3/25: Nakano Sun Plaza
3/26: Nakano Sun Plaza

2-3-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Seiyuu, Okada Junko, and much of the cast of the Sentimental Graffiti, will comprise the voice talent in the upcoming new Dreamcast title, Innocent Tears.
Character MP3’s and other information can be had at the official website.

Innocent Tears Voice Cast:
Kagura Haruaki – Nojima Kenji
Homura Kagari – Inoue Kikuko
Yumi – Ohmoto Makiko
Kagura Akira – Ogata Megumi
Kaga Yukiko – Tomizawa Michie
Kaga Shirou – Itou Kentarou
Claude – Masuya Yasunori
Kira – Suzuki Mariko
Yoshino Saki – Maeda Ai
Kugami Aoi – Minami Omi
Taira Katsutoshi – Isobe Hiroshi
Kujou Sara – Okada Junko
Johaness – Iwamoto Norio
Tachibana Maki – Noda Junko
Tachibana Miki – Noda Junko

2-3-00—- Studio Pierrot To Produce Ayashi No Ceres & Saiyuuki TV Series’

Animation production house, Studio Pierrot, will reportedly be adapting Fushigi Yuugi creator, Yuu Watase’s latest, popular manga, Ayashi No Ceres (running in Shogakukan’s Flower Comics), into a new TV series to begin airing in Japan in April. The series will be co-produced by Bandai Visual and air unscrambled on BS Ch. 5 WoWoW. Seiyuu Iwao Junkyo will play the role of Ceres/Aya
Begining it’s run in 1996 the Ayashi No Ceres manga tells the story of Mikage Aya and her twin brother, Aki. On their 16th birthday the two are brought to their grandfather’s house where all their relatives were gathered and shown a box with a mummified hand inside. At the sight of the hand a mysterious power in Aya is released and her grandfather orders her to be killed. She escapes an attempt on her life, but her brother Aki is imprisoned. Aya discovers that she possesses the blood of the “Tennyo” (Heavenly Maiden), when severely taken over with emotion her power will manifest itself, transforming her into Ceres. If left to live, she is believed to be destined to bring ruin to the Mikage family. Aya struggles to fight with her destiny and rid herself of Ceres so she can once again return to the life of a normal teenage girl. She must avoid other attempts on her life by her grandfather and other Mikage family members, and win her brother’s freedom. Assisting Aya is Suzumi Aogiri, a woman who also possesses tennyo blood and Suzumi’s brother-in-law Yuuhi, a boy Aya’s age assigned to protect her. Working in the background is Aya’s cousin Kagami who tells the Mikage family’s henchman Tooya not to kill the girl, but to keep an eye on her while investigating her powers.


Studio Pierrot is also reportedly producing an Anime TV series version of Kazuya Minekura’s Saiyuuki manga (already a 3 Vol. OVA). Saiyuuki tells the Chinese legend of the Monkey King. Humans and demons share a state of peaceful co-existance In the land of Togenkyo, after the attempt of the use of chemistry and magic to resurect Gyumao, a powerful demon who was sealed and buried by Nataku Taishi (one of the five gods

January 21-23 Anime News

1-23-00—- Bandai Entertainment News Out Of L.A. Science Fiction And Comic Con

Bandai Entertainment announced at it’s press conference for Mobile Suit Gundam Wing this afternoon that the Gundam Wing TV series will begin airing daily (on weekdays) on the American cable TV Cartoon Network, begining March 6th at 5:30 P.M. ET. The version airing in this timeslot will be edited, however in a very interesting move (and exciting one for fans), two uncut episodes will air as part of Cartoon Network’s Saturday Toonami Midnight Runs. Bandai pointed out that the three volume Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz OVA series will be aired and see VHS video release.

A side note to the Gundam announcements: Bandai’s representative indicated that the Vision Of Escaflowne TV Series could see a Region 1 DVD release as early as a June or July release with an English dub soundtrack.

1-23-00—- Manga Exposition In The Netherlands

An Manga exposition will be held at the Kunsthal in Rotterdam, Netherlands, titled “Manga from 1945 until now” starting March 26th.

Opening times of the Kunsthal are Tuesday – Saturday from 10:00 to 17:00 and on Sunday from 11:00 to 17:00, the Kunsthal is located at the Westzeedijk 341 (near Dijkzicht Hospital and the Euromast).

The exposition is a part of the celebration of 400 years relations between the Netherlands and Japan this year. 400 years ago in 1600 A.D., a ship called the “De Liefde” beached itself near Nagasaki. Japan allowed the Dutch to open a tradingpost on a artifical island called Decima in Nagasaki wich was the start of 400 years of relations between the two countries.

More information can be found at www.kunsthal.nl/manga.html and www.kunsthal.nl

1-23-00—- Nazca Clips Show In Malcom In The Middle

Clips from Pioneer’s Nazca TV series were shown tonight on the American Fox Television Network’s sitcom, Malcom in the Middle. One clip showed the character Shiogami, and another of a blond haired skateboarder-character from the third episode of the series.

1-23-00—- Ranma 1/2 / Tenchi TV Series Region 1 Release Details

Anime Fan is reporting that Pioneer plans to release the Region 1 DVD Ranma 1/2 OVA box set on April 25th for around the same cost of the Region 1 Tenchi OVA box set ($120). It’s a possibility that the Tenchi Universe TV series will see a summer release as a box set. Pioneer has made an allusion to another possible summer release, however no other official details have been given.

1-23-00—- Horrifying Pokemon Related Assault In Las Vegas

Two teenagers allegedly used Pokemon trading cards to lure at least eight young boys to a mobile home for sex, Las Vegas police said Friday. One 18, and 16 year-old male were arrested on charges including sexual assault. Police said the assaults on boys age 8 to 11 apparently had been going on for several months before they were tipped off by a parent.

Source: The Washington Post

1-23-00—- Ayanext Industry and Piracy Panel Trasncript

Animeijin has posted a transcript of the Ayanext Industry and Piracy Panel held on Nov. 6th, 1999 at the Ayanext anime convention in Birmingham, U.K., the panel was intended for the discussion of piracy and other issues regarding anime in the United Kingdom.

1-23-00—- Pokemon Center Tokyo

Located in the Nihonbashi business district in Tokyo, the Pokemon Center Tokyo store, which first opened April 1998, specializes in Pokemon merchandise of all kinds. The store is quite popular, attracting around 1,500 visitors per-day during the weekdays and between 3,000 – 4,000 visitors on the weekends, on many occasions it has had to limit the number of people entering the store at one time. Over the Japanese school summer vacation this year, customers reportedly had to wait for up to two hours just to get in, during the Christmas ’99 season in the wait was reportedly one hour. The store sells around 1,500 Pokemon-related products including game cards, stationery, confectioneries and many others. Among it’s most popular offerings are exclusive items depicting the store’s mascot’s: Pikachu, Charmander, and Poliwhirl.

An estimated 30% of the Pokemon Center’s clientele are foreigners. This is understandable, taking into account Pokemon’s phenomenal success in other parts of the world and the fact that almost all of the store’s products are only available domestically within Japan. Buses carrying groups of tourists often make stops at the Center, the largest number of foreign visitors come from the United States, it’s not unusual for these visitors to purchase several dozen items at once. On a recent visit to Tokyo, Actor Bruce Willis reportedly bought a suitcase’s worth of Pokemon merchandise for his daughter.

Most Popular Purchases At Pokemon Center Tokyo:
1. Pokemon Card Game
2. Pokemon Center Original Confectioneries
3. Pokemon Badges

1-23-00—- Nazca / Malcom In The Middle Update

As was reported earlier, clips of Pioneer’s Nazca TV series, will be appearing on the prime time American Fox-TV-network comedy, Malcolm In The Middle. The clips from Nazca will be incorporated into the new opening sequence for the series having the title character, Malcolm, channel surfing through some of his favorite TV shows which will include Nazca. Information on when the new opening will premiere on Fox is currently unknown, however, there is a possibility it could show tonight (Sunday, January 23rd 8:30 P.M. ET):

Jonathan Klein, Vice President of New Generation Pictures, has confirmed from Pioneer that the master tapes with the clips requested have been sent to Fox. New Generation Pictures has produced the sub, dub and Region 1 DVD versions of Nazca for Pioneer. The following questions were posed to him with some very enlightening answers.

Anime News Service: How was the decision of the incorporation of Nazca clips into Malcolm In The Middle reached? Were any of the actors, script writers, or production staff involved in the series a fan of Nazca, or Anime in-general?

Jonathan Klein: Somebody involved with Nazca sent an early screener to one of the people working on Malcolm in The Middle. He liked it so much that he wanted to incorporate it in the opening sequence as one

January 9-15 Anime News

1-15-00—- New Transformers Toy Line

A new Transformers toy line titled “Transformers: Car Robots” were displayed at a recent Japanese convention / trade show. A successor to the current “Beast Wars Metals”, the toy line may be adapted to it’s own TV series featuring a nature vs technology theme. This time around it will be more robotic Cybertrons (Autobots) V.S. more beast-like Destrons (Predacons). So far, the line features Cybertrons led by FireConvoy (Optimus Pyre a firetruck Optimus), Mach Alert, Wild Ride, and Speed Breaker. Gigatron, leader of the Destrons, and others.

For Toy Images: Here And the Below Link

Source: Axalon Underground

1-15-00—- New Anime TV Series In Japan In February

Oja-Majo Doremi (Begins: Feb. 6th | At: 8:30 | On: TV Asahi)
Miami Guns (Begins: Feb. 5th | At: 25:45 | On: TBS)
Nyani Ga Nyander Nyander Kamen (Begins: Feb. 6th | At: 7:00 | On: TV Asahi)

1-15-00—- McFarlane Anime Toy Line Update

McFarlane Toys’s upcoming Anime toy line of action figures will include Tetsuo (Akira), Keneda (Akira), Keneda’s motorcycle (Akira), Vash the Stampede (Trigun), and Ryoko (Tenchi Muyo). Other characters / mecha are expected to be added to the line in the future.

Source: Toy Mania

1-15-00—- Ikue Otani’s “Viento”

Ikue Otani, Japanese seiyuu of Pikachu in the Pokemon TV Series + Movie released her first original 9-track album, “Viento”, on Nov. 26th. Otani’s other voice work can be seen in the Hime-Chan No Ribbon series.

Source: J-Dream Direct Newsletter J-Dream Web

1-15-00—- Nihon Animation Opens Shop In Tokyo

Production company, Nihon Animation recently opened a new store dealing in character goods at it’s marketing headquarters in Ginza, Tokyo. The shop sells merchandise such as stuffed dolls, stationaries, VCRs, calendars etc. relating to their titles such as “Araiguma Rascal (Rascal the Racoon)” and Haha wo Tazunete 3000-ri (3000 miles in the search of Mother)”. Nihon Animation’s classic titles and are currently regaining popularity in Japan.

Source: J-Dream Direct Newsletter J-Dream Web

1-15-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Konami’s upcoming arcade music game, Pop N’ Anime, will feature songs from Anime Movies, TV Series, and OAV’s, including: Dragon Ball Z, Vampire Hunter D, Sailor Moon, Cutie Honey, Galaxy Express 999, Getta Robo and others. Video clips of the anime will display with the coresponding song. Pop ‘N Anime will appear in Japanese arcades in the spring.

Bandai’s WonderSwan fighting title, Pocket Fighter will be one of the first to fully support the WonderGate modem, and feature a network battle mode, allowing modem battles, and letting players post their high scores on the nationwide Japanese scoreboard. Pocket Fighter is out in Japan on April 6th, listing for 3800 Yen.

1-15-00—- J-Idol Hikaru Utada’s “First Love” Chosen As Opener For Tournament

J-Pop Idol, Hikaru Utada’s song, “First Love” has been chosen to be used in the opening ceremonies of The 72nd National Invitational High School Baseball Tournament which begins March 25th and runs for eleven days at the Hanshin Koshien Stadium in Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture.

1-15-00—- Hello Kitty Inncident In Singapore: Update

An inncident Thursday spurred by a McDonald’s restaurant promotion in Singapore offering limited edition Hello Kitty related toys reportedly had customers pressed against the glass door of one restaurant which shattered under the preasure of the crowd. The resulting flying glass and stampede injured seven people, half of the total injured were hurt to such a degree that they required immediate hospitalization.

1-14-00—- Region 1 Anime DVD News

AnimEigo’s Robert Woodhead annouced via their company’s DVD mailing list that the Urusei Yatsura DVD boxed set for a possible release late next month.

Dubbed-Subbed VHS and DVD versions of Manga Entertainments’s release of Hayao Miyazaki’s Castle of Cagliostro are now set for an April release.

Manga Entertainments’s release of Perfect Blue on DVD is now set for April 25th.

The Right Stuf is reporting that Neon Genesis Evangelion Collection 0:1 DVD has been delayed until February 20th because of mastering problems.

1-14-00—- Tokyo Gallery Hosting Anime Exhibit

Gallery Cest Rare, Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, is currently home to an exhibit featuring many well-crafted sculptures depicting classic Anime characters including Astroboy, Kimba the White Lion, and Gigantor. Exhibit creators, Satoru Okada and Akira Yamaura who are both members of Kawasaki-based artists’ group Yume Kobo Highlight found inspiration for their sculptures from watching classic Anime films in their childhood.
Mr. Okada dedicated close-to three hours each day on the creation of 12 figures of various sizes while working on his other job as an automobile body painter. Each sculpture was molded with plaster, coated with repairing materials made from polyester and then filed with sandpaper to be colored. He estimates a month’s amount of work would have gone into completing an average 5 feet tall sculpture. Yamaura created 10 figures for the exhibition, mostly depicting characters from creator Osamu Tezuka’s Anime including Astroboy. The exhibition will run through January 16th.

1-14-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Tecmo will port it’s Gameboy Color title, Monster Farm: Battle Cards (Monster Rancher: Battle Cards), to PSX for Japanese release on March 23rd, for 5800 Yen. Those pre-ordering will receive a special disc, which gives players secret monsters not available elsewhere.

The Naomi/Dreamcast “Marvel v.s. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes” will utilize a new communication battle mode, allowing those using either two platforms to engage cross-battle matches. Interestingly, there will be special playable characters exclusive to each platform. Both ports will share 18 common characters (Naomi will feature 10 exclusive characters, DC will feature 6 exclusive characters). Also of note, the Naomi version will feature 24 hidden characters, the DC port will feature 16. Hidden characters will be time locked and not be selectable until the game has seen a certain amount of play-time.

Sony Computer Entertainment America announced that total sales of PSX during the holiday reached $1.5 billion U.S. (50% over Sony’s prediction), over 15.1 million game software were sold during December 1999 (twice as much as N64 and 10 times more than DC). Sony has sold close to 3 million PSX units in the past two months. The current North American user-base of PSX is estimated at 25 million.

U.S. retailer + developer reports

January 1-8 Anime News

1-8-00—- Editorial: New Dictionary Entry for 2000: “Japanimation”

The following does not neccesarily reflect the views of Anime News Service or the editor:

“Japanimation”…. Hmmm… -Opens Dictionary-

Japanimation, adj.1. Directed By Peter Chung; 2. Created By Crispin Porter & Bogusky: Miami, Florida; 3. Used In Latest Checkers Television Commercial Campaign.

1-8-00—- Street Fighter Zero Original Soundtrack

The Street Fighter Zero OVA Original Soundtrack is out in Japan, the 26th of this month, listing at 2854 Yen. The CD contains 28 tracks (20 quasi-orhcestral tracks using samplings infinitely close to natural sounds, 8 tracks performed by Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra).

1-8-00—- Anime / Game Soundtrack CD Releases (Japan)(January)

(All Prices Listed In Yen)

The World of Queen Emeraldas 2940 Y
Sailor Moon “Winter Special Musical’s 500th show memorial – Henshin, Super Senshi E No Michi The Last, D’Oracle Overture – Original Soundtrack” Memorial Album Vol. 8 3150 Y
Musical “Sailor Moon” – The Best Collection Album – Music Selected by Fans 2940 Y
Martian Successor Nadesico: The Prince Of Darkness/Special Episode 3780 Y
Kikansya Tomas Origenal Songs Vol. 2 2100 Y
SEAMAN Onsei File -SEAMAN to 20seiki no 99nin- 1890 Y
Chikyu Bouei Kigyo Die Gard (Die Gard, Earth Defense Enterprises): Original Sndtrck 3045 Y
The Adventures Of Kousuke Kindaichi (Special Edition) 2800 Y
Century Color / Again… 1020 Y
Digimon Adventure: Chracter Songs + Mini Drama 3 2747 Y
The World Of Akira Ifukube 2345 Y
Poke Kano BGM Shu 3150 Y
Densetsu No Orga Battle 1800 Y
Densetsu No Orga Battle: The Entra 1800 Y
Orga Battle: Ogre-Grand Repeat 1800 Y
Tactics Ogre 2500 Y
Neko Meiwaku 1800 Y
Hataraki Mono 1800 Y
Arashi No Destiny 2 1800 Y
Original Soundtrack: Alundra 2 2345 Y
Maken X I’image E.P. 3059 Y
Reveller’s Children 3059 Y
Gatekeepers Game Soundtrack 2940 Y
Blue Gender [Rondo Gate] original sound track Vol. 2 2854 Y
[Gozonji! Gekkokamen Kun] Uta To BGM 2940 Y
Kiseki No Tsubasa 1155 Y
Bouso Deko Tora Densetsu 2 -Otoko Jinsei Yume Ichiro- 2500 Y
Takeo Yamshita No Zenbo Mission 1 (Anime Hen) 2800
Kaze No Kokyo E 1260 Y
Action Game Nitendo Allstar Dairanto Smash Brothers 3500 Y
Betterman Panorama Sound CD Yobanashi 2 Yoku-nozomi- 3045 Y
Megami Kouhosei Hasshin zenya-Get a dream!- 1020 Y
Tales of Destiny Soundtrack 3990 Y
Seraphim Call Original Soundtrack 3150 Y
Initial D Vocal Battle – The 2nd Stage 3059 Y
Street Fighter Zero The Animation 2854 Y
Makiba Monogatari-Harvest Moon Original Soundtrack 3059 Y
Lunatic Dawn Odyssey Original Soundtrack 3059 Y
White Diamond Original Soundtrack 3059 Y
Comics Image Album Love Hina 3059 Y
Boosker Boosker’ Ongakushu (music collection) 1 3059 Y
Kaito Ranma 3059 Y
Star Child Selection Ongakuhen [TV sakuhin shu] 3600 Y
Nihon Animation Shudaika Shu 15750 Y

1-8-00—- Anime Toy News

Toycom is now expecting to have all 3 of it’s Die-Cast Valkyrie (VF-11,YF-19,YF-22) toys in North American stores by June.

Denkegi Hobby Magazine is reportedly selling special “Tetsu” versions of three of Bandai’s “Mobile Suits In Action” figure line. Available exclusively via mail-order these figures feature special detailing and decals.

1-8-00—- J-Pop / Seiyuu News

As of January 2000, Future CD releases from Marine Entertainment will now be released under Pioneer LDC Japan.

Shiina Hekiru’s 7th album, “Right Beside”, is scheduled for release in Japan on March 8th, listing for 3,059 Yen. A vocal collection album, “B-Side You” (featuring 13 tracks from her previous singles) is set for release on the same day also listing at 3,059 Yen. Her latest maxi-single “Beside You” is out on the 26th of this month.

1-8-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Capcom’s PSX RPG, Breath of Fire IV will feature a plot centered around a war between two countries, the Fou Empire and the East Side Union. The two are separated by The Ocean Of Mud, and have battled for centuries, finally a peace agreement is reached but this serves to plant the seeds for the start of a greater conflict. Legend says a man born with the eyes of a dragon will alter the course of world. There are 4 types of Dragons in Breath Of Fire, The Sand Dragon Junar, the Soil Dragon Nosto, the Grass Dragon Ta-Pu, and the Aura Dragon, a fire breather with the shape of human.

Sega of America has responded to the comments from Japanese investment firm Nikko Solomon Smith Barney, claiming they are actually making about 1 U.S. dollar for each Dreamcast console sold in North America.

1-8-00—- Kiki’s Delivery Service To Air On Toon Disney

Hayao Miyazaki / Studio Ghibli’s Anime film, Kiki’s Delivery Service will air on Disney’s American cartoon cable network, Toon Disney on Friday, January 14th at 7:00 p.m. (EST).

1-7-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Capcom’s Marvel VS Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes production team will be scouting for locations in Osaka Jan. 7th-16th.

Dreamcast / Sega Data:
A total of 1.85 million units of Sega’s Dreamcast have shipped in North America as of Dec. 31st. A total of 800,000 units have been shipped to to the European market.

Japanese investment firm Nikko Solomon Smith Barney has reported that Sega is currently losing 2000 Yen on each Dreamcast console sold. Sega expects to break even upon shiping 1 million units of Dreamcast per month in June.

Sega’s Shen Mue Chapter 1: Yokosuka for Dreamcast has reportedly sold 260,000 copies in it’s first week of release.

1-7-00—- Panasonic Unveils DVD RAM Recorder Deck At CES

Panasonic unveiled a consumer-level progressive scan DVD Record Deck, this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Price of the deck is still forthcoming, clickhere to read the official press release.

1-7-00—- Maison Ikkoku DVD Box

A 24 disc Region 2 Maison Ikkoku DVD Box (containing all 96 episodes) is set for release on March 8, listing at $1200.

1-6-00—- Shueisha Top Selling Manga Rankings For 1999

Shueisha has announced their “Publisher’s Top 10 Best-Selling Manga Series” Rankings for 1999:

1. One Piece – Oda Eiichiro – Weekly Jump
2. Hana Yori Dango – Kamio Yohko – Margaret
3. Rurouni Kenshin

December 31 Anime News

12-31-99—- Mint Na Bokura Ends In February Ribbon

Created by Marmalade Boy author, Wataru Yoshizumi, and after 30 chapters (6 vols.) published since July 1997, the Mint Na Bokura manga has officially has completed it’s run in the Feb. issue of Ribbon magazine. Mint Na Bokura tells the story of twins Maria and Noeru, when Maria decides to follow his crush to a boarding school, Noeru chooses to reluctantly accompany her. Discovering that the school has no more room for male students, Noeru attends as a female.

12-31-99—- New Years Day Anime Festival On Encore Action Channel

The American Encore Action cable TV channel will be playing host to a 12 hour Japanese Animation Festival on New Years Day. Here’s the schedule, please note, all times are listed as Eastern Standard Time (EST):

Appleseed | 7:15 AM Encore Action Channel
Blood Reign: Curse Of Yoma Part 1 | 8:25 AM Encore Action Channel
Blood Reign: Curse Of Yoma Part 2 | 9:06 AM Encore Action Channel
Tekkaman Blade II: Part 1 | 9:50 AM Encore Action Channel
Tekkaman Blade II: Part 2 | 10:18 AM Encore Action Channel
Tekkaman Blade II: Part 3 | 10:46 AM Encore Action Channel
Tekkaman Blade II: Part 4 | 11:14 AM Encore Action Channel
Tekkaman Blade II: Part 5 | 11:43 AM Encore Action Channel
Tekkaman Blade II: Part 6 | 12:11 PM Encore Action Channel
Patlabor I | 12:45 PM Encore Action Channel
Patlabor II | 02:30 PM Encore Action Channel
Appleseed | 04:25 PM Encore Action Channel
Psycho Diver | 05:40 PM Encore Action Channel
Ghost In The Shell | 06:35 PM Encore Action Channel

December 20-30 Anime News

12-30-99—- Tokimeki Memorial DVD’s

King Records is set to release both volumes of the Tokimeki Memorial OVA series on DVD in Japan March 3rd. The discs will list for 5,800 Yen seperately, include Standard Stereo audio and new interviews with the seiyuu cast.

12-30-99—- Anime Music News

Nakatsukasa Masami’s first album, “Ame”, is scheduled for release Feb. 4th, listing for 3,059 yen. The album includes newly arranged versions of the opening theme of the To Heart Anime TV series, “Feeling Heart” and ending theme “Sorezore no Mirai (ashita) he”.

12-30-99—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Enix’s first PSX 2 adventure game, the 2 DVD-ROM 0 Story (Love Story) is scheduled for release in spring in Japan. 0 Story is about searching for true love, the main character is a young man who dies in an accident, with the help of angels, he becomes a ghost to find a true love before he crosses over to the spirit world. Appearing as a human, the player encounters different females who have the potential to become a true-love. As a ghost, the character has the ability to read others minds to find out their interest towards him. It’s also possible to use an “Arrow Of Love” to discover the nature of characters’ hearts.

SNK’s Dreamcast port of King Of Fighters ’99, has received the official title: “The King of Fighters ’99 Evolution”. The port will have new 3D backgrounds, and Striker characters not found in the arcade version. The DC game will feature internet support.

Nintendo’s Super Mario RPG 2 will feature 3D backgrounds, 2D characters, and a turn based battle system.

ASCII’s RPG Tsukuru (RPG Maker) is out on GameBoy Color on March 17th, it will list for 4800 Yen. As in previous ports of the game the player designs his or her own RPG, it supports the link cable, allowling exchange of designs with friends.

12-30-99—- Uri Geller To Sue Nintendo Over Pokemon

According to the British Guardian newspaper, world famous paranormalist Uri Geller, plans to sue Nintendo Co. for ?m over allegedly using his image without his permission on a Pokemon game card. Geller claims that the card, known in the west as “Alakazam”, and in Japan as “Un-geller” (available in two versions, Good Un-geller and Evil Un-geller), is clearly based on himself. The monster shown on the game card carries two bent spoons in its hands and is described as a magician and “psychic”. The Un-geller cards are worth around ? in shops and on the internet. British shops sell the English version for around ?.

Geller discovered the cards last week while Christmas shopping at the Pokemon Center, in Tokyo, Japan. At first, he said, he was bemused when the store manager rushed out from his office continuously bowing, as hundreds of children thrust Pokemon cards at him to autograph while chanting what sounded like Uri Geller.

Source: Guardian News

12-30-99—- Hideaki Anno Looks Toward The Future In Recent Interview

In a recent interview with Asahi Evening News reporter, Ken Kawashima, Studio Gainax’s Hideaki Anno (Director of Neon Genesis Evangelion, Fushigi No Umi No Nadia) has revealed he’s currently on a break period and getting ready to direct his second full-length live-action movie in the coming year. When asked about the proliferation of Japanese Animation in the U.S. and around the world Anno commented:

“Japan is the only country in the world that actually has an anime industry, and can mass-produce animated works of a high quality for a large audience. It’s only natural then, that this product would be in demand from the rest of the world.”

“Japan is unrivalled in this sense. Disney is really no competition because Disney can only release one film at a time. They are not capable of handling the wide range of stories that we see in Japanese anime. Real anime exists only in Japan, and this is about the only original product Japan can offer to the world-anime, manga and computer games.”

It was also revealed in the interview that Anno-sensei has just received a new haircut, he now sports a mohawk hairstyle. He leaves readers with comments on the direction in which he believes Japan is headed in the next millennium:

“Whether it be a few years into the future or 10 years in the future, I don’t know, but there is going to be a radical change or event that will change Japan.”

“There will come a time when Japan is going to go through a big shake-up-so much so that Japan may no longer be able to survive. But it won’t be because of politics, and it won’t be the result of any natural disaster.”

“It’s the Japanese economy; the backlash of our economy. Right now, people are always telling us that our economy is on the upswing and all that …” (pause) … “but I don’t believe them.”

Source: Asahi Shimbun | Text In Quotation: © Asahi Shimbun

12-29-99—- Bandai Entertainment Confirms First DVD Releases

Bandai Entertainment, via the Anime Village Website, has posted official information regarding their first DVD releases, they also have hinted at a new DVD area to be setup on the site next month.

BLUE SUBMARINE No. 6 (Vol 1 of 4) April 2000 | 5.1 Japanese (English subtitled)
2-Channel English | 1st OVA $24.98

COWBOY BEBOP (Vol 1 of 6) April 2000 | 2-Channel Japanese (English subtitled)
2-Channel English | Ep. 1-5 SRP $29.98

EAT-MAN ’98 (2 disc set) April 2000 | 2-Channel Japanese (English subtitled)
Ep. 1,2 2-Channel English | Ep. 1-12 SRP $39.98

12-29-99—- Kite DVD Release

Media Blasters will be releasing the cut version of Kite on DVD on April 25th for 24.95. Extras will include: Interactive Menus, Scene Selections, Animation Cel Gallery, and Storyboards, contains 2 episodes, length: 45 Minutes.

12-29-99—- Manga U.K. Releases

Rod Shaile of Manga Entertainment sent an e-mail to UK Manga email club members listing the following titles to be released on DVD and VHS in the United Kingdom in the coming year.

Legend Of The Overfiend & Demon Womb
Street Fighter II The Movie
Perfect Blue
Ghost In The Shell
Ninja Scroll
Macross Plus The

December 11-20 Anime News

  • 20th Dec 1999
  • News

12-20-99—- Otakon Announces First Guests Of Honor

The Otakon 2000 Anime Convention has announced it’s first guests of honor as Mr. Yoshitoshi Abe (Character designer: Serial Experiments Lain) and Production 2nd’s Yasuyuki Ueda (Creator of Serial Experiments Lain). Otakon is scheduled for the dates of August 4-5-6, at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, MD.

12-19-99—- Top Anime LD Sales (Japan) (As Of 12-20)

1. Shugogetten! Vol. 6
2. Galaxy Express 999 Memorial Vol. 2
3. You’re Under Arrest: The Movie
4. Detective Conan Vol. 7
5. Card Captor Sakura Vol. 12
6. Kikou Senki Doroguner Memorial Box 1

12-19-99—- Top Anime DVD Sales (Japan) (As Of 12-20)

1. Nadesico The Movie: The Prince Of Darkness
2. Kareshi Kanojo No Jijo Op.1
3. You’re Under Arrest: The Movie DTS
4. D4 Princess Vol. 4

12-19-99—- Top Manga Sales (Japan) (As Of 12-20)

1. One Piece 11
2. Card Captor Sakura 10
3. Futari H 9
4. Hikaru No Go 4
5. Ah My Goddess 20
6. Kochira Katsushikaku Kamearikouenmae Hashutsusho 117
7. Pocket Monster Special 6
8. Shaman King 6
9. GTO 13
10. Case Files Of Young Kindachi 5
11. Heat 3
12. Lost Universe 3
13. Sensei 9
14. Angelique 6
15. ARMS 10
16. Flames Of Recca 21
17. Tokyo University Story 28
18. Super Natural Powers Wild Com
19. Kanata Kara 10
20. Akagi 10

12-19-99—- Top Video Game Sales (Japan) (As Of 12-20)

1. Gran Turismo 2 – PSX
2. Yugi-Oh Shin Monsters Duel Monsters – PSX
3. Pokemon Gold – GB
4. Pokemon Silver – GB
5. Donkey Kong 64 – N64
6. Virtual On Tangram – DC
7. Legend Of Dragoon – PSX
8. Let’s Go By Professional Train Shiyou -PSX
9. Soumatou – PSX
10. Custom Robo – N64
11. Pachislot Aruze Oukoku 2 – PSX
12. Virtua Striker 2 Ver. 2000.1- DC
13. Chrono Cross – PSX
14. Vib Ribbon – PSX
15. Tokimeki Memorial 2 – PSX
16. Yugi-Oh Shin Monsters Duel Monsters (Limited Edition) – PSX
17. Doko Demo Issyo Pocket Station Mo Issyo – PSX
18. DX Jinsei Game 3 – PSX
19. Simple 1500 Series Vol. 22 The Pro-Wrestling – PSX
20. Golf Shiyouyo – DC

12-19-99—- Top J-Pop Album Sales (Japan) (As Of 12-20)

1. “Magnum Collection 1999 Dear” – Masaharu Fukuyama
2. “Max 6 Best Hit’s In The World ’99” – Various Artists
3. “Loveppears” – Ayumi Hamasaki
4. “Sukinahito Kirorono Sora” – Kiroro
5. “Limit Control” – ^ Ucifer
6. “Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix” – Various Artists
7. “On The Street Corner 3” – Taturou Yamashita
8. “Sheep” – Masayoshi Yamazaki
9. “Crystal Planet” – Double
10. “Now10” – Various Artists
11. “Trophy” – Ulfuls
12. “Muzai Moratorium” – Ringo Shena
13. “Super EuroBeat Presents Intial D Second Stage Selection1” – Various Artists
14. “Nihilism Mitsuhiro Oikawa Greatest Hits 90’s” – Mitsuhiro Oikawa
15. “Frozen Roses” – Yumi Matutouya
16. “Heavy Gauge” – Glay
17. “Fact Of Life” – Chikuzen Sato
18. “T-Bolan Final Best: Greatest Songs&More” – T-Bolan

12-19-99—- Review: Vampire Hunter D Re-release

When asked to name one modern classic, many American anime fans will tell you that the original Vampire Hunter D OAV qualifes instantly. Based on a novel by Hideyuki Kikuchi, directed by Toyoo Ashida, and with character designs by Yoshitaka Amano, the original Vampire Hunter D OAV was first released in English under the Aegis of Carl Macek’s Streamline Pictures in an English dub-only format some years ago. Since the folding of that company, and after 2 1/2 years in Moritorium, Urban Vision is set to release the classic VHD dub on video in America once again, and for the first time ever it will also be available in English subtitled format.

The story of Vampire Hunter D is set in the year 12,090 A.D. on a future Earth where modern civilization’s technological state of progress has been halted for some millenia (in the first minutes of the OAV a close look at what first appear to be mountains reveal crumbled skyscrapers eroding as a mute testimony to some great people’s past achievement), a new dark age has set in where the Earth is now host to magic and humanity’s greatest fears, incarnate in the form of monsters, mutants, and aristocratic vampires who rule over them and the remaining pockets of society. The ruler of one such kingdom, Count Magnus Lee, has taken an interest in a young girl named Doris living in a local village and has marked her as his for future entertainment. In desperation, Doris hires a mysterious Vampire Hunter known as D to kill the count and renounce his claim.

Visually and audio-wise, Urban Vision’s dub release of VHD has a noticeable sharper transfer over previous releases. The original OVA is here on the heels of the New Vampire Hunter D Movie’s arrival in America and Japan, it’s already one of the most anticipated Anime movies of the coming decade.

Vampire Hunter D | English Subtitled Version | $29.95 | Release: 1/18/00 | Running Time: 80 Min.
Vampire Hunter D | English Dubbed Version | $19.95 | Release: 1/18/00 | Running Time: 80 Min.

Released By: Urban Vision

12-19-99—- Review: Wicked City Re-release

Wicked City is another classic that has just seen American re-release by Urban-Vision, it too is available in Dub and (for the first time) Sub formats. Directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri, with screenplay by Kisei Choo, Wicked City is set in the modern era where Earth shares a connection between our familiar reality and an alternate dimension known as The Black World inhabited by powerful supernatural entities.

For centuries a pact has existed between the two worlds, and has maintained an uneasy peace, negotiations are about to resume to continue relative co-existance. In The Black World there exists a faction that recognizes their inhabitant’s advantage to humans and will stop at nothing to disrupt the accords. Taki, A human, and Makie, a Black Worlder are both members of The Black Guard (defenders of balance betwen the two realms), and are paired to ensure the negotiations are carried on

December 4-11 Anime News

12-11-99—- Anime / Manga Gaming

SNK has released two video clips of their upcoming PSX 3D Samurai Spirits sequel: New Chapter of Blade (Samurai Shodown: Warrior Rage 2 in US):
Samurai Spirits Soukou A (MPEG)
Samurai Spirits Soukou B (AVI)

Capcom’s Dreamcast version of Gunbird 2 will include many new elements over the Arcade version. Morrigan (Vampire Hunter) will a playable character in the game, this game will have internet support, download of new features will be possible and players can post high scores to the internet ranking. A new Illustration Gallery Mode is also incorporated, new images will be unlocked upon reaching different high scores.

Sega of Japan’s upcoming Dreamcast title, Shen Mue Chapter 1: Yokosuka, will feature 4 different dialog and text display modes, deactivation of speech is possible, as well as changing the text display to “Kid Mode”, in which all the text will be displayed in Katakana and Hiragana instead of Kanji. Shen Mue is out in Japan Dec. 29th.

Koei announced plans for a new GameBoy Color RPG, MetaMode, scheduled for release in Japan in Feb. In the game, the hero will travel with a device called MetaMode, which enables him to transform into over 90 different forms, each with its own strengths and its own set of techniques (5 – 6 per form).

Nintendo of America will be bringing their voice recognition Pokemon title, Pikachu Genki Dechu, to North America under a new title in the coming year.

12-11-99—- Anime Toy / Figure News

Kaiyodo will be releaseing figures from the video game Virtual-On. The first 2 releases, Fie Yen and Temujin will retail for 3,800 Yen and are out in January in Japan.

12-11-99—- Urban Vision Acquires Petshop Of Horrors

Urban Vision has announced acquisition of the Petshop Of Horrors TV series, release of the first volume is scheduled for March 28th. The series will be released on two episode volumes retailing at $19.95 for the English dub $29.95 for the English subtitled version.

12-10-99—- Miyazaki In Current Rolling Stone

The latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine (RS830/831) features a small piece on Princess Mononoke Director, Hayao Miyazaki. The article can be found on page 65, Miyazaki-sensei lists his biggest Influences from the pop world as: rocker Bruce Springsteen and the film “Easy Rider”.

I’ve also been influenced by the films of John Ford, especially “My Darling Clementine.” I was also influenced by several books: Erich Fromm’s “Escape from Freedom”, Norman Mailer’s “The Naked and the Dead”, David Reisman’s “The Lonely Crowd” and Fritz Pappenheim’s “The Alienation of Modern Man.”

12-9-99—- American Gundam Wing TV Series Premiere In California

Northern California’s Rafael Film Center to Preview Gundam Wing

Gundam Wing Premiere
Saturday, December 11
6:40, 9:15 (pm)
Japanese Animation Producer to Speak

Ken Iyadomi, one of the pioneers of bringing Japanese animation to the United States, will speak before a special sneak preview of Bandai Entertainment’s new series of Gundam W (Mobile Suit Gundam Wing). Three new episodes of Gundam Wing will screen at 6:40pm and 9:15pm at the Rafael Film Center on Saturday, December 11.

Mr. Iyadomi has produced many of the most successful Japanese anime in the U.S. including Ghost in the Shell and Akira. He is executive vice president of Bandai Entertainment. Bandai Entertainment is premiering the Gundam Wing TV series here.

Also showing: Saber Marionette J Again (Dec 12, 21), Blue Submarine No. 6 (Dec 13), The Clamp School (Dec 16, 19), Cowboy Bebop (Dec 17), The Vision of Escaflowne (Dec 23), and several other anime titles.

Calendar Programs for The Rafael Film Center are available throughout the Bay Area. Admission tickets are available one hour before showtime at the Rafael box office. For showtimes and additional information call the Rafael Film Center at 415-454-1222. The Rafael Film Center is located at 1118 Fourth Street, Downtown San Rafael, California.

Visit their website for more info and directions: www.finc.org

12-9-99—- Pokemon / Princess Mononoke American Box Office Roundup

Pokemon: The First Movie, in it’s fourth week of release in North America drew in $2,343,365 over the weekend, dropping it to 6th place on the Daily Variety movie chart. To-date, Pokemon has grossed $80,771,180. Meanwhile, in it’s second week of expanded release, The Princess Mononoke (which is in it’s 6th week in limited release) pulled in $212,161 bringing it up from the #26 spot to #25. To-date Miramax’s limited Mononoke release has grossed $1,937,984.

12-9-99—- Megumi Hayashibara Booklet Addition In January Newtype

Included in the January, 2000 edition of the Japanese magazine, Newtype, is a memorial booklet on the career of perhaps the most familiar seiyuu name: Megumi Hayashibara. Inside the booklet, readers can see the life of Megu-san with her 3 favorite characters (Her kettle and toaster have one of the characters on them). One story tells how she once composed a melody for her latest album, Fuwari while in a restaurant. When the aspiration hit her, she called her own answering machine at home using her keitai to try and record the melody. Upon arriving home, she found that there was too much background noise in the recording to recognise the melody.

12-9-99—- Slayers On Sci-Fi In January?

In the past few months, indications on the Sci-Fi Channel website in corelation with other revalations were leading many to believe Slayers and possibly another anime TV series were coming to the American Sc-Fi Channel cable network In January. According to their schedule, the names and slots of the new shows, are no longer listed for January. Saturday Anime is also not for January.

12-9-99—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Sony has released a special edition of PSX in Japan, Doko De Mo Issyo Playstation, featuring the popular PocketStation characters Toro and Mono, from the breeding game Accompaniment Anywhere, which sold over 500,000 copies in Japan. Special editions of PocketStation are also available, with Accompaniment Anywhere preloaded into the handheld.

Capcom of Japan has confirmed production of Dino Crisis 2 for PSX 2, scheduled for release in Japan next fall.

Sega of Japan has opened a new high speed network game server system called Dream Net which supports up to 5000 people playing Virtual

November 28- December 3 Anime News

12-3-99—- My Neigbor’s The Yamada’s European Premiere In France

A The “Forum des Images” is an animation festival running from Dec. 15th to Dec. 22nd, featuring several Studio Ghibli films, including the European premiere of Tonari No Yamada-kun. Several other Miyazaki and Takahata films will be screened, and Takahata will be present at the screenings of all the films that he directed. Here is a digest version of the program:

15 Dec. 20h00: Mononoke Hime (French sub).
18 Dec. 15h00: Porco Rosso (French dub)
18 Dec. 17h00: Gauche, the Violoncelist (French sub)
19 Dec. 15h00: Panda kopanda (Original version with comments from the spokeman)
21 Dec. 14h30: Totoro (French sub)
22 Dec. 15h00: Grave of the Fireflies (French sub)
22 Dec. 18h30: Gauche, the Violoncelist (French sub)
22 Dec. 21h00: Tonari no Yamada-kun (French sub)
More info is available on the official website of the festival: www.forumdesimages.net

12-3-99—- Anime / Manga Gaming

NineLives is currently producing the 4th Princess Maker title which will be ported to multiple platforms.

Banpresto’s SRPG, Super Robot War Compact 2: First Ground Eidosopic Chapter for WonderSwan, is scheduled for release in Japan on March 30th, retailing for 4500 Yen.

Rumor has it that Nintendo will release a new Pokemon title for Gameboy Advance, at launch this summer.

12-3-99—- Seikai No Monsho Sequels Planned

Sunrise’s original anime sci-fi series Seikai no Monsho will return to WOWOW BS Ch. 5 in Japan this spring. A condensed broadcast movie adaption of the first series with new footage, “Seikai no Monsho Sou shu hen”, will air, and followed by “Seikai no Tansho Tanjou”, a 25 minute episode adapting a story that appeared in the Aug. ’96 issue of SF Magazine. “Seikai no Senki”, an original 13-episode sequel series will follow those.

12-3-99—- New Gaogaiger OVA Series

The upcoming Sunrise, 8-part “Yusha O Gaogaigar Final” has been announced as the last sequel to the popular brave-robot TV + OAV Series series. The first volume is entitled “Yusha O Shinsei” (The rebirth of the brave king), and will be released in Japan Jan. 21st. The opening single “Yusha O Tanjo!: Shinwa Version” (The birth of the brave king – Legend Version) goes on sale Jan. 1st.

12-3-99—- Anime Figure / Toy News

Bandai will add the amphibious ZUGOCK from the original Gundam TV Series / Movies to it’s “Mobile Suit in Action” action figure line,it will retail 1000 Yen.

Miracle House has just released new costumes for their Golgo 13 doll: a leather suit and leather jacket. Each retail for 4800 Yen.

12-3-99—- Pokemon Card Discontinued For Offensive Symbol

Nintendo of American announced Thursday that it will be discontinuing a Japanese language Pokemon card because a symbol next to the Goldbat and Ditto characters might be offensive to Jewish groups and Holocaust survivors. The symbol, which resembles a reverse Nazi swastika, is known in Japan as a “manji” and signifies good fortune. Predating the Nazis by hundreds of years, the manji also represents a Buddhist temple.

12-2-99—- Production Go For 3rd Pokemon Movie In Japan

Nintendo Of Japan has confirmed development is underway on the third Pokemon movie: “Emperor in the Crystal Tower”. The film will be released throughout Japan in theaters this summer.

12-2-99—- Anime / Manga Gaming

NEC Interchannel will be porting their Saturn love adventure game, Friends, to PSX, adding new characters and events.

Namco is working on a new PSX RPG, tentatively titled The God RPG. The game uses 2D characters and 3D background, with character designs by Haruhiko Mikimoto (Macross). Japanese release is planned for sometime in 2000.

Takara will release Transformer Beast War Metals: Gan Gan Battle for PSX on Dec. 2nd, a 3D fighting game based on the anime. The game features 8 fully transformable playable characters.

Square will be developing 9 new titles for Bandai’s WonderSwan portable system, they include games in the Final Fantasy series, Romancing Saga series, Seiken Densetsu 2 (Legend of Mana in US), and Chocobo’s Mysterious Dungeons 2. All of these titles will be compatible with WonderGate (cellular modem periphreal) and WonderWave (linking to WonderSwan PS and PS2). Four titles are scheduled to be released in April 2000.

12-2-99—- MIP Asia

MIP Asia, an international film, program, and hardware market for TV, video, cable, satellite, licensing and merchandising convention, featured many Japanese Animation series’ Following is a list of the new titles being advertised at the convention and the companies involved:

Crayon Kingdom – Toei
Magical Do Re Mi – Toei
One Piece – Toei
Young Kindaichi – Toei
Hunter X Hunter – Nippon Animation
Marcelino Pan y Vino – Nippon Animation
Tenshi ni Narumon – Bandai Visual
Clamp School Detectives – Bandai Visual
Magical Stage Fancy Lala – Bandai Visual
Maho Tsukai Tai – Bandai Visual
Juubei-chan – Bandai Visual
Cardcaptor Sakura: The Movie – Bandai Visual
Cardcaptor Sakura TV – NHK
Monster Rancher – TMS-Kyokuichi Corp.
Little Moonlight Rider – TMS-Kyokuichi Corp.
Sakon the Ventriloquist – TMS-Kyokuichi Corp.
Mask of Glass – TMS-Kyokuichi Corp.
Knight Hunters – TMS-Kyokuichi Corp.

12-2-99—- Yoshitaka Amano Cancels Visit To U.K.

Due to an unfroseen emergency in Japan, Yoshitaka Amano (Character Designer on Vampire Hunter D, several Final Fantasy games), who was scheduled to make upcoming appearances in the United Kingdom at Birmingham, Brighton, and London branches of Forbidden Planet stores has canceled his current visit.

12-1-99—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Konami will release an addition disc for Tokimeki Memorial 2 in Japan early next year, called Tokimeki Memorial 2: Separate Volume Hibikino Watcher Vol. 1 Append Disc. It will feature voice data of 3 corresponding characters that will talk in full voice through the Emotional Voice System when playing Tokimeki 2.

After the announcement of the delay of Final Fantasy IX, the stock price for Enix and Square have dropped sharply.. Square’s stock price has dropped by 7.9% and Enix has dropped by 5.9%.

Sega of Japan will be putting over 300 Sega Mega Drive and NEC PC-Engine game titles on the internet, for players to download and play on the Dreamcast using emulation software. Each game will cost between 100 – 300 Yen.

ESP / Media Work’s Dreamcast SRPG, Ouka Houshin, is out in Japan on Dec. 16th. The story

Anime News Service – November 19-27 Anime News

11-27-99—- Character Kits To Ship In December

Anime related character figure kits to be released in Japan in December:

Card Captor Sakura (1/8th Scale)
Kinomoto Sakura Movie Version #2 (B-Club Medium: Resin) 8800 Yen
Kinomoto Sakura [Painted and Completed] (Kaiyodo Medium: Other) 12,000 Yen

Chrono Cross (Kotobukiya, Completed)
Kid (Medium: Other) 9800 Yen
Yamaneko Medium: Resin 12000 Yen

Final Fantasy VIII (Kotobukiya)
Seifer Almasy & Ordin (Medium: Other, Completed) 24800 Yen
Quistis Trepe (1/6th Scale Completed, Medium: Soft Vinyl) 6800 Yen
Seifer Almasy (1/6th Scale Medium: Resin) 9800 Yen
Selphie Tilmitt (1/6th Scale Medium: Resin) 9800 Yen

To Heart (Kotobukiya Completed 1/8th Scale)
Multi (Medium: Other) 8000 Yen
Kurusugawa Serika Swimsuit (Medium: Other) 8000 Yen

Nadesico (Kurushima)
Mascot Ruri & Yukina (Medium: Resin) 7800 Yen

To North (Kurushima 1/7th Scale)
Haruno Kotori (Medium: Resin) 12000 Yen

D4 Princess (Kurushima 1/8th Scale Medium: Resin)
Ruridou Dorisu 19800 Yen
Ruridou Dorisu 19800 Yen

Betterman (Kurushima 1/8th Scale)
Sai Hinoki Divingsuit (Medium: Resin) 7800 Yen
Kurenai Kaede Divingsuit (Medium: Resin) 7800 Yen

Galaxy Express 999 (Yellow Submarine)
Queen Emeraldas Action Doll (Medium: Resin) 13800 Yen

Sailor Moon (Kaiyodo 1/4th Scale)
Sailor Venus (Completed Medium: Other) 28000 Yen

11-27-99—- Model Kits To Ship in December

Anime related model kits to be released in Japan In December:

Cyber Formula (Aoshima 1/24th Scale)
Aoi Orga Complete Model (Medium: Injection, Wgt: 440 g, some parts plated.) 2200 Yen

GaoGaiGar (Aoshima Medium: Injection)
Goldymarg [Goldion Hammer] 2000 Yen

Master Grade (Bandai 1/100 Scale Medium: Injection)
ZZ Gundam 4000 Yen Yen
RGM-79N GM Custom 3000 Yen
RGM-79Q GM Quel 3000 Yen

Gundam 0079 (B-Club)
Zaku “Side 7 Attack” (Medium: Resin) 6800 Yen

Zeta Gundam (B-Club)
Messala (1/144 Scale Medium: Resin) 19800 Yen
Psycho Gundam Mk.II (1/220 Scale Medium Scale) 26800 Yen

Sakura Wars
Koubu-kai for Sakura (Medicom, Completed and painted, Contains figure) 3980 Yen
Koubu-kai for Ri Kouran (Medicom, Completed and painted, Contains figure) 3980 Yen
Koubu-kai for Iris (Medicom, Completed and painted, Contains figure) 3980 Yen
Koubu-kai for Iris DX (Wave 1/24th Scale, Gold Plated, Medium: Injection) 2200 Yen

Macross (Yellow Submarine 1/144 Scale Medium: Resin)
VF-1X Plus w/Pilot Figure 7200 Yen
VF-22 w/Reatolis Figure (Includes display base, About 70 parts, 12cm – completed.) 8500 Yen

11-27-99—- New Card Captor Sakura Figure Kits + Movie Trading Cards

Two new Card Captor Sakura figure kits are scheduled to go on sale this month in Japan. One is of Sakura Kinomoto in new dress from the new TV season. Height is 18 centimeters, comes unpainted and unassembled. The kit retails for 7800 Yen.

The second is Sakura in her movie dress. Height is 20 centimeters, comes unpainted and unassembled. The kit retails for 8800 Yen.

A new 246 card CCS trading card set from the movie will is also expected out this month. The set contains 216 normal and 30 metallic cards. Pack of 8 cards retails for 200 Yen.

11-27-99—- Panzer Century G Breaker

Sunrise Interactive is working on a new PSX 2 real time simulation RPG titled, Panzer Century G Breaker. The game will feature several original Mobile Suit Designs called GT. The story of the game takes place 20 years before the story in Sunrise Heroes for Dreamcast. Release is expected in Japan this summer. Panzer Century G Breaker will also be adapted into it’s own Anime TV series to air in Japan in the coming year. Mecha designers on the project include Shoji Kawamori (Macross), Junya Ishigaki (Xenogears), and Kunio Okawara (Gundam).

11-26-99—- GundamOfficial Updated

GundamOfficial.com, the official American Gundam website has been updated with detailed Gundam descriptions and paint tips for constructing models.

11-26-99—- Anime Figure / Modeling News

A limited clear set of Fist Of The Northstar figures have just seen release in Japan. Called “Clear Crystal Box” it retails for 10,000 Yen, and contains clear-colored versions of: Kenshiro, Toki, Rei, Sousa and Shiou.

Two resin Macross 7 Valkyrie garage kits have just been released in Japan. One is a 1/100 scale VA-3 Invader from the Macross Dynamite 7 OAV series, the resulting figure is full-action and perfect variable. Designed by Hajime Takashima, it retails for 21,000 Yen (assembly requires seperately sold polycap joints). The second is a 1/100 scale YF-19 Fire Valkyrie (A special red version of the kit was released at the Feb. 7 Wonder Festival, held in Japan, retailing for 21,000 Yen), this normal version of this kit features a “Openable Shoulder Speaker System.” This kit is also designed by Hajime Takashima, is fully transformable and requires separately-sold polycap joints. This kit retails for 25,200 Yen.

A new Kaiyodo Devilman Lady action figure, sculpted by Urabe Katsumi has just been released in Japan. Retail is 2,800 Yen.

11-26-99—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Bandai is developing a new Mobile Suit Gundam action game for PSX 2 in Japan. Japanese release is scheduled for April.

Square is starting a reservation promotion for Parasite Eve II, scheduled for release in Japan on Dec. 16, those preordering the game at convenience stores will receive a keychain of Aya, and those preordering at game shops will receive a year 2000 Parasite Eve Postcard Calendar.

11-25-99—- American Version Of Dragonball Z Needing Original Music

The following post was made on Taxi, a web site that matches professional musicians with others needing music, check out their site for more information:

* NEW LISTING–Music supervisor for the movie version of the Cartoon Network series “Dragonball Z” looking for master quality “high energy, pulsing” Rock Songs a la Rage Against The Machine, White Zombie, Kid Rock, etc. etc. Lyrics or Instrumental, ok. Songs written with a specific character in mind are welcome. Watch the show or check out a website about it for background information. This is also an opportunity to have music used in the TV show. Please submit one or two songs per cassette/CD, include lyric sheets. All submissions will be screened by TAXI on a YES/NO BASIS ONLY–NO CRITIQUES FROM TAXI. PLEASE ENCLOSE A S.A.S.E IF YOU WOULD LIKE A RESPONSE. As always, we will notify those forwarded. Submissions must be received no later than January 4, 1999.

TAXI # Y000104RK

11-25-99—- Secret 7 Year Sony Research Program Concludes ESP A Reality

To those familiar with Anime and Manga, the concepts of Phsycic Ability,

November 9-18 Anime News

11-18-99—- Princess Mononoke’s Distribution To Expand To 120 Theaters By 11-24

Miramax is expanding The Princess Mononoke’s limited American theatrical distribution to 120 theaters by Nov. 24th, here are a list of upcoming cities, dates, and theaters.

Oct 29 Angelika
Oct 29 Lincoln Square
Nov 19 Cinema 2
Nov 24 Cinema Arts- Huntington
Nov 24 Malverne
Nov 24 Clairidge-Montclair
Nov 24 Showcase- Fairfield

Oct 29 Sunset
Oct 29 Monica – Santa Monica
Oct 29 So Coast Village – Santa Ana
Nov 19 Colorado- Pasadena
Nov 24 UA Westwood
Nov 24 AMC Orange
Nov 24 Edwards Ontario
Nov 24 Edwards Long Beach
Nov 24 Pacific Winnetka

Oct 29 McClurg Court
Nov 24 Old Orchard
Nov 24 Yorktown
Nov 24 Canterra
Nov 24 South Barrington

Nov 5 Riverview
Nov 24 Bala
Nov 24 Neshaminy- Bensalem
Nov 24 AMC Hamilton

Nov 5 Embarcadero
Nov 5 Camera One – San Jose
Nov 24 Oaks- Berkeley
Nov 24 Park-Menlo Park
Nov 24 Sequoia-Marin
Nov 24 AMC Saratoga
Nov 24 Lighthouse Monterey
Nov 24 Rio-Santa Cruz

Oct 29 Coolidge Corner
Nov 24 Kendall Square- Cambridge
Nov 24 Framingham

Nov 5 Inner Circle
Nov 24 Potomac Yards

Nov 5 Inwood
Nov 24 Cinemark-l Pano

Nov 5 Maple – Bloomfield Hill
Nov 24 Michigan Theater- Ann Arbor

Nov 5 Greenway
Nov 24 Angelika Center

Nov 5 Garden Hills

Nov 19 Centrum

Nov 5 Carmike – Apple Valley
Nov 5 Mall of America – Bloomington
Nov 5 Showplace – Coon Rapids
Nov 5 Eagan
Nov 5 Centential Lake – – Edina
Nov 5 Showplace – Inver Grove
Nov 5 Lakeville
Nov 5 Lagoon
Nov 5 Wynnsong – Mounds View
Nov 5 Pavilion – Roseville
Nov 5 White Bear – White Bear Lake
Nov 5 Elk River
Nov 5 Crossroads – Waite Park(St. Cloud)
Nov 5 Willowcreek- Plymouth

Nov 5 Pacific Plaza
Nov 5 Varsity 3

Nov 24 Paradise Park- Hollywood
Nov 24 Mayfair- Coconut Grove
Nov 24 Aventura

Nov 24 Hollywood- Sarasota
Nov 24 Regency

Nov 5 Plaza- Frontenac

Nov 24 Manor

Nov 5 Century Dome 14
Nov 24 Olympus Point- Roseville

Nov 5 Camel View

Nov 24 Towson

Nov 5 Esquire
Nov 24 AMC Westminster
Nov 24 Flatirons-Boulder

Nov 5 Hillcrest
Nov 24 AMC La Jolla

Nov 24 Broadway

Nov 24 Cinema City
Nov 24 York Square

Nov 19 Enzian- Maitland

Nov 24 Castleton

Nov 24 Broadway

Nov 24 Downer

Nov 24 Esquire Art

Nov 24 Palace 14

Nov 24 Manor

Nov 24 Rialto-Raleigh

Nov 24 Green Hills

Nov 24 Broadway Center

Nov 24 Drexel

Nov 24 Fine Arts- Asheville

Nov 24 Columbus Center- Virginia Beach

Nov 24 Crossroads

Nov 24 Amherst #3

Nov 24 Canal Place

Nov 24 Wolfchase

Nov 24 Cable Car Cinema

Nov 24 Tinseltown

Nov 24 Baxter Avenue

Nov 24 Century Rio
Nov 24 Grand Illusion- Santa Fe

Nov 19 Centerville

Nov 24 Spectrum

Nov 24 Carefree

Nov 24 Orange Park

Nov 24 Willow Lawn

Nov 24 Downtown West

Nov 24 Westcott Cinema

Nov 24 Arbor

Nov 24 Little 5

Nov 24 Varsity Theater

Nov 24 AMC Oakview

Nov 24 El Con, Foothills

Nov 24 Campus-Iowa City

Nov 24 Orleans

Nov 24 Tinseltown

Nov 24 Orpheum

Nov 12 Dole Cannery- Honolulu
Nov 12 Kahala Mall- Honolulu

Nov 24 Continental

Nov 24 Century 16


11-17-99—- Turn A Gundam Diecast

Bandai is set to release a new diecast Turn A Gundam toy in Japan in a few weeks, it is to retail for 7,800 yen. Quality of the toy has been rated as exceptional and it is rumored to contain titanium parts.

11-17-99—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Capcom’s Dreamcast version of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Legacy for the Future, scheduled for release in Japan on Nov. 25, will contain two games in 1 package, the original Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and the semi sequel: Legacy for the Future Edition. Both games will be identical to the CPSIII arcade.

11-16-99—- Anime Inspired Holiday E-Cards

RIAP has released three of four animated e-cards for the holidays. These e-cards are created in an anime-inspired style and will appeal to fans of kawaii SD girls. They are free for download. Click here to download the holiday e-cards.

11-16-99—- StudioNext.com Announces Fall Programming Schedule

StudioNEXT.com Corporation, a web site delivering programming exclusively through the Internet, announced earlier this week the launch of its fall season program lineup which includes new offerings of Japanese Animation on it’s Voyeager Anime channel.

In partnership with Voyager Entertainment, Inc., StudioNEXT.com’s Voyager Anime is currently running the 80’s Sci-Fi series, Star Blazers. StudioNEXT.com plans to feature the entire Star Blazers series as well as other series in the coming months.

11-16-99—- Special Astro Boy New Year’s Postal Cards

The Japanese Ministry Of Posts and Telecommunicaions is issuing a special New Year’s Postal Card this year featuring an illustration of Osamu Tezuka’s Tetsuwan Atom (Astro Boy). On Nov. 1, the date this and other cards began selling, over 500 people were lined up in front of the entrance to the Tokyo Central Post Office before it opened at 9 a.m. The Tetsuwan Atom cards cost 50 yen.

Source: Anime Scene

11-16-99—- Pokemon: The First Movie Final Figures

The final boxoffice numbers are in for Pokemon: The First Movie for it’s opening weekend in North American theaters. Ticket sales for Friday through Sunday show the film has grossed $31,036,678 on 3,043 screens, averaging about $10,642 a theater. Total American gross to-date for Pokemon: The First Movie is $50,754,104. The film was acquired by Warner Brothers for $5 million and the studio reportedly spent $10 million in production to turn out the American version.

11-16-99—- Princess Mononoke Final 3rd Weekend Figures

The final boxoffice figures are also in for The Princess Mononoke during it’s 3rd weekend in limited release in North American theaters. This week the the film was added to 9 screens. Ticket sales for Friday through Sunday show the