Life TV Drama Generates High Controversy

The Fuji TV live-action drama adaptation of Keiko Suenobu’s manga Life has recently been the subject of a viewer row due to its extreme depictions of high school bullying. At the center of the storm are both the sympathetic voices of high school students themselves and the harsh criticisms and protests of older parents regarding the content. Some of the scenes of contention involve a girl student being thrown out a window and another getting spray paint sprayed in her hair. The show which started broadcast in June has drawn around 2,000 criticism inquiries and 13,000 posts to the official BBS as of late August. 55 criticisms and complaints were publicly announced by the “Committee Concerning Broadcasting and Youth” and “Broadcasting Ethics and Program Improvement” on September 3rd. In the USA, the English-language version of the manga, published by Tokyo Pop has seen some changes due to the content of its own, originally having been rated OT (Older Teen; 16+), Volume 6 saw an abrupt and unexplained change of rating to M (Mature; 18+).

Zou No Senaka Manga Adaptation To Be Serialized By 14 Publishers

Author and Producer Yasushi Akimoto has revealed plans that his novel (and soon film to be released October 27th) “Zou no Senaka” (The Back of an Elephant) will get an unprecedented cross-media promotion when it is soon adapted by 14 publishers. Plans are in the works to adapt the story to a picture book, radio, TV, drama, and animation as well. Koji Yakusho (Babel) will star in the movie to be directed by Satoshi Isaka. For the manga adaptations, Akimoto’s words will provide the story and script basis and leave the illustrations to the various publishers. Magazines “Chorus” (Shueisha), “BE-LOVE” (Kodansha) and “Young King” (Shonen Gahosha) have all been confirmed to run the comic. The plot centers on the love story of a 48-year-old white-collar worker diagnosed with lung cancer in the advanced stages who is given 6 months to live. The highly acclaimed text was originally serialized by Sankei Shimbun and published as a book in 2006. Akimoto lost his own father in 2004 and drew from that experience in this fiction.

24 No Hitomi To Be Adapted To Drama

According to Weekly Shonen Champion No. 41 Kei Kurajima’s gag manga 24 No Hitomi will be adapted to an 80 episode live action TBS drama starring Arina Akiyama. The storyline deals with a deceitful beautiful female woman teacher. Volume 4 of the manga goes on sale on October 5th.

Hunter X Hunter In Percentages

Some Japanese fans have taken a look at the percentage of new Hunter X Hunter serials that have been published annually based in against their regular serialization schedule they were supposed to be released on. They figure author Yoshihiro Togashi met 92% of that schedule from the year of the manga’s debut in 1998. It decreased gradually year after year following that winding down to about 8.3% in 2006. It’s planned to restart for the first time in a year and a half on October 6th, in WJC 45.

Polysics On Moyashimon TV Ending

J-Pop electronic unit Polysics will provide the ending theme “Rocket” for the Moyashimon TV anime scheduled to start broadcast in October. The single streets in Japan on November 21st. The group has a North American tour planned for October – November 2007.

Otaking Goes On Dieting Binge

ZakZak has a current pic of Studio Gainax’s Otaking Toshio Okada. Their article discusses how the 49 years company’s co-founder, shed his former 117 kilos persona to arrive at his current 67 kilos one. At one point he said he had to buy his pants in a wrestler specialty store but dipped in recent times to around 50 kilos. He used to post images of all the food he ate to his blog but got a lot of comments saying he was eating way too much. He estimates he took in as many as 4000-4500 calories a day at the high point. Okada is believed to be the inspiration for the pudgy otaku lead character Tanaka in Gainax’s 1990 OVA Otaku No Video. He says he realized that by overeating he was gambling with his body and by decreasing his weight he would win. Therefore Okada made a conscious investment in what he ate and drank from a certain point and set a goal of consuming only 1500 calories a day. One of his techniques included cutting a Mega Mac into 4 segments, eating only 1 and throwing away 3 of them.

Original Macross TV Series And Movie Set For DVD Release In Japan

The American ADV and Animeigo remastered and cleaned up versions of the original Super Dimensional Macross TV series generated a lot of buzz in past years. Now comes Japan’s version with Bandai Visual’s pending 25th anniversary HD remastered DVD release of both the original series and Do You Remember Love. The 960 minute TV BOX will retail for 39,900 Yen and market on February 22. The film will sell for 10290 Yen in 280 minutes set and is pegged for a December 21st regions Japanese release.