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November 27, 1999 / by Anime News Services / Archived News / No Comments

Anime News Service – November 19-27 Anime News

11-27-99—- Character Kits To Ship In December Anime related character figure kits to be released in Japan in December: Card Captor Sakura (1/8th Scale) Kinomoto Sakura Movie Version #2 (B-Club Medium: Resin) 8800 Yen Kinomoto Sakura [Painted and Completed] (Kaiyodo Medium: Other) 12,000 Yen Chrono Cross (Kotobukiya, Completed) Kid (Medium: Other) 9800 Yen Yamaneko Medium: […]

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November 18, 1999 / by Anime News Services / Archived News / No Comments

November 9-18 Anime News

11-18-99—- Princess Mononoke’s Distribution To Expand To 120 Theaters By 11-24 Miramax is expanding The Princess Mononoke’s limited American theatrical distribution to 120 theaters by Nov. 24th, here are a list of upcoming cities, dates, and theaters. NEW YORK Oct 29 Angelika Oct 29 Lincoln Square Nov 19 Cinema 2 Nov 24 Cinema Arts- Huntington […]

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October 2, 1999 / by Anime News Services / Archived News / No Comments

September 29-October 2 Anime News

10-2-99—- Vampire Hunter D Update An English-dubbed version of the new Vampire Hunter D movie will most likely be released to theaters in America before Japan. The English-language dialogue has been recorded, in the recent Talk Live Discussion, held on the 24 with Vampire Hunter D creator Hideyuki Kikuchi this was revealed. Mr. Kikuchi has […]

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August 13, 1999 / by Anime News Services / Archived News / No Comments

July 25-August 13 Anime News

8-13-99—- Galaxy Express 999 At Shinagawa Station Since August 1 a replica steam engine based on the Galaxy Express 999 (Ginga Tetsudou 999) is being exhibited at Shinagawa station in Tokyo Prefecture. The Galaxy Express 999 appeared in the popular anime of the same name created by Reiji Matsumoto, and had the outside appearence of […]

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July 11, 2004 / by Anime News Services / Archived News / No Comments

ANS Exclusive Interview: Legendary Mechanical Designer Syd Mead

By Jonah Morgan Forget about anime for the next few paragraph’s…… Syd Mead’s ( visual creations have been translated to represent some of the most recognizeable characters, machines, settings, landscapes and props in modern western cinema. In 1978 he designed the V’ger entity for Star Trek: The Motion Picture, in 1980 the world Tron and […]

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