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Anime News Service – November 19-27 Anime News

11-27-99—- Character Kits To Ship In December

Anime related character figure kits to be released in Japan in December:

Card Captor Sakura (1/8th Scale)
Kinomoto Sakura Movie Version #2 (B-Club Medium: Resin) 8800 Yen
Kinomoto Sakura [Painted and Completed] (Kaiyodo Medium: Other) 12,000 Yen

Chrono Cross (Kotobukiya, Completed)
Kid (Medium: Other) 9800 Yen
Yamaneko Medium: Resin 12000 Yen

Final Fantasy VIII (Kotobukiya)
Seifer Almasy & Ordin (Medium: Other, Completed) 24800 Yen
Quistis Trepe (1/6th Scale Completed, Medium: Soft Vinyl) 6800 Yen
Seifer Almasy (1/6th Scale Medium: Resin) 9800 Yen
Selphie Tilmitt (1/6th Scale Medium: Resin) 9800 Yen

To Heart (Kotobukiya Completed 1/8th Scale)
Multi (Medium: Other) 8000 Yen
Kurusugawa Serika Swimsuit (Medium: Other) 8000 Yen

Nadesico (Kurushima)
Mascot Ruri & Yukina (Medium: Resin) 7800 Yen

To North (Kurushima 1/7th Scale)
Haruno Kotori (Medium: Resin) 12000 Yen

D4 Princess (Kurushima 1/8th Scale Medium: Resin)
Ruridou Dorisu 19800 Yen
Ruridou Dorisu 19800 Yen

Betterman (Kurushima 1/8th Scale)
Sai Hinoki Divingsuit (Medium: Resin) 7800 Yen
Kurenai Kaede Divingsuit (Medium: Resin) 7800 Yen

Galaxy Express 999 (Yellow Submarine)
Queen Emeraldas Action Doll (Medium: Resin) 13800 Yen

Sailor Moon (Kaiyodo 1/4th Scale)
Sailor Venus (Completed Medium: Other) 28000 Yen

11-27-99—- Model Kits To Ship in December

Anime related model kits to be released in Japan In December:

Cyber Formula (Aoshima 1/24th Scale)
Aoi Orga Complete Model (Medium: Injection, Wgt: 440 g, some parts plated.) 2200 Yen

GaoGaiGar (Aoshima Medium: Injection)
Goldymarg [Goldion Hammer] 2000 Yen

Master Grade (Bandai 1/100 Scale Medium: Injection)
ZZ Gundam 4000 Yen Yen
RGM-79N GM Custom 3000 Yen
RGM-79Q GM Quel 3000 Yen

Gundam 0079 (B-Club)
Zaku “Side 7 Attack” (Medium: Resin) 6800 Yen

Zeta Gundam (B-Club)
Messala (1/144 Scale Medium: Resin) 19800 Yen
Psycho Gundam Mk.II (1/220 Scale Medium Scale) 26800 Yen

Sakura Wars
Koubu-kai for Sakura (Medicom, Completed and painted, Contains figure) 3980 Yen
Koubu-kai for Ri Kouran (Medicom, Completed and painted, Contains figure) 3980 Yen
Koubu-kai for Iris (Medicom, Completed and painted, Contains figure) 3980 Yen
Koubu-kai for Iris DX (Wave 1/24th Scale, Gold Plated, Medium: Injection) 2200 Yen

Macross (Yellow Submarine 1/144 Scale Medium: Resin)
VF-1X Plus w/Pilot Figure 7200 Yen
VF-22 w/Reatolis Figure (Includes display base, About 70 parts, 12cm – completed.) 8500 Yen

11-27-99—- New Card Captor Sakura Figure Kits + Movie Trading Cards

Two new Card Captor Sakura figure kits are scheduled to go on sale this month in Japan. One is of Sakura Kinomoto in new dress from the new TV season. Height is 18 centimeters, comes unpainted and unassembled. The kit retails for 7800 Yen.

The second is Sakura in her movie dress. Height is 20 centimeters, comes unpainted and unassembled. The kit retails for 8800 Yen.

A new 246 card CCS trading card set from the movie will is also expected out this month. The set contains 216 normal and 30 metallic cards. Pack of 8 cards retails for 200 Yen.

11-27-99—- Panzer Century G Breaker

Sunrise Interactive is working on a new PSX 2 real time simulation RPG titled, Panzer Century G Breaker. The game will feature several original Mobile Suit Designs called GT. The story of the game takes place 20 years before the story in Sunrise Heroes for Dreamcast. Release is expected in Japan this summer. Panzer Century G Breaker will also be adapted into it’s own Anime TV series to air in Japan in the coming year. Mecha designers on the project include Shoji Kawamori (Macross), Junya Ishigaki (Xenogears), and Kunio Okawara (Gundam).

11-26-99—- GundamOfficial Updated, the official American Gundam website has been updated with detailed Gundam descriptions and paint tips for constructing models.

11-26-99—- Anime Figure / Modeling News

A limited clear set of Fist Of The Northstar figures have just seen release in Japan. Called “Clear Crystal Box” it retails for 10,000 Yen, and contains clear-colored versions of: Kenshiro, Toki, Rei, Sousa and Shiou.

Two resin Macross 7 Valkyrie garage kits have just been released in Japan. One is a 1/100 scale VA-3 Invader from the Macross Dynamite 7 OAV series, the resulting figure is full-action and perfect variable. Designed by Hajime Takashima, it retails for 21,000 Yen (assembly requires seperately sold polycap joints). The second is a 1/100 scale YF-19 Fire Valkyrie (A special red version of the kit was released at the Feb. 7 Wonder Festival, held in Japan, retailing for 21,000 Yen), this normal version of this kit features a “Openable Shoulder Speaker System.” This kit is also designed by Hajime Takashima, is fully transformable and requires separately-sold polycap joints. This kit retails for 25,200 Yen.

A new Kaiyodo Devilman Lady action figure, sculpted by Urabe Katsumi has just been released in Japan. Retail is 2,800 Yen.

11-26-99—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Bandai is developing a new Mobile Suit Gundam action game for PSX 2 in Japan. Japanese release is scheduled for April.

Square is starting a reservation promotion for Parasite Eve II, scheduled for release in Japan on Dec. 16, those preordering the game at convenience stores will receive a keychain of Aya, and those preordering at game shops will receive a year 2000 Parasite Eve Postcard Calendar.

11-25-99—- American Version Of Dragonball Z Needing Original Music

The following post was made on Taxi, a web site that matches professional musicians with others needing music, check out their site for more information:

* NEW LISTING–Music supervisor for the movie version of the Cartoon Network series “Dragonball Z” looking for master quality “high energy, pulsing” Rock Songs a la Rage Against The Machine, White Zombie, Kid Rock, etc. etc. Lyrics or Instrumental, ok. Songs written with a specific character in mind are welcome. Watch the show or check out a website about it for background information. This is also an opportunity to have music used in the TV show. Please submit one or two songs per cassette/CD, include lyric sheets. All submissions will be screened by TAXI on a YES/NO BASIS ONLY–NO CRITIQUES FROM TAXI. PLEASE ENCLOSE A S.A.S.E IF YOU WOULD LIKE A RESPONSE. As always, we will notify those forwarded. Submissions must be received no later than January 4, 1999.

TAXI # Y000104RK

11-25-99—- Secret 7 Year Sony Research Program Concludes ESP A Reality

To those familiar with Anime and Manga, the concepts of Phsycic Ability,

November 9-18 Anime News

11-18-99—- Princess Mononoke’s Distribution To Expand To 120 Theaters By 11-24

Miramax is expanding The Princess Mononoke’s limited American theatrical distribution to 120 theaters by Nov. 24th, here are a list of upcoming cities, dates, and theaters.

Oct 29 Angelika
Oct 29 Lincoln Square
Nov 19 Cinema 2
Nov 24 Cinema Arts- Huntington
Nov 24 Malverne
Nov 24 Clairidge-Montclair
Nov 24 Showcase- Fairfield

Oct 29 Sunset
Oct 29 Monica – Santa Monica
Oct 29 So Coast Village – Santa Ana
Nov 19 Colorado- Pasadena
Nov 24 UA Westwood
Nov 24 AMC Orange
Nov 24 Edwards Ontario
Nov 24 Edwards Long Beach
Nov 24 Pacific Winnetka

Oct 29 McClurg Court
Nov 24 Old Orchard
Nov 24 Yorktown
Nov 24 Canterra
Nov 24 South Barrington

Nov 5 Riverview
Nov 24 Bala
Nov 24 Neshaminy- Bensalem
Nov 24 AMC Hamilton

Nov 5 Embarcadero
Nov 5 Camera One – San Jose
Nov 24 Oaks- Berkeley
Nov 24 Park-Menlo Park
Nov 24 Sequoia-Marin
Nov 24 AMC Saratoga
Nov 24 Lighthouse Monterey
Nov 24 Rio-Santa Cruz

Oct 29 Coolidge Corner
Nov 24 Kendall Square- Cambridge
Nov 24 Framingham

Nov 5 Inner Circle
Nov 24 Potomac Yards

Nov 5 Inwood
Nov 24 Cinemark-l Pano

Nov 5 Maple – Bloomfield Hill
Nov 24 Michigan Theater- Ann Arbor

Nov 5 Greenway
Nov 24 Angelika Center

Nov 5 Garden Hills

Nov 19 Centrum

Nov 5 Carmike – Apple Valley
Nov 5 Mall of America – Bloomington
Nov 5 Showplace – Coon Rapids
Nov 5 Eagan
Nov 5 Centential Lake – – Edina
Nov 5 Showplace – Inver Grove
Nov 5 Lakeville
Nov 5 Lagoon
Nov 5 Wynnsong – Mounds View
Nov 5 Pavilion – Roseville
Nov 5 White Bear – White Bear Lake
Nov 5 Elk River
Nov 5 Crossroads – Waite Park(St. Cloud)
Nov 5 Willowcreek- Plymouth

Nov 5 Pacific Plaza
Nov 5 Varsity 3

Nov 24 Paradise Park- Hollywood
Nov 24 Mayfair- Coconut Grove
Nov 24 Aventura

Nov 24 Hollywood- Sarasota
Nov 24 Regency

Nov 5 Plaza- Frontenac

Nov 24 Manor

Nov 5 Century Dome 14
Nov 24 Olympus Point- Roseville

Nov 5 Camel View

Nov 24 Towson

Nov 5 Esquire
Nov 24 AMC Westminster
Nov 24 Flatirons-Boulder

Nov 5 Hillcrest
Nov 24 AMC La Jolla

Nov 24 Broadway

Nov 24 Cinema City
Nov 24 York Square

Nov 19 Enzian- Maitland

Nov 24 Castleton

Nov 24 Broadway

Nov 24 Downer

Nov 24 Esquire Art

Nov 24 Palace 14

Nov 24 Manor

Nov 24 Rialto-Raleigh

Nov 24 Green Hills

Nov 24 Broadway Center

Nov 24 Drexel

Nov 24 Fine Arts- Asheville

Nov 24 Columbus Center- Virginia Beach

Nov 24 Crossroads

Nov 24 Amherst #3

Nov 24 Canal Place

Nov 24 Wolfchase

Nov 24 Cable Car Cinema

Nov 24 Tinseltown

Nov 24 Baxter Avenue

Nov 24 Century Rio
Nov 24 Grand Illusion- Santa Fe

Nov 19 Centerville

Nov 24 Spectrum

Nov 24 Carefree

Nov 24 Orange Park

Nov 24 Willow Lawn

Nov 24 Downtown West

Nov 24 Westcott Cinema

Nov 24 Arbor

Nov 24 Little 5

Nov 24 Varsity Theater

Nov 24 AMC Oakview

Nov 24 El Con, Foothills

Nov 24 Campus-Iowa City

Nov 24 Orleans

Nov 24 Tinseltown

Nov 24 Orpheum

Nov 12 Dole Cannery- Honolulu
Nov 12 Kahala Mall- Honolulu

Nov 24 Continental

Nov 24 Century 16


11-17-99—- Turn A Gundam Diecast

Bandai is set to release a new diecast Turn A Gundam toy in Japan in a few weeks, it is to retail for 7,800 yen. Quality of the toy has been rated as exceptional and it is rumored to contain titanium parts.

11-17-99—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Capcom’s Dreamcast version of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Legacy for the Future, scheduled for release in Japan on Nov. 25, will contain two games in 1 package, the original Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and the semi sequel: Legacy for the Future Edition. Both games will be identical to the CPSIII arcade.

11-16-99—- Anime Inspired Holiday E-Cards

RIAP has released three of four animated e-cards for the holidays. These e-cards are created in an anime-inspired style and will appeal to fans of kawaii SD girls. They are free for download. Click here to download the holiday e-cards.

11-16-99—- Announces Fall Programming Schedule Corporation, a web site delivering programming exclusively through the Internet, announced earlier this week the launch of its fall season program lineup which includes new offerings of Japanese Animation on it’s Voyeager Anime channel.

In partnership with Voyager Entertainment, Inc.,’s Voyager Anime is currently running the 80’s Sci-Fi series, Star Blazers. plans to feature the entire Star Blazers series as well as other series in the coming months.

11-16-99—- Special Astro Boy New Year’s Postal Cards

The Japanese Ministry Of Posts and Telecommunicaions is issuing a special New Year’s Postal Card this year featuring an illustration of Osamu Tezuka’s Tetsuwan Atom (Astro Boy). On Nov. 1, the date this and other cards began selling, over 500 people were lined up in front of the entrance to the Tokyo Central Post Office before it opened at 9 a.m. The Tetsuwan Atom cards cost 50 yen.

Source: Anime Scene

11-16-99—- Pokemon: The First Movie Final Figures

The final boxoffice numbers are in for Pokemon: The First Movie for it’s opening weekend in North American theaters. Ticket sales for Friday through Sunday show the film has grossed $31,036,678 on 3,043 screens, averaging about $10,642 a theater. Total American gross to-date for Pokemon: The First Movie is $50,754,104. The film was acquired by Warner Brothers for $5 million and the studio reportedly spent $10 million in production to turn out the American version.

11-16-99—- Princess Mononoke Final 3rd Weekend Figures

The final boxoffice figures are also in for The Princess Mononoke during it’s 3rd weekend in limited release in North American theaters. This week the the film was added to 9 screens. Ticket sales for Friday through Sunday show the

September 29-October 2 Anime News

10-2-99—- Vampire Hunter D Update

An English-dubbed version of the new Vampire Hunter D movie will most likely be released to theaters in America before Japan. The English-language dialogue has been recorded, in the recent Talk Live Discussion, held on the 24 with Vampire Hunter D creator Hideyuki Kikuchi this was revealed. Mr. Kikuchi has been sent a videotape of the complete English dubbed version of the movie with no sound effects or music. It was also revealed that a new PSX Vampire Hunter D game is on the way. It will be a 3D action game with an expected release in Dec.

10-2-99—- Seraphim Call

With the new Sunrise TV series Seraphim Call set to premeire on TV Tokyo the 6th, King Records has announced special character soundtrack albums (each featuring a individual episode ending theme song performed by the character/ seiyuu) will be released 1 month apiece, at 2,000 Yen each. The first album, out the 22nd, features Kasahara Hiroko/”Kurimoto Yukina”. The album includes the first ending theme “Yume Mitemo Iijanai”, along with the episode background image tracks. Preorders are to include a Seraphim Call Calendar for 2000.

10-2-99—- Review: Saber Marionette R

Based on the popular manga and novels by Satoru Akihito, the 3 part Saber Marionette R OAV was originally released in Japan in 1995, a full year before the Saber Marionette J TV series. The story takes place on Lalatsu, a planet that has been inhabited by a male-only population ever since their spaceship drifted onto the planet 200 years previous. The inhabitants develop female androids via cloning technology. Lime, Cherry and Bloodberry are all androids with one exception, they each contain a Maiden Circuit giving them emotions and a heart like real girls. The story begins in the city-state of Romarna.

If you’ve already seen J you should immediatly notice a change in overall tone. R has a gritty feel to it, although it elegantly combines that with a very uplifting cheery, fantasy, blue skies, and lost days of youth sort of feeling, the balance and is incredible. Character designs are provided by Izuna Yoshitsune and Yuichiro Tanuma. A trio of excellent voice actresses make up the the main cast. Lime: Megumi Hayashibara, Cherry: Yuri Shiratori, Bloodberry: Akiko Hiramatsu.

Act 1: Face, the clone of Romana’s ruler Virey, stages a revolt to overtake the throne. Virey’s other son, Junior, attempts to save his home with the help of the Saber Marionettes. He challenges his brother and his saber creations, the Sexadolls.

Act 2: During the battle, Junior, Cherry, and a dysfunctional Lime attempt to flee the city to the lower social sratum. Taking refuge in a farm, they plan to rescue Virey. After some heavy training, they’re on their way butsoon find themselves face to face with Sexadol Brid and some giant fighting robots!

Act 3: Junior, Cherry, and Lime make one last attempt at a rescue, but they are intercepted. Is it too late!?

Saber Marionette R | English Subtitled | Contains Acts 1-3 | 96 min. | $24.98
Order Saber Marionette R directly from Anime Village by clicking here

10-2-99—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Bandai plans to release Digimon World, a card battler/RPG for PSX in Japan this Dec. The game will be in full 3D, during the quest you have to search for the Digimon cards, and during the battles, you can summon the different digital monsters to battle for you. They also plan to release DigiMon RPG for PSX in US, due to the increasing popularity of the Anime. Since the game is still under develop in Japan, don’t expect to see the US version of the game until sometime in late 2000.

Sega Zone has reported a special trick has been discovered to allow Japanese Dreamcasts to play US DC games, provided that you have a copy of the demo disc from the Nov. 99 Issue of Official Sega Dreamcast Magazine. This swap trick has been confirmed to work with NFL 2000, it should work with any single disc game. Here is the procedure:
Load up the demo disc
Return to the Dreamcast main menu
Select Play, when the blue Sega screen pops up, as soon as it fades to white, open the Dreamcast CD cover, the disc should stop spinning and the screen will remain in white.
Replace the demo disc with any US game disc, and it will now load properly on a Japanese Dreamcast system.

Sega of Japan has officially delayed the release of Shen Mue Chapter 1: Yokosuka for DC from Oct. 28 to sometime in the spring of 2000. The reason for delay are some complex programming adjustments and a debugging process. Sega also mentioned that the next 4 chapters of Shen Mue (2-5) could be released in a single package next year.

Namco has established a new game software development subsidiary called Monolith Software, the vice president and president of the new firm are Tetsuya Takahashi and Hiroshi Sugiura, former Final Fantasy director from Square. Monolith Software will be developing a series of RPGs for PSX 2 in 2001.

Nintendo will be showing a prototype of the 128 bit Dolphin in Aug. 2000. Full details of the system will be announced at the same time.

10-2-99—- Princess Mononoke Website Updated

Miramax has updated it’s Official Princess Mononoke Website with a much higher quality Quicktime version of the trailer, and a space where you can submit your webpage to become part of the official Princess Mononoke web-ring.

10-2-99—- Slayers To Air On Sci-fi Channel / Anime On MTV Soon?

Kidscreen News has revealed a bit of interesting news in a recent interview with C.B. Cebulski of Central Park media:

“Slayers has been picked up by the Sci Fi Channel, indicating a growing awareness that some anime is not as adult as once thought.”

Another line from the article makes reference to anime on MTV:

“Two of Central Park’s teen anime products have been featured on MTV’s Cartoon Sushi, including Iria (about a female bounty hunter) and Genocyber (a high-tech intergalactic fantasy). MTV has expressed

July 25-August 13 Anime News

8-13-99—- Galaxy Express 999 At Shinagawa Station

Since August 1 a replica steam engine based on the Galaxy Express 999 (Ginga Tetsudou 999) is being exhibited at Shinagawa station in Tokyo Prefecture. The Galaxy Express 999 appeared in the popular anime of the same name created by Reiji Matsumoto, and had the outside appearence of very old-fashioned steam engine locomotive, on the inside it was packed with advanced technology allowing it to ply the cosmos. The 1/1 scale real life replica, a Japanese made steam engine a C-62 model will be displayed as the 999 from August until September. Anime is being shown in the 11 coaches such as Sailor Moon and of course Galaxy Express 999.

8-13-99—- Top Manga Sales (Japan) [As of August 9th]

1. Detective Konan (24) Shogo Aoyama
2. Inu Yasha (11) Rumiko Takahashi
3. Cardcaptor Sakura (9) CLAMP
4. GS Mikami Gokuraku Daisakusen!! (37) Takashi Shina
5. Vagabond (3) Takehiko Inoue
6. Me-gumi no Daigo (19) Masato Soda
7. Tenjo Tenga (3) Oh! great
8. Tokyo Crazy Paradise (10) Yoshiki Nakamura
9. Shanimu ni Go (2) Marimo Ragawa
10.Sekai de Ichiban Daikirai (5) Mari Hidaka

8-12-99—- Breath Of Fire 4

Capcom has updated it’s site with tons of info (In Japanese) on the new RPG Breath of Fire 4. Go see:

8-12-99—- Live Anime Jazz Songs Concert

A pianist, Makoto Kuria is famous for his performance of jazz-type music that is based on anime songs. On July 28th, he held his concert at Tokyo Minamiaoyama Mandala. The concert celebrated his second album, “ANTITHESES #2” with his jazz-type anime music collected. On the stage were Makoto Kuriya, Koichi No, Masahiko Osaka, Andy Wolf, Gen Ittetsu and more, who worked on the production of this album. All the titles from “ANTITHESES #2,” including the following, and the titles from the previous album, ANTITHESES” were played at this concert.
* “Devil Man Again Somewhere Today” – The opening song from “Devil Man”
* “Lupin The III Sono 2” – The ending song from “Lupin The III”
* “Theme of the Galaxy Express 999” – The theme song from the
motion picture, “The Galaxy Express 999”
* “Tank!” – The opening song from “Cowboy Bebop”

8-12-99—- Magazine Boom

This year in Japan has been the year for the new magazines in manga, anime and game industry to start publishing. “Dengeki Animation Magazine,” the new anime magazine that was started in April, “Magazine Z,” the new multimedia manga magazine that started in June, “Character Grand Prix,” the new character goods magazine that has been around from July. One of the newest magazine among them is “Tokyo Robot News” started publishing by Keibunsha on July 27th. This magazine specializes the history of robot anime creations, illustrations, its changes and more. The other new magazine, “Megami Magazine,” a “bishojo” cute girl character magazine was started publishing by Gakken on July 28th. The first issue includes articles about “Ah! My Goddess,” which will be in theaters this coming April as a motion picture, and other cute girl characters in other anime and games. It also introduces the strategies for the bishojo girl games and their character goods.
What’s more, an anime magazine, “Hi-Ge” will be started by Eichi Shuppan on October 10th. It will be a sensational culture magazine that deals with anime in a totally new way: it is supposed to be an interactive magazine to which a CD-ROM will be attached.

8-12-99—- Top Anime LD Sales (Japan) [As of August 9th]

1. Mobile Suit Gundam No.08 Team -Last Resort
2. Cowboy Bebop 8th Session
3. You’re Under Arrest Special vol.1
4. To Heart vol.3
5. Gasaraki vol.7
6. Saber Marionette J to X vol.8
7. Herlock Saga the Ring of Niberung -Gold of the Line- vol.4
8. The Crest of the World of Stars vol.2
9. Devilman Lady vol.7
10.Master Keaton vol.2

8-12-99—- New Sakura Wars OAV Series / Live Action Play / Dreamcast Game

Bandai Visual has announced that they will release a new 6 volume OAV series of “Sakura Wars,” based on a very popular adventure game from SEGA, begining at the end of 1999. At the site this was announced, Oji Hiroi, Satoru Akahori, who has been directing the series, Hiroyuki Kawasaki, a scriptor, and the music composer, Kohei Tanaka were present. They revealed that each volume of the OVA will have different theme song and ending song, and that this OVA will have interesting plots and ideas in its episodes.

Also a play based on “Sakura Wars,” “Sakura Wars Kayou (Songs) Show” will be held in August. The voice actors who will appear in this play, Chisa Yokoyama and Ruaua Takano were also at this announcement gathering. The third episode of the OVA seems to be about this “Kayou Show.” The main character of the first volume will be Maria, whose voice is by Urara Takano.

Sakura Wars will be continued onto the Sega Dreamcast. Their have been two RPG game titles for the Sega Saturn. The new game will be Hanagumi (Flower Branch) Columns, based on puzzle column games.

8-11-99—- Manga Dream Factory Mourns Shotaro Ishinomori’s Death

“Manga is the world’s common language” was the motto of the original creator of “Cyborg 009,” Shotaro Ishinomori, who died last year. The event for this comic artist was held July 10th to August 31st. The site is Nagoya Herald Cineplaza. The entrance fee is 600 yen ($5).
The event includes
* July 10th-23rd Shotaro Ishimori and Science Fiction Comics
* July 24th-August 3rd The World of Disney, Animation and Art
* August 4th-August 10th The Magnificent World of AIC Bishojo
Girl Animation Cel Works
* August 11th-August 31st Monky Punch and Hero Comics Exhibition (Shotaro Ishimori and the Contemporary Comic Artists Exhibition
is also held at the same site from July 10th to August 31st.)
At this event, the brock prints are displayed for sale.
Visitors will receive an Shotaro Ishimori original sticker.
The participating comic artists are: from science fiction comics, Shotaro Ishinomori and Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, from hero comics, Takao Yaguchi, Takao Saito, Monky Punch and more.

8-10-99—- US Pokemon Movie

TAF2007 Exclusive Report: CLAMP IN WONDERLAND 2 1995-2006

By Jonah Morgan

We continue our in-depth retrospective look at the Tokyo Anime Fair 2007 with the focus remaining on Madhouse. The top shelf Japanese studio set the stage for what will be coming from its animators throughout the remaining 9 months of the year at its booth with the help of a bilingual (English / Japanese) oversized poster gallery bearing the theme “Topics 2007”. One of the exhibited projects that got a good airing was the music video / OVA sequel CLAMP IN WONDERLAND 2 1995-2006. (seen right – click here for high-res enlargement) I was particularly excited myself to learn more about this work, as details were extremely scarce prior to the new media and text Madhouse revealed at the fair. We’re happy to bring much of this information to a wider English audience for the first time.

The original 4:04 minute short debuted at the CLAMP IN WONDERLAND event in 1994. Animation was supposedly commissioned by Sony and funded in-house by producer Madhouse. A parody of Alice in Wonderland, this celebration of CLAMP’s body of work featured the 1989-1994 creations of the Osaka-based all female manga circle turned pro. CLAMP is composed of Ageha Ohkawa, Tsubaki Nekoi, Mokona, Satsuki Igarashi. On July 25th, 1996 a 3 minute closing sequence featuring the tune Anata ga Shiawase de aru you ni by Hirotani Junko was tacked on and the 7-minute OVA was packaged with 10 LD square sized posters of the various works included and released to Laserdisc in Japan by Bandai Visual. Retail was 3,500 Yen (talk about bang for the buck!). Characters featured include Kamui (X), the Rayearth knights, the three CLAMP detectives, Subaru (Tokyo Babylon), Ashura (Rg Veda), Miyuki-chan and a cameo from Kujo Jotaro (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure). The main piece of animation featured no dialogue and was instead set to the track Anata dake no WONDERLAND, sung by Hirotani Junko. Although CIWL1 was never officially licensed or sold outside of Japan, it’s short running time and music video format (no real need to add fansubs) allowed it to proliferate widely in fan circles from the mid-late 1990’s. CIWL was also a full featured artbook and just a few years ago Tokyopop released their CLAMP Northside compendium to the North American market, collecting that content.

Flash forward to the present. Around 1 year ago word first got out that CLAMP and Madhouse were readying CIWL2. The magazine CLAMP Newtype PASTEL, released in Japan in late 2006 included the first official pictures from the anime (oddly enough that spread lists the planned format as a TV series). According to the studio, confirmed cameos include characters (created between 1995 and 2006) from the following series: XXXHOLiC, Gouhou Drug, Kobato, Magic Knight Rayearth, Card Captor Sakura, Tsubasa – RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE – Angelic Layer, CLOVER, X. Series not confirmed but created during this period that could appear include: Wish, Suki. Dakara Suki, Chobits and Watashi no Suki na Hito. The music video format returns. Confirmed staff include: Opening Animation: Directors CLAMP, Mitsuyuki Masuhara (Tokyo Tribe 2), Storyboards: Mokona, Animation Director: Hiromi Kato (Tenshi Ni Narumon), Color Setting: Naoko Kodama, Art Director: Akemi Konno, Animation Production: Madhouse, General Producer: Pyrotechnist. Ending Animation: Storyboards: Tsubaki Nekoi, Art Production: Yoshinori Kanemori. Opening Theme Song: “action!” Lyrics by Maaya Sakamoto, Music by: h-wonder, Song Performed by Maaya Sakamoto. Ending Theme Song: “Oh! Yeah!!”, Lyrics by Rieko Ito, Music by Katsutoshi Kitagawa, Song performed by Round Table featuring Nino. The Madhouse poster includes some cutframe stills from the animation that have yet to be released to the public. Release is scheduled in Japan for the summer. Length and final format remain unknown. Foreshadowing the events of the anime, a cross-media / cross-promtoional effort is being made in print via the release of an all-color CLAMP IN WONDERLAND EX manga put out in Japan in recent months.

It’s my hope though that the second clip is long enough to warrant the economic viability of a license of it and the original for a possible North American offering. If this goes direct to DVD even in Japan however, I’m wondering if in 2007, can you really put a sub-10 minute anime on a disc and hope to sell it for 3,000 Yen? Because of the anticipated short length and scarcity challenge offered by DVD exclusivity I can see something like this going up on You Tube minutes after it goes on sale and logging millions of views within 24 hours EASILY. A TV broadcast option followed by a DVD release would present a much better opportunity for profit turnaround.

There’s another way that the parties involved in production could stand to reap profits we shouldn’t forget about either. That could possibly stem from “showcase derivatives”. The idea being that when CIWL1 hit in 1994, a good many of the series shown had yet to be animated. Indeed it’s rumored that at the time CLAMP and their partners had all these character franchises and had just broken into animation so they were looking for direction on where to go next. A showcase like this offers a chance for fans and possible consumers to sample anime where one doesn’t yet exist, but where one could exist based on response. This is what makes the series so important in the grander scheme of things in my eyes: It’s a good foreteller of where CLAMP could go with its animation adaptations at least 5 years down the line. I also like the fun factor of various universes of chara interacting with one another, there’s not enough of that in professionally produced anime.

So… CLAMP IN WONDERLAND 2 1995-2006: A small, fun, excursionary feature which could lead to other very big things, look for it in a few months time.

ANS Exclusive Interview: Berserk Soundtrack Composer Susumu Hirasawa

By: Jonah Morgan

Susumu Hirasawa’s ethereal melodies first reached these ears in 1998. The work was the TV series adaptation of Kentaro Miura’s low fantasy horror epic manga, Berserk. Clearly, his name and creations, in my mind and the minds of many anime fans, ranks at absolute top of highly esteemed composers and musicians working in this genre. Before the anime was even officially licensed in America, still others will know his soundtrack work in 1999’s Dreamcast title, “Sword Of The Berserk: Guts’ Rage”. 7 years after his work on the original TV series, a new Sammy PS2 Berserk videogame has just been released. At Miura’s request, the title once again carries the musical accompaniments of Mr. Hirasawa. ANS recently interviewed this master musician and probed him on a range of questions ranging from to the future of the Berserk anime to his personal working habits as an artist:

::Special Note::
MP3 files of 2 tracks that Hirasawa composed for Berserk video game will be on sale in his online shop on December 20. You can enter the online shop from his official site.

Anime News Service: Just recently the latest Berserk video game title hit the Japanese market. Can you tell us how your tracks for this volume came together?
Susumu Hirasawa: It is the nomination from Mr. Miura, the author of Berserk. He has nominated me every time for the products which need sound track such as TV anime and games, etc.

ANS: You’ve now collaborated on the score for Kentaro Miura’s Berserk in it’s various media incarnations for 7 years. How did your collaboration originate, where has it taken you and where does it currently stand?
SH: Before the Berserk anime series start in Japan, Mr. Miura eagerly asked me to compose the sound track. Because he had been a listener of my music so that he thought there was commonness in the nuance of his work and my music, and I thought so, too. Not only TV anime but generally big projects are involved in various rights, therefore, it would be rare that original writer’s intention is accepted 100%. This time, however, Mr. Miura and the staff who understood him well solved various difficulties, and finally they could contract with me. Since then, the Berserk project and fans came to have an idea that my music is essential for Mr. Miura’s works.

As for anime in Japan, I was ignorant until taking charge of the sound track of Berserk. I came to take charge of the music of the work of Satoshi Kon who made the awarded anime from all over the world now. Then I realised that Japanese anime ware so diversified from awful ones to works with very deep interior, and also I realised that they were deserved attention by all over the world.

ANS: As for the continuation of the animation, are there definitive plans to continue the Berserk story in anime adaptation? Have you signed on to score any of the future animaton?
SH: I have no idea whether the new Berserk anime is produced. Also I have no plan to join new anime project at the moment. But I have a vague prediction that one project will start next year. However, I do not always accept all offer to compose music.

ANS: Outside of Berserk, what have you been doing with your music lately?
SH: I released my new CD, and held the concerts very recently. I make two different types of music. One is uptempo and noisy music based on Japanese techno in 80’s. Another is a symphonic and electronic music such as used for anime sound track. The CD I released this time is a former type.

ANS: Do you travel outside of Japan often? Would you like to?
SH: I often go to Thailand. I have many transgender friends there. I can learn many things from them and they’ve been giving me big inspiration.

ANS: Superimposing some ideas from Berserk on your view of reality, what are your thoughts on fate, destiny and divine intervention?
SH: In my view, I read the story of Berserk is a collective unconscious rebellion suppressed to the civilization. I am Jung’s fan so that I read the episodes and the characters of Berserk in Jung style.

ANS: Miura-sensei is known as doing most his work late into the night. Do you also work well in the nocturnal hours?
SH: I used to work in the nocturnal hours. But since I started a project in 2000, which was covered all electricity for making music by only solar power, my life style greatly changed. It made me work from the morning to the evening. However, sometimes I have to work until midnight when I have a lot of work.


ANS Exclusive Interview: Legendary Mechanical Designer Syd Mead

By Jonah Morgan
Forget about anime for the next few paragraph’s…… Syd Mead’s ( visual creations have been translated to represent some of the most recognizeable characters, machines, settings, landscapes and props in modern western cinema. In 1978 he designed the V’ger entity for Star Trek: The Motion Picture, in 1980 the world Tron and Blade Runner with director Ridley Scott. In 1984 he designed the props and sets for 2010 based on the novel by Arthur C. Clarke. In 1985 he worked with Director James Cameron on designs for 20th Century Fox’s Aliens. In the same year he designed the number Johnny Five robot in Short Circuit. In the 1990’s he collaborated on the film adaptation of cyberpunk culture creator William Gibson’s Johnny Mnemonic and the futuristic experience drug headset seen in the movie Strange Days.

Syd has a love of Japan too and has done design work there in live action and animation formats. Unknown to probably every anime fan he did mecahnical renditions on an aborted Mobile Suit Gundam Hollywood movie project for Lion Gate Film. 1989-1995 saw his first dive into anime as he worked on ship exterior/interior, prop, costume and setting designs for Leiji Matsumoto’s Yamato. Probably his best known design role to anime fans came in 1998 when he worked closely with studio Sunrise and director Yoshiyuki Tomino on a mecahnical revamp for the 49 episode Turn-A Gundam TV series.

Beyond his entertainment work Syd Mead is a visionary, futurist, artist, illustrator, conceptual designer and posses many, many other special qualities which can be not relayed through words. ANS is elated to bring you our interview with him:

1. Thank you for accepting our interview Mr. Mead. What have you been doing this summer? (Work and/or non-work related)

I was on a retrospective celebration panel related to the original TRON feature release, linked to the recent release of TRON2.O, the game. I designed the new LIGHTCYCLE for the TRON2.O game release.

I was part of the annual president’s advisory board’s session in San Francisco, for the San Francisco Art Institute, a three day event with review sessions celebratory dinners and gallery reviews.

I completed an illustration of a future HONDA motorcycle arena race scene for the U.S. HONDA MOTORCYCLE division design headquarters in Torrance, California. The 72X56cm gouache illustration was scanned in and enlarged to a 8 X1 foot wall mural.

I produced a digital presentation to the faculty, students and Hollywood professionals at the Gnomon school of special effects in Hollywood.

I have been finishing a series of illustrations of my current theoretical high-speed private transport vehicle called: HYPERVAN.

The third illustration, HYPERVAN IN COURTYARD will be the subject of a four or five DVD series ‘how to’ collection to be announced and offered for sale in the fall.

Just last year I completed several watch designs for the NUTS studio in Tokyo as part of a celebrity design scheme. The watch I designed was called ‘ESSENCE’ and is visible on

Personally, I have enjoyed several weekends at my Orange County condo overlooking the Pacific, and several evenings with friends in the movie industry and students from Art Center, Pasadena City College and young fans in the area.

2. Looking back at your biography, it appears you have had a personal affinity with Japan throughout your life. You were stationed in Okinawa from 1954 with the US Army, was this your first real exposure to Japanese culture?

My US Army years in Okinawa exposed me to oriental culture in general. Okinawa has its own dialect and is a composite of Japanese and Chinese cultures. I enjoyed that experience immensely. I was training sergeant for about 2OO men in the 59Oth Engineering Company. Just before I was discharged from the Army, I took a one month vacation in Hong Kong with a buddy of mine. We had the good fortune to meet up with a millionaire Chinese man who owned an insurance company in Hong Kong and Macao. With that connection, we were his guests at the Polo Club, had several dinners with the Mayor of Hong Kong (Portuguese, at the time) and made a two day trip to Macao and spent the first night ‘out’ at sea with the ship’s captain, destroying, between the four of us, two bottles of single malt scotch.

That exposure to oriental culture fascinated me with its exotic geometry and pattern arrangements, the architecture and the elevated sensibility to color and graphics.

3. Did your stay there kindle a fire of interest in Japan of sorts? Upon your return to the USA did you know you were destined to return there?

Referring to my answer to question number two, yes, if you consider that Japanese culture is classically related to Chinese culture.

Upon my return to the United States, I had no idea whatsoever that I would ever return to the orient. I spent three years going through the Art Center School (then in Los Angeles, now in Pasadena) and met two guys who were Japanese exchange students. We got along famously. They returned to Japan to take up positions as teachers.

4. In 1961 you returned to Japan and this time visited the cities of Nagoya, Tokyo and Kyoto. In relation to Okinawa, what was your impression of that visit and which city in particular left a lasting impression on you?

I graduated from Art Center, went to work with the Ford Motor Company’s Advanced Design studio, and quit after twenty six months and took a position with a promotional company in Chicago. Between accepting that job, and leaving Ford Motor Company I took my first trip to Japan. I flew first class from San Diego to Tokyo’s Narita airport and spend two weeks exploring and enjoying Tokyo’s atmosphere including several meals at neighborhood restaurants, an incredible massage session and a trip up into the then NEW Tokyo Tower. Then, I took a train to Nagoya to meet one of my Art Center friends. He was teaching ceramics for export. I still have the Noh mask he gave me! (The Shinkanzen