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WW2 Moe Mecha Anthropomorphism

An unusual new System Soft Alpha Windows PC computer game is generating some buzz in Japanese otaku circles entitled Moe Moe 2 Ji Taisen. In the game, you literally take on the role of cutesy anime style girls who have the appendages of World War 2 Era aircraft and tanks. The game system follows an adventure/simulation strategy / visual novel format. The various girls hail from and sport dress styles, and mecha weaponry from their respective countries. The release is scheduled in November for 9,240 Yen. The cadre of high profile character designers assembled for the project is generating a lot of attention. They include; Mikimoto Haruhiko (Macross), Hiroyuki Kitazume, Rokudou Shinshi, Fujisawa Takashi, Usami Haruka, Jiji, and Kanke Tomonori. Tora Yamamoto conceived the original project.

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